3 hours ago

I hate you here
I hate you there
I wish not to hate
because I am not one to hate,
but I think about you
way too much
for someone that no longer cares

I think how you were,
the things you asked of me

The things that were said,
the things you screamed,
the pain you charged at me

I still walk by that picnic table
and think of that night
you chased me down
when I wanted to leave

I still look at that park
and think of those nights
full of tears and anguish

The stars we walked under,
barely visible
as if even they knew,
the end was near
the moon shined down a perfect light
for our shadows to leap on

I still drive by that path we walked,
the time you told me things you've
not admitted to others before me

I remember thinking then
that you were a complete mess,
and not mine to fix,
but still,
it was so very hard to let go

It still is,
and after the time that has gone by
I saw your car just the other day
It just set me ablaze

You ruined so many things for me,
you laid out these lies
that I was supposed to trust
you laid out your fear,
your anger
that you held onto deeply
the past,
ours and yours
it rang inside of you like a bell
billowing out like a nuclear blast

I wasn't sure of you at first,
you were adamant
you were misleading
you were comforting,
but the things you became
riveted me in such a way
that I haven't been able to overcome

I'm guilty of a lot things,
but with you I was better

I needed time to become that way
I needed time to heal from the loss I had before you

I wasn't given that time,
and we see the results now

We see the results of two people,
claiming honesty
and getting lies

This is garbage, but I wanted to share it anyhow.
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Ali Qureshi
Ali Qureshi
12 hours ago

She didn't come
I was wrong!
I was mistaken!

Hurts my pride,
Still doesn't come.
By my side,
She does not stride.
All she does
Is to hide.

Why? Oh Why?
Why you despise me?

Nothing just silence.
I plead you, tell me.

Playing with others again?
Leaving me to grovel
and be evermore restless.

My hands rip over my back
The chest seems non-existent.
I feel, I see, I hear, I think-

Stop, don't think.
Just leave her.

Let her be.
Let - her - be
Written by Ali Qureshi

The last poem in the Insomnia series, it may be the last poem, but I have yet to overcome my sleeplessness.
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Ali Qureshi
Ali Qureshi
20 hours ago

Haven't slept,
saw two suns set.
Oh! the bliss,
The deep slumbers' kiss;

I'm waiting and waiting,
You snicker in the shadows,
You wicked - wicked witch!

A woman, a girl, nigh, none
There are none; I have known
To be as wicked as you;
Though they could have given
You, yes you, a good run.

I know now, now you will come
We will meet soon enough.
Let us meet. Let it be.
Come, please!
Come to me.

Written by Ali Qureshi
Next in the series "Insomnia - Quadrant"

The third poem in the Insomnia series. All of the poems in this series are based on my struggle to get a good night's sleep.
P.S. 'Two Suns set' is not a mistake but put there intentionally in the poem. Google the term if you want to know more.
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Ola Radka
Ola Radka
22 hours ago

The day is slowly fading.
The night is almost here.
I'm looking for
Your presence.
But you are

#love   #night   #loneliness  

Oh, the darkness overwhelms
Every minute I'm sinking deeper
It's hard to see the light
When your thoughts are black as night

But then I see your face
An' the shadows dissipate
An' I'm not so alone
You're the one I've been waiting for

Now you've opened up the door
To my sad and scarred soul
An' I'm so thankful
You're the one I've been waiting for

February 21, 2017.
Thinking about turning this into a song. What do you think?
#love   #heart   #happy   #black   #night   #soul   #light   #saved   #shadows   #scarred  

A love like this,
perhaps it isn't made
for mundane living.

I can still feel
the texture of your
deep yellow shirt
as I held you in my arms,
sleeping your holy sleep.

At the very centre of my fingertips,
I can still feel the sense
that I am holding life itself,
that I am holding - Infinity.

Green and new as emerging plant life,
vaster than the velvety immensity
of this Icelandic night.

Copyrighted by Elisa Maria Argiro
#love   #night   #holy   #icelandic   #infinity   #immensity  

As I fall asleep
Beside you my
True love our lives
Together passionately
Together holding hands
Falling asleep together
Forever hand in hand
Side by side held tightly
Together our true love blossoms
Together forever we shall
Always be deeply in love
Good Night.

Good night
#good   #night  
Gabriel Burns
Gabriel Burns
1 day ago

kill all artificial lights
no natural causes but
natural darkness
fake lights for true dark
blackest of blacks
like charred tree bark
leave but one imposter
glowing in the gloom
just pale enough
to write onto
and that's my door to you

a piece of text from several months ago
#dark   #screen   #night   #writing   #light   #gloom   #room   #conversation   #communication   #dim  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
1 day ago

In the
Day will be
Here during

Benign will be your presence,
Exhausted I am now,
August will be your presence,
Unite with me,
Think about it,
You're the reason.

For the sole Sindhi Beauty I am aware of.
My HP Poem #1450
©Atul Kaushal
#beauty   #smile   #day   #night   #perfect   #a   #sindhi  
2 days ago

The point beyond exhaustion
The place where you no longer hunger for the comfort of sleep
You'd rather stay awake through another agonizing night
Letting your mind run wild with obscenity
You'd rather be conscious through the pain out of spite
This is the point beyond mental deformity
The place where isolation is more than meets the eye
You'd rather be here alone, with no one to distract you from your self destruction
This is where you keep the torn pieces of yourself from sight
You'd rather be quarantined from their pollution
This is the place where you come to write

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