2 hours ago

i. there is a soreness in my bones. a soreness not of bruises, but a soreness of existence. a soreness of all that i do not know, all that i do not have–and worst of all, a soreness of all that i am.
ii. wings are pushing themselves out of my shoulder blades tonight. they are ready to stir the stale air–past the lonely moon, past saturn’s rings, past the icy surface of pluto. they flutter, and i reach for the window.
iii. sometimes, i know myself so much that it hurts. other times, i am entirely empty.
iv. i wonder if it is possible, perhaps, to disappear. i am convinced that one day i truly will dissolve into stardust as i sleep. and i dream each night until then of the disenthrallment of finally escaping my skin.
v. i have planned my own death many times. each one is a narrative scrawled in desperation, a tale in loopy cursive–sick, sick wonderment.
vi. veni, vidi, dormivi.

(g.c.) 1/14/16
#death   #space   #night   #wings  
Moissa Padin
Moissa Padin
9 hours ago

Light up the sky for me;
because the world down below
is just too unbearable to see.
I wonder why shooting stars
choose to land in here;
if I were them
I would cling to the vast galaxy.

Say that I am right;
And just watch to indulge our eyes.
The world looks so harmless
when everybody shuts their eyelids
and closes their greedy minds.
I wonder what's the reason behind.

Darkness doesn't always mean sullen;
because it is what I anticipate in the morning.
But in order to see through it
I need a little glow-

So light up the sky for me
and let your burdens go.

This was my entry upon signing up in Hello Poetry. Copyright 2014.
Janna Remigio
Janna Remigio
1 day ago

Your masculinity. I knew I was warm enough with alcohol, but when you patted my arm and then walked away, I felt a sudden chill. The next thing I know, I was caressing it.

Your immediacy. You crossed my mind before we even met. And when we did, you kept smiling at me, and I reciprocated. I was convenient with the lenity of it all. In no time, you were sniffing at me, and I was telling you my darkest secret.

Your charm. It was very much like listening to Pachelbel and drinking in a company of good friends. It is either I am comforted, stimulated, or besotted. It could be all at once.

(What had happened before we met and happened afterwards are oxymorons that only make sense with whatever is 'between' us.)

#poem   #drunk   #lust   #dark   #crush   #night   #acrostic   #erotic   #freeverse   #flirt  
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
1 day ago

There's only us here now,
you amongst the dead
and me amongst the living
(at least for now), and
the moon above us creamy
and smooth as a politician's tongue,
and they are not here, not yet,
and dogs bark afar off, and cats
sit on walls looking for prey
or mates or meditating on
the moon's glow.

There's only us here lying
abed listening to the night
hours pass away, the tick ticking
of the old clock on the bedside
cabinet, the smell of bodies
washed, of a well-polished room,
of a descending doom.

There's only us, only the stars
flicking like diamonds in moonlight,
only the echoes of memories,
the visions of what may have been
but were not, of you and I once
young but now old or dead or waiting
to be dead, only the soft breathing
on the air, and you now dead
ascending the stair.

#thoughts   #night   #couple  
The bloop
The bloop
1 day ago

Good morning
The sun is about to rise from it's slumber
Good morning
It's time for that coffee
Good morning
the night birds made nests in your hair
Good morning
I think I found a pair
Blue socks ,green socks ,yellow socks  
Good morning
This isn't fair
Good morning
I think I'll go to bed
Good night..

#sleep   #good   #coffee   #night   #morning   #fair   #bird   #goodmorning  
Leigha Fabian
Leigha Fabian
1 day ago

sweet gas station champagne
and rocky cocaine
melodic moans escape
as you whisper my name
our tongues dance
like children in soft summer rain
silky lips on my breasts
desire surging through my veins

now drunk on your presence
and high on romance
you softly kiss my forehead
then slip on your pants
body tingling, mind racing
while lost deep in your trance
you waltz out the door and slur
"glad i had the chance”

#love   #man   #drunk   #lonely   #drugs   #mystery   #night   #sex   #one   #stand  
hazem al jaber
hazem al jaber
2 days ago

lunatic night ...

how beautiful that night ...
wonderful crazy night ...
spent together ...
me and you ...
into our theater's bed
between candles ..
and it's crazy blaze ...
danced as our bodies did ...

naked blaze ...
naked bodies...
got hottest ...
with no shame ...
with no mind ...
with only desires ...
to make it's love ...
through a cray night ...
got all what asked for ...
no matter how it did ...
only wanted what it needs...
on the heart's beat ...
with a dancing bodies...
through it desires...
got madly lunatic night ...
me and you ...
and our bodies...
one asked the other ...
to give a craziness ...
with no stop ...
to get off that hunger ...
which we missed from so long ...
to get our sweet orgasm ...
while we danced into our bed ...
there where we got that lunatic night ...

yes sweetheart ..
it's our crazy night ...
that never ever to forget ...

do you still remember ..
that crazy night ...

let's get back again ...
that crazy night ...
again ...

hazem al ...

#night   #lunatic  
2 days ago

Lack of warmth fills the air
The harshest season's embrace
Ocular shadows mark weariness
Dreams and nightmares elude me
Possessing a mind full of clouds
Yet another broken promise
Sweetly sour reality

#winter   #night   #tired  
2 days ago

Melancholy sky
cries for our sins,
stars are condemned
to the criminal night,
cordial sun shines for
our security and destined impact.

Humanity is overflowing
with character,
we power this unhinged carousel,
its your choice,
dare to challenge
the black and white.

#life   #teen   #society   #day   #night  
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