Kinsey Jordyn
Kinsey Jordyn
10 seconds ago

He told her he'd love to see my write about the happiness in my life, and less about the hard times.

He told her that he loved her with all of his heart and knew one day he would put a ring on her finger.

He promised her the world, and was sure to keep a smile on her face.

He told her he couldn't do it anymore and that he wasn't happy.

He couldn't understand the love she had for him. The ache in her chest could only be removed by him.

She said I love you, he walked away.

Saparonia Holliday
Saparonia Holliday
1 minute ago

Did they come back again?
I didn't see them then
I caught glimpses along the path
They herded me and the children and it took an hour to walk an hour round the field the other way
I saw his hound was taller than he who is not two, he is not two
Later then after many times calling out and sitting there at midnight and noon
Countless walks until I couldn't bear it
Every dog great or small was a mote besides that hound
Dragon backed and tall as trees
Then my sweet daughter wanted to take photos in the woods so we went.
I breathed that air
The wind began to rise
I saw her fear but knew they wouldn't take us
Knowing they watched.
I wept over the bits of branches left in days afterwards when her sister Killed the tree with magic
But this day sweet daughter was shouting out that faces were on every tree
Her blood had chilled.
We found ourselves upon the mound
I had to see my tree who when Jan and I laid down there rained upon us
His shouting that it only rained upon the tree and nowhere else
As he
Pulled on his shirt and I lay laughing at the rain upon my face.
She didn’t want to stay by then her camera full
I asked for one more of the tree.
It was there then I have it's image here
It was standing then
Later after sending the pictures and uploading, loading, looking
I gazed into the leaves that now are no more
And there in miniature I saw what I had seen before
Tiny monster, tiny craft
Inside a shining bubble in the high branches
That great and frightening playful hound no bigger than a gnat.
Huge and massive eye that like the sea when I was small had swallowed me.
Until I fought to stay, then set me free
A dimple on the midnight pool
That craft that shook the trees
A toy
We could see it through
the lens and the lens and the lens
They bid farewell to me.

Anonymous Freak
Anonymous Freak
2 minutes ago

I'd never been me before,
I don't know who I've been
But I imagine they'll be wanting
Them self

So here, have you,
And I hope you're ready
To let me have me,
Because it's been so long now,
And I'm ready.

15 minutes ago

i have been falling in love
long before the first kiss
still after the last goodbye
with you

Elizabeth Burns
Elizabeth Burns
18 minutes ago

I apologise for my ease with the arousal of your body...
Yet I can not fathom your mind

20 minutes ago

People in my family look at me and say
Where has the time gone
All I say back is

They look at me and say it all the time
Things like why did you grow up so fast?
Or stop growing up

I look at them and say
Something like what are you talking about? It took me years to look this fabulous
Or if I could I would

Sometimes my comebacks are silly
Sometimes they are serious

There is just that one question that I hate being asked
Where did that little girl go?
To that I say
She grew up
But in my head I think
she died a long time ago

They ask it all the time
And I say something different every time
But I always think the same thing

that little girl died a long time ago

Ok wow this sounded better in my head but oh well posting it anyway
21 minutes ago

Never saw the light so crestfallen
From the west
Came to the peripheral though I felt blind myself
There is darkness that gives way in this tunnel
Chose the light instead
Where is the translation for purpose?
You know it gets difficult to read
Relied on colors for the instruction
Held an homage for the soul
May of seen me coming, I was always well received
The notes wrote themselves
I made a terrific vessel, I aimed to please
Please forward on my forgiveness
Though I'm always hardest on myself
Never saw the day end so violet, one ought to sharpen his pallet
Take stock outside you're window
This enlightenment may fade for the moment
You will lay and see it clearly
Drift off and dream of gentle midnight weeping
Stars leak a certain vibrance
Tears not of remorse
But intent
To listen to my loved ones breathing
And to join the chorus myself

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