B Beers
B Beers
13 seconds ago

Because no matter what
when it's all said and done
I want to be Mozart
(or at least in his band)
and not Bob Beers
and the Six Pack
playing cover at the
Spar Bar and Grill,
my dad's old place
next to an amusement park.

On second thought
make that Chuck Berry
or Sweet Little Sixteen
in puppy love.

Just say "I do"



Anthony Southard
Anthony Southard
1 minute ago

The drugs are kicking in
So is my second wind
Work was such a shame
My blistered hands touch the bar
She looks at me from across the water
Sauce tossed and full of lip gloss
Making my heart warmer than sweat dripping from a convict's head
I go outside to have a smoke
She followed me but I didn't know
She said hello and may I have a smoke
One toke and she was far from a choke
Inhaling deep as if she was about to go
But she was mine
And this I know
She left in my car
We zig zagged
Into the home
We binded for long
Grant me this moment
It's better than the drugs I know

Poetic T
Poetic T
1 minute ago

I've never  met you even though eyes have never collected
on the pools of reflection,

we are wondering echoes
                       never to witness the shodows of another.

But when I look in to a pool.
                      All I ever see is the impression of you.

Satsih Verma
5 minutes ago

Your gifts, I do not want to keep.
Shapeless doves on the grass,
were ready to take a nascent flight.
My small hands prepare a daisy meal.

Dahlias will bloom when the sun climbs.
I pass the door, that moves like a
stranger, between the people,
looking out for black roses.

One by one the tribes are changing
the colors of flags.
Conversion into sleepless towers
watching the whistles blowing.

Do not throw dust on the graves
in the valley of golden stairs.
The voices are growing louder
after trampeling on the bones.

Satsih Verma
6 minutes ago

Sometimes I will interplay
the secrets:
faded rose in a book,
a distant star spelling out
your name.

When I go, will you come
to my home?
Hold my eyes wide open
and become my iris?
I wanted to see the innocence of a sin.

Black stone on a white belly
petrifies the womb.
Maniacs were dancing on the petals
of marigolds.
A mauve revenge

Petit mal holds the sanity
of defeat.
Pheromones will decide the gender
of a flat chested angel.
Each thorn was crying.

10 minutes ago

Someone asked me a question
the other day

Simplicity taking the form
of an intricate math problem

Dull but somehow sharp,
tearing through to my very core

"When was the last time
you were happy?"

I could still see the grass,
so I dug a little deeper

until the earth ripped in two,
it's heart only seen by my eye alone

A bright light shone from its center,
only leaving when I decided to blink

I finally had my answer

I'm happy now, I just
experience long intervals
of sadness
because I'm a selfish
little shit
who always seems
to forget
how good I really
have it

I'm not going to blink
as much anymore

Well, that's the plan


Anthony Southard
Anthony Southard
10 minutes ago

I seldom can breath slowly
I seldom know I am right
But being wrong has become a habit
I no longer fight
It's been a long life
I remember faces
So many minutes
So many deeds
To touch again all the skins now
To go through the regrets again
Coming up short
Was beautiful
If you knew my failures
You would see beautiful
If you knew my hate
You would know whats unusual
If you knew my love
You would be me
I look back now
As if my hair was gray and
And the echoes
They shatter me
And the past now
Let me see one moment again
I blurred so much
But it can't be all wrong

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