1 day ago      5 seconds ago

i spoke to
a stranger
with a
self destruct
button that
they wanted
to push:
and god,
how i wanted
to help-
but when
it came time
for me
to leave,
i left.

Dakota Frandsen
Dakota Frandsen
1 day ago      16 minutes ago

A horror I know
A loss of breath time three
Cruelty burned through the barrels
To end ways of torture and pain
In both the prey and hunter
Spirits dance and wale
To warn me of my past
For I knew the prey
As we have crossed paths
When our minds expand
But the Spirits also warn
I knew the hunter
For we both came from the same ghost town
That never ceases to haunt us

This is dedicated to an old friend who was met with a very tragic death
Diane Elaine Moore
Diane Elaine Moore
1 day ago      34 minutes ago

Open your ears so you can hear the dreams deep on the inside of oneself for there is only one who can feel that dream that you have put out there better listen to your dreams

3 hours ago      42 minutes ago

Drowned out emotions

World War III perceived in his eyes

Not the first or last time

He wanted to tear his eyes out

The last sign of his vulnerability

But when you catch him smiling

Oh that smile—

For a beautiful second,

My own demons stop shooting bullets

To stop and stare

I don't have a crush on the guy who the poem is about but he really needs to smile more.
1 day ago      1 hour ago

I look at the  Sky
I look at the  Moon
I look at the  Stars
And all I do is think about You
When your not with me
Wishing to kiss You
Under the Moon,
Look into your eyes
Until You look back into mine,
And wishing I could spend more time
With You
In the cold freezing night
Watching airplanes fly above

I'm Falling in Love with the Night
& what it brings
7 hours ago      1 hour ago

Tingling alarm,
burning eyes,
sassy is out,
in my mind.

Sexy long hair,
short skirt,
dark music,
pale skin.

Salty humor,
seriously sweet,
sparkling aura,
on high-heels.

Knocking on hearts,
Opening doors,
Shivering crowds,
Dancing all floors.

Sight sets on me,
Fountains of youth,
Brilliance in her steps,
Each marked with truth.

Tied by her beauty,
My soul's reeling in,
Tossing and turning,
The lure, deady sin.

Collab with Dajena
#her   #sassy   #sassiness   #teaspoon  
chloé jade
chloé jade
1 day ago      2 hours ago

you painted a beautiful sunset,
full of color and life,
and said it represented me.

you thought of me as art.

three months later,
you poured black over the canvas
and said it represented  me.

you thought of me as art.

i guess art isn't always
supposed to be beautiful,
always tragic
but not always pretty.

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