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Think about it.
Because you can.


You're a human. You have a human brain. Use it. You're amazing. Think.
Steven Hutchison
Steven Hutchison
12 hours ago      2 minutes ago

How beautiful the borrower
How happy is her lot
Chains that bind to property
Are left behind to rot
How beautiful the borrower
Whose house is not her own
Who cares not for the daily bread
Except that from the throne
How beautiful the borrower
Who has nothing to give
But shares what she’s been given
By the Lord of all that is
How beautiful the borrower
What peace is in her mind
Without the need for worry
She is ever only kind

1 day ago      16 minutes ago

there was the quickened pace
my feet and my heart
i knew not the difference
both were intertwined as one

lips slightly apart, irregular breathing
as time shortened our distance
eyes sparkling with anticipation
my thoughts only on one

and at that colliding of a second
if there were lights it was all on us
though hands shaking, grips firm
at that moment, both connected as one

no denying this attraction
burst out of nowhere
as if silently waiting all along
a million other people, but to me he's the one

Ronald D Lanor
Ronald D Lanor
1 day ago      20 minutes ago

the breeze
the sirens call
a dance of a million
stars is
      upon us
wait for the awake
cherish her
   natal light
for the stars
not only

    at night.

4 hours ago      23 minutes ago

In these barren wastes,
Of foul smell and clouds grey,
Should I give up? Nay!

In the midst of night,
I see, the brightest star,
Oh, such a mesmerizing sight!

I follow her, my evening star,
She'll always, guide me home,
Whether I'm near, or I'm far.

#love   #star  
Lily Waters
Lily Waters
1 day ago      26 minutes ago

Marred and marked from battle
He hides in the night
Searching and seeking
The shadow beyond the light

Fierce is this warrior
Pained by his past
Dark is his soul
But this he must mask

Giggling child
His hearts delight
She loves him and his darkness
With all her might

His tiny angel
His golden haired little girl
With her innocent smile
Oblivious to the world

He wishes to come from the shadows
And see her wide eyed face  
For he is the demon that guards her
Loving and unable to trace

#love   #heart   #father   #dark   #demon   #family   #daughter  
Danielle Rose
Danielle Rose
2 hours ago      34 minutes ago

I've never felt this vital before,
as my knees shake with each step into the unknown.
A place where I am forced to grow,
standing tall with an iron backbone,
and of all the seeds that I have sown
none are comparable to the magnificence that is
just beginning to show.

The first of many poems to come about a little someone whose changing my world - my daughter or son!
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