King Bacon
King Bacon
7 hours ago      6 seconds ago

I don’t know what to believe,
“Have faith” He told me
Faith, that was seeing beyond.
He compared it to the wind
it can be felt,
but not seen.

Its a feeling,
what I feel for someone else.
My mind can’t explain it
I  can't make it go away.
What is this?

I want to share it with her,
not all of it
just the good things.
Am I wrong to want that?

I think about her all the time.

What is the point?
What do you feel?
I don’t know the words to describe it
Do you feel warmth?  
Does it feel nice?
There is more,
so much more
I know there is something missing
no not missing
Something was stolen
from me
and you....

1 hour ago      6 minutes ago

thinking cap and working cap and playing cap and so on
too many caps to carry and sudden changing
where's the simplicity in it all?

I don't want to be your keyboard lover
I want you for real
when will you wake and see
you're closer to solution and it's quicker for you?

bring me in, please bring us closer
the owl's call a hoot away
it's been a long, long time now.

1 hour ago      8 minutes ago

I believe that a word paints a thousand pictures.
     making you feel,
     if not many things,
     at least something

Believe that a word paints a thousand pictures.
     it is more than it seems
     when said
     more powerful than it looks like
     when written

A word paints a thousand pictures.
     helping you feel,
     creating something
     this world has never seen

                                      .....or felt.

cigarette daydreams
cigarette daydreams
1 day ago      28 minutes ago

Your body is your canvas.
You never keep it safe,
you adorn it with scars
of lost loves, of lost dreams, of all your burnt-out stars.

Your lifestyle's your easel,
the only thing that keeps you high,
be it the days when you just can't stay still,
or those when you shatter and cry.

Your thoughts are acrylics,
shades of melancholy, maroon and black.
They characterize your essence,
all the hopes and falls you've stacked.

Your words are your brushes,
imagine how many stories they tell.
With every sigh you define
another line within your personal hell.

Do not lose your ambition, don't give up your health,
for you are not just an artist, you are art itself.

#sad   #depression   #hopes   #art   #soul   #ambition   #artist   #brushes  
EJ Aghassi
EJ Aghassi
1 day ago      34 minutes ago

that's how you came,
and that's how you'll be
paint on a canvas
wild, in front of me

mind clashing and
dancing, feelings
from up above, or
from the deepest dark
gutters of endless belows

you are something else
and I'm nothing of the sort
you'll have me in shackles
and bandages in short

but a bruised up
toothless smile
will rest
for a while

on the drifting
Crawling for miles

protons smashing
mingling, mingling

in space made
in randomness
and darnkess's embrace

but there's no sense to
make of what's happening
to me

I could go on
for hours
and you still wouldn't see

these things come from
these things soon to be

from dimensions
from foreign clearings

a fraction
of seconds
For fractured

suspended in
in existing randomness

we can't control
how we came to be

but it's your choice to

it's up to you to hear me

trains and trains and trains of thought
Katrine W
Katrine W
1 day ago      52 minutes ago

at forme vulkaner i mundhulen
med tungen de
flyder som glødende substans
langs ganespalten
en guldgrube af blød masse der
falder ud som sorte diamanter og
smelter sammen med min finger
når du slikker mine sår
som små eksplosioner i
hovedpulsåren der
toner frem på huden som synlig
farvepalette af antændelig anstændighed
der danner kløften i
din hage


#dansk   #danish  
Crying Silhouette
Crying Silhouette
21 hours ago      58 minutes ago

None was the word
that had me breaking down,
Tear trying to leave my eyes.
One simple question
had me turn to color white,
It had me falling to the floor,
The action ending with a simple

How could this question
Be back to haunt me again,
It replayed over and over in my head
Torturing my brain.

It was a simple question
Not even directed to me,
It was rhetorical, but even so
It made me think.

"How many people know who you really are? "
The question had me tremble
Because my answer was

#broken   #sad   #depression   #hurt   #thoughts   #saddens  
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