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Wine, wine is a wonderful drink
I'm wonderfully drunk, I wonderfully think
I'll quit my job! Drink wine every day
Drink red wine and white wine and maybe rosé
For Sober October I'll switch to grape juice
(that's been fermented, and turned into booze)
Won is really a winederful drink,
I thunkfully drunk, I'm drunkfully think?

Just Melz
Just Melz
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Touching the
     curves of my mind
   Fabrications of
        missing pieces
Too many
    troubles left behind
            Filled with ugliness,
   and bitter diseases
       Thoughts are somewhat
             Yet I know I'm thinking clearly
Life is a gamble
         Gotta roll the dice
     To reach your destiny
I cry too much,
           Of that I'm sure
     I could blame it on
         Or all the unjust hurts
Thrust upon me
      But in the end, I know
It's not what you can see
           It's where you go
And what you believe

I'm gonna start believing
         in me

In a dark time, the eye begins to see,
I meet my shadow in the deepening shade;
I hear my echo in the echoing wood--
A lord of nature weeping to a tree,
I live between the heron and the wren,
Beasts of the hill and serpents of the den.

What's madness but nobility of soul
At odds with circumstance? The day's on fire!
I know the purity of pure despair,
My shadow pinned against a sweating wall,
That place among the rocks--is it a cave,
Or winding path? The edge is what I have.

A steady storm of correspondences!
A night flowing with birds, a ragged moon,
And in broad day the midnight come again!
A man goes far to find out what he is--
Death of the self in a long, tearless night,
All natural shapes blazing unnatural light.

Dark,dark my light, and darker my desire.
My soul, like some heat-maddened summer fly,
Keeps buzzing at the sill. Which I is I?
A fallen man, I climb out of my fear.
The mind enters itself, and God the mind,
And one is One, free in the tearing wind.

(To Ellen Terry)

In the lone tent, waiting for victory,
She stands with eyes marred by the mists of pain,
Like some wan lily overdrenched with rain:
The clamorous clang of arms, the ensanguined sky,
War’s ruin, and the wreck of chivalry
To her proud soul no common fear can bring:
Bravely she tarrieth for her Lord the King,
Her soul a-flame with passionate ecstasy.
O Hair of Gold!  O Crimson Lips!  O Face
Made for the luring and the love of man!
With thee I do forget the toil and stress,
The loveless road that knows no resting place,
Time’s straitened pulse, the soul’s dread weariness,
My freedom, and my life republican!

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Cast off the line and take to sea,
I pray that you won’t follow me,
the sky is black as are the waves,
the crew is risen from their graves.

The sail is tattered made from shrouds,
through the battering waves we plough,
the wind is pushing evil pulls,
we drive onward, ship of fools.

Beyond time we voyage on,
knowing there can be no dawn,
never again to feel living sun,
heart is bursting hope’s undone.

Nameless creatures swooping in,
shrieking songs that list our sins,
cacophony that rips our ears,
and forces ever growing fear.

Greater darkness looms before,
and we approach a hellish shore,
a crashing rattle anchor’s down,
now the stench of brimstone town.

Trudging up a skull paved road,
the weight of sin is each soul’s load,
sorrow carved deep in every face,
regret’s too late this is the place.

At tables made from rusted iron and bone,
we sit on benches of dark granite stone,
drinking deeply of tears and liquid moon,
and eat the fruit of the Zaqqum.

Midnight Writer
Midnight Writer
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Book of Horrors

Please read the Notes section first!

Blood Dawn

Blood thirsty beings.
Down their chins drip red.
Two fangs is what you'll be seeing
Before you join the un-dead.

Pale, dehydrated skin.
They cast no spells.
Living lives of sin.
Souls damned to Hell.

You won't have time to run.
They have no mercy for your crying.
They're faster than the bullet of a gun.
So there's no use in trying.

In the shadows they hide,
Some in glorious empires.
Where ever the blood is, is where they'll reside.
Those ever thirsty Vampires.

Exorcism: Mary's Friend
(Collab with Douglas Scheurn)

Mary had a little lamb,
A very close friend.
A problem at hand,
He lived within.

Mary said the dearest things.
"May I please count your heart strings?"
"I cut off the doves wings.
Listen mama the blood sings!"

Mary had a little lamb,
Who surely had to go.
Only the whites in his eyes did show.
She loves him  dearly though

Mary wasn't always nice.
"May I eat your brain with sugar and spice?"
"Come come now, let me bite you real nice"
"Lets gamble with your life, roll the dice!"

And her little lamb,
Her hair grew snow white.
Her mind became contrite.

Flesh in ribbons,
Her favorite game.
Until pastor Gibbons
And his aide came.

The chair was no fun,
As the reading begun.
She screamed and wailed,
A thousand voices from hell.

Marys little lamb was about to be gone once and for all.
This is just one last call.
She thrashed and thralled.
Spewed vomit on the walls.

They held her down
They spoke the truth.
She floated a foot above the ground.
"We rebuke the
demons inside of you!"

The lights went out
All things black
There were plights about.
She was on the attack.

Mary had a lamb no more,
Gibbon's head rolled on the floor,
Illuminated by the storm
revealing the artistic horror.

The blood dripped through the floor,
And pooled on the basement tile.

Thus is the lore
Of Mary,
Satan's Child


Don't try to defend.
Quickly this will end.
Take one final breath.
Endure your beautiful Death

Falling Awake

The fog crawls slowly on the lake.
I stared straight ahead and I couldn't believe my eyes.
The creepy figure emerged slowly from the water, and started towards me.
The ghoul looked evil, satanic at the most.
My mind was screaming frantically for me to run, but my body failed to respond.
The ghoul was almost face to face with me, piercing my soul with haunting red eyes.
My body remained frozen.
I tried to look away, but those glowing red eyes kept me stuck there to the ground.
The ghoul was in my face now, standing so close I could feel a chill doming from it's body.
It lifted one of its bony fingers and pushed my shoulder ever so slightly, but I was sent falling backwards.
I waited to feel the impact of the fall, but it never came... The fall was endless,
Until I opened my eyes, to find myself staring up at my ceiling.
To feel myself lying in my bed.
I blew out a relieved sigh.
I turned over and opened to see red staring back at me

Don't Be Scared
(Collab with Frank Ruland)

Do not fear me, I am a mythical creature
You created my face and my features.

I am swear I am not real, though you can feel my breath on your neck.
You can feel my hands outline the air around you, and guess whats next?

You turn around because you are sure of what you'll see.
You can look everywhere, but you'll never find me.

I am a ghoul, a goblin, a ghost of some kind.
You feel my presence in your alone time.

But I am not real, I am just a figment mind you.
But I give you chills all over because I am standing right behind you.

Just as the noose exists to throttle your throat,
I lie in wait with envenomed fangs I tote.

Claws like sickles and eyes that pierce souls,
I froth at the mouth, yearning to take control.

The air reeks with an aroma of unadulterated fear--
you know all too well that a nightmare's near.

Blood smeared across your midnight revelations.
Sense of security smothered with no hesitation.

Instill in me as much reality as you have grasped...
One case where walls worn thin leave you trapped.

Yes, please panic, gasp life into me.
Live out your fears in small infinities.

Fight the the thought of me in horrific wonder.
Tell of my terror 'til those asunder.

But please realize that I am not real.
I can't touch you physically, but mentally I will kill.

I bring you nightmares until you're sleep impaired.
I am the being you let haunt you at night, but please
Don't be scared...

I Know of a Place

I know of a place
A place where all my friends are.
It brings a smile to my face.
Its not very far.

You don't even have to move
No, just keep your feet planted.
All that you have to do
Is not take the medicine from the cabinets.

Stare at the beige walls,
Then drift away slowly
Smile staringly at the people in the hall.
So they'll think that you're holy.

You can't touch anything here.
They keep me tied up in this strange jacket.
I know when people are near,
'Cause all the nurses make a racket.

When they tell you it's time
To take your little purple pill.
Tell them you mind.
You wish to stay ill.

If I take the medicine,
I won't be able to see my friends.
I broke free from this jacket once and then..
Well, a nurse saw an early end.

I don't wish to hurt people,
Though I do like to bite.
I'm forced to desert people
When I start being too polite.

I tell them about my wonders
The things for which they label me insane.
I tell them about down under
The depths of my brain.

Oh, that's when things really get fun
'Cause people start to look worried.
Then I kill them with my fake gun
And back to my room I am hurried.

I like it here in this place.
Gives me to time to think of all the doom.
I still have that smile on my face
When they shut the lights off in my padded room.

The Organ & The Opiate
(Collab with Douglas Scheurn)


Hear the air!
Thy sheriff's daughter's
Bloody hair....

Entrails arranged
With such care....
Black candles everywhere.

Can you hear him?
He plays now.
Organ emits
Blackened cloud.

To drown out screams,
This hidden scene,
Her final blue blink
Her heart ceases to beat,
Blonde beauty
Ceases to be.


Hear the streets!
The streets are red
To the beat.

He was slaughtered
Left there
His parts everywhere.

You can smell his metallic blood
Before you see his dead face.
Now master, now master please be good
Set his heart in the right place.

Play loudly to ignore the sorrows
His family eyes don't see tomorrow.
His final black inhale
His heart doesn't pump.
Young man
Doesn't get a jump.

Like a glass of wine,
Events here stained time.

Each room a new tale,
Shrouded within a malignant veil.
Was the particles that float.
Moon beams found bodies,
Displaced throats.

Through the homestead,
In which dread
Was the spiders web,
The voice-boxes still sang
In symphony with the dead.

He plays,
He plays now.

Dance in the darkness,

Fall into his maw

She Had Such Pretty Skin

She had such pretty skin,
I admired it so.
She dressed it up when
She had someplace to go.

I loved the softness of it.
Just plain fair beauty.
Oh, how the lights did love it.
To gain a tone like her was my duty.

But I could never look like her.
I could never be a
Soft little pale girl.
That's when I got the idea.

It was such a great plan
I don't know how I didn't think of it before.
I would take a knife in my hand,
And skin her from her head down to the floor.

It was late at night,
I had to make my move
I saw her in a slumber not so light
I danced a little groove.

I stood over her in the moonlight
Oh, such pretty skin.
I tied her arms and legs to the mattress tight
It was then that I began.

I started at her hairline.
Carefully carving the outline of her precious widows peak.
She awoke from a sleep so divine,
As a red droplet rolled down her cheek.

She pleaded with me to stop.
To please let her go.
I told her that I would not.
Not until I reached my goal.

I slid the blade under the thin skin on her forehead
Slowing making my way to her eye.
She whimpered and sobbed, and begged to be dead.
Her skin became slippery as she started to cry.

Thirty minutes passed,
And I had my quite progress.
Finally those pretty lips I had.
Then sliding under the skin of breasts.

Skinning her all the down her belly
That birth mark I did take.
Down the dips and curves of her hips valleys
I was so close, I was about to break.

I reached the end of her body
and to myself I felt dutiful.
I lay her skin over mine and turned to the mirror.
Finally I was beautiful.

I Know of a Place
(Pt. 2)

I know of place
Where are my friends are
It brings a smile to my face.
No, it's not far.

They tell me pretty secrets
No lights, it's all dark.
When the moon over the sea crests
Is when they make their mark.

They whisper silly things.
Sometimes all at once.
They tell me songs to sing
They shut the door when people run.

Sometimes they live inside others.
Yes, it's true.
A few of them were brothers
They liked to do mischievous things too.

When you talk, speak loudly,
There ears aren't on their heads.
Don't expect to see anyone proudly
Because everyone here is dead.

Drip Drip

Drip Drip
What's that sound?
Drop Drop
There's something hanging above the ground.

Click Click.
Turn on the lights.
Slip Slip
Whoa, what's that sight?

Scream Scream
Who would do such a thing?!
Shriek Shriek
This is a mess I cannot clean.

Gasp Gasp
I can't look at this anymore.
Pick Pick
Get the phone and head out the door.

Call Call
There is a dead body hanging in my kitchen
Plead Plead
Wait, I think he's still here. Please, sir listen.

Scream Scream
Help, Help me please!
Slit Slit
Another body hanging from the knees.

Drip Drip
What's that sound?
Click Click
Leave the lights off for now.

It Was(n't) Me!

I swear I didn't do it.
I didn't kill her, man!
The voices put me up to it.
She was my best friend.

Why would I kill her?
A girl so polite.
Oh, the noise she made when I speared her.
It was a bloody night.

You gotta believe me!
I didn't kill her, but I did!
Look into my eyes and see me.
Violence I forbid.

Oh, I reined victorious.
Seeing her body lying there.
My tears were glorious.
I stroked her blood-matted hair.

Please, Please, PLEASE!
Realize your mistake!
I'm begging you from my knees.
I'm innocent, but her life I did take.

I need you to understand.
I know right from wrong.
I broke all the fingers on both her hands.
While singing a sinister song.

It was that boyfriend of hers!
He always seemed so caught up with her.
He was at a loss for words.
Haha, he tried to pull me off of her.

But he was too late.
He only heard her final groan.
Her life was mine to take.
I just wanted her to find a safe way home.

I admit to you, I admit to you.
I enjoyed watching her body drain of fluid.
I'm telling you, I'm telling you.
It was me, but I didn't do it.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty sleeps all day.
Sleeping Beauty sleeps under the suns rays.

She turns off her mind, so that the thoughts don't take over.
She dreams of peace, and lucky four leaf clovers.

Sleeping Beauty falls asleep in the afternoon.
Sleeping Beauty awakes as the wolves bay at the moon.

When the night calls her, she is no longer a beautiful sleeper.
She is sinister, cynic. Something like a grim reaper.

Sleeping Beauty is no longer under a sleeping spell.
Sleeping Beauty wreaks havoc, making innocent live a sleepless hell.

None can sleep when she is near.
She stays awake by feeding off of their fear.

Sleeping Beauty sees the sun upon the horizon.
Still she doesn't close her eye then.

Sleeping Beauty stalks prey in the dim morning light.
She finishes the victims she didn't get at night.

Sleeping Beauty feels the fatigue start to take place.
Sleeping Beauty feels her eyes closing on her face.

She heads to her house and to the bed where rests.
But not before wiping dried blood from her breasts.

Sleeping Beauty washes away all the sin from the night before.
She opens up her glorious bedroom door.

She curls up in her bed, satisfied, with a twisted smile upon her face.
She looks at the sun and feels it warming up the place.

Sleeping Beauty lets the echoing screams bring her peace.
I think it's safe to say that Sleeping Beauty should stay asleep.

The Phantom

An eerie anthem
A signal that he is near.
Beware the Phantom.

Tick Tock Goes The Clock

Tick tock goes the clock.
It strikes loudly as it stands.
She was standing on the dock.
She disappeared as the hands

Swept past four,
And slowly crept into five
Her only little chore
Was to keep herself alive.

But at that she failed
The clock swings into Six.
She saw no prevail.
Her blood in the water she mixed.

Here comes Seven
Her family looks for her.
She's not in Heaven.
No, she still roams the Earth.

Eight o' clock p.m.
She's just another ghost.
As she starts to see in
The house of the family she loved most.

They forgot about her quickly.
Cheerily eating their supper at Nine.
She banged on the window viciously.
They had shattered a heart so kind.

Oh, but they would pay.
Her silhouette intruded at ten.
Her family couldn't stay.
She started with her brother down in the den.

That stupid fat bastard.
His head had rolled by Eleven.
Such a foolish dastard.
I made my way up the stairs then.

My sister would be next.
Her throat slashed by Twelve.
Onto something more complex
Getting my parents by their selves.

My father laughed at my non-existence.
My mother showed no care.
To save me, they never showed persistence.
I couldn't believe I was there.

I waited as the hours went by.
One, two, three, and four.
My mother left the room with sleepy eyes.
A pain she would endure.

The blood curdling shriek,
woke my father up at five
The way that I see it
He was no longer allowed to be alive.

I tripped him down the steps at six,
Knowing that wasn't enough to kill him.
I would keep him busy with little tricks.
Seven came and then.

I raised a knife high above my head
Oh, the look on his face was amusing.
I needed him tortured, not just dead.
So, I changed my weapon of choosing.

I reached for the mallet as the long hand pointed to ate.
I used it to break his teeth.
I made sure that by nine he had no escape.
When I was done his face resembled that of raw, bloody, beaten meat.

The clock showed ten
As I searched for my mother.
I found her in the den
Grieving over my brother.

I ripped her away
Pushing her into a wall.
The heaviness of her weight
Made all the pictures fall.

By Eleven I had broken her down.
She no longer fought back.
It was no fun, with her cowering on the ground,
So I took a knife to her back.

The hands crept by 11:30,
I had time to spare.
Take pity on those who were hurting?
No, I wouldn't dare.

Tick tock goes the clock.
It strikes loudly as it stands.
She was standing on the dock.
She disappeared as the hands

Swept past twelve,
And played a loud a song.
She had the house to herself
But the dock felt like home.

She returned back to it
As the clock struck one
She had just finished it
Her round the clock job is done.


He emerges from his dark place.
Slowly he seems to glide.
He's sees all and nothing, a ghoul without a face.
Don't try to run and hide

A crooked finger slowly bends.
The air catches in their throats
It symbolizes who meets the end.
Who will join him at his moat.

Who's human life will end
So that another may start.
Those who can't comprehend
Never come out of the dark.

Which of you will do the work?
Returning to that master in his dark dungeon.
Realize this is not a curse.
Come now, you have been summoned.

Childrens Song

Let's dance around the fire
Throw their parts in the pyre.

They sing, they dance.
They skip, they chant.

We'll rip them piece by piece,
From their heads to their knees.

We'll shred their worthless bodies.
It's one of our favorite hobbies.

They sing, they dance.
They skip, they chant.

Lay them out of the floor.
Make them bleed 'til they're no more.

Raise them above our heads
The corpses of the dead.

They sing, they dance.
They skip, they chant.

The bodies are now all gone,
We'll celebrate 'til dawn.

The fire hungers for something new.
Now we're coming for you.

They grant the fires will.
You, they kill.

The Girl in the Mirror

In the mirror you mustn't stare.
She is watching, you must beware.

Once you've started, you must finish.
Don't look away now, you will diminish.

Step aside and she won't be there.
She'll leave behind one of her long dark hairs.

In a dare you conjure her, in hopes of seeing clearer.
Be careful, be careful of the girl in the mirror

The Spine

Dressed in a trench coat of pale black.
Mercy, humanity, and goodwill are what he never gained back.

After he saw his father lose the ability to walk.
He would take it away from those who took for granted the cost.

He'd make that man pay for the bullet in his fathers spine.
He'd start on the outside and work his way down the line.

Taking innocent people into his den of a home.
Ripping out their spines and preserving the lovely bone.

He'd use old spines to whip them if they cried out too loud.
He'd clean and bleach them, and hang them up proud.

Alas he found the man who took his fathers legs.
The man knew what was coming, he pleaded and he begged.

His intentions changed when he saw his wretched face.
He knew death would be far more deserving for this disgrace.

He worked carefully, not wanting him to bleed out.
He stuck the knife deep into the center of his lower back and wiggled it about.

He knew his goal had been reached when his legs stopped flailing.
He smiled a twisted smile, but couldn't stop impaling

Him with the knife, then the man did start to cry
"Why don't you just kill  me? Why, oh why?"

"It's simple you bastard," He started off simple with it.
"I won't kill you, because I want you to live with it"

The Man Behind You

Don't fear, don't fear.
Forever he is near.

Don't hide, don't hide.
His presence you can't deny.

Don't scream, don't scream.
It's something like a dream.

Don't go, don't go.
You'll only provoke him so.

Don't look, don't look.
He has the face of a crook.

Don't run, don't run.
It's all in his fun.

Don't stay, don't stay.
You won't see another day.

Don't sleep, don't sleep.
Over you he'll creep.

Don't yell, don't yell.
A being from the depths of hell.

Mind you, Mind you.
It's the man standing behind you

The Pumpkin Patch

Come with me down
To the Pumpkin Patch
But be prepared because
You'll never come back.

Bring your little pails
Filled with your sticky
Candy, oh these costumes
Will come in handy.

Prepare yourself for a
Night you won't forget.
I hope you don't
Mind sleeping ever again.

We'll have fun here
And summon some spirits.
When we're done here
They will hear it.

The scream of innocents,
The faces of horror.
Hallows love the presents
Of terror in mortals.

Come with me to the
Pumpkin patch, I promise
You the adventure won't
Lack. Do as I

Say not completely as
I do, Don't run
away, they'll try to
eat you too. Just

Take my hand and
Walk this way. Say
Hello to night and
Goodbye to day.

The sun will come
Up no longer in
This ever midnight sky.
The children will never

Cease to cry. We
Could rule the night
See witches take flight
And plans take plight.

Gain all the we lack
If you would just
Come along with me
To the Pumpkin Patch.

Snap Goes The Bones

We'll start with the fingers
The first, second, third, and fourth.
While the pain still lingers
We'll start heading opposite of north.

Twist your wrist until it pops.
You've given up, but we won't stop.

Let's make a stop at your elbow,
Bend it backwards we will.
Tears will fall low.
You'll beg us to kill.

But we won't because for us
This is fun.
Not at your shoulder blade
A bit of a tough one.

We'll take your mangled arm
Put it up behind your head.
We swore we wouldn't do harm
Guess we should've been truthful instead.

You seem to still be conscious.
So your hip comes next.
We kicked in your knees first
Just so it wouldn't be too complex.

We twisted your ankles
So now your feet are facing backwards
Your clothes are now all have wrinkles
As we move int the final chapter.

You seem to still be holding on.
Good, we thought you'd be gone.
One last twist of the neck and...
Snap goes the bones.

The Scarecrow
(Collab with my Sister)

It was late at night.
The wind blew loudly.
I walked into the hallway
My vision still cloudy.

I heard the television on in the living room.
I assumed it was my father.
The static soon proved me wrong.
This house seemed odder.

I awoke from a nightmare.
I went to tell him of my fear.
I arrived to see I was the only person there.
I heard footsteps near.

The footsteps became closer.
I slowly approached the window.
I saw sand being swirled by the wind.
And a lonely scarecrow.

He had a wicked smile on his face
As he stood out by the road.
I stood stuck in fear.
Horrified by the foe.

The lightness in my head took over.
I soon fell forward.
I caught myself on the window.
Just missing the corner.

I glanced out again.
He released a low growl.
The wind stopped blowing.
He laughed with a grin that was foul.

The silence was eerie.
I wasn't sure what was to come.
He laughed like he was maniacal.
He sprinted at me faster than a bullet out of a gun.

I fell onto the floor
He hit the window with a thud.
It's distorted laugh became louder.
Racing was my blood.

It stared at me through a crack
I stared back breathing heavily.
A flash of lightening shocked life back into me.
I gasped for air breathlessly.

He had disappeared now.
No longer on the ground.
He was atop my house
Running wildly like a hound.

It's laughter never stopped.
It echoed through the house.
I didn't know what to do.
I shed a tear into my blouse.

It burst through my room door,
Running toward me with inhuman speeds.
It chased after me.
My downfall was its need.

I ran from room to room
Screaming frantically for help.
But quickly did I realize
I was by myself.

I lost him for a bit.
Trying to calm myself from the panic and shock.
I tried to sneak into a room,
But every door was locked.

I chose a hiding place
A dark corner under the table
He stopped laughing
The beating in my heart was finally able.

I peeked around the corner
Looking at were he stalked the hallway.
I thought hard about running towards the exit.
But with my luck that wouldn't open anyways.

The only room door that opened was mine
Which the scarecrow had just gone through.
I thought up a quick plan to help me out alive.
I didn't want to move, but I had to.

I would make noise in the living room
And for the while that he was distracted.
I would dash for the window in my room
His entering act would be reenacted.

I slowly crawled out from under the table
I stood in front of the t.v. screaming as loudly as I could.
His scream echoed mine as he ran down the hallway
Approaching me faster than I thought he would.

I pushed him to the side
And hit a dead run for my room
My heart stopped as the window refused to open.
I knew I was sure to meet my doom.

I stood in fear as my plan failed.
Oh, what now could I possibly do?
I tried breaking the glass, but to no avail.
The deep growl coming from behind me broke my spirit in two.

I turned around to the scarecrow in my doorway
The fear in my eyes brought back his laughter.
I fell to my knees begging him please,
But I knew this would be no happily ever after.

He crept closer and closer
I felt like I was gonna throw up.
His stringy face was in mine now
He grabbed by my throat and then...
I woke up....

The Coroner's Secret
(Collab with Douglas Scheurn)

5'4, a hunch in his back.
Teeth, hair, and color are what he lacked.

A stale old man, with a peculiar interest.
His favorite thing to do was dress those in eternal rest.

He did things swiftly, a smug smile upon his face.
He just about exploded when the fragrance of decay filled the place.

There was something off about this old man.
And it wasn't just because he always had cold hands.

The way he did things, the joy this work brought him.
The constant stiffenings in the act of postmortem.

Limb to limb,
Sown so pale.
Artistry at a whim,
To bring a soul from the veil.


All things to make her whole.

And bone.

If only he had a soul alone.

Thirteen hearts to choose from,
He debated with himself.
Which is the perfect one?
As he took the brain from a shelf.

He planted it inside a freshly made up face
Oh, it greyed at such an amazing pace.

He painted red on a pair of sewn up lips.
He couldn't help himself, so he gave her a kiss.

They were beautiful, all of his creations.
Staring at them on their solid foundations.

He put old skin with new skin, new skin with old.
What he came up with could never be told.

He liked the way the transformations made him think.
He liked the way each one of his children looked unique.

No one knows of the way he switches the body pieces.
This is something that will always remain the coroner's secret.

(Collab with MYstro mAdden

They let's play my favorite game.
Ring around the Rosey
Let's end this night in pain.
Them neighbors are too nosey.

Peekin' over the fence
Ashes Ashes
Comes with a consequence.
Let's burn them down.

While they're sleeping soundly
We'll set their house on fire and watch them run out
We laugh at them profoundly
Doused them with gasoline and watch them flail about.

We're in pursuit of their pain.
Hear flames caress their screams.
An inferno type of lullaby.
Sleep with hellish dreams.

Let smoke uplift the air,
And slowly fill the rooms.
Smell a scrumptious scent?
Burning flesh delivers fumes.

They'll combust into dust,
Watch the blaze scorch fast.
Their bones deplete, so brittle.
Sweep the everlasting ash.

Let's end this game.
Ring around the Rosey
All the fun in pain.
This fire's real cosy.

I can't be brought out of my twisted joy.
The screams still echo.
Oh, that silly boy.
His flesh turned the pyres yellow.

Bringin' warmth to the smile on my face.
Ashes ashes.
The smell of death fills the place.
They're still burning down.

(Collab with Frank Ruland

I know the story of a monster.

One who is scarier than all the others,
One that is sure to make you hide underneath your covers.

This monster doesn't strike fast, no, he tortures you slow.
Unless he's got inside your mind, then he's devoured you whole.

No one can stand against him, fighting is useless.
There isn't anyone else who has the power to do this.

What made you think it would go away?
What made you pick this game to play?

Lay your soul on the table if you must,
but that's just the thing the creature lusts.

The beast has no man it fears the least.
No, upon a banquet of souls it feasts.

It siphons body, spirit, brain and will.
Just its noxious stench makes you ill.

It lurks in mires of blood and rendered flesh,
as it hungers for another meal, more fresh.

It sets its eyes upon you, you're the innocence that it's seeking.
You will know when its got you because your eyes will start leaking.

You'll lose sense of courage, strength, and might.
You'll lose feelings security, and gain some of fright.

Oh, when this monster attacks it's sure to cause a fatality.
What's might this monster be you ask? Oh, he goes by Reality.

Firstly, I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who helped me put this together (#PM4L!)
and another HUGE Thank you To Frank Ruland, Douglas Scheurn, and MYstro mAdden for such amazing collaborations. You guys are all three very wonderful people and I hope we get the chance to work together again in the future.

Earlier this month I announce that I was gonna be doing a 31 Days of Halloween challenge (Check out the first three days on my page!), but as things at home started to take a turn for the worst I lost motivation for it.
I started thinking about it about a week ago and decided that I wanted to continue on with the challenge but in a different type of way. So, I combined all (most) the days that I missed into this massive post.
I Hope you guys like it!

Here are the Story titles in The order that they appear

1. Blood Dawn
2. Exorcism: Mary's Friend
(Collab with Douglas Scheurn)
3. Death (Jorio)
4. Falling Awake (Re-post)
5. Don't Be Scared (Collab with Frank Ruland)
6. I Know of a Place (Pt. 1)
7. The Organ & The Opiate
(Collab with Douglas Scheurn)
8. She Had Such Pretty Skin
9. I Know of a Place (Pt. 2)
10. Drip Drip
11. It Was(n't) Me!
12. Sleeping Beauty (Re-Post)
13. The Phantom (Haiku)
14. Tick Tock Goes The Clock
15. Summoned
16. Children's Song
17. The Girl in the Mirror
18.  The Spine
19. The Man Behind You
20. The Pumpkin Patch (Jorio-ish)
21. Snap Goes The Bones
22. The Scarecrow
(Collab with my Sister)
23. The Coroner's Secret
(Collab with Douglas Scheurn)
24. Ashes
(Collab with MYstro mAdden)
25. Reality
(Collab with Frank Ruland)

Which one was your favorite? :)

Chin-hooi Ng
1 day ago      56 minutes ago

Time is,
Venus that winks flirtatiously at night,
sunflowers that constantly chase the sun,
roses that bloom so fastastically,
an ancient tree that sways like the vicissitudes of life,
magic of wind and frost,
alternation of summer heat and cold wave,
meditative bell in a quiet secluded temple,
a sublime painting by a skilled artist,
ripples on a hometown river,
a journey across a strange vast desert,
candles of lovesickness,
tinkling spinning baby mobiles,
rolling plains of grasses,
little drawings on a cold window pane,
rotation of the globe of a tellurion,
attention-getting paper airplane in the air,
a vocalist waving a pen in his hand,
familiar places in the rearview mirror,
sailing of a dream around the clock,
light bulbs in Einsteins’ head,
a love poem hiding in a textbook,
time is,
changes in appearances,

refined life experiences,

firm tempered eyes,

wisdom that shines,

so brightly.

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