8 hours ago      10 seconds ago

My heart went out like a star
sucked in like a breath, laid down in the dark
I cannot see well these days, or far
except the flicker of the tiniest pilot light-
your spark.

Remind me remind me remind me remind me.
#heart   #breath   #dark   #crush   #star   #blind   #light   #spark   #flicker   #pilot  
Bianca Fontejon
Bianca Fontejon
14 hours ago      2 minutes ago

Falling too quickly,
Too sudden,
And too hard.

I trusted you, let you in,
And gave you all the weapons.
Everything you need to catch me or destroy me.

I opened up my heart,
Trusting that you would hold it,
Hold it and keep it warm, like how you hold my hands everyday without a fail - But you just reminded me why things break when they fall.

You just got my heart and ripped it out.
Left me feeling empty, shitty, and bad about myself.
Letting me fall but without you on the other end,
leaving me broken and shattered.

Cattie Unicorn
Cattie Unicorn
19 hours ago      8 minutes ago

The drop of rain slides across the glass
it's uncertainty of direction as strong as brass.
With every path in which my friends walk
I seem to fade into the opposite side of talk.
The gossip that used to be spread by my words
has transported itself along to the herds.
The people who whisper glare through my skin
making me want to grow out of my sin.
Yet still I find my way to walk with pride,
my will to stay alive shall bide.
The question of whether I deserve it is unanswered.
It might always be.

#life   #sins   #confusion   #gossip  
Just Melz
Just Melz
8 hours ago      12 minutes ago

There's more that meets the eyes
And this will never change
It's too complicated to explain why
The answer will never be the same
Just remember to hold us when we cry
And beware those moments we act insane
Sometimes a firm, warm place to land
Is the only thing to soothe our weary brain
Were difficult at best, impossible at worst
But true love is always on our mind first
Some women want the finer things in life
Some just want children and to be a good wife
Others need to be held and reassured constantly
Some just want to trust and receive honesty
No matter the woman, you'll never understand us all
But keep in mind... There's no greater feeling than the fall

Neko Majin
Neko Majin
1 day ago      18 minutes ago

Awoken from a dream that never ends, aware of the lies that disguise the worth of mortal lives. Taught to mimic what's seen without ever knowing what it means, I watch the masses shift between souls with free will, and machines with a set of programmed commands.
Robots on a conveyer belt, the world is spinning we are all trying to hold on to our sanity. Humanity individuality, what makes us different is slipping this constant need to be different. Is what makes us the same.

A collaboration between myself, and grey storm
Brianne Broughton
Brianne Broughton
2 hours ago      23 minutes ago

You can call me Peter Pan. I'll guide you by hand all the way to Never Neverland. Flying toward the second star to the right, leaving the land of the damned to go where time is never planned. We will be there by morning by using just a little faith, trust, and pixie dust. We will join the lost boys, creating our own family away from ruthless reality. You'll never have to worry about being lonely. Days will be spent tormenting Captain Hook reclaiming everything he took.  I'll show you Mermaid's Lagoon as we sink Hook's pirate platoon. We will dance with the Indians being our own guardians. We will live forever and to age we will never surrender because to live will be an awfully big adventure. It's a place where people never die or say goodbye because that means going away and going away means forgetting and forgetting is all too unsettling.

Marta Rampini
Marta Rampini
4 hours ago      1 hour ago

there is a
very thin line
between bravery
and stupidity,
yet somehow
i tiptoe and
step into the
circle of regret
while passing
the circle of

for tom
#mcr   #eremex   #vodkoh  
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