Nomathamsanqa Nyashe

Having a friendship with you was emotionally taxing. Some days you were awesome and on most,you were shitty.  I'd wake up not knowing which you I'd get that day. You have messed me up more than anyone else,and what made it worse was you never even noticed . You might disagree but,when someone tells you you've hurt them,you dont get to justify it or decide that you didn't.

It was rainbows and butterflies and shii in the beginning but as time went on,it got real. You weren't there when my whole life was falling apart,on days I woke up hoping to die. You were never that friend I could rely on for emotional support..I'm just gonna assume it's because you're such a happy person so you have no patience for such?Don't know but ya.

I told you our friendship was slowly dying but you refused to believe it. While you were busy with your awesome life,I was learning how to not be so reliant on you,how to go back to life without you,how to fall out of love with you  (because i never really got over you) but anyway,I'm over all that. All the effort I put into our friendship, I'm gonna put into myself.

Oh and,nice move not putting up a fight,how easily you let me go shows me how much I meant to you. Anyway ,bye.

Mary Pear
11 hours ago

Sunset Harbour
Built to mock an Andalucian village
Hewn from rock
And filled with sand from Saudi Arabia.
We sit between reception and the pool
Stars shine,but not as brightly as the streetlights on the distant hills.

Our host is singing,'Penny Arcade' and up she's got;
The penny's In the slot.
Let the magic begin!
Our marionette awakes.

Short curled hair
Sponge bob body in a purple dress with flat triangles at the breasts.
Little chicken feet lift in time to the music as she covers the space
Between reception and the pool.
Arms akimbo, hands waving and excited at the release.

Laughing, he takes his place,with portly belly thrusting forward
Arms bent and elbows jutting, chin thrusting forward to the music;
A cockerel to her chick.

Corner to opposite corner they dance,
Grinning at each other as they pass
Sometimes chasing
Sometimes. Backing off;
An Oldham Tarrantella
A Salford tango
A well - trod mating ritual
And still a joy to watch.

45 Words About Birds

The trees are hills and I want to climb them.

There's an alleyway of leaves shining over silhouettes of groaning supernovae.

We rustle around, shimmying up the toxic pine.

We are cats hunting owls in the moonlight.

I want to just sit there and read until I fall through the canopy with you in my arms.

Where is she?

Who is this new monster dancing in my peripherals?

She's covered in mosaic gears and has vines for hands - they climb hydro poles like desperate tentacles reaching for your ghost.

There's a pyramid of swords that flip open like switchblades, stabbing us both in the kidney, heart and liver respectively.

We just keep sliding down as the blades draw deeper into our insides (out the back).

When we touch, she begins biting my lips off; It's a special occasion.

I'd sell my soul to be with you.
Just kidding.
I already have.
Amanda Goodness
Amanda Goodness
4 hours ago

It's late enough that it's quiet
But not enough that is silent,
And I hate that.
The dogs are lying at my feet.
They feel like gargoyles,
But maybe more menacing.
I'm just waiting for midnight to roll around,
So that I can steal my silent hours.
Sleep is not the only way to recharge.
I guess the song in the title doesn't really fit the poem,
But maybe it's fitting my mood?

See you later alligator.

To początek, wschód słońc
I drżenie w kącikach ust
Wielkie oczy ma strach
Palcem pogrożę mu
Ashlee Reyes
Ashlee Reyes
11 hours ago

Every month
I am reminded of my fertility.
And while I feel physical pain,
I realize that of my emotions is
In the same vicinity.

I want my unborn child to know
That this life... Is like a funny show.
That while I'm unsure of what
She'll look like or he'll look like,
They come automatically into
A world that beyond their control
Will feel warlike.

That their future friends who bear
A darker skin complexion
Unfairly face the utmost rejection.
That their future friends
Who love the same gender
Get judged on their decisions
On who they love and if they happen
To be transgender.

But I want my child to know,
That this judgement and hate
Will always be up for debate
That when she finds her voice
Or when he finds her voice
It's to be shared with those
Without one because of personal choice.

I want my child to know that their pride
Is to be extended, wide, and
As far is it can go.
That when they witness injustice
They'll be expected to instinctually say no.
That these differences America
Still can't accept
Are the differences that
Bring beauty in every corner
And every aspect.

My children will know of the people
Who have bloomed in the midst
Of hatred and doom,
That the grass is not always greener
And that just when they thought they've Seen it all,
There will always be people who are meaner.
But I want my children to know of love,
Unconditional love,
Of acceptance,
Of hope,
Of being anti-weapon.
I want my children to bloom,
Because as their mother was expected to,
She faced the challenge of doing so,
In a world that depicted doom.

1 hour ago

An after midnight wolf
lives as a sheep by day,
amongst opposites
he sees through
sheep’s clothing
and moralizes through
though inaccurate,
accusations man
a marionette,

a wolf in sheep’s clothing
can manipulate but
is easy to forgive,
an after midnight wolf
can ruin his sheepskin,
and have follicles run dry,
alcohol and anger
and selfish malevolence
over compassion, thought and
apathetic benevolence,
the sun can divide strong from weak,
an after midnight wolf lashes
and drinks
and lashes,
regrets and lacks morals
yet lacks intent
only listens to his mind
and not his heart,
he sheers himself
with broken bottles
and it takes a while
to grow back


The earth has many keys,
Where melody is not
Is the unknown peninsula.
Beauty is nature’s fact.

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