Lauren Prather

2 o'clock is the loneliest time. Looking at the red beaming numbers on the clock, craving the warmth of someone next to you but all you get is the cool cusp of air penetrating your sheets from the window that never fully shut. You opened that window and said you'd always keep me warm, and not to worry when I yelled and yelled at you about how it wouldn't ever shut again.

2 o'clock is the loneliest time. But now it's 2 am and my tears have frozen on my face because you're not here like you promised you would be. The faint silhouette gently graces my mind. I can still feel your heart beating from my ear lying on your v neck covered chest.

2 o'clock is the loneliest time. I should be dreaming. Asleep with your muscular and hairy arms wrapped around my pale skin. But you're not here anymore. So I pull down my covers and glide across to my window. Turning the nob until my fingers indented the pattern. It shut.

2 o'clock is the loneliest time. But I stay asleep dreaming of colors and beautiful beaches with glowing waters and warm sand on my back. I can feel the beauty within my shuttering eyelids.

Torin Galleshaw
Torin Galleshaw
3 hours ago

With my destruction
Once the boral terracotta
Sinks below the the rising sea

My roots have known
Long before the leaves
There is no sun left for me

And blonde is the only color I see
Not these black and starving nights
Not these screaming banshees white

Halfway inbetween
Cantilever bridge
When I want to turn back

My eyes have known
Only a little of the light
The morning brings

When I'm cured of my disease
I no longer need to fight
And blonde is the only color

Damian Murphy
Damian Murphy
1 hour ago

When lost in the depths of despair,
When all hope appears to be gone,
One has to dig even deeper
To find the strength to carry on.
Though one may doubt the strength is there,
It lies within us all somewhere.

Darren Wall
Darren Wall
1 hour ago

Here stands a man
A shadow of himself
Burdened by guilt
And failing health

Yet on the outside
You would fail to see
The trauma and pain
That resides within me

My apparent smile
Is perceived as joy
A simple disguise
I like to employ

My social disdain
Is seen in reflection
Yet...I masquerade
To avoid your attention

But as time passes by
The cracks, they appear
Leaking my soul
Through a solitary tear

Keeping a distance
Is the only way
To stop the trauma
Releasing today

Flawless Contradictions

I want a lazy kind of love
Sleeping until noon you can rummage my mind
I'll unfold the sunlight for you
My fractured eyelids have dreamcatcher eyes
I'll carry the moon in my pocket, the lightening in my core
My poetic mouth will get us  through the nights
Unbound lips gather the earth

17 hours ago

planets sprout from the ground
venus is picked up by a boy with nothing but good intentions
stars fall from the sky, and i reach out my tongue to taste them
i tell you i think we need to learn how to
dance in the stars,
tiptoe through the milky way,
tap dance along the constellations
we walk on ceilings here
and we sleep when the sun comes up
everything is backwards
upside down
flipped on its head
we walk on clouds
and we smile when we are sad,
and you tell me you love me
you have always loved me
you will always love me
everything is backwards.

CK Marrow
1 day ago

I wait for you, night
I wait for you all day
For in those briefest moments we touch
I wish we could just stay
Stay like this forever
With your blue intertwining my red
and create a beautiful masterpiece
A canvas in the sky, they said
For when we meet
It feels as if your lips graze mine
Brief and obsolete
And in that moment you are tyne
I wish we could stay in this limbo forever
Where the day met the night
But alas it has to end
We separate in plight
But when tomorrow comes
I can always count on you
Your darkness meeting my light
As day and night must do
And we play this game forever
Never a day complete
Without this dance we play
Like children on the street
I wait for you, night
I wait for you all day
I wish for you forever in the moments
But you can never stay

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