Just Caleigh
Just Caleigh
1 day ago

My soul envies my eyes, my heart longs to see
Just for one moment. For my eyes have done what I
Have failed to do: held you.
How long have I looked at you laugh
And cried inside? How have I drowned
I love you
From fighting to your lips but with my tears?
And yet I strive, I yearn, I hope
You will see me and
An envious heart in your chest might revolt;
I might inspire some holy endeavour in your soul
You look into my eyes, hold my gaze

I look away
You understand now
I was too open too fast and again you know me better
All of me was in my eyes but I couldn't find your heart
I suppose it wasn't there for me to find.

The ending is what I'm most hesitant about. In life and literature.
6 hours ago

What is the difference between
Verbatim and Vitamin?  hmmn

Perhaps it is the fITe within
Or the beta, - before hand

This lense flare, without a care
For every Faustian Recluse
D-&serve; but a singlefinalfatal sear
From solar contact to lack of h-ear

There is little wonder to the webster's
Perpetually lacking lexicon...
The Roman Frankenstein that IS
Protestant English.

From the truest intention of any scribe;
     Can   not   run.

And as for those hospitals and serums--
Another handful for another animal...
I am but a wishful poet
Walking the shore for the beautiful bubbles of the water twin;
Sand Crab.

"To give away yourself keeps yourself still,
  And you must live, drawn by your own sweet skill."

[I give my glory
        to the glory
                      of nature]

I'm more of morning glory kinda guy, ya know?
Don't forget to stop flowers once in a while.
Light House
Light House
8 hours ago

"One more day,"

he had reassured himself of this; but. here it was - the next day ...& he found himself thinking -- once more --

"One more day."

1 day ago


In my hand I hold a mouse
It does not mind at all
I like to roll it side to side
To catch things as they fall

It's a game I like to play
The mouse catches the cheese
Before it falls onto the floor
Where ants wait for a piece

I have to watch out for the cat
Sometimes he likes to jump
When I roll my mouse around
He gives it a good thump

Late at night I leave my mouse
Upon its sleeping pad
Hoping cat and mouse play nice
While I just rest a tad

Cat swats mouse, mouse falls down
Boy, now I am really mad
Cat is tangled in mouse's tail
My kitty's been very bad

Come here mouse I'll help you up
Back to your special spot
I hope there's nothing broken
Because that would suck a lot

In my hand I hold a mouse
To slide across the screen
Of course it's not a real mouse
(That would be kind of mean)


1 day ago

For when the darkness shines
and all the children hide to play
I find my opposite seemingly fine
I need only ask him to stay

To drink those words & welcome home
the piece hiding all alone
behind the mirror roam;
his hand against the glass has grown

For when the light gives way
and I forget what's hidden deep
as silence cackles madness bray
you'll see someone you should not keep

18 hours ago

Can anyone ever forget
that voice that made you smile
ever prayed for one last chance
but you're up all night in denial

Or did you ever regret
the day that you lost sight
when words were not enough
to make everything alright

When the cut is still deep
but your heart is still beating
can we really move on
when we know we're still bleeding

Can you listen to that love song
without your throat getting sore
when the bittersweet melody
makes you cry even more

Will we ever be the same
when our heart turns to stone
can we ever return,
To the love that felt like home.

#love   #heartbreak   #sad  
11 hours ago

And if I could go back
I'd never tear my lips off your neck
Never unlock my fingers from your hair
Keep my nails etched into your back
And my eyes locked
Straight on yours.
If I could go back
I'd take your earlobe in my mouth
And whisper
Until the words were burned into your dreams
Don't let me go
Don't let me go
Don't let me go
Don't let me go.

#love   #sex   #seduction  
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