Coop Lee
Coop Lee
6 hours ago      3 seconds ago

somehow all neighborhood tribes & tribe lords love you.
somehow you beat my score on the nickelcade spaced invaders.

we leap fences
in escape of party befouled
cops. crusaders
of mustache & veiny hate.

you rip your jeans
& lose your artifacts in the creek. into
convenience store warm lights
& makeout mixtapes.

previously published in Specter Magazine
Joshua Haines
Joshua Haines
1 hour ago      7 minutes ago

Out of body, out of touch
If I feel at all, then I feel too much
This poem is as shallow as my grave

But I'm still digging

If I want a God then I'll misbehave
If I want to be sad then I'll entertain
Just because I'm found
doesn't mean I'm around
Just because I'm growing up
Doesn't mean I can't be down

I'm sorry, mom and dad,
but if I want to be happy then I'll have to be sad
I'll write until my fingers bleed
Until my words are the blood that the readers need

Craig Harrison
Craig Harrison
48 minutes ago      20 minutes ago

From a distance they looked like shooting stars
but to us we knew what they really were
some enemy decided to attack
launching bombs from their fortresses while we are left to burn
all around us explosions
destroying schools, hospitals and homes
we've never done anything to this enemy
yet they try to end our lives.

Morning had come with a horrible smell
burning buildings for miles
thousands had died last night
more will die tonight
we're pleading for help
but no one is listening
we did nothing wrong to this enemy
why are we the ones left to die

Written from the point of view of a person that is in a war torn country
Stacie Steele
Stacie Steele
1 hour ago      22 minutes ago

Pink roses stained with the red of my blood lye on the ground in front of me and I wonder how you took something so beautiful and used it so selfishly to destroy and bludgeon me until my flesh was tattooed with purples blacks and blues and I continue to beat myself up for not seeing it coming because I knew your soft gentle smile hid ulterior motives so I force myself to pluck every beautiful intricate petal from the rose seeping with blood until I have forgotten how badly you've hurt me

Resting Lion
Resting Lion
19 hours ago      32 minutes ago

to memorize those empty words
and numb numbers
and boring music bars
that mean nothing to
and our universe
except for those who feel nothing
but a firm hearted lie.

Your hearty mind
will be deep fried
in oily lies
if you tried
to memorize

those squibs that pertain
to your unloosed life.

What's memorized
might feel solid
for a few fine seconds

until it has fallen
out of the mind
like a balloon losing air
but somehow POPS and

You realize

no thing
memorized can kiss you
when you lie
aching inside
for its return.

True knowledge will find
easily in those lone scrapes
of darkened melancholy and
like real red love
that stays every night.

#love   #words   #you   #knowledge   #loneliness   #try   #dont   #hugs   #memorize  
Nolan Joseph Rauh
Nolan Joseph Rauh
1 day ago      38 minutes ago

Wandering paths, meandering doors
what lies beyond this city of whores?

Which do I take, where will it lead
to another slave town filled with prisoners of mead?

They've lost their mind of magic to refuge
but the meaning of life has yet to deluge.

Enter your shelter of safety with no fear
lacking in spirit which I hold to be dear.

A clone of the mix with nothing but tricks
you're easy to pick so quick to predict.

Small talking of lies to find common ties
repeating whats heard never dreaming with eyes.

Closed to your soul, the folly of old
wasting away for your fools gold.

Fearing the risk of patience and time
ignoring the climb to reach the sublime.

When will I see, how will I know
will I ever let go for my ego to grow?

#love   #fear   #hate   #lust   #wonder   #slave   #choice   #ego   #work   #money  
Simply Dale
Simply Dale
22 hours ago      46 minutes ago

When it rains on you
Save it in a vase for when
Your flowers run dry.

Could be a haiku or senryu, depending how you interpret it.
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