4 hours ago      10 seconds ago

every lesson unlearned in the earth fortified
fresh mounds preserving the breath distracted by
love and endings we had not imagined
my father's hands always holding always
unstable in the gathering winds of
the demands constant, effeminate
sisters lying face down so as not to see
the blankets still necessary tucked beneath
so many illusions of soft layers covering
melancholy        roots spreading
desecrating the supplements needed
for the young saplings to strive
to grow

Victoria V
Victoria V
6 hours ago      16 minutes ago

there was a lacuna in his vocabulary
and one in my soul

i talked too much
but felt nothing at all

he never spoke
but had the universe in his mind

6 hours ago      17 minutes ago

Ancient wounds ~ Comet wishes

Bleeding from these ancient wounds
Falling to the earth below
Mud red, blood red, softening the ground
My footprints ache in format patterns

So long the wounds, of age defined,
Dripping masses in the mist
Marked for life, while a beating heart
pumps eternal fluid fears

Watching as the puddles grow,
round at first and then obscure
Fading faster than the sun
on its westward trek of daylight shadows

Weak…I find my eyes they stare
off into the crowning moon
Beams of effervescent glow
shroud me in unknown pleasures

Rising above the crusted mounds
Light as any whispered breeze
Words now call in sweet caress
Melodies of past preferred ring

Lyrics sung to me and me alone
A language that my soul does speak
Piano keys in blended black and white
string together lasting impressions

Symphonies of a healing concerto
press upon my quivered skin
Scars now dance at the revival
and still my feet don’t find the floor

My hand is touched, fingers moved
Warmth embraces this awkward grip
as peace flows, smooth, soft, subtle
through my veins

The bleeding has ceased
Disappeared among comet wishes
and my heart, once silent, now sings
in harmony with her voice…and I dream

Lexi Dvorak
Lexi Dvorak
3 hours ago      20 minutes ago

The girl sits with a razor kissing her wrists.
The boy sits in a corner enduring never ending kicks.

She says she'll be fine.
He says he just stepped out of line.

She doesn't understand that this is far from fine.
And He doesn't understand that this is not because he was out of line,

She believes she deserves this.
He believes they love him.

Neither of which are true.

Why would she deserve pain,
and why would he deserve the cold bottom of their shoes?

Midnight Writer
Midnight Writer
1 day ago      32 minutes ago

Oh, I'll be ready when my train pulls in.
I just can't live this life again.

I can't pretend to be happy, and not feel pain.
I can't fight for things I've lost in vain.

Everyday I wake and everything is the same.
The skies are sad and grey, momma's callin' my name.

I don't want them to see me, I wanna hideaway my face.
I wanna leave this town, but I don't got no place.

Oh, I'll be ready now, I'll be ready when my train pulls in.
I want to see the sun shine bright, but I can't live this life again.

Today was a good day, started real well.
I had a smile from a place I couldn't tell.

I soaked up the sky in all it's glory.
Then I started thinkin' on my life, what's my story?

What's my purpose? Why am I here?
I hear the train comin' in the distance, all too near.

I can't take it no more.
I would leave this town, but I ain't nowhere to go.

I'm starting to question if this is really worth it.
What can I do that hasn't already been done?
Sometimes I just wanna forfeit.
Pack my bags and then run.

Oh, I'll be ready now, I'll be ready when my train pulls in.
I need to be alone, I'm sorry my friend.

I can't do this, it hurts to bad.
I can't walk 'round here continuin' to be sad.

I wanna walk on sunshine,  and make my way to rainbow roads.
These grey skies are bringin' me down, tears by the boat loads.

Give me a reason, and I might stay.
Tell me that you don't want me to go away.

I walk these streets and I see smilin' faces.
I turn around and they stab me in places,

That I ain't never been stabbed in before.
It hurts, and I can't do this no more.

I'm done with this life, movin on to the next one.
If I had a friend to come and get me, I'd text one.

Oh, I'll be ready now, I'll be ready when my train pulls in.
I know my time ain't long 'round here, but I can't live this life again.

Inspired by Gary Clark Jr's "When My Train Pulls In"
12 hours ago      44 minutes ago

To be yourself you need a lot of courage today
People will  betray you.
Some will love you
Third won't do anything  to you

Smile and live for yourself
Not the  others

I'm on my two feet now
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1 day ago      56 minutes ago

Such a profound moment
When she took her own life
At the hand of a knife
Her story painted in vain
A description of her pain
As she smeared it on the walls
Her screams carried down the halls
No one there to care
Not a glance let alone a stare
A perfect picture of a night
Where a troubled soul is ruined by fright
Brought on by a memory
A distant fading of the sensory
No control, here lacks the problem
Others never offer to solve them

Mumbles alone on the empty row
Where only death feels like home

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