Cameron Banowsky
Cameron Banowsky
2 hours ago

In my thoughts  I scream
don't look at me
don't look at me
don't look at me the outside -- serene

In my head I dread
Inside my head I dread
Please don't look at me
don't look at me
you're looking at the living dead.

Where do we go when no one knows
where we are?

In my thoughts I scream.
Don't look at me.

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5 hours ago

Hey, pack your bags and cheese sandwiches
The drive won't be that long, there are beaches
All way, lucky red seeds and airborne kisses,
Baby just look at that vigorous sky
Say yes and pack yourself a paper map.

#love   #travel   #l  
3 hours ago

Before dawn breaks
we're both awake
and so quietly
I run my hands
over your back.

Without words
your body turns
and those sleepy eyes
come to meet mine
in a kiss.

Forever I could live
a life like this,
with the windows open
and you right here
in my arms.

4 hours ago

Isn't life just a kaleidoscope
vignettes of reflected moments tumbling past
some regrettable some meant to last
A memorable flash of colorful brilliance
Then gone in an instant

John F McCullagh
John F McCullagh
3 hours ago

That night was cold and dry as we gathered in the park.
Someone, I don’t know who, lit the first candle in the dark.
The dark mass of the Dakota was ever in our view,
as we joined to mourn John Lennon in small groups of ones and twos.

They kept us from the crime scene where John’s blood still stained the stones.
He was gunned down by some lunatic who’d acted all alone.
John was groaning, barely conscious, when Cops got him in their car
He died there in the back seat before they’d gone too far.

I heard somebody singing, in a strong clear baritone,
the lyrics of “Imagine”; John’s song that’s so well known.
Other voices swelled the chorus, singing loud and long.
What prayer could not accomplish we would try to do with song.

I went back to visit recently to show my children where
Their Dad stood vigil in the park back when he had long hair.
Strawberry Fields forever, the name they call this green,
where greying fans still gather to sing, to mourn, to dream.

Strawberry Fields forever
Bill Hughes
Bill Hughes
6 hours ago

may our love
breed angels
that will battle
our demons

Megan Kay
Megan Kay
1 day ago

every ounce of pressure against my veins
like the flood of heavy summer rains
trying to escape the coating of my flesh
internal tensions which I could not oppress
I hear crickets, smell the morning dew
all I can ever concentrate on, is you
made to feel nervous but oh so calm
sometimes even sweet like cherry lip balm
a moment of combustion then release
your tongue wanders onto my body, into a crease
I'll never care if I get rich
so ever long as you scratch my itch
stale smoke and the sent of butane
breath seeps into me like a bloodstain
you, a child at heart
and I, a freak into abstract art
What a fine creation, our own constellation, an innovation, better than intoxication.

#love   #poem   #summer   #cherry   #veins   #lip   #rains   #balm   #combust  
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