9 hours ago      3 seconds ago

tell me that my hair is darker than the night
and that you'd rake your fingers through it's black ink
   tell me that you wouldn't change it for the world
that it contrasts my skin and it takes the color out of

   tell me that my brown eyes are fine and
they will never, not ever lose sight of you. tell me
  that though they tremble and waver now that
i will catch glimpses of beautiful things, if not now

tell me that i fit you
#eyes   #crying   #black   #hair   #appearance   #acceptance   #brown   #asphodel  
Beth StClair
Beth StClair
1 hour ago      12 minutes ago


the stars do not shine
loneliness presses the air
into a tangle of last years withered
loneliness in summer leaves
that whisper to a grey moon
a song of regret.


dreams of midnight,
cool rain,
songs more alive
than this low-roofed night.


teardrops like the ghostly moon, lost
against the heart that
flutters like a dark sky
breathing stars.


the mottled horizon
pools into greys,
tender eyed with
soft sadness,

in these dim hours when silence
cloaks the woods and
human laughter disappears

we sink against the softer sky
and the slow fade of moon and
long for dream, for everything
to reawaken and unwind.


we are swimmers heading as far
out as we can get. surreal silver
stars, opening like flowers,
refusing to drown.

Francie Lynch
Francie Lynch
1 day ago      14 minutes ago

I returned from three days of golf
At Lake Orion, with a philosophical man.
A PhD talked the ear off me,
And spoke so deeply on the meanings
Of life as we approached the green.
Across the fence in a sawgrass meadow
I saw a doe grazing in spite of us.
I don't remember much of his diatribe
But the ball and the doe stuck.

He continued on the fallacy of memory,
Asking me to name the cities of the Olympics:
Mexico, Rome, Beijing, Montreal,
I think I was able to name them all;
But the beaver pup swimming
Beneath the walkway
Dragging a branch underwater
Made it clear,
Took my breath away,
And stopped my ear.

It's more than a game.
1 day ago      36 minutes ago

I am a mere puppet
A meagre tool to be controlled
To achieve what they covet
I must do as I told

I am a wounded bird
The wings that I am proud of
Forcefully ripped by their words
Broken by their abusive love

I am an innocent prisoner
Heavily chained, both my hands and feet
Dripping bloods of red, you get the picture
Can’t escape, trapped by their deceit

I don't know what to feel right now...
Rob Kingston
1 day ago      44 minutes ago

An emporium full of visual delights, moonbeams bounce and dance, around a pitted cloud clear site.

A shooting star shining, a whooshing sound if heard, lights the sky as it blazes bright, starting in the east accelerating, disappearing out of pleasured sight.

Stars blaze illuminating dark, the galaxy forming its magical map of horoscopes in this glorious orb, Its North Star guidance for some who navigate upon our planet earth be it on land air or under the sea, a million or more miles the distance should we achieve the ability to or want to go see up close these glowing planets of rock, gas and ore.

Dying stars growing in their brightness as if, a last attempt of holding life
Glowing brighter than before their internal charges disperse, fading no longer able to ignite.

Dancing colours in the north and south, painted great abstracts wide and far
Hues of fusing reds oranges yellows greens across dark blue,
Spectacular moments for those with time to sit observe and view these magical electrically charged special dancing hues.

Reflections distorting down below hues shading, appearing blushed as oceans gush and light rides upon a moonlit magnetic heaving tide, a tide awaiting, a stage set for two

Only you can see the magic being created in front of misted, barely woken if open eyes,
Only you can see the rising spirits coming up to play upon the core of sphere,
Under the kaleidoscope twinkling melee filled bustling sea and sky

Rise up, a beckon, a call to you, come join this light filled orb of invisible tunes,
Where a piano plays a serenade and the orchestra complements with
Soft sounds of Trombones, cello’s, violins, tuba’s, drums and flutes
A tempo set to sweep excited people off their seat and on into their dancing shoes

Rise up in your sparkly dancing dress and shoes for you are floating Imagination growing with every timeless move

Twinkling stars blinking approval, reflections in the agreeing tide as it ebbs and flows.

Rise up, move, dance, sway, step and jump to those imaginary magical tunes
A prince of darkness, a dreaming queen  
A loving scene, a glory electrically charged night time dancing dream.

#dream   #dance   #space   #clouds   #star   #serenade   #colours   #hues   #aurora   #borealis  
A Nobody
A Nobody
1 day ago      50 minutes ago

Age does not bring wisdom
Sometimes the youth of today can bring light to a darkened mind.

For you Anthony Mooney :)
The Fox and the Forest
The Fox and the Forest
21 hours ago      1 hour ago

You were the feather, and I was the paw.
Who could have ever, been the strength that I saw.

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