If your Nerve, deny you—
Go above your Nerve—
He can lean against the Grave,
If he fear to swerve—

That’s a steady posture—
Never any bend
Held of those Brass arms—
Best Giant made—

If your Soul seesaw—
Lift the Flesh door—
The Poltroon wants Oxygen—
Nothing more—

Cathy N
Cathy N
2 hours ago      29 minutes ago

..But it takes courage to love,
does it not?
It takes courage to call you up
in the middle of night to tell you
That I still believe in.. us

It takes courage to fall, deep in love
And it takes courage to get back up
Oh I will always try to rise above, what the world says, the world doesn't know what will happen to us

I told you I'll keep you in drawings and bracelets
So now I'll take the pressure of you to save me..

Writing love poems outside arenas,
&Singing; sweet songs in the woods..
Oh I promise you, what we have is still good

So spend some time with me
I know these days you're busy
But share your songs with me
Tell me who you are when no ones watching, and be who you are, with me, distract me from everything I know..
Cause I love talking to you,
And that's all I want to do when I'm helplessly lonely,
You don't have to talk back,
Just mentally hold me
We can still be close friends even if that might someday hurt me,
I love you too much to let it go..
And it takes courage to live, when wanting to die, is everything I know

And i remember that time when I almost went,
But then I sent you that voicenote, crying every word I meant
Thinking "I love you" wasn't how this should end, so I returned to you
And chose to call you instead of my friends
And you stayed up, just to listen to me
I know it was hard for you but this poems my epiphany,
And when the rest of the world walks out, one day I'll set you free
But from those nights in November the thought of losing you meant losing me and now the suns coming up and I'm singing that song,
The one where " she reminds me of the moon, mysterious and beautiful"

Oh hun you're so beautiful,
I'll never want such kindness to leave

..For it takes courage to stay,
So thank you for staying, my love
But you are not like her, no my damn heart would hurt if you ever think that,
You deserve more than all this..

#love   #heartbreak   #truth   #life   #pain   #hope  
Gabriella Christenson
Gabriella Christenson
1 day ago      35 minutes ago

My mother once told me a ghosts’ touch
feels like wind gently kissing your skin.
The only sensation I can remember
is your lips, warm against
my flesh, the weight of you on me.
Blue sweater balled tighter
than my nerves fills
the space in my clenched hands,
and when street lights and trees
begin blurring and I see double,
your hand will fill the space
between my fingers.
Voices of ghosts are supposed
to sound like breathy
soft whispers, but your words
are catastrophic car crashes.
You are not a graceful residual
haunting, you are an etheric revenant,
a wildfire spitting out ash, the embers landing
on my skin, burning red holes into
my body.
Breeze rustles leaves that descend onto
earth and it brushes through
my stringy hair,
gently moving strands from my
forehead and for a moment
I almost let myself believe it was you.

4 hours ago      49 minutes ago

I will never
a poet
the earth

I am much too vain

Karisse Hannah
Karisse Hannah
15 hours ago      1 hour ago

One day, I'll fly so far away,
No one will remember my name.
I'll meet cities and oceans-
Nothing will ever be the same

There will be freedom in my steps,
Every flap of my wings, I am free.
One day, I vow it, I will fly so far away,
But if you change your mind,  do come with me

We'll take down the world together, what do you say?
Bailey Lewis
Bailey Lewis
7 hours ago      1 hour ago

I’ve written numerous
Poems for you
Each and every one
Delicately written

Pictures painted
With words bleeding
From my pen until
The paper is soaked

Yet you cast aside
The pain it is
To arrange
Those words for you

I'm pondering
If pouring
My heart out
Is worth it anymore

Well this poem
Will be torn up
Because you don’t
Deserve it

I wonder
If you ever did

#love   #sad   #pain   #depressed   #relationship  
Sarah Oh
Sarah Oh
15 hours ago      1 hour ago

Give me back my dreams and my fantasy
That's the only way for me to live
Don't stop talking
Your voice is my favourite lullaby
As you raise your lips to reach mine  
I could taste you in my tongue
Boy, I certainly couldn't breathe
Your hands wrapped around my hips
My legs glided across your knees
Your chest against mine
Two hearts beating as one
I wish I could tell you everything I want to say
Everything you need to hear before you walk away
I'm sorry I'm not the one you fancy

#love   #life   #sadness   #thoughts   #melancholy   #writing   #breathe   #body   #language   #fancy  
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