Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden
1 day ago      2 seconds ago

Maybe I should be content
Perhaps life was being kind to me
It took everyone away gradually
Instead of in a handful.

#confused   #alone  
7 hours ago      6 minutes ago

Scarcely daring to breathe
this was a travesty
undoing the very concept
of being alive
i am made up of
skin and bones
And that's not enough
i yearn to be a vessel of
love songs
i want to be a poem
i want to be read
i want to be embraced
but as i fold myself into elbows and knees,
the fears i feel
i'd rather give a miss.
heart palpitating.

( FAH )

Nathan Wells
Nathan Wells
1 day ago      16 minutes ago

there is a girl next to me
laughing as my face contorts
and twists

as my eyes flicker uncontrollably
like an OCD patient's lightbulb
she laughs

as people the size of pinpricks
pull my facial muscles with ropes
she laughs

as I fight the urge
to bury my face in concrete
so it can set and be forever still
she laughs

as I cry
she laughs

her bitch mother laughs too

I like this
#love   #depression   #life   #illness   #anxiety   #romance   #mental   #slam   #twitch   #tourettes  
sea marie
sea marie
3 hours ago      19 minutes ago

Someone once told me
That freckles
Were angel kisses.
And god, was I envious
Of every angel
That got to float down
And kiss your face
As many times
As they had.

- s.m
2 hours ago      26 minutes ago

Under the night sky walking with the moon
I hum a little song with a lazy old tune,
I live here at the sea but still afar I see,
what is known as, the tunnel of dreams

Dark it is when you get right inside
They say by the end, is a different life
Some who have gone, have never yet returned
Some who have returned haven't spoken a single word
Fear on their faces is only that I see

Night inside it is and cold blows the air
Think I am a fool as I walk by its side
Think I might die and never then return

But then again I ponder,  
and take a step forward
If I enter here never, only I will yearn,
yearn for the story that I longed to hear
That man who walked this tunnel, who walked till the end,
who conquered all his fears, found his glory day

Who knows I might, never then return
The only belief I have , the one to which I stick
By the end of this tunnel, is a new world
Of shiny bright light, an unseen world  

Think this in my head and take a step inside,
for here shall see me never,  
cause I will move in darkness,
till I reach a new, beginning at the end ,
of what is still known as the tunnel of dreams

Sometimes all it takes is taking that step, that one risk to achieve something. The one who is patient reaches till the end,the one who isn’t doesn’t.
#hope   #dreams   #failure   #success   #effort   #tunnel  
mac azanes
mac azanes
5 hours ago      38 minutes ago

Let start this day,
With a big smile on your face.
Cause baby we're going to a lovely tryst.
We'll do the things our heart is singing.
Like riding a wave early in the morning.
Together we will climb
The highest mountains and peaks.
Together we'll catch fish,
In rivers and seas.
We'll watch lilo and stitch.
While having some beer.
When you're drunk
I want you to lay your head above my chest.
Listen to my heart and how fast it beats
As I  sing you to sleep.
Forever we'll stay together.
And count the stars in heaven.
As I whisper in your ear.
That I'll be your forever.
This night was so good to be true.
Hoping that someday it would be me and you.

EJ Aghassi
EJ Aghassi
6 hours ago      42 minutes ago

I write and write and write for you

I think and overthink of you

I love and live and live for you

I'm dead, I die & die for you

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