21 hours ago

No, I don't think you understand
When I say I want you
I don't think you understand
When I say you're my favourite

The way your skin feels on mine
with your fingers holding tighter
Like you're positively struggling to not eat me alive
Like you're breathing the most intoxicating air

I don't think you understand
When I tell you to tell me secrets
I don't think you understand
When you show me that little piece of your hidden side

The way I melt cell by cell
The way I beam like headlights on a deer
like the sun of my universe has lit up
Because I've never had a flavour like you

I've never tasted anything like your lips
I've never heard anything like your voice
I've never been hit so hard, like a match on its box
I've never been lit on fire like this

I don't think you understand
When I say I want you

Blindly Certain
Blindly Certain
15 hours ago

You were red,
I was blue.
You turn lilac whenever I'm near,
Then red violet when you talk to me.
I turn teal when you smile,
Then uncertain as indigo when you call my name.
Then yellow came around,
You turned orange.
I turned green.
Whenever you're with me I turn you brown.
Now I disgust you.
Now I dirty you.
I strip myself of the hues I've made.
Now I'm justblack.
Devoid of anything, of anyone.
Of us, of you.

Combinations aren't even right
5 hours ago


It wouldn't take
a simple overnight
to have enough of him, now;
You miss him,
isn't that right,
as you tie your shoe laces
and clench your jaw tight.
How long is soon?
The waiting party's over,
your resistance, a deflated balloon.
You're running out of air, silly girl,
too attached with your care.
You're a switch and he flips you
from nothing to everything,
and you're weaponless.
So, do yourself a favour,
and stop counting all the seconds
you've waited for him,
stop wasting your 11:11,
or else when the clock
finally breaks down,
the time might just kill you.

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Liza Ann Marie
Liza Ann Marie
4 hours ago

I cannot even
Begin to tell you how much
I've missed our friendship.

February 19, 2017.
I recently contacted a friend I haven't spoken to in a long time, and we ended up talking until 2am last night. I've missed him and his friendship so much, and I honestly hope I don't lose him again.
1 hour ago

Okay so I wrote a love poem after so long and idek why and it's prolly be a waste of your time but well, I sorta want you to read it

He does not like poetry, he rarely finds it in himself to read mine,
But he likes me, and he reads me like no one ever has
So we work just fine.

He says metaphor and similes are treacherous
He just does not understand how I heard thunder in his footsteps,
But me, he believes in and understands
Despite the complications I seem to bring with myself.

And He often seems to struggle when I go on a memory trip,
Not remembering the moments I have so often relived and cherish,
But he often makes up for it,
By making most moments yet another memory to look back at,
I'm left with a smile, each time his thoughts come to haunt me.

My boy, he, knows the intricacy of technologies way better than the delicacy of complimentary
But randomly I feel his soft gaze on me so intensely
I can't help but feel a blush creep to my cheeks,
And I can't help but feel beautiful right there and then,
A feeling no words have evoked in me.

He's not ur typical Prince material, swooping the damsel on her feet,
He likes to listen as I rant, and sits by me as I descend to my calm
He likes to wait and have me figure it out, with bits of advice from him now and then,
And if I don't, he tucks me in and reminds me,
That there is always a tomorrow and he knows I can.

He sometimes teases me,
Saying he is the Prince charming, how can I not love him
I roll my eyes and wonder when he will realise
He is so much better than that.

If there are typos, ignore them. I did not proofread it yet.

the ink splattered on the paper,
Has started to take  the shape of your name
Melody Martin
Melody Martin
1 day ago

I would reach into my chest
And wrestle my heart back into rhythm
Because only beating hearts can take a beating,
And maybe you don’t know it
But if making me bleed, leaves you wanting more
Then each time you disappoint me
I’ll keep a little life in my veins
So I can be resuscitated.

#love   #heart   #pain   #bleeding   #hearts   #beating  
Mona Mohamed
Mona Mohamed
2 hours ago

A tap dance, on the borderline of the inevitable,
Hoping for a new kind of mutation to break the spell,
Speaking in a foreign tongue with controversial thoughts,
Maybe if I give in to the free fall, the pattern will fall as well.

The world is cursed with a slumber that drinks their souls,
And eats at their instincts of right and wrong,
Apparitions clutching customs they've made in the dead of night,
Oh but it's bright morning in their native tongues.

Clinking glasses with liquids more volatile than their brains,
I'm at the same table trying to dodge their dripping DNA,
Nodding my head when they say sanity is south of dreaming,
And agreeing to make an appointment with the future on Monday.

Somehow I'm in pause, tripping into a glitch in time,
Where am I? Staring at a tailored form of acceptance,
It's ice cold, stale colors, mildly pleasant curt nods,
I gasp for blackness, just anything with which I can make sense.

Maybe if I stare so hard at the ceiling I could see the sky,
And if I daydream too much I could hold the upper hand,
I close my eyes, I leave the railing, and I do give in,
But too early they're open again,
and things are no longer under my command.

"I find it kinda funny, and I find it kinda sad.
The dreams in which I'm dying, are the best I've ever had." - Tears For Fears
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