Another Raisin in the Sun
Another Raisin in the Sun
4 hours ago      3 seconds ago

My love
refers to me
as an artist
I maintain
that I just paint
as this
color slinger
simply reproduces
the masterpiece
her artistic love

She always tells everyone i'm an artist. Truth is I get embarrassed when she uses the a-word, but shes still my color wheel
willow tree
willow tree
1 day ago      6 minutes ago

i once read
where someone said

'we run from rain
but sit in tubs filled with

and since that moment,
on days where teardrops
fall from the sky,
i have not skipped out
on letting them kiss my skin
and melt into my hair

because i want to feel
everything i can in this mundane
life before -

i lived // one rebublic
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Taylor Stein
Taylor Stein
1 day ago      26 minutes ago

You know
I'm not quite sure
About the love of princesses
Satin gowns and evening balls

I've dreamed of it all for so long
I'm not sure I believe it anymore
Because all I found in the arms of a woman
Is hurt, heartache, and sorrow

But I have found the love of a brother
Is richer than a thousand kings
The arm of a friend
Stronger than a thousand warriors

It seems so strange
For we chase and we chase
Happy endings, summer love, and romantic kisses
And value love above all other ends

And love is higher
It overcomes all
Gives strength like no other
And is in itself an end

But what I am starting to believe
Beginning to find
Is we are wrong
About what kind of love we really, truly need.

1 hour ago      42 minutes ago

the graveyard is lush and green, trees growing overhead and long grass swaying in the wind
the breeze is calm, tossing the flowers around gently, reminding me that sometimes people don't mean to toss you around, but they do anyway
I find my way through the gravestones until I find the one I'm looking for
I listen to the silence, wondering what it would be like to have your whispers on my neck and your breath travelling across my skin again
the first kiss was quick; it was a light spark that lit up your eyes with fascination and possibilities
the last kiss was fire; it was lightning
it sent an overwhelming feeling of emptiness through me
you created a hole in me that only your lips and your hands on my waist can fill
in that moment, I craved you
not in a lustful way; but not in a romantic way either
the feeling was indescribable
your touch is death but I've never felt more alive
maybe it was the way your smile told every sad story you could ever write
or maybe it was the way your arms wrapped around me in an embrace I didn't feel trapped in
I inhaled you, like a drug
and all I want is to be addicted to you
I know that one day I'll feel this again; this undeniable sense of longing for you to sleep next to me and to feel the comfort of your chest again
I kneel, laying down the bouquet with a gentle touch that reminds me of your fingers through my hair
I look at the gravestone, one distinct and lonely tear falling down my cheek
my name is on the stone
one single white rose is placed directly in front of the stone
my fingers travel along the engraved letters, realizing that this rock is the only thing connecting me to this world
I pick up the rose, a powerful envy swelling in me like a hurricane
unfortunately, I never knew that there was a limit of times that someone could kill your spirit until Death actually appears on your doorstep
I close my eyes and remember you one last time; your skin is the last thing I feel, your voice is the last thing I hear and your eyes are the last thing I see
for one beautiful moment, I'm kissing you again
the next I'm gone

1 hour ago      46 minutes ago

As passages open
lights cover absence,
the clicking
giving life to an unlit
unacknowledged part of the planet.

The door swings closed
and either it has accepted another
into its confinement,
or it has rejected, and thus
a being.

You may stand
and wait
in cold and in rain
for another to open their door,
you risk.
Health, Strength, Drive,
these are all at stake,
and part of the risk you take
in asking,
and waiting outside to be let into a door
that the owner does not
they can welcome you through.

Walk into the night,
and you will have no idea
or guarantee
that another sliding door will open
and welcome you
without many
many nights of walking
in the dark.

But you can guarantee
that by acquiring your own shelter
and building a home
with which your own door you can choose
whether or not to open,
or close,
will come


I didn't want to do a straight forward 'your heart is a closed door' poem, I felt it needed to be more open than that. So I started with it as a basic concept and wrote this as a sort of reassurance. Because even if mentally I don't feel like I'm in a good place at the moment, I know that a door will open oneday that I'll be welcomed through, and I feel like there's somebody for everyone, even if I don't believe there is necessarily just one person in the world per person.
Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty
2 hours ago      1 hour ago

This is the last thing I'll let you know,
Before I say goodbye,
Before I let you go..

I forgot the reasons that brought on this end.
Wiped back the tears that I let fall.
Changed your title as my friend.
Unraveled your lies and figured it all.

I found the answers to the questions I had.
Spent all of my time trying to know you true.
It seems I, somehow, banished your bad.
I guess, it was because, I really did love you.

Now all I want, is for you to know,
Why I'm saying goodbye,
And why I'm letting you go..

I see your face through every crowd,
And within the moments you're not even there.
The silence became extremely loud.
It seems, I lost myself somewhere.

The knots in my stomach became undone.
As you continued to walk, in my mind, you grew small.
My journey backwards suddenly begun,
And I swiftly remembered it all.

The moment you had first taken hold of my hand.
Posed for a photograph with that crooked smile.
Times when, together, we would stand.
Or walk, if not even, for a single mile.

So this, my dear, I hope you know
I've said goodbye,
But I can't let you go.

I took back every single word I had ever said.
Tore out the chapters from the story of us.
Broke everything in sight, if only within my head.
Woke up one morning, and boarded that bus.

The glimmer in my eyes dimmed down slow.
I recanted the first smile that welcomed you that day.
Collected up the pieces of my heart, and decided to go.
I gave you one more look, and then turned the opposite way.

23rd June 2014

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Kyler Williams
Kyler Williams
18 hours ago      1 hour ago

if only wishes did come true
i’d still be holding close to you

i’d see the world i’m living in my dreams
it wouldn’t tear my soul apart like weak seams

life would not be twice as hard
our wishes wouldn’t burn and char

blow away as ashes in the wind
as fate laughs at our tragic fates it intertwined

it seems too much at times to live in this.
waking up so far from that old bliss

I know it’s pointless to reminisce
the life we live is cruel and i’ve come to know this

maybe this world is just not for me
i’m waiting on a miracle i’ll have to see…

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