Abby R
Abby R
1 day ago      3 seconds ago

I wish upon a star
Just wanting to know who you are
I just want to find out
The truth behind the little girl scout.

So little so young
Screaming at the top of her lungs
She can't run
She can't hide
So she curled up and cried
She died inside

Later on in life
She realized
That love was close by.

That little boy from the park
Years ago
Realized her passion and glow

She fell in love and got married
But she ended her life and got buried
The loving husband fell apart.
He couldn't run
He couldn't hide.

He couldn't love
He didn't have pride
All he could do was cry.

But then he finally realized
That this was what his wife had felt
How could her heart not melt

He couldn't take it
He couldn't bear

So he ended his life
Only to be with his lovely dead wife.

#love   #depression   #pain   #death  
2 hours ago      18 minutes ago

I added you back,
and I do not know why,
but there's something about you,
that I kinda just like,
I might regret it later,
because something still tells me,
that you haven't changed,
and you'll always be that way,
but one day I hope that you see,
that you act very immaturely.

About another friend who is stupid sometimes.
19 hours ago      48 minutes ago

This is how it ends.
I would let go of you.
Let you drown in the sea of faces
until you disappear completely.
But I can’t let you
wander off by yourself in this world
where you only get hurt.
I’ve been thinking of the ways where
love was the only thing that kept you
from breaking apart. And you’re still crumbling.
I’ve tried to hold you —
tried to stop the monsters from tearing
us apart. But we are only reduced to
dust and vodka left to evaporate.
And for all the times I thought that maybe I
could be The One, well, where am I now?

We are spinning in a circus lost within
a broken wheel. Your lips taste like
tea and stale cigarettes and I just
lose myself within the realm of possibilities.
If I could let you go and
I could forget you ever existed.
I’ll tear myself away, just for the thought of
your needs. Your wants.
Because there is nothing left to say.
Because this is how it ends.
Reduced to dust and evaporating tears
running down my cheeks.
I know what we were,
what we are now.

We are nothing.
the end.

#love   #sad   #sadness   #end   #loss   #him   #gone   #movingon   #lettinggo   #ends  
Mariah R D Simpson
Mariah R D Simpson
19 hours ago      1 hour ago

In the final throes
looking down at you
your head in the shadows under the window
nestled on the stark white pillow
holding your breath
you became the abyss
I fell through you
gripped by the greatest sorrow

1 day ago      1 hour ago

Mist drapes itself
Round stoic hills
Whilst hues of delicate bruises
Sugar roses
Watch on, dewy eyed
Frost bitten fields
Kissed by orange streams
Interrupted by knarled hands
Thrown to the air

Ramblings from a long bus journey
Tadly Sireen
Tadly Sireen
1 day ago      1 hour ago

Our fellow "retarded" people, or should I say mentally handicapped, have two eyes, a nose, and a beating heart far more large and caring then any1 else's. Everyday people abuse the word "retard" We use it to describe something slow or stupid. The problem with this is that everytime you use that word, you're insulting a group of people that cannot defend themselves.
  The mentally handicapped aren't locked in dark basements to rot and die anymore; they're out in the world living as every1 else. And becuz of this we've "accepted" them right? We're a big happy and accepting world to every single human being becuz we're all equal! WRONG. We glorify freedom and how wonderful it is, but with freedom comes hate. With freedom comes words that r always going to be there forever, just to remind the human race that some1 with an extra chromosome is different.

15 hours ago      1 hour ago

her fingertips skim over
the thumping of new lists - sharp patterns
that break through the invisible
clumps of morning
in the eyes she is valiantly saving
from natural disasters like starvation.
if she constructs a map to utilize
every fault line and invitingly white
blank-day square
sawed into
fifteen minute chunks,
she will ultimately give up due to monotony, and  
float the river to dark circles and peace.
round plastic
clicks open to let her bounce-tap
pale powder upon a new start.
reluctantly, she deposits
pulverized mica and titanium
on cheeks that reflect too much shiny trust;
a sunset sword penetrates
the blinds, highlighting freckles from
unprotected summers of bare-skinned
recklessness - days when blush still
came from a feather-tickled amygdala.
her fluffy love
does not hinge on an unrequited
smiley face, but she entertains
the possibility of an element so fragile
that it has never yet existed.

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