9 hours ago

i lost sight of the date, stopped counting the days
whats the point if they’re all just the same?
silence is scary
too many thoughts
nothing to drown them out
i tried smoking away my problems,
rolled up into one
tried snorting them up my nose,
ground up too fine to identify
tried drowning them in beer,
the best one yet
i feel so alive,
so close to death
i’m at her door and i’m shuffling my feet, i don’t want to come in
i don’t want too, i think?
i am not afraid of her,
she brings no pain.
i’ve knocked many time and rudely left,
never apologized,
didn’t waste my breath.
she doesn’t hold it, over my head,
but creeps into my dreams,
creeps into my bed,
lays with me and strokes my face
tells me what i’m missing
stays with grace
we flirt and i say,
i am not ready yet.
i have to be in love first before i can breathe my last breath

then she is gone and i am awake,
my soul she does not yet take
with her absence, when she is not near
i realize that love is all i fear
will my love for a person be less than my love for death?

Victoria Gaffney
Victoria Gaffney
12 hours ago

Most days I wish I were
But I need the room
for all those things inside
that keep me growing

16 hours ago

If these walls could talk, they’d tell me to stop writing.
To stop hunching myself over a glowing laptop screen for hours at a time,
battering my brain for a story more unique than anyone else’s.
But these walls can’t talk,
so I continue to do this even though I know I shouldn’t.

found this in my documents on my laptop
#sad   #alone   #story   #talk   #walls   #ishould  
Katli Mathobela
Katli Mathobela
2 hours ago

Love is such a powerful emotion
But it can also cause a lot of commotion
Hearts get broken
Which causes walls to be built
In order to protect what little of it remains

© Katli Mathobela 2016
19 hours ago


my dear friends,
let me ask you a simple question
if you had the chance
how would you change the world
we live in today?

would you stop world hatred
and show everyone
that love heals all wounds?

What about racism?
Would you erase it from peoples hearts
so we could all live as
brothers and sisters of the world?

would you rid our land, seas and air
of all unnatural toxins
so it could thrive for centuries and beyond?

would you build schools
where children could feel safe
and learn to solve their problems
with words instead of guns?

Would you cure all who carry fatal diseases
so they could have more time with their loved ones?

would you make sure that everyone has
a full belly and someone to love them?

would you find forever homes
for all the abandoned children and animals
that call the street their home?

or maybe give the elderly
a place to die with dignity?

would you lend a hand
and show hope to the addict
living in a box on the street?

And what about the homeless
would you care for them and give them shelter?

would you take in the broken man
and show him compassion and lend him your strength?

my hope
my dream
is that you would want
to do all of this
and so much more....

#one   #question   #simple  
Thomas A Robinson
Thomas A Robinson
11 hours ago

The snow shivered in the heat
Tears fell from crystalline eyes
so white . . .
. . . the mountain gathered them up
and let them roll down his back to
the river . . .
. . . the river said ,"I'm overpool but I will make room for one more . . . or thousands  . . .
The crystalline tears mingled with the red mud and became blood brothers . . . and they flowed to mighty sea . . .
. . .  "Welcome to my domain my little one's . I knew your forefathers and mothers from long ago . Here you will do my bidding as long as you stay . Here my windy friends will make froth out of you . And my big brother Sun will bake you and my sister Moon will entice you with dreams that can never be . All are here to test you , burn you , pull you apart , toss you around until you are ready to follow in your parents footprints . . .
. . . so the Sun scorched and the wind blew hurricanes in the east and typhoons in the west and the moon by night gave false hope in the way of impossible dreams and the ancient Sea watched all wothout saying a word . . . .
. . . then came the day the Sea was satisfied and said ,"Leap up my little ones , your day has come , ride the clouds to your new home . Some to the north , some go ye to the south , the rest go east and west . Take your precious gift to the land who is dying for your taste ." And one by one the tears lept into the clouds and ladened it's burdens and the winds cartied them away to the Plains and Forest and Valleys and to the Mountain Top . There the tears fell and froze and collected on the north face of the
mountain and the mountan was was glad .
"Welcome home my lost little one's . I'm so happy I could cry ." . . .  and he did .

#tears   #sea   #mountains   #recycle  
18 hours ago

this is my rescue song to you
amid the parachute
you float right next to me
I know I'm not the only one
to be blinded by your sun
or burned by your heat
is safety here?
this is my rescue song to you
amid the parachute
you float right next to me


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