42 minutes ago      just now

it burns, but it is a heavenly kind of fire

4 hours ago      6 minutes ago

When I close my eyes
I can see me
tangled with you
in ecstacy
opening it
would bring me
back to reality
but reality
is much better
coz I can see your eyes
adoring me more deeper.


1 day ago      12 minutes ago

Through thick and thin,
Broken and unbroken,
Lies, and arguments,
Heartbreak, and heartfelt apologies,
Hugs and bumps along the way,
You can count on shoulders,
To lean on,
To take advice from,
To be loved on,
To be treated,
Like family.

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Supine Plath
20 hours ago      22 minutes ago

I can never say what I feel inside,
and it kills me tonight
'Cause I'm watching you with all of these words
but nothing comes to surface,
I kiss you off once again with words bursting from my eyes
with a mouth gone dry, and all I say is "goodbye".

#love   #words   #eyes   #passion   #goodbye   #gone   #dry   #mouth   #tension   #surface  
Sara L Russell
Sara L Russell
2 hours ago      1 hour ago

Sara L Russell, 23rd October 2014, 01:01

She was sunlight and cinnamon;
all wide eyes,
auburn hair, fair complexion
freckles and fleeting laughter.
She was an enigma to her friends,
a golden girl to her parents…

Dappled sunlight turned her into
fragments of an autumn impressionist panting;
all her reds, golds and peach tones
wildly blazing,
vividly flaming in a sunset's haze.

She could make people laugh
with a dry turn of phrase.
She could silence a room just by walking in
through the door.
She could silence cruel words
with a withering look.

She was going to be somebody;
the world was going to know her name,
the future was forever -
he caught her, used her,
left her under autumn leaves
in a ditch by the roadside;

and he became somebody
and she became the face
of the girl killed by him.
Hollywood made a thriller about him
and his crime;
and her mother made an album of photos of her;
and the local paper published
her brief obituary.

#poem   #story   #murder   #sunlight   #crime   #cinnamon  
The Creep That Loved You
The Creep That Loved You
5 hours ago      1 hour ago


Miah Nielsen
Miah Nielsen
2 days ago      1 hour ago

distance eliminates simple joy of a smile
the warmth of a kiss is extinguished
the cheer of bright laughter muted
gentle grasp of holding hands slips
and we are left in confusion when they footsteps lead away
loneliness replaces tears of comical statements
and the smell of their scent vanishes like a shy ghost
for sunny skies turn gray
and the world around us continues on, when we are frozen in a memory
our passion and motivation remains on stand still
when nudged we fall over, and refuse to be picked back up
but if we measure love in miles
rare necessities become all the more precious
kisses become sweeter
conversations stretch past closing times in restaurants
hugs become tighter, and embracing releases all past worries
glances become longing
and moments become cherished memories yet to be created
only if we would measure love in miles, instead of love in seconds
cherishing with bliss and thanks would prolong

#love   #kiss   #poetry   #tears   #relationships   #sorrow   #poems   #missing   #distance   #hugs  
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