Fallen Rebel of Eden
Fallen Rebel of Eden
1 day ago      8 seconds ago

I want to smile like the sunrise

sleep in the heavens like the high moon

be cradled aligned with the stars

and rise like a proud head of a woman

that turn the neck

of a stubborn man

I want to be the apple

shinning beside my consort

run for miles to the closest rainbow

reach out to the struggles of nature

and embrace the rain

where I am baptized in holy evaporation

I want to heal

a broken childs heart

after and abuse

after an attack

and make them feel found

and whole again

I want to run with the wild

and fly

with Roman and Greek mythology

where fantasys crown me queen

and they are my dream

cause it never dies

whatever is young in my mind

when crumbled

I want to succeed

when fallen

I want to stand back up

and look at the world

and hold on to it tightly

because it is all I got

to survive.

And the world smells good.

© S.T. Rebel of Eden

Dreams are able to live and survive.. are you???
4 hours ago      26 minutes ago

If my memories  were  that ravishing,
i wouldn't worry about the future
life is short
but it feels too long sometimes ...

If only a voice could whisper in the depths of my soul and comfort me!

Kaila George
Kaila George
6 hours ago      40 minutes ago

If I had a daughter….

I would love her every day
I would protect her as a mother should
I would teach her all I know….
What a daughter should know

I would give her my unconditional love
I would tell her all the wonders that she is
As a beautiful, wonderful, human being

I will tell her she needs never be afraid
Of what other people say
Just always know that she is someone special
And I will love her ever day

1 day ago      48 minutes ago

Harmony is what she most wants to achieve
Balancing her ying and her yang
She does battle her darkness
But not with much success
They say insanity is
doing the same thing over and over
and expecting a different outcome
Lord knows she's earned
That right to be named
Quite Insane
Though it took too many years
She is finally smartening up
There is no way she can
Battle the darkness
and come out a Winner
Acceptance is the Key
She is dark
and always will be
On the other hand
She is light
and always will be
Only by accepting
this Dichotomy
Within herself
Can she finally defeat
such darkness
For without the darkness
There can be no light

1 day ago      1 hour ago

He fell before his time
with a thud.
A loud thud.
Someone screams.
They gasp,
unable to speak,
unable to react.
Expressions of horror,
The wind blew silently.
Moments froze.
Somewhere that seemed miles away,
they see a twitch.
a quiver of hand.
A brave soldier of life,
our unsung hero,
claimed before time.
His heart stopped.
Their hearts stopped.
And then with the last drop of tear
Another beautiful soul
disappears into thin air.

Dedicated to a friend who
committed suicide some time ago by jumping off the seventh floor of our institute.
May all the broken, departed souls
Rest in Peace in heaven.
And to all those who are in search of the meaning of their life and questioning their mere existence, I love you. Stay strong, you're worth it all.
#suicide   #peace   #sad   #depression   #life   #pain   #death   #loss   #hero  
14 hours ago      1 hour ago

Temperatures dip
On golden lips
Will you be
my Fall?

Musfiq us shaleheen
Musfiq us shaleheen
13 hours ago      1 hour ago


In my springtime,
when moonlit was falling from her(moon) height
mother was lip syncing the lullaby
and I turned to sleep
It grew a sweet dream of summer
that was created too many stir of dreams

Then I can remember,
when every year late autumn had come,
I kept my kite on the blue sky
that was floating with drifted clouds
and I was awaking again with a big shout
sometimes I had seen supernatural shadows on the evening sky

If I address my adult young
When the mystic purple camellia were blooming
the grasshoppers were rounding
and the beautiful shrubs of white flowers were dancing
with the gentle breeze,
I was wandering in the ground
then the bees were humming around
when I painted her wild beauty
she had seemed me as a sweetie

I know you say me a dreamer
but you don't know,
my grandfather was a farmer
and my father was a sailor
who was sailing away his life into the blue ocean

After then day by day I grew older
where I try to lock all those things in a folder
and I had fallen in too many doubts
it was again the too dark cloud’s shout
who are those dark clouds?
how did it melt and bring the tears!
how the petals of roses grew wither!

Then I had drafted,
and drifted all of my dreams
then a train had come to my known station
and carried me again from the dark to light

Again I have made a dream
And I sing a song of spring
After then I take a sad song
and try to makes it joy
That certainly makes me rolling,
And moving towards the sweet summer
but again the monsoon has blown
towards the dry leaves of murmur
and slowly and slowly,
it has swiped me toward the sound of banner
that was passing through my life

@ Musfiq us shaleheen

My dearest poet Joe Cole's 7th Challenge: The story of you
Here I try myself to write about me, a poetry for his challenge
#heartbreak   #dream   #life   #hope   #time   #dark   #change   #sweet   #inspiration   #season  
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