Rusette Elinore
Rusette Elinore
21 hours ago      2 seconds ago

I asked you a question
I already knew the anwer
I know it will hurt no matter what
words from your mouth will be uttered.

Sometimes, the truth hurts. But knowing a person lied to you hurts even more.

Some people want to believe a simple lie than the complicated truth.

I am not one of them.
#trust   #truth   #pain   #sadness   #lie  
stéphane noir
stéphane noir
3 hours ago      14 minutes ago

you grew up too fast.
shit- was it me?
did i do this to you?
[i just recapped
41 of your pictures
and loved them all
and all your crazy hair colors.
do one of those again
for me, please?
"nah, you got no right
to ask anything of me, now."
(that's not even your voice-
i hate how i answer for you.)
well, do i have a right to call?
do i have any rights at all?
now that it's fall
and the cold's come to brawl,
do the soup bowls and champagne
get thrown at the wall?
to be smashed into tiny little bits of porcelain and glass
that only get embedded in that thick carpet downstairs
and then dragged out into some tall grass somewhere
and lost in the first snow that falls and covers them
only to be rediscovered in the bottom of your foot
in another 6 months when the world starts to thaw...

... neither of us is gonna answer that.]

what happened to the dyed blonde chick?
what happened to the passenger kisser?
it's like the past few photos of you
are riddled with darkness from your hair to your eyes
from your dress to your smile
you've made dark your disguise
and deep is your new voice
with serious as your new attitude
banking on future plans and now
you even look like grad school.
congratulations, i guess.
but no university ever taught you
to appreciate the emotion of a song
and no course ever taught you
to feel warm in your bed when the wind blows in,
and no goddam poetry course ever explained
that yearning you feel sometimes when you just want to talk
and there's only a handful of a-holes in the whole world who understand
because they're not so caught up in juicy couture and bill cosby
to relate to the things they can actually touch in front of them
and the people they can actually feel and sense around them.
yeah, there's just a few of us bodies floating around now,
and i can't decide if you're still buried down there underneath the mask.
i'm too chicken to ask and find out.

i guess what i'm trying to say is
i miss you bracelets and ripped jeans,
your obsession with ice cream,
winter hats that are too big,
and designs in my latte.
oh, you thought I forgotte.
well, i didn't.
and i'll call,
soon as i stop coughing.

i'll probably just say hello to you over and over and over, ad infinitum.

The sea is never still.
It pounds on the shore
Restless as a young heart,

The sea speaks
And only the stormy hearts
Know what it says:
It is the face
          of a rough mother speaking.

The sea is young.
One storm cleans all the hoar
And loosens the age of it.
I hear it laughing, reckless.

They love the sea,
Men who ride on it
And know they will die
Under the salt of it

Let only the young come,
     Says the sea.

Let them kiss my face
     And hear me.
I am the last word
     And I tell
Where storms and stars come from.

bcg poetry
bcg poetry
1 day ago      22 minutes ago

I never told my mother about you
I knew it would be hard on her
And even harder on me
So I just never told her

But sometimes I would feel sad
Because something reminded me of you
And I would get up and go to the bathroom
Because I couldn't cry in front of her

She has no idea the hurt I was in
She has no idea the pain I endured
She has no idea what I had so
She has no idea what I lost

But a song will come on
While we are riding in the car
And my eyes start tearing up
And I can't tell her why
And she feels so bad she starts to cry

I've given so many excuses
Allergies, the wind, an eyelash
And even though she doesn't believe me she doesn't pressure
Because she understands the truth must be too painful for her ears

#love   #heartbreak   #depression   #pain   #loss   #mom   #mother   #music   #lovepoem  
Sia Jane
Sia Jane
4 hours ago      26 minutes ago

Your love again,
                         caught me off guard
An invasion of,
                         the very same body
that once again
emphatically dominated every
white cell.

Defences beaten,
                           down to
                                        the bare bones.

A hospital room
                          for broken hearts reserved.

Time stands still,
                           not even
the ticking of a clock
to count the days
til the grave I will fly.

A tombstone engraved -
She never would learn

© Sia Jane

Invisible Girl
Invisible Girl
6 hours ago      38 minutes ago

A heart longing for love,
a lover that is true.
A king to my queen,
Could than man be you?

Let me love you,
I will give you my all.
I can hold you close,
catch you when you fall.

Sharing all life's pleasure,
it's goodness and it's pain.
Letting our hearts beat as one,
and happiness on us shall rain.

Let me give you my heart,
my most precious treasure.
Let me show you love,
more than you can measure.

I would grant you any wish,
body, heart and soul.
I have a lot to give,
and there's never any toll.

All I ask in return,
is your trust and your love.
Than we shall have everything,
that everyone speaks of.

My heart is fragile,
and now within your hand.
Are you that special someone,
can you be my man?

Mia Barrat
Mia Barrat
11 hours ago      44 minutes ago

You epitomize rhyming poetry,
because these rhymes do not bind you,
or rather you have not let yourself be bound by these rhymes,
as so many others have.
Your rhythm and rhyming do not hold back your poetry:
on the contrary, these rhymes allow your poetry to be stronger.
You may not know it, but this is a spectacular quality. Write,
and never be afraid of writing.

I read all of your poetry from the beginning because from the very first poem I deemed that it was worth my time.
We are a family, by heart, and not by blood; there is no foe.
I am never blind to not see the world's perfect wonders.
You describe yourself as an optimist, and rightfully so. This line is beautiful. The whole poem is awesomely crafted, and once again, the rhymes don't obstruct the poem's meaning and significance, and only enhance it.

The canvas of black paint and glitters of gold.
A story that was left untold.
To golden new, from rustic old.
Too clear, yet too bold.

Your use of rhythm in this poem is very impressive. It's unconventional, and it works. The imagery of the black paint is beautiful. I love how the rhythm drops at the end; it's literally bold.

I have watched the stars, for they are like your eyes.
I saw it. I made a wish to an entity from afar.
Never was I wrong to see things that are lies.
A light was beaming. It was a broken star.

The line Never was I wrong to see things that are lies really stayed with me. It's a powerful sentence and sticks right into the poem's theme. The way I interpret it is as "It's okay to delude yourself, as long as you're happy," which links back to the popular phrase "oblivion is bliss." Also, A light was beaming. It was a broken star is entwined with the previous line in the idea that we really can chose to see only what we wish to see. Who is this broken star? I'm really curious.

Anyway, thank-you for publishing your work. It's poets like you that makes HelloPoetry a real blast. Keep submitting your work!

Yay This is for the #dearblankchallenge I hope you like it, friend. I know we're complete strangers but really, what's stranger than poetry? KEEP WRITING. People care about your work. It's the truth.
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