14 hours ago      3 seconds ago

I can scream, i can yell.
But it won't stop the voices in my head.
I can cry and be called weak,
But I'm the strongest person i know considering what I've been through.
I am strong and i need to believe that.
You are strong also, just believe.
Don't worry about whats already happened, focus on whats happening now.
Love is the strongest feeling as people say,
but I say happiness finds you more then love could ever find you.
Be happy and stay strong!!!

1 hour ago      8 minutes ago

This aggressive
Is chasing me in
Circles to nowhere

Bruised Orange
Bruised Orange
1 day ago      18 minutes ago

Wide mouth mason jar
To capture the loneliness,
Her hands remain still.

Haydn Swan
Haydn Swan
4 hours ago      38 minutes ago

The sea calls out her name,
soft whispers hidden in the sound of the waves that gently break against the shore,
holding out my hand I touch the empty air,
it reaches back yet I feel nothing but the cold,
salt filled mist that swirls through my soul.

sometimes I still feel her with me
#love   #heart   #pain   #lost  


He put the Belt around my life
I heard the Buckle snap—
And turned away, imperial,
My Lifetime folding up—
Deliberate, as a Duke would do
A Kingdom’s Title Deed—
Henceforth, a Dedicated sort—
A Member of the Cloud.

Yet not too far to come at call—
And do the little Toils
That make the Circuit of the Rest—
And deal occasional smiles
To lives that stoop to notice mine—
And kindly ask it in—
Whose invitation, know you not
For Whom I must decline?

9 hours ago      42 minutes ago

I should've
the song                        
we sung                       

For I miss the music.
#love   #broken   #relationship   #music   #10w   #selfish   #nothing   #ignored   #harmony  
Max Goldman
Max Goldman
2 hours ago      46 minutes ago

This silent choice you've made  
Is hung in the shape of a willow tree
Branches intertwining around my bruising flesh
Twisting and churning into a leafy cage from you to me  
I've noticed it

And I scream out to try and get your attention again
To try and get you to look into my eyes like you once did
My 3 a.m. bloodshot eyes
Which drive you further away with every thin line of red across their glassy surface
But in daylight well disguised
Dressed up in paper jokes and drawn on smiles
That burn my flesh to put on and take off  

And What kind of melodrama is this?
This dull story
Perhaps any excuse to not be happy will do me
You amongst many the piece to my puzzle
Or maybe
this is simply a poignant reminder of the time we have lost together

#poem   #poetry   #sad   #life   #heart   #pain   #friendship   #memory   #over  
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