Katie Nicole
Katie Nicole
2 hours ago      2 seconds ago

-your arms-
          they lift me up
-your words-
          hold me together

but those eyes...
         they melt my heart

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Rosey B
Rosey B
3 hours ago      6 minutes ago

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Until the heart forgets

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calpurnia mockingbird
calpurnia mockingbird
11 hours ago      8 minutes ago

Could you take this broken heart
this funeral beat, this withered soul
and take it back there to the start
to love again and make it whole.

Could you take these doleful eyes
of faded green, once emerald bright
and bring them up to meet with yours
to fill them with your loving light.

Could you love me in this moment
disregard my broken bones
shattered by another's longing
take my hand and lead me home.

If you could, not everlasting,
for a second, suspend time
would you press into my darkness
to place your healing hand in mine.

This I ask with humbled chorus
not for better, nor for worse,
the love you give it will not linger
let your blessing be my curse.

1 hour ago      12 minutes ago

There's a casket buried six feet
Deep into your chest for
A love you said had died.

Jokes on you; I never
Stopped being sorry and
I never stopped loving you.

I just hope to God you
Love me when you get home.

How proper it is that the
First day you leave me
804 miles away on the East Coast,
it is pouring.

It rained for hours and hours and
I swear each and every drop
Screamed your name
As it fell around me.

"I miss a feeling I had for you."
I'd rather bite my tongue
Until it bleeds,
And that's why there's been floods.

I wish to be where you are when
Your heart skips beats; I hope you
Dream of me on nights you think
You can't make it back home.

I still believe that hiding under
Sheets can make your demons
Go away,  but my demons
Miss a skin that is over
Fifteen hours away.

I always looked for a home
In the unobtainable parts of
Another human.
But grandmother always
Told me to hang up the phone
And find something more permanent.

A love like coming home.

1 day ago      14 minutes ago

A heart waits

While sifting through the questions
piled high in a mountain of doubt,
reaching heights beyond belief
and scraping ceilings of torment

A heart waits…

Now tiring quickly, loosing strength,
finding the walk longer than you expected
Closing one eye to find the other does not see
and falling to dark corners of fear

A heart waits…

As volume amasses upon weakened shoulders,
and pain breaches the avenue
of store front sale signs
on locked door close outs

A heart waits…

When it all seems too much,
memos become lists of forever paper,
words scratched in blood ink
of empty pens spilling

A heart waits…

If you have found that point
where your mind says no more
and you feel that nothing will ever be enough,
please remember…

A heart waits…and that heart is mine

PS Rowland
PS Rowland
1 hour ago      1 hour ago

Lava through my veins
Craving your passionate touch
Seen within your eyes

© All Rights Reserved P.S. Rowland
2 hours ago      1 hour ago

he looked
as if he wished
to edit my life

as if he thought
it was merely
a rough draft

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