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Dear Wandering Poet,
I pray you find your muse.
That you over turn a stone where your babbling brook dried up and are washed with the written word.

Always N Forever
Always N Forever
3 hours ago      21 minutes ago

I wonder, and think of you
I pray, the best for you
I get happy, I met someone like you
I get lost, in my own emotions loving you
I trust, my instict my heart my soul
I believe, you felt the same spirit flame
I rest, in warmthness of your heart
I undress, in the thoughts of your heart
I miss, you infinitely such move done kiss
I guess, it was not the time you'd be mine
I survived, dead man walking alive
I dream, what could that mean forever
I wait, it's getting late & I'm at the gates

Goodnight sweet treasure of heaven,
In love feels, like nothing ever felt before
Pour your tender love I'm craving for more...

Your words no one can match you, what a great catch, how lucky I am we attached
In love's whirlwind, in a spin, we finally declare victory & win...

You are me & I am you,
If only you knew
Unfortunately, you have no clue
My eyes were made just for you

I'm true my dear loving blue moon...

Goodnight sweet dreams guardian angel of mines...
Green Butterfly
Green Butterfly
1 day ago      26 minutes ago


Sometimes I find
That I'm just to shy
To write about love and
How I feel about us

A man like you
Deserves to be told every day
How much you are loved

From the first smile
Pressed with a kiss
Each morning when I see your face

To the beautiful sunset we enjoy
Before ending each day

Every moment in between
The beginning and end
Is so special, every day
With you

So I hope that you know
At this moment while we're apart
Sitting at our desks working
I'm still thinking about you
Every moment in between

The folks around here might wonder
What the heck I keep smiling about
You should know, always
My smiles are for you


Summer Jackson
Summer Jackson
16 hours ago      45 minutes ago

Rain falling lightly against the windows,

Willingly going wherever the wind blows.

Clouds as black as the night,

Making the temperature as cold as ice.

Thunder booming and banging all over,

Louder than almost any Land-rover.

With lightening striking quick and fast,

The perfect weather is here at last.

βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi
2 hours ago      54 minutes ago

Every Canadian knows
their Loonie from their Toonie,
their 2 six from his 2 four,
their mickey from his sixty,
their Timmy Ho-Ho's from a whore.
He play puck whether they hail from
Taranna or the Nish,
Saskatoon or the Loo,
Bytown or the Shwa.
eh, anywhere from Scarlem,
to Saskabush or the Soo.
They drink their coffee double-double
with a bismarck and a smile,
their know the A to Zeds of trouble
and they'll walk that extra mile ~
Jesus Murphey, make that kilometres.

I lived in Montreal for about 6 months
and picked up the slang because I love words.
it's gonna make sense
it's gonna make sense
1 day ago      1 hour ago

It's quite hilarious
When you say "I love you"
When in fact,
love is a verb
not a noun

#love   #funny   #say   #hilarious   #verb  
Kara Rose Trojan
Kara Rose Trojan
1 day ago      1 hour ago

When (O)ppo(u)rtun(e)ity knocks –
Ah, pour that tune into me
just write or speak
--teral mut--
--ter yarns

Half-grown seedling ([her]bal:e(X)ssen(10)ces)
into sm(O)ke
adolescent (O)re worn from poor—
--a(I)ry for:

sm(O)ke-rings w(ear)y with surr(end)er
stripped v(O)wel for v(O)wel
thr(OU)gh the yawning cave: (O)nly

type of l(I)ke.
verse/versus: the
You’re w(or)th-knowing-only-(O)nce
type of l(I)ke
for us
it’s the worst type of verse
when it’s
likewise; (O)r worse –
it should really be about//
      a bad in (u)s: You:Me

for worst – it’s an
type of verse.

(O)h after a
(O)h after a

ringing e(X)cesses
ear-worms to
hear words to
heat hearts.

Ah::rest that mouth-verse onto me.
Ah::rest that mouth
(remain silent)
soulless gallow rung
lipless vowel torn asunder
like the type of
ARTS swirling between STARS
then embers::into::blazes.  

Y(O)u//like hanging
on (O)pportunity’s d(O)(O)r

Little known vowel:
n(O)(O)se big for us


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