Ilion gray
Ilion gray
35 minutes ago      15 seconds ago

There was nothing left
Yet the eyes wanting waited
Cause they believed they were
I know ill fall asleep soon
Yet ill never reach the moon
Cause my regrets are so shameful
God has called back every angel
And we are only passersby
Watching days until we die

#life   #god   #death   #i   #devil   #you  
C Sumrok
C Sumrok
1 day ago      10 minutes ago

she's the reason my knees are bleedy
she makes it easy to be so needy
she kisses on my achy feet
and sucks the coffee off my teeth
she makes me be a very good girl
she makes every one of my toes curl
i want to smell the way she breathes
i want to make her flower wreaths
she's prettier than pity pink
she laughs like teeth hitting sink
she has a really mean right hook
i love when she makes that look
she only bites me when i plead
she's all i'll ever really need

#love   #poem   #sad   #gay   #dark   #coffee   #rhyme   #girls   #sex   #nsfw  
Jessica Evans
Jessica Evans
1 day ago      14 minutes ago

If I believed in signs
I'd say they all point
Directly to you

#love   #life   #you   #signs  
9 hours ago      20 minutes ago

touch this
and touch me.
i abandon my shyness,
     advance impromptu
and secret,
           spring from
these pages of ink. it is
me you hold
and i hold you deeply
in my heart,
               leap from
paper into your arms.
take this kiss
of my translation,
more real
      than i dreamed
                   more direct
my breath weaves
through my fingers,
eyes to your picture
i've honed.
my love,
is it night?
are we here
together alone?

Brian Elizalde
Brian Elizalde
6 hours ago      34 minutes ago

I wrote a letter addressing you, undressing you
The thought of you gives me the good kind of disease,
the one that leaves blood on the marble floor
alongside tiny births of words
that will dedicate their short lives
like far fetched, crooked darts
with the hope of getting it right
and describing the wrinkles in your eyes
while not missing their pull and might

rebecca askew
rebecca askew
1 hour ago      42 minutes ago

Your lips on my lips,
Your hands on my hips,
Pull me in to you.

Your taste on my tongue,
My jeans come undone,
Feel my heat for you.

You split my divide,
You're throbbing inside,
Make me moan for you.

#love   #lust   #wanting  
5 hours ago      44 minutes ago

I'm somewhere behind the moon
I've escaped the weight of the world
And there's no sunshine,
no light, no heat
but the thought of you
keeps me so warm
and I'm content staying
somewhere behind the moon

#love   #poem   #feelings   #poetry   #moon   #thoughts   #warm  
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