Darlene Chavez
Darlene Chavez
1 day ago      12 seconds ago

Maybe we feel empty because we left pieces of ourselves in everything we used to love, and maybe we feel sad because love is deceiving. Maybe we feel broken because the things that used to fix us are broken as well, and maybe we cry because there are so many questions left unanswered. Maybe we hurt because someone has to feel the pain. Maybe, just maybe.

Hope you like it.
1 hour ago      14 minutes ago

Watch your world burn before your eyes,
Watch the destruction of your lies.
You thought I would never leave you,
But how could I stay caught in the fire?

I won't be just another pawn in your game
When I can be home, going by the day.
You've caused so much pain it doesnt hurt to say
Go the fuck away, you've wasted enough of today.

Again, nobody specific.
Lauren Leal
Lauren Leal
8 hours ago      24 minutes ago

I am definitely living
I just don't feel very alive

2 hours ago      40 minutes ago

Everything was still the hour you left me;
Know you did it all so deftly;
You were promptly out the door
Snow was piling on the world around us;
Thought a kind of law had found us;
Having won another war

You said you have to run
You said I have to run
Towards whatever state of grace
Leaving no familiar trace

Silent was the music that was playing;
All the jackals here were baying;
When they saw you were alone
Drinking to incite a different hunger;
Shake those demons from their slumber;
Throw that rabid man a bone

You said you had to live
You said I have to live
Looking through a keyhole view
Sometimes I believed you knew

Two years is the time that I've been wasting;
Bitter wine's what I've been tasting;
Passed around the station square
All my friends have changed their faces;
My illusion's trading places;
With that same old distant stare

You said that you're a coward
You said that I'm a coward
A coward if you do or don't
A coward if I do or don't

Your mother had the same eyes as your sister;
Your own story was a blister;
You avoided like a plague
I still feel your debt inside me;
I still feel how you denied me;
And you kept those reasons vague

You said you need to breathe
You said I need to breathe
I always knew it'd be like this
I always knew you'd be like this

Now, I fantasize with every stranger;
Even though I am in danger;
Of exposing my intent
We could dance under the streetlights;
While we're showering in the moonlight;
There's no time left to repent

You said you'll see me 'round
I said I'd see you 'round
And neither one has kept their word
Neither one has kept their word

Practice makes a lover superstitious;
Time makes kisses surreptitious;
Don't you know how cruel is love?
You were nothing that I wanted;
But your legs have got me haunted;
And your skin-tight leather gloves

You said that I'm a coward
You said that you're a coward
A coward if I do or don't
A coward if you do or don't

  Lit by elsa angelica
Aarvie Heart
Aarvie Heart
1 day ago      2 hours ago

So much love
In both of our hearts
The destiny cheated on us
And placed us miles apart

I wish we were together
#love   #heart   #together   #apart   #destiny  
D Wesley A
D Wesley A
4 hours ago      56 minutes ago

and i'm angry at the world because
i don't see people anymore i see
complacent potato sacks infotainment
distractions GPS directions to virtually
augmented happiness as a downloadable
expansion being sold in every palm

i'm angry because we've lost touch
even with a billion force touch screens
tactile material design that makes
a cold mechanical screen human
while i'm grinding candy crush
call of duty xtreme edition fifty eight

i'm angry because we've given up deeper
connections for billions of casual
one night stands that became friends
that validated me on insertsocialmedia
because this is just too difficult for me
to handle this responsibility for my life

the irony is that i'm looking for
validation that my anger is justified
that i have something in common
to complain about but—sometimes
it's better to be that one person who
doesn't care, maybe that is freedom

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
2 hours ago      58 minutes ago

please accept me
for i'm having trouble accepting myself.
i'm having trouble breathing,
help me keep breathing,
say a few words, keep me warm
help me from losing my mind
sing me a few songs,
keep me in your arms
let's create magic
don't forget to help me breathe
don't worry darling,
i'm mediocre at mediocrity too.

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