E C Vadnais
E C Vadnais
1 day ago

The house, old and gray,
Sits back in a field
As houses did then,
Before cars came to compress the day.

From here I see the woods,
The river’s run, the spiral of the valley
Under clouds of rolling snow
To the road the machines come through.

I think I will stay here tonight
To keep company with the house,
And recreate the goodness of our small love,
To be ready for them when they come.

Yet I fear when they come
I will only say I came to watch
Machines destroy a house
Built with someone else’s small love.

© 2016

"Small love" or the ordinary love of ordinary people; that is, those of us not "important" enough to be noticed beyond the commonplace and who bear the burden of "progress" without protest.
#love   #sad   #pain   #loss   #society   #acceptance   #progress  
Micahel De Tomasso
Micahel De Tomasso
16 hours ago

" A neighbor's BBQ was a bit of a bore, until
what i saw.
She had to be sent from the heavens, i even looked
to see if she had a pair of wings.
Her entrance was as if she was floating over
the blades of the freshly mowed Kentucky Blue grass.
Friends took her by the hands, and rushed her to my
Laughter stood meek, and quite during the introductions
of our names.
Our distinguished guest Harry. Along with his lovely wife
Sharry Replied. " Jack, i would like for you to meet my
most resent Best Girlfriend Jill."
Now the laughter exploded.
I was taken by surprise, and could only say, "Let's go up the hill."
She took my joke well, and moved in to take my hand.
We talked for hours while listening to the late arrival of
a 1970 Soft Rock Band.
So as the old saying goes. "All good things come to an end."
As did our evening.
The months flew by so quickly. Yes she was wearing my ring.
Becoming Mr. & Mrs. truly was a terrific thing.
Having children was now on our minds, and we wanted
to do something special.
We lived up to the story book rhyme.
Finding the hill that suited us us both, had
all the beauty you can imagine.
Looking over the canyon's slope.
The time came, and there we were.
Taking each others hand as they walked up the
hill singing. "Jack and Jill are going up the hill, but
not to fetch a bucket of water."
9 months later they both sat down
holding softly their new baby daughter."

Strictly Fiction. Just a thought of a pair of Jack and Jill's
living somewhere in the world doing, or thinking of doing what
my mind put on my "White Wall"....
Elizabeth Squires
Elizabeth Squires
10 hours ago

they are connected
by a continual rye
these peoples dwelling
under the infinite sky

they've handed down
native culture
to generations
that live for nature

the eagle
the bison
the wolf
carry their spirit
across the nation's terrain
ever these animals
shall abide and sustain

the spruce
the prairie grass
the cactus
lasting with the growth
of a land's deed
long they've planted
the tribal man's breed

in the mountains
and along rivers
of timeless tradition
kinfolk preserving
their heritage
on a millennial expedition

tepees still built
to this very day
a peoples country
inherited of clay

18 hours ago

Evening comes
with a sliver
of moonlight
through the eye
of a lost silver hook
high on a limb
in the black woods
of timber intended
for an enemy's ship
as the wind licks
its thumb flipping
through stained pages
of a dark book.

The Greatest Poet Alive

me: ghosts are entering
and leaving our bodies,
we have no free will.

her: it's called yawning, hayden,
we are just tired.

Emma Crouch
Emma Crouch
17 hours ago

Oh, my dearest brother,
What have you done?
You left me standing here,
With this loaded gun.
You didn't leave forever,
But just long enough
For me to cause some trouble,
with this very gun.
So now that you've returned
Look at the work I've done.
Do you like the pretty colors,
All these shades of blood?
But, can you tell who is dying,
And prove not to be banal?
Well, of course you can...
You know me best of all.

#gun   #pain   #death   #abandonment   #neglect   #blood   #family   #brother  
1 day ago

Tripping over
a mountain
of paper
filled with manic
to the grim
or to Venus

Who could tell?

There isn't much
difference between
love and

#love   #hell   #life   #desire   #pain   #thoughts   #venus   #ode   #lunacy   #grim  
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