Mohd Arshad
Mohd Arshad
4 hours ago      16 seconds ago

The white dressed mist
Wanders around;
Kisses the cheeks
Of the sky,
And lips of blossoms,
Caressing the green girls;
Runs through the hair
Of the sea;
Leaps over the heads
Of the hills,
And dives into
The splashing valleys!

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1 day ago      6 minutes ago

Temporary highs of your being
Take out reality
I'm forever tripping on the acid of your façade

I sober up
That is until you crawl back
Back into my head
And leach out all rational thoughts

I'm addicted to your high
And I'm ready to overdose
On your lies


#love   #heartbreak   #lies   #deceit  
Ivy C Drape
Ivy C Drape
7 hours ago      22 minutes ago

There was once a boy next door
I don't see him anymore
He would come over and we'd play with my dolls
He would read me stories and call me his little princess
One day we even made cookies together
He had these marks on his arms
I asked him what they were
His face turned red and he turned around
He said that I would understand when I grew up
Now he never comes to play
I went to his door the other day
And asked his mother why he went away
She just collapsed to the floor and wept
She said that he had left
This world had been too cruel
Heaven had stolen him
And he liked it so much that now he played with angels
I'm all grown up now and I know better
I have the marks on my arms to
And I know that I'll probably see him soon.

#suicide   #sad   #depression   #life   #pain   #death   #loss   #heaven  
1 day ago      24 minutes ago

my nostrils burn
with the scent of poison

poison that burns my lips
and my lungs...

I only want peace.
I only want fun.

I pray. I stretch...
all that inner peace mess,
still nothing.

Now my insides are burning,
burning from the smoke I inhale
cigarettes are a taste of hell.

I feel myself growing small
as my problems shrink into the
darkness of my pitiful soul,

drowning away s    l   o    w   l    y    by this alcohol.

#peace   #alcohol  
Angela Poems
Angela Poems
1 day ago      44 minutes ago

Everyday I fight my loneliness.
Everyday I tell myself I am strong.
I can survive on my own.
I don't need anyone.
I don't need you.
I don't need you, I want you.
I want you next to me.
I want my heart to stop hurting.
I want you to tear down my walls.
Storm my castle.
Take me over.

Vanilla Scotch
Vanilla Scotch
1 day ago      48 minutes ago

He is a wizard
with words
from a limber tongue
I want to climb to his lips
and nestle between them,
claiming the vacant land
as residence,
so when he licks
between breaths
he tastes me

Wooing with words
11 hours ago      1 hour ago

Life can be hard when your thoughts are messier than your bed could ever be.
Sentences, phrases, words, anything just racing around my mind.
Sometime I can sort them, catagorise them in a way that makes them easier to perceive.
But sometimes, that's not the case.
They twist and manipulate as if my mind is a kaleidoscope and every new thought just adds another fragment to the broken picture inside my head.
Maybe it would help to understand, or maybe it would just add to the confusion.
I wish I understood why my mind works like this, in these confusing an mysterious ways.
Perhaps one day I'll understand why they behave this way, but for now I'll continue trying to organise my racing thoughts.

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