Ann Beaver
Ann Beaver
21 hours ago      6 seconds ago

pretty fascinating mind
appearing light,
flecking dangerously close.
let go

But keep one pinky on the edge.
Walk the line easily
between fascinating
and masturbating with words.

fighting whats left inside me
i am or am i
throwing my voice,
cracking the night,
And another bite mark

A scar
A humble star
A version here
A perversion there

the quiet hits,
as it will,
defeat in my bones,
Quickly it does distill.
Looking around the room
momentarily left insane,
fringed, frightened,
buried cold

long dark rings
tucked in the eyes
black circles where you've hid
those years
Defined in every happy ending
to an ever-ending ride
In my pretty fascinating mind.

My favorite poet life's jump wrote this with me.
Adelina Marie
Adelina Marie
1 day ago      12 minutes ago

i'm beginning to develop a
schoolgirl crush on you, my dear,
for you make me giggle as if i were
five years old again.
what i feel for you is
a dumbed down version of
a complex mixture of
and puppy-love infatuation.
i simply do not know what
has gotten into me but
i do know that i'd
love to feel your lips on my own.
i would be delighted to delve deep
into your embrace and
give names to the galaxies that have called
the depths of your eyes
i haven't known you very long and
i have had not the pleasure of feeling
you in person but the pleasure of
hearing your voice pronounce
my name.
just to see you standing in
front of me once
would perhaps give me
some insight as to
how i feel in
regards to you.
or maybe i'll be more
puzzled than I am
as of now.

#love   #feelings   #crush   #distance   #complex  
Jorge Echevarria
Jorge Echevarria
1 day ago      20 minutes ago

On the outside I see everything I've ever wanted and need
I can see the hardship and times you've wasted on others
I see through your eyes of pain as you bleed

Your eyes tell a story and your mouth the background music
Creating a symphony of destruction you slowly decrescendo
Telling me I might be better off because you tell me you're SICK

I'm bound to you like misery loving company
Tears of blood rain down your face like bad make-up
Through those eyes of pain can you see me?

Can we self-destruct together I'll never let go
You think crazy is bad then look at me
Sin with me and nobody has to know

Call me foolish shame on me
For seeing something passed your eyes of pain
Just think of how much less it would hurt
Take a chance on me with nothing to lose and everything to gain

Kagey Sage
Kagey Sage
6 hours ago      22 minutes ago

Machine ground days
Somehow survived by clinging to precarious plans
Die for those.
For proles are stuck in a televised gleam
but I’m barred from distractions
I’m a man of action
Spring healing:
I found a new hope to get through the day
It has a name and it’s you

Workday: animistic curses
against people and their systems and products
except animals would escape forever
as soon as they open the cage
but we stay

The beastly gnashings of overworked merchandisers
for invisible self pocket stuffers
The competition's getting to us, comrades
I feel swindled out of my labor
I was pregnant
but they sold my child before
I woke up

Addressing the solipsism of my rehab circle:

I’m Kagey, and my life is hazy
but, blunted or no, let’s get this clear:
don’t trust your senses
and that goes for all my human peers

Body is a cage full of defenses
Still, I’m suspicious of reality
whether it’s façade society
or the wooden chair in front of me

Still, I enjoy the virtual scenery
I ain’t talking about on the T.V. or phone screen
I mean the willows, buildings, and faces
But all these mushy green acres are fakers
blobs without our eyesight

Still tho,
me and the universe are tight.

Found these papers from over a year ago. Glad to be out of retail, but my solidarity's still there.
poetic whispers
poetic whispers
2 hours ago      30 minutes ago

The telephone rings late at night
and the beautiful woman I wish to be in love with
greets me with hello
making my heart go pitter patter.
Her words are punctuated by percussive raindrops
going pitter patter on the rooftop.
as she tells me excitedly she can hear a flock of geese
flying overhead.
The storm clouds are too thick
to allow the flock of migrating birds to be seen
but she holds the phone out the window
so I can hear them honking.
What is a flock of geese doing
in the middle of the desert?
What if the clouds part and reveal nothing,
but the honking continues...
is there such a thing as geese ghosts?
The beautiful girl says good night
and wishes me pleasant dreams
as the rain slowly stops
and a gentle snow begins to fall
plummeting far too soft for either a pitter or a patter,
snow descending and covering the earth
in a magical blanket  
with giant flakes as big as goose feathers.

sam plunk
sam plunk
1 day ago      54 minutes ago

her body is a royal temple that glistens brilliantly under onyx lighting
battle scarred knees crumble in her presence
and salacious mouths dangle in reverence

my body, disfigured by negligence and deleterious words, is unexciting
I am nothing more than the rugged path to heaven
weary feet depend on me to lead them in the right direction

how does desirability feel?
Joe Wilson
Joe Wilson
2 hours ago      58 minutes ago

I took a walk with you that day
Ere long you gave to me your heart
I gave you mine in love and hope
And now we'll never grow apart.

Storm clouds do come and then they go
We move along within the flow
And when the sun comes out to shine
We're out there too and moving slow.

We've eased along throughout the years
You've sometimes chased the fears from me
And I in turn have dried your tears
In love that's how it's meant to be.

But what a journey, what a ride
you are my muse and my best friend
Those epic times, you by my side
I'd do every bit with you again.

©Joe Wilson - What a ride...2014

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