James D Blau
James D Blau
2 hours ago

Look at the row of poplar trees
 Shoulders pressing close together
 Soft limbs laughing at the weather
Whispering in the summer breeze
     Waving goodbye to what's left of  day

Hear the night clouds grumble,
  through thunder's lips (like car crashes)
  In sunbright, red and yellow flashes
While secret shadows stumble,
    And the sun has no more words to say..

Feel the the pulse of the coming storm,
  Fingers seeking out the place to start
  Drawn to the source of its willfull heart
Yet unaware of its own dark form
     It prepares to flood the world with gray.
Smell the sweetness that fills the air
  After the skies have let loose their rain
  A deluge of shadow, tempest of pain,
That's washed away what wasn't there
     Then furtively packed and slipped away

Where once the poplars stood their ground
Distant thunder is the sole remaining sound

And dawn creeps in...

Sara L Russell
Sara L Russell
59 minutes ago

Sara L Russell  29th August 2016

Time to retire now, ladies,
the drawing room awaits
as the gentlemen go to smoke
and drink brandy
or tell ribald stories
unsuitable for a lady's delicate ears.
Time to work on our embroidery
or retire to bed.
The men shall retire whenever they wish,
and the stars are too many for us to count.
Now we must lie abed
dreaming of Mr. Darcy
or perhaps a future career,
If only one's gender
might permit such a thing.

Time to adjourn now, ladies,
Mrs. Pankhurst has said her piece
and the rozzers are coming
to break up our meeting of like minds.
I heard that she was in prison for a time,
and went on hunger strike!
oh yes, my dear,
I heard they beat her,
force-fed her
then left her to cry alone in her cell.
Only she didn't cry. She never cries.
They say one day we women
will be able to vote!
Yes, of course it could happen.
We deserve it, after all.

Time to adjourn now, people,
it's been a long session
and even ministers need a lunch break.
Mrs. Thatcher no doubt will carry on
making notes for yet another meeting,
I don't think that woman ever sleeps.
Even if she never does,
she has razor-sharp concentration
and a sharper mind.
You don't want to get
on the wrong side of that one.
Funny, years ago,
they never dreamed we'd have
a woman Prime Minister.
Not everyone agrees with her
yet few dare to disagree.

Time to retire now, ladies.
The men have important things
to discuss, too serious for our lowly ears.
Theirs is the sun and the daylight;
ours are the shadows that herald the dusk.
Gather your prayer beads
and lower your gaze.
Do not look into the eyes
of the Imam as you pass by
on the way to your rooms.
Do not let any breeze from the window
displace your veil.
Guard your modesty
at all times;
protect your respectability,
for it is all you have in the world.

#feminism   #women   #rights   #vote   #opression  
6 hours ago

The problem is––
when I see your face
I see a question,
unanswerable to me
or to anyone.

Your eyes desire
this thing.
A thing physically
and yet you are
in your quest
to possess
this "thing,"
which I can tell you
does not exist.

I am not it
yet somehow I feel
you see
me as a key
to "it"
and this
melts me,
because I too
once searched
but have since

We both sought ((?))
but at different
times, now
we meet and some
comfort does lie
in knowing
people still

Xander White
1 hour ago

Silver sparkles
Lost in a sea of purple fabric
Hair singed straight
Face painted
Laces stealing my breath away

Bittersweet, the hug
From an oft-absent father
The sinking feeling, unsatisfied
Without a clue as to why
Dread mounting, anxiety shouting

“You’ll be the prettiest girl at Prom”

Matte black
Broken by a silver bowtie
Hair combed back
Near and orderly, obscuring
The sea of butterflies I hide

Euphoric, the hug
From the lady I’ll escort
Bright flashes in my eyes
Thumps of congratulations, I am
The lucky man to take the prettiest girl to the ball

“May I have this dance?”

K-mari AJani Jones

Keep poetry
In the clouds above your head
Write poetry
Across the world to make peoples
Think that you are a poet
Love poetry
When u are having good habits
Or compassion
Express poetry
About your feelings happening now
Show poetry
What u are able to do with it
Telling others that
  But keeping poetry is what we do today.

                         By K-mari ©2016

This poem I write is for everyone on HP including my followers to show what is keeping poetry in life everywhere u go today and tomorrow.
#love   #feelings   #poetry   #poet   #tell   #compassion   #show  
4 hours ago

" it's the eyes chico, they never lie " how I wish you could see mine. Tear stained, tired and then again not because I cannot lie and say that just seeing yours light up doesn't make my heart smile. I told her that, I love you, I also told her a whole lot more. One thing that stuck was " I know what being without her feels like and God loving her  from a far, from a careful distance, is better than anything else, is better than having to go on as if, you arent  "

- scarface.  
- it hurts a little less
- mind numbing
3 hours ago

I drove around
My city

I'm not sure why

I enjoy Sunday drives
I won't lie

A man had to
Speed around me

He just had to pass
Couldn't let things be

Then he reached his destination
About a 1/4 of a mile up the road

I am slow today
Like a toad

Attention: roommates
Headphones on
Means stay away

As I enjoy the day

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