Walter W Hoelbling

Diapers and politicians
need to be changed frequently
and for the same reasons


los panales y los politicos
hay que cambiarles a menudo
y por los mismos motivos

Cynthia Go
1 day ago

Embrace me through the night
And let me feel you sigh
I want to feel your heartbeat close to mine
as it sky-rocketed through the sky

Hold me tight
Keep me warm
Even just through this night
I don’t care if this won’t last
as forever never do really last

Lie to me if you must
But don’t tell me this isn’t real
for tomorrow may be gone
and this moment is enough.

Lie to me if you must
but make me believe
even just this once
that your heart beats only for me
and this is nothing else but real.

a poem i've written along time ago
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Tyler James Birabent

Are our dreams just hopes,

Down we sit.

Make a cup of tea,

Relax please friend,

Inspire yourself please,
then others.

Others will take over,
be calm.

Calm will never sit.
It will be ever flowing,
like water.

Kewayne Wadley
Kewayne Wadley
11 hours ago

She was a victim of my creative stimulus,
But I, no Frankenstein.
Great change brings sudden fear.
In brutal honesty,
Could she perhaps see I was the one dead searching for life through her all along.
All along I the sheet of paper that's become delicate to the wither of her hand.
The ideals and sketches
Alert that any moment I could be wad up and thrown to the side.
Without the modest nod of ink from her pen.
With careful eyes, thoughts only divert so long.
My hand longs to touch
But my mind is not so such anymore.
At this point religion became unaffordable.
I now suffered misery of a different sort, not wanting to lose what we've created.
I Feared she'd flee once she sees me for what I really am
A hideous creature searching for an perpetual sense of resurrection with
The acceptance of growing old with someone

life's jump
life's jump
5 hours ago

Until you wake
I will be sitting here, wishing for you
in the backest seat of this squarest room, filled pink hue
In dropping sun color painted, A rising moon,
Enough light to pretend your lips move.

Waiting here, It is all of this,
Taking from you, Doctor coats hang stethoscopes
Nurses paper work of daily verse. Smile of reassure.  

I scribble hearts and song clefts, notes of your rising chest.
Where all that I have done, rests. My face on your blankets
under your hands, ice chip cool. I wait, I confess so much to you.

I am in touch with the pattern of your beats.
What these machines feel, How they connect you.
Like me, in your last breath, Waiting for this.

Dying blue covered lips, Facing papers to resurrect
against your wish, The kids have left, Daisies, Kisses, and Wept.
Our songs repeat on my playlist.
My watered wrists accompany sulking texts,

An empty journal opened, titled,
   ..our final kiss

Midnight Rain
Midnight Rain
2 hours ago

some pages left blank
but you read on and on

memorizing my words
holding on to the feelings
written for you

my words are written
over and over again
your fingers trace them like
an old friend

tracing, knowing you'll
find me at the very end

some pages are crumbled,
ripped or torn,

but still,

you read...

every last word

Inspired the book i just finished reading -Every Last Word
1 day ago

it was 3 a.m. and i'm gazing into the open sky
into the darkness that lies ahead.

it was black , obviously (or was it grey?)
it was black but it wasn't evil or anywhere near it.

i was happy
because it was only me and the open sky
the fresh night air
and the stars, never to forget the lovely moon.

the scene changed

i was drowning in the open sea
nobody knew i was out here
i took this risk alone
and i know i might die of hypothermia here.

it was 3 a.m. and there's this
roller-coaster of emotions i felt
this vigorous scenes changing
and constantly fading.

9.00 a.m.
it took me 6 hours later
to realize that the stars i was staring at
actually they were your eyes.

and the ocean i'm drowning in
was your cold, stiff embrace.

i love you.
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