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I just want my words to matter to you
I've tried being silent but it hurts too much

Aim high and land low
Can't you tell I'm more than just show
I painted you murals that glow in the dark
Before you go to sleep just open your eyes
Look at me for once and tell me what you want

I'm too afraid of everything
And I'm still so stupid
Try as I might
I make new versions
Of old mistakes

Just crash with me once
You're not him      
Make a bet      
I'm not her                  
We're supposed to make sense

Tell me something real.

I'm supposed to be the one too terrified to speak,
but I can't tell if I am anymore.
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The Grim Reaper reaches deeper,
Over-eager to catch a keeper,
Create another ever-sleeper,
At the expense of ever-weepers.

Playing heart-string harps, his hand extends,
Lost in searching, he transcends
O'er prayers an pleas. He descends:
The catalyst of anguished ends.

A terminator of life's coda,
Enternally, he fills his quota.

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Soul is immortal
Thick skin is embodied
Mind overblown with intuition
I am a spirit creature.
Ever so sunkissed by grace
illuminating rays carry my bones
through tribulations and wrath,
I’m conquered by warm winds
of pure divinity and
constant love of nothingness.

I’m a spirit creature
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Grant Horst
Grant Horst
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Just one more couldn't hurt right?
I mean I've done 6 before in just one night
I better hurry so I don't miss my flight
I'm not going to a known place, however
but in a place no ones every thought of
where creativity runs free without control
And I'm just along for the ride

Space to Space I flip
Deity to Dimension I travel
From being dropped into a pool of my own ignorance
Or sliding slowly off of an edge I cannot out run
I can't feel myself, only ego is alive now.
The best part there is no comedown.
I just lay back until I fall asleep.
But this time was different
I woke up to bright lights and my mother weeping

Drugs are bad, mmmkay?
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Rizanelle Hernandez
Rizanelle Hernandez
7 hours ago      40 minutes ago

"I'm scared to see the ending,
Why are we pretending
This is nothing?"


Not mine, lyrics from Taylor Swift's song, Story of Us. :)
Robert Szankowski
Robert Szankowski
16 hours ago      44 minutes ago

I knew you would come
where fog is the path
to my lantern shining
for your vessel carrying
you who lay with me
at dawn, those tangled
mornings where my heart
wants to stop time
with each beat of rising rays.

And when the day
is awake and naked, my light
no longer needed in your fire,
I will not suffer, I will be still.
Your vision guides you
through these seas now.
No longer will you look
for the gaze
of my eyes.

And still
with another broken day,
I will be here, listening
for your whistle, your cry
in your eyes staring
at the beam beneath my face
through the sneaking mist
where dusk meets a wanting body
upon restless waters.

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Leave me out! (Part - 2)
She never left me in
Love was never my sin
Here in the darkness
There are questions endless
Why she said she do ?
When she had to only go
Why she made herself my dream ?
When she had to flow like a stream
Why she was there ?
When to tell me the reason she didn’t care
Why she became my soul ?
When love was never there at all
Why she said (before) yes ?
When she had to leave me in mess
The question was “why”
I can’t do anything except to cry
She had gone
Creating in my life a dawn
Now here in the darkness
Loneliness is endless
Such better only she had and only she can
I know myself
With a broken heart
Into many parts
I was standing like a tower
Filled with immense power
I had no limits
How come I could still feel her every bit
I stood there like a wall
Waiting for her call
I had lost my will to fight
Lost my light, my might
I was once again there
My heart was broken where
But like some ghost
Someone lost
I could see
Her standing in front of me
I saw (the one in the past)me on my knees
Saying please
She go
After saying no
After her, I went behind
A shocking truth I came to find
From her eyes, tears fell
Something had pained her like hell
She whispered
Some words that day I haven’t that day heard
She slowly said
“Sorry I am such bad
I can’t tell you the reason
But it is not your treason
No more pain I want you to get
Have me forget
There is no explanation
I am not worth your affection”
I said “No you are
You are still, for me, a star”
Me she can’t hear
My loved dear
She said “I can’t see you in strive
You are my life
I love you too
Yes, yes I do”
Her I wanted to touch
I miss her so much
Her I want to quickly catch
But, suddenly darkness had me snatched
In darkness I was again
Upon me love and pain rained
In my eyes there was blood
Flowing like endless flood
Lied to me she don’t
Her ‘No’ would now never again haunt
“Come back to me to make me feel for some long
Make right what was wrong”
I forgive her after all
I had rose after my fall
Restless I became
There in the darkness’s game
I grew stronger
Not willing to be bound any longer
My powers increased
My breath totally ceased
I have peace like some dove
I felt I could again now love
I felt her every bit
A flame she had inside me lit
And I saw fire
Inside those dark skies
I saw fire
Inside burning in my eyes
I saw fire
Inside my howling soul
I saw fire
Inside running in my blood
Flames came from my inside
My heart had those guide
Anything that happened have no one to blame,
And all these flames
My place where I locked me
Into the ashes
Lighting every dark corner
Whatever the reason could be
But her, I could clearly see
I never thought that like this things would turn
Those shackles burned
I can’t hold on to me
Wonder what’s wrong with me
Leave me out
I have locked me inside
Leave me out
I have forget my feel
Leave me out
I want to stay with my soul
Anywhere you may go
Just me you would saw
For I would forever chase
On the roads whatever be the haze
You gave me my prison’s key
Now, I would sail in every dark sea
Of hope
Tired – nope
With a dream of making you mine
Don’t worry Ar I would be fine
Whatever be the pain
I have started to love once again
Yes all these things I would surely do
Because she loves me too

When she would be found
I would be no longer inside me bound
I would say
Thank you for being there in my bay
Thank you for giving me your hand
I promise that reason I would end
Thank you for leading me out
Telling me Love is the thing it’s all about
Thank you for making me remember my feel
My wounds have now heal
Thank you for being my soul
Whatever be my mistake, accept me after all
You had brought me to life
On my knees, I would ask “Will you be my wife?”
I know she would lead my hearts throne
My love only she owns
Love was never my sin
She had never left me in
When her eyes would meet mine
Everything would once again become fine
She would surely give me a second chance
And then there would be endless romance
She is here inside me but still so far
To reach my love, I'll go beyond the stars

The second part of the story

Please read first part before you go for second
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