Valerie Csorba
Valerie Csorba
1 day ago      1 second ago

I'll keep you safer than you ever thought was possible. Every secret hidden behind seals and locks, and the keys thrown away like a rotten dish that'll never be seen again.
Here, my arms are wide open now run to me and stay... I could never let such a broken beauty be shattered yet again by hands that were too careless to see the fractures that make you so hard to accept in every day life for all, other than me.

Your warmth is more than welcome to mix with mine and stay forever, because even when you've gone away I feel you here for days.

I just want to be the one you come home to at the end of the night.

For Orion.
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3 hours ago      10 minutes ago

His smell. I could never define it properly. You never can, with scents. There are never words to describe them floating in the air after a rainstorm, nor the smell of a freshly cut grass, on a warm summer's day.

His scent was dark and musky: the shadows of an expensive aftershave, cigarettes burning slowly, the smell of home gliding on his skin.

Those, and a thousand other things I could never place my finger upon. It all combined to make up Him. The most comforting smell in the world

2 days ago      20 minutes ago

Your eyes dance
Your laugh is bubbly
Your stance is proud
Your love flourishes
We adore you as -children-

You don't give us enough
No don't embarrass us
You never let us do anything
We can't wait to move out
We hate you as -teenagers-

What happened
Your eyes are hollow
You hardly ever laugh anymore
Your back is hunched
You still say you love us
But you keep your distance
We abandon you as -adults-

Goodbye mother
As we look at the pale face
As we feel the cool fingers
As we look at the woman who gave us life
And see that we gave her death

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Mike Hauser
Mike Hauser
11 hours ago      34 minutes ago

You don't need to sneeze out rubies and diamonds
You don't need to cough out pearls
Nor have the golden touch of King Midas
To be able to spin my world

No need to vacation in China
To let a few tigers loose
Or fly in on a magic bus
For me to notice you

You don't need to be the president
Or some international spy
On me all your money need not be spent
For me to want you in my life

You don't have to hold onto your breath
And turn the deepest shade of blue
Or at my dumb jokes laugh and laugh
For me to want to love you

For the common cold you don't need to find the cure
Or the perfect mouse trap
You don't need to bring peace to this world
For me to need to hold your hand

All you need to be is yourself
And to that self hold true
Because all I need above all else
Is to be madly in love with you

For my beautiful wife who has put up with me for 30 years this month.
Denzelle Tucker
Denzelle Tucker
7 hours ago      37 minutes ago

Clashing emotions like Titans this is were  passion is formed
Lava and lightning fighting,  till the spark is right.
But we never know the perfect moment, so are souls just kill each other.

And you know I'd stay forever.

The results of a perfect storm,
rather Nova,
cause this is were a star is born.
A beautiful ball of death

Love can be violent
#love   #life   #pain   #death   #misery  
52 minutes ago      40 minutes ago

i always seem to be sitting
in the middle of intersections
like a traffic light that hasn't
hung itself yet, always
seem to be waiting in the
middle of the ghost town
of where our love was first
built. there's a hospital
down the road where the
waiting room chairs are
much more morbid than
the hospital beds and
every electric heart rate
line sitting on the screen
of the heart monitors flatten,
make long beeping sounds
like an alarm clock, like a
wake up call; they make
long beeps like the ringing
i hear inside of the phone
when i call the owner of
the voice mail i've seem to
have made a home out of.
they took every place
we kissed and turned it into
a church that closes on
Sundays and holds a choir
full of people that lost their
voice in their own war. i've
been in the line for the
confessional for about two
years now because every
time i go up to say how
badly i want you to feel it
back, i let the girl wearing
your t-shirt cut in front of
me. the sidewalks only
seem to crack when they
remember how it felt
when you walked on them,
when you gave the ground
its purpose. one of these
nights the traffic lights will
come to their senses,
drop into the intersection
and crumble right next to me
because it's not like they have
anything to stop or at least
slow down because this is
a ghost town, and nothing
is coming back.

5 hours ago      55 minutes ago

you are colder than my heart at 3am
you are an enemy amongst a sea of friends
I loved you so much I began to hate everything you are
everything you say , every breath you take I regret the world giving
you any air to breathe , you are empty , you are the darkest kind of dark
do you see what you've become?
are you proud of who you are?
pointing fingers , presuming that what we've been through isn't as important as you
you're wallowing in your own self pity , someday you might drown in it.
you don't deserve an opinion if all you see is yourself.
you used to sing the words "you know I COULD USE SOMEBODY"
and I know that more than anyone because you used me.
you are the lowest type of low and you don't see it
you call me selfish everyday and when I die it'll still haunt my soul
the one thing Ive learned is
you cant care for anyone else because you don't know how to love
I still love you believe me , but I cant help but hate you more than that.

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