Frederik B
Frederik B
4 hours ago      12 seconds ago

I'd rather live in my dream, than face your reality


It's more of a quote than a poem.. First and last time I'll be doing this in english.
Nandani Putri
Nandani Putri
7 hours ago      14 minutes ago

He is my
precious black star

That look in your sparkling black eyes
So deep and captivating

Your black messy hair,
also shines below the sunlight

You're the center
of the attention,
and also my life

But I'm just
one of your admirer

Nothing to you

The saddest thing about this is,

you don't even know
that I'm exist

especially, pc and bb<3x
#love   #sad   #black   #star   #admire   #idol  
11 hours ago      16 minutes ago

Oh you silly fool,
thinking that love could save you from despair,
from darkness.
You see I am the one that controls you,
You silly fool,
Thinking you could escape me,
my emotions bind you,
my power will rule you,
There is no way out,
For I am eternal

#love   #depression   #power   #trapped  
Ilakiya K Sathish
Ilakiya K Sathish
12 hours ago      26 minutes ago

People are near, yet seem so far.
Their voices are clear, yet i don't seem to hear.
The streets are brimming, yet my heart seems longing.
They say, Life is simple,
But Living is complex.
Why would of billions, Should I choose you?
You broke my barriers and swept my feet.
You showed me ways only to part ways.
You made me complete only to leave me stranded,
You filled in my heart only to empty my soul.
And now,
You made me live in a strange world where in,
I feel a complete stranger to the rest.
Why would of billions, Did I choose you??

#love   #life   #lonely   #heart   #desperate   #pain   #alone   #soul   #separation   #stranger  
Madalyn Beck
Madalyn Beck
2 hours ago      32 minutes ago

My broken heart

Is a pile of

Pathetic love

That has been

Freely given

Greedily consumed

And apparently

Easily forgotten.

#love   #heart   #pain   #pathetic   #forgotten   #greedy   #given   #consume   #consumed   #freely  
Paige Nicole
Paige Nicole
1 hour ago      46 minutes ago

I had cigarettes
and diet coke for lunch
because Speedway was out
of pizza and
half an hour is not
enough time to wait in
line in this town.
I have too many hours
until I get to go home
and all I want to do is smoke weed.
A sandwich would be nice too.

CE Thompson
CE Thompson
4 hours ago      56 minutes ago

each string is a dimension
and he's traversing them
fourth, fifth, ninth;
symphonies of light and color
with mathematical precision
that astronauts would envy
but he didn't sign up for space travel
and to touch the earth again would be like
being born a prodigy of mud and sky
you can see it on his face, flashing,
like the shooting stars his fingers so desperately pattern out
across the red wood, the color of home
so from dust he must try to create
a galaxy, when no man is a god

essentially, what i gathered from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
#space   #music   #earth   #talent  
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