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peeling off labels is like peeling off skin of a 3rd degree sunburn
i hate how it looks
and it's gonna hurt like hell
but i don't want the evidence there
why do i even care so much?

dear society
i am not "anorexic"
i have metabolism issues

the stickiness gums up
i didn't ask for this
i'm not "antisocial"
but i like being alone

i'm not teen angst
i'm growing up
stop telling me
i have problems
i know i have problems

i'm not canned vegetables
why do you need to know my contents?
i'm not yours to scrutinize
stop staring at my body
stop trying to get into my head

stop slapping shit on me
and expecting me to fit into the little labeled box
i'm not
your labels

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1 day ago      13 minutes ago

My heart is black,
Broken and decayed
Along with my mind
Which has started to fade.

#broken   #depression   #depressed   #dead   #black   #fade   #decayed  
Mc Writes
Mc Writes
1 hour ago      40 minutes ago

And i am the sand,  

Each night
on the shores of our sleep
I travels off to distance
a glimpse of a year ago
It quietly recedes
as memory often does
and we can no longer
hold onto it

It dissolves and

And we are a long long away from home

for oceantide,

you still have all of my heart
Awesome Annie
Awesome Annie
2 hours ago      52 minutes ago

Stained glass shards glisten on the floor, from the window that was shattered. Words lost that cut the tongue, withheld because it never mattered.

Bare feet that no longer feel, I kneel on glass remains. If only my heart was unbreakable, but the overflow of everything it contains.

I built walls I let down, reluctantly for men who are undeserving. But it seems that heartache, is a lesson I'm always learning.

I'd rather just hear it burst because I'm always muffled sound. I can't keep looking in spite of hope, for something that can't be found.

I broke the window because beautiful, is nothing that is me. Maybe if I wear a mask, I can obstruct the image that is all they ever see.

Nancy E Tracy
Nancy E Tracy
1 hour ago      53 minutes ago

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
don't sit there with a frown
Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly
'Cause Santa Clause is Comin' to Town

Christmas Time Is Here
What a wonderful time of year

Hope all on HP get a lot of presents
Have a White Christmas
and Drink a cup of Cheer

and everything your heart desires
may come to you my dear

Merry Christmas to all the wonderful poets on Hello Poetry and don't forget the reason for the season
#happy   #christmas   #merry  
Dustin Matthews
Dustin Matthews
2 hours ago      1 hour ago

Don’t say a thing, just shut your eyes.
She doesn’t want to hear,
why you feel this way.
You grate on her nerves,
when you keep mentioning those things.
Cry in your pillow,
and internalize
whatever you are thinking.
It’s just in your mind.

© All Rights Reserved Dustin Matthews
Greg Berlin
Greg Berlin
1 hour ago      1 hour ago

You were drawn to me
because I was a writer.
You didn't understand
that I write well
simply because I lie well.
Such is the art of storytelling.
I'm deeply sorry you had
to realize that
The hard way.

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