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Dear mother,
Do drink that poison.
Let it slip past your
Cracked lips
Let it seep into your
Bones and ruin
What remains of
Your sorry soul.
Yes, drink, dear mother
Like you always do
To appease the demons
That threaten you.

#sad   #depression   #life   #pain   #hurt  
  27 minutes ago
Example Alone
Example Alone
5 hours ago

Not sure of tomorrow or where will End up,
Not many choices or even resources, It makes me want to just give up,
Here at a friends ill stay for the night, Im Staring out his window at all the people that have no where to lay for the night,
Wondering how long I got before I have to go,
Only in time I will really know,
but for tonight I'll sleep in this chair until the morning light I'll have to go somewhere,
This city once felt like home,
but now feels like no man zone,
no where to go,
no where to go,
I don't think of tomorrow because I really don't know

  32 minutes ago
Caroline Eve
Caroline Eve
4 hours ago

That's what pain truly feels like,
A constant roaming in the shadows of the night

You have a face full of beauty,
Sadly a mouth full of lies

Forked tongue spitting venom like a snake's duty,
But oh how I still miss you when I look at the sky

I remember the good times we had like if it were yesterday,
But I never saw this coming, never thought I'd have to say goodbye

What more is there even left to say,
But just let out a relinquishing sigh

Although my heart aches at the thought of being apart from you,
I will walk away, for you have opened my eyes

The harsh reality that I was a speed bump,
On your journey to find the one

I thought there was love between us,
But I should've known that before it even started we were already done.

Collab., by Star Gazer and myself. By the way, go check Star Gazer out! It was a pleasure working with him (:
  54 minutes ago
Tasnim Choudhury
Tasnim Choudhury
10 hours ago

Once upon a time
I cried
And there was no happy ending

Once upon a time
I found out fairy tales don't exist
And once upon a time
I found out fairy tales are a sad sad existence

This made me wonder why we all want fairytales

Once upon a time
I realised
Life is not a happy existence

Life is truly a fairytale

#love   #poetry   #sad   #happiness   #story   #fairy   #verse   #tales   #fairytales  
  1 hour ago  mark cleavenger
Silver Chase
Silver Chase
15 hours ago

I whisper in prayer the secrets
of my heart into the gentle breeze
moving silently, invisibly.

Your eyes burn through the darkness
spilling into my window
while I was sleeping
carrying off the void
cupped in your radiant hands.

Warmly embraced in the midst
of your beam,
sailing in an endless mystery
of uncharted seas
to the stars
ever-mounting flame aspires,
and my heart soars across the horizon
into the dawning sun.

I'm in love,
I am everything
and my heart does profit.

  1 hour ago
Give a little love

Every man's a sailor.

Endlessly sailing across the black sea
Hoping that one day we'll be set free
Lying on a white shore beneath a palm tree.

Will you sail with me?
#pain   #hope   #tree   #free   #sea   #sailor  
  1 hour ago
6 hours ago

My baby leaves
At 6:45
I pretend I'm asleep
And close my eyes
I love it when
We play that game
Every morning
It's all the same
My baby gets home
When he does
He taught me not to ask
I learned fast enough
My baby loves me
No matter what anyone says
He tells me all the time
In different ways
He broke my dishes
My windows too
But my baby loves me
In blacks and blues

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