14 hours ago      7 seconds ago

No Kiss Goodbye
Not one Last Cuddle

You had your time
You sucked me dry

My heart bleeds
My lungs set Free

Eyes Open Wide
Mouth sealed Shut

All my hearts longed for..
In just one Kiss..

What is this?

You bring out all I've been missing inside..
I see all of me for the first time.

I got lost in your Green Eyes
My heart has doubled it's size.

My Soul Sings for you..
My heart Cries for him.

Can't help my Soul recognized..
Set on fire.. Can you feel it?

Or is it just a manifestation of my desire?

You say I cut you to the core.. I know you want more.

More.. leaves this open as ever.
So I say Goodbye to him.
Hello to You.. Lets take our time.

1 day ago      14 minutes ago

I'm not going to write about the rain
The pain
The morning you left me
And whether I'm still the same

I won't talk about the clouds
The crowds
The people that watch us
Their voices too loud

I won't remind you about the street
The sleet
The people that gather
While you retreat

I won't mention your name
Or blame
For you made a mistake
When you made me feel shame

You did
It's true
I felt a million things when I met you
But only one thing when you left
Your breakup was like static
I couldn't change the channel
I've played that day over and over
Switched the channel again and again
Yet I can't make you stay
I can't find the button


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Daniel Grey
Daniel Grey
3 hours ago      17 minutes ago

She's scary but very beautiful...
Like fire, terrifying, but at the same time, too tempting to touch.

She screams at me but I love it...
Like a lion humming with piano keys.

She wore black and made it look like rainbow...
Like a bat with butterfly wings.

3 hours ago      22 minutes ago

Like an elastic band,
Kindness expands beyond,
I feel like it's a bad luck charm of sort.

You don't acknowledge it-
Like you should, love.

I'm taken back,
By this cold

I hear your voice at the back
Of my head,
I feel a skip where the beat
Should be.

One step forward but never
Much progress
In that.

Girl On The Wing
Girl On The Wing
15 hours ago      26 minutes ago

I stare at my feet
As I walk through the crowded hall
And think about you

Tears prick my eyes
As my feelings well over

I miss you so terribly
And so deeply
I want to tell you that joke I heard last period
Or what I'm doing this Saturday
Or what I had for breakfast

But you are gone
And with every footstep
I hear your name
Swirl by in the voices of others.

Leaving me to wonder,
How can I be so alone in a place so full of people?

Jhannah Capistrano
Jhannah Capistrano
1 hour ago      34 minutes ago

are a knight
in shining armour
with words
that can
pierce like swords
and an attitude
that has
shielded you
from all you wish
to hide from.
your pompous mission
is to search for
a helpless lady
or sad princess.

however, i
am not a damsel
in distress.
neither am i
idle royalty
waiting for some
prince charming
to come and save her.

am the dragon
and you
should go
save yourself.

Wrapping the rice cakes,
with one hand
    she fingers back her hair.

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