Jeffrey Stelling
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In a dream I was a soldier
Rolling dice in the shadow of Christ
My head twisted, contorted, out of control
Away from my game to meet His Holy eyes
A heroic gaze staring purposefully into mine
He spoke with no words and thus unto me delivered
An enchanting message, One sent my spine to shiver.
'Twas of no average man, the soul with which I spoke
And as I understood him, I heard his corpse choke
up a gasp that sent blood fleeing from my face,
And upon his magical message my soul seemed to shake.
"Of that you have done unto the least of thine brethren,
Thou hast done unto thee, thy lord, in heaven."

Oct 31      Nov 11, 2015

A Year ago, in the same date
As A Stranger I entered this beautiful Garden Hp
A Beautiful flower (Elsa) drags me with her pure heart
Wise words (from wolf, Sir Poet,Jack, etc.) kept me to know the life’s secret
Sweet buds (Smiriti, Aarvie,) enjoys me with their great writes
Love Birds (Drona&Kripi; Brandon &jane;) echoes me their beautiful rhythms
My Beautiful Bros (ryn, Joe, pradip,spt, Mufiq) supports me and admires with their strong writes
My Sweet sisters (Donna, pax, nimah, Vicki) fills my heart with their pure poems
All my new friends (Eddie, patty, gray l, tropica, wepping willow, Mysterious , Jimmy, its gona make sense, packin heat ,Poetry journal,Dark n beautiful, Wilson, Rose, James, Margaux, Asim, etc) gave me beautiful space and spirits..

Being a part of this beautiful family, felt proud and happy. I take this day to thank all my family who supports me and hears me. My sincere thanks to all.(might missed someone. Thanks to them too.)
I miss many beutiful poets especially my aka (elsa)..
Sorry missed some important members who constantly support me
(Ignetious Hosina,Gutham,HB,Thomas A Robinson)
Amber Rush
Amber Rush
1 day ago      5 minutes ago

Where are you when I need you?
where am I when you need me?
I'm already 5 seconds ahead of you
But you're no where in sight

#sad   #need   #you  
Wild flower
Wild flower
1 day ago      8 minutes ago

Great full
On top of the world
On cloud nine

That's how you make me feel
and so much more.

I'll always be your babygirl. From the moment you called me it 'till the end. Distance can be so scary, but knowing that our hearts are together in the stary sky dancing helps me sleep at night. 3 more days baby. Then I get to run in your arms when you get off that train and kiss you. Three more days.
Ethren P Lindsay
Ethren P Lindsay
1 day ago      9 minutes ago

She is that quiet girl you glaze over in class.
The one most barely notice when they pass.
She is the girl who hides a pain in her heart
And only lets it out through her art.

She is the future psychology major
Who’s always willing to help you with a favor.
The one who couldn’t give up hope if you begged her
Because it’s one of the few things that makes her heart stir.

I wish I could say she is the only love of my life
Because she deserves a whole heart…
Not someone who can merely give her a part
And lead her repeatedly into strife…

But for some reason she stays
She stays to be my hope when I have lost my belief
And holds me when my heart is full of grief.
She is starting to make me remember the simple things,
And is beginning to become the one that with her light brings.

I may not be able to give her my whole heart,
But I will stand by her side until she wishes to part.
Because even if this love doesn’t last,
I can’t imagine her ever being a piece of my past.

I love you, Ally
Just keep your chin high,
And one day I promise you’ll learn how to fly.

#love   #hope   #she  
Warren Rogers
Warren Rogers
1 hour ago      24 minutes ago

You've searched all your world, your reality too.
You've searched deep inside, your soul you've searched through
So many a night, and days stretching on,
Searching for peace, belonging to you.
You feel it is yours, you demand it be there
Yet instead of its presence, you find only despair
So many a night, days still stretching on,
Thinking its easier, if you just didn't care.
So how do you find this peace that you seek?
How long will you last, feeling so weak?
What must you do? and where do you start?
How to find courage, with a broken heart?

well, if you
Begin at the bottom, and build it from there
Base it on love, but only through care
Care for all creatures, no matter how small
Even for those, who've caused you to fall
To care is essential, destroying all greed
For this will build trust, which you will need
Now love can grow freely, without any hate
As trust is the guard, protecting the gate
Base life on love, on truth and on care
Peace can now find you, forever to share.

  Lit by am i ee
Wolf Spirit Poet

i find it invigorating to see new names
and some well known ones
making the daily poems slot,
getting much deserved attention
at the same time, i find it revealing
that the ones who claim to be
all about our community and supporting
of others, remain conspicuously absent from leaving
comments and congratulations there, unless it is one of
their small circle of self promoting clones...
you know, the ones who help each other trend
on a continual basis, even though, there are
many others far more deserving of that feature
of hello poetry.....who go unnoticed and largely
without recognition....i am not speaking of myself, i
get plenty of attention.....but, look around you, see who
squeaks the loudest and who shows no recognition
of the aspirations and accomplishments of others...
it will become obvious, once you know
what to look for....
for you writers who use only your gift to promote have my full respect and admiration
for those who use clone accounts and manipulation
shame on you, you will be known to all
sooner than later.

this is a community,
not a popularity contest
shame on the bullies and poseurs
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