1 day ago

I want to talk to you so bad
So so badly
But I can't

I want you to hold me
Tell me everything is going to be okay
But you won't

How come I think of you
When times are dark and blue?
You'd surely know what to do

I would hold your hand until the storm in my head calms down
And we would smile and know that nothing can destroy us
But we won't
And we never will

Novita Olivera Sihombing

Berderap tegap nyaring bersuara
Saat pertama ku pajang jakun menutup pundak dan dada
"Universitasku universitas Indonesia. "
"Terangkum dalam frasa 'buku pesta dan cinta'"

Sayang hanya dalam nyanyian belaka
Isi kisahku hanya buku, tanpa pesta dan cinta

Jangan kurang jangan lebih jua
Pesta dan cinta punya takar unik pas tuk dicoba
Seperti kopi kelebihan kekurangan gula
Ada takaran pas 'tuk tiap lidah yg meminta

Kisah uiku kisah pesta
Pesta merayakan kebahagiaan,  kejayaan,  atau mungkin lepasnya keperjakaan
Kisah uiku kisah cinta
Cinta teman sebaya,  cinta maba alat pelampiasan atau cinta kakak tingkat kece mempesona
Jika kisah uimu belum ada pesta dan cinta
Maka jangan paksa diri menyeret kaki lepas dari skripsi dan tugas yang ada

Entah malang atau baik nasib akhir kisahnya
Jangan mau lulus jika belum mencoba

Dalam lagu mars universitas indonesia,  terdapat kalimat "buku,  pesta dan cinta" yang melambangkan kehidupan mahasiswa UI selama diperkuliahan.  Namun terkadang,  tidak semua bisa merasakan ketiganya.  Ada yang hanya membaca buku,  ada yang hanya berpesta, pula ada yang hanya pergi kuliah mengemis atau menebar cinta.  Adalah baiknya,  jika sebelum lulus nanti,  kita dapat merasakan ketiganya.  Entah baik atau buruk perjalanannya,  setidaknya kamu takkan penasaran karena tidak pernah mencoba.
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Tashea Young
Tashea Young
17 hours ago

Maybe the idea just might be a little crazy
The purpose isnt just to date me.
But Initially, Courting me to discover a chance of a future with you that we both can see, Maybe ???
Potentially, Could you Open your mind to that possibility?
Im desiring to be more than just a mans lady,
I want to hear more than just those words of, "That's my baby!"
I want a lifetime of love and longegevity
Because real Love Lives on forever like eternity,
With a solid foundation of stability.
Someone who understands you perspicaciously.
I want Him to look me in the windows of my soul,
Til I my Feelings become overwhelmingly out of control
As he holds my hands so clammy and cold
He says,  "From the Crown of your head and beyond your beautiful soul
All i want is your heart to have and uphold.
Being as though you are a precious gift from God above,
Would you be so kind to me and share your precious love.
Would you do me a favor and honor me with monogamy?
With hopes of lasting a lifelong plus a century.
We can take the journey together hand and hand in holy matrimony.
Embracing the notion of compassion and devotion.
And with our hearts open as wide and as deep as the endeavors blue seas of the ocean.
Vowing Committingly,
In front of the Holy Trinity,
Our loved ones, the congregation and our Family
Promising to genuinely cherish thee
Loving all of thee, internally and externally
Wanting more than just to connect romantically
I plan to be,
More than just a mere fantasy
We will live in a place of ecstasy
While blossoming into a relationship where we can grow together spiritually.
In order for True love to to exist
We first must have God in the midst
Of all of this.
No longer will we separately coexist.
Im hoping that you understand and get the gist.
Because Im looking forward to you and I becoming one Combined.
Im looking Forward to our Souls to interlock and twist together morphing into one spirit intertwined.
For you are my Rib and I am your Spine.
We can become two Souls that Co-inside on one accord with God's word our heart and minds will align.
So will you please be mine
So we can love each other together forever and transcend until the end of time."

Too bad a love like this only exist in my mind.
Trapped in my thoughts and dreams like a prisoner who has been on in shackles and confined.
Just a daydream that allowed the  hallucination to grow into fabrication of my imagination.
With hopes that my mental creation would some day become a manifestation.
Trusting Gods Perfect Timing so I will be patience.
The Lord knows the desires of my heart that Im craving.
So Dear Love I am standing here awaiting.

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1 hour ago

Veins don't burn like they used to
Mouth no longer waters at the red sun
Emerald eyes no longer light the way
And the cold nights are becoming a problem
I no longer feel
I only witness
Everything is passing me by
Seasons changing as people come and go
Taking another drink to hide the sorrow
But come the morning
Nothing's changed

2 hours ago

Love.     you are a stranger
on my door.
Gnashing teeth
"Let me in."
You were a
Golden savage,
Glistening with
sweat and promises,
Hot and sticky
A siren on the rocks.
"Let me in."
That fire is
I don't know you

John Edward Smallshaw

Mortality's a dying art
once we start
there is an end.

Most tend not to think of death
even when
every breath they take
takes them closer to the

Who knows
things may change
or maybe not

I've got a soft spot for
the doubters
the hand wavers
the shouters,
living's still a dying game,

anyone want to play?

  30m  Mary Winslow
David Hewitt
David Hewitt
7 hours ago

This was written in collaboration with Mary Pear.
The lines with a "-" were written by Mary Pear
The lines with a " +" were written by me

Costa Adeje Beach, Tenerife.

-We are the first to arrive on the beach and claim our sun beds.
+These stranded white vinyl dolphins in neat rows
-With eyes closed the sun permeates my eyelids and
+Dark spots appear, pulsating tiny stars in orbits of my own.
-A cool breeze flows from my left, softly brushing my eyes, my cheeks.

-Far in the distance gravelly Spanish tones interrupt the piping notes of an English infant.
+The smirk of retirement is worn, selective deafness returns
-The chink of glass deliveries and I hear the intro to ‘Auberge’
-As the aged lift creaks rustily
+The percussion of windswept palms provides the backdrop
-And the beach orchestra warms up for its Sunday performance.
-A single seagull screech slices through the azure blue of
-A day in primary colours.
+Too bright to follow as the sun’s intensity swallows its path
-The curtain rises on the early paddlers and earnest castle builders,
+Crumbling Taj Mahal’s and ancient rounded pyramids.
-Locals lie on towels next to baby carriages piled high
-With picnic
-And brown beer bellies strut proudly at the seas frayed hem.
+While pale mothers in bold floral gather errant toddlers by their
+Skinny wrists
-Fishing boats cross the entrance to the small bay and a giggling child -in the shallows
-Smooths the jagged edges of a delivery van’s clatter.
-There is a lull.
+Time is halted
-All mechanical sounds hush
-Leaving just the whoosh of the waves
-And the bird-like twitter of infants,
+Pecking at the sand
-The scene setters arrive
-And set up camp.
-Florescent plastic dolphins, ducks and friendly alligators decorate the -wings,
-The Chinese massage lady in hat and muffler, wanders across the -sands as if she’s arrived on the wrong set,
-An invisible thread keeps other traders on the path beside the beach;
-‘Looky- looky !’ men with arms full of watches stroll along the -pavement
-Chatting to friendly punters in the bars
-While Moroccan braiding women gossip loudly on their pitch.
-Later the cat and mouse games will begin;
-Well-laundered cops astride their motorcycles
-Drive slowly by the beach, slowly enough to let the miscreants escape.
-Fashion show models make a cushion of the clothes they hope to sell
-And quickly lie like bathers undistinguishable from the rest;
-A Chinese look -out man sits underneath a palm
-And, at a nod,
-The masseurs melt away.
-The sun is stronger now and colours deepen.
+Beach Umbrellas become salvation
-Long shadows shorten and grow starker in the glistening sand.
+Dances break out, spontaneous shifting of naked burning feet
-Jet skis skim past the bay and heat intensifies:
+The spray of the beasts won’t quell the weary
-The magic of the morning beach evaporates.

-And now darkness has fallen
-Providing a new backdrop for the next scene .
-The arc of the bay glistens with light from the pavement bars
+Aromas of post showered families walking to eat
-And strings of lights sway in the sea breeze.
-The softly lapping water now reflecting
-The confusion of lights like swirls of primary colours in oil pools
-A sand castle lit with tea lights is dwarfed by a
-Neighbouring icon in the darkness of the sands.
-The punters stroll, the hawkers hawk, the waiters wait
-The diners chomp , the boozers drink,
+The couples gaze, The burnt faces weep.
-The Chinese lantern lady throws her tiny lights
-Up in the air and as we glance up we marvel at the starlit night
-Above it all.

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