RW Dennen
RW Dennen
2 hours ago      3 seconds ago

i am a small and insignificant person i listen to the negative
"cannot do"unless I become aware of my true abilities
I become empowered and not listen to the i people
you and I can change  The you i person has the great ability
to change into the you I person also We can be great partners
being you I and me I otherwise there remains total confusion
such as:
you i and  me I
you I and me i
You i and me i
And if we do this right we get..............:) instead of...................:(
I or i
thank you I or you i ,which one do you choose?

57 minutes ago      4 minutes ago

We lost the time,
the hours,
that were once ours
those moments of time can never be traced,
they can never be replayed
were they ever there?
time doesn't care,
and we proved that right,
by showing the same,
we lacked the strength,
to allow our hearts to show its nakedness,
our love,
the feeling that once shone out like light day in and day out.
so we left,
we walked away locking away our hearts in chains,
to never open up again,
we walked away with bare hands,
bare hearts,
bare minds,
bare, hours, secs spent in vain.
we lost time for each other.

Sitting alone
in the hush of the bamboo grove
I thrum my lute
and whistle lingering notes.
In the secrecy of the wood
no one can hear --
Only the clear moon
comes to shine on me.

vamsi sai mohan
vamsi sai mohan
8 hours ago      24 minutes ago

What is missing seems inevitably never existed...
As it is not to be felt irretrievable...

Only it was your hallucination that you thought that it was yours....
Douglas Scheurn
Douglas Scheurn
3 hours ago      28 minutes ago

Take this pill,
The man said without a mouth.
He stared at me,
Yet eyeless was he.
The northern point,
Shadows south,
Across the drowned; dry sea.

Plant the seed here,
Prance your steed here,
The branches are very near.

Time without memory,
Memory without time,
Blood drips from every line.

The line a poet creates,
Upon many things relate.

A line of words,
Or a hanging man's last,
Does he see life in a flash?

Is greed, lust what guided him?
Or did love shine out from within?

With actions,
Yet he atone?
Undying fractions,
Does he die alone?

Carpe Diem

The fourth chapter erupts...
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2 hours ago      36 minutes ago

Immaculate Memory

Show me Everything

Bless me with your Sterling Secrets
barred from Eyes too soon to See.

Open your Arms
as I lay before You

Vulnerable Exposition.

Unzipp the Sky ~
Unburden your Breath

Breathe Eternity
Gentle Whispers

over my Soul
Let me know your Stories.

Through all my Lives,
I realize with Open Eyes

the Tears may fall and Spirits rise~
You Cradle mine as Sacred

I fall before You~

Utter Absolution.

A recollection of various moments of Prayer.
Zac The Unicorn
Zac The Unicorn
2 hours ago      1 hour ago

there are days
when I fall down
and I just can't
stand back up

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