K Balachandran
K Balachandran
53 minutes ago      4 seconds ago

Your lovely eyes(widened by a surgeon's knife) in happiness shine,
those pouting lips sure contain some fillers,to make them lusciously full,
and the make up that creates an aura,I can't fail to notice , is subtle,
yet, I hope the beauty invisible is pristine still in your tranquil soul.

All these efforts make you look nice; yes I like it and appreciate it.
But I am so  amazed how your inner beauty holds me in thrall
that too with such effortless ease!
Jeanne Midtowns
Jeanne Midtowns
2 hours ago      14 minutes ago

A piece of your soul, balance,
In the palm of my hand

-I, the fool at your fingertips-

To take in the moment

-unleashed, a trivial desire
has revealed our prodigy-

(My misbehaving hair
and the beautiful mystery
of your sensitive neck
enjoy an affair all their own)

The scent of your body
Establishing residence
Upon the edge of my lips

To nourish the entirety
Of my tongue
With the sweat
From your breasts

And if I'm really quiet
I can still feel
The heat of your breath
In my ear

#love   #beauty  
Joe Cole
Joe Cole
52 minutes ago      20 minutes ago

He sat in faded dungarees
Old slouch hat on balding head
Said "write the words for me boy
There's words that must be said"
I did my time and paid the price
For a drug filled violent youth
I thought I was the main man
And had a role to keep
You know what I mean
Anyway son I pulled a gun and shot him in the head
Then laughed at his crying wife and kids
As he took his last dying breath
I walked away without a second glance
After all he should have shown respect
Respect! Yeah I was the main man on the street

Anyway for thirty years I pondered what I'd done
Eventually came to realize
Only notoriety comes from the barrel of a gun
Inside I was nothing
All ill gained fame was gone
Now just a number wearing leg irons
Cutting weeds beneath the sun

Tell them for me boy
That it just ain't worth the cost
Write the words I tell you
Get the message out there
Before more young boys are lost

Not sure about this one
Yacov Mitchenko
Yacov Mitchenko
3 hours ago      28 minutes ago

When he was younger, outer space
fascinated, terrified him - with vastness,
its laws and globes light years apart
just moving, just circling,
indifferent to the human heart,
perhaps indifferent to purpose and plan.
Rocks floating. Countless gases. Countless storms.
Perhaps in some remote small parts, other life forms.
Implosions. Explosions. But as he grew,
the nebulae, asteroids, meteors, stars
more and more seldom pierced him through,
for every day, every dawn ran
with enough purpose and plan
on land paved by woman and man.
He still had to leave his bed each day.
Though stars perhaps had nothing to say
about love, it still wove his way...
He still had to reckon with his own mind,
the turbulence, passions, plans and projects,
and sweep away the broken glass
carelessness or love or hate left behind,
still would endure or relish love's expanding lot,
though natural laws are what they are,
purposeless, indifferent - or not.

6 hours ago      38 minutes ago

I just have scenarios in my head where I get to turn to you and be so open and honest
and we're laying in your bed and I feel so present and there and real
and we're both physically tired but mentally racing
and I ask you if you really believe in love...in all of this
and I ask you to explain what you feel with me
and you don't think it's dumb, and I can't imagine what you say.
maybe one day soon the scenario will play out
but daydreams are just daydreams
maybe I'll ask you anyway

Tabitha Ann
Tabitha Ann
5 hours ago      39 minutes ago

She lays her head down, in hopes for rest
But it burns when she closes her eyes
Hoping for an overdose, or cardiac arrest
In her sleep she wishes to die

They say the most painless way to die is in your sleep right?
PressedAgainst TheWall
PressedAgainst TheWall
1 day ago      1 hour ago

The world is a glorious opened aired ballroom
with a great marbled floor,
brimming with people dressed in formal-wear.
Tuxes and ball gowns
all to the nines.  
Top hats and tiaras, jewels and canes.  

The people around you are the musicians
playing the most glorious waltz,
with strings, flutes and a gilded golden harp
being played by a master.  
They set the mood, they set the tune.  
You can feel buzzing excitement
as they crescendo and fall.
But they guide your movements
and your emotions.
The rhythm is your heartbeat.

Life is the dance.
  A series of steps,
spinning in circles.  

The key to the dance,
is to get lost in the eyes of your partner.  
Feel them holding you...
hand in hand.  
Let the troubles of the world fall away at the moment
just feel your body moving to the music.

  Always lead with your right foot…
ever pushing you forward.  
Sure…you may get pushed backwards now and then,
you may even stumble and fall to the ground.
But your job,
is to stand...
either alone, or with your partner’s help
continue the dance.  
Let the music be your guide,
if the music stops,
let the memory of the music fill your soul
and move your feet.
Maybe turn sideways and shuffle, always right foot ahead…
but take that step.
  Ever forward.  

Never fear the dance.  
Embrace the concept.  
Always put one foot in front of the other…
lead with your right.

Will you dance with me?
#love   #dance   #hope   #music   #persistance  
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