Chloe Chapman
Chloe Chapman
20 hours ago

Who made you the centre of my universe?
Because it sure wasn't me.
Do you think that I want my life to revolve around you
like i'm just a planet orbiting the sun,
A pair of jeans in the washing machine
Or flotsam in a whirlpool.
I don't suppose you'd understand,
How dizzy I get,
after a day around you
Or even a few moments.
How I can't keep my balance
And the world sort of tips
till' everything is inside out
backwards and all mixed up.
Except you.
because for some reason
the only stable thing
in this topsy-turvy world
is you.

not really sure how this came out.. critique welcome
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Nathan A
Nathan A
1 day ago

She pulled out my heart.
She kept it warm and beating.
She smiled and I smiled back

My heart pulsated in her hand....

She stopped....
Took a look at my beating heart...
She smiled as she threw it too the floor
Stomping on it, till it was broken

Leaving me.



Amory Caricia
Amory Caricia
17 hours ago

Is it strange that, when I'm driving, I am sometimes afraid?

I'm not afraid to crash, because I am an invincible driver
Of 20 small years.

I'm not afraid of speeding much--if I speed, it will be intentional.

I'm not afraid of animals crossing, for I have good reflexes
To avoid them
Plus, I never look back, just in case.
What I fear when I'm driving is the pressure behind the wheel...

I fear that it will build and climb and reach the point
Where the pressure is too much
And the wheel will shoot off of it's anchor and into my face
And--what is one to do in a situation like this?

I have already planned to bend my elbow in that instant
And point it directly at the wheel
So that as it shoots off,
The bridge of my nose will burrow into the bend of my right arm
My face would be nicely splinted for the blow
My eyesight saved
And arm would probably be mostly unbroken

So wherever I drive, I try to relax, though always truly on edge
Bewaring myself
Overbearing myself
For the pressure behind the wheel

this is true. I don't know why I'm scared of this. "bewaring" is not a proper word, it seems, but I have no problem with that.
#fear   #driving   #wheel   #caution  
joana lerica
joana lerica
23 hours ago

you run for
your breath
as flowers starts
to grow in
your lungs–
everyday, a new
flower blooms,
until there is
no more space
for air in
your lungs;
and I know
one day,
one day you
will completely
run out of
air to breath,
and he will
be the cause
of your death.

Inspired by my friend's story!!!
#poem   #flowers   #i   #tragic   #idk   #tried   #uh  
13 hours ago

When I wanted to cry my tears refused to fall, when I wanted to smile my smiles ran away fast, when I wanted to be loved everybody left me,

when I got comfortable alone Love came running from all sides towards me, It is the goodness in you the humble soul in you.

it is the love you bought to me to awake my smiles from the fast sleep they were in. It is because of you I am in love.

And there were times when I often felt my soul disappointed with me with the choices life had delt me.

it confused me and just took me into a darker hole that was filled with nothing but my disappointed soul, and as time went by I realised this is what life had wanted for me so I lived in that place it was sad but it was the only place I had.

Than you came along and helped me out brushed off all the sadness that was around  you took my hand and made it warm you made me believe that love had not run away, it was just waiting for xu to come my way  #JidosReality #Poetry #YouAndI

The Faithful Dreamer

Whirlwind of gossip.
Around and around it goes.
Wreaking chaos and havoc,
as the lies explode and grow.
Causing hurt.
Inflicting pain.
Ruining the course of one's entire life.
The untamed tongue.
Is a hellish fire.
Be careful what you speak.
Or your life could become a shipwreck.
To tame one's tongue is very wise.
Use it to bless and to heal.
Not to slander and criticize.
Use it to forgive and to love.
Fill it not with cursing and bitterness.
Be careful.
Oh so careful.
What you speak.
For the consequences can bring wounds very deep.
Be careful.
Oh so careful.
What you speak.

Inspired by James 3:5-12, Holy Bible
Max Vale
Max Vale
1 day ago

The music of silence,
Is one you'll never forget.
Not even the power of science,
Can explain why we never get enough,
Of this wondrous sound.

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