Summer Jackson
Summer Jackson
1 day ago      just now

Alcohol drowns my sorrows,
smoking numbs my pain
ya i might lose my lungs and my liver
but it s nothing compared to what i feel in my heart
the aching and the breaking
like its dividing into to itty-bitty pieces
i feel like you're killing me
but don't worry, lucky for me its just cancer.

E L Gonzales DedPoet
E L Gonzales DedPoet
1 day ago      16 minutes ago

Is this real,
Yes this is real.

This is the part where we escape
The sky and all its bubbles of depression
Floating away as the people stay
On the ground, grounded by every
Stressful thing and wearing the
Illusion of prestige.
      This is the fall,
Fall away from skies,
     The fall
Telling no more lies,
    The fall,
Galaxies in the eyes,
       The fall
What money cannot buy,
      The fall,
Where we will never die.....

     The fall, falling, fallen
  In love with you,
      The infinite present
In a dissolution of places,
     Disappearing faces,
   Where gravity cannot pace us,
         Into liquid light,
Here there is no center,
      No brokenness,
And all the world is the two of us,
         Embodying the fall.

Falling in love is the most joyous part. Usually unknown to the person, then, bam! You realise your in love. Enjoy your infinite moment.
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1 day ago      17 minutes ago

I'm not an introvert
I just want to be alone

ranDom mysTeries out in June. Becoming theweirdblack first single out on the 1st.
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Arlo Disarray
Arlo Disarray
22 hours ago      37 minutes ago

Chewing on my bitten fingernails,
as anxiety comes in to visit me
He takes me out for dinner and a movie,
to show me how my life's supposed to be

All the folks around us were frozen in their place,
unaware of what time would bring them next
As anxiety was giving me a tour
and explaining what in life I should expect

Tears were streaming down my face as I noticed
that the world was beautiful when it was still
But when the people of this planet are in motion,
all they ever seem to do is kill

Was I meant to be like everybody else?
Just another blob of flesh with pointless thoughts?
Anxiety shakes my bones, leaving me a mess
And my body just breaks down until it rots

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1 day ago      41 minutes ago

I noticed you at first day
But you didn't

First time we talked,
you thought that I was funny
We talked a lot from that day
And you recognized me as your friend
It was really a move,
because I started to liking you

You looked at me in the eyes,
with those brown iris.
You were sad that day,
and you said
that I was your best friend
Your sad eyes blinded me
I was drowning,
but you were too sad to see

Morning came
I realized you words
"best friend"
It was a sign
that I should stop my fight

When our knees touched
I didn't even know
to move my body or not
and terrifying at the same time

It was December
We were close than ever
You wished me happy birthday
And I almost said
"I love you too"

I knew it from the start
this whole thing could really pained me
"you can't be friend with someone you love"
But still,
dumb girl, do the dumb things

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Sophie Doomknuckles
Sophie Doomknuckles
5 hours ago      50 minutes ago

there is no color for regret
this fist of hindsight clenched in my stomach
sitting heavy, firm and uneasy

i can't paint over this lingering, wholesome sorrow
splashed in my lamentable eyes

the agony is blind and cannot feel its way out of this dark corridor
the uneasiness is more real than the feeler

repentance is stuck in my teeth and gnaws at my tongue
discomfort catches its fingernails on the chalkboard recesses of the past



the neon open sign flickers and its fumes are toxic

Ishshita Chanda
Ishshita Chanda
5 hours ago      59 minutes ago

Oh!! Your shade
you appear to be seductive violet
to brick red for your mature taste
my tongue is greedy for you
you calm my nervous system
but my heart envy you,
as nobody can give me such pleasure,

Your one sip,
reminds me of,
how passionately  you were made,
how each hand picked berries were minutely harvested,
how each berries were separated from stem & leaves to reduce the bitter taste,
how each berries were tipped into a receival bin,
how each berries were crushed to extract your purity
So the flavour of each berries can be felt
You are not too sweet, you are not too bitter,
thats what give me pleasure

"You share a human relationship bond"
  nor too sweet neither too bitter
   that creates love between a relation

You are not just a drink, you are the nectar of lords,
you make people beautiful to adore themselves,
you are the king of romance, where everyone wants to be your queen,
You are the shadow in darkness,
You are the undefine,

Thats you
"My Red wine"

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