Kriti Gupta
Kriti Gupta
1 day ago      5 seconds ago

One day someone is going to love me like you should have
And one day someone is going to cut you deeper than me
Then you'll know
That dealing with your kind can drive a person insane

I refuse to feel bad for something I didn't do
And I refuse to say that I wish the best for you
Even though I do
Because what kind of a boy gets hurt and then hurts you
One who's still in pain I assume

But that gives you no right
This isn't tennis
There's no hit for hit
Or tit for tat here
Defeating me won't defeat your past
All it did was break my heart

#heartbreak   #fuck   #you  
Akira Chinen
Akira Chinen
1 day ago      2 minutes ago

Dreamless sleep of eternity
Sleepless tears of love
Bloodless heart keeps beating
Boneless ghost keeps haunting
Forever's end repeating...


From you, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart,
The substance of my dreams took fire.
You built cathedrals in my heart,
And lit my pinnacled desire.
You were the ardour and the bright
Procession of my thoughts toward prayer.
You were the wrath of storm, the light
On distant citadels aflare.


Great names, I cannot find you now
In these loud years of youth that strives
Through doom toward peace: upon my brow
I wear a wreath of banished lives.
You have no part with lads who fought
And laughed and suffered at my side.
Your fugues and symphonies have brought
No memory of my friends who died.


For when my brain is on their track,
In slangy speech I call them back.
With fox-trot tunes their ghosts I charm.
‘Another little drink won’t do us any harm.’
I think of rag-time; a bit of rag-time;
And see their faces crowding round
To the sound of the syncopated beat.
They’ve got such jolly things to tell,
Home from hell with a Blighty wound so neat...

. . . .
And so the song breaks off; and I’m alone.
They’re dead ... For God’s sake stop that gramophone.

Umm Kirin
Umm Kirin
20 hours ago      14 minutes ago

"Thank you," he said, unpacking his things.

I had never seen so many knives before

and I was scared. But his eyes, so benevolently violent, told me not to be afraid.

"I feel as though I owe you so much more. Just tell me if anyone’s wronged you -

I promise, I will even the score.”

We all deserve someone who loves us enough to fight for us when we're not strong.
#love   #revenge   #loyalty  
George Cheese
George Cheese
39 minutes ago      18 minutes ago

We build our own cages.
We construct fences around our souls.
We scribble on the walls.
We believe this makes us free.

The world can terrify.
But there is nothing worse
than not experiencing life
for the fear of hurting.

#fear   #life   #souls   #free   #hurting   #wall   #cages   #scribble   #fences   #terrify  
1 day ago      24 minutes ago

i want to hold your hand through all the season changes; autumn to summer, making chains out of daises and i want you to know that love is probably my biggest fear
but you make me love with open arms
and as deep as outstretched oceans, grabbing hold of you with both palms and as violently as nuclear bomb explosions
i'll keep that fruitful heart of yours safe within my clutch because i know that mine is safe with you and your gentle benevolent touch

you make me remember why life is a joy rather than a burden and when my life draws its final curtains,
your face is the last i want to see
and i'm certain one day it'll all get a lot easier, the sky will be bluer and the breeze will be breezier,
and i'm certain until then we'll guide each other through because there's no one i'd rather be in life's ruthless grasp with than you

they say death is the only constant, i disagree
death is no match for you and me

#love   #life   #heart   #desire   #passion   #lust   #relationship   #romance   #hopeful   #sweet  
Rodrigo Raimundo-Ramos
Rodrigo Raimundo-Ramos
1 day ago      40 minutes ago

Oh. It seems I'm all alone.
It seems that there's nobody else with me.
When did I get left behind?
When did you all leave?

Oh. It seems that I'm not with you.
It seems that you have gone like all the others.
Where did you go?
Where could you all have gone?

Oh. It seems that all the days are cold.
It seems that everything is wrong.
When did this all happen?
When did it all change?

Is it so wrong?

Oh. I remember when we were together.
Then you left, you left.
You left me.

Oh. I remember when we used to be the same.
Then you changed, you changed.
You went away.

And now.
I'm standing here.
It's sunny, but all I see is rain.
And I've just realised that you've gone again.

Oh. It seems I won't be found.
It seems that there is no one left to look.
When did I get pulled away?
When did I lose everyone?
One by one.

Oh. I used to laugh just like everyone else.
I used to scream and shout and smile and cry.
But now you've all been taken by your need to be somewhere.
But not with me.
Oh, not with me.

Oh. It seems I'm all alone.
It seems that there's nobody else with me.
When did I get left behind?
When did you all leave?
Oh. But does it really matter when?
You left.
I'm all alone.

Oh. It seems there's nothing left for me to be here for.
It seems that everything I loved is gone.
Why did I get left behind?
Why did you all leave?


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