18 hours ago

God decided
to evacuate human from Earth
a confusion??
how to differentiate
Good people from bad
An idea
He send
Two spaceships  
One is heaven and another hell
A costly ticked for heaven
all rich and Evil somewhat
got an entry in it...
remaining entered in other..
before taking off
God changed the name
of the ships..

Keith Wilson
Keith Wilson
1 day ago

They  took  me  to  Windermere  today.
Just  to  put  Father  Christmas  away.

They  said  ,,We  haven,t  got  much  time
we  have  to  be  back  at  twelve  to  dine,,

I  didn,t  really  see  the  point
I  hadn,t  time  to  inspect  the  joint.

Flying  here  flying  there
Seem  to  have  no  time  to  spare.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.UK,  2017.

robert manchester
21 hours ago

Does a butterfly
dream and is that dream of me
as I dream of her.

Lady of Ravenhill

There is a place, deeply buried,
         that you magically healed
So lightly, your mindful touch
         caressed the pained places

Gingerly and one by one, my scars,
         sweetly you cleansed them
Broke the seals of time and
         slid open the panes
To let your purifying light pour in

That magic of yours, was love
         and being in your presence
Is the Sun on my pale marked skin
         after years hiding in darkness

©LadyofRavenhill 02/24/17
#love   #pain   #sun   #lover   #skin   #magic   #savior   #cleric   #healed   #cleansed  
3 hours ago

Protectress...manna, Luna, vulvic-veil,

my heinous highness, take this kiss upon

your forehead and crown.

Tinctured lips, paired pilgrims of our alchemy...

surmounted mount in tantric trust, the perfect

fit for this Age.

We watched each other's will hatch in the palms

of our hands...forgetting to argue who came first.

The rightful bliss of essential ignorance, world

manifest under our noses--roused by smelling salts

from intermittent faints...Love, Love, Love!

You, dearest of whomsoever came forth from innumerable

bodies, to be half-turn to my half-turn...round our world

on its head.

Bar to bar none axes...one string guitars from pole to pole--

played bloody by our fingers.

Corollas of red droplets...the poppies are everywhere, the

child you bore me was me--forcing me to man abandonment.

Caught at the lip of a curb ramp, I hurl handfuls of folly

skyward...as pieces of absence continually settle time.

I apply you to my proportion...Vitruvian Man versed in

your space, circle squared dear--circle squared...the poppies

are everywhere.

Broken down to simplest things, I lay you down, I lay me

down...try both sides of the bed where neither is met.

Just as I cease to exist, I-ness nets a sense of being, bolting

upright as if hearing the world fall.

We who observed continuous excellency of soul, stood

juxtaposed in extemporaneous awe.

How could I expel you, how could you expel me...from

such a juxtaposition?

The "invisible worm" brings tidings of forever before it

destroys the flower...the poppies are everywhere.

Hamouda Ismaili
Hamouda Ismaili
15 hours ago

Your face is my morning
A sun shines in my heart
I can see my future
Through your eyes
Two moons light up my dark night
Because of you..
I love my days
I adore my nights
I want live my whole life..
With you
With beauty
With sanity
Away from the hell of my destiny.

1 day ago

Even in a leopard bathrobe,
Naked face full of phlegm, wearing
The days of deep depression
Smeared across her face,

She was still a goddess.
A sick, beautiful, goddess
Who I'm glad woke up
This morning.

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