8 hours ago

a little boy killed himself today
i did now know him
Or go to school with him
he was only a freshman in high school,
no more than 15 years old
a little boy killed himself today.

a little boy killed himself today
because he felt like he was all alone in this great big world
because he thought he was a burden
because he hit rock bottom
because he felt he had nowhere to go
a little boy killed himself today.

a little boy killed himself today
he will never walk across that stage in his cap and gown
he will never get the promotion
he will never see his bride walk down the aisle
or his child take their first steps
a little boy killed himself today.

a little boy killed himself today
because he thought things would never get better.

but they do get better.
maybe not today, or tomorrow
maybe not even next week.
but they do get better.

this little boy that i tell you about
was overwhelmed with darkness
he felt like he was drowning
and he probably felt like his cries were going unheard.

i know this because I was once this boy.
but something inside me kept telling me
that it gets better
so i held out
they got better for me
and i promise you that things will get better for you too.

"suicide does not end the chances of life getting worse, suicide eliminates the possibility of it ever getting better"

i hope this young boy found peace, he will be missed. he went to my old high school and i was compelled to write this because i felt the exact same way at his age (and younger)
PLEASE SEEK HELP if you are struggling. if you suspect someone you love is struggling, reach out to them. the signs are there - you have to be able to recognize them.
you are loved more than you know
#suicide   #2017  
Mysidian Bard
Mysidian Bard
1 day ago

Time is not a war to be waged;
there can never be a winner.
At the end we're all the same;
the anointed and the sinner.

Take up your arms and you will find
you'll leave with less than you had;
all the fruits of your trying labor
will surely have gone bad.

Instead of changing the world around
try instead to be the change;
raise the white flag and you will earn
from a war you didn't engage.

If there's a lesson to be learned:
you need not hold the line.
All the anger and hate will depart
through the gentle surrender to time.

3 hours ago

I've walked many trails
through forests full of colors.
Leaves crunching, hues changing,
and with it, my emotions were ranging.

I've felt many breezes
that stirred branches and leaves.
My hair lifting, my feet trailing,
yet the wind kept on wailing.

I've seen many animals
living their lives in these woods.
So unassuming, never knowing,
my ache inside kept growing.

But I've never traveled trails like these,
so dark and can bring me to my knees.
But you traveled a trail like this,
it's dark yet there's a light you can't miss.

I still have a long trail to walk,
to even stray from time to time.
But your trail has faded away
and you'll never be here today.

My Oma passed away on January 14, 2017 may she rest in peace.
Rebecca Kinga
Rebecca Kinga
22 hours ago

Still wondering who had the blame
Who left and turned on the flames

Who was the first to close the eyes
Who was the first to start the lies

Who was the first to go and leave
Who didn't care who couldn't believe

Who broke a heart and taught to cry
Left flooded cheeks and couldn't dry

Who betrayed to star & counted tears
Who became gone while was near

Left to feel better but died instead
Turned back in blue while was red

Forgot the promises and lost the way
Broke the lights and waited for day...

I still can't understand all of these...
1 day ago

train wreak you diffused specks of hazel
that nude lipsticks were rigid romances
shriveling moans of moon light
slurring sequences with bold touches
like poetry smearing against slender ankles
humming cherry
"let your hands linger by my thighs"

new style from me ;)
#metaphor   #romance   #emotion   #lipstick   #touch   #cherry   #explicit   #nude   #thighs   #hazel  
DC raw love
DC raw love
3 hours ago

Life's limitation,
are only held by one's self...

Hopeless thoughts,
is where it starts.....

Life's emotions,
starts the notion...

Of a life,
we can't have...

Stress and burdens,
responsability and hurting....

Fear of not having,
is a wrong thought...

Drive and devotion,
is the right potion...

So hold your light,
into the night...

With love in your heart,
and control of your mind....

Work out life's problems,
and life will be fine...

5 hours ago

Time has a monstrous belly
And nothing I have

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