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It was a’ for our rightfu’ King
  We left fair Scotland’s strand;
It was a’ for our rightfu’ King
  We e’er saw Irish land,
          My dear—
  We e’er saw Irish land.

Now a’ is done that men can do,
  And a’ is done in vain;
My love and native land, farewell,
  For I maun cross the main,
          My dear—
  For I maun cross the main.

He turn’d him right and round about
  Upon the Irish shore;
And gae his bridle-reins a shake,
  With, Adieu for evermore,
          My dear—
  With, Adieu for evermore!

The sodger frae the wars returns,
  The sailor frae the main;
But I hae parted frae my love,
  Never to meet again,
          My dear—
  Never to meet again.

When day is gane, and night is come,
  And a’ folk bound to sleep,
I think on him that ’s far awa’,
  The lee-lang night, and weep,
          My dear—
  The lee-lang night, and weep.

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Ever tender, ever sweet
The honest admission.
Oh, the quiet flutter of the heart.
A shortness of breath,
A strain in her chest---
Could he hear it?
She hoped he could.

She was in love.
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I knew I loved him
When I realized
I didn't expect anything
From him;
Not even his love.

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darling daughter, dad has left us
he says he won't be coming back
it's not your fault or burden, dear
a spell has made him lose his track

my dear mother,
the pain lacerates my heart
his leftover vodka rips my soul
and forever empties my heart of love

love is a concept
a figment of imagination
but does it truly exist
when i am here?

my heart's tearing too, my sweet
but i'd nimbly endure its double
if i could shield you from its cause
to spare you all grief's trouble

let's not give up on love, my girl
these aching holes in us are proof
we're made to seek its filling warmth
and to nest beneath its sheltering roof

your daddy's soul is broken too
like a well that's leaked all its water
plagued with a thirst he can't ignore
and demons he's out to slaughter

but mother,

is it so when
our hearts are ripped
from every corner of our soul,
we turn into unforseen beasts?

the pain seeps
into me like
some sort of poison
i can't control

my walls are broken
how can i ever mend
against a resistance
intent on pursuit of troubles

you weep with the spirit of asaph
who lamented in psalm seventy-three
of emerging a beast in his grieving
embittered by frail men's iniquity

he learned that the path to his healing
was sufficiently wrapped in God's love
that when all on the earth had failed him
perfection reached down from above

the spirits of lost winds
plague him
as he's filled and perforated
with fury

i've pleaded with his spirits
but they've forsaken him
continuously receded
and left his body

he shook hands
with the innermost depths
of his cold heart
and can't be freed

so maybe his leaving us is his love
to protect us from his deep torment
i know it's not right, but in his own way
feeling without him we'd be more content

i pray he'll find solace in God's grace
and the power that sets free a captive
for there's nothing of mortal persuasion
to redeem fallen souls unadaptive

if not for Christ's paschal atonement
no man could escape hellish rage
and except for His Spirit's blowing
we'd all be locked up in death's cage

no man has encountered more fury
than this One who was torn for us
marred beyond human recognition
to bear sin and shame on the cross

i guess, mother
it's now time to leave
who he was
to what he has become

the path has been
divided into two
as if it were separate worlds
but the hell is all but subsided


Here is my long awaited poem project with the absolutely amazing alyssa :) she is such an amazing person and allowed for me to come out of my comfort zone to write this :) i am beyond proud of this piece :)
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Glenn George D Salazar

The more i sinned with her
The more i wanted to do good.
So i can taste the smoke from those lips
Just one more time.
Jesus christ.
If the flames of hell had a taste
Im guessing
They'd taste about the same as her.

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9 hours ago

Write love poems
as if
you would never outgrow them.

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Dave Kavanagh
Dave Kavanagh
1 day ago

You still lay beside his chair.
Head on paws and patient stare
Waiting for the lad in vain
Until your death you will remain.
Eyes once bright now stare blind
Seek the past and master kind
Memory of beloved call
That drew you from both field and hall
Muzzle now shot through with grey
You are a dog of yesterday
Your days are drawing to an end
You wait in vain for your lost friend
Your coat once bright has lost its sheen
You walk on legs with palsy seen
But in dog dreams your running still
Boy by your side on shore and hill
Old dog your days are all but done
And in the end I will be the one.
To set you free from your pain
So you can run with my lost boy again.

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