LA the Poet
LA the Poet
1 day ago      5 seconds ago

I love endlessly,
I am yours as much as you are mine.
Your happiness is my happiness,
Your pain, as well, is mine.

One word with a Million Meanings...
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Sam Stone Grenier
Sam Stone Grenier
1 hour ago      2 minutes ago

I'll leave my window open
so in darkness-deep
maybe, just maybe
you'll hear me weep

Sycamore Spirit
Sycamore Spirit
6 hours ago      12 minutes ago

I want to open your skull and lick your mind.

intelligent lust
Five Fingers
Five Fingers
4 hours ago      28 minutes ago

I heard it,
a shatter.
Could it be my spirits broke?
could it be my tender heart
whose true feelings will never be spoke.
I know you don't want to be that guy,
I know you don't want me to be that fool.
But the truth is i never heard such a piercing lie,
how could words be so purely intentioned,
but cruel.

You lie to protect me.
maybe that's just what i want to believe
my heart screams "it must be"
my head says don't be naive
I been trying to move forward believe me,
I've been trying for so long
but my hands wont grasp the pieces
cause maybe i just don't want to move on.

I just want

As you are

As you've always been.

I wish there were a simpler way,
I wish the stars were better aligned,
I wish i had the courage to say

that I love you too
and i always will
Even if you really meant it,

I will love you still.

he said he loved me. then he said he was just confused.
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Eriko Whittaker
Eriko Whittaker
2 hours ago      30 minutes ago

A shadow of night
Hope festering among stars
My heart clutched in
The palms of my hand
As thoughts wield into luminous scars

A lost affection resurfaced by light
A habit, that is
Whispered as time etches Her might
And through the weight of Her fists
Need not to dwell for what is missed

So I collected the remnants of my heart
And began to ask from my very vain soul
What yet that is not the light?
I turned the coals from my eyes into rubies
And my heart opened to the entire world

misfit wanders
misfit wanders
8 hours ago      1 hour ago

I lost a part of myself
The day you walked away from me.
The part that loved,
The part that felt.

I used to love the bay where we watched the sunset,
now it's polluted with
sickly sweet people with their hands intertwined
with people they think they love.

We used to listen to John Mayer on the stereo
every night before we sleep,
I traced endless patterns on you bare chest,
your fingers tangled in my messy curls,
now I hate his songs because they remind of you,
so and so that they make me cry.

You used to take me to long drives
in midnight,
now you made me an insomniac who
wants nothing to do with the midnight
because it's when memories of you haunt me.

You took from me
A part I'm never getting a back,
A part that took more than half of my being.
Because now I realized,
once you were gone,
I was also gone.

Hey guys, so I haven't written a poem in so long. I hope you guys like this one. The poem's pretty easy to interpret and I hope you can relate. Don't forget to press like, leave a comment, and follow me. Please make this poem trend like all the other ones. Thanks!
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R Saba
R Saba
4 hours ago      1 hour ago

a love that tried to love back
but failed, stepped on by experience
dragged away by abandoned words
taking their revenge
(softly, slowly)
a love that began like the crash of drums
into a song that went on
with a bridge spanning miles
and a chorus just bright enough
to make me believe
this love could love us back, and stay
past the end of the show, through the slow shuffle
of a drunken crowd
and i'd take your hand
and lead you home
and show you my mind
but this love recoiled
and did not love again

wrote this awhile ago, found it today making too much sense
#love   #fear   #end   #feeling   #natural   #beginning  
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