Wuthering Heights
Wuthering Heights
1 day ago      2 seconds ago

I want to draw on the moon
in black with a broken
crayon 'I LOVE YOU'.

  Lit by PG
2 hours ago

What comes into our heads as day turns into night
And sky turns black as cool before the next morning’s light?
Idle fantasies of childhood? Scoring the game’s final run?
Imagining years down the line with a daughter or a son?

Like an ever spiraling maze with an ending unclear
Some stoke our pleasures, others bring unsettled fear
The one time when we truly are impossible to find
Since no one else can access the reaches of our mind

Or perhaps these are not thoughts we have while we sleep
But ambitions to guide our path and goals that we keep
Directions from one point to another, like GPS in a car
So we can reach the mountain’s summit, not just admire it from afar

No matter the topic or intensity, let these visions in your life
Whether they come in times of quiet peace, or heavy angst and strife
Obstacles will no doubt appear along the way
Translate the phrase carpe diem; go out and seize the day

Janie Chapa
Janie Chapa
1 day ago      1 minute ago

The Words
Came out with joy.
What a display !
Like fireworks in the sky !
The emotions high !
Would you like some pie?
Or will you continue to spy ?

Don't ask,  Lol
#words   #sky   #joy   #emotions   #spy  
1 hour ago      22 minutes ago

Oh the nostalgia,
Oh memory lane,
a poet's dream that we try to capture
in vain
because the essence of what once was,
is never the same,
as the situation is
and that is beautiful.
Beautifully lame.
Because how can one song
Trigger a lifetime of memories
If the song has no real meaning to you.
But it was the feeling,
The freedom,
The risk,
And that's why it triggers so many thoughts and memories
Pain and happiness,
And if I cry in the middle of class
While writing this,
Then it's okay,
I can feel
I can feel
I can feel.

Afrodita Nestor
Afrodita Nestor
15 hours ago      28 minutes ago

What am I
When our lips are miles apart
And the words
you whisper
Are not for me
What am I
When you run your fingers
Through the hair
Of an unknown beauty
One of many
What am I
When you give me wings
To fly away
but cut them off
As you please
What am I
When your eyes are blind
To the pain you cause
When you call me love
What am I
My love
What am I to you

Copyright Afrodita Nestor
#love   #feelings   #life   #pain   #real  
10 hours ago      30 minutes ago

i'd like to kiss you

but i can't bring myself
to lean closer

in fear of
tasting all the things
you won't tell me

#love   #kiss   #sad  
8 hours ago      34 minutes ago

I tried to tickle my vegan fancy
With bushels of quinoa and kale,
I was told no meat or dairy
Was the healthy Holy Grail.

But I was sad and hungry
With every burger I declined,
See me toss away my salad bowl,
I’m in a sirloin state of mind.

I filled my fridge with veggies,
Bean sprouts and legumes,
But I dreamt of pancetta
And links of sausage to consume.

Breakfast was plain yogurt
Lunch was collard greens,
Snacks were roasted edamame,
Damn, they’re just soy beans.

I was getting much too skinny,
My ribs were protruding,
I became short-tempered,
And was dark and brooding.

I covered all the mirrors,
I looked so pale and pasty,
All day I would salivate,
Craving something hot and tasty.

My vegan days are over
Enjoying pork chops, ham and bacon
I thought veggies were the answer,
But it seems I was mistaken.

Feel free to live off plants,
If you are so inclined,
But I’m firing up the grill,
I’m in a sirloin state of mind.

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