Olivia Petrust
Olivia Petrust
1 day ago      7 seconds ago

I could do anything I want to do.
I could be anything if I wanted to.
But I'll waste my time
living a beautiful lie.
At least I can say that I
lived while I was alive.

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Craig Harrison
Craig Harrison
16 hours ago      4 minutes ago

Is hitting restart on our lives just a dream
do we really start again
out with the old and in with the new
we can try and change, but do people let us

Decorating an house is easy but what about something hard
like a change in personality
new hobbies, new friends, new dreams
do the people we know let us change

If you told your friends you developed a taste for opera
or maybe sky diving
would they accept you and let you change
or would they try to put you down to stop you.
We like to think that our friends would accept us no matter what
but if you completely changed you entire personality
would they accept or would they try to keep you the way you were.

siobhan franks
siobhan franks
17 hours ago      10 minutes ago

I promised myself
"I will get there next year!",
With the people I trust though. Not the ones from the crowd.

we will save together,
and re-watch the history,
and plan every outfit, every detail to a tee.

we will travel together, laugh together
and come across unforgettable moments together.
But nothing will be planned once we step in the gates

to realise we are ready.
being Graduated and Free

andenrangs poet
andenrangs poet
1 day ago      12 minutes ago

jeg smiler stift og monotomt til verden udenfor,
alt i mens jeg drikker kaffe der er ligeså sort som mit indre.

#dansk   #danish   #sind   #kaffe   #digt   #indre   #flelse  
1 hour ago      14 minutes ago

She travels down cigarettes;
performs gas lamp ceremonies for
an empire of silk and bone.
It belongs to her.
Says she wants to
test her hardware.
she comes to me,
takes me by the jeans,
says she is strong.

Says she is a Woman.

2 hours ago      28 minutes ago

Assembling an hour before their postponed gala.
A somber vigil is held on a day meant for celebration.
Tears running down teenage faces and onto rented attire
Friends and family tell stories of her love.
Purple balloons carrying messages of mourning
Fill the early evening sky.
Momentarily huddled into a herd of heartache.
Before dancing alone to the tune of the wind.

Dio Anamia
Dio Anamia
1 day ago      42 minutes ago

this morning
I wanted to knock on your door and told you to sleep next to me;
because I wanted to feel your skin

this morning
when we sit in the sofa
next to each other
I wanted to press my lips again yours;
because I hadn't tasted it for days

this morning
when you said 'get closer'
and whispered those three words slowly
I had an extreme urge to kiss your neck;
because that's how I would reply your sweetest words

this morning
I wanted you more
this morning
I wanted just to lay in that king-sized bed; and breathe. next to you.
this morning
I wished our love is forever
because I have no reason to let you go

oh darling, if our love is true, do you want, and wish the same?
because this morning, I'm all yours.

7/13/14 | your arms, the home of my lovely sad heart
#love   #kiss   #poet   #life   #home   #longing   #hug   #miss   #couple   #arms  
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