2 hours ago

" it's the eyes chico, they never lie " how I wish you could see mine. Tear stained, tired and then again not because I cannot lie and say that just seeing yours light up doesn't make my heart smile. I told her that, I love you, I also told her a whole lot more. One thing that stuck was " I know what being without her feels like and God loving her  from a far, from a careful distance, is better than anything else, is better than having to go on as if, you arent  "

- scarface.  
- it hurts a little less
- mind numbing
1 hour ago

I drove around
My city

I'm not sure why

I enjoy Sunday drives
I won't lie

A man had to
Speed around me

He just had to pass
Couldn't let things be

Then he reached his destination
About a 1/4 of a mile up the road

I am slow today
Like a toad

Attention: roommates
Headphones on
Means stay away

As I enjoy the day

Thomas R Roach
12 hours ago

I am a miner and I delve the dark depths of the earth: where every second’s full of fright and men are only there on sufferance.  Here, rocks can tumble crushing us, our shrieks and groans and flying blood they cover all, and we who live, can only stand and stare.

Oh Lord, why was I above the ground, the day those people flew? To be below, in my black mine, would have been better.

Why was I there to hear the rocket’s roar?  
Why was I there to hear the bang?
Why was I there to see the whirling, twirling people?
Why was I the one to find the little girl?
(Her blond hair streamed, her blue eyes smiled
and in her mouth she’d tucked her thumb.)

A thousand feet beneath my toes, I’ve often seen the Devil’s work in progress.  But I never thought in G’d’s blue sky I’d see the Devil openly. That day I looked toward the sun and there I saw him laughing.  That’s what I saw, good Lord, the day the Devil made the people fly.

This is a prose-poem.  It has elements of several styles of poetry in it. .... I was profoundly moved by the destruction of flight MH17.  I was also moved by the fact that coal miners, from a local pit, took the time to search the fields of sunflowers and other crops for the bodies of the fallen.  It took me over a month to arrive at the mouth of a miner and to express what I conceived were his thoughts.
Ramsha Navaid
Ramsha Navaid
7 hours ago

Galaxies offer me curiosity
while this dungeon earth eats my whole life
thy my death can made me explore new mysteries
but what about life which I shall can never cherish

1 day ago

what have the drunkards told you?

that you were beautiful--
different, gentle, pure
while they were busy
vacillating, you found
yourself whole among
their stormy seas, a tidal
wave bearing down upon
choppy waters where sailors
are lost and boats are sunk
ships full of diatribes and
bitterness, crippling resentment
folded into the bathus --

What have the drunkards told you?

to be less, to dissolve, to speak expressly in
salt and sex, come down from the hill, from
the towers, from the lighthouses where you
poured over the bounding main
learning to be for others lost
what have the drunkards told you?
mixed and unbecoming, double minded
and hopeful for your body

but testimony seeps out from beneath your dress
and some men are scared of lights and lamps
of flowers pressed into the walls, quiet and
unassuming, of stair steps and bookcases
without books

be the light
be the light

(c) Brooke Otto 2016

it is what it is.
16 hours ago

Just bite the bullet...
I'll know better than to try
Next time, don't bother

2 hours ago

My boy cinnamon was brave
But he wasn't enough

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