Ola Radka
Ola Radka
2 hours ago

When the window
of your mind
is clean,
you can see
the beauty of the Unseen.

22 hours ago

We live in a velvet world
Soft. With comfort. Free.
We've seen only kindness here
Love and liberty
Each person here lives without fear
In health and dignity
There are those less fortunate
Who lived in war's debris
They weep and cry... they may die
Why can't we all see?

They are children bound in prison
Captives from their birth
Bound in chains, there lives restrained
By poverty's black curse
They are poor, and they need more!
They also have worth!
Can't you see? They must be FREE


There are those out begging
Those who have no food
Those who have not medicine
Long ago approved
Those who drink of water
From muddy lakes & streams
Also used as toilets
Can you not hear their screams?


I don't want to hurt you
Or put you in shame
You're not the ones who did this
Not personally to blame
Just remember that you have the power
To END this wretched game
All children should play in peace


Imagine there's a world
Where kids can laugh & play
In the warm, soft meadows
With flowers bright & gay
I will fight for their rights


Fundamental WORTH!
We'll find a way
To help TODAY



Dedicated to Jakub Stepniak aka Kuba Ka.
He's a pop performer who started doing benefit concerts for children when he was only a child himself. Nine years old!

A humble young man & good person. I hope he can use this song!
Annamaria Dosseva

Stopped on the shore
to snap a picture,
"can you pose more candidly?"
you asked the water,

while the sun scurried
across the sky to duck
behind the horizon for fear
of the ensuing argument.

#water   #argument   #photo   #candid  
Remi Leroy
Remi Leroy
1 day ago

The sound of cars driving by in the distance,
The sound of trains carrying passengers,
The sound of the night breeze dancing through leaves, making them rustle.

There are no stars in sight as I stare at my blank ceiling, a single bulb in the middle, fused.
I keep my eyes open and the darkness starts to swirl, fading at the edges and congregating at random spots.
The dryness in my throat somehow spreads to my eyes.
The stinging reminds me of soot and fire.

(Remember how you burned my lungs in a forest fire?)

My eyes start to water as I fight to keep staring at the darkness.
I refuse to fall asleep.
I refuse to return to the dreams abundant with your luring smiles, plagued with your careless whispers.

I refuse to wake up from those dreams with you.
I refuse to wake up to another cold morning without you.

#love   #heartbreak   #poem   #poetry   #sad   #fire   #sleep   #lost   #breakup  

I was a 4 year old kid who visited his father in hospital every day for months. The worst part about that was prentending everything will be normal. That me telling my dad "it'll be ok" will make it come true.But it doesn't.People would walk around and tell me that ok is relative. Some are just more ok than others but in that moment I felt anything but okay. Because to this day, I still say "no kid should watch his father strapped up to machines trying to breathe the words that say don't worry too much". Between each broken breath I can remember him asking about whether I'd behave at home, like a few bruises and cuts on my face would change how anything was going to play out. Some days I wish I could reverse death. Some days I wish I could reverse time. This is one of those days. Because 17 years ago I lost a man who was supposed to show me what it was like to be a man. How to stand like a man. How to walk like a man. How to talk like a man. So you know what really keeps me going? Being childish. It's easier. Easier to pretend. Easier to believe in imaginary things like an imaginary dad giving me advices. Most kids grew up with an imaginary friend or a unicorn, I grew up with an imaginary dad.

21 hours ago

If you knew the landing were made of swords,
Would you jump?

If you saw the bridge collapse, descending to the deep,
Would you follow?

If you had to rewatch your life at heavens gate,
Would you regret?

If you knew my touch were poison,
Would you accept it?

If you knew your actions had consequences,
Would you lie with him again?

Then why do you return to me,
And fall down on your knees
Begging for what I cannot give

If you knew I'd say the same,
Scream at you to leave,
Would you go back and treat me that way again?

An idea from reading one of Lori Jones Mcaffery's works, where knowing something is nothing does not always stop us. Consequences cannot always deter us from stupid, hurtful actions. Appreciate feedback <3
Riel Adriane
Riel Adriane
1 day ago

My doors are embodied with your scent
and everlasting memories;
But one thing is for sure that I
will never forget:
It's when you left me alone
at my room and made me
fell into your gentle ruins.

But darling,
if ever you wanted to sneak into my zone
right exactly where you had left me,
My doors are always open for you
to come in anytime.

Feel free to tiptoe around my comfort zone,
Feel free to lay beside me,
Feel free to ruin my chest,
or my life,
or even my door.

But know that you were the last person to touch my doorknobs.

#love   #poem   #poetry   #broken   #sad   #life   #depressed   #hurt   #me   #broke  
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