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Is it really all that hard
to say thank you?

This in no way is directed at anyone on this site. This was written based on a personal situation, but I guess it is good to remember to thank those who are nice to us.
Abundance of insincerity
Abundance of insincerity
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I remember how you
pushed me against the wall
and in a way I would never fall
pressed your body onto mine
Your arms gripped tight like a vine
You closed your eyes
To mask your want in disguise
Then hasted to kiss me
My lips parted as to agree
Your pin so firm,so strong
There was no way I could've escaped even if it felt wrong
But honestly I just wanted that too
My heart beat as if wild animals were at the zoo
It was weird yet right
Unknown and light
Perfect and flawed
Bound to make us awed
Now I hate how it ended
Its not like I wanted
Now I have to bear this feeling
Of something missing
To avoid the temptation
Of your lips filled with flirtation
So cold yet soft
Bow shaped and liked most

I hate how I close my eyes and think of you and what happened
My heart saddened
Knowing I shouldn't and I couldn't do it anymore
Hanging by those word to which you swore.

Inspired by looking for Alaska by John Green.
#love   #kiss   #passion  

I was enriched, not casting after marvels,
But as one walking in a usual place,
Without desert but common eyes and ears,
No recourse but to hear, power but to see,
Got to love you of grace.

Subtle musicians, that could body wind,
Or contrive strings to anguish, in conceit
Random and artless strung a branch with bells,
Fixed in one silver whim, which at a touch
Shook and were sweet.

And you, you lovely and unpurchased note,
One run distraught, and vexing hot and cold
To give to the heart’s poor confusion tongue,
By chance caught you, and henceforth all unlearned
Repeats you gold.

A B Perales
A B Perales
1 hour ago      52 minutes ago

Sleepless nights
when I've
laid in
the thick darkness
listening to the
sirens scream
the city.

Drawn out sleepless
nights ,
nights that I spent
conjuring up
images of better

Sleep deprived
lonely nights,
nights  I spent
someone else's
legless sheep.

Nights I spent
wasting hours
by thinking of
nothing but
the past.

Justin Time
Justin Time
2 hours ago      54 minutes ago

Wake-up with the pill bottle next to me
Other side is the girl that had sex with me
I know she doesn't love me
I just flaunt some of the money
Then they wanna come see

Get out of bed when they start to kick in
So amazed how I got all these prescriptions
Pill caddy because today I'm on a mission
Driver is out front
Time to put on the front

Get to the office, bursts of motivation
See my partner do it-with no medication
But things are fine, no reason to whine
I got it all

But when I define all, it's where I fall
Money, drugs, mansion
And no hugs from a honey or some laughing
Who will I share it with?
My computer I just stare at it

Give my tasks to my secretary
Because, that's why I pay you, Sheree
I'm just the founder
With a bold face to motivate

No more brown nosing
See, now they brown nose me
But as the clock hits four PM
Look at all our profits, yeah I see them

Time for my downers so I can mellow out
All the guilt, time to throw it out
Let's go out, Sheree
She says yes, not to me...but to the money
Yeah I admit it kinda hurts...
But its all in, A Day's Work

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1 day ago      1 hour ago

I got lost somewhere along the way
while I was frolicking through the lunar glow
the scent of half-smoked cigarettes
and sweet perfume.
gets the best of me.

I crave happiness
and I'm having withdrawls,
taken over by adverse thoughts
an immutable, stabbing
pain in my chest.

I want to run,
I don't want to leave.

#sad   #pain   #lost   #gone  
Jonathan Sterry
Jonathan Sterry
19 hours ago      1 hour ago

Time: a perception so daunting,
A flow of moments so varied.
Time: a crushing veil in life,
A gliding climb and endless descent.
Time: a sweet memory, savoured,
A stream of endless joys and dreams.
Time: so crisp and true in the mind,
A con so ruthless and inhuman.
Time: the morbid joker laughing,
Casting a silent slumber upon all our souls.

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