Jeffrey Stevens Pua
Jeffrey Stevens Pua
23 hours ago      2 seconds ago

...into roots...
...of our love.

© 2014 J.S.P.

#love   #minimalist   #5w  


Awake, glad heart! Get up and sing,
It is the birthday of thy King,
     Awake! Awake!
     The sun doth shake
Light from his locks, and all the way
Breathing perfumes, doth spice the day.

Awake, awake! Hark, how the wood rings,
Winds whisper, and the busy springs
     A consort make;
     Awake, awake!
Man is their high-priest, and should rise
To offer up the sacrifice.

I would I were some bird or star,
Fluttering in woods, or lifted far
     Above this inn
     And road of sin!
Then either star, or bird, should be
Shining, or singing still to Thee.

I would I had in my best part
Fit rooms for Thee! Or that my heart
     Were so clean as
     Thy manger was!
But I am all filth, and obscene,
Yet if Thou wilt, Thou canst make clean.

Sweet Jesu! will then; Let no more
This leper haunt, and soil Thy door,
     Curse him, ease him
     O release him!
And let once more by mystic birth
The Lord of life be born in earth.


How kind is heaven to man! If here
     One sinner doth amend
Straight there is joy, and every sphere
     In music doth contend;
And shall we then no voices lift?
     Are mercy, and salvation
Not worth our thanks? Is life a gift
     Of no more acceptation?
Shall He that did come down from thence,
     And here for us was slain,
Shall He be now cast off? No sense
     Of all His woes remain?
Can neither Love, nor sufferings bind?
     Are we all stone, and earth?
Neither His bloody passions mind,
     Nor one day bless His birth?
   Alas, my God! Thy birth now here
   Must not be numbered in the year.

Charlotte Johansen
Charlotte Johansen
12 hours ago      12 minutes ago

whether or not we fall asleep in your bed
won't cure nor break this
but how sweet it would be
to share the sheets, rest our minds, quicken our hearts
because it's safer to be tucked away
the ceiling sees us, we see each other
it all feels right
as we sleep questionless and answerless


Crossyde Gimp
Crossyde Gimp
4 hours ago      14 minutes ago

Journeying through life I've learnt many many things;
I've learnt to say sorry, as well as say thanks
I've learnt to be silent, and speak when I can;
And also be friendly, with a shake of the hand.

I've learnt to be honest, both to me and to you
Be the best I can in all I think, say and do
I've learnt to cross boundaries, and also obey rules.
I've learnt to be a brother, friend, lover, even a fool

I've learnt to say "I love you" and mean it from my heart
I've also learnt to let go; although it's the saddest part
I've learnt to be faithful and loyal to the end
Above all i've learnt to seat back and enjoy having a friend

I've learnt that life teaches from both sides of the coin
Like; love when you can but let go when you should.
So I've learnt how to whisper, I've learnt how to scream
And I've learnt how to wake up and pursue my dream

My friend and colleague #Ranghas, inspired this perspective in me and it's pretty amazing how life presents us with different lessons; the most important of all being that each day comes with a chance to live life in its fullness.
Light of Day
Light of Day
1 hour ago      16 minutes ago

I hear again the sound
of the sea
the water touching my toes

I feel once more
Those arms
that carry me while I am shouting
the same words-

        My love,
        no matter what...
        I love you forever!

We dance again
to the music of the rain
and play like children
like what we had been seeing
in our dreams before

I am yours
You are mine
We are destined to be one

<3 <3 <3
#love   #i   #you   #forever   #destiny   #destined  
Raj Arumugam
Raj Arumugam
2 hours ago      22 minutes ago

always wanted a part
in a film
so I asked a director if he'd give me a break
and the director told me: "Break a leg"
and I thought he'd meant me to get
experience for a disaster movie
(sort of Stanislavsky's method acting)
so I did

but I never got a part;
the director just laughed and waved me away -
but at least I was in the cast for weeks

Layne Joy
Layne Joy
3 hours ago      28 minutes ago

There are so many romanticized photos of girls sitting and a man's hand on her thigh.
I don't think I quite understood the thrill until last night.
Until your hand was draped over my thigh, just above my kneecap.
Such a simple gesture expanded to a half an hour in the White Castle parking lot
and it led me to question what I wanted.

A piece of me wanted you
over my sheets, fully clothed,
watching some film on my Netflix
queue, kissing and joking until
we fell asleep next to each other.

The other piece of me wanted you
growling in my ear, your lips
pressed against my neck, and my
fingertips pressed into your hips,
hands shaking and stumbling to
remove your shirt button by button.

That half an hour was spent listening to the things you enjoyed
with a few sexual innuendoes slithering in-between topics.
I'd usually mind, I'd usually try to stop it,
but I love hearing people talk about things they're passionate about
and I love watching your lips, whether they're singing, speaking, or kissing.

I'm sorry you were caught off guard, I just couldn't find you.
Now that I have, everything is alright

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