Nolan Davis
Nolan Davis
5 hours ago

Here's a story about a man
Who put it on the line
Mostly calm as best as he can,
It's rare to hear him whine.

But never the fool he has to play,
The man's usually on top.
But in this moment he's nothing to say,
His eyes scream to make it stop.

Relationship woven with a pattern of trust.
Gone up in ashes with drunken lust,
A spark into a flame,
He turns his head in shame,
He lays his cards upon the table,
He's folding from this game.

He'll never say it, but we all know
That this cut him pretty deep
And to be strong, he won't let it show,
But inside he'll silently weep.

A soldier leaves no comrade behind,
A brotherhood bond struck true.
And as our friend we shall remind,
That he's better off without you.

Jon Snow
Jon Snow
1 day ago

The candle flame shivers
because of cold,

Ink on the paper becomes dessicated
because of thirst,

And the dead chills
because of silence…

Tori Jones
Tori Jones
1 day ago

When our pain
And hurts
Bring us to the ground
We are broke to pieces
And pushed around
By people
And their faults
Which make us feel
Even worse
Than we did when we started off
For faults and failures
Are where we find
Pain and guilt
That we can't leave behind
For the past failures
Show through our fake smiles
And destroy what's left of us
Once and for all
Giving up
We take the fall
Not caring about the pain
For we are numb
From soaking in the rain
For we all have our faults...

16 hours ago

For the last few years
I've lived by the water
and when I come home
from work I grab a bottle
to pour something from
and shut my eyes
to sip it or something
like that I look like
I'm dozing off but not
really because I'm a star
you think is a moon
that is moving like
the water I live on
sitting up in my bed
ashamed of the books
left in outlines and
shadows in the shade
where I draw a breath
all thirsty for the unread.

adhi das
adhi das
1 hour ago

Magician of mind playing with words
Writer using wand wisely
To create the reflection of life

☆★Smiles to all writers★☆
♡for myMuse♡
#words   #life   #writer   #magician   #wand   #wisely  
david mungoshi
david mungoshi
2 hours ago

The clock on my tablet has struck twelve
And I wonder what it is I can easily delve
Into on a night as wondrous as this one is

Back home the witching hour has come
And I am sixty-seven and feeling calm
Here in the queen’s realm I still am sixty-six

I watch the cloudy skies for a sign, any sign
Dawn is a reticent traveller and by design
In the home country we’d be up and about

What a lark when finally it’s daybreak here
And there’s none of the fabled English bird songs
To serenade my day, just the sulky silence and drizzle

Who needs contrivance when family is here and warm?
My day is made when finally at table we sit and are merry
Counting my blessings and dreaming of something spectacular.

I turned 67 on 30 September. At midnight Zimbabwe time it was still 29th September in the UK. So I couldn't but help reflecting upon this phenomenon, having just arrived in Bromsgrove to visit my daughter and her family.
4 hours ago

he says
he doesn't want me
like he should.
his blood doesn't boil
and he doesn't feel desire
like he wants to
when he sees me.
but he comes to me
crawls to me
sneaks to me

in the night,
whispering "it's been a while"
while he brushes my cheek.
and then he's
satisfied and disappointed
when he realizes that
he needs me
more than
he wants me,
and that i'll always
want him
more than
i need him.

#love   #sad   #life   #real   #sex   #honest  
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