1 day ago


As I walked past the evergreens
I glanced up to the sky
Storm clouds rolling quickly in
I would need a place to hide

A wind gust caught my cotton skirt
So I quickly smoothed it down
At first the drops fell quietly
Then the storm grew very loud

I hid under a big maple tree
Hoping that I might stay dry
The thunder roared around me
As the lightning lit up a bright sky

"Over here" I heard a voice cut in
Between the thunderous roars
I looked to see a small stone cottage
And a man standing in the door

I might think twice in normal times
About running to the arms of a stranger
But the look about this handsome man
Seemed worth the risk of danger

Inside the cottage a fire was lit
Beneath me a puddle on the floor
I gladly accepted an over sized shirt
And changed behind closed doors

The shirt was big but truth be told
It barely covered my thighs
When I stepped back into the room
I suddenly became quite shy

He a gentleman focused on eyes not legs
Said "Here, come sit by the fire"
Oh sure I thought, you're handsome as sin
How the hell will I cool this desire

We talked of weather and unimportant things
Then we both stood at just the same time
Standing too close I could feel my weak knees
To kiss him could surely not be a crime

That moment when our eyes locked in
I knew he was thinking just such
So I stepped in and he moved forward
And our lips soon met to touch

A gentle and patient man was he
Not pressing too fast or too hard
Something in him woke a hunger in me
I very quickly let down my high guard

The kissing grew heavy, hungry and deep
Clothes unbuttoned and dropped to the floor
I loved everything that my tongue was exploring
But it wasn't enough and I longed for much more

By the fire lay a blanket, thick and so soft
I lay naked near the flickering flames
Giving myself over to a stranger by a fire
With not a care about discovering his name.

Just a little fantasy about a handsome man I know.
8 hours ago

Laying on the bed, reading your wedding invite.
I recall the day you went silent and I threw my crown.
Stepping down and lost myself.

Today I let you go, my love.
Not because I give up.
I believe you cared and you still do.

Your silence did cut through my flesh,
Your strangeness burnt my heart.
But here I stand today ready to let myself heal.

Years of gathering broken pieces of my heart.
My lost pieces of love, wailing to be found.
Stranded I searched, and I still do.

I held on to you, like a stubborn child.
Your memories engraved, your doings encircling my thoughts.
Strangely never remembering our fights, I was partial.  

My heart wanted more, my soul was thirsty.
I found pleasure in pain.
I kept you alive.

What a splendid journey, my love.
The impeccable high of your addiction.
As I drowned, I found myself.

One day I chose to revisit my past.
Regretting the time lost to stupid fights, blaming myself.
I never felt, keeping you alive.

Stupid were my acts, unreasonable was my anger.
Childish were my demands.
A sinner, at your altar I confess.

Sleepless nights, result of a restless brain.
Blaming you for the love I dreaded I deserved,
For making me feel worthwhile.

Keeping your memories alive,
Redoing my past, for an escape.
As the odds increased, so did my grief.  

For the broken promises, and the endless thoughts.
U left without a word, so did my Tears.
You coward, I pushed myself to oblivion.  

I saved our love when the world sympathised.
I held on to respect, for u and our love.
Wishing you the best, I kept u alive.

My futile attempts to blame you, was a curse.
A part of me found pleasure when they blamed you,
My stupid selfish heart.

But today I let you go my love, I allow myself to heal.
You meant so much, you still do.
But life is more than just you and me.

A part of my soul is still with you, it’s yours now.
Keep it safe my love.
I’ll nurture what is left of it.

As time flies by, I’ll heal.
For a better tomorrow, for a better me.
I’ll strive with a hollow heart and a partial soul.

Thank you love, for the heat.
For never cheating my heart.
For the never ending  euphoria.

I know u cared and you still do.
When you found me, I found myself.
For your breath of life, I’ll keep u alive.

You made me believe in good.
To Love someone more than my being.
Surprised I’m to know my strength.

Entwined souls, living in the moment.
We headed together, Insane and reckless.
Towards our predefined end.  

I’m glad it was you and no one else.
You were the one, my wildest decision.
Oh my wings, my strength.

But today love, I let you go.
I was your princess.
Now it's someone else.

It’s time to put back my crown to rule.
U won't be forgotten my love,
but like any life chapter ours has come to an end.

#love   #pain   #sadness   #her   #him   #journey   #crown   #lettinggo   #rule  
Shawna Michele
Shawna Michele
19 hours ago

under the cold groves of tangled sheets

we create dark.

                          our bodies open slowly.
do you remember when everything was

naked, life and

                      death spread equally over
our limbs. we were the infant lit-sparks  

of its flame.

                   now, we use our bare hands

as a fleshy covering. now, we find uses

for solids as though

                                 they were opaque.

meanwhile, unlocked doors remain open.

meanwhile, fingers

                     skim the skin searching for    

substance. I swallowed the lies told to me

when I was young,

                                      like two stones.
kiss me. watch them strike as my heart

goes up in flames.

1 day ago

The tears as you leave are a blessing
the feeling of sadness a gift
For many don't have ones to love them
or pleasant sweet sorrow so swift

"Parting is such sweet sorrow"
#love   #sorrow   #goodbye   #sweet   #family   #aunt   #cousins   #uncle   #aurevoir  
Ian Moonsy
Ian Moonsy
4 hours ago

I am not my mistakes,
no matter how much they showed about me,
about my thoughts,
about my words,
about my actions,
I am labeled,
by them,
by you.
And I want to strive to be better.
Yet you do not give me a chance.
Not one at all.
If there will be one more good thing to do,
I will ignore you,
and go on my own way.
It's my life after all,
so you tell me everyday.
I will do this.
I will live my life the way I want it to,
with no boundaries,
and no apologies
about what I love.
Or who I love.
I will.

If there will be any chance that you will read this one day, then you will know that my life was never yours to shape. I will live it however I want it to, and I will not let you put me down to what you only think I will be. I will surpass you, and be more than you ever thought me to be.
#life   #heart   #teenager   #alive   #mind   #soul   #will   #rights   #rebellion   #goals  
Dana Skorvankova
Dana Skorvankova
6 hours ago

We both knew what it can bring
We knew only sorrow and shame

You said it seemed lousy
But years it's been since you last came

We've had enough time to shout out loud
We've never once spoken at the same end

She's got her tiny world
inside yours for couple of times
and then Life happened -

#life   #and   #then   #happened  
Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
8 hours ago

"Livin' on a prayer"
Poor spelling Bon Jovi
Sort it.

#10w   #lessons   #spelling   #bonjovi  
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