21 hours ago

The innocence of that aubade prevailed
When all concept of time unravelled
And the world spins all around your
Locked together lambs

In that temporary state
Where the last of the red leaves
Glow tenderly on cyan palms
We were caught and clasped forever
As pure as a first true love
That you would run forever for
When any doubts and any demons
Were cast away in the happy dance of limbs
When nothing else or no one else were ever painted
Quite like we were

Satin Bodies found each other
Fingertips brushing against open lips
The soundtrack of our lives
Been written as the time elapsed
We held each other by the sea, by the rail lines
And by the wishes of the winding river

In those moments of divinity
When two souls wrap themselves around each other
We see the best of us reflected
Then truly accepted
A melted sum of all our moving parts
A love story

The memories of hurt and heroism
Of places where you used to hide
Of all those times a footstep found its waters
Every moment that led to that connection
Was replayed and tenderly recited
As if all our lives were only breathless foreplay
For that everlasting embrace
When the ribbon could never be untangled
And even when the last leaves fall
And the figurine just falls from view
That state of being, that completeness
Will stay a part of us forever

Ola Radka
Ola Radka
1 day ago

There are
two thoughts
in the language
our souls,

damsel in distress

You are so confusing. I hope I know how y ou feel every time you hold my hand and our eyes meet. I wish I'm not the only one who feels like dying every time we're close to each other. Because I die every time you say goodbye. I don't feel right when you say goodnight A part of me dies when I think it might be our last. Last conversation. My last glimpse of you. So please, if you feel the same, tell me. Tell me before it's too late. Even if you don't feel the same, tell me still. I'm fine. I will be fine. Because I don't want to spend the rest of my lufe wondering.

Words I couldn't say. >.<
Sophie H
9 hours ago

rubbing radiant
this cold stone clap of
time and time and time..

trundling and rolling down south (tho it felt like north)

heat on doors and windows. my Breath HOTandHOT

cold high air, reaching,

and rea


My leg rubbing against yours in the pit full of foam cubes that had been someone’s room earlier that day.

I watched as you and your friend each did a line of cocaine as my pupils baloo--ne,d inky black
higher and higher,
too high to
re ach

a part

like the night I’d thought port was wine and woke up in the bathroom surrounded by sick and haze and shame,

So we were wandering and rambling and walked by a crashed car.
Its front was bashed in and we pranced around it and took photos.
We went back to your place in Clapton.
The lights were bright and blinding


and I,



the next morning: the soft fllll
(tur-rul-loo out the window, some bird (my initial thought). )

You’re sorry. I know. !

tongue-tap. gurgle. i leave –– 


3 hours ago

Our heads
will hurt,
Our bones
will break.

We murder
Our hearts,
they ache.

So dance
with the shadows
your candles

Learn some
and make
some mistakes.

breeds love,
and flames
create hate.

Utterly lame. The critics are laughing. [The non-existent critics, that is.]
K Balachandran
K Balachandran
1 hour ago

To comfort me the rain hums a tune
as if it could sense I was feeling down
I get buoyant by the soothing tone,
pick up the strands that once were broken

Drenched woods after the rain has gone,
with the wind,repeat it, but sounds like a moan,
it takes  much subtlety,to empathize, I learn
to evoke sublime feelings that touch and lift the soul.

#hum   #tune   #sublime   #subtlety  

if everyone was nice the world would be at ease
living life with peace would simply be a breeze
lots and lots of kindness every single day
no such thing as nasty that has gone away.

the world would be so happy a better place to live
with happiness to share with lots of love to give
where everyone is nice nastiness all gone
just a world of peace where we could live as one

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