Alberto Ruiz
Alberto Ruiz
1 day ago      8 seconds ago

I've got midnight eyes
and she's got sunrise.
My horizon tries,
but it just can't break free
from dusk.
It dawns on me.
Just my luck.
Wish upon a star
but it won't change much.
She deserves a galaxy,
a constellation's touch.
The best that I could give her
is a distant light
and such
is not alright.


In Nature’s pieces still I see
Some error, that might mended be;
Something my wish could still remove,
Alter or add; but my fair love
Was fram’d by hands far more divine
For she hath ev’ry beauteous line;
Yet I had been far happier,
Had Nature, that made me, made her.
Then likeness might, that love creates,
Have made her love what now she hates;
Yet, I confess, I cannot spare
From her just shape the smallest hair;
Nor need I beg from all the store
Pf heaven for her one beauty more.
She hath too much divinity for me;
Ye gods, teach her some more humanity.

Mina Steele
Mina Steele
2 hours ago      44 minutes ago

could it be any harder,
people telling you how beautiful,
the curves you have are,
the dimple on the right,
the freckles beneath your eyes
the arched back you have,
the long legs they talk about.

could it be any harder,
to listen to that,
when you see something else

you see things you can't bear,
wanting it to vanish away
yet you still examine
and watch
yet sense,
every cell of yours is also sad.

I don't know.
#want   #i   #this   #anymore   #to   #but   #like   #feel   #dont  
Tammy Boehm
Tammy Boehm
1 day ago      58 minutes ago

Will you carry on
Over open water
Will you go
Toward the rolling shore
Will you fly high
Ever rising spires silent skies
Rush of wings brings you home

This is the moment
Smile and cry
Will you leave me for ever
Little girl no more
Sail far from this troubled shore
Broken wings can’t fly with you

If I could be your light house
Shining bright for you
But I’m only the mirrored darkness
Reflecting torment we go through
One faded image shattered
By the stones thrown from passing years
Bruised and broken on the highway
Washed away by blood and tears

Will you carry on
Through windswept waves
Will you go
Til you find your way
To a harbor safe and dry
Spread tearstained wings and fly
Until you find your way home….

Leave me lost
I stand sentinel
On this troubled shore
© 04/01/2006
For buffi and beth

Inspired by the song "That Lonesome Road" by James Taylor - a moldy oldy
5 hours ago      1 hour ago

It’s ironic how this memory,
Became my one true enemy
It brought back that painful time,
When I thought I was truly fine
When we were holding hands
And listening to our favorite bands
Those were the times where I was blind
And so true love is one thing I need to find,
Not a puppy love full of lies
I remember that night when I became deaf with my cries
When I saw you with her in the moonlight,
Holding her so dangerously tight
You told me I was your treasure,
The only one that gives you pleasure
How stupid can I be for believing your foul tongue?
I was just a toy, for you to have fun
Immersing in oblivion, I would rather do
Than having bittersweet memories of you


my one and only bittersweet memory.
#love   #sad   #depression   #lonely   #pain   #death   #thoughts   #night  
Gautham kandula
Gautham kandula
16 hours ago      1 hour ago

Yes, truly
We got this from
Our ancestors
Who fought for us
Still we are not free
From the bonds
From the relations
From the tasks
We are
What our responsibilities
We are prisoners
Never had a release
Never ending process

Challenge accepted
Sir Joe
Avery Glows
Avery Glows
2 days ago      1 hour ago

Everything is sad
if you want it to be.
Life is sad.
Living is sad.
Feeling is sad.
all that you seek.
Deep down you know
is already dead.
People are sad.
Our fate is sad.
But it is not set.
It's only true
if you believe in that.

#sad   #life   #living   #want   #people   #mind   #think   #unhappy   #miserable   #believe  
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