Monica Lara
Monica Lara
1 day ago      4 seconds ago

I've never thought twice about winks.
They've never really meant much to me.
I guess it's because I have no feelings for those donors .
Whenever boys wink at me, I just brush it aside
the same way you brush my hair aside when
you lean in to kiss me.

I've never thought twice about winks
until I had the honor of receiving one from you.
My heart stopped for .02 seconds because
baby you looked so desirable at that moment.
I had to resist myself from throwing myself at you
and the look you gave me
and your smile that said:
..."I know you're craving me right now."

And you were right.

Thursday January 29, 2015
in your office
Diego Herrera
Diego Herrera
12 hours ago      4 minutes ago

This body fails me
Piece by piece
I fall apart

Take this dead heart
Replace it with the beat of a thousand drummers
Take this weary mind
Fill it with beautiful dreams
Take these aching shoulders
May they support more than Atlas
Take these caullosed feet
So that every step is full of grace and strength

Just please...
Take me
And upgrade me

Paradoxical Whispers
Paradoxical Whispers
54 minutes ago      18 minutes ago

Eyes to the skies and mantra repeating
this is the time that I see it all clear
hands on the grass heart steady beating
hardly believing the days lead to here
the moon slowly croons head in her keeping
this is the air that I presently breathe
I realize now that I've always been sleeping
nature content in it's beauty to wreathe  
light of the night disturbing my slumber
in a way only magic of the eve really can
seeing the world in deep shades of umber
I live in the present in love with the land

SE Reimer
SE Reimer
1 hour ago      32 minutes ago


these words from a friend
jar me from my glass-eyed read
"even if we are not aware,
we live in memories" 
and in response i write,
"i often feel watched
by my loved ones passed on,
as though they are aware
of my every movement and deed,
peering over the portals
of a nearby dimension
as one from a portico"
watching what before them lies.

fellow members of a "club"
you didn't volunteer for,
didn't sign your name to,
you know firsthand
the longing, the aching,
the wishing and the wanting,
the praying and the begging,
the "take this cup" imploring,
remove it far from me,
the "i'm down on my knees
begging you please" plea.

a mournful response
a saudade for
what will, what can
never be again.
a shadowy wood,
where the seekers lie,
where lovers come
when lovers die;
where hope once lost
can still be found,
where signs and wonders
from beyond abound.
where man can touch
the face of God,
where the path to freedom,
with all it twist, its turns,
brings new meaning
and opens new doors.
within this forest
there lies a pool
from which to drink
and be renewed.
healing waters
in abundance here
to wash away
the bitter tears;
the lonely hours
here spent bring peace,
its lovely flowers
are rarest sweet;
the dancer learns
her steps again,
the singer finds
his inner voice;
here hearts unfold
and bare the creases,
here anxious thoughts
and anger ceases;
and psalmist's soul
here finds relief.


post script.

thank you Bala, for stirring my morning contemplation time and helping me to reflect on what i have, as being a part of what i have lost. 

"saudade"- though sharing no English equivalent is best understood here:

as apples of gold are wise words... indeed!  my fellow poets, you are a grace to me, a gift i did not heretofore know of; the door to a contemplative.forest i had not previously known.  thank you, to each who stops in to make a kind, a generous comment and sometimes add a very thought-provoking word. i am grateful today!!

Freddy S Zalta
Freddy S Zalta
1 hour ago      44 minutes ago

There is a frozen lake with a grand piano in the center of it.
There is an older man playing songs from our childhood as we stand around him and sing the words to his music.
The cool breeze is getting cooler and snow is threatening to fall at any second...
But there is soup on the stove and warm couch for us to sit together and lay down.
Drink a glass of wine, raise a glass for all our times.
Smiles, tears, dances and doors slammed.
Children born, parents gone, friends say hello and just as quickly say goodbye...
The old man is tickling the ivory and the ebony keys - songs like brown eyed girl and I guess that's why they call it the blues. He plays Cole Porter and Ira Gershwin tunes too...
We hold hands and I want to take you in my arms and sweep you off your feet, fly away to another world...another time...
But the lake is frozen, the snow is beginning to fall and the soup is on the stove...I can smell it from here...
So say goodbye to the sadness, say goodbye to that old man, playing Fire and Rain...maybe tomorrow we can do this all again.

Not a day goes by
#man   #sad   #winter   #i   #the   #old   #am   #piano   #frozen   #lakes  
Tyler Cobain
Tyler Cobain
5 hours ago      1 hour ago

I'm not free. Sound the bell is freedom gone?
The trust in you has now begun to fall
Chop symbols like a harlot, sickening, dealing.
Grin at the ground my friend your don't deserve skies
Moral is dampening
Why, crazy streets amass with people
To shop and conform freely

Divide and Speak
Veins, now show what it means
Those social fears, don't quench their thirst

Scary words appear on walls
where once the art of freedom called
They hover-over the increasing poverty of this obsessive life

Divide and Speak
Veins, now show what it means
Mess and success
Those social fears, don't quench their thirst

Day by day
They get closer to hell. They don't care, place your bid
Day by day
Well, what about the rest? We're in a crisis
Day by day
You're decaying with greed. Well, you wanted this
Day by Day
Day by Day

Suicide Notes fall from your eyes
Clapping hands and bright white smiles
Sound no value, I won't greve you
You still sleep with it you don't dream of it

Divide and speak
You don't care a bit
Some don't see through it
You don't care a bit
Words not worth spit
You don't care a bit
We're sick of your shit

#love   #depression   #life   #heart   #pain   #hope   #thoughts   #you   #identity   #fame  
Shannon Jeffery
Shannon Jeffery
2 hours ago      1 hour ago

Love me like
The ocean
Loves the land
Forever together

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