rained-on parade
rained-on parade
9 hours ago      3 seconds ago

I want to be
an unforgettable thought
in your beautiful mind.

Andrew Durst
Andrew Durst
1 day ago      25 minutes ago

I never knew
       this day would come
    as fast as it did.

                 I always thought
              that I would just
               stay young


      being young
is the only
           thing I'm
      good at.

It's my birthday today c:
Today also marks ONE YEAR that I've joined this site and I would like to personally thank all of you for your support over this past year.
I would like to also give a huge amount of love to those of you that reach out to me on a regular basis, message me, or just make sure that I'm okay.
It means so much knowing that I have people looking out for me even when I least expect it.
You guys keep me leveled and strong, and I don't know where I'd be in my life today without THE COMMUNITY OF HELLO POETRY!<3
cassandra cassie
1 hour ago      36 minutes ago

First I felt subtle movements

Then I felt a kick

And through the scan

I saw you play, move and suckle

Then I saw who you were

A little pink girl

I can’t wait to know you and have you

My little baby girl…

a g
a g
9 hours ago      46 minutes ago

thats just it isn't it?
a bunch of suicidal kids telling other suicidal kids not to give up.

how is it possible that i,
with such conviction
and confidence,
can tell someone not to give up?
how can i,
assure another sad soul
that there is still hope?
how have i been able to
tell someone
that things will get better,
when i'm not sure i belive that myself?

#love   #suicide   #sad   #depression   #depressed   #hope   #suicidal  
megan catcher
megan catcher
5 hours ago      50 minutes ago

It's stupid when a book or story ends or stops
the characters die

I always feel so sad when I finish a book
because no matter what,
the characters will die
they will vanish
like sand in the wind
like words in the air

but I'd like to think they will always be alive and that they will be happy and blessed
that they are not sand in the wind
and that they are words in the air which have been heard

Nik Krutilla
Nik Krutilla
7 hours ago      1 hour ago

Beautiful, lighted creature.
How could any,
Anyone with a heart beating of their own...
Not see the encompassing brilliance of you soul.
Fervent heart.
Fragile being.

Who would ever want to toss you away?


MM O'Mara
MM O'Mara
13 hours ago      1 hour ago

Lost in stoic woods
I happened across
A yew
Hollowed out,
Clawed and chiselled and moulded and
Grated from inside
Until inside was old, dead and gone.
Time's mark in
Rings of ancient wisdom,
Its fingerprints erased

But I knew it
And I sat
Among its earth-bound
Roots and gazed
Into its exposed

And saw it plainly.
Wounded only by a
Branch lost
In a storm.
Sheltering therein
A robin nest
And its dearest
Azure treasures.

#hope   #nature   #healing   #hollow   #disaster   #solace  
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