Sarah Fox
Sarah Fox
1 day ago

church bells going off in my head
ringing on and on
until I can't sleep and I kneel
just to speak to god
and I don't even believe in him
but I never knew
that the church bells meant you.

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Lora Lee
Lora Lee
1 day ago

Please know, darling
that as you
into your soul's abyss
my light will fill up
your darkness
like a spirit's starlit kiss
for the depth
of the black
and the distance
           mean nothing
when it comes to
only our inner stars
determine what
is inside and above
So as in this chant,
                 this prayer
                     this hymn
                            of my essence
I cast forth the forces
that will make
    my presence
for my inner soul's nectar
is sweet water
in a state of
     sometimes even tripping
      into the lip
         of your vessel
    without you
even knowing    
I am here in all ways
    except a single one
     that to look in your eyes
   is a dream rough-spun  
for aye, that physical
     has its limits,
but still, from here
right into your being
          I press
my heart beating
my mind's whispers
as my fingers
stroke the hair
of your inner child
so come rest your head,
       right here,
     on my chest
Feel the tiny
that take place
as we let ourselves rest
from the world outside
from the demons within
melting the lines
of despair,
now rice-paper thin
        And our intense need
to love
and be loved
   is the true healing balm
      and now our
spirits rise up
in the night's
1 day ago

i know how this will end.
i will sneak into your apartment
before the cops arrive. i will take
one of your shirts from the hamper,
your blanket off the bed, and sleep
wrapped up in both every night
until i remember how to
dream without you.

Hakim Kassim
Hakim Kassim
4 hours ago

Sits alone, absorbed in
      ghostly ancient Greeks,
In the deathless thoughts
      of what once was
Passionate Sappho or
       truthful Sophocles;

Tirelessly trying to chaunt
       their tongue,
To revive their gleam out
       of dry pages,
For long hours devoting to
       get back, back to them,
As she unawares fals asleep
       in her exhaustion.

A homage is paid to the old
     'Glory' in nap meditation,
And as this heavenly beauty
       travels in history's clock,
Safe in library warmth from
       the discomfort of winter

The desk-lamp twinkles: it's
          time to go!
           -d. Nov.12.1988.

1 day ago

I am a Phlegmatic,
the one who will be careless
with my surrounding.
Anybody will hate me,
for me being selfish with
my me time,
time for myself doing nothing.

I am a Melancholic,
a creature that is sensitive
with people’s feelings.
A person who will be hated
for giving a ‘fake chance’
to my surrounding
as I just wanna comfort them.

I am me,
a human that is judged
by other humans.
A creature,
that is loved
by other creatures.

If you wanna judge me, don't forget to love me.

Sept. 26, 2016
Widow Cybulski
Widow Cybulski
13 hours ago

Clumsy dismount
  down from the scrutiny of
  cross cut shredder victimisation
A shamefaced, self-actualising whingebag
  My name is Daughter
  My name is Employee
  My name is Passenger. Payee.
Belonging at an irreduceable remove from
  A heart, childishly pasted
  in a carapace of postage stamps.
  Once kept in albums of purposeful art.
  The role is guilt ridden recipient
  more often than sender.
Reassembly will be
  an inexpert labour of love
  But not that kind, amigo
  But not that kind
  I'm to be my own pet.
I can see that once I was off
  I was always off.
  All of us who have lived
  this close to the end of England
  are forever leaving the sea
I am leaving the sea
  and everything i've ever dumped in it
  Cold chips. Warm eyes, busted loves
  It's all now bound behind me.
  For the continent For the sea.
Weeping now
  and fielding concerned looks
  not for me but for the balance
  I'm so relieved
I'm so free I could bite something hard
  and break my teeth.

16 hours ago

"hey, how're you doing?
fuck, nevermind."

"god, i miss you so much.
i miss your voice,
your touch,
everything about you.
but i guess you don't miss me."

"hey, how've you been? it
started snowing today.
reminded me of you. please
call me back."

"i know you don't want to
talk, but please, please
just let me tell you how much
i miss you."

"do you listen to all my voicemails?
you never pick up the
phone anymore. i guess
you just don't want to
talk to me."

"i must have sent you twenty
voicemails by now. i'm sorry,
but i'm trying to come to terms
with the fact that you're gone."

"this is the last one.
i'm sorry for bothering you,
i just wanted to tell you, to

remember me."


of heartbreak and missed calls
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