Samantha Bontia
Samantha Bontia
1 day ago      3 seconds ago

If, one day,  a fairy went to my room and grant me a wish, I would ask her to give a one day tour at fairy tale land.

First, I will seek Cinderella and introduce her the new released washing machine.  I will give her an elegant Primadonna shoes and create an escalator in Prince Charming's castle for her convenience.

Next, I will wake up Aurora from her nightmare with my full blast metallic rock music. I will give her the gift of gorgeousness and she will be called "The Sleeping Gorgeous".

I  will look for Rapunzel's hidden castle and give her a new pixie cut hair. I will suggest her to have an elevator in her elevated castle. I can endorse her Prince the microphone, so it would be effortless for him to shout  "Rapunzel! Let down your hair".

I will also go to Snow White and add bananas, mangoes and cream to her apple and give her the recipe of fruit salad. To maintain her white skin, I will give her BB cream and cherry red lipstick from Mac, for her kissable lips.

Lastly, I will take a photo with the fairy tale characters and post it on Instagram, with a caption "TOUCH DOWN! FAIRY TALE LAND"

My wild fantasy :p
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1 day ago      6 minutes ago

Isn't there better ways to diagnose me
Than asking me a thousand questions?
Couldn't you all just put a gun to my head
And call it;


July 22nd.

And then dance with my body,
Just like I used to
And stick pins in my mouth
And force a smile
Just like I used to
And put me on show on more time
Just like you used to.

I don't know what this is, but today was bad.
1 day ago      24 minutes ago

I love you but not as before
When everything I can I would give
But now, not anymore.

I love you but some things changed
You're not the one bringing my smile
It is somebody that must not be named.

I love you but I don't miss your voice
I'm content now with your seldom text
That's not my making, it's your choice.

I love you but you're not what I need
When before your words gave me warmth
But now you withhold but I will never plead.

I love you as I know you love me
Twisted to some
But for us, it's the way and how we see.

I love you and that means
"Te Amo, my friend"
Now, I'm spilling the beans.


An old write for him though this is not the situation now. We are happily connected again, more than friends. :)
Anna Berlin
Anna Berlin
21 hours ago      26 minutes ago

Say your plane was going down.
Say you took your medicine.
Would you sleep through turbulence again?
Say you knew two months before.
That you'd be lying on the floor.
Would you wake
in heaven?

What man or woman would you call?
Would you be awake to feel the fall?

Say you were to meet a friend
For coffee
at half past ten.
Say you stood up
and then-

Say the plane you didn't catch.
Came down upon her
and crashed.
Say the things you wouldn't say to me.
To them.

All the bodies on the ground.
All the blood and screaming sounds
just like you will sound to me
four months from now.

If we stood in ash and dust.
What would we let cover us?
Would the rain keep falling?
Or would we rust?

Who could know it'd end like this?
We swerved towards the precipice.
We went through the windshield.
We went through the glass.
I swear this is the last time
I will ever ask.

Now that we are comatose.
Now that we are deja vu.
Will you give a name to me?
Can I give a name to you?

We are rubble.
We are rocks.
We won't help you.
We'll just watch.

9 hours ago      32 minutes ago

Too much emotions in a cramped space is abominable
It demands a companion to share the load as It came to me
To comfort it by carrying fifty-fifty

You gifted a heart wrapped up in thick paper
Enhanced with paper notes and a golden tie in the middle and presented to me on a precious day

Affection, anger, concern, disturbance, excitement, grief, happiness, love, rage, shame and zeal filled it
They spilled over to my palms as I exposed them to the nature
Slowly put them back again into the earmarked gift and kept it close to mine.

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Richard Allen Beevor
Richard Allen Beevor
1 day ago      46 minutes ago

Just seconds ago
the year turned into seventy-six,
I have survived one more long year,
that's three since last I saw her,
yet my love burns strong,
still lives on.

There have been other girls to attract me,
I came close to one or two,
but all my hopes come to nothing,
through many forgotten faces hers alone shines.

There have been times
when I thought my love dead,
when I nearly believed
she no longer held any sway over me,
but they were only phases
that are now past,
still my love lives on
into my broken heart.

I have wished on every star
for her return,
I have tortured my mind
to dream of her,
then at least I'll hold her
in another world
but dreams refuse to come
or memory cannot recall,
and now if my hand
would just move right,
I'd draw her picture
and hold a vision of her face,
I remain defeated
by these useless hands.

Its new year
and I don't know where she is,
my world that should revolve about her
lies static in dead memories,
I don't want life without her
but I feel it must go on,
so that maybe in 77 or 78,9,80
I might see her again,
if that could only be for my happiness,
for true ecstasy then to see
and hold and kiss her again,
then my life would have meaning,
we could rest together
in a simple gentle heaven.

12 hours ago      1 hour ago

Youve been my most impossible possibility
Jeopardy of my accused love

You've been etched into my palm lines
But lost on the crossroads of dilemma

You've been whispering in steamed voices from my coffee
Just to be an unknown visibility

Love ,
Just be back before today settles
As forever into my wrinkles

Before I lay into satan's darkest cloak
Be back love ,
before the stars tear away
from the skies of my eyes.
Just be back .....


Love is a masked demon...
Sacrifice is one of its faces!
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