Jonathan Elfers
1 day ago      just now

multi pathed train tracked,
derailed by increasing amounts,
of defulfillment in full bottles and cigs,
longing to whisper secrets,
into a familiar set of ears,
eyeing up the next thrill,
stuck strong in shadows,
past demons, seeking out,
a new target,
a corpse possessing form,
that has been declared as my body,
posses at the mirror,
filled with whitewashed emotions,
and a longing at how everything is colder,
when you aren't around.

1 day ago      1 minute ago

the worst part of having a bad day
is not being able to cry it out
the day has been complete shit
all you want is to scream and yell
but you don’t feel anything
you are numb
you can’t smile cause it takes too much energy
but you can’t cry either cause you don’t feel anything
you’re just paralyzed
your heart is aching
and you can’t breathe
can I please just to cry it out the next time?


#broken   #depression   #depressed   #crying   #hurt   #numb   #badday  
The Girl Who Loved You
The Girl Who Loved You
1 day ago      7 minutes ago

Is simply perception
Only in existance

Rockie DeC
Rockie DeC
1 day ago      44 minutes ago

Freckles on your face,
Sunshine in your smile,
Promises made on your pinkie,
Memories in your mind,
Steps taken with your soles,
Hands are being held,
Adoration gleaming in your eyes.

#promises   #memories   #smile   #mind   #steps   #sunshine   #face   #freckles   #pinkie   #soles  
Mari Anastasia
Mari Anastasia
2 hours ago      59 minutes ago

You weave in and out of my life
Like silk
in the palm of my hand.

You stay for a while
Then leave right when I need you.

You possess me with your words and your lies.
You caress me gently with your whispers
You vowel that you'll never forget me.

I know it's a lie.

You've said that too many times before.
And I won't fall for it again.

I've got you this time.
I hold you in my own hands now.
Not the other way around,
like how it was back then.

I will crush your dreams
Like you did to me.

Watch you fall
On to the floor.

See you weep.
And it'll give me a sense of freedom.

You've given me nothing but hate.
So I'm only returning the favour.

Watch the lights go out from my eyes.
I have no sympathy for you
You turned my heart to stone.
You broke me.

And I changed my life.

1 day ago      1 hour ago

step one, step two
in the tar you lost your shoe
step three, step four
you don't belong anymore
step five, step six
the kids are snorting pixie sticks
step seven, step eight
tonight you and charlie are going to hop the freight
step nine, step ten
you wonder when you'll be whole again
turn, step one, step two
charlie and you found your shoe
step three, step four
you bought a house with a pretty red door
step five, step six
you never really liked pixie sticks
step seven, step eight
you laugh 'till its late
step nine, step ten
you learn how to be whole again

Christina Brobston
Christina Brobston
1 day ago      1 hour ago

Nothing but your words
Float in my head

Nothing but your words
Heavy as lead

Nothing but your words
Hang by a thread

Nothing but your words
Fill me with dread

#words   #fear   #rhyme   #dread   #head   #lead   #thread  
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