21 hours ago

Your hands
Over my eyes

I feel
Your breath
Kissing the back
of my head.

Your hands
Over my eyes
They're cold
But please
Do not let go.

Your hands
Over my eyes
I see nothing
But you fill it
With colors,dyes.

Your hands
Over my eyes
I don't mind
Because now
There's only
You and I.

Stay close please/m/.
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18 hours ago

Her eyes
iridiscent; bright:
Do you ever wonder
where the sun goes at night?

The rain tap-dancing
on the pavement;
(no specific arrangement).

Luminous flames
eat away at sharp skewers.
Her eyes silver-green,
clashing with the tables of steel.

Barbecue roasting,
impaled through the middle;
The pain paled in comparison
to watching you smile.

A toast to me, myself and I,
a glass of sweet solitude.
I watch tall wine glasses
clang drunkenly together;

A pin drops in the distance;
no silence to accompany it.
Unnoticed it goes, by
the arrogant lords and goddesses.

Pick a flower,
pull out her chair,
compliment her hair;
devil may care.

She's walking away,
I tell her 'Ma'am, have a nice day'


Left alone
to stumble back home,
sipping champagne royally;

Spilling champagne
and it swirls down the drain;
I tilt my head back,
laughing carelessly all the way.

A repost of my favourite. :)x
Alex Hunter
Alex Hunter
1 day ago

her smile
makes me want to listen
to the crickets chirping outside of my dark door
for hours on end.

her laughter
makes me want to scream
into the void that I love her,
I love her, I love her.

her voice
makes me want to live
in this life for as long as she's in it,
she is my shield from my dark thoughts.

her heart
makes me want to cry
puddles of tears to show her
just how much I ache for her.

her touch
makes me want to breathe
in all of the things I had never tried
to take in before.

her understanding
makes me want to love her
into the depths of the world
and back out to outer space.

her kindness
makes me want to forget
how crippled my corpse was
with confusion and fear.


Oh, how my love
has become a song of woe.
Oh, how this heart
that has held you so dear
and swore upon my soul
that I would never ever let you go
holds such woe.
Oh, how it seems
that the whole world had died
and I along with it.
Oh, how my heart
has been nailed
upon a cross
of shadow and blackness
in a land of the dead.
And the ravens
that feed upon lost souls
feed upon this heart of mine
that once held
a love beyond the words
that the fibers of my brain
could ever express.
A love that was
only ever before
held within the heart of God.
Oh, how my heart
is but a poor broken thing
as I am a poor broken thing.
Oh, the blood that once
ran within me
giving life to all my bones and flesh
has become as cold and dark
as the hand of death.
Oh, and all the hope
of all my life
and everything it could ever be
has taken wings
and flown away
into the night that never ends.
Oh,  play upon your strings
and all the things
that once made
such music that made the heart so glad.
Oh, play a funeral march for me
play that music low and dark
with its drums so soft and low
for I know
that I shall soon pass away
like the last rays
of a setting sun
when race has been run.
Oh, for I shall soon pass
beyond the veil
from which none return.
Oh, how a poison
biting and strong
through my veins do flow.
Oh, the only thing
that can now give me
comfort and peace
is the thought
that from this world I shall fly.
Oh, as upon black angel wings
and my only peace now
are the words soon spoken.
"Oh, he is gone.
Oh, forever gone."
Oh, a cup of grief
I have drunk.
A drink bitter and strong
as to  turn any heart
to night.
Oh, how it turns my lips
cold as the earth
that lies beneath the winter snow.
Oh, how this world is now
a universe of shadow and death
that shall ever remain
till the stones crumble away
and all  the mountains are no more.

The Last Wordsmith

What the point in poetry?
It doesn't change a thing.
It doesn't make a difference,
so why let my heart sing?

Whatever I say, you still won't care.
Why do I even try?
I'm in love but what's it worth?
I'd rather I just die.

I can't give up, but I don't see why I write.
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2 hours ago

I placed a pebble upon your grave,
A small unblemished stone,
And stayed a while, my day to waive
So you were not alone.

The yawning sun stretched heavenward,
Blinking a weary eye,
And rolling under a blanket cloud
That cloaked our world in a silver shroud,
It crossed a mourning sky;

And kneeling at your earth-made bed,
White marble pillow for your head,
I talked a while of that and this
And all things in-between,
To ease my burdened heart, remiss
For days you've never seen.

In angst and anger at your loss,
Oh how I'd gladly, gladly toss
Your villain in a stream,
And watch them flail and watch them choke,
And take a stick and prod and poke
To hear that villain scream --
But only in a dream.

Too young to fade, too late to save,
Too small your marble stone;
I placed a pebble upon your grave,
And walked away, alone.

23 hours ago

Time to drink
the syrup of love
drowned in her eyes..

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