Sarah Strack
Sarah Strack
1 day ago

I feel like I should be excited,
Or at the very least a bit sad,
My heart should be ignited,
My thoughts driving me mad.

Instead there's silence in my mind,
It's another ordinary day,
Though now I have new friends to find,
As we drive our car away.

They told me here my life would start,
Where experiences make us old,
Passions and people will shape my heart,
My story is waiting to be told.

Yet my story came long before,
It did not begin in hallowed halls,
And for some reason I thought it'd be more,
Instead of rising my heart falls.

#sad   #heart   #away   #day   #college   #moving   #excited   #experiences   #expectation   #ordinary  
Umme Ruman Hafsa
Umme Ruman Hafsa
17 hours ago

A land with love, peace & admiration
To you I salute with all my devotion

A land where live people of all kind
Various languages where we find

A land beleaguered by Himalaya
And perennial rivers running via

A land signed by a flag of tri colour
With courage, peace & faith depicting her

A land called as India or Hind
Where I'm privileged to born in

A land to which I call my country
With all my devotion I salute thee...

I belong to the country India & I am proud to be an Indian :)
Nessa dieR
Nessa dieR
6 hours ago

In your arms I found the open ocean
Tides, waves, a calming sea,
The most pleasant feeling of my favorite breeze.
In your eyes the best night skies
A Rhythm bright enough to beat the sun
and wake up the night in just a heartbeat.
My heartbeats.
Cracked and Irregular by your every move.
In your fingers untold mysteries,
tangled within my own in secrets we promised to never to share.
In your lips my death
For the truth is cold,
and you refuse to see what we've become,

so it was better to burn us down.
Burn me out.
Your lips was the fire that tore me to the ground.

#pain   #him   #muse   #was   #it   #but   #all   #again   #ouch   #whydoilovehim  
Knit Personality
Knit Personality
17 hours ago

I dig another grave,
dig another grave;
wave after wave
of fresh dead people
justify their headstones,
rest beneath the flowers,
lie inside the dirt
where it’s quiet and it’s peaceful;
nevermore to hurt,
never ever more to hurt.

I dig another grave,
dig another grave;
wave after wave
of tortured mourners
grimly pay a visit,
come with teardrops falling,
so to say farewell
to the newest organ donors;
evermore bereft,
ever never more bereft.

I dig another grave,
dig another grave;
wave after wave
of plots all peaceful
testify sereneness,
breathe a soft contentment,
whisper like the winds
telling certain death to people
severed from their lives,
ever severed from their lives.

Divya Padmanabhan

I am anti-social,
I choke at social gatherings,
My breath feels nothing more than lies ,
The lies when people's words,
Sublime into air.

While everyone brags about,
The last time the Sapiens
Had a good time,
I comfortablly drift off,
Into my little Pluto,
Of words, poetry and music.

I am there,
Yet I am not there.

People think I'm a snob,
The Sapiens think I'm lazy,
But what do they know,
The happiness in solitude.

I am anti social,
And the last thing,
I could care about,
Is You.

Sigh 1:30 am is an odd time to be alive.

Weary, a long night short of slumber
Enters a thought before calm dreams do end
Like high rolling waves of crashing thunder
Through the whole of the soul does she ascend.

Clear vision betrayed by dull morning light
The dim glow gives hope to find her fine face.
The passion, the words, kept beyond midnight
But she is not there, no beauty no grace

Tis stark and raw when the dark truth returns
The weight of sad fact drops hard to the floor
Yet desire is felt so wildly it burns
Can one of great distance simply adore

Both same in mornings though journeys apart
Alone in their world with love in their heart

#love   #desire   #need   #hope   #loss   #beauty   #distance  


Water makes many Beds
For those averse to sleep—
Its awful chamber open stands—
Its Curtains blandly sweep—
Abhorrent is the Rest
In undulating Rooms
Whose Amplitude no end invades—
Whose Axis never comes.

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