Lit by Dot
1 hour ago

What is a poem?
A lilting of words?
An image of voices
forever unheard?
What's this picture of symbols
all ordered in lines?
What's this rare combination?
Did it take her much time?
What makes the pattern
or rhyme start to flow?
What sets it apart
from the prose or the scroll?
Is it empathy recalling
some rose-tinted dream?
Maybe it's laced in darkness
the vile or obscene?
What is a poem?
Some words written with tone?
What are these lyrics
Sung straight from my bones?

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Pauline Aster
Pauline Aster
1 day ago      11 minutes ago

I am
hurt to see you smile;
that smile cast upon your face
by someone else --
someone else you love.

I am
hurt to see you hurt;
that hurt that tells
you're hurting --
because you're hurt she's hurting.

I am
a sad and jealous friend,
a selfless masochist;
I know I'll never be, to you --
any more than this.

I am
still in love with you.
I love it -- loving you;
silently in pain, dying everytime --
behind my biggest, fakest smile~

when you're meant to fall in love but not meant to be together...
11 hours ago      21 minutes ago

I loved you because
you didn't need hands
to touch me
but it turned out
you didn't need hands
to break me

  Lit by Arslan
Eiliv Advena

There is a girl, a girl so fair
With silver eyes and moonlit hair

Her skin like snow is pale and white
She dances in the moonlit night

She's singing under the midnight moon
It truly is a beautiful tune

She is a beauty, she is my queen
The most beautiful girl I've ever seen

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2 hours ago      33 minutes ago

Free yourself from worries
Make no room for doubts
Fear no more of what the future holds
Walk away from stress
Do not let insecurities eat you up
Unload all your self guilt feeling
Detach from all the negatives
For today is a new day -
A new beginning -
A fresh new start -
Jump start your day
Filled with hope
That everyday is going to be
The best day of your life.

Good morning! Good vibes! :)
#hope   #optimism   #today   #goodvibes  
Dulce Ivonne
Dulce Ivonne
5 hours ago      51 minutes ago

The sympathizer is the barrel of a gun
and it goes off.
Amongst bloated company
And hues of laughter
Amongst amiable stares and
fraudulent applause.
It beams socially the very instant
before mayhem falls
and in packs of  cordial mirth,
it grows in courage,
menacing enough to stare directly at a dead man.

1 day ago      57 minutes ago

You’re a boat, passing through a sea of souls, each one glimpsed, not a one really touched nor felt at all.

The pavement below is just pebbles on a riverbed. The figures there could be crushed between your thumbs; a bird for crumbs. How can something so close to you seem so far away?

You ask why the crowded room — third on the left, standard suite — feels so empty, so obsolete.

There’s no one there to say.
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