strawberry fields
strawberry fields
1 day ago      7 seconds ago

it's named after his wife;
crashing on his wedding anniversary

Joe Cole
Joe Cole
58 minutes ago      4 minutes ago

When I wrote Tranquility and listened to the breaking waves
I never stopped to think of those who hear the breaking waves
In the search of freedom from tyranny
I wrote Normandy D Day 6th of June
But never once while walking the beaches
Did I think of the hell those young men faced
Creativity was penned in twenty minutes
And written on my mobile phone
While sitting in my tent during a thunderstorm
But you are all equally creative
I was sat gazing at the rising moon
Thinking of a special person so many miles away
And imagination just took over
And then I took a long hard look at the world as we now know it
Yes hope was the result

For Sarah Ahmed..Thepoet
Dr Peter Lim
1 day ago      22 minutes ago

Not a thousand dreams
a few will well suffice
turn not away from the sorrows of others
help wipe away teary eyes

I share the joys of happy people
but sad faces do linger long in my mind
--a few dreams of compassion suit me well--
from a tender age my loving  mother taught me to be kind

Shenanigus Rex
Shenanigus Rex
1 hour ago      49 minutes ago

"I would rather die of passion than of boredom."
-Vincent Van Gogh

Darlene Chavez
Darlene Chavez
1 hour ago      51 minutes ago

Anxiety is preparing yourself to say "here" when the teacher does attendance.
Anxiety is shaking so bad you can barely keep food on a spoon.
Anxiety is being so quiet that even your mind stops for a second.
Anxiety is never texting first because you feel needy.
Anxiety is not being able to walk up to the teacher to hand in a paper.
Anxiety is always sitting in the back of the class so you don't feel eyes know you.
Anxiety is being afraid. All the time. Afraid to love, to smile,  or even to say hello.
Anxiety is only having a few friends because it's hard to talk to people you don't know.
Anxiety is wanting to talk to the cute boy who sits across from you, but you're afraid of him knowing the real you.
Anxiety is finally saying hello

20 times in your head

1 day ago      59 minutes ago

yellow like the sun
blue like the moon
i only feel like this
when i'm missing you

#sun   #moon   #i   #blue   #this   #you   #missing   #feel   #yellow  
6 hours ago      1 hour ago

The bizarre of September 1st,
A vow of your boundless devotion,
We both mend our troubled hearts,
And commit ourselves into one.
As the first light of October,
A rushed off one’s feet come over,
I fail to remember the 1st month we had,
But you still feel no resentment toward.
Birth month November morn,
Here at last I evoke our 2nd month,
We're on far distance spending holiday,
Mailing buss on ourselves in grateful way.
The last of summer December,
Spring flowers are long since gone,
Candid farewells you oath to utter,
And all the good things vanish in less than summer.

The Cold Christmas of being left alone.
#past #relationship #love #inspired #farewell #september #bermonths #denouement #pain
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