Langit Mara
Langit Mara
1 day ago      3 seconds ago

I bought a white rose today. Not for anyone, not even for anything. It's for me. I buy myself flowers; they make me happy. And I'll do whatever it takes to make myself happy.

All my life, I've been sacrificing everything—even myself—for people who couldn't even appreciate it.

And I think, I think now is time to love myself.

I want to fall in love with myself again.

JT Dayt
JT Dayt
1 day ago      3 minutes ago

Hindi ko pwedeng pagpilitang inumin
Hindi maganda ang epekto sa akin
Parang pag-ibig ko na pinagpipilitan sa’yo
Gayong sa huli masasaktan lang ako

#random   #pag-ibig   #hugot  
18 hours ago      12 minutes ago

I've been all these
faces, all their ways...
in passing, and passing
Therefore, may compassion
be the wellspring granted.

Shyanne Galvan
Shyanne Galvan
4 hours ago      20 minutes ago

His eyes, hypnotizing,

His hair, luscious and smooth.

His skin, rubs against me softly,

His hands, strong and sturdy.

His tongue, long and wet,

His body, drips beads of sweat.

His legs, trapped between mine,
His lips, big and mighty damn fine.

His ears, curbs perfectly against my lips,

His fingers, moving below past my hips.

His touch, gentle and kind,

His kisses, left all over my body.

Now that we’re finally done, we open our eyes, staring at each other, he smiles and so do I.

He leans down for a gentle kiss, one last time.

This is some moment that I will miss, more than us being high.

Copyright Shyanne Galvan

I will always treasure every moment I spent with you.. You know who u are ..
1 day ago      25 minutes ago

I know I'm broken
But just stop treating me like I'm broken

#friends   #broken   #anger   #pain   #sadness   #alone   #loss   #hurt   #frustration   #help  
Ian Francis
Ian Francis
1 day ago      45 minutes ago

I'm going to pretend this feeling doesn't exist until it doesn't
I'm going to do my best to forget your face no matter how hard it is
This is taking too long and I can't hold myself back anymore

A Poet of Anonymity
A Poet of Anonymity
9 hours ago      47 minutes ago

Drifting....seed caught in the wind of life,
one more among many; a grain in a storm
of a thousand sands. Wandering, lost in the
sighing ether, suspended between earth and
sky, it sees many things, and yet sees nothing.
Meaning is lost to it, feeling torn from its numb
grasp, in the hour of its waking. It has known
nothing, has felt nothing, save for the grey air of
the world without, and the grey within; there
where his heart had been.

A cold morning today....melancholy fills my heart and chills me, as the draft from cracked window paints the room in icy hue.
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