calpurnia mockingbird
calpurnia mockingbird
10 hours ago      10 seconds ago

The tide charged in deeply, taking all that was never there for the asking.
Desecrated sanctity let flow scarlet rivers while the moon tied her tongue and the sand dried her tears.
A heaven of weeping constellations dimmed as she rose, this shaken child, silent and mourning, her innocence torn and bloodied by this fierce current that knew not her name.
She wept a single tear of farewell as her eyes faded in acceptance of a fate once warned. Stumbling, ragged, once hallowed now hollow she dared not ask why of the moonlit wind as it blew her homeward, to be forever the keeper of secrets.

Timothy Brown
Timothy Brown
2 hours ago      16 minutes ago

It was a gathering where emotions murmured
into an answering call for devotion.
Where locked gazes and dilated pupils
mirrored the endless churning of the sea.
The sensation of their very presence
was an euphoric dance that was devised
by the most magnificent of choreographers.
The purpose of this meeting was simple;
It was to be a discussion of plans.
It turned into a
blueprint for the future.
It was your kiss
It was my rapture.

Osculate:  kiss
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Liz And Lilacs
Liz And Lilacs
1 day ago      42 minutes ago

Let me drown in this hell
Or drag me to salvation
But for god's sake,
Don't leave me in this

I never believed in being saved, anyways.
Inferno. Pergatorio. Paradisio.
David Alexander Walker
David Alexander Walker
3 hours ago      1 hour ago

Why do I love her
I could write you thick volumes
But they would fall short

Daniel Lockerbie
Daniel Lockerbie
1 hour ago      1 hour ago

Go ahead and
write your story without me.
Fill it with all sorts of intricate little details:
because you realized not all sentences have to end,
because you were smart enough to choose the ones that did,
exclamation points,
to emphasize what you know now that you did not before,
question marks,
to ask as to why I never spoke of them.

Stephanie Lynn
Stephanie Lynn
2 hours ago      1 hour ago

we're coming up on one year
since you've been gone
and as i look at all the changes that have happened in this life of mine since you departed
it seems as if one year has been far too long
i could really use a hug from you today
you know, one of your specialty embraces you so easily and wholeheartedly gave away
i could really stand to see the smile on your face
that same smile that could stop the devil in his pace
your energy
your will
it's all still here
even though you died in the flesh
your spirit remains in the clear
and i have the honor of knowing a spirit of such
one of unimaginable happiness
with the most caring of touch

thank you for the years you were here
and for still watching down over all of us

we still miss you.

Jan. 4th, 2013

(C) Maxwell 2014
#death   #loss   #friendship  
18 hours ago      1 hour ago

She fell in love.
not because of the words or gifts.
she fell in love with the way he would breathe.
She fell in love with those beautiful brown eyes.
she fell in love with the way she could look into them all day and still be intrigued.
She fell in love with the way that he held her.
she fell in love with the way that his lips felt pressed against hers.
she fell in love with the way that he carried himself.
She fell in love with his passion.
She fell in love with the way he looked at her.
she fell in love with his beautiful smile.
she fell in love with his laugh.
She fell in love with the way he cared for everyone.
She fell in love with the way he made her feel.
she fell in love and prayed for forever.

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