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Your life together
flashing before her eyes
while you sit at a quiet dinner-

the disappointment,
the disillusionment
over time
you dissolve into drinking
and visiting strip clubs
and clandestine internet meetups
while she stays home
with the kids,
scrubbing handprints
off the walls,
some days no time
to even take a shower
exhausted and wondering
where the hell
everything went wrong;
all the hope you ever had
in a future together
disemboweled by time
a lack of money
fights born of jealousy
weariness in the grind
and you leave
because you get sick
of her nagging
and she gets sick
of your emotional absence

-so she gets up
and quietly excuses herself
and never
returns your calls again.

2 hours ago      2 minutes ago

Positively, absolutely
a clean
A dreamy
in spirit
I do
not have
to hide a
Or  lie
just say
on my mind-

Something Simple
Something Simple
1 hour ago      4 minutes ago

"You'll leave. Everyone does."

Four words spoken from the heart
Weary little one, the truth is often heavy is it not?
You're so earnest dear, how many have you seen go?
Close my eyes, bow my head
The truth is hard to blind

"Yes. I've always been a leaver....why stay went no one else does?"

I look at her, eyes narrowed
Something as big as her, scared?
You can go, leave anytime you want
Seek what you must
I remain here.
No matter what.

"Of course you'll go! No one cares about Ird!"

Oh little creature....don't you know?
If you love it let it go
This world will forget me, drag me down and kill me
I'll fade from your memory too
I can never stay.

"I do. I-I can't stay, I'll be here until the end of time."

Ernest L Gonzales
8 hours ago      26 minutes ago

Spectrum of eye
Feeling gravity
Pulling darkness,
How silent you are!
Half closed eyelid
A shadowy sphere:
Relic in space
Laughing at the lights
Burning lightness darkly
Orbiter of the self.
(Ask me if im a dark star,
Im sure you wont see me)

Sweet Serendipity
Sweet Serendipity
19 hours ago      30 minutes ago

It's easy to fall in love with someone. To take your white knuckles off of the rails of stability and let yourself land into someone's arms. You'll fall in love over and over again in one lifetime. But you, you were so different. It wasn't like anything I've felt before. You reminded me of the pale moon because you would shed light during my darkest times and you were always picking me up and dusting me off. In many ways you were my own temporary heaven. But I'm afraid I wasn't your heaven, maybe, maybe I was your hell. My demons scratched on my heart and told me to run away. To break your heart and never look back. And that's exactly what I did.

365 days have past and I'm still afraid to look back.

#love   #hell   #falling   #heaven   #you   #bitter  
David JM
David JM
23 hours ago      40 minutes ago

If a military veteran
with P.T.S.D. dresses in drag,
Is he a traumaqueen?

Rachel Lyle
Rachel Lyle
1 day ago      1 hour ago

Blast it!
We've put our eggs
in the wrong basket,
and now Little Liberty has dropped them.

She's dropped them.
She's dropped them!
She certainly did,
She dropped them!

Each egg splits, cracks, breaks,
despite Liberty's bleeding
colors. Faded, young
hatch prematurely;
before their time.

Liberty heard her love
causing boyish ruckus in the bush.
Hurriedly she did run;
giving aide.
Careless Liberty did not see.
All our eggs are handled irresponsibly.

Soon after Liberty's bush date,
she saw what could only be surmounted to fate.
Poster slapped to said Holy Tree,
plastered with Allah's face.
Hating those jihadist anyway,
Ignorant Liberty unloaded her bounty
upon the sacred man's face.  

It took a while
till Liberty thought,
looking down,
but by then,
we would have thought it all too late,
But Little Liberty being supreme,
totally Grade A,
finally remember to put the lid down;
that should seal our fate,
her reason as she bounced and pranced away.

But not before she reached her people,
her sickness burst,
her pride was shook,
she couldn't show her face.
Afraid of what her people might say,
she reopened said lid,
flipping the basket promptly round,
dumping eggs on to their heads.

Babies dispersed;
Children burnt and broken;
not to mention all the vital yolk;
nasty stuff and what a mess.
Now onward to face the people.

But all is well;
she gives her spiel
about the evil-doers.
People line-up
ready to give their last;
service, duty, and loyalty too
all for Little Miss Liberty.

Quite the siren, ain't she?

I had to write something after listening to NPR this morning; I heard a brief snippet of the story of a young Afghan civilian, on fire, running for his life. God Bless the USA.
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