DaRk IcE
DaRk IcE
1 day ago      just now

Must it take an end to bring fourth sight?
Must it take pain to bring fourth light?
Must it take tears to bring fourth colours bright?
Must it take neglect to bring fourth fright?
Must it take lonely ness to bring fourth a forefilled night?

17 hours ago      38 minutes ago

I don't know exactly what happened
All I remember is my shower fresh hair
and your white tshirt.
I remember the heart ache
The urge to get rid of it some how.
I don't know if you made a difference
but you were there.
He just took another girl home so I needed to feel better
I needed to feel how he was making that girl feel
Tension builds. Faces touch.
Your hand ran down my spine.
Chills followed your fingertips
I heard you sing songs angels didn't know the words to yet.
I closed my eyes, the pleasure couldn't make up for the missing lyrics
Though we sang harmonies that fit the song, we were out of tune
Loneliness settled back into my heart
And this is all I've ever known about trying to move on.

Yes this about sex
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Pradip Chattopadhyay
Pradip Chattopadhyay
5 hours ago      40 minutes ago

when did i last spend a good time?

a second, a minute, an hour, a day
one undiluted, unmixed, pure, and raw,

a good time, truly good, without a flaw.

was it those moments of orgasmic height
when sans one sense, all else was dark night

or the time spent brief in her warm embrace
seeking her moons reading map on her face

it could be the while when a gust of joy
made this heart shine like a boy

a flashing streak of event that lit up the soul
from pieces of fragments revealed the whole

getting from a girl her kiss of innocence
drench with her in first summer rains

reaching a heaven from far firmament
by a smile from the boy a dime i lent

turning that page of a now lost time
when this mind first chanced upon a rhyme

they rush like tide set me to brood
from the budding child to the aging manhood
where in the memory now thick with grime
lies hidden the passing of the last good time!

9 hours ago      44 minutes ago

Sadness fills inside
And you just wish to
Be carried away,
Like the waves
Flowing inside you.

Your heart pounds
As the club’s music bursts
Your eardrums,
Along with the beat
That pulsates
Through your body.

You just wish he would
Love you
Like he used to.
You are trying.
You just want to feel whole again.

Blend yourself
Inside the crowd and
Close your eyes.
No one can
Save you
But yourself.

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Lidi Minuet
Lidi Minuet
3 hours ago      45 minutes ago

The light at the end
of the tunnel might be a
train or the moon but
if you never walk through
it you will never know.
Sometimes you must
take a chance or
be buried in regret.

Tabi G
7 hours ago      51 minutes ago

i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry
i didnt mean to make you sad
oh god, im a bad friend

i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry
i didnt mean to talk too loud
i didnt mean to startle you
i didnt mean to take up too much space
i didnt mean
i didnt mean
i didnt mean
i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry

I THOUGHT no more was needed
Youth to polong
Than dumb-bell and foil
To keep the body young.
O who could have foretold
That thc heart grows old?
Though I have many words,
What woman's satisfied,
I am no longer faint
Because at her side?
O who could have foretold
That the heart grows old?
I have not lost desire
But the heart that I had;
I thOught 'twould burn my body
Laid on the death-bed,
For who could have foretold
That the heart grows old?

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