wolf spirit aka quinfinn
wolf spirit aka quinfinn
21 hours ago      13 seconds ago

they're merely words
scrawled on a piece of paper
typed onto a webpage
spoken as gospel for one who knows
how to listen
rhymes with
only words
they don't mean a thing
when no one's listening
if they broke your heart
you might notice them
"i love you"
"i want you"
"i need you"
are you listening?
i have a pocketful
of dreams
i have a pocketful of money
now you're paying attention?
they're only words
which have as much meaning
no matter what they are
when they are truth.
don't abuse the privilege
you snooze,
you lose!
be careful
and how
you use them.

LJ Chaplin
LJ Chaplin
1 hour ago      8 minutes ago

A few miles feels like we are oceans apart,
Battling against a tide of cars and trains
To reach your arms,
Even when we are beneath the same quilt,
It feels as if the rolling waves of creased bed sheets
Separates us from being connected,
I wait patiently, On the cliffs edge of a station platform,
For the sails to catch the fume stained wind of another train engine,
To be hurtled through fields that burn beneath the sun,
Past speeding cars and clouds that drift peacefully
Across the vast skies that echo adventure and longing,
Only to reach the final destination of your safety.

Shannon Acacia Wilson
Shannon Acacia Wilson
1 hour ago      22 minutes ago

Dark love now creeps through the cracks of what's left of my heart
lost nights in vodka
And bruised kisses lost to drunken men
Cold comforting steal slashes lap at my already etched frame

These are just some things I do
To help me forget your name

#love   #heartbreak   #self   #lost   #gone   #forever   #drinking   #deep   #emotional   #vodka  
1 day ago      36 minutes ago

The sunrise surprised me awake again
I haven't sleep, I just can't
Not while you're in here
Haunting both memory and imagination

I haven't slept
And I'm not really awake
Ambulant slumber, never-ending malady
Love-sickness is the worst of them all
There's no comfort, nothing soothes, nothing satisfies

I must wake
Even though my heart is broken
And everything has stopped for me
The rest of the world won't wait
It will just go on and run me over

At least the colors of the sky
Reflect those of my heart
Grey and blue,
And that saddens me a little more

It's lonesome looking at the sky,
Because it has your colors too.
Grey and blue
And that depresses me a little more

#blue   #sky   #you   #grey   #haunting   #broken-heart   #love-sick  
5 hours ago      44 minutes ago

Quick glances into the corner of his eye
Side smiles inspired by a fallen lullaby
We dance like lost souls on ice

Murmured hellos to a love that is only mine
Captured secrets that prance in the middle of time
Whispered footsteps that run to the rhythm of crime
We love with a heart that died

I want you to see me here
Waiting for you to realize my fear
So your lips will crawl so near
You love me, my dear.

#love   #fear   #sad   #happy   #time   #soul   #invisible   #dear   #secrets   #mine  
1 day ago      1 hour ago

you said
it doesn't matter anyway
it never did

you said
it didn't matter
if it was a week, a month, or a year
we wouldn't be forever anyway

you once said
you loved me
on a cold and dark night like this

you said  
it didn't matter

but baby
it matters to me

#broken   #heart  
Argentina Rose
Argentina Rose
1 day ago      1 hour ago

This house made of brick and stone,
glass and wood,
now crumbles to the earth beneath me.
But this house was empty
long before it was gone.

The people inside,
the people
the people
the monsters,

They ripped open their lungs
and filled themselves with smoke.
They  ripped open their veins
and filled themselves with poison.
They grew sickly and cold
with black, sunken eyes.
They starved themselves to the bone
until that was all they were.
Feet shuffled against dark-stained hardwood floors,
yet they never touched the ground.

Ghosts who couldn't sleep,
for the darkness was no longer home.
Ghosts who couldn't breathe,
for all they inhaled was smoke.
Ghosts who screamed.
Ghosts who cried.
Ghosts who never made a sound.

Holding on until fingers grew limp.
This house was empty
long before it was gone.

#sad   #addiction   #life   #lonely   #home   #death   #empty   #heartache   #monsters   #ghosts  
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