You love me—you are sure—
I shall not fear mistake—
I shall not cheated wake—
Some grinning morn—
To find the Sunrise left—
And Orchards—unbereft—
And Dollie—gone!

I need not start—you’re sure—
That night will never be—
When frightened—home to Thee I run—
To find the windows dark—
And no more Dollie—mark—
Quite none?

Be sure you’re sure—you know—
I’ll bear it better now—
If you’ll just tell me so—
Than when—a little dull Balm grown—
Over this pain of mine—
You sting—again!

1 day ago      7 hours ago

i sit and watch the way it lumbers  
taking each victim by surprise.  
it rarely holds on tight  
even more so for a few nights.  
i am protected,  
but i still see.  
i have lived through it,  
and it left me lonely.  
it burned when i came too close,  
turning beating muscle into a stone.  
rhythm of life is not all it took,  
there's much more to it  
than even i knew.  
i am protected,  
but i still see,  
how it hurts the others  
to whom it came so suddenly.  
how do i stop this torture  
and pain?  
it's simple,i can't,  
there is no antidote  
just time and wait.

#love   #heartbreak   #pain   #breakup  
ashley amanda
ashley amanda
8 hours ago      7 hours ago

if i lived in
a world without you
in it i'd venture into
space and search the
stars for your constellation.

Suri's Reposts
14 hours ago      7 hours ago

Wandering thirsty
Through the street
Wandering aimlessly
Dragging my feet.....

Wondering drearily
Through life’s maze
Wondering futilely
Thinking in a daze.....

Worrying constantly
Through out our life
Worrying negatively
Living in constant strife.....

Wandering, wondering, worrying,
Three things one’s mind must not do.
Preparing, praying, pondering,
Three things one’s mind must constantly do.

Originally posted on 19th February 2010
17 hours ago      7 hours ago


my today, yesterday, tomorrow and forever
my motivation to ponder and create
your soul, my quill
your love, my slate
your heart, my ink


#love   #woman   #creation   #reason   #motivation   #ponder  
9 hours ago      7 hours ago

Like a fog that blinds,
her smile dazzles you.
Like a chain that binds
her eyes imprison you.

She's a work of art.
She's such a hard worker.
She could break my heart
and she's mine all mine.

The longest dark hair
and her curvy features.
Plus two small hands
that make cute gestures.

She's a work of art.
She's such a hard worker.
She could break my heart
and she's mine all mine.

8 hours ago      8 hours ago

Kiss my thoughts
Listen to my lips
Hold my heart
Feel my hips
Judge my motives
Understand my actions
Get drunk off of my love
Fill me with passion

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