17 hours ago      2 seconds ago

The sky is an endless canvas
that stretches across the infinities
The infinities of what was, what is, and will be
I wonder of the haunting and lovely voices that echo in the sky's ears.
How many of our secrets has the sky seen in the midst of its own darkness?
A vast mirage of little lights of hope flicker surrounded by a blanket of whatever troubles us
The sky causes and heals open wounds that only make ourselves stronger
Cleansing us with drops of water that remind us of our humanity
Sparks of light between clouds of grey are like the smiles on a child's face,
or the laughter between an elderly couple
Clouds that make me wish I could paint no longer bring sadness into my life,
but rather add color to my sunset sky.
Like the sun adores the blue cheeks of delight like young lovers gaze into each other's eyes
A sense of warmth and happiness
Sometimes the sky leaves you speechless, because the peace within your soul is greater than your thoughts
Such beautiful things can be found when the sky is set ablaze,
such as our hearts when they bleed passion
The sky is imperfect like us
But every imperfection or flaw only makes it more and more
Everyday I feel an overwhelming sense of feeling so small
So insignificant
But even the angle of the sun in the way it hits the smallest of clouds can change the sky into masterpiece
Even the smallest matter
The sky reminds me to breathe deeply
Because everything
Will be okay

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13 hours ago      13 minutes ago

waves of pain
crash against my skull
with each collision shaking my insides
and every thundering bolt
pushing me closer and closer
to grabbing the forty-five
in a desperate attempt to stop
my head from shaking and screaming
to be set free
breathe in, breathe out
to a cold barrel against my temple
pull the trigger, count to three
we were "so nearly free."

you grab the camera, i'll grab the gun.
let's make a movie.
5 hours ago      28 minutes ago

Her time was up awhile ago.
She told herself that everything
Get's better for everyone else's
Sake and crying herself to sleep was
The only way to go. The poor girl
Found a bottle of cold medicine in
The medicine cabinet.
The label read: take as directed.
The only thing she saw was a way
Out. To her dismay she lived.

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1 day ago      38 minutes ago

The dark is my cloak
My hiding spot
The wheel is my friend
Forever moving me

I feel the heat of day
The cool of night
But no longer see the sky
Or the glimmering stars

The life I once had is gone
But this is one I cherish
Every moment counts
You never know when it will be your last

6 hours ago      48 minutes ago

Give me a time machine
I want to go back to
the beginning

All the things that were
left unsaid
Now they are just thoughts
in my head, lying dead

All the things I should
have done
To avoid being the person
that I have become

And all the people I would
wish to never meet
They are the reasons why
I cut deep

If only I could turn back time
I would undo all these
mistakes of mine

But now it's too late
my heart is full of regrets
Seems like my future and
everything is pitch black

Take me back to the time
before i became a wreck
Can i please have my old self back?

#sad   #life   #pain   #alone   #time   #hurt   #thoughts   #tired   #regrets   #mistakes  
Suri Ben Noah
Suri Ben Noah
7 hours ago      52 minutes ago

We abuse women all our days and nights
And then seem to worship them for nine nights
And also write about it as poetry
For indeed this is called Navaratri
Nine nights deserves atleast nine lines
The nine faces of womanhood certainly shines
During these nine nights of devotion
For ultimately it is women who lead us to salvation
Nine nights culminating in wisdom that sets us right

23 hours ago      54 minutes ago

accepting the unacceptable
just to accept
and try to be accepted

believing the unbelievable
just to believe
in something

tolerating the unethical
to hide weakness
and deny decency

following the wicked
because of vulnerability and hopelessness

never comprehending truth
because of rejecting it for so long

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