Liz Kiger
Liz Kiger
1 day ago      just now

Moonless skies a silent night
Keeps you up and holds on tight
Thoughts keep wispering in your ear  
By morning they will disappear
Don't look back, not one time
Soon the sun will start to shine
Take your love and hold on tight
Watch the world begin to light

#love   #live   #awake  
Tyler James Birabent
Tyler James Birabent
3 hours ago      9 minutes ago

I'm sorry but I threw away my looking glass,
It was damn confusing,
I'd rather sit by the fire and eat strawberries.

I dig, I dig, I dig  again
To find what's buried deep within
These hidden treasures are not gold
But pain and loss and death untold

Who pulled these treasures from the deep
These raw and wretched memories  
That cause my heart and mind to scream
A bloody vengeance on my being

Just die just die you wretched man
You're worthless helpless dead within
How could you ever be made whole
You're hopeless, empty, with no soul

The self deceit, so strong, complete
That you believed your Liberty
Was in the act of leaving these
Your old and broken memories

But no, they rise to kill and maim
The ones I love they stab and blame
Till none are left with me to stand
An empty, hopeless, broken man

#broken   #depression   #end   #loss   #treasure   #coping  
Yume Blade
Yume Blade
1 day ago      36 minutes ago


Take a shining blade.
Put it on my veins.
Let the razor kiss my veins
My blood flows on the floor.

Feel my strength goes out from me.
Feel my body let me sleep for real.
Feel my pain goes away for once.
Feel my heart can't beat for a last one.

Feel I'm gonna be free.
Feel I'm near to peace.
Feel I'm going to haven.
Feel I'm gonna be with anyone.

My blood flows
but I'm still alive.

#love   #suicide   #death   #alone   #razor   #feel   #haven  
Mark McIntosh
1 day ago      46 minutes ago

the black vacuum
darker hours
remove the mites
they eat & eat
away at themselves
there's nothing left
to go by
but another beginning
when the half hour
ticks over
you don't know
what to do
with that time
but to reach out
into the skeleton
to remove the battery

Daysha Marie
Daysha Marie
4 hours ago      50 minutes ago

funny how a childhood game can be so insiteful,
so full of irony and shadows,
teaching a young version of us,
words borne from ignorance lead to gallows,
but many didnt listen,
many couldnt see,
that what's just a game to them,
is reality to me.

Kyle madill Baker
Kyle madill Baker
15 hours ago      58 minutes ago

I use my silence as a way to hide my anger,
With each passing look I see the nothing that you perceive me as,
It would hurt if only I was not used to the lonlyness,
Sometimes I wonder when our actions gain the company they desire,
Or when asking a lover to leave you be is a sign of fear,
Music causes me to relate to those I hate,
Keeping my blood pumping so that my when the music touches our ears we see who was right,
If I lie it was because I was never lied to,
Everything is my truth it is what has got me this far,
Advertising is the only place where the truth is deafening but ignorance stacks all odds against us,
I apologize for the discombobulated sentences, the silence is yours if you want it,
I wish ro stay silent no longer, but my voice will only be heard when I lie.

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