Giuseppi Martino Buonaiuto
Giuseppi Martino Buonaiuto
4 hours ago      7 seconds ago

I recently agreed to leave my body to science
In return for free cremation & disposal services.
But I insisted on one small qualifier,
A precise stipulation that
The first-year medical student, to which
My cadaver is assigned,
Be female & lovely,
Brilliant & curious,
Fevered & insane,
Seeking a miracle cure for broken hearts.
The damaged among us,
Yearn for a magic elixir,
Some long lost potion,
Arcane & miraculous,
Insightful & perfect in simplicity.
A man who truly loved women,
My last woman dissects me,
I, a species of man she would master.
Cuts out my heart and weighs it,
Divines my psychology from slice of spleen.
Or liver, toxic, cirrhotic,
Surely, random entrails hold some key to me.
I--in all my incandescent incongruity--
Must render up some gender-specific clue,
As to what it is men really want;
Proving, again, the simplest answer is best.

IL Mare
IL Mare
8 hours ago      14 minutes ago

give my words back
the ones i have earned through
the books that i've read
in all the years that have passed
give my words back
even the nastiest ones
the sharpest, boldest, the lethal
give my words back
for i cannot even write
for the simplest memoir anymore
give my words back
even the ones you cannot
and will not take
give my words back
i beg you just to grant me
enough power to be sane
and writing is my sanity
don't take it away from me
give me my words back
because even if you
did give them all back to me
they will always and always
speak to you
they will always speak of you
but at least let me keep them
after all, you can only be mine
in words

2 hours ago      18 minutes ago

Budapest Utca; Rainy Evening
...were Caillebotte a Hungarian

notes of ginger and honey
savory scat of cabernet
improvisational watercolors
harmonious star ascending

if only time knew when to stop
when enough was perfect
heartbreak would be extinct

1 hour ago      22 minutes ago

I know desire
desert of pyre
sister to this fire within
Amidst you and I
love drunken high
a savage gale begins
With angst respire
and lusts arrest
in the eleventh hour
down to rest
To my crippled hand
and weighted tongue
the fray begun
the sting has stung
To thirst and hunger
impassioned tease
encompass me
with an  ardent seize

In all that is left
one seed and sweat
desire shall feed again

1 hour ago      32 minutes ago

Ocean waves chase shorelines
As the sun falls from the sky
Each grain of sand a memory
Of happy days gone by

I taste your tear drops in the ocean
And now I realize why
Each salty stream of sorrow's
Gonna haunt me till I die

I'll dance with you forever
You're the moon and I'm the tide
I'll willingly dive into love
And drown myself inside

#love   #moon   #ocean   #tide   #drown   #curing  
1 day ago      40 minutes ago

I still feel your heart beating next to me,
a beat ahead, a beat behind,
Never together.

I don't own these words. I read this somewhere on internet and it is engraved in my mind since then.
No offence to the original creator of this, I just wanted to share this  beautiful thought.
2 hours ago      1 hour ago

"'Mom, I'm tired.."
I said, as I walked slowly towards her
My arms weighing me down
Hanging by my sides, T-shirt no sweater

"Go take a nap sweetheart"
She replied in a sweet, soothing tone
Wish I had said something more
Cause where I'm going, there isn't a phone..

I've withered and got down to my goal
It's a shame more people didn't realize,
No one took it serious enough
I never felt like I was the right size

I couldn't feel anymore neither happiness nor pain
If this is what it took then I'm glad the job is done
I loved you all so much so please forgive me
But I think this nap will be my last one

If my illness takes me before I'm ready to go, at least someone somewhere out there will know
#love   #peace   #sad   #depression   #hate   #girl   #sleep   #mentalillness   #mind   #ed  
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