Haydn Swan
Haydn Swan
1 day ago      10 seconds ago

Spirit walker what can you tell
standing amidst us silent and still
weaving our souls into a tapestry so rich
each silken thread a story to tell
you catch our tears in your soft white hands
watching us weep in a fervent prayer
so many voices inside your head
screaming out from the bones of the dead
take me with you oh spirit walker
for I am prepared for the journey ahead

#life   #death   #thoughts   #soul  
Sierra Scanlan
Sierra Scanlan
58 minutes ago      10 minutes ago

-Knowing that no matter the day, the sun will always rise and it will always set and each time, it will be even beautiful than the time before
-There are always new books to read and new music to listen to
-A cup of coffee on a cold winter day
-Freshly dried blankets and sheets
-The butterflies that come with a first date
-Loving and being loved back
-Knowing that no matter where you are in the world, you and the people you love are looking at the same moon
-Music that gives you chills
-Lines in books that are so good that you have to read them twice
-The fact that you're young and the world is IN fact, yours

7 hours ago      28 minutes ago

You know the way your hair flips drives me crazy
You have a smile that drives me wild
You've made me laugh even when I can't stop crying
You've held my hand through a dark time

You make my world a better place
You fight the demons of the human race
You make this all a possibility
I just want to thankyou my Andy

I can't word how much this has effected me. I mean you've been here for me and i dont even know how to say what i need to. Thankyou

For andy
Michael Wysocki
11 hours ago      37 minutes ago

Oh what a country!
Where those who serve the law
Can crack your jaw and leave you
Beaten, bruised, and bloody.
Maybe they think it's funny
To unnerve and select which
New victim they're not to serve and protect
And I guess standing up for yourself
Is now resisting arrest.
God forbid you scream when they
Jam their knee into your chest
You'll be wishing you wore a bullet proof vest.
Power hungry violence junkies
With brains no bigger than a monkeys.
Be a man and burn your badge
Admit you forgot what it stood for
When you left that man at death's door  
Because you were weak and afraid
And he was black and it was late.
You screamed at him to get down
But he just wouldn't listen
You drew your gun and thought
Something glistened.
One bullet to disturb the silence of night
One more innocent man torn from his life.
How can I respect a man who thinks its
His duty to harass me and shoot me?
Listen up pigs, life isn't a movie,
Stop trying to enforce your will
By making living bodies lie still.

Sorry to good cops, I know they exist.
#life   #death   #country   #rights   #liberty   #police  
Abigail Shaw
Abigail Shaw
9 hours ago      1 hour ago

When I first met you, you took me back to the 70’s,
With anarchy, sex pistols and beer soaked blazers,
Bloody jeans and pipe dreams and your love for jumping off of tall things
under the impression you could fly,
You spoke to me and I felt the whole weight of my body collapse down,
And to this day I thank my knees for not buckling.

#love   #sad   #girl   #boyfriend   #in   #boy   #you   #sex   #lovesick   #poignant  
Beanz and cheese
1 day ago      1 hour ago

if you look closely
under the moonlight tonight,
you will see that my vertebrae
the shape of birds taking flight..
darling boy,
ive been a little bent out of shape since you left  
im walking around with a part of me missing and
i don't think you understand that i see you in everything i do..

but ill be fine
in the morning ill stretch my wings (arms) up to the sky
maybe tomorrow
you'll think of me.

Unknown guy
Unknown guy
9 hours ago      1 hour ago

My love is made of warmth,
but your love, they are as cold as the south pole...

LOve, heartbreak
#love   #heartbreak   #heart   #pain  
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