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No Clicking Of Heels

I don't cry anymore
Because I know
Anything that lasts
Must go slow.

We burned it out
With passion hot.
I touched you softly
And found your spot.

Not the one
Between your legs
Or your neck
Or pulling hair while you begged.

Far deeper than that
Did we go.
To a place unknown
In our soul.

A place that scared
The living hell
To a point
We did bid farewell.

We burned it out
Before we began
To see each other
From end to end.

From heart to heart
From head to toe
From places beneath
That none will know.

To places far more vast
Than we can see within ourselves.
Places never written about
On tall bookshelves.

Places beyond
space and time
Where angels dance
Where all things rhyme

And gel within
To grow us far
From egos to souls
On other sides of stars.

Where did we meet?
In halls of school?
And where's that baby
We wanted, with coo?

And I think of this
From time to time.
Wondering how
To end this rhyme

This hell to heaven
All wrapped in one
The memories of pain
And so much fun.

Where we are together
Making love and peace
As gypsies do
Living in ease.

But all my logic
And all you feels
Can't bring us back home
By click of heels.

The storm is too great
In your mind from then.
Yet I'll dream of you
Until my end.

4 mins flat,
This took to write.
And it's done with love
Not worry or fright.

You're within me
And you just flow out
So it all much be true
I have no doubt

That you miss me too,
Now and then
And have great wonder
Why did we end

Or could we begin again.

My feels; your logic;
My logic; your feels.
But no fine answer;
And no clicking of heels.

I've tried.


Smarty Pants [aka NitWit;)   :*]

Jessi LouBob
  3 minutes ago
Miranda Renea
Miranda Renea
1 hour ago

To write a story; As lilting
As a minstrel's tongue, as
Simply as the small shhh a
River makes as it bends to
And fro from the soft bank
Of wild green tufts and sand.
Ancient roman philosophers
Would stare at the stars there,
I think. Drink red wine and
Wonder what more their eyes
Couldn't see up in the sky, or
Inside where flesh ceases to be
And we become "me". Those
Old tellers of tales, wishing
To write a story.

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  7 minutes ago
Sonya Grice
Sonya Grice
2 hours ago

As a kid, I often enjoyed
Looking through my bedroom window
At the night.
Then one late winter evening,
I was gazing & daydreaming
As usual when
The full moon lit the tree braches up-
Silver and gray, serene & beautiful.
I climbed through the window,
Dropped to the ground,
and listened.
Moonlight walk
No light
save the moon.
I followed my spirit to the creek
Looking at the moonlight playing on the meadow.
Somebody died here.
I don't know who
Or when
But suddenly I felt their history.
Their story in my bones.
It was unclear
But very sad.
I cried in sympathy,
Unsure why I suddenly felt overwhelmed with grief
When nobody I knew had died.
They just needed someone to accept them.
They called out beyond the grave
Their need for a voice.
So I was quiet and listened to their stories.

  17 minutes ago
2 hours ago

Since when numbers became so important,
That even an "i love you"
Doesn't seem to mean anything
Without an "i love you too"?

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  31 minutes ago
3 hours ago


I know you're out there
I can hear your voice in the wind that rustles the leafless trees
Like them I'm waiting for Spring
For warmth
To grow again inside love

I'm searching for you
I chase your shadow in the fading colours of the setting sun
Look for your message amongst the stars
Face upturned
Bathed in moonlight
In awe of the universe

I've dreamt of you
Your image obscured by a cloak of imagination
Invading my unconscious with promised ardour
Passionate embraces
Fanciful encounters
That leave me wanting

I'm waiting for you
Pondering your existence, conversing with passers by
Like Vladimir and Estragon under their tree
Writing the words
To bring you to me

I've yet to find you
I know you're out there


Dedicated to all of us still looking for that someone
  50 minutes ago
Lost Girl
Lost Girl
18 hours ago

Things I live for:
passionate conversations
about the things I love and care for
that last for hours longer than planned
in coffee shops with exposed brick walls
with coffee stains and muffin crumbles littering the papers
where I am writing the plans for the rest of my life
the things I want for my future, my passions
and how I am going to live those out
mapping out my life on napkins
and old note pads
so I can remind myself
that this my passion and I can
achieve anything I put my mind to
but its always important to have support
so I pour my heart out to my friends and hope
they don't mind listening, because when I am excited
I don't stop talking, and I hope they do the same
with me and we can learn to help each other
achieve our goals

Although I am an introvert an spend plenty of time alone, I never view myself as alone. I think life is meant to be shared with others. And although I enjoy my time in solitude the best memories come from enjoying experiences with others.
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  57 minutes ago
18 hours ago

Its sad to say that my only inspiration
is anxiety caused by seperation
which is basically admitting
that you are my only inspiration

My poems suck but so do you
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