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escape of dreaming with a broken heart. And dwelling with the feeling of waking up.
Sleeping becomes addicting .
So the 3 hours past noon creeps up on me. I can not bare it no longer. I'm a coward.
I'm sinking. Will you save me?

My sober thoughts eat my soul bit by bit. Feening  just that one sip.
Falling  for the same damn tricks.
The idiot.

Like being left here to burn in the place's you've  standed. Gone. Bloody. Stranded.

So its time for my daily cleansing with my buddy jack. Everything is beyond blurry.
Skeptical thinking but you start swirving.

I'll always  Slur   on words you'll  never say. Clever little girl I know your  games.

So far gone from reailty, how the numb senile feeling reacts so smooth.
I would try again with hope but then again that'd be the booze.

So I'll  celebrate  in your honor on this wretched night.
Lathered in my own shame.

Slowly loosing  my composhere step by step. I'm crippled and running out of legs to stand on . im a mess.
But my sweetheart your the closest to hell I'll ever be.
My Eyes glazing  blood red. hatred. Torn to the seems.

But my darling wasn't this what you wanted me to be? Or was it how you've  always been good at dropping to your knees?

Hell who knows.  Forget my name .

You always have your own way ,
blinded by the greed of lust and waist low pleasure.
Seems your the one shipwrecked and lost.

I'm so far gone.
But jack my buddy, one more drink
And I'll move on.

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"I was never in love with you"
is what I've said
while rolling my eyes.

You breathed a sigh of relief
looked at me straight in the eyes
and brightly smiled.

'Sorry, I lied'
are the words
I'll never say out loud.

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is this how our story ends?
with you forgetting
and me regretting?

is this how our story ends?
with our song not sung anymore,
our rings not worn anymore?

is this how our story ends?
with you and someone new
while i'm stuck in the same old shoe?

is this how our story ends?
i'd hate for it to be
but now you look free
so bad as it is
must i accept this
it is how it ends

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kylie formella
kylie formella
4 hours ago      28 minutes ago

i'll be 23 at a liquor store on my way to a party
the boy who i'm with will think my name is sorry
maybe the cuts will be scars by then
but that doesn't mean i'll be better
i still won't know how to be sober
i'll be in a stranger's bathroom
crying my eyes out,
they'll think it's just the shrooms
but it'll be you, it'll always
be you
i'll talk about the boy who didn't love me back
even with sex and alcohol in the equation.
maybe i'll be okay then,
but it'll never hurt less

Mercedeze Marsh
Mercedeze Marsh
1 day ago      34 minutes ago

Sweet and silent,
A girls hardest moment,
We keep quiet,
Just for a moment.

We know when something's up,
We know how you feel,
Could you give us a chance?
To show you the real.

Not all of us are the same,
Not all of us are perfect,
Give a girl you wouldn't a chance,
She might be real.

We may have the temper,
We might have tears,
But when we say
I love you,
You better believe.

We mean what we say,
We say what we mean,
If you don't believe us,
Well hunny you're leaving.

We may be independent,
But we want that strong hand,
We need help,
From an actual man.

This goes out to someone I care about, who thinks of a girl with perfect boobs, Butt, etc.
#girls   #imperfect   #equal  
Julia O'Neary
Julia O'Neary
1 day ago      44 minutes ago

She picks up pennies
off the sidewalk and
saves them for a
honeymoon someday.

He waits for her, patiently,
like those lost pennies, for
he knows that to be touched
by her will be worth the wait.

I don't often pray,
but for a love like that
I beseech a God for
whom I've lost all faith.

Sonia Marie Perez
1 day ago      48 minutes ago

Its the time of the year when the snow is falling,
and you can hear the mothers of small children calling.
"Tomorrow is Christmas! Santa will come as soon as you sleep."
they will get tucked in bed, not making one peep.
Christmas is tomorrow, all the kids will be dreaming,
of the moment they wake up and the sunlight is beaming.
run downstairs look at the presents!
but there wasn't anything under the tree, but little messes.
where are the presents all the kids wonder?
maybe its a dream I'm having in slumber.
"Wake up sleepy head."
i hear very softly, and i sit up in bed.
is it Christmas now?
go downstairs and look, don't be loud.
the tree is so bright, the presents, there's so many.
i wanna open them all, but i know mother wont let me.
I open a few, and eat Christmas cookies.
i drink some milk, and then watch some movies.
"Momma, i wish we had more."
"I know child, go up too bed close you door."
"Same time next year?"
"Yes of course, goodnight dear."

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