On the beach at night alone,
As the old mother sways her to and fro, singing her husky song,
As I watch the bright stars shining—I think a thought of the clef of the universes, and of the future.

A vast similitude interlocks all,
All spheres, grown, ungrown, small, large, suns, moons, planets, comets, asteroids,
All the substances of the same, and all that is spiritual upon the same,
All distances of place, however wide,
All distances of time—all inanimate forms,
All Souls—all living bodies, though they be ever so different, or in different worlds,
All gaseous, watery, vegetable, mineral processes—the fishes, the brutes,
All men and women—me also;
All nations, colors, barbarisms, civilizations, languages;
All identities that have existed, or may exist, on this globe, or any globe;
All lives and deaths—all of the past, present, future;
This vast similitude spans them, and always has spann’d, and shall forever span them, and compactly hold them, and enclose them.

9 hours ago      3 minutes ago

I'll curl up and write
As an escape from this mess
And you;
Under the setting sun
And the glowing moon.

I'll tell lies
But only to myself
Because you, you should be spared
From the moment when my sanity snaps.

I'll think of you
Grasping at the straws of love
And you fell- oh how beautifully you fell!
Into another's arms, held away from mine.

I'll leave you
In his arms, in his shelter,
Because I've always been good at clean breaks,
I'll even clean up the ashes.

#love   #are   #for   #leaving   #incoherent  
Errol Munroe
Errol Munroe
19 hours ago      15 minutes ago

He was the grey sky during the roughest weathers
with mental afflictions as loud as thunder
and a knife as sharp as lightening

He was a darker blue than the fathomless depths of the ocean
yet had eyes just as deep
with waves that drowned out his pleas
and always kept him drowning to stay afloat

He was the night sky without the grace of stars
the lonely moon
the howl of the lost wolf
the crack of a feeble branch

he was the rain
the damp soil
the little puddle created, staring up at his relfection

Writer's note:
the first stanza introduces the boy as depressed with unsettling thoughts and a motive of self harm
the second stanza shows just how depressed he was and how it affected him
the third stanza has many meanings, one being he was alone and breaking
the last stanza shows his fall/death (the rain) and jumping to the last 2 stanzas was his puddle (his blood) looking up at himself (he was the grey night sky)
Liz And Lilacs
Liz And Lilacs
1 day ago      31 minutes ago

I cannot distinguish
between love and hate.

For after you kiss me,
you say that you hate me.

And after you hit me,
you say that you love me.

Something just doesn't seem quite right.

Bittersweet Insanity
Bittersweet Insanity
1 day ago      43 minutes ago

The bird by my side
Isn't flying any more
It's wings are fine but
The feathers
Are tarnished and torn

Why keep it in a cage
When it already wears chains?
For a healthy captive
Is just as trapped
As a withering free man

If I cleansed your feathers
Would you remain by my side?
The chains are rusty
Your cage is open
It's your choice if you fly

If you're given the choice, I hope you fly :)
#love   #freedom   #free   #birds   #fly   #cage   #chains   #captive  
Alexandria O'Brien
Alexandria O'Brien
1 hour ago      49 minutes ago

Just anther devilish smile
The kind that fades after while
A cruel joke like a deep cut
They broke my shell like a nut
The names and hands come like knives
Beating on innocent lives
She tried so hard to be brave
But there was no one she could save
A kiss goodbye soon forgotten
That's proves this world is rotten

1 day ago      51 minutes ago

I am fallen on my knees
Days to end,
Crawling in mud,
And dreaming of
Dark and silent land.
Of dying golden leaves…
Pain will start to bleed,
I wish I could just
Run and leave
No name,
No path,
No seed.

#pain   #fall   #autumn  
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