It was not a heart, beating.
That muted boom, that clangor
Far off, not blood in the ears
Drumming up and fever

To impose on the evening.
The noise came from outside:
A metal detonating
Native, evidently, to

These stilled suburbs nobody
Startled at it, though the sound
Shook the ground with its pounding.
It took a root at my coming

Till the thudding shource, exposed,
Counfounded in wept guesswork:
Framed in windows of Main Street's
Silver factory, immense

Hammers hoisted, wheels turning,
Stalled, let fall their vertical
Tonnage of metal and wood;
Stunned in marrow. Men in white

Undershirts circled, tending
Without stop those greased machines,
Tending, without stop, the blunt
Indefatigable fact.

52 minutes ago      5 minutes ago

they say that when you kiss someone you've wanted for so long
that it's the best thing and is never wrong
well I wouldn't know, would I?
wrong seems to be our middle name
they say when you're lying awake I'm dreaming of you
i say that all of our dreaming is through
they say we're out of the woods and everything is fine
are we really ever in the clear and is anything ever really mine?
they say people were split in half and those halves are soul mates
maybe we were meant to hate
they say things are never over until they're okay
but things really never are, are they?
they say that their words are true
can I say the same for you?
but guess why.
because everybody lies.

#lies   #never   #done   #notokay   #theysay  
Ellie Hughes
Ellie Hughes
7 hours ago      27 minutes ago

The beauty of intention
is not for someone to see.
Its not to gain attention
its for someone to be.

Ena Alysopriono
1 hour ago      33 minutes ago

The Fear of the Future
The Phobia of Change
The Assassination of the Human Pride
As their Souls Quake in Terror
At the Thought of What Could Be

There is But One Thing
A Mortal Being Dreads more then
What Could Be
And That is The Fear of
The Empty Void of The Afterlife

For the Humans Have no Knowledge
Of What Comes
After A Soul Passes from
This World Unto the Next
And What Waits for All Mortal Beings There

But What scares Humans Most
Is Those who Do Not Fear


Mckenna Lynn
Mckenna Lynn
1 hour ago      35 minutes ago

I find it beautiful
all the ways you can
express how much
you love someone.
1. "Put your seatbelt on."
2. "Get some sleep."
3. 3 am text: are you awake?
4. "Did you get home safe?"
5. "Watch your step."
6. "How are you feeling?"
7. "I listened to your favorite song."
8. "Let me drive you home."
9. "Please be safe."
10. "Do you need company?"
Open your ears,
and pay close attention.
Because my dear I'm sure,
that somebody out there
loves you.

there's so many ways for someone to show you they love you, you just have to listen.
#love   #poem   #beautiful   #listen   #attention  

I care not what the sailors say:
All those dreadful thunder-stones,
All that storm that blots the day
Can but show that Heaven yawns;
Great Europa played the fool
That changed a lover for a bull.
Fol de rol, fol de rol.

To round that shell's elaborate whorl,
Adorning every secret track
With the delicate mother-of-pearl,
Made the joints of Heaven crack:
So never hang your heart upon
A roaring, ranting journeyman.
Fol de rol, fol de rol.

Victoria Queen
Victoria Queen
1 hour ago      57 minutes ago

The way the sunrise sets the sky on fire at dawn,
or the silence of the woods at 3am.
The way fingertips feel on bare skin,
or the sleepy weight on my eyes after reading too many pages.
The smell of fire in the threads of my clothes,
or the laughter of children echoing from dead-end streets.

I overflow with words for the things I love most;
their graceful presence so simple, so understood.

But you walk up behind me and
your fingers trace the muscles in my back and
your breath settles into my skin and
you whisper, "Where have you been?"

And I have no words beautiful enough to describe that.

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