Reece AJ Chambers
Reece AJ Chambers
1 hour ago      13 seconds ago

In bed

     for the first time
I am watching you
   in the bathroom
     brushing your teeth

just the right chunk of light
     enough to see

a magenta vest

your only tattoo
sneaking out from the top
   of black shorts

your clock notifies me
   it is ten past twelve

a dog yaps in sporadic bursts
   outside a siren whines
only to die seconds later

     but I am captivated
by your shape

the backs of your feet

   a little fraction of skin
     under the belly-button

   and if this is to become

an ordinary event

   I will sleep every night
with a smile

     painted over my dreams

Written: November 2015.
Explanation: A poem written in my own time (not based on real events). All feedback welcome. A link to my Facebook writing page can be found on my HP home page.
NOTE: Many of my older pieces will be removed from HP at some point in the near future,
Sy Lilang
Sy Lilang
1 day ago      16 minutes ago


Sa kwadradong hawla
Doon nagsipagtirapa ang bawat paslit
Sila'y mistulang sabik sa yakap ng Ina,
Pagkat kalinga'y hindi maupos-upos na kandila.

Minsan sila'y naging malaya,
Si Inay nga pala, siyang nagpaubaya
Tila martir ang minsang naging paslit,
Pag-asa nila'y sa alikabok na sinisipa.

Bagkus ang Inang siyang nagsaplot sa kanila,
Nilisan at hinayaang maibigkis, walang kasarinlan.
At doon sa iisang hawla'y magtatagpo muli,
Sa bentelasyon, sila'y may kakaunting sandali.

Tunay ngang ang paslit ay magiging Ina rin,
Oras niya ngayong kabiyak sa salamin.
Iniwang Ina'y may ikalawang henerasyon,
Sa kanila nama'y may namutawing leksyon.

(Sabi ng Engineer namin, lahat ng sisiw, iiwan din ang nanay nila. Sa una, sunud-sunuran, pero tama nga siya. At matira matibay pa ang labanan.)

7:36 AM
#poetry   #life   #transition   #tagalog   #hen   #makata  
  Lit by Shawna Michele
Lillie Frank
Lillie Frank
5 days ago

I am in the waiting room
While we await your arrival,
Alone as you are,

I imagine your parents' hands,

I imagine they are falling more in love than they ever thought possible-
And I wonder if it scares them.

I wonder if your mom is terrified,
Or if she has surrendered to the pain of bringing you into this beautiful,
Awful world-
If she is watching the waves above her
And the shifting diamonds on her skin,
Imagining the sound of your first cry.

I wonder if she knows how beautiful she is,
Even now,
Even here,
Naked and wild and existant.

I wonder if your father is ready,
If he feels responsible or detached somehow,
Patient and
I wonder what he will teach you,
And if you will have his nose
Or just his smile.

I wonder if I'll get to watch you grow into a man,
Or if I'm at all even part of the plan,
Or if I'm a just-for-now-convenient friend
Who is waiting,
Alone as you are,

#waiting   #baby   #birth   #labor  
6 hours ago      40 minutes ago

I love wild nights in the winters cold
I love being wrapped in my lovers fold
Weather for two,conception for one I was told
Nah,so much passion to be left in my hold

#lust   #young   #rebel  
Robin M Vaux
Robin M Vaux
14 hours ago      42 minutes ago

Days took the long road
to awe

Days recite the grief
still raw

Days swallow the night
we saw

And I can't speak upon those days
We replaced them with tomorrow
and filled the night with cliches
where those days will never follow

Nights never could see
this road

Nights never could know
our grief

Nights never could leave
those days

Speaking upon that night
You repaid them with the dawn
filling their days with insight
giving them tomorrow to live on

So thank you, loving one
To speak so wise and yet so young

Our days will shine bright and oh so faithfully
While our nights will always glisten .
So please speak and we will listen.
For it was at dawn when I loved you
                  for saving me.


We all have to get up at one point
7 hours ago      44 minutes ago

Poems expose my vulnerability
But it's something about the tranquility
that keeps me writing again and again
I like it when
they are my escape
from this world of hate
Most of my poems are sad
but that is how I get past being mad
I like to write
All day and night
I prefer my friends and family do not read
what secrets I keep inside of me
I'm scared of people knowing
About what my poems are showing
Honestly they don't show me
And how happy life could be
But they do show small parts
of my heart
I just need to try
and write things my
feelings always feel
like maybe about the happy appeal
Either way I'm happy with this
Writing poems and feeling Bliss

Writing poems on here.
4 hours ago      46 minutes ago

Seeking a friend for the end of the world,
At the precipice of the cold storm
And the past still chasing me
I can't find a place to warm.

And I ask you for your hand,
The one I pushed away,
The light that you showed me
Before I hid away.

But why forgive me
If I can't forgive myself,
Why ever help me
When I never asked for help.

All alone as I deserve it
And here comes the end,
The World as I knew it,
I only seek a friend.

#hope   #snowflakes   #neruda   #paz   #lorca   #dedpoet  
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