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when i fall asleep at night
i dream of the color of your eyes
and how your hands won’t ever hold mine
i dream of your voice and your laugh
i loved your laugh, it was so full of life

i try to remember our happy times
sometimes i think of you too much and
i start to sink in the pain for the space
that will no longer be filled with your face
like how i won’t get to say
good morning to you anymore
or to tell you how much i hate your guts
and you’d say you love me anyway
and maybe at that moment
you would’ve loved me even more

i feel so lost without you here
i don’t like admitting i won’t ever
get to call you again on the phone
or even the way i felt when i
wanted to punch you in the face
for every word you spoke

at least it was real
at least i could get mad at you
now all i can do is wish you were here
so i could feel your warm embrace
just always remember, please remember
i love you so, i love you so

i miss the way you looked at me
like i was your everything and more
and though you turned my world upside down
you’re the one who made it whole
now my heart’s left behind
and though it’s beating
i don’t feel alive

i miss your hand in mine
i miss all your lies
i miss the nights you’d make me cry
but it was alright, because you were still alive
and that made everything fine


daddy issues.
  6 minutes ago
Elite Lee
Elite Lee
1 day ago

When we fall apart someday...
Do you know what would hurt
more than losing you, the one I love?

It's to learn that to you,
I'm not the one who got away.

I must be nothing then.
  14 minutes ago
Agnes Angelina

There is nothing in the world that i ever can be sure of.

But, i'm assure about one thing...

I will A-L-W-A-Y-S get back to you...





  16 minutes ago
Erin Murphy
Erin Murphy
10 hours ago

Do you ever wish your pain was more visible
Than it is?
Do you ever wish you had a full body cast
Because then maybe people would understand
How handicapped you feel inside
How immobile
How weak

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  19 minutes ago
9 hours ago

My body isn't perfect
I'm sorry it can't be for you
Your body isn't perfect
It's more than enough for me

My heart isn't perfect
But it beats for you
Your heart isn't perfect
But I'll keep it safe and sound

My soul isn't perfect
It has flawed what we have
Your soul isn't perfect
But I want it more than anything

I'm not perfect
I don't know what you see
You're not perfect
But perfect enough for me

  34 minutes ago
1 day ago

Life can be symbolized in the
impossibility of chugging  
champagne from the bottle,
in the half-great, half-horrible scent
of cheap cologne. Life feels like
leaving 3am messages on your
ex’s home phone.

I feel the most alive in warm summer rain,

like when we were lining up jobs, stanzas

and cocaine.

Life is a small dominatrix
with a Napoleon Complex.
Life is that one lover that takes things out
of context.
         "I am who I am, Goddamn!"
Life is the fact that people can’t buy
Daraprim for what what the price is.
Life is ISIS,
who could kill
hundreds of thousands to
appease a God who
cannot hear them. Life
makes you scream with fury
until you’re purring with calm.
Sputtering like an engine,

until life is gone.

  54 minutes ago
Ruth Cardenas
Ruth Cardenas
4 hours ago

I want to be loved for my thorns
For even the sharpest of them all
And no matter how ugly they may seem
I want to be loved while my shriveled leaves fall

I want someone to see past my weeds
To leave them beneath my feet
Because no flower or plant is perfect
I just want to be loved for being me

And even when things might seem ugly
For having rips and tears in my leaves
I want to be loved unconditionally
I want to be loved for being me

#love   #sad   #life   #pain   #relationships   #dark   #you   #me   #appreciation   #acceptance  
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