Patrick H
Patrick H
6 hours ago      9 seconds ago

In the meanest time of summer
when the sun cracks the pavement
and swelter fills your lungs
a call to the dispossessed is in order.
Consider the river washers,
and the alley dwellers
who are simply thankful for today.
Chew on a bitter piece of perspective
and ask yourself;
if you had to carry a cross to your own death
would you complain about the heat?

Simon Eliasen
Simon Eliasen
1 day ago      10 minutes ago

There is a darkness inside you
you can burry it deep within
but someday it's gonna come out
and when it does, where do you wanna be?

#darkness   #you   #a   #it   #is   #inside   #there   #burry   #can  
Donna Bella
Donna Bella
9 hours ago      18 minutes ago

All white today
Pure as snow
Clear as glass
Cool as mist
Mind is cold
Listen and you may be heard
Skin so golden
Smooth as Egyptian cotton

#life   #purity   #cold   #baby   #golden   #labor   #outfit  
Dean Eastmond
Dean Eastmond
2 hours ago      20 minutes ago

I still find myself
feeling your skin
in the spaces between
bed-sheet creases

and if
missing you is like
swerving into
oncoming traffic,
then tonight
I’m sleeping
in the road.

Madisen Kuhn
Madisen Kuhn
6 hours ago      22 minutes ago

i saw you outside
on my roof tonight
with your messy hair
and cigarette glowing
between your fingertips and
you wouldn’t leave but
you wouldn’t come in
and i kept staring as you
blew puffs of smoke
with your back against my
bedroom window and
i wanted to get up and crawl
outside and sit behind
you and draw pictures on
your back of all the things
i didn’t know how to say but
my blankets felt like lead
so i whispered to my pillow how
much i love you and then
the sun began to rise
and you looked back at me
with ashes beneath your
eyes and i told my pillow
i wish you’d stay
but you didn’t you
never do

Haley Lorish
Haley Lorish
1 day ago      23 minutes ago

What if it cost money to say,
                                                 "I love you"
Would you have said it
                                                      So soon?
Would you have said it
                                                     So often?
Would you have said it
                                                          At all?

#love   #money  
gabby dial
gabby dial
1 day ago      36 minutes ago

eyes water
get stuck
out of gas
counting sheep
what does my life mean?
im just shy
but i have enough money to smoke
thats what i need

#love   #poem   #poetry   #sad   #depression   #life   #heart   #pain   #death   #you  
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