Ana Panda
Ana Panda
16 hours ago      6 seconds ago

Where your supposed to be with family
Talk and have a big feast

That's what we think it is right?
But what is it really?

I learned some time ago "my family"
Wouldn't help even if I was cold and hungry in my car
My brother, making thousands wouldn't even give me a dollar

In stead of my own flesh and blood helping me out
There was this man who gave me 40$ and some fresh water

That's what family is supposed to be about
Helping each other
Loving each other
Caring for each other

Be thankful for your family
Help them
Love them
Care for them

If you see a stranger in need
Help them
Love them
Care for them

#love   #help   #family   #homeless   #care   #thanksgiving  
Moon Shine
Moon Shine
4 hours ago      4 minutes ago

There once was a girl who's body was strawberry red
On the television children had seen the colors other humans bled
And when someone else dies or is hurt, that is the color they shed
When the girl tried to speak, the others had fled
She lived out many years in dread
Until a doctor came to her, provided her some anti-rouge information, and she read
Then, for the procedure she plead
When she woke in the hospital bed
"It worked! This new miracle med!"
But when she left, folks on the street still stopped dead
She spoke to the doctor, to which he said
Silly girl, you'll only ever be normal in your own head

Frank Ruland
Frank Ruland
1 day ago      24 minutes ago

.     Hello, friend. Recently, it's come to my attention that some of you think I am "narcissistic, egotistical, smug, snide, self-inflated," and an otherwise giant douchebag. From one poem and my profile bio that's limited to some 1,000 characters, you have seemingly amassed my entire life story. How absolutely thrilled I am concerning your fine sleuthing skills! Well done, friend. You have me found out. I have informed the President that you are America's best hope in finding ISIS's leaders, locating Jimmy Hoffa's remains, as well as inditing Bill Cosby on rape charges.
     Now that your reward has been put into motion, I'd like to get down to why you don't like me or my Public Service Announcements? You say I'm sarcastic.
     And I am hurt. Truly. I just spoke to the Pope after his long day of fighting off legions of undead Commies rising from their graves in Vietnam, and he shook his head and had no idea what you were talking about. Alas, if I've come off as sarcastic, I apologize. I promise you I will bring up your concerns at 2015's Apathy Convention that will be held on February 29 in the city of Miami if you wish to attend.
     But, it does appear to me as if you just don't seem like happy people. I don't know why, but I will do everything in my power just to make you as jubilant as I. My efforts will include ensuring you receive the very first jetpack upon its creation by scientists in the future as well as a basket of German chocolates and kittens.
     On top of this, I am providing a link to a Cheerios coupon for you to print off at your earliest convenience. Somebody has apparently urinated in your cereal, and you're obviously in need of more. Here is your link, friend!

     So friend, if there is anything else I can do for you, please feel free to leave me another loving comment below! I wish you peace, harmony, and bowlfuls of cereal free of excrement and urine.

This was written in response to some very pointless hateful comments I received on my very first Public Service Announcement. I'm not as much offended that you insulted me as I am by the fact you insulted my friend The Girl Who Loved You (aka Just Melz). Hate me all you want, but don't you dare bring her or any of my friends into this. Take your uninspired hate mail, shove it where the sun does't shine, and go find a better use of your cognitive surplus. Thanks, my Dark Friend.


Ah, Necromancy Sweet!
Ah, Wizard erudite!
Teach me the skill,

That I instil the pain
Surgeons assuage in vain,
Nor Herb of all the plain
Can Heal!

1 day ago      54 minutes ago

I am not whole.
We are all missing a piece of our true selves.

Reggae M.D. is here to save the day.

My soul was cold and empty.
Now, my emptiness is filled with a green warmth.
An earthly glow.

My sight was blackened by the falsehood of reality.
Now, my sight is filled with the truth of happiness.
Empathy in motion.

My taste was enveloped by a shroud of insignificance.
Now, my taste has been healed by the light of sweetness.
The shroud unveiled.

My hearing was entangled with the hatred of the recent generation.
Now, my hearing is filled with Reggae.
Reggae is love.

Reggae M.D. has caused my life to blossom.
Akin to that of the noble durian plant.
A smelly fruit with hidden talents.

Reggae M.D. saved my life.

I am the patient of Reggae M.D.
Here is my tale.
#love   #peace   #healing   #herb   #reggae   #reggay  
1 day ago      56 minutes ago

you dont even know how i truly am and yet i love you. i love your perfect blonde hair and how messy it looks. i love how your adorable smile lights up the room and brings emotion to my soul. i love that you always listen and prefer to stay in the background. i love when you find out new things about me and your gorgeous brown eyes widen with surpise. why am i so silent? why have we never spoken?

why are you so quiet?

you're trying to pull off this random persona? i'll tell you its working. oh god you'll never really see it. you wont see how i really am.

its obsession.

i write your name down as i tell myself to not think about you. i hear your voice wherever i go. i think about you every night and day.

i want your arms around me tightly. i want your lips to touch mine and your fingers to roam my body. i want you to pin me up against the wall and choke me. i want you to tell me that you'll love me back and show me this isnt a waste of time.

i want so much from you

please want me too

#love   #sad  
Steven L Tragedy
Steven L Tragedy
16 hours ago      1 hour ago

Loss reminds us that we don't
get everything
we want

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