Sy Lilang
Sy Lilang
1 hour ago      1 second ago

I just woke up
And I love you no more.

#love   #dream   #loveless  
Christopher Mata
Christopher Mata
3 hours ago      26 minutes ago

I miss the sound of your heart beat
The way you would run your fingers through my hair
How you smiled when you first awoke
Or how you simply didn't want to get out of bed
I miss my spot beside you
Now I lay in my bed with the Ghost of you
I could call you but would you answer?
I need you here
But its My own selfish desire
But tell me dear how does your heartbeat sound when I'm not around

#love   #sick  
Jake Dadisman
Jake Dadisman
1 day ago      38 minutes ago

Sometimes I pretend we're in love
Sitting side by side in your lawn chairs
Waiting for shooting stars to tear open the night
We sip on dirty coffee and toss around stories and songs
Sometimes there's silence
Long pauses where we just breathe and stare up at heaven and wander about our own heads
I don't need a phone for you to read my mind
My body says it all
And I don't need to stare into your eyes
But I don't want to stop
If we ever crave a fire
We just hold each other tighter
And somehow make our way inside
Still wrapped up in your handmade blanket
Sometimes I pretend we're in love
Sitting in separate pillowcase forts
And who knows
Maybe we are

We just don't need to say it

the phantom
the phantom
10 hours ago      54 minutes ago

And here I am
Throwing yo Iin the bathroom
I'm a iiiye
If can't tell.

Why not choose me your
Love and thing
In use

You make me dick

It's a stand alone complex
Ghost in the shell

I'm not sure if I wrote the first part of this.  But the last stanza I wrote. It's mysterious and subtly I am attracted.
#ghost   #i   #this   #shell   #write   #did   #animatrix  
3 hours ago      1 hour ago

Are we ever happy with
Mother Nature?

The Autumn leaves
So many
just fell off the tree,
With No color...
Color is what Autumn is all about
Mother Nature...
What! It's 90 degrees out, this is fall,
When the weather should start to turn cold.
And you start a fire in the fire pit
Smell the Autumn leaves burning?
But no we are sitting here in shorts
Mother Nature...

Are we ever Happy with
Mother Nature?

Winter, oh my what a winter.
Beautiful Crystals of sparkly snow..
Lots of sparkly snow..
Schools closed..
Level three...
So cold...
Snow so deep...
What a warm winter,
Please Mother Nature,
Send us some snow...
This is winter Mother Nature,
I want to make
Snow angels...

Are we ever happy with
Mother Nature?

Sunshine, thanks Mother Nature.
The buds on the trees
Are starting to pop.
The smell of the lilacs
Drifting through the air.
Spring has sprung...
It was a bad winter,
Lost my rose bush.
The trees are late to bloom...
Spring, Mother Nature
Where is spring...

Are we ever happy with
Mother Nature ?

It's Summer time,
When the living is easy.
So Hot....
So much rain...
Scorched flowers
To Hot...


It's The
Lazy, Hazy, crazy
Days of summer.
But it been so cold,
No rain,
Dried up brown grass.
Water bill goes up.

Are we ever happy with
Mother Nature?
To hot, to cold...
But that's Nature
I'm told...
Mother has nothing to do with it.

For years we complain about the weather. But the storms that have been going around the World, make me grateful for what I hot, to what.
1 day ago      1 hour ago

As I tramp the streets of town, buildings made of grey and brown
Speak to me of people and events I still remember.
Steps upon well-trodden ways, rain makes blacks upon the greys
Painting scenes among the maze, from a long lost warm November.

We once lived on this side-street, our apartment there, small but neat
Moving in we fought the snow that came early that November.
We didn't have many things, but winters all gave way to springs,
And summer nights gave us wings to launch us into each September.

Many of them passed that way, weekdays of work and -ends of play,
Camping on cool clear autumn nights warmed to fire's final ember.
Years passed by uncounted then, new homes we found on new streets when
Our spaces seemed too small, and to the movers we'd surrender.

Walking round I see them all, the homes we made in this town so small
A lifetime spent and good times to remember.
Finally I walk o'er the hill, past the campground now quite still
To a peaceful lot just past the mill, where she went to rest one cold December.

My footsteps give me some small peace, how happiness came with such caprice
When we lived among these streets that I soulfully remember.
We loved the leaves and cool of fall, the change of seasons, first snow squall
And the love was greatest in our very last November.

The change of month took her away, how lost I felt on that sad day
How can I but hate the first day of December?
I miss her arm that fit with mine, I miss the way that her eyes shine
Just every second of lost time, since we loved our last November.

#love   #life   #loss   #grief   #december   #november   #september  
1 day ago      1 hour ago

You could have it all,
My empire of dirt.

Not my poem, but it deserves to be shared. This is from Johnny Cash's "Hurt" which is such an amazing song. Not what I would have guessed to be ol' Johnny :) I recommend checking it out
#love   #broken   #sadness   #beautiful   #hurt   #song   #all   #devotion   #empire  
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