Lit by am i ee
Oct 29      Oct 30

This story is of a goddess
The goddess of angels
Their queen she was
Goddess that lived in heaven
Made by her, on her own
In the clouds
And a boy
Mysterious with a heart within

The goddess was
The most beautiful of all
Her beauty is mesmerising
She is so fair
That moon asks her for light
Only sigh escape
After seeing her brown eyes
And her hair
Darker than the night

But she was bored by her work
Of just managing angels
Directing every one of them
To go and help others
She wanted to run away
From her heaven
She wanted to help someone
All by her own
She wanted to be herself
She couldn't sleep at night
She used to wander at nights
With the moon
Her most faithful friend

One night
She was wandering
In the clouds
And she saw
A boy
Looking at the clouds
Innocent and pure
Looking out of his window
The goddess was curious
She flies down from the heaven
And went near the boy
She was tired after so much travel
It was the first time
That she came down on earth
She kept on looking at him
Through his window
The goddess was invisible
But still the boy was swooning
He was staring directly at her eyes
Without knowing the goddess was there
But his heart knew everything
They both stared in each others eyes
Whole night
Without blinking
The goddess fell in love

With the first light of the morning
They were awakened from the trance
The boy didn't know what he was staring
And he was puzzled
The goddess and he then heard
The demons
The boy was prisoners by demons near him
The boy was born in hell
He was being commanded by demons
And he was doing as per the command
The demons went

The goddess could not hold herself
She broke her invisibility
And came in front of the boy
The boy knew then
He was staring in this goddess's eyes whole night
And as he saw her again
And the goddess smiled upon him
He fell in love

The goddess was still flying
And she lend the boy her hand
Through his window
Without any second thoughts
The boy grasped her hand
And they flew
To the heaven
The goddess let all the angels free
To go to earth and help as they wish
And to fall in love

And they both lived together in their own heaven for whole eternity

I'm in love with you my goddess

With you for ever

Keep smiling your love on me ❤
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1 day ago      5 minutes ago

I have to stop.
All this has to stop.
Writing about  you, about what I feel for you.
That doesn't help.
I have to forget you.
You are my worst almost.

I have to move on.
We were nothing anyway huh.
Everything was in my head, right.
Get out of my head, my heart and my soul.
I will not write about you anymore

I'm done with my feelings
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Isabella Rose
Isabella Rose
4 hours ago      27 minutes ago

I'm Fine
I'm riding on cloud nine She says,
As Shes about to fall off the edge
Sunshine in her beautiful brown eyes,
but darkness in her head

Im fine she says,
As Shes on her death bed
God damn it!
I said I'm fine,
as She calls the suicide hotline
Trying to chain her bad thoughts
For they will overtake the things in life She got's

Once again,
She says I'm fine,
10 stories high hoping to die
Once more "I'm fine"
Depression in her eyes
she says her last goodbye
"I'm fine."

#poetry   #depression   #life   #pain   #sadness   #death   #rhyme  
Peter Pan
Peter Pan
2 hours ago      39 minutes ago

I love it when you kiss me
it ripples across my skin
if my body was the earth
you'd be an earthquake

Olga Valerevna
Olga Valerevna
7 hours ago      43 minutes ago

"but where is my tomorrow," said the ticking of the time
this alternate reality is slipping through my mind
I cannot seem to focus and I never want to sleep
instead I lie awake beside the loneliness I keep
there's only so much human any person can embrace
before the roots of truth begin to spread across your face
I have not measured hours long enough to see them through
I'm changing at a pace I cannot possibly undo
wherever I am going and wherever I have been
create the kind of future I could never settle in
these feet have walked the deserts and the mire all the same
I would not even be without the dryness and the rain

long gone
#gone   #homeless  
LJ Chaplin
LJ Chaplin
2 hours ago      49 minutes ago

It was during the warmth of
The spring when you arrived,
A stranger from thin air,
An entity that only I
Could see.

You watched from a distance,
On the sidelines of my life
As I rose and fell,
Sailing a ship that had no
Destination but still drifted on.

I was reckless, I was young,
I was free.
But with freedom came the price
Of uncertainty,
Of holding a compass with no
Sense of direction
And too much open space
To find a home to settle down.

That's when you stepped in.
It was unnerving at first,
To have you sit me down
And play out my future
In front of my wandering eyes,
But then it grew beautiful,
Like a cinematic masterpiece.
I knew what I had to do,
Where to go,
How to root myself to the earth
And move with its rotation
Like the hands of a clock.

And then you were gone.
I never knew your name,
Your story,
Or why you arrived.

André Fernandes
André Fernandes
3 hours ago      1 hour ago

when the lights go down low
my feet will shake to that sweet sunny glow.

when that good ol' jazzy jazz spurs into my thoughts
my one and only concern will be not to stop.

when I’m taking that kind of high
I swear I don’t, I don’t need to know why

but I know this:
when that feeling of bliss arrive
I'll know for sure why I'm alive.

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