Cathy s
Cathy s
1 day ago      1 second ago

I wish time stopped the day we fell in love....

The day I realized I loved u was the most amazing feeling I ever felt....
tracey g
tracey g
13 hours ago      4 minutes ago

you impale me with thorns
savoring every morsel
I am most vulnerable in the warmth
days long enough for you to offer
brightly colored shiny things
mocking my weakness
for grey

your song grates along my bones
as you dance an homage to my demise
lifting feathers so I imagine  
how not to love you
before you take flight leaving only
the discarded pieces of
my soul

Wrote this after reading about the shrike. A bird that consumes it's prey after impaling them on sharp branches or thorns. Don't question my morbid
#love   #heartbreak   #lust   #soul   #bird   #shrike  
Cathy Nguyen
Cathy Nguyen
2 hours ago      6 minutes ago

I know a thing or two
about the laws of physics and dividing fractions,
but I've not a single clue
on how to do this terrifying love thing..
'Cause not even gravity can explain this attraction

I've been sitting with my pencil between my lip and my nose
tryna figure out how to keep your heart safe,
but it's just sitting in my pocket, beating out of control
and i want the key to lock it but then you'd build up these walls
oh please don't build up no walls, please don't..

'Cause I know a thing or two
about British History
but boy, from your track record,
why you chose me is the biggest mystery
and I'm snuggled up with my dog,
tryna figure it out,
'cause it appears you've left a blueprint on my heart
and now i'm sorta freaking out..

'Cause I really don't have a clue..
why you picked me and I picked you..
Is this love or an infatuation?
Am I everything or maybe nothing?..
'Cause I can solve you a simultaneous equation
and I can bake you a muffin
but what i never learnt in school
was how to handle this love thing...

aww i 'm quite proud of this!

- was inspired after talking to a good friend,
so i wrote this based on everything she said to me tonight :')
'Hope she likes it!

- Do any of you also feel like this 'love thing' is kinda overwhelming to deal with too?? ;]
#love   #life   #heart   #funny   #cute   #you  
8 hours ago      9 minutes ago

I need you to know
that I no longer write about you.

i know this may be cold, but you are not who i kissed in my dream last night.
7 hours ago      12 minutes ago

March hares light Her way through putti dawn
~fecundity spreading beneath bare feet~
  as grey paschal masses embrace

Eostre, Anglo-Saxon goddess of Spring (Bede)
#life   #spring   #easter   #goddess   #eostre  
10 hours ago      14 minutes ago

There is a girl who I wish I was.
she has a vase of dying daisies next to her bed
and she has holes in the bottom of her boots
but imperfection is beauty
She has learned to live with what she has.
She has learned to forget what she doesn’t.

There is no such thing as negativity
or a word to speak bad about someone else
she has learned to accept.
she dreams through a field of flowers and blue sky
that goes on forever
and she understands the concept of time
present only lasts for so long
present will eventually fade into future
and past can be forgotten or remembered
Things heal.
Things get better.

She empties her pockets of change on the street
and never asks or expects anything back
because she knows how to care about others
more then herself
knows what struggle is
and she puts pity to a perspective
of making a difference

She sees herself as no better then anyone else
she measures giving and happiness
on a scale of equality
and she doesn’t keep track of how much help she has given
because she always has more to give
so whats the point in having a total number of hours

She woke up late this morning
and she bashed her toe in the door
and she slipped on the sidewalk
and she forgot her books
and to eat breakfast
and everything has gone the wrong way.

But everybody struggles.
and complaints are meaningless words
to fill the space
they are sucked up by people
and build habits of unhappiness
in a place of unsatisfaction
things can always be worse.

She has learned to live with what she has.
She has learned to forget what she doesn’t.
She has learned to forgive and giveback.
Everyday there will be a sunrise
and a sunset
and the hours in-between
and after dark
will end.
And they wont be wasted.

Raygan Keller
Raygan Keller
1 day ago      25 minutes ago

My love is lost,
But I feel something new.
A little more than dead,
But it's good enough for you.
Different than I’m used to.

I am a cut out paper doll.
Perfect lines pressed down, and still,
You are consumed with a brief moment of brilliance,
Indifferent to the mediocre beyond it.
I am a supernova, dying in your arms,
And without him, I am collapsing under my own gravity.

#love   #gravity   #dead   #lost   #mediocrity   #supernova  
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