2 hours ago      3 seconds ago

You can't give love
only to take it back
but I swallow words
like pills these days

and the side affects
have no warning label
and overdosing is
too often fatal

#love   #metaphor   #pills   #dark   #overdose  
6 hours ago      30 minutes ago

Here are some things I know:
2+2 is always 4, in the center of an apple lies the core.
One foot is left and the other is right, you need lots of wind to fly a kite.
Puppies are soft and the earth moves slow, red means stop and green means go.
Clouds are white, the sky is blue, and I am absolutely, completely, in love with you.

Here is a happy poem for a change :) oh, and it rhymes.
© Alexandrea Biggs
#love   #happy   #apple   #rhyme   #sky   #puppies  
Shelly Woods
Shelly Woods
17 hours ago      32 minutes ago

A common thread runs through us... connecting our spirits... our lives.
This thread is difficult to see for some... impossible to see for others... and neglected by many.
What a shame it is to feel so disconnected... so lonely... when we share this thread among us.

Geoff Sheasby
Geoff Sheasby
2 hours ago      36 minutes ago

I'd quench that thirst -
evening satiation throbs in
my head, in my heart, in my -
whenever you were thirsty.

I'd live without it -
no shortcomings of vices in
the smoke, in the liquor, in the -
unless only you instigate.

You keep on lying -
can you let me escape the
thoughts, feelings, desire?
- on that bed, those satin sheets.

Black lace and smoldering incense
cloud the hazy, lustful dreams
where the satisfied sighs, screams,
smiles were unforgettable.
I'm up in the sky and I can't
keep running away.

Shoutout to Jay for encouraging me to write more.
#love   #desire   #lust  
Elijah Dominic
Elijah Dominic
11 hours ago      40 minutes ago

tell me baby
your second favorite poem
made by me

yes, not the first
but the second
for the first is

yours to keep
yours to feel
yours to believe



1 day ago      42 minutes ago

A product bought by thousands and applied by more
A thing used in the attempt to be perceived as beautiful
But some take this a step too far
Scratching in rouge with fingernails,
Applying lip liner with a blade
Letting the freshly bee sting blood come inwards, dripping down the throat and acting as calloused hands
Making for veins on the eyelids to pop
Creating the perfect permanent eyeshadow
Staying up all night blending black and blue together
Never pale enough for the only foundation they were ever given; now the perfect shade of torn paper white
Running fingers through hair
Thinning for free
See a lot of girls use makeup
A lot of girls like me.

not specifically about me, but just in general I wanted to talk about some of societies flaws in feeling flawed
#beauty   #makeup  
Jaimi M
Jaimi M
3 hours ago      45 minutes ago

You wonder
why I wiggle
so much
why my legs
and my hands
Truth is,
my mind
can't slow down
It doesn't know
how to take a day off,
its far too good
at tormenting me
more and more
with each
passing second.


#pain   #anxiety   #mind   #wonder   #emotions   #torment  
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