Laura E Bruns
Laura E Bruns
1 day ago      9 seconds ago

My King tells me that I am his Queen
My Man tells me that I am his Woman
My Sweetheart tells me that I am his Sweetheart
My Darling tells me that I am his Pumpkin
My Darius tells me that I am his Laura

3 weeks feels like 3 lifetimes
When 3 weeks equals
30 hours on the phone
300 messages on Whisper, and
3,000 text messages

We talk of something called the future
Of mutant plants overtaking an elegant garden
Of an immortal one who never sleeps while her peasant boy slumbers leisurely
Of dancing and kissing in the rain
Of holding each other while we vulnerably cry, and promising never to let go
Of Soca music and horror films
Of passionate love making under the vanilla twilight
Of thinking about one another with each blink of the eye
Of missing each other with all of our being

The apothecary brewed up something special
This magical aphrodisiac was laced into our goblets,
When both of us had turned away
When both of us were lying on the cold, stone floor
When both of us were using our sleeves to dry our tears
When the court jester jested so viciously
He did this without our knowing

The attraction was natural,
But we were guided in each other's direction.
We needed no help
Merely a homemade compass
Pointing a sword towards its sheath

Is this taboo?
Because society.

To some, numbers matter
To us they do not
To some, distance destroys
For us it does not
To some, history is important
To us it is not
To some, differences divide
For us they do not

Hidden in the shadows we remain
Until the first bong of the grand clock on my 18th birthday
No knights know
No dukes nor duchesses,
No blacksmiths,
No magicians,
No court physicians,
No common-folk.
For we fear being thrown in the dungeon.
Put in the stockades and pelted with tomatoes.
Burned at the stake with the witches.

This secret lies with My King and His Queen.

Rrita Berisha
Rrita Berisha
1 day ago      15 minutes ago

The sun wakes up,
The birds speak up,
I can't get up,
I can't get up,
It's the little things that make you,
It's the little things that break you.

1 day ago      22 minutes ago

Her hips are angel wings,
Taking her higher,
Than the pitches in her moans,
Take a deep breath,

Black Roses
Black Roses
1 day ago      34 minutes ago

I Know You're Not Proud, Is It Because I Did More Then You Allowed?
Why Do You Disapprove? Can't You See I Can Improve?
Why Are You Keen On Removing My Chapter?
What About The Memories We Could Capture?

To Everyone i let down.
although i tried to make it right again, they didn't give me a second chance.
isabella leonora
isabella leonora
10 hours ago      36 minutes ago

spiser min tunge for at være
sikker på, jeg ikke siger noget
jeg fortryder om lidt
du sidder på sengekanten med
dit højre ben under venstre lår
ruller endnu en cigaret
siger du ikke er afhængig af
andet end blå mandage og
jeg ved ikke hvilken dag det er
i nat
hvis champagne havde været
tøj, ville du være nøgen
hvis cigaretskodder havde været
mad, ville vi begge to være mætte
mine ankler er ømme af
mine fingre svider af frygt for,
de ikke kan gøre op for alt det,
jeg sjældent lader dig høre
jeg var kun er barn da jeg
elskede dig
havde svært ved at
holde op

- digte om et papmachesind
lekhram meena
lekhram meena
3 hours ago      42 minutes ago

And here I’m, lost
With each ticking of clock

Searching for the reasons
That I already know
Walking on same path, boring
Still I will go

Full of contempt
Even the reflections
Confused and Razed

beliefs seems lies
and trust is ruined
eyes full of dried tears
heart like freshly wound

death is ultimate
silence and satisfaction
with no more thoughts
& no more rejection

#sad   #life   #death   #lost  
14 hours ago      45 minutes ago

Asphalt ribbon
Two time zone treck
Prairie to mountain pass to foothills
Twilight driving

Heading into the sun
Caffeine fueled hours to go
Rest stop relief and back stretches
Late night radio

Never make it in one night
No need to speed ,still time tomorrow
Small towns still fly by
Arm knows every curve

Red eye droop warnings lets one know when to stop
A pull out is tonight's rest under the stars
Last sounds are the ticks of the engine cooling
Sleep comes and sunrise brings the day drive

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