12 hours ago      just now

is always

trying trying trying

trying so hard
they never stop trying

and i wonder

what is it
they are trying to do

what is it
they are hoping to achieve

what is it
they are running from

more pertinently
where is it
they are running to

hєαvєn cαrαwαч
hєαvєn cαrαwαч
7 hours ago      12 minutes ago

Everything is breaking
Everything is falling apart
Our faith is shaking
But I don't want to be another failed try on a broken chart
We're so lonely
But you are the only one I want.

When you are no longer the one to love me, then who will hold me?
Who will tell me that it's gonna be alright
When will I give up the fight
Because I can no longer make it through the night
Surrounded by my demons
Lost without my angel.

Too many nights spent shedding tears
Too many nights without cheer.
You. I need you.

When you are no longer the one to hold me, then who will love me?
Because I'm broken
Left behind with forgotten needs
I will sink down to the bottom of the sea
Forgetting what it's like to be free

I need you more that before
I just need you, tonight
So that I will be alright.

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1 day ago      13 minutes ago

The melting point of my brain at 3 in the morning
I try to say everything because I seldom say anything when
I'm talking to people. If I talk to people. If I talk.
I've rummaged through my brain, the places where I've
put bookmarks, where I've highlighted the thoughts
that I thought were most contributing to myself.
But it seems now, as I'm looking back
flipping through the pages frantically that I find the most inconceivable of truths I never saw before.
All well organized folders, dispatches and small encyclopaedias I've kept under my skull, have been dropped in a bucket of water,
hovering with little tints of bleach around the edges.
All the pages plump, the words blotched as I try with futile effort to compose them with my fingers,
but it only makes it worse
the words dispersing smudges.
Like a language you can't think of because it has never been spoken.
Mind in flames

2 hours ago      29 minutes ago

In the waiting room,
I watched two little boys
play with shadow puppets.
They transformed their hands
into figments of imagination
under the ghostly sterile lights
as doors swung wide
and gurneys and white coats
escorted the suffering
into rooms dressed with
pleasant paintings of peaceful woods -
placed on wall that have seen
far too many flat lines;
windows that have heard
far too many last words.

21 hours ago      44 minutes ago

Gone are the innocent mistakes.
I'm not working with blueprints anymore.

Good deeds go unnoticed, rather reprimands get attention.
Otherwise, why would I need Jesus?

A scapegoat of salvation to unload upon.
I salivate at the thought.
However, I can't conciede sin to the man upstairs.

I'll take my mistakes and keep credit of success.
Savior savior, stay away from me.

Isha Kumar
Isha Kumar
21 hours ago      48 minutes ago

It was a blur,
the day we met.
Thank you for the memories,
I am forever in you debt.

I never imagined anyone
staying till the end.
Least of all you,
who became my best friend.

Thank you for the memories.
They’re something I shall cherish.
Till the end of time
and until I perish.

You, my friend,
you made me strong.
You stood by my side,
righting my wrong.

You accepted me
without a second thought.
You do not know
the joy you bought.

You were there for me
you always listened.
You were a gem
who always glistened.

It is difficult to imagine
my life without you.
If you weren't there,
who would I turn to?

Thank you for the memories.
My one and only treasure.
Being your friend has been
an honour and a pleasure.

You were there for me
when times were rough.
You were there for me
when times were tough.

You always caught me
each time I fell.
You always saw through me.
How, I can never tell.

You are unique
for you’re one of a kind.
People like you are
very difficult to find.

Thank you for the memories.
They’ll stay with me forever more.
You were the greatest friend
I could ever wish for.

Pari, this one's yours!
I can never find the apt words to appreciate your involvement in my life
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7 hours ago      56 minutes ago

we are stripped down
to blood and bone
no skin at all
because that isn't beautiful

our eyes are the colors of
emerald greens and
intense blue crystals
because brown isn't beautiful

we need designer things
Gucci and Prada
not target and walmart
because clothes need to be beautiful

if this is what beauty is
then i cant give it to you
i can act real
but we'll always be a little fake

Its a struggle being beautiful. Props to the ones that devote their life to it.
I'm trying
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