Jack Jenkins
Jack Jenkins
6 hours ago

If the tears are what wash my heart,
Then every night spent crying
Has been worth all tears.
So one more night spent
With pillow wrapped my face,
Let these salty tears flow and I'm clean.

Inspired by my parents possible divorce, July 24...
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22 hours ago

The sweet song of the scratching pen
Conducted by a wildfire of emotions
Drown away the weeps within

The tears streaming down his plumped cheeks
Are the ink in his nib
He laces his misery with the bliss of his words
He paints his turmoil with the hymns of his sonnets
He quiets away the dreams of the past
Through his haikus of the night

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Jordan Rains
Jordan Rains
2 hours ago

Hey, guys!

Yeah, of course, you have read the title. So I think there's no need to give a small tour here.

First of all, I have to thank my critics. They did a great job. Thanks to Walter, David, and Sydney. Thanks, Syd for coming back. He's my brother.

I wanna thank Rosalie (Lady RF) as well. She is like my family.
Do you know Rosalie and Family rhymes very well? Yeah, but Rosalie also rhymes well with female Bruce Lee. You know I told her first about my plans for conducting a competition like this. She gave me a green signal. And now here we are. Thanks for your support.

1) Sydney Rivers
2) David Mungoshi
3) Walter W Hoelbling
4) Lady RF

Also, I wanna thank Karishma and Stephanie for helping me with this. I think they added a few entries to this collection- yeah, the ones I obviously missed.
I think I said enough thanks for today. So I'm moving on with this thing.

I hope more people will join for next month's competition. We have already selected the topic and I will be making an announcement on 1st of August.

We received 24 entries for 'Freedom'.

And I'm gonna list down the poems they shortlisted.

1) Svatantratanjali by Karishma
2) Real Freedom by Prathipa Nair
3) Possession by Blaine M
4) Freedom by Kristy Renae Dalton
5) Wings of Change by Karishma

And out of these 5, here is the top 3.

Drumroll, please...

Third place goes to  Possession by Blaine M
Congrats to Blaine. (:

It was a very tough decision. Both Freedom and Wings of Change are equally good. Congrats to both of them but the winner can be only one person.

And the winner is.......

Drumroll please.... and the winner is........

Wings of Change by Karishma

Winner gets a sun as the reward.

Congrats to Karishma for winning the first competition. She submitted two poems and both of 'em got shortlisted. I have added your name to Hall of Fame. Visit our poetry contest collection to view it.

Congrats, Kristy! Your poem is awesome. I gotta say this, you are a tough competition.

Honorable mentions:

1) Finding You by PaperclipPoems

2) Freedom by Kara Jean (Her poetry is so martian. I'm gonna abduct this chick and take her to Mars when I'm going back to my beautiful red planet. Please don't tell her anything about this. I'm planning to give her a surprise. I've already bought duct tape and other needed things.)

3) The Will to Be Free by Stephanie

4) The lonely road to freedom By SoulSurvivor

5) Prisoner by Lauren Ehrler

Love you all!

Lady RF
Lady RF
1 day ago

Being in love
doesn't mean that everything
is going to be perfect,
often times the most beautiful things
come with little flaws,

So if your looking for things
to be absolutely perfect,
then you could be overlooking
what was really destined to be yours.

These flaws are what makes
everybody genuine,
they highlight the individuality
of oneself,

They make the person
in question an original,
they make us all one of a kind;
unlike anybody else.

Being in love
doesn't mean that every day
will be exceptional,
and it does not mean
that you will always
sport a smile,

However it does guarantee
that you will be forever irreplaceable,
because the love you both share
is also an original;
usually making it all

By R.F ©2016

Westley Barnes
23 hours ago

The sound of a car alarm,
"Detonating" might not sound inappropriate
Like waking into a fight that's
kicking off-
on Sunday mornings.

This is the realisation
Of how the world intrudes
Of how the the inner sanctum
is detached from the private self.

Car alarms -the drones of greater Western suburbia.

How are we expected to be overwhelmed by life
When we desire all the apps and whistles
Of electronic distraction
to keep our heart rates
Steadily rising?

Seeing a jettisoned supermarket trolley
Abandoned in a riverbed
Close to a church whose peak attendance
Occurs at summer weddings
Explains more about the human capacity for tragedy
Than most schloarly texts on Greek Drama

Surely this the curse of socities who best express sentiments through images?
The ability to make exhibitions out of emotions, of replaying journeys
Without speaking words
Somewhere a girl runs away from home
Somewhere else a boys runs to his bedroom

And even the streetlights betrayed with shattered glass
Make the sound of thunderstorms
on warm evenings.
The moon too bright to decipher as a circle
with unshielded eyes.

6 hours ago

She wrote about how to write a poem.
Ironic instructions in tiny letters,
Scratched out and scrawled in,
Words flowing as she flew,
Further and further away from me.

And in her words I put myself,
Imagine she might be writing with me in mind,
When she mentioned the girl she'd only just met,
with limited memories,
Of huge significance,
but also possibly no significance at all.
Because who really knows.
It's not the event itself that's important,
it's the value we place upon it all in hindsight.

But I can say, that every moment with her
Has held some form of significance to me.
Each time we've held hands,
It's felt monumental in some way.
And each time i've seen her face,
- all three occasions -
the light in her eyes has seemed profound.

And i don't know if it really has to mean anything
but i'm glad to have met her,
to have discovered this connection,
As strangely brief as our interaction may be.
Better to have known her little,
than to have missed her all my life.

Gretchen Mossburg
Gretchen Mossburg
10 hours ago

With your love I finally fly.
Your love lifts me up above the skies,  
I float so gently that I don't need to try.

With your love I can't breathe, the oxygen gets clouded underneath.

With your love the world is mine to conquer. To twine "mine" into "ours" with our love nothing is impossible.

#love   #iloveyou   #mylove   #yourlove  
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