Abigail de Jesus
Abigail de Jesus
19 hours ago      4 seconds ago

Turn this way, I'm certain
Not sure if this way is the right way
Close the final curtain
The show is long since over and I cant stay

I don't know where to go or where I'm headed
Walking into a void in blindness

They say I could be a writer
Or lawyer, an artist
Or a nurse, a scientist
But I desire for something greater

These poems mean nothing until the stars cry my name
Begging for one more poetic sentence about their light
Dancing throughout the black space-less sky
And I still wonder why
Why do I continue to cry

Will he still stay with me even though I've been broken
Are the promises the stars keep may be unfulfilled

I'm not sure where to go in life anymore
#love   #confused   #stars  
Makena Greer
Makena Greer
19 hours ago      4 minutes ago

There were galaxies in your eyes and skeletal constellations connecting your blazing white bones the comets from your eyes continued to fall you couldn't see what I could because of the exploded nebulas that created too dense of breathtaking  stardust so you thought you were just a terrifying black hole you made yourself bleed stars you said to not get close because you sucked up light and happiness when really it was you creating it

8 hours ago      6 minutes ago

Imagine running,
Running like something evil is chasing after you,
You can hear your heart pounding in your ear,
After running so hard,
That's how it feels to kill yourself,
That's what it feels like to die,
Adrenaline flowing through your body;
Faster than light,
Numbing your insides into oblivion.
Sometimes I still get that feeling,
I feel it pumping in my veins viciously,
I can acknowledge my screaming through my ribcage, Rattling my every bone,
Like playing an old Nirvana song too loud,
The person who said,
That they'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all - Whoever he or she or it is,
Obviously didn't know the the true bliss
Of absolute nothingness.
The calming of feeling, no feeling at all.
That's how I feel,
Well most of the time anyway
And I don't exactly know why...

#suicide   #sad   #life   #oblivion  
Bipolar Hypocrite
Bipolar Hypocrite
3 hours ago      8 minutes ago

When someone doesn't cry,
When they should,
They aren't strong,
But simply weak.
They are just so afraid,
Of showing their tears,
To the world

I miss him so much
Marissa Kohlman
Marissa Kohlman
1 day ago      14 minutes ago

Fed up with the ways of men,
I decided to create my own,
And he would be perfect.

I took a chunk of wood and began to carve,
My knife coaxing each perfect body part into existence:
Dark eyes
Full lips
Broad shoulders
Long legs
Strong hands
And a perfect...well...you know.

Then I carved the magic word into his chest
And he became flesh.

He did everything a woman wanted:
He listened well
Never talked back
Never got mad
Made love on command
And said those words we all crave
"I love you"

All with eyes as empty as bottomless pits.

Poem 2 in my "7 Poems in 7 Days" self-challenge.  Bonus challenge:  All titles must be school subjects.  Feel free to join me!
#man   #perfect   #wood   #challenge   #golem  
Therese Syang
Therese Syang
13 hours ago      18 minutes ago

It gives you the rank
             makes you stood high
             creates your confidence
             and keeps you in mind...
Turns your head around
            It may be a good one
            but it makes your Ego corrupt you mind...

Ryan Galloway
Ryan Galloway
22 hours ago      26 minutes ago

Religion taught me to fear
It told me to deny the aches of my bones
As if there was something inherently evil about it
That this body that God knit together
Was destined to be broken
I'm starting to doubt the height of the mountains
Because of the depth of my current valley
Have I always been here
Was that hill I stood on
Merely a mound in a canyon
Yet there is one thing I am sure of
That God is and was always here
Offering to take this burden
While there was me trying to believe that there wasn't one
Because I liked it
It kept me inside the lines
And each time I would wander too far
Send me a crippling shock of fear
And now, only while looking back,
Do I realize that I want more

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