Melancholy of Innocence

I reside under the shades of your brows
I reside within your dark oceanic eyes
I reside in the stride of your walks

I am ecstatic of your intelligence
I am ecstatic of your wisdom
I am ecstatic of your beauty
I am ecstatic of your scent
I am ecstatic of your breathe

What should I do with
This intoxication of sorts?

I am ecstatic in each moment of "YOU"

You flow in each vein of my body
You fill the breathe in my lungs
My blood is made of your DNAs
I am helpless in this state of sorts

I'm only concerned about LOVING YOU
That are the only pulse in my heart-beat
I don't know when your heart became mine,
I don't know when my heart became yours,

That is the only thing I know
YOU breathes lives within my breath
That keeps me alive

Only YOUR name comes out of my breathe
That is how now a days
I live every millisecond

6 hours ago

The caption of your most recent picture says "new place",
which is true since your new apartment is in the background.
But I keep wondering if you mean you're in a new place in a bigger sense,
emotionally, without me.
What is it like there?
Is the grass greener? Does it rain more or less?
Are you finally happy?

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Caroline E
Caroline E
5 hours ago

You destroyed me; you didn't seem to care
I screamed; I fell on my knees
And even though you saw the blood
flowing from my heart
You didn't let go of the knife that you had
plunged into me

Amethyst Fyre
Amethyst Fyre
7 hours ago

The shower's hot, steam rising up
I look in the mirror

And see the black crack of the door
growing silently, inch by inch

I'm home alone
It's probably being nudged by the wind

But I can't stop looking at it
I wipe the steam from the glass and peer through

It's creaking open so patiently-
I locked the doors when I got home, right?

I can't remember
The floors wince slightly outside the bathroom door

My heart and mind race
What can I use to defend myself? A bar of soap?

I start singing, children's songs, conjuring happy, simple beauty
I sing as loud as I can
I rip my eyes from the door

With my voice, I cast a web of brightness around myself to keep my demons at bay

15 hours ago

One day, the whispers of noise will clear
& all the mist on your road will disappear
One day, you'll look back with a smile on your fear
'cause it can't rain forever

Then, the sorrow of silence will echo a song
Leading you to a place where you belong
For all that this world has done wrong
'cause it can't rain forever

& you'll see me stand there, I'll find my way
Crawl out of night to seize the day
One day... we'll wish no more but to stay
'cause I won't let it rain forever


The Dead Sea
The Dead Sea
1 day ago

I’ve been told interesting
Abstract or ethnic
Handsome on occasion
Not classical but
A sorta different kind of beauty

That possibly exotic
Person with the odd features

I’ve heard the word dog mentioned too

Someone once said I had
Gorgeous eyebrows and I blushed
Flushed and nervously grinned

I don’t take compliments well
I’m awkward
But a little girl with ginger hair
Looked up at my face today

And she smiled so sweetly
Freckles and said

“You’re very pretty”

And I realized it was the first time in my life
Anyone had told me that who
Wasn’t obligated to
But just a child who didn’t even know me

And had no reason
On this earth to lie
Made me feel perfect

Completely and utterly perfect

Thank you

A little kindness goes a long way.

A question was posed
as to the strength of
HOPE lifts us
HOPE heals us
HOPE excites us
and HOPE
loves us back
without reservation
Choose HOPE over
fear as the only
fear we should
have, is the fear of
GOD's wrath.

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