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En la oscuridad, penumbra benditamente predilecta para acontecer en este momento, donde te disfruto tanto, te conozco en no un solo sentido, si no en todos los 4 posibles al sentirte temblar en mi como el agua perturbada por una piedra de pasión derramada con la intención de lujuria combinada con el amor y el calor que tanto caracteriza el rose de tu cuerpo y el movimiento excitante y ondulado de tus caderas sobre mí. Esas caderas, trampas disimuladamente puestas a mi alcanze para tomarlas mientras poco a poco las aferro a mis manos sintiendo la tersa piel del éxtasis vibrando en mí mientras siento el sabor perfumado y dulce de tu cuello, largo, estético, hermoso; cuello predilecto para recorrer mientras prosigo en el camino hacia los labios llenos de placer donde encuentro el tibio y húmedo refugio que mis labios esperan en mis propios sueños tal cual una obra de arte diseñada e imaginada por mi. Afortunado soy al crear los labios que he besado solamente en mis sueños.

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Camz Kho
Camz Kho
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I fell in love with you too easily.
Too easily, I hoped and prayed
and placed too much faith in something I knew,
in the back of my mind, was not there.
I placed you on a pedestal
so high and above the clouds
it was unreachable, and I loved you
from the ground on which I stood
to the stars that hung above your head.
You never looked down, you never noticed.
And I planted beanstalk upon beanstalk
to try and get to you, but they all withered and died.
I tried and tried, and still you never glanced at me.
But I loved you all the same.
I loved from a distance, the same way I loved before.
It was easy to love you, it was easy to try.
And it was easy to get hurt, and have my selfish hopes ruined.
It was also easy to stop caring,
To stop sitting at the base of the pedestal that I built.
Oh it was so easy to dismantle that pedestal.
Too easy.
It was hard, though,
seeing you on the same plane as I.
Seeing you for who you were and not what I wanted you to be.
It was hard to walk away, because I did love you,
I just didn't love you enough to stay and hope anymore.
So I did.
I walked away, and left you there,
bewildered at my antics, and still not seeing
the ruins of the pedestal, the dimming of the stars,
or the withered beanstalks that littered the ground around you.
I walked away.
But I left a piece of me with you,
and you still haven't noticed.

this poem is about the age-old premise of unrequited love. you know when you love someone so much it doesn't  matter if they love you back or not? or at least you tell yourself it doesn't matter,  but it does. and it eats you up. that's this poem.
Ambus Tharp
Ambus Tharp
10 hours ago      22 minutes ago

The savory wretchedness of the cellist’s
song rang out, harmonizing with the metallic
hum humming of the subway.  The reverberations
of the cars that clamorously shot down the rails,
rumbling in tune with the melody's melancholy .  
The chaotic euphony burrowed itself deeply
down inside of me and made a home
Housing this bitter sweet hymn I knew all too well
helped me find that you may not be able to see your soul,

but maybe, just perhaps, you can hear it.

a dwelling
that would not soon forget its inhabitant.

Please give as much critical feedback;
I really love the opening stanza, but the rest is going to be heavily edited.

“Let me play for you,” he said, looking beyond, or,
perhaps, seeing me more than had ever been seen.
Situating the instrument, the music was unexpected
Yet familiar, that bitter sweet hymn I knew too well and
then I realized:
William Riley Plath
William Riley Plath
1 day ago      24 minutes ago

Before you check your phone
Before you wash your face
Before you eat your breakfast
Before you resume your sleep

Draw open the curtains
Embrace each light ray and
Run your fingers through the sea
Leaking through your windows

Stretch open your arms
Feel each light ray and
Watch it glow as it hits you
Drenching you with white

Breathe in, breathe out well--
Hoping to inhale one light ray and
Engulf your blood with it
Running through your veins.

When that is done, you are complete.
You are brand new, fearless, impervious.

For twenty-four hours, when you are cut
You will not bleed--

You will shine.

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how does one
just pick a flower
from a full bloom

how does one like
just one thing
of this divine spring

love every flower
say the bird and the bee
this is nature. no monogamy

Scott T
Scott T
2 hours ago      30 minutes ago

I leave Victoria
And 'Green Fields' by The Brothers Four comes on shuffle
And buildings crumble
London deconstructs
A primal forest laps at the southern service
As it flees to a coast populated by leviathans and krakens
The concrete suburbs fade to green fields
Kissed by the sun
And in that
I thought I saw you
Until the chinks of the train tracks reminded me of our slavery
And of the ticket collector
Tapping on my shoulder

Awesome Annie
Awesome Annie
1 hour ago      38 minutes ago

I separated my mind and heart, because they never can agree. Always seem too have different needs, and bicker endlessly.

I built a wall up higher, trying to protect my soul. My mind said he would break me, my heart couldn't take another toll.

My heart kept whispering his name, and longing for his touch. I couldn't make my mind agree, it warned it's far to much.

Hearts must be made of glass, and we keep our minds in chains. After all the heartache I've endured, maybe only a pretty face remains.

Conflicted because I never got to say, all that I might. Tormented by the memories of you, and how my mind and heart still fight.

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