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Don Moore
1 day ago

Tick tock flick of the clock
Nurses come and nurses go
Tick tock flick of the clock
Needles in and needles out
Tick tock flick of the clock
Sun slips across the window pane
Tick tock flick of the clock
Life is down to pee, poo and pain
Tick tock flick of the clock
Deep down inside I am waiting
Tick tock flick of the clock
People talking, warm hands holding
Tick tock flick of the clock
Rhythmic pumping help me breath
Tick tock flick of the clock
Softly quiet, no pain just waiting for the end
Tick tock flick of the clock
Misty hazel eyes, whispered words gently pleading
Tick tock flick of the clock
So dragging back from fading lights
Tick tock flick of the clock
Warm hands holding, wife forever caring
Tick tock flick of the clock
Open eyes and live again
Tick tock flick of the clock
So love always won and the dark has gone away.

Written just after I left intensive care.
#death   #time   #reborn   #nursing  
  12 minutes ago
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
1 hour ago

Her voice so harmonious,
Silent when no strings attached,
Both the curves so very sexy,
Smooth is her texture,
Admiring her beauty with fingers,
You seat her on your lap,
Putting her arms around your shoulder.

Tickle her hard to make her peck,
She touches your heart with her sound,
Nibbling your ears in between,
The motion generates friction,
Friction generated heat,
So icy sweet is her music,
All over you scripted success.

I talk of my guitar here.

My HP Poem #1022
©Atul Kaushal
#music   #two   #sweet   #sexy   #hot   #curves   #icy   #friction   #strap   #nibbling  
  14 minutes ago
Shruti Atri
Shruti Atri
1 hour ago

My walls are crumbling,
My world shakes,
And Shatters in shards;
The stones they fall,
Raining down on my dreams,
As I find my throat and scream.

I thought of you today,
Of how you hurt me,
Of how I left you.
The days we loved,
And when I cried;
The days we stayed away,
When I could finally find my smile...

  25 minutes ago
Colin Hill
Colin Hill
1 day ago

my day is busy
I have to leave
no time to chat
our words to weave

come find me later
I miss you so
our love is greater
than we will ever know

#love   #words   #heart   #yearning   #happy   #longing   #missing   #loving   #later   #chatting  
  39 minutes ago
2 hours ago

Today tasted what happiness is
Better wish to taste it forever

Today tested what my almighty wishes
Better wish to walk for his wishes

Hope He Could Wish What I Wish..
Almighty,Wish To Have Wishes Soon..
  54 minutes ago
Anna Dulaney
Anna Dulaney
20 hours ago

he didnt know
what it cost me
to say that to him

he took everything
but i think he gave some
in return

hes all i ever wanted
but i know i will never be
what he wants

my eyes stop at the crinkle
that is him

but his eyes graze over the tear
that is us

so together we pass the paper
that could be us

he wont get out of my head. get out get out get out get out get out!
#love   #boys   #he   #cost   #lowercase  
  1 hour ago
2 days ago

there will always be someone who is prettier than you, smarter than you, but no one can ever be you
be you
be yourself
stop comparing yourself to others
because you are unique
you are special
you are one of a kind
be who God created you to be

you don't have to prove yourself to anyone
God accepts you fully just as you are
why do you seek approval from others
when He has already accepted you

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