Kendra Magnuson
Kendra Magnuson
2 hours ago      21 seconds ago

You take the field, one last time.
You say goodbye, to every fan and post.
You hear them call your name, you walk up; unprepared for fame.

You're momma's crying and daddy's smiling, they aren't ready to let you go.
This is your senior year, you're not a boy any more.
You're of man of your own.

You know this is the last night for you to show.
This is Friday night, in a football town.

You hear the band playing, and the crowd screaming.
You're head is bounding, this is your favorite feeling.
You are surrounded by family, every player a brother to you.
The whistle blows and you feel alive.

You aren't ready to say goodbye.
You bow your heads, pray one more time, to the grace of God to do be just fine.

#fall   #mom   #dad   #night   #senior   #games   #year   #friday   #football   #lights  
1 hour ago      20 minutes ago

She was a spider
who spun and spun
webs of lies
which grew bigger and bigger
until all her fine spider legs
got entangled
she could breathe no more
and her web became her world
until she weaved her own undoing
strangled by the threads of untruths

This is for a friend I truly care about who got addicted to lying she doesn't even know who she is anymore.
#love   #lies   #life   #death   #nature   #friendship   #spider  
Liam Adam Scicluna
Liam Adam Scicluna
6 hours ago      42 minutes ago

Eversince my heart stopped beating,
My life just keeps repeating.
I can feel nothing, no sorrow, no pain;
There is something I just can't regain.

Life seems so out of reach, and;
Yet I still walk.
I eat flesh and blood just like my own,
Not knowing what is right or wrong.

I wrote this six years ago when I was thirteen years old.
#death   #lost   #soul   #undead  
Lesley Woodrow Gibson
Lesley Woodrow Gibson
5 hours ago      46 minutes ago

Looking back across the years
It is hard not to remember with tears
All the loving moments we shared.

You may not have been the best dad
But you were all that we had
And in the end, all we would need.

With humble admiration I can clearly see
The greatest gift you ever gave me
Being a amazing grandpa for my girl.

So this year like those before
I'm wishing that we'd had more
Of the moments and love that we shared.

L. Gibson

isabella leonora
isabella leonora
2 hours ago      50 minutes ago

og jeg har altid sagt, at jeg gerne ville
gemme mig og blive gemt bag andres
katastrofer, så jeg søger dem, og sørger
over og under dem, gemmer mig i smalle
gulvsprækker i dit køkken, for  jeg vil jo
bare gerne være hende, der hjælper i stedet
for at være hende, der bliver hjulpet, men
dine problemer virker så tunge  og du virker
så  ligeglad, når jeg står med grønne øjne,
og fortæller dig, jeg elsker dig, og det er du  
ligeglad med nu, og det var du også i går, men
nu sitrer rødvinen pludselig  lige  omkring mit
højre ribben, og  jeg kan se silhuetter af dig ude
i gangen, men jeg tør ikke længere  at se dig i
øjnene, for mine ord er ikke nok,
det er de jo også så sjældent, men jeg ville
så gerne gøre en undtagelse, bare lige gøre dig
til en undtagelse værd  og spise morgensolen
som du altid sagde, jeg skulle, men jeg sover
altid over mig
jeg gemmer mig bag andres katastrofer,
men jeg blev væk et sted imellem

- digte om onsdage
10 hours ago      52 minutes ago

She's a girl with daddy issues
Save the the tears & the tissues

She ended up getting used & abused
Looking for a daddy that was supposed to be you

He kissed her neck & choked her
Said he loves her then deep stroked her

Day & night knocking on every door
Hoping one day she'd knock on yours

But there was never an answer
Clear high heels, she became a dancer

Nose ran from the blow
Dripping, she liked to watch the blood flow

This time she went the farthest she could soar
Ripping deep into her veins, letting it pour

This was pain she couldn't stop
Dying to be somebody she's not

She laid there, left to bleed

One... Two... Three...
As she whispers, “Daddy please rescue me”

#dying   #depression   #pain   #sadness   #lust   #daddy   #heartbroken   #she   #issues   #rescue  
See Holmes
See Holmes
2 hours ago      56 minutes ago

Oh patron of the wandering ones,
what's to be done of the girl
in white tassels?

swinging her left foot,
as if clearing a path
for a queue of black ants
she swayed in the
wind of the surveyors

men, though mostly boys
wait in line to run
greedy palms along her
two morning arms

without the means
to get in the door,
a bouncer's crow's eyes
spy them sternly,
they must accept this small
friendly touch
(one that ought be saved
for places lit up and warm)
to calm their ever rising

when will it happen,
when will we lose those
eyes of the corner
street girl?
when will her eyes surrender
to this tropical storm
flowing through the
bourbon ridden streets?
what ever happens
to the wandering ones?

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