black-coffee poetry

now that i've forgiven you
it's time for me to apologize
for putting you on that pedestal
that was so very high
it hurt when you fell off.

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MV Blake
MV Blake
4 hours ago

O’ Death be gone from here;

I refuse thy sad affection.

Thy grave mouth offers no console,

Ne’er a cure for mine own affliction

Unless a cure means but an end;

For all thy promise a grant of life a lie

Thou hast no power to lend.

I name thee false friend,

And cast thee from mine side.

Find thee another fool to soothe,

For I am bound to life abide.

#life   #illness   #death  
ochuko blaze
5 hours ago

So many questions I want to ask you, cause am still wondering what kind of being are you?.
They say you cover multiple of sins
Some say you are harmless,others say you make the world go round,many say you can be sustain with trust and understanding
But i will ask, are you all that they say you are? Are you that being that inhabit two souls. Because you come into two individuals making them to form what is called "RELATIONSHIP" despite their weakness, character and mindset
Living with someone that is totally different from me is one of the crazy things you made me do in the name of your arrival
Sometimes you are so sweet order times you are so mean while most times you are so beautiful
Why are you like that
You have never been stable
You have never been peaceful
Sometimes you made me feel like getting away from you,going far away from you wishing that you don't exist when I know that you do lives.

Emmanuel Hernandez
Emmanuel Hernandez
23 hours ago

I want to see but eyes are shut tight, glancing only if you came about nine
Girls are you ready when my lines are squared a dead give away when my heart learns and gives you a goodbye

#heart   #dead   #give  
josh wilbanks
1 day ago

First a wink,
Then a peep.
Neverland with general admission.
Slipping by in a second,
While taking it's time.
Proof time is long,
But short in memory.
Proof that they grow up so quick.
Evidence that death,
Is always right around the corner.
I can't get to sleep;
Sleep is getting to me.

I can't get to sleep so i made this for fun.
#dream   #life   #death   #sleep   #time  
1 hour ago

i remember the first time you wrote my name down on paper and meant it, how i ran my fingers over the letters and knew you had to have been sitting on the porch when you wrote them with the sun peeking shyly around the pillars. you left traces of the honeysuckle in the air, of being awake at six in the morning without hesitation, snapshots of the shape of my mouth moving in the august moon too selfish to let you sleep.  we were doing headstands in the grass, we were falling over from the moment we met and you told me how much it meant to you, for us to tumble down clumsily only to keep on trying, to stain our elbows on pews of green and giggle as gravity exposed our bellies to the night.

it was a whisper at the dawn, an echo, certainty, the first time you wrote down my name and meant it.

1 day ago

Should you build a castle from your bones
Nail your flesh to the sides of a hill
And around a soft heart erect walls of stone

Become a fortress on a mountain
Which raises no flag to welcome me home
Does not lower a bridge or lift a ladder
Closes every window and bars the door
Then blows a horn if I dare to approach

If you become a hardened shell
Impenetrable and cold

Who leaves me standing at your gate
With my eyes searching the rocky face
For any sign of life within
Your shadowy inner sanctum

I will leave you alone

Standing on top of a kingdom
Underneath a gold crown
Towering over an armored dragon
Who understands your fear of fire
But would love to watch you burn

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