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Too much of something is bad enough.

Do not trust
     too much.
Do not feel
    too much.
Do not love
    too much.
Do not care
    too much.

Those 'too much'
can hurt you
       so much.

Note to self.
#love   #pain   #hurt   #toomuch  
Beth StClair
Beth StClair
1 day ago      5 minutes ago

this is the moon's
quiet rose, the unfolding
of the clouds, tranquility
resting her head,
the beautiful sea.

#moon   #this   #tide  
Matthew J Stitzel
Matthew J Stitzel
1 day ago      25 minutes ago

Locusts sing in the trees
And the breeze blows
The cool light winds
Whisk my worries
Away with the dust
Late afternoon dusk
Rolls in its pink clouds
Filling the clear sky
With its beautiful whisps
Dancing in the dazzling
Reflection of the sun
Off  the dimly lit moon
With the evening here soon
A Bon fire blaze with
Marshmallows melting
Love the lazy lougning
Lightening bugs begin
To sparkle in the distance
Swimming in the blissful
Ignorance of the simple summer nights

Arianna Abrams
Arianna Abrams
1 hour ago      35 minutes ago

I hope she's beautiful
When you find her
And not just on the outside
I hope she makes you smile
When you look into her eyes
And that she loves you
The way you couldn't love me
I hope she's funny
Because your smile
When you laugh
Is one of the wonders
Of this world
I hope she appreciates
All the little things
Like how you snore at night
The way your eyes crinkle
Nose scrunched
When you smile hard at her
Hold her hand proud
And show her to the world
I hope she fits in your arms
The way I used to
In your little bed
Your foreheads touching
And her heartbeat
Matches yours
I hope she smiles at
The little noises
You make when you're so happy
You can't control yourself
The uncontained joy
I felt looking at you
I hope she returns
The hugs that hold her deep
And I hope that she can keep
That heart I never could
I hope she never cheats
God knows I never would
I hope she's beautiful
The way I'm not
I hope she makes your heart race
I hope you find love
I hope you find your place

#love   #hope   #lost   #unrequited   #rebound  
  Lit by Ian Beckett
Ian Beckett
Ian Beckett
14 hours ago

Regret is the consequential disappointment
That the thrilling transgressive frisson your
Online sexual therapist offered for a number.

On the web no one knows if you are a dog
But the Daily Mail knows if you are a love rat
Their readers will wallow in your misfortune.

Millions have had web fantasies exposed
Sharp onomatopoeic cheating thrills have
Become a fear of secret lives found out.

Their private diversions now public lead
Nervous executives newly emasculated
To realise life is short, shorter than desire.

perspectives on Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison website hacks and the motivations of voyeurs and players
#affair   #risk   #hack  
Kimberley Sebborn
Kimberley Sebborn
3 hours ago      1 hour ago

and in that brief moment of eternity i swear i belonged to you; each fragmented pixel of my being held together by the fragility of your touch

Hanna Ventura
Hanna Ventura
2 hours ago      1 hour ago

If one is never fully dressed without a smile
Then I must be naked all the time

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