Lit by Debra Lea Ryan
36 minutes ago

She held an anchor in one hand
A clover in the other
With a thistle to guide her heart
And a dandelion
Full of wishes
Like ribbons loose in the wind
She made her wish
With one foot forward
In every season
From the moon to sun
To the stars all around
She became
One with
The universe

Patrick Schiefen
Patrick Schiefen
1 day ago      7 minutes ago

into a rope into a knot into a noose
that hung in front of my face as I stood in my bedroom,
my thoughts
could have added thread could have made the rope stronger could have made the knot tighter
but my tongue refused to weave
so the noose fell and the words scattered on the carpet on my bed on my dresser.

They could have been collected and combined into ammunition
so I could have fired back, machine gun bang bang bang,
hoping to hit a gut hit a heart hit a target
and hoping the bullets would speak loud enough to be understood.

But instead I wore them as a cross,
a burden I thought I couldn’t bear,
weighing on my back as I traveled the years
but when my head became clear
the words became lighter and sounded like music,
singing in my ear every now and then
a song telling me that I have been strong enough
and I can continue to be strong enough.

And while I want to glorify “thank” and “you”
for giving me enough words to craft into thick skin,
I will never give those words to you,
I will keep them for myself.

Edited from my previous post... Thought it deserved a new life...
Jay Ash
Jay Ash
15 hours ago      11 minutes ago

Your existence is a revolution of colour
Of ideas and creation.
A radical paradox of reality.
A heartbreakingly complex story
an inspiringly strong

#love   #sad   #life   #hope   #lost   #existence   #existing  
Donall Dempsey
Donall Dempsey
6 hours ago      13 minutes ago

The rain began
to fall behind me

as I crossed
the border

I expected it
to chase after me

and talk excitedly
to me in raindrops

about this & that
that & this

- but, it didn't.

It fell in one country
and not the other.

It was as if the rain
had mislaid its passport

or hadn't received
a visa to rain here.

I cycled off
into the Ardennes

looking back
at the Dutch rain

falling frustratedly

unable to understand
the sun

talking in Belgian.

Tannor Fortin
Tannor Fortin
2 hours ago      15 minutes ago

Week one we started dating and yes it was fun,
You looked at me. You smiled wide.
You always brought out my happy side.

Week two my feeling grew.
I was scared, but you were there.
Were your feelings really true?

Now simply three weeks together,
Still happy no matter the weather.
I was falling for you, but you had no clue.

One month, and I looked into your eyes,
At that moment I nervously realized,
That the girl standing in front of me,
let me be free, I loved her so dearly I got on one knee.

#love   #poem   #poetry   #sad   #depression   #life   #pain   #death   #thoughts   #you  
1 day ago      21 minutes ago

“Everything is going to be okay,”
she told herself, as she simply stared
at the trail of shimmering lights beneath her.

#self   #sad   #life   #sadness   #hope   #okay   #happiness   #thoughts   #lights  
Elin Mellbergstedt
Elin Mellbergstedt
13 hours ago      27 minutes ago

I fumble around in this caliginous den
There's a light up there
If I just climb up this wall
I'll be free
My finger nails are bleeding
I leave scratch marks on the walls
My whole body is aching
As I'm trying my best
To get out of this hole
I'm getting closer
I can feel the air getting thinner
It's easier to breathe
I'm reaching for the edge
Almost there
The two of you appear
You're smiling
She's smiling
I feel the sole of your shoe
As you're kicking me in the face
And I fall
I hit the ground
The light burns out
The darkness surrounds me
I am trapped
In this den
And I can't find the strength to climb up these walls again

When you're trying to get over your ex and all of a sudden you see a picture of him and his new love, and all the strength you've built up is instantly taken away from you.
#love   #heartbreak   #sad   #lonely   #alone   #lost   #sorrow   #brokenheart   #rejected   #dumped  
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