V Anna
V Anna
1 day ago      8 seconds ago

Why are
you still
in my head!?
Go away!

Please don't.

I wanna erase you but i can't
Matthew Walker
Matthew Walker
4 hours ago      4 minutes ago

I want to be the one
in their history books
the legend around the campfire,
a name they won't forget.

My heart longs for greatness,
my bones rattle at the thought
of changing this decrepit rock
into something beautiful again.

Wherever I turn my eyes,
people are breaking on the inside,
homes are burning from this pain;
I see creation crying for freedom.

Can I change anything?
This question keeps me awake,
weeping in the latest hours,
begging God to let me fight.

I hear their cries!
I see emptiness in their eyes,
lost children walking the streets,
asking "Why did he leave?"

How is it I love those I've never seen?
My soul aches for their suffering,
there are human beings dying
and nobody is doing anything!

When they asked me what
I wanted to be when I grew up,
It was always a hero,
someone who fought for others.

All my life I've cared too much,
I'm beginning to feel claustrophobic,
I was given this big heart,
then placed in a little world.

I fear I am simply crazy,
a senseless romanticist.
But I curse my insecurities,
they will not kill me!

My dreams are impossible,
they say it's just my youth,
I'll grow out of this heart,
and join the rest of society.

But I violently refuse!
Let me be a light in a dark room,
may I bring hope to all who breathe,
I give my life to change eternity!

~ Matthew Walker ~

17 hours ago      24 minutes ago

I weep for you, sweet angel.
So alone and isolated.
So scared of what the future could hold,
Or perhaps what it couldn't,
That you preferred to die rather than live.
I wish I could have held you.

I weep for you, brother.
Who lost their sibling.
Who regrets every cross word
And every assault and insult,
With the bruised eyes and torn soul
Don't blame yourself.

I weep for you, mother.
Who loved their baby more than anything.
Who laughed with him,
And cried for him,
And now battles with every ghost of a memory.
He loved you too.

I weep for you, father.
Who dreamt of his child's future,
Who imagined he would be a father someday too.
Who feigns strength for his family
But wants more than anything to break down too.
You tried your hardest.

I weep for you, world.
Who watched as an angel fell.
Who observed the skies opening for him,
Who watched the heavens pour out.
Who cradles him now, tighter as ever.
Hold him gently, for all of us.

When given a prompt by our local PTSA themed "the world would be a better place if..." I decided upon a poem about feminism. Unfortunately, a tragedy occurred locally and a high school student committed suicide. So at the last second, I changed my reflection to "the world would be a better place if... no one wanted to commit suicide."
#suicide   #pain   #god   #sadness   #sorrow   #heaven   #reflection   #angels  
23 hours ago      28 minutes ago

I said I'd love you forever, and I didn't lie

Gian Torrano Jacobs
Gian Torrano Jacobs
13 hours ago      30 minutes ago

The tone is a human,
a human is a being,
and a being,
is a tone.
The tone is a being.

When one human sings,
they create a tone.
A tone that carries
all tones within.

When two humans sing,
they create two tones.
Two tones that carry
all tones within.

They are making love,
They are making a harmony,
and the harmony
is a child.

The union of two,
the child carries all
the vibrations of one,
and all of the other.

Every harmony carries
all harmonies within.

The child is one,
The child is twice one,
The child is half of each,
and infinitely more than none.

The harmony is a child,
and the child sings.

The child is human,
and the human grows.

When a human sings
they create a tone.
This tone carries
all tones within.

The tone is a being.

The being is one,
The being is twice one,
The being is half of each,
and infinitely more than none.

Each being carries all beings within.

When the being sings,
it creates a tone,
this tone carries
all tones within.

Each tone sounded
carries all tones within itself.
As the fundamental tone vibrates,
so do the proportional overtones it creates.

An entire string vibrates.
Within that length,
1/2 the string vibrates,
1/3 vibrates,
1/4, 1/5, etc...
Divided into infinity.

(You can find the harmonics on a guitar string in these fractions.)

This is the shared source of all living beings.
This is the harmonic series.
This is birth and death.
This is one single tone.
This is you and me.
This is Om.

Birth, crescendo, diminuendo, death.

This is breath.
David Ehrgott
David Ehrgott
23 hours ago      58 minutes ago

S   4

Just Melz
Just Melz
13 hours ago      1 hour ago

She cries late
                  every night
     Turns off all the
         Sits in bed
             her eyes out
      in the dark
Cutting out pieces
      of her heart
No one can see
                          the scars
           Of her sewing
back up her chest
       Soon she will be
             an empty shell
                    putting her soul to rest
If her heart
                    is no longer there
It can't get broken,
If no one can see
                          the tears
Then she never cried,

#broken   #sad   #life   #lonely   #heart   #depressed   #tears   #crying   #soul   #toomuchtohandle  
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