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Squid the Russell

You stand there waiting
For someone to come
Or something
To take you away
You stand there secluded
Lost in your own little world
Thinking through the days behind
And ahead
Dreaming of what could be
Lost in a world
Of what if’s
And this could happen
Bad things
Good things
Anything you could come up with
Then you hear the sound
Of the bus getting closer
And your ripped out of your
Comfortable little world
And pulled back into reality.

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  10 minutes ago
Alli Michelle
Alli Michelle
19 hours ago

Deprivation of love is the end to a normal life.
Instead of infatuation with anothers' eyes, I am lying awake at night.
It's been almost two decades since someone has ever cared.
And now that I see a pair of eyes, infatuation is never there.
A gloss goes over mine, as his eyes shine.
It's not the love i feel-
but it's the feeling of finally not getting left behind.

#love   #lonely   #alone   #fake   #left   #artificial  
  16 minutes ago
Fay Slimm
Fay Slimm
4 hours ago


   The poem,
     half-written, inches
along numerous tries,
   cramped in places, pinched
   somewhat in style,
its subjective meaning
reluctantly waits
    in the sidelines.
  has not appeared yet
    so I put aside pen
to try later again.
Tenderness, sadness or rage
   cannot be paged
    in too much noise
but former things sundered
   begin to knit
    as subject-choice fits
into a slot before long.
  Boisterous word-swing
rattles a lot in my mind,
    sentencing rings
  bells which battle with lines
as ends slowly begin to rhyme.
   Writing is vital
   in keeping me sane
   betwixt times
   that mix sense with the inane.

  28 minutes ago
The Lunchtime Poet

Silently sitting
out on my chair
Lilac scent wafting
up thru the air

Forsythia blooms
so yellow and bright
Peony flowers
a pure snowy white

Birds are singing
Songs set me at ease
Trees are growing
pollen makes me sneeze

Winter has loosened
It's icy cold grip
Now it's springs turn
to captain the ship

  40 minutes ago
Clare Brown
Clare Brown
12 hours ago

My music will fill your soul
I will rock you all night long
I will be your melody
I am woman I am song

I will take you by the hand
I will be your second chance
Ever moving ever changing
I am woman I am dance

I will watch you when you sleep
I will set your mind at ease
I am your serenity
I am woman I am peace

I will keep you in my heart
I will be your safest place
I am your life's blessing
I am woman I am grace

I will help you smile again
I will fix what men destroy
I am all your happiness
I am woman I am joy

I will catch and hold your heart
I am what you're dreaming of
I will stand by you a lifetime
I am woman I am love

I am steadfast I am kind
I will not let love grow cold
More precious than red rubies
I am woman I am gold

I will dry the tears you cry
I will go to any lengths
To shield you from life's fury
I am woman I am strength

I am alive with passion
I will be your heart's desire
I will light your darkness
I am woman I am fire

I will never lie to you
Whether life is rough or smooth
Because honesty is freedom
I am woman I am truth

I will be your nourishment
I will be your loving wife
I will bear you children
I am woman I am life

I will never stop believing
In you till the end of days
I will nurture your spirit
I am woman I am faith

I will never let you down
I will celebrate your story
Lift you up on wings of hope
I am woman I am glory

I will love you as you are
I will embrace your flaws
In this and every lifetime
I am woman I am yours

A celebration of womanhood and all that we are
  44 minutes ago
8 hours ago

the only thing you can can hear
are your thoughts in your head.
all your regrets, fears, desires,
and everything in between show
their true colors in the dead of night.

you toss and turn trying to
quiet them down, but they just get louder.
you look into the darkness to try to
dull their colors, but they just shine brighter.
you do all you can, but it won't stop.

you want to scream at the top of your lungs.
you want to just get some sleep.
you just want this to stop, you just want your
thoughts to just grow silent.
Instead you cry into your pillow for what
seems like forever.

you wake up the next morning
your eyes are red, there are tear stains
on your pillow.
your head is pounding, your legs
wobble with tiredness as you try to get out of
they have won, again

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  1 hour ago
1 day ago

I call it my old house-- it stands in the woods with no electricity, and no water.
If you listen carefully enough, you can hear laughter still dancing down the hall
followed by the screaming and fighting.
Every time I go there I see visions of two young girls sledding down the big hill out front, or friends and past friends talking on the front porch illuminated in Christmas lights.
Still I sit in my old room where tapestrys and photographs once lined the walls.
The house where family once lived sits quiet.
And lonely.
The children don't play anymore and my mother doesn't fill the kitchen with scents of dinner and she no longer burns incense.
The flowers don't grow because they are dead.
The windows were left wide open and the beds stripped of their sheets, some of my old things are buried behind my closet door.... like skeletons.

No one will answer the door if you knock because no one is home.

#love   #depression   #home   #lost   #past   #separation   #abandoned   #house   #explore  
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