Circa 1994
Circa 1994
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Mommy said if he's mean it's because he likes you.
She said boys are backwards and upside down.
She said boys are young dumb and fullofcum.
She said close your eyes when you fall so you don't see how much it's going to hurt.

I still have bruises, she said.

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The flames rose wild and destructive
There was no way she would ever
be able to cross that bridge again
She just smiled
"at least I can see through the darkness now
with the fire in the background"

Stephanie Lynn
Stephanie Lynn
1 hour ago      22 minutes ago

my strength lies beneath the skin
it's inside my bones
it's the sway of my hips
it's the smile in my breasts
and it roots from my soul

I am woman, you know

the doctors tell me I'll never be
the nurses tell me I've never been
they say I'll never hear my baby cry
and then God says. "Guess again"

I am woman, you know

the pain is a most definite promise
and as I grit my teeth I know
the promise is always unsure
and yet here I stand defeating odds
being what you told me
I could never ever be
who says there isn't any cure?

After all,
I am woman, you know

Today is September 1st which kicks off ovarian cancer/PCOS awareness month. I am excited, and I'm feeling empowered.

(C) Maxwell 2014

She is young. Have I the right
Even to name her? Child,
It is not love I offer
Your quick limbs, your eyes;
Only the barren homage
Of an old man whom time
Crucifies. Take my hand
A moment in the dance,
Ignoring its sly pressure,
The dry rut of age,
And lead me under the boughs
Of innocence. Let me smell
My youth again in your hair.

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I am 1,000 pounds,
weighed down by memories,
by crushing defeat,
by failure,
by loss,
by regret...
yet I am weightless,
a trophy in a dusty case,
my varnish dim,
no longer new,
no longer shiny,
I struggle to stay afloat,
but I am still swimming,
because I see the lighthouse,
tall and shining.
a gleam of light beckoning from it's highest point,
come to me
swim to me
I am the way out
and so I tread.

#love   #loss   #movingon  
Nathan Squiers
Nathan Squiers
17 hours ago      52 minutes ago

He wears his smile in his pocket.
Where no one else can see.
And since none have seen him happy
They’re convinced he’ll never be.

His laughter’s in a fist.
So tight, no one can hear.
With no joy in his voice at all,
They’re sure he’s filled with fear.

All they see is torment.
They don’t look for what he was.
All they see is torment.
Nobody ever does.
All they see is torment.
They’re not sure what the cause.
All they see is torment,
And all his other flaws.

The world’s so filled with judgment.
It won’t stop to find the good.
But when time is so goddam precious,
It’s a mystery why it should.

All they see is torment.
His soul’s as dark as night.
All they see is torment.
They can’t see his plight.
All they see is torment.
All ignore the fight.
All they see is torment.
He can never set things right.

Looking on the horizon of writing a sequel to the first novel in my Death Metal series, "Curtain Call," I figured I'd start sharing a few of the poems/lyrics (take your pick) that I'd created as songs that the fictional, mostly non-human heavy metal band performed. The songs were, surprisingly enough, the hardest part of writing "Curtain Call" (which only took me 8 weeks to write ~ 2 of which represented the songs alone). In 2013, the novel was the only to win TWO separate awards in an annual book blog competition, earning both Best Paranormal Thriller Novel as well as Best Occult Novel of that year.

Here's hoping the sequel does half as well  lol

Given the rising issue with bullying and abuse, I feel like this particular song/poem (though written a few years prior to the issue) is applicable all the same.
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on this boat i am safe as long as i can see shore
but that is not what i have built this for
i sailed out for adventure and a chance to explore
this place is too mundane i want something more
to navigate by the stars like in the times of yore
and find rubies and gold treasures galore
but first i must get there so i reach for my oar
and row into the unknown until i am sore
i look out to the east and the clouds i just abhor
the waves grow higher and the wind starts to roar
the clouds begin to light up and the rain starts to pour
a storm like this one i have never seen before
and all this premonition i can no longer ignore
but i am not turning back i'll risk the ocean floor

August 30, 2014
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