Tark Wain
3 hours ago      10 seconds ago

Why do i still care is probably too simple a question
it implies an easy answer like “her eyes” or “her smile”
but it isn’t that
it’s not love at least not yet i’m too young
so it isn’’t that
think think think
there’s been other girls
four in fact
but what did they not have?
what were they missing
what made them Roseline and not Juliet
does “it” exist? it’s possible i guess
maybe nothing tangible could account for what i’m feeling
i doubt it but it’s a possibility
So what is it?
Seriously(tension builds)
Maybe it’s because you still care
sure I only know because of the grapevine
but i’ll just assume it still counts

I refuse to believe im the Pip to your Estella
I’d like to believe I have too much pride for that
Pride pride pride
maybe that’s the answer
I messed you up pretty good the first time
but then again you did win round 2
so maybe it’s just a game
a game my mind is just set on finishing

Maybe you’re just evil
crazy i know
really crazy
lunatic crazy
but still is it that crazy a thought?
you say you love me when you don’t
you say you don’t love me when you do
you say you miss us
but somehow “I” am not included

Maybe I have simply ruined you for myself
I’ve built you up in my head
to be something you simply can not live up to
It’s hard to explain but to me at least in my mind
you are a different type of “perfect”
Flawed in all the right ways
proficient where it really matters
In my head you don’t make mistakes
In my head you choose me first so you don’t regret it later
In my head you act rationally
In my head I create fake things

So to answer my question I must decide on an answer
and i choose all of them
because that’s life
that’s what it is
you’ll meet a girl who you feel is perfect for you in every way
except for the fact that she isn’t
and it won’t make sense
and it will drive you crazy
and you’ll write some stupid poem at a late hour trying to find an answer to your question
until you realize it doesn’t matter
because you’re young and she’s young
because there are mistakes to be made
nights to be forgotten
people to meet
places to see
and all the while there is time to sit down
to really ponder and finally come to the conclusion
that You
yes You
are not the one I end up with

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Victoria Ruth
Victoria Ruth
7 hours ago      4 minutes ago

The girl who got made fun of,
The one who cut her wrist,
Her story finally took a turn,
And the ending has a twist

She’s not alone anymore,
She has no reason to cry,
Her story has a happy end,
She doesn’t have to die

The girl who was close to breaking,
And almost followed through,
Well she has a new perspective,
And it seems she likes the view

Her friends all came back,
To listen and understand,
They really do love her,
And want to lend a hand

But darling if it wasn’t for them,
This girl she would be dead,
Thank god they had saved her,
She’s got a bright future ahead

Now she's on the right track
Her head in the right place
and she's got a bright future
That I can see, it's in her face

Her eyes now they sparkle,
That spark will never fade,
Because now she has strength,
To put down her last blade

The girl who got made fun of,
Who once wished she was dead,
Her story finally took a turn,
She's got a bright future ahead.

"Your present situation is not your final destination."
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1 day ago      12 minutes ago

the things I wanna see
the things I wanna be
the fragrance and what seems to appear
when my mind creates what isn't there
just look away and feel no despair
i'll never be anything to "you"
no that I know you, I actually have no clue

and my mind will rot away,
discovering more to know less
what I dine for is never sane
at least for you, your at one point quenched
but for me, the drive is from getting lost
I always thirst for more

out of ignorance once I bore
a cup of sand I once held
the gratitude I had was hidden from my conscience
but one day I stumbled upon a beach
the sand in my hand
no longer the same for me
I tried dropping the sand into its place
I observed a rejection of tension
I switched what was in my cup
I couldn't bear no more
I need a sand box
I need more
even if I owned one though
it could only be no more to me
this pattern of reality
it crinkles me as I can't live without it

how can I explain? only what I wrote while chilling in a coffee house above can hopefully connect with you. if not-then i'm sorry for your waste of time. I go deep. either it's a vague piece of garbage or one can somehow relate
Rahul Luthra
Rahul Luthra
8 hours ago      18 minutes ago

Last thing I remember was falling through the dark
No longer was I troubled if whether I'd make a mark
No fear, no sadness, no emotions at all
In doubt whether I should stand, sit or crawl
This new world around me is so vague
Wondering what to do with nothing at stake
I feel a wild wind but I have no mood to fly a kite
Is there any use eating when I no longer have an appetite?
But the troubles and miseries have all gone away
Come to think of it, nothing actually did stay
My body's lying somewhere now completely rotten
The person who I was is now completely forgotten
There's an emptiness within, which I can't define
No God to pray to so who should I enshrine?
The emptiness I feel has replaced the stress
Everything I have ever learned is now rendered useless
No expectations to live up to, no hearts to win
All emotions and manners are as good as in the dustbin
For this feeling is something I've never felt before
It's something like content; I'm not sure
All the worries of life I have left behind
No more waking up to life's everyday grind
My mind may be locked but I don't wonder about the keys
For now, I can finally rest in peace...

1 day ago      36 minutes ago

बैठा हूँ इस पल जहाँ,
यह जल के तीन आकाशों का समागम,
लगता हो प्रतिबिम्ब उस विशाल गगन का,
एक परमात्म सा स्थिर, असीमित,
दूसरा स्वात्म सा अस्थिर, विचलित|| (१)

हिलोरे उठते सागर में,
उत्कंठित होता ज्यों आत्म परात्म को पाने,
पर लौट आता तटबंध की ओर,
मोह संसार का छोड़ना वो ना जाने,
कभी क्रोध, कभी मोह, कभी मान की,
चट्टानों से तितर-बितर हो,
पुनः घूमता लाख चौरासी|| (२)

पर वह देखो! तट से दूर,
सागर से सिन्धु बनने की जुगत में,
जब लहरें मौन हुईं, जब संसारी दूर हुए,
जब मटमैला नीला होता गया,
जब पर्बतों को पाट दिया बल-स्वाभिमान से|| (३)

तब वो देखो!
दूर क्षितिज पे सिन्धु मिलता है व्योम से,
जैसे फर्क ही न रह गया हो शेष,
आत्म-परात्म में,
जब मैं हूँ उसमें और वो है मुझमें,
हो गया इसका आभास मुझे!! (४)

This poem was written by me sitting on the southernmost shore of the Indian mainland in Kanniyakumari. The meditative feeling that spewed within me while watching the confluence of the three great seas at The Triveni Point, got vented through these words. It starts with comparing the sea as a human life while the sky at the top of it as the Supreme Soul himself. My poem draws a parallel between the tumultuous and disorderly journey of the sea and the human life. This is a story of how man finds his Lord after he peeps within himself and unravels the biggest mystery of this world. An intense poem, this will compel you to look deep within yourself! :)
1 day ago      38 minutes ago

shackled away
are the true emotions
all the sad,
drunken realities
of the stories untold.

Jude Martin
Jude Martin
17 hours ago      44 minutes ago

Why is life so hard and tragic
A mothers pain of treating each day as her daughters last
A fathers frustration of loss impending - destruction to all
A little girl waiting to be taken...

A faith tested to the extreme
Easy to hate for creating such tragedy
Wanting to love as god will protect all
A little girl waiting to be taken...

To watch from afar is a heartbreak uneasy
Impossible to imagine the warfare on the front line
Unaware of her status; her beauty continues to explode
A little girl waiting to be taken...

Deterioration, frustration are everyday moods
Yet smiles crack the surface at an hourly rate
Powers are weakening but her eyes shine bright
A little waiting to be taken...

Although not yet passed away
Uncomfortable days come nearer and nearer
No regrets, big smiles and kisses in abundance
A little girl innocent; waiting to be taken...

God Speed Leah

Copyright belongs to JudeMartin

written with deepest respect for "Leah" ... died April 2012
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