Seras Victoria
Seras Victoria
1 day ago      18 seconds ago

Outside they look not normal, while flashes of different shades come upon there faces. They rome about looking for the place where they can learn to love and be loved.  'As a cosmic teddy bear they will see just how vicious I can be. No love can save them from what they did to me.'  As the cosmic teddy bear turns up to the sky's it sheds its  skin and  cries. 'No one knows what they see, No one sees what they do to me.'  As the cocoon of human-like looks disappear, there is nothing left but a cosmic tear.

Shrey Shrestha
Shrey Shrestha
1 day ago      4 minutes ago

I'm just so tired and scared and sad
because you don't see me
the way I see you
and you're the humming in my veins
while I'm just the dust
in your fingertips.

#love   #life   #pain   #sadness   #death   #scared   #unrequited   #dust   #humming  
F a r a h
F a r a h
1 day ago      8 minutes ago

When you pass by
the blazing sun hides behind a cloud
stunned by your beauty
birds sing gracefully
flowers smile brightening their colours
trees wave to the rhythm of your steps
hearts stop for a while with every gaze
These tiny things made me realise
how lucky I am to have you in my life
be mine forever.

Missy Beminio
Missy Beminio
1 day ago      28 minutes ago

something tells me it's right here
this night dear
it's quite clear

something in me just can't speak
i can't think
i can't blink

something's troubling
something's tumbling
no short comings
in this running

you've made it quite clear
how you feel
it's your deal

you hide beneath fears
with no tears
listen up dear

i wish your heart could stand
just one more fight
it's not right

8 hours ago      30 minutes ago

The world has been burning,
And nobody seems to notice.
These flames, relentless,
Destroy everything within.
Without. The shouts. The cries.
The falls. The bleeding.
And nobody stops.
Nobody listens.
Nobody pays attention.
Nobody cares.
They stare,
From afar.
Too afraid to get their hands dirty.
And morals. What morals?
The concept is null and void,
Like the contract with our souls.
Lo and behold,
The world is burning,
And nobody bats an eye.

There's a body in the distance,
Motionless and cold.
And still all around,
Rejoice in the snow,
Until it envelopes them all,
Yes, then they'll know,
That the world has been burning,
Every flame with an agenda of its own.

Ignorance is not escape,
Just like knowledge is not power.
With every wasted second,
Of every wasted day,
Of every wasted breath,
And every forsaken dream,
We inch closer to our deaths;
Because the world has been burning,
And nobody gives a shit.

We're never beyond help,
If we could only see,
To continue like this,
To live like this,
To die like this,
Is such a shame.
We were meant for better,
The worst is that we know it,
And still we do nothing.
We do nothing.
We say nothing.
So what makes us any different,
From the thieves and the liars?
Because the world has been burning
And we're adding fuel to the fire.

We all share this disease,
One that we refuse to cure;
And so the world will keep burning,
Until there's no world anymore.

#lies   #anger   #pain   #burn   #suffering   #burning   #rant   #greed   #thieves  
pranav tyagi
pranav tyagi
1 day ago      40 minutes ago

The moment was quick
The arrow was swift
Piercing my heart
My fear gripped my helm
Sabotaged the life
The one that breathed inside
Ruining my nights my glory my might

Everything lost annihilated and absorbed
Fear took its revenge for suppressing it for so long
Denuded and stripped I rest on my knee
For daunting was it and despicable me
Nights were made somber days stern
Feeding was it on my misery and pain

No place to go nowhere to hide
A certain tenacity grew on the inside
Fight! it shouted, your fear took you for granted
Stab it in its face and make it feel the blaze
Conquering you was never in its fate

21 hours ago      1 hour ago

you chase hurricanes,
when you can have the calm sea.
stay away from me.

#love   #pain   #haiku   #destruction  
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