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You were in my dream last night and I think we were in love and my head didn't hurt anymore and suddenly I remembered how it felt for my chest cavity to be full of something other than steam and I swear to God it was real, I could feel your heartbeat while you slept but still I woke into a dark room and let the world slowly come back to me and I don't know how but that illusion felt more real than my life has for a while now and I started grasping for someone on the couch next to me only to find I was alone, and I keep waiting for someone to tell me to calm down, that this is all a bad dream, I keep hoping I'll wake up and this will all seem foggy and distant because last night couldn't have been in my head, I could feel your heartbeat while you slept.

oh jesus you fuck with my head
Gulnaz K
Gulnaz K
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Isn't being homesick
the same as being
If they say
home is where your heart is
doesn't that mean
wherever or whoever
you hand your heart to
becomes your home?

I promise I wasn't high when i wrote this I was just in real deep thought feel free to comment your thoughts
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As dawn broke,
came a dragonfly
to sit on my window sill
Change is come,
or more rain to fall, still?

#hope   #rain   #change   #dragonfly  
Katelyn Knapp
Katelyn Knapp
1 day ago      30 minutes ago

These days...

Are you sitting alone in the quiet and cold
or surrounded by friends with your colors and smoke
Are you thinking of me as you fall back to sleep
Or grinningly praising the silence and peace

Is your love still the same
Are you glad that I'm gone
Do you miss me at all
Are you happy alone?

These days...

I knew that I cared more
Damn, probably too much
but now I can't eat or find joy in the comfort
of knowing you're finally happy - you're free
But did it really take you not talking to me?

God, just tell me straight
Did you want me to stay? Please...
know I'm around
Are we better this way

...these days

You're still my everything
Yeah, that'll never change
But I need commitment and love
not these tears you're proud of
You say you're a man; are you happy again?
Well, damn.

I still see you and Zuri,
I still want you as my lover,
but I need your security the way you need me not to hover.
I want peace and partnership
You want casual relationships
We both can't win
and we're fighting again

These days...

I get it now
I really do see
Insouciance doesn't make you worse than me
and being so invested doesn't make me right.
We want different things -
is this worth the fight?
(Tell me)

And one day I hope you will want to be mine
But you need some space
and I need some time
to forget your ambivalent shove toward shame
and the way that it hurt you to call out my name.

But I am still here
Your pain is still mine
and though I know love tends to fade over time
I swear that mine won't
One day you will see
One day you'll remember

And it will still be
...these days.

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Anubis the Philosomancer
Anubis the Philosomancer
6 hours ago      34 minutes ago

The secrets of Art
are esoteric in the favor of the suffering.

Sorry, that's just how it seems to be.

If you want to be an Artist,
that is, a prism of the Other,
know that in one way or another
you condemn yourself to Pain
and the beautification thereof.

That isn't a bad thing at all, though;
we need to have more alchemy of pain into pleasure-
Life is Pain and
Pain begets Art;
what if, then,
Life is an Art?

I'd sure argue it is
in one way or another.

Living with a Mind
is an Art and a Science-
could this be an element of why living is so afflicted by suffering?

Whatever the case, take heed;
seek to grow from your Pain
and not to completely avoid it;
do nut shut it away, for that feeds thy Shadow
and undermines what control of it
you may yet have.

is usually an illusion
and it serves a purpose;
t'is a strict teacher,
a cruel mistress-
but it opens many doors
and bridges many gaps
between this world
and many others.

All the while,
seek to minimize the pain of others
and to do no harm to any living being,
yet, allow them to experience what they do,
for it serves a purpose if only they know how to find it.

This falls among
the aspects of the Art of Life;
so many have been forgotten.

Seek to remember what we all once knew.

This was improvised.
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4 hours ago      38 minutes ago

You know that feeling that everything just seems so right & perfect
Like there's nothing in the world that could go wrong
Because you've got that person
Your person
Right by your side
Throughout anything
And for once you aren't afraid of getting your heart broken
Cause that's something they would never do to you
And that feeling is just so great because you get to share every laugh, tears, dreams, & goals with them
And this time, this time
You know they're not leaving anywhere
So you don't have to worry about not being able to tell them a story because you know you'll have any time of the day to say what you want to say
And they don't mind the quiet silence, they're actually very comfortable with it because the quietest conversations are the best thing shared between you two
Every morning you've got that smile on your face because a new day filled with adventure is awaiting for you
This feeling you can't seem to describe
It's like seeing a shooting star for the first time & wishing for that ultimate wish
It's like watching the sunset & getting mesmerized by the beauty of it
It's like hearing the calming sound that the ocean makes & everything is peaceful
It's like seeing a full moon & everything just seem to bright & full
And for the first time in a long time you feel full, you're complete
And this feeling is happiness
You weren't quite familiar with it
But with you that is what I feel
Everlasting smiles & constant happiness
Being with you is like having the galaxy within the back of my hand
Being with you is having a garden filled with daisies growing inside of me
And with you there is no rainy days, only bright & shiny ones
And I remember someone asking me "what is the most beautiful piece of art that God has ever made?"
"You," I replied.
But then I took it back
Because calling you beautiful would be an understatement
And ever since there has only been happy days

1 hour ago      39 minutes ago

Hello my little flower,
that blooms each day and night,
your vibrant colors radiate and shine ever so bright.

I'd like to pick you up and show you all there is to see,
a waterfall, exotic bird or weeping willow tree.

But if I pick you up I know in time you'll surely die,
I'd catch your fallen petals with regret and wonder why.

Goodbye my little flower,
our love is all I know,
the greatest joy I've ever had was just to watch you grow.

© Nicole Azgirey
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