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Ormond has accused me of having shadow accounts to spread hate.In fact,  he is accusing me of being beryl dov ( and being other people).

That this is false is apparent to any that know me. I have never said a bad word against anyone here on hello poetry in my two years here. I set up an account
( as he had blocked me as screamingnighthog) to make one last effort to reach out to him.

What ormond's dirty little secret is is that he knows I am not beryl dov.
He was asked by me to be in my format driven poetry collection , he accepted and contributed poems to it.I reposted his works on my old profile site. He knows this and still claims I AM HiS ARCH ENEMY beryl dov. Ormond has lost it- he is blocking anyone who tries to reason with him.
Why does this matter? Because he is lying.
Because it is smearing my reputation.
Because it spreading the hate the petition against hate was supposed to end.
Because innocent people should not have to defend themselves.
Because this is a poetry site- not a hate speech chatroom.
Eliot needs to make people pull their hate speech and character attacks such as ormand's repeated attacks.
The site he refers to- the fake almond site is gone - the mr god site is gone.
HOWEVER ormonds's antisemetic jackass rabbi site is still up
Ormond's hate pieces where he attacks poets by name are still up.
And his attacks against me are still up.
After his last attack on me , I and several of my friends received hateful messages from people we didn't know.
To stop this, I left the site and pulled my original reply to ormond as well.
He promptly attacked me again, and that is the reason for this reply.
I gave him a chance to talk to me by email- he responded by blocking me and to again continue his paranoid, childish attacks.
Ormond KNOWS I am not beryl dov-
Or anyone else. I do not and never have operated shadow acounts to spread hate as any of the people that write on poet's corner as well as here can attest to.He simply cannot reverse what he has done- he will not admit that what he is doing is wrong.
No doubt he will respond again in his hateful way.
He is a man lacking in honor and integrity
He will block any who try to reason with him.
He is in a "bunker " state of mind seeing enemies at every turn
He rants and raves about others spreading hate speech and attacking him- yet does the exact same to others.

I do this only to respond to the attacks on me, my hand has been forced.


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Waiting in my memory
Its gentle waves are calling me
For I was cut from eroding shore
To oceans edge for evermore

Never a sight had crossed my eyes
So vast a nexus, land and sky
and sea. Transfixed so there I stood
In briny sand and drifting wood

While still, each visage yet untamed,
Each piece of wood, not one the same.
To touch them all, I sought to soothe
With salted kisses, lay them smooth

There among the writhing forms
I walked barefoot and weather worn
While each piece begged my presence stay,
Another hurried me on my way

What could quench this thirsting gaze,
Lo, is all for destination’s sake?
I beg for but a moment longer,
for all these twisting paths to ponder

I too am driftwood on the beach
A wilting flower within your reach
One day You’ll have me by Your side
and unbury my waiting rings of time.

Thanks for reminders Will (W L Winter) - one of my favorite poets here.
Maddy R
Maddy R
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Once upon a time, there was a girl named Hannah, she was small in stature but quite large in liveliness. She would flash her mouth of ivories and it would light the way for those who were in the evening of their lives, when the sun was going down and their eyes did not know a light. The curtains would rise and when she would open her mouth and start to sing, she touched people, everyone felt like she was singing to them personally, as if she was telling them the secret to their happiness through melody. Her voice, it hugged people. But it wasn't just her singing but it was the way she moved people while she was moving, her dancing, it was captivating and she continues to pirouette across our brains. Hannah Patrie was a flower, unbeknownst to everyone else besides God, she started wilting the moment she bloomed, destined to die at the stroke of her 15th year but nobody could have guessed because she looked so beautiful while she was wilting. Although, the sky has become more picturesque since her passing, because God painted it in the shade of blue of Hannah's eyes. And the sun's beans are the color of her golden blonde hair, Hannah is now apart of nature, she is everywhere, she is everything we see everyday. But this story is not just about Hannah, it's also about Tara, Hannah's older sister who looked tragedy in the face and smiled, because that's what Hannah would have done. Tara has also managed to master the art of loving the loss, because now that the hole is there, it is filled again with new people to support her and her family, new appreciation, new outlooks on this silly place we call life that Hannah loved so dearly. You were probably expecting this to be a sad story, but are you ready for the plot twist? It isn't. Because Hannah's not gone and Tara's okay, she lives half for herself and half for Hannah, so better believe she is living it up. They all lived happily ever after.
Not the end, but the beginning.

Hannah  Elizabeth patrie died on June 29th, 2012, her heart was out of rhythm. She was 15 years old. She loved to sing, dance and country music. Tinkerbell was her favorite Disney character, she was so into fairy tales. So that's why I decided to make her eulogy in short story/fairytale format. Every anniversary of her death I write a poem, short story or eulogy and send it to Hannah's older sister, Tara, as a way of honoring her. I hope this trends because this is not just another pretentious poem that just wants attention, this is about someone's life.
December 16th 1996 ~ June 29th 2012
Never forget <3
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I need me in order to be happy
Without me, I am lonely
I believe in me and I
I would never let me cry

If by any chance,  that time comes
My shoulder are for me to cry on
I'm here and always here for me
To make me smile like a champion  

Being with me is the best moment
In my life that I long for
To be with me is all I want
Together, we'll be lonely no more

Summing it up is not that hard
No worries for I have a way for me,
To understand this, i want me to do
Except this line, replace me with you

3 hours ago      26 minutes ago

For I do not want us to be
Just like fireworks display to me
Beautiful in a moment
Then forever gone.

#gone   #fireworks  
Saparonia Holliday
Saparonia Holliday
6 hours ago      29 minutes ago

Cantlin Stone was no mans land
So everyone could camp there
But it was a sorry tale that made it so
In the tangled bilberries a man was found
He had no home no place he just lay down and died
Cantlin Stone had three borders, counties three
But all said it don't belong to me
And none would bury him
So as all counties said the land weren't theirs
It was a resting place for travellers

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My feelings swing in circles.

Given no reason,
at first meeting,
I hate everyone.

Given a reason,
and the right person,
I overcome the hate.

Given more reasons,
maybe, just maybe
I begin to love.

Then there's just one reason,
and it tears it all down.
I'm hurt.

Then another reason,
the blade is twisted.
I'm scarred.

Then a final reason,
I stop fighting.
I'm destroyed.

And I end where I began.

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