Nikki Gryphon
Nikki Gryphon
1 day ago      1 second ago

He is a hurricane in my throat. A burning in my chest. A sickness in my stomach.

You are the lozenge that soothes my torn up throat, the aloe vera for my singed heart, the calm my nervous belly.

You are cool waves that sway me back to safety after his harsh waves of words have carried me so far out.

You teach me how to sing again without being afraid of my own voice.

You do this by showing me that you are afraid of your own as well,
but you still sing above everyone else.

And for that, I love you.

Zoë Bestel
Zoë Bestel
8 hours ago      1 minute ago

sometimes i wonder
if i too am flying at
counterfeit flowers

1 day ago      6 minutes ago

this world can be so cold
ugly and mean for a girl like you
your fresh eyes don't see what
all they've expected as a young girl

but think about the sun that shone
down on you in the morning
think about the boy you have laying
next to you as happy as can be

think your way to a happy world
you're a fresh girl with a fresh mind
a girl who's time is not too late to be

#love   #girl   #world   #happy   #positive   #innocent  
Bhupathi Prabhakara Rao
1 day ago      12 minutes ago

Even little strokes
open up
great heavens
if you try

Autumn Whipple
Autumn Whipple
1 day ago      17 minutes ago

I went up to the hill
that Jack and Jill
once tumbled down
quickly becoming the talk of the town
a terrible reminder of youth
the scene from this hill
one fall down this grassy slope
and your life
becomes the tale of legends
of stories
of perverted wonderings
one tumble down this metaphorical hill
and you leave the land of butterflies and fairy wings
and hit your childhood crown
on the rock of adulthood

merlin this is a not as good as it sounded in my head.
#life   #memories   #growingup   #and   #talk   #childhood   #hills   #jack   #jill  
Diego Herrera
Diego Herrera
18 hours ago      28 minutes ago

Come with me
Take my hand
Let me take you
To never never land.
Forget your troubles
Forget your worries
So long as you're with me
There's no need to hurry.
No darkness nor death
No sickness nor school
For we reign our kingdom
Forever we rule.

I wish I could be your Prince Charming.
#fairytale   #you   #me  
1 day ago      35 minutes ago

I'm like a tornado, spinning round
and round, bringing everyone down,
destroying whatever I touch.
When you look in my eyes,
do you see a tattered soul,
a crippled heart?
Or just the monster that I've become?
They say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger,
but I am weak,
and I am tired.
All of this spinning has made me dizzy.

I'm like a tornado,  
bringing everyone down
in my righteous path of self-destruction.

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