Meghna Sharma
1 hour ago      4 seconds ago

And then there will be days,
When you'll sit in front of your window
Recapturing the essence of the scenary you left behind years ago,
While trying to find the same dimple, cleft chin or a scar
On that familiar face in many alien ones.
Then finding the things that made you smile,
Now making you cry and weep and mewl and curl up in a ball as if a tragedy--a lost play, an unfair game, a crooked smile.
Holding hands with the boy,
Who stole your heart
With candies and a secret wink from behind the library stacks.
And drawing transient tattoos on your arms with sharpie pens
Like tendrils of dust-smoke from the fire of your past.
And you think,
Isn't childhood the period between birth and the purest life?
Memories filled with fits of laughter,
Bleeding into a frown or a tear-stained pair of cheeks with each remembrance.
Childhood is precious,
Keep it with you.

1 hour ago      14 minutes ago

Unacknowledged may go
your small acts of goodness
but none can rob the glow
of many rewards of happiness.

Natalie M Henderson
Natalie M Henderson
1 hour ago      28 minutes ago

It was like standing at
the very edge of a cliff
ready to let go
or be pulled back
from danger,
no one was coming
to the rescue
and the wind was
starting to pick up.

Gautham kandula
Gautham kandula
1 hour ago      32 minutes ago

only tribute we can give to great personalities is

"remembering there advices and following them"

the only respect we can give for great people

1 hour ago      34 minutes ago

I don't get it
I don't understand
You could let go
But I still can't
Nothing to grab
In my needy hands
Ash falling down upon
Burnt, barren land
The buildings are empty
The people have gone
I'm lying in the street
Inhaling the calm
A silence so loud
It violently screams
Even in your absence
I'll never be at peace
I talk as if there's something to say
I act as if you're watching
Though you've gone away
But pretense gives me purpose
And in fantasy I live
Miscellaneous items
Just a small glimpse
Exhaling a thought
I closed my eyes for a moment
And upon opening you were gone

1 hour ago      40 minutes ago

my favorite hellopoetry user no longer writes on here
i don't know if she writes at all anymore
i don't know if she's even alive

why do i still write on here
why do i write at all
why am i even alive

happy to be living, just not sure i'm really happy, but sometimes i am and when i'm not i want to be
1 day ago      41 minutes ago

I've committed them,
all my life.
I have learned to be,
all the time.

I created,
as if pierced by a knife.
To the ones I loved,
that has deplored me,
like I did a crime.

When I met you;
You turned dark,
into light;
Turned black,
to white.

In the depth
of the night,
I figured,
You are everything,
that I did right.

You're never going to be a mistake to me.
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