elsa angelica
elsa angelica
19 hours ago      1 second ago

So, recently I followed you.
I'm sure you have noticed that I've been stalking you.
I read all your poems, your comments
and likes.
I have to say I love them all.
You seem to have a caring heart.
Your poems make me think and cry.
Touching subjects only few can write about.
And your comments are soooo cute :)
I think I'm gonna swoon.

You wrote about a homeless man.
You painted the picture so well,
I felt that I was there.
It touched me because my heart aches
for the homeless so...

(I actually love all the lines but these are the ones that stood out)
"Clouds are in the sky. His home is cold but dry. But soon
he'll escape, so please keep the faith"

"The people hear him pray, they turn the other way."
"The frostbite sets in, now angels sleep with him. So keep the

This really touched me deep. This told me you care deeply about people.
I don't have to know you to know that you are an amazing human
being. A loving person. A beautiful gentle soul.

"Torn between emotions, mixed feelings for you. One hand I'd
welcome and one I'd refuse."

I love every single line.
This poem was inspired by love and life. This poem was full of
emotion and passion.
Joe you admit that you make mistakes and learn from them.
You are wise and strong, but also a softy ...AWE :)
Your beauty is in your heart...sigh :)
Your poems are lovely gifts. I am forever your number #1 fan.

Thank you for writing such wonderful poems.
You are a beautiful gentle soul.
I deeply admire you .
I said that already but it's soooo true.
I look forward to reading more of your poems.
minus the stalking :(

Elsa Angelica

Everyone should check out Joe Malgeri's poetry.
Follow him too. He has some sweet poems you will
love like I do .

aesha nisar
aesha nisar
54 minutes ago      8 minutes ago

you left her.
you promised
to love her,
cherish her,
care for her,
and then you left her.
fire no longer ignited.
and it killed her
to see you
in the arms of
and she smiles,
when all the while
her heart was crying,
wishing you were still
holding her near,
easing her fears.
but you left her.
and you said,
it was not your intention,
despite all the affection,
you led her to deception,
when you were perfection,
in her soulful eyes,
and yet you blinded her,
with all the lies,
and now she looks to skies,
and talks to the moon,
but the moon doesn't say much,
and repeats the same tune,
promising things will get better soon.
and she deigns to believe it,
because then it will all
be so real
and she happens to like
living in the surreal,
where she is unable to
and her cries are concealed,
far beyond the smiles and laughter.
and she reminisces,
on how you promised to care
and look after.
and now she's left with a tragic
of a broken heart,
and you were her whole mechanism,
but to you,
she was just a spare part.
and yet you left her,
all on her own,
and now she hides from the world,
with an empty hole,
deep within her soul,
that yearns to be filled,
but yet you left her,
with all promises
left unfulfilled.

not entirely sure what to make of this
9 hours ago      24 minutes ago

Sext: "listen to our song and feel your heart crumble in your chest"

Now Serena be not coy,
Since we freely may enjoy
Sweet embraces, such delights,
As will shorten tedious nights.
Think that beauty will not stay
With you always, but away,
And that tyrannizing face
That now holds such perfect grace
Will both changed and ruined be;
So frail is all things as we see,
So subject unto conquering Time.
Then gather flowers in their prime,
Let them not fall and perish so;
Nature her bounties did bestow
On us that we might use them, and
’Tis coldness not to understand
What she and youth and form persuade
With opportunity that’s made
As we could wish it.  Let’s, then, meet
Often with amorous lips, and greet
Each other till our wanton kisses
In number pass the day Ulysses
Consumed in travel, and the stars
That look upon our peaceful wars
With envious luster.  If this store
Will not suffice, we’ll number o’er
The same again, until we find
No number left to call to mind
   And show our plenty.  They are poor
   That can count all they have and more.

3 hours ago      28 minutes ago

There by the lane,
an old house stand tall.
Amazing enough close to road,
but many vines and shrubs set it back farther.
In need of roof paint and repair,
still a family lives in house by lane.
Family not wealthy, but love dwells there,
and call house by lane their home.


© Тадеус 11-28-2014
Все права защищены.
Cyrille Octaviano
Cyrille Octaviano
1 day ago      50 minutes ago

There was this little girl,
So innocent and pure
Until there came a day,
a trap-she was lured.

She tasted cruelty
violence unveiled
before her very eyes
a surprise was then revealed

The world showed the truth
The mask was uncovered
Behind all the beauty,
Evil was discovered.

She wept and wept
day after day
With her helpless little heart,
the demons came to play

She did nothing more
and nothing less
Instead, isolated herself
from all the rest.

Revising another poem from the past
#truth   #mask  
Autumn Ann
Autumn Ann
4 hours ago      1 hour ago

He told me that I
Was his little secret  
I told him that he
Was worth the pain  

He told me that I
Could hold his hand
I told him that he
Could bring me shame

And I know that it's wrong
And I know I should change  

But the words that he said
They drove me insane  

And I know that it's wrong
And I know I should change  


He told me that I
Was his sweetest pain
I told him that he
Was my best mistake  

He told me that I
Could be his favorite lie
I told him that he
Could make me cry..

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