melodie foley
melodie foley
1 hour ago      2 seconds ago

Three hundred and sixty five days
have passed
and I still think of your smile from time to time
your stupid tattoo
the way your hair flipped a certain way when it dried
how I can draw on early morning memories
to feel comfort

I look down when I walk
just as a habit
sometimes I see your shoes on other people
I always look up feeling disappointed

If tomorrow I looked up and saw those chocolate lab eyes
I might forget about all the 3 am's cursing your name
or my permanent record
or all my wasted time

I might only think of the way we used to take naps and dream of the same things

do you look down still,
when you walk?

Denzelle Tucker
Denzelle Tucker
1 day ago      6 minutes ago

Switch Eras, like baseball caps.
Cool kids nod, and give daps.
40's inspired vintage, now its a culture.
The 90's left a mark, hungry like a vulture.

Just a lil some.
#metaphor   #life   #time   #history  
Jorge Echevarria
Jorge Echevarria
3 hours ago      42 minutes ago

I wish I never fell for you
Hands on my chest to keep my heart from jumping out
Your name your being you're all I want to talk about
But I don't get it, you don't even flinch
Life's hard for you and harder for me since
You said my name and we shared a kiss
I am pushed aside because of someone else
My eyes stray while you have your way
All I want to do before you leave is say
I wish I never fell for you

Teri Bennett
Teri Bennett
9 hours ago      54 minutes ago

The lies told of me threw me into despair

With your faith in me I felt lighter than air

You said have no fear to always be brave

To speak my mind and not take it to my grave

You have no idea how much I appreciate

Your faith in me has opened new gates

I will never betray the friendship brought my way

You brighten my life today is a new day

1 day ago      1 hour ago

I dream of a place,
Where he is mine.
Where the arms that envelop me in their security,
Are His.
                I dream of a place,
                Where the lips that devour me
                In their seek for passion and glory,
                Are his.
I dream of place,
Where the eyes that pierce all the walls that I have meticulously built,
Are the same shade of golden brown,
As his.
                And I dream of a place,
                Where his voice soothes the apertures in my head,
                Where his hand traces the tears that trickle down my cheek,
                Where the warmth in his body, diffuses the cold in My heart.
I dream and I dream,
But in the end,
That's just what they are,

Why? My heart is bursting, My being set on flames just by the mere thought of you. How can You have intoxicated me so much? What spell have you cast over my eyes so that they can now see nothing but you?
And mostly, How is it that that you don't feel the connection that we have? How is it that you don't feel the same?
Am i delusional or are You?
#love   #sad   #lust   #dreams   #unrequited  
robert martin
robert martin
8 hours ago      1 hour ago

I was in love with my words,
where they were grace,
thin wrists, slender tongued,
I quarreled barrel chested
into the night,
troubled and hardly stood,
they moved high heeled,
and lip stick gorgeous,
and I, I was bowlegged
with dirt under my nails,
and brown shoes,
my words were sonnets,
and the sonnets were flowers,
and the metaphors became songs,
and when my words loved,
I would sigh back at them,
they were moonlit, and candle,
and I was torch on a stick,
I was soup spoon,
and they were Paris at night
young, and in love,
they were silken grace,
and when they moved,
I only could dream
clinging claw fisted,
and needy,
I was Quasimodo,
and my words
were Esmeralda.

Robert Martin, copyright 2014
1 day ago      1 hour ago

Life: Noun: Uncountable: Plural: Lives
The ability to have: Abilities
Period of time filled with: Adjectives
With many opportunities to seize

Life as punishment: Contract/prison/love
Life as enjoyment: Contact/comfort/love
Love: Meaning: Affection. Also used above
Love: For idiom see also: Turtledove

Life: Antonym: Death: What comes after life
The leading cause of death on Earth: Neglect
Example: None cared the child had a knife
The leading cause of life on Earth: V-necks

Cheat: Suicide: Lessons on life not learned
Antidote: No cure has yet been confirmed

#suicide   #life   #sonnet   #cheat   #lives   #learned   #ability   #noun   #uncountable   #plural  
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