42 minutes ago      17 seconds ago

This my Kiss Goodnight.. I do adore
The way I want to give you more
To fill all your empty space
Every part of you I wish to taste
Spiritual connection between our minds
Is solid...will pass the test of time
My soul a shadow with you every day
Strong at heart I know you'll stay
Rest your head my sleepy Queen
Feel me in your erotic dreams
Pounding you with all my might
My wish you feel this Kiss Goodnight...

M.A.N 4-23-14
21 hours ago      24 minutes ago

We are all connected consciously.
Experiencing one another subjectively.
We are all one universally.
Look closer and soon you'll see,
that all matter is condensed energy.
Can you feel it pulse from me?
Beating in and out rhythmically.
Renewing itself repeatedly.
All things have a frequency.
Each wave, different like you and me.
Harmonizing in a similar key.
Drifting out into eternity.
There is so much that you can’t see.
The building blocks of reality.
Destroying and creating endlessly.
Infinite possibility.

Existence  cycles continuously.
Matter shifts from you to me.
Choosing where to go unbiasedly.
Tempestuous, chaotic entropy.
All things are connected musically.
A never-ending melody.
It has been and will always be.
Vibrations existing in harmony.

March 16, 2013

Inspired by Bill Hicks
6 hours ago      44 minutes ago

Lovesick and you've got the cure.
Got all these symptoms. You know what for.
Don't be afraid of this contagious disease,
Just take my requisition form.

I've made room for you in my atria and ventricle.
You're the capillary to my arteriole and venule.
You're the amniotic fluid to the child in my heart.
I find you even in the interstitial parts.

Treatment like uours is like a centrifugAl force.
So be the homo stasis my heart is longing for.
Some homeostasis is what we need.
We will make compromises to succeed.

Lay me supine and you in prone.
Sensory neurons fire
Exocrine glands make to pressure
Spark endocrine glands to hear you moan.

Without your heart I'd be anemic.
Withiutbyour arms I'd be half a paraplegic.
Your kisses give me air, without them I'm cyatonic.
You're the fibrin in my veins, to my pain an anesthetic.

I'm ready for some long-term care and affection.
Got a chronic condition that needs your attention.
I k now I'm concluded, parts of me sclerosed.
Don't wait post mortem to know that you're the most.

I wrote this for my partner as a way to help me memories my medical terminology.
Maggie Emmett
Maggie Emmett
8 hours ago      48 minutes ago

Morning pallor on a grey day
not a five cent shine
to the sun.

Bitumen hissed all night
trees tossed and tangoed
shuddered and split.

Navy clouds, blue with rain
surfed in from the ocean
racing on the wild wind
learning to scream.

The stones listened
moon listed and tried to find
a space in the cloud-tide rush
to quiet-light the gloom.

Morning Armistice on a pale grey day
of debris and displacement
refugees and leaf litter
surrender and detachment
silent and still
only a five cent shine to the sun

#morning   #five   #shine   #pallor   #armistice   #cent  
Dajena M
Dajena M
15 hours ago      50 minutes ago

I can survive a desert
Just drinking up your words.

For a special person on this site who constantly makes my days more beautiful.
#love   #words   #happiness  
1 day ago      1 hour ago

I have been walking

On the path that was our story

With a fistful of matches

So when I cross bridges 

I burn them with my passing

Never going back

To the places I once loved

#love   #thoughts  
kerry lynne
kerry lynne
3 hours ago      1 hour ago

the sky last night was a light burgundy
and its warmth reminded me of your embrace.

#love   #heartbreak   #life   #heart   #pain   #sadness   #thoughts   #you   #me   #us  
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