The Riddle we can guess
We speedily despise—
Not anything is stale so long
As Yesterday’s surprise—

Tanya Chaudhary
Tanya Chaudhary
1 hour ago      11 minutes ago

I wanted to write today.
My fingers itched.
My head pained.
Words were not coming.
In my heart. In my brain.
Felt uncomfortable
by this strain.
Have I stopped loving him?
Is it a writer's block?
blank page in front of me.
The poet is the clock.

Tawanda WT Mulalu
Tawanda WT Mulalu
18 hours ago      17 minutes ago


at least...


the end of the day...

I learned this:

I'm the type of person who

can have everything he wants in the world
everything (yes, you)

But will jump to give it all up
in one second,
one damned second,

all for the sake of adventure.

Take that as you wish.

13 hours ago      31 minutes ago

Your eyes shine brighter than the stars,
That's why you keep me awake at night.
Your words run through my mind at a hundred miles an hour,
That's why you keep me awake at night.
I can still feel your hands lingering on my body,
That's why you keep me awake at night.
Your fake apologies still soothe my heart,
Just enough for me to sleep at night.

1 day ago      39 minutes ago

I hide my dreams in the space between
the cover of a book and the spine of it

I pace underneath beds with a pulse
and I can tell you, my blanket is
clean of dust from the bookshelf

I lie back to try change the anchor
of two on the edges of my lips
into balloons that float

I am not really good at promises:
as I hold up the roofs for you
as I said I would
Earth shifted and I let it fall
and for me to get a grip just so
I won't fall

I slip in between gates of your houses
Seated between beds and bathroom
Spinning around on the couch in front of TVs

Tried to write something nice of myself but a few flaws had interrupted and it's okay.
#glass   #promise   #frame  
1 day ago      41 minutes ago

I loved you for years.
And felt nothing.
Iv'e loved him for months.
I feel everything.
I am 18.
She is 56.
Yet, sometimes I feel more wise.
I have lived 6,619 days on this earth
and still can't tell you why.
Time is only a measurement.

#love   #life   #days   #time   #years   #age   #months  
Jonathan R Potts
Jonathan R Potts
3 hours ago      43 minutes ago

I drip the way condensation does
down ice cold beer in a TV commercial
when she looks at me.
I'm soaking up cardboard coasters,
sweating labels off bottles
until she wraps her hands around me,
kissing me with those flower peddle like lips,
drinking me all in.

I know I'm not what she needs
but right now I'm what she wants.
Not to stroke my own ego
but I am a good time,
I'll get you to undo that top button
even make you laugh
and maybe, just maybe
I'll even get you to dance
but no matter what I promise
or what I deliver,
I know at the end of the day
when the fun is done
and the headaches fade,
I am poison.
And when she's had too much of me
I'll make her sick.
Vomit spit in bathroom sinks
because she's too beautiful
to have her head in the toilet.

I'm the answer to feeling sad,
I'm the easy late night phone call
that never goes unanswered
but I am not the man
she marries, no not at all
because as sweet as I taste
or as gently as she may kiss my face
I am going to disappoint her.
The way I have disappointed
all the others before her.

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