jesse packard
jesse packard
22 hours ago      15 seconds ago

I hate the way you say you care.
I hate the way you smile and stare.
I hate the way you love me so much.
I hate the way you wont let me touch,
you'er heart.

I hate how you brush your teeth.
I hate how you see underneath,
my hate to see my love.
I hate you so much i can scream.
I hate you like i hate ice cream.

I hate when you say i cant love you.
I hate myself for wanting you to.
I hate
I hate
And I hate some more
To see you with him.
I hate myself for loving you more.

i was just told i could never make my love happy because she already love another guy.
#hate   #you   #for   #more   #myself   #loving  
Layla Thurman
Layla Thurman
1 day ago      2 minutes ago

For the longest time I was on my own
I had grown numb to the world around me
But then you took my hand
my whole world exploded
and suddenly all was bright
I could feel the wind tickling my hair
your hot breath whispering against my ear
The pure heat of our two bodies intwined
all in a single moment
Hips against hips
your hands in my hair
your lips pressed to mine
our two souls entwined, twirling
whirling through the air somewhere above us
We were like a force of nature
a hurricane or tornado
something destructive and wild

but it was so unhealthy
but I didn't care
I thought it was fun at the time
now here I am
stranded in the ruble
waiting for another storm to carry me along
I live off of them
drunk with the sheer emotion
then alone again I am
I feel no wind
no heat
no passion
I am empty
But damn was it fun for a while

#love   #passion   #empty   #wild   #ugh   #slut  
Amii Wodhams
Amii Wodhams
1 day ago      4 minutes ago

I'm losing myself
Trying to make people happy
Who can never truly be pleased
I'm spreading my wings
Only for the feathers to be plucked away
You leave me bare
Not even dignity to protect me -
Yet I know there are no gates of heaven waiting for me
I'm no pure angel
But please "salvate" me
So I'm losing a battle over and over
I'm damned to purgatory.

Olivia McCann
Olivia McCann
1 day ago      8 minutes ago

Glass bottle empty,
Thirst hardly slowed.
Something spins,
Focus can't focus.
But so thirsty.
Legs go limp
When you try for more water,
Spilling half
Until your lips,
Dry and cracked
Find the opening,
And flood the desert.
You're still coughing here and there.
And your mind goes wild.
Thinking of all the things
You usually think
Except with more intensity.
Because suddenly,
Everything has a
Morose backstory.
And some of it scares you.
Now you can feel
Each damned thought
Take power physically.
And that is terrifying
And sensational.
You try to calm your frazzled
Head by holding it,
And focusing on
The water-
A normal task of drinking
That hardly feels normal.
But that's all you can do.

#scared   #thoughts   #bad   #weed   #trip   #cottonmouth  
Evan Ponter
Evan Ponter
1 day ago      12 minutes ago


Moving through the city like photons.

She's never there like the stars...
muted gracelessly by carcinogenic light pollution.


Like a landfill where every day it's sunny.

Heart break is always tough. It's even tougher to go through in Hollyweird. The city scape is just as desperate and depressed as I feel. I bask in it. It's like salt in my wounds and I've always been one for pain.
#love   #heartbreak   #depression   #pain   #you   #city   #los   #angeles  
The lonely stoner
The lonely stoner
6 hours ago      28 minutes ago

Alcohol keeps me distracted
Until i realize
Our love was a drug
And you're  still in my system

#love   #alcohol   #drug   #chuck   #blair  
michael gagain
michael gagain
1 day ago      34 minutes ago

Hiding within her own shadow
she creeps along grasping for the wall.
the chain tugs at her ankle in excruciating pain.
no longer in her own mind
she wanders...

Where am I ?  how did I get here ?
she escapes into an obsidian realm,
with which she can breathe.
hiding in the Beauty of a ghost,
disclosing reality to one alone...

Routine constitutes life,
shackled by love,
bound by a quill
losing her will...

Rising from the dark,
no longer to hide.
she is a beautiful thing
this rose will confide...

Life anew upon her broken parts
she now has reason
interjected reality
a the end of this tunnel we call life...

#love   #sad   #life   #pain   #hope  
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