Amitav Radiance
Amitav Radiance
5 hours ago      4 seconds ago

The sleepless poet
Cradled by the words
Deep into the night
Rendezvous with self
Solace in loneliness
Insisted by thoughts
In a reverie

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aesha nisar
aesha nisar
1 day ago      4 minutes ago

at 5, a princess
at 8, a ballerina
at 11, a teacher
at 14, depressed
at 17, suicidal
at 18, dead.
at 19, mourned.
at 22, forgotten.

can't understand how people think suicide is cowardly.
Ba Mi
2 hours ago      56 minutes ago

Have you just found new love in your life?
Did a previous relationship give you strife?
What went before you must now forget?
Not to will be a decision you’ll live to regret.

If you’re obsessed with what has now gone,
Try and use more brains than brawn,
In order to let a partnership flow
Forget their history, you do not need to know?

Continually searching for what went before,
Will become like a cancer, terribly sore,
If you love that person leave well alone,
It’s you they are with so what’s to bemoan.

Trying to find answers that may not exist,
May well lead to you being dismissed,
Why in Gods name would you even ask?
Looking ahead should be your main task.

Try to be thankful for what you have now,
Digging up bad memories can cause such a row,
Don’t leave yourself with a mountain to climb,
We all have a past, that’s life not a crime.

Are you with that person for who they are?
Then cherish each day and you’ll both go far,
What went before has disappeared,
You can’t bring it back; it’s gone it has cleared.

Memories can be good they can also be bad,
Some are happy while others are sad,
So if you love each other in equal measure,
Y our future together is what you must treasure.

If you can’t let go I predict you will find,
It will drive one or both of you out of your mind,
You’ll be in a relationship, which just won’t last,
Then before you know it,

‘’ You’ll Be Part Of Their Past ‘’

Agustin Fuentes Cortes
Agustin Fuentes Cortes
1 day ago      1 hour ago

Why dont you love me, so you say
Why must you not show love and play
Why do you toy with me you ask
Why do you hide behind a mask
Am i not pretty like the others
Do you not show love cause of past lovers
Say that you like me but show me different
Claim to be close but you feel so distant
You flag me down into your runway
Only to shoot me with your gun play
It felt so right, now that moment is gone
Say that you like me, but it never seems long

1 day ago      1 hour ago

For me it's like suddenly nothing matters any more and trying to do anything becomes impossible.
It makes me feel numb sometimes so I cut to feel, or its makes me so anxious and I cut to calm myself.

Other times it makes the stupidest things seem so incredibly important.
Makes me unable to cope and worry about everything, makes me paranoid that everyone hates me.

It makes me consider suicide, makes me want to disappear and never be seen again.
It makes me want to rip my hair out and peel back my skin.
It makes me want to be someone else anyone else.

Then it goes away for a little while and I feel calm again, I feel like I can cope and I feel like suddenly I'll be okay, everything will be fine.
Then like a strong cloud it comes back and ruins everything.

Scottie Green
Scottie Green
1 day ago      1 hour ago

In the grocery store
Dazing through colored produce
Her hands tangled through her hair
Looking past the people passing
Your ring on her finger
A little lose
Wires of her hair catching its turquoise edges
Looking like she is looking for you
Like she never got the phone call
Like an answer never came
Like you only hid in the tall grass with a small and laughing smile
Like if I shook her I would be the first to tell her
Where are her words, I wonder
Falling from her lips
From her mangled mind—scattered and silently pleading for rearrangement
For a callback to say it was all a miscommunication
They didn’t need her daughter for the role
To hear it was just a mistake
The store could make a refund—this isn’t what she bought
Standing there
I stare at her staring
Almost blankly
Almost apathetic
Almost just barely uneasy
If she pressed hard enough into her temples
Wrapping her fingers deep into her hair
If she could get it to become so quiet no one around remained
Maybe she could get time to pause
A moment to breathe a deep breath
Opening the door for understanding  
Overcome with relief
Maybe then she could press harder
Releasing the reel of time
Letting it roll backward
I almost don’t want to interrupt
Though I know her mind is not quiet
I place my hand on her shoulder
As if to wake a dazed baby
I almost expect her to turn to me
Not knowing who I am
To tilt her head back
Her mouth falling open
And her face to be come wrought and wet with distress
It doesn’t
She looks at me
As if removed from some place far from where we stand
She says she thought she saw me walk in
I see your eyes in her eyes
She sees your memories in mine
We exchange words
Looking for you
I realize
She almost thought she found you
Until she turned to see only my face
The hurt it carries for her
Placing it back into the front seat of her memory
Though she had been far from forgetting
Standing like two lovers left by the same lady
An awkward and almost drunken daze
Her heart more broken than mine
But it didn’t matter how much either of us loved
Our lover left us
It grows silent
I tell her I need to go and return my mushrooms

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Shrinking Violet
Shrinking Violet
19 hours ago      1 hour ago

It always starts the same way.
"Hello it's been a-while."
And then half-formed regrets hidden under word layers,
wrapped up to
conceal, deceive.
A smile. Goodbye, farewell.

The ache doesn't come from parting.
Au Contraire dear one.
It comes from what-ifs, might-have-beens, should-haves;
and always the knowledge of walking away,
letting a part of you go,
a whisper on a breeze,
a prayer.

People never say what they want to say.
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