Raj Arumugam
Raj Arumugam
50 minutes ago      just now

so I brought my writer wife
prominently pregnant
to the hospital
and on her bed she screamed:
"weren't" "hasn't" "couldn't" "shan't"
"aint" "hadn't" "you're" "isn't"
"ain't" "didn't" 'wasn't"
"who's?" "what's?" "he's" "she's"

The doctors were confounded
and they turned to me and they said:
"What the hell is she doing?"

And I replied with double speed
and a violent sense of urgency:
"Don't you know?
She's having contractions -
she's a writer"

Give away her gowns,
Give away her shoes;
She has no more use
For her fragrant gowns;
Take them all down,
Blue, green, blue,
Lilac, pink, blue,
From their padded hangers;
She will dance no more
In her narrow shoes;
Sweep her narrow shoes
From the closet floor.

1 day ago      24 minutes ago

When you finally realise
that all your precious rhymes
were wasted
on flitting butterflies
you'll walk away embittered,
lonely, and out of time
with nothing but fading memories
like a phantom limb
of the heat that comes
from that someone else's hand
in yours.

#love   #regret   #pain   #hurt   #resentment  
Sharde' Fultz
Sharde' Fultz
1 day ago      28 minutes ago

One day you'll be sitting there
Thinking about me.
And I'll be somewhere,
Doing the exact same thing,
Thinking about me.

Ross Murdoch
Ross Murdoch
2 hours ago      30 minutes ago

as we gazed upon
our star lit sky
in sheer wonder
her hand fell
beside mines
i noticed a twinkle
in her eye
i could tell
she was thinking
exactly as i was
a sense of belonging
had fell over us both
the stars were, but
our firework display
as our hearts collided

#love   #poetry   #stars  
Daniel Mashburn
1 day ago      46 minutes ago

Who could have known that when we saw last would be your last? Who could have known that some sunny days can't last forever now?

So tell me just what were we thinking? So indestructible as this. Without definition. Like puppets on a string held up for what?

So I sing a song of mourning. Morning comes, morning comes. And I think I still see a smile. You're never gone.

And I know that these things will never be the same. And I know that I'll never see you at the games. I'll see you at the gates.

Sing for the living; don't mourn for the dead.

We don't know where we went wrong but we keep pushing on and on and on.

This is for Peter Roberts. After all, death is a funny thing
EJ Aghassi
EJ Aghassi
3 hours ago      54 minutes ago

I know that when
it comes down to it

I'll find you in every town

in every bar
in every museum

you'll order a drink
I don't come by too often

and I will compare you to
those you can't compare to

and you will win

I'll hear ocean waves when you breathe

I'll smell lust

I'll see the sun set in your hair

and you is a number
the number of those that make
me feel like you do

the limitless number of
uniquely lovable individuals

the creatures of dreams

the things that make hearts flutter
minds crumble and scream

but keep the mouth smiling

and the mind will think
only of those you(s)

because everyone is lovable

every single one of them is everything

every one is YOU, specifically

everything after this will all be

and there's never been anything more beautiful than YOU

#love   #poetry   #loss   #lust   #beauty   #darkness   #night   #longing  
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