Junn Joo
Junn Joo
1 day ago      6 seconds ago

I'm always the odd one
Everyone enjoying the fun
I'm alone with my mind lost,
I'm gonna always be the last
Everyone has that one friend
Who they can fully depend
But I'm just a darn loner
Trying to get closer
But as I grew older
I gave up and said this is over.

2 hours ago      3 minutes ago

Stereotypes fill the minds of people who know too little.
My favorite stereotype is the one that says every poem must rhyme.
To make every single poem rhyme,
By God, that would take too much time!

Elina Dawoodani
Elina Dawoodani
15 hours ago      12 minutes ago

"She's delicate, more than you perceive;
But her dynamism- so strong,
Though tender she might appear to be,
But for her man, she's his rock!
So warm is the soul she embodies,
That can light up a million lives.
Her thoughts are difficult to read,
A blend of feelings thrives!
She may quietly watch the happenings,
and might talk to her own self all day.
She may speak a hundred words to you,
But the ocean that flows within her, there it stays.
You'll love her for her warmth,
But the depth of affection- you have no clue;
Her profoundness reaches infinities.
She's a woman you'll never know, you never knew!"

-Elina Dawoodani

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Because your eyes are slant and slow,
Because your hair is sweet to touch,
My heart is high again; but oh,
I doubt if this will get me much.

Aayush Rathod
Aayush Rathod
12 hours ago      32 minutes ago

Oh! How I fail,
To get her out of my mind, my thoughts, and my reality,
To stop myself from falling in love with her,
But I cant, and all I do is fall... Fall... And fall...

It is her beautiful radiant eyes, like jet stones,
Shiny, dark, full of ecstasy,
Always tantalizing my heart, and my soul,
And oh, how I wish to look into them forever, without a blink...

Or maybe, it is her scarlet tresses,
Soft, wavy like silk, shiny as a distant star,
Like clouds, wafting through the wind,
and oh, how my fingers yearn forever to play with them....

It is her mesmerizing, enticing lips,
Adorable curve of her smile, how they put even Heaven's angels to shame,
Be doomed the man who frowns her face,
And oh, how I could forever bring her fields of lilies, if it could make her smile...

It is her sweet eloquent voice, soft as a rose petal, honest, and innocent,
The way her glistening lips ravel mellifluous symphonies,
From her to me, to the depths of my pacing hearts, like bustling monsoon waves,
and oh, how I could forever listen to her voice, over my own...

It is the way she walks, lilting, her halcyon steps,
Taps of her heels, loud, and fast as my heart beats,
And how the world stops, just to see her walk,
And oh, how I could forever follow her taps to the end of horizons...

It is her lithe body, soft, and tender as ranunculus blossoms,
Those graceful curves, and the light skin, smooth like a calm midnight ocean,
Silk can never be as soft, neither can the sky so bright,
And oh, how I wish to forever caress her fair elven skin, and discover her scars...

For all the things I see around me, the sounds I hear, and the air I smell,
Everything there is in this world to be sensed, experienced,
Everything I think about, and everything I do,
Carry me, eternally in her direction...

And now, evermore in this reverie,
I fantasize about this dalliance,
Wishing to sail further the offing into the depths of her soul,
To feel the ripples of her presence like waves, like tsunami.

I desire for this brief romance, to last forever,
To spend my life coiled in her soft arms,
For as long I live, as long as I breathe, and as long as my heart beats,
My love for her shall stay in her, without ever leaving mine...

For it is in her light, her glances and her smiles,
I have learned how to love,
And it is in her alluring beauty,
I have learned how to make poetry.

And now undying, she dances,
Inside my caged chest,
Where none can see, but I,
And the sight becomes art...

“In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.”  - Rumi

Hope you like it :D
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Little Azaleah
Little Azaleah
1 day ago      48 minutes ago

As you held my gaze to yours for the first time,
I tried to stop myself from looking away from your loving gaze.
As you held my hand for the first time,
I tried to resist letting go and wipe my sweaty hands on my jeans.
As you held my body close to yours for the first time,
I tried to calm down to stop the rapid beating of my heart.
As you press your lips against mine for the first time,
I tried to stop myself from lifting one of my legs off the ground.
As you start showing your eternal love to me for the first time,
I tried to stop myself from shying away from you as no one has ever loved me as much as you.

{ E.I }

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1 day ago      1 hour ago

Marshmallow clouds dip
into a sky of chocolate
A sweet dream takes place

#dreams   #food   #night   #clouds  
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