Kimberly Rose
Kimberly Rose
3 hours ago      4 seconds ago

I looked up as you watched the vultures kiss my neck
Just like you used to.
Of all the people who have pushed me towards the edge,
I never thought you would be the one to throw me to the ground.

John Edward Smallshaw
John Edward Smallshaw
1 hour ago      2 minutes ago

She tells me, that
the night never ends,
but she would because
the Moon and I are
old friends.

5 hours ago      14 minutes ago

Holding on, hand grappling
Wrapping arms around air
Fleeting, leaving
Urges, lurking
Out of reach
Bubble burst
Glass shattered
Chances lost
Among the ashes of
Last convulsions
Through my fingers
Lingering loud

Won (Korean): The feeling of reluctance a person gets when letting go of an illusion.
12 hours ago      34 minutes ago

At fourteen minutes
before four this morning
I was blowing smoke rings
at the moon like a candle
on a big birthday cake
with my dog curled up
at my feet like a black snake
dreaming inside an old tire
rolled down a hill by a boy
of eight over and over again.

Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson
2 hours ago      55 minutes ago

Hot steaming mug,
curling vapors teasing your nose.
Hands wrapped around the cup,
fingers interlocked soaking in the warmth.
Too hot to drink,
tiny scalding sips at first.
of flavor.
Wings of warmth,
spreading through your chest.
Greedily you cling to the heat,
as it fills you with satisfaction.
Sated, you finish,
clasping the mug to your breast.
Trying vainly to maintain,
the heat that slowly fades away.

                                                              ­                     rthompson

A truly satisfy cup of cocoa.
#love   #heat   #satisfaction   #cocoa  
  Lit by am i ee
John Stevens

Three little girls
Running in a row.
One falls down
Two little girls
Help her up
Three little girls
Yelling. "Fun. Fun. Fun. "

Mickey Ds
4 hours ago      1 hour ago

But don't think for a moment that I would do it all again.
I don't want a taste of you twice.
If you wanted to, if you let me, you think I'd do it in a heartbeat, huh?
Boy, you've never been more wrong.
I'm better than this, better than your arrogance and your games.
I'm better than your audacity and egocentric ways.
I don't know why I ever pursued such a childish fool.
Grow up - not everyone wants a piece of you.
Time to tone down that attitude, little boy.

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