Noelle Marie
Noelle Marie
1 day ago      7 seconds ago

I observe your flaws
Thought I wanted perfect after all the dysfunction
But perfect is ugliness I now know
Embrace the scars, weaknesses and out of the norms
I love to see them, see you as human
Brought back down to earth
But you're still in the clouds
Still bright shining
Still perfect but not all the way through
& that's just the way I love you.

18 hours ago      10 minutes ago

I'm not entirely sure
what it means to love.
Time and time again,
my definition of love has changed.
Does it mean to lose yourself
and hope to find yourself in another?
I've lost myself so many times,
and I can never seem
to bring myself back.
Is loving someone
the same thing as
forgetting yourself?
Because every time I fall in love,
I tend to forget what makes me happy,
what makes me who I am.
Is love the same thing
as hate?
Because whenever I find
someone to love,
I inevitably end up
hating them.

What the hell is love?

Random thoughts for the night.
Jake Thompson
Jake Thompson
14 hours ago      26 minutes ago

And quite frankly
I don't need God
Two wires to my ears, and a glass of whisky
Is plenty enough to guide me through the fog.

Yet.. Sometimes..
Sir Jameson won't drown out..
The tingle of lavender that still tickles my nose
Or the scent of the sheets, or the rain on the streets.

And sometimes..
Mr. Daniels won't blind me from..
The traps
It no longer sooth..
How her lips refused to move.

1 day ago      36 minutes ago

i love it when the suns setting and all the trees turn black
something about the dark outlines are so beautiful and there's nothing i love more
except you
you are the marvelous sunset behind those black trees
filled with hues of pink and orange and purple and yellow and blue all mixed together into one thing that is way to beautiful to even be real
but it is real and all you wanna do is save it and hold on to it forever but you can't
because eventually the sun will set and you will be left with black wishing for all those hues to come back
so you just have to sit and watch the sunset and take it all in and cherish every minute of it because it's the most wonderful thing you've ever know
no memories or pictures could ever really capture it's beauty
that's how i feel about you
you are the sunset behind the black trees but i know you won't last forever so i'm going to admire you for as long as i can
until eventually my whole world turns black

that all started with that first sentence and the rest just exploded out of me
#love   #trees   #sunset   #hues  
Eefs Jungmann
Eefs Jungmann
1 day ago      40 minutes ago

Before you let someone in to love you.
           Just a piece of advice,
      You should learn to love yourself

Just dawned on me how people forget the importance of loving oneself without thinking of themselves as selfish. Expect the unexpected, you never know what could be around the corner!
Feel free to comment/give feedback as always, hope you enjoy.
Rachid Schultz
Rachid Schultz
8 hours ago      42 minutes ago

The music I listen to when I'm sad screams for me to die
The dreams in which I remember are full of sorrow
Maybe this life wasn't meant for me
Maybe it just wasn't meant to be
My reality is crumbling as we speak
Piece by piece
Simply falling apart
Why is it that I'm happiest when farthest away from home
Why is it that I'm happiest when far from those who claim to love me
Why is it that I break down the most after seeing my closest friends
Are they even my closest friends
Or are they here simply because I'm easy to manipulate
Is this life a lie
Is this life even mine
Am I even alive
Is the afterlife
This may be my time to depart
This may be my time to die

I'm okay. Maybe.
#sad   #depression   #life   #death   #time   #abandoned   #ignored  
Brittany Zedalis
Brittany Zedalis
1 hour ago      1 hour ago

I long for the soft swaying of the boat,
the calls of howlers nearby, signaling the
oncoming of another heat-ridden shower,
a sweet taste of red wine on my lips
while I watch as he stands on the bow,
the wind brushing hair from his eyes
as the rain begins to trickle down,
a nearby camel rushes for cover
beneath its sturdy shelter, and I wonder
if this is what peace feels like
I took a trip with my husband to Puerto Lindo, Panama, this past summer. It was my first time leaving the country (and I'll forever avoid planes in the future). We spent a week and a half or so on a boat with my father-in-law and grandparents-in-law, relaxing, snorkeling, hiking up a mountain, visiting wild monkeys, and so much more. Truly an amazing experience that I'll always cherish and miss.
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