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Ink not ...                                                              ­             
                     the reader, nor, give                              
                                          lettered meaning; Pen ...                                          
                                                                ­                interpretation.

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for the grown ups
Jaee Derbéssy
Jaee Derbéssy
21 hours ago      2 minutes ago

I have emotions
locked away in my journal.
Knowing when I die,
my ashes will fly,
but my written emotions
will be eternal.
I choose not to
let them free,
'cause I know if I do
they'll be on a

Kaylee Hairel
Kaylee Hairel
1 day ago      12 minutes ago

i see the sadness in your eyes when you think no one is looking
and my insides are screaming because there is n o t h i n g i can do
the way you curl up to protect yourself
i know that feeling
i k n o w
because i feel it every single day of my life
i still the way you felt against me
locked in your arms i've never felt so safe


I miss you
4 hours ago      22 minutes ago

Rita was a battery hen
And every day was bleak;
For her, life's stage was just a cage,
And meagre corn her only wage,
But things all changed for Rita when
She learned that she could speak.

She overheard the farmer say
"That cage is getting weak,
That's not just dust, but flakes of rust
And if the hens gave one quick thrust
They'd all be free to run away
And we'd be up the creek!"

She waited till the dark of night,
Then pushed into the gaps;
The bars were old, the bars were cold,
It seemed as though the bars would hold,
But Rita shoved with all her might
And felt the cage collapse!

She ran right out the farmyard
In the moonlight, dim and pale;
No more is known of where she's flown,
I hope she found a lovely home,
Perhaps she'll send a greeting card
To tell of her next tale!

For Joe Cole's "Freedom" challenge
#freedom   #life   #adventure   #cole   #challenge   #rita   #joe   #hen  
Jamie Powers
Jamie Powers
7 hours ago      28 minutes ago

Good byes
I love yous
Have been
Mapped out in the stars that
Dangle above our
Sleeping heads


Teeth sensitive to the sand
in salad greens--
    I'm getting old.

Matthew Marvier Donald
Matthew Marvier Donald
12 hours ago      52 minutes ago

Please don't kill me

I'm begging for mercy

But I refuse to say sorry

My apology will just be pure denial

Can't you see it's been awhile

Long time coming

I'm still running

Please oh no

No no no god Damnit no

I put your name in vain please don't condemn my soul

But they want to take me away

To a place we all will end up

But not like this

No no no

I still won't say I'm sorry

I'm worried

I still haven't been let free

Singe my flesh 

disfigured me

Oh me me me

How ugly me

I'm a monster just unshackle me

So many faces

Pretty faces  but I'm just suffering

Why me me 

Where's my apology

I'm still not sorry

Until you do right by me

No no no Damnit no

Skin is burned

Heart is cold

Soul is gray

Why the burden

Keep it burning

But don't kill me

I am begging

But I won't apologize

I won't say sorry

Spare me please

Yes I'm a monster

But you have no right to shackle me

I can't breathe

Let air in

Let me see

It's dark and I'm scared

And I don't care 

Cuz I am a monster

And I won't say sorry

No no no

Where's my apology

Let my bloodline weep and weep for me

But I'm not sorry

And I don't care

Fear has stricken me

But I'm not sorry

Do your worst and I'll wait to bleed

So set me free

But I'm not sorry

#sorry   #monster   #beg   #caged   #shackle  
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