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3 hours ago

As the perennial river of time flows
cutting its way through silt and rock,
on you, this light of happiness glows
steady as the gentle swing of a hammock
on the beach having sand so loose.

The sun is up, your ship now in sight,
a tide of smile shall come your way
as you, once again douse this candlelight,
celebrating this beautiful day
you swim across to your future bright

A friend of mine is moving from a stagnant state to a life filled with adventures.
On this auspicious day, i pray for wisdom and knowledge
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14 hours ago

You gave me a heart condition that I cannot cure myself of.
I have the following symptoms:
Heart aches,
And frequent bouts of salted liquid pouring from my eyes.

I wonder if I'm getting better.

Please tell me if there's more to come.

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  30 minutes ago
The Emerald Outcast

But am I enough
For you to write a poem?

'Nuff said.
  1 hour ago
Glenn George D Salazar

I let her sit on my face
She grabs my hair as she does it.
I cant tell if she's comfortable or not
But i am.
I am exactly
Where i belong.
In between her thighs.
She gets out of the shower
And we ate those noodles she really likes.
And she lays in my arms
As i massage her tits while we watch TV.
And we were so in love.

#melancholy   #sex  
  1 hour ago
Shawna Michele
Shawna Michele
14 hours ago

you whisper silent
     promises against my ear
my lovely one

come over here
    remind me how
the spring unfolds
     the flowers

the sun is a blood orange
     sweet and succulent
scalding the horizon
        lapping yellow buds
   on my tongue

come over here
     my lovely one
bring me the soft
     warmth of your words

           remind me

  1 hour ago
july hearne
july hearne
23 hours ago

everything since marijuana,
everything since you
everything ever since common sense

left my heart in north korea
i hear things
when i

roll around in glass
just no better to place to go
than hot demeaning insanity

there is this
drug with no pretty on the inside
and no better place to go

  1 hour ago
23 hours ago

Persian pink slumping petals on sturdy green stems
Brought a smile to her face
In return you received her grace
But like her heart
Upon their final days,
cut into pieces
lid screwed on tight
glass walls limit sight
The air is fleeting
Slowly they suffocate away

#love   #heart   #flowers   #cut   #air   #fleeting   #suffocate  
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