Jeremy D Scholz
Jeremy D Scholz
3 hours ago      2 seconds ago

Wondering in thoughts, stirred by emotions
Memories of time spent together

Wanted distractions from the mundane
Lost in “what if” and “could have been”

The past dress in fantasy warms my heart
The walks on moonlit streets

Holding hand on rainy nights
Driving on mountain roads

Your kiss lost on my lips
Is seared into my mind

Remembrance stands bittersweet
Loved for a moment, considered forever

Angel Nettles
Angel Nettles
1 day ago      6 minutes ago

I sit here waiting
Drinking a cold one
Down 6 holding off 1
I wait for you at the end of each can

I sit here waiting
Wanting your gentle touch
Wanting your body against mine
I wait for that excitement

I sit here wondering
Does he remember I'm here?
Probably not, your drinking too
I wait for that answer

I sit here waiting
For your attention
When I get it,
I'm an overactive puppy

I sit here waiting
Trying not to nag
Trying not to snatch you into my room
I sit here debating

Should I grab you?
Should I lock all the doors?
Throw you on the bed?
I sit here

I sit here drinking
Wanting your body on top of mine
Thrusting your hips
I sit here lusting

I sit here wanting
There would be no escape from my room
I would kiss every inch
Until you moan silently

I sit here alone

#love   #alone   #sex  
Jessica Steepy
Jessica Steepy
1 day ago      8 minutes ago

Belt snaps
Run laps
No naps
Arm wraps
Back chaps

FOR certain minutes at the least
That crafty demon and that loud beast
That plague me day and night
Ran out of my sight;
Though I had long perned in the gyre,
Between my hatred and desire.
I saw my freedom won
And all laugh in the sun.
The glittering eyes in a death's head
Of old Luke Wadding's portrait said
Welcome, and the Ormondes all
Nodded upon the wall,
And even Strafford smiled as though
It made him happier to know
I understood his plan.
Now that the loud beast ran
There was no portrait in the Gallery
But beckoned to sweet company,
For all men's thoughts grew clear
Being dear as mine are dear.
But soon a tear-drop started up,
For aimless joy had made me stop
Beside the little lake
To watch a white gull take
A bit of bread thrown up into the air;
Now gyring down and perning there
He splashed where an absurd
Portly green-pated bird
Shook off the water from his back;
Being no more demoniac
A stupid happy creature
Could rouse my whole nature.
Yet I am certain as can be
That every natural victory
Belongs to beast or demon,
That never yet had freeman
Right mastery of natural things,
And that mere growing old, that brings
Chilled blood, this sweetness brought;
Yet have no dearer thought
Than that I may find out a way
To make it linger half a day.
O what a sweetness strayed
Through barren Thebaid,
Or by the Mareotic sea
When that exultant Anthony
And twice a thousand more
Starved upon the shore
And withered to a bag of bones!
What had the Caesars but their thrones?

Spencer Dennison
Spencer Dennison
1 day ago      22 minutes ago

The beginning,
there was only darkness, right?

How could he?
He disturbed
a still void, vacuum of light.

Life was a weakness absent.

The bible.
Kama Sutra
for how to twist our soft minds.

It's that time of night again.
#life   #god   #darkness   #light   #void   #chaos   #347challenge  

I am a grave poetic hen
That lays poetic eggs
And to enhance my temperament
A little quiet begs.

We make the yolk philosophy,
True beauty the albumen.
And then gum on a shell of form
To make the screed sound human.

23 hours ago      32 minutes ago

Baby, you are the sky
Everything else? it's the weather
the clouds are only thin obstacles hindering  your need of sunlight
You are needed
even if you are bleeding tears,
the rain always dries up.

You can be as grey as you want
It is okay
Because, I know
The rays of the giant closest star will shine on your face
people look up to you
it only gives hope.

Looking down
it's green and brown
and the flowers will not be blooming without you here
the grass would not be any greener
if you are not in this atmosphere
nature's nature
at times, it's torture
But baby it's only the weather.

#sad   #depression   #life   #death   #anxiety   #hope   #teen   #weak   #strong   #weather  
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