Ramon Sanders
Ramon Sanders
10 hours ago      2 seconds ago

Wilting roses scattered across a broken sea
What I would give to have you next to me
Motionlessly drifting, breaking down the last door of sanity
The final solution. To cut off all ties to the unknowingly accused
A corrupt judge refuses bail
The jury has been overruled
A longing within writing
A means to an end
new heart aspires
So this one is dead
With the fragments of time
Nothing could have changed
Taking solace within the plume that is sadness
A sparkle of hope, exists within indecision
This is my omen
This is your hope
Bring me strength, laying in a basket
An unavoidable fall
Time has it's place, wearing away at that infinite
Causing pain as it tears at our hearts
Bring me to the blackness
Leave me in the light
Ground up this feeling
Start anew
Leave all regrets

Break away

andenrangs poet
andenrangs poet
2 hours ago      8 minutes ago

jeg sidder og stirrer
ud i mørket
en kold september
karl william synger
om at "vi ku' ha' gjort så meget"
og jeg ved ikke om det er vinden
eller tanken om de sørgerlige
rester af
dig og mig
der får tårer til at falde
som glas på mine elfenbenskinder
kaffen er blevet bitter og kold
ligesom det jeg føler indeni
men mine hænder klamrer
sig til koppen som om
den indeholder det
sidste af dig
jeg har aldrig fundet ud af hvorfor
jeg sidder der
nat efter nat
og stirrer ud i mørket
måske håber jeg bare at se dig
få bare et eneste glimt af dig
som et stjerneskud på himlen
i et milisekund
men der kommer aldrig nogen
eller noget
og endnu en lille del af mig dør
så jeg tænder en cigaret og lader
den brænde mellem mine læber
for godt nok vil du altid
være en del af mig
men du får ikke lov til at være
den der tager livet af mig

#love   #september   #danish   #denmark   #dk  
Morgan Hanchulak
Morgan Hanchulak
2 hours ago      11 minutes ago

We like to watch the sunflowers lose their petals because it comforts us to know that the things we found beautiful when they were strong & whole are still beautiful even when they fall apart

1 hour ago      24 minutes ago

Turquoise and silver
Gently touch her skin,
A little glitter rubs off on her,
Igniting me within,
Delicate stones twinkle
Like her innocent eyes,
She needs no adornment
She only has to smile,
Yet, on her wrist,
I smilingly wound
Turquoise and silver,
To tell her, when I'm not around-
I love you
I love you
I love you.

bucky barnes
bucky barnes
6 hours ago      50 minutes ago

you hated poems so much that you
became one, sweetheart
(tell me, does this suit your tastes?have i gone too far?)
i tried to write a love poem and it turned into a suicide note that doesnt belong to me
i guess you didnt find it romantic when i called you carrotseed,
when i pined so much that i turned my love into a grove of trees
you make comparisons between me and natural disasters like it's a habit you can't get rid of
but there's nothing natural about the way my heart beats when i see you
baby, your eyes have never looked better

#love   #kinda   #tfw  
Silent Screams
Silent Screams
1 day ago      1 hour ago

Delusions twist the righteous mind
seeking conscience never to find

Visions ascued by fields of deceit
staring blindly into a cowardly sheet

Subliminal signals cross my track
tripping my soul flat on its back

Balls of confusion in the world is seen
transcending the ages time and again

Expecting peace but seeing the wars
We are losing this place, it's going the course!!

As I see the world today !!
Emma Russell
Emma Russell
1 day ago      1 hour ago

Many brave warriors
            dared to scale it
         some succeeded.
   Mountain men were
challenged to climb it
                    a few fell
         some persevered.
the townspeople gazed
    at it from the village
                           in awe
                But only you                 jumped.

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