Sweet, be not proud of those two eyes
Which starlike sparkle in their skies;
Nor be you proud that you can see
All hearts your captives, yours yet free;
Be you not proud of that rich hair
Which wantons with the love-sick air;
Whenas that ruby which you wear,
Sunk from the tip of your soft ear,
Will last to be a precious stone
When all your world of beauty’s gone.

kyle Shirley
kyle Shirley
23 hours ago      6 hours ago

As we all have someone in our lifes we love or hate... vengeance is bittersweet. Id love to go bust down the door of her house. And not kill her, but her family... to hurt her soul, like shes down mine. Have her stand there alone with nothing left but emptiness... but I cant. It would destroy me,  take my "heaven". Shit maybe hell wouldnt be so bad if I got in with the right people. But im scared. I love life and my biggest fear is death. For a man with nothing, I feel I have the most to lose... myself in bitter sweet nothingness...

1 day ago      6 hours ago

You broke my heart

& continuing
reverberations broke
the  heart  of my   heart  
and the heart of that heart
and the heart of that heart
the heart of that heart
" ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '
.. . . .. .. .
. . . . .
. .
. .

concrete poetry
Nothing Much
Nothing Much
2 days ago      6 hours ago

I am in awe of the limitless nature of the human mind
How it stretches infinitely inwards
Containing a private universe that would be forever in isolation
Unless that individual chooses to launch out shooting stars
Rocket ships from other worlds in the form of music, poetry, art
We are sending satellite signals out from our galaxies
Desperately holding cups to our ears
Tightrope walking on the string theory

Because the world needed yet another teenage poem with space imagery.
#life   #friendship   #art   #stars   #space   #galaxy   #astrology   #astronomy  
Adam Childs
7 hours ago      6 hours ago

My soul rests within the
tranquility of the empty valley

I nestle in a beautiful space
a carved out place,
As I lie between
two proud mountains  

Open to the sky
I make a restful sigh
As I enjoy this giant

Blustering winds pass through
as the valleys edges are
brushed by busy grasses  
And tickled by the
Sweeping clouds

While many cattle graze
a silent center has a
grateful gaze

As eons pass the empty
center sits to watch seasons
spiral past.

With her rolling mountains
and rotating valley
she see her endless time

And drinks it slowly
Like a delicious wine

How I enjoy the sweet open valley

6 hours ago      6 hours ago

so that I may learn a gentleness
denied me by portraits of beauty.

so that these hands that I have never really used
may be put to the labor of your body.

and be forgiving of my artistry
for it is trite, and cheap, and callous.

Please, do this one thing
so that I may finally pass into dreaming

because there is nothing more that I want
than to slide away into a deep forget.

From me to you.
Mile Conde
Mile Conde
12 hours ago      6 hours ago

Night and day.

Beginning and end.

Why can't you see
That the ending
Holds just as much beauty

As the opening
Of the enormous play on stage
That is life.

Both beginning and ending are necessary.
The circle of life.
#poetry   #life   #death   #end   #thought   #perspective   #beginning   #pem  
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