Natalie Pugmire
Natalie Pugmire
8 hours ago      19 seconds ago

My world became more colorful after you left, but I find myself missing the black and white.

It was just you, and me.

I was night, and you were the feeling of the sun on my skin.

I was death, and you were my 16th birthday.

I was fear and you are...gone

You are the feeling of the sun on her skin, you are her 16th birthday, she is courage and you are there.

And as I see her in your arms thoughts race back to my 6th grade science class, to the day we learned white was every color combined.

And as this thought rolls over in my mind so does the realization that when I used to hold you I was holding the rainbow.

You are white, and you have found someone who is not the absence of everything you are.

You are white,

And I am black.

#love   #lost   #black  
Musfiq us shaleheen
Musfiq us shaleheen
1 day ago      10 minutes ago

new born coconut leaves
standing on the head of the tree
a mild north chill breeze blowing
raising sunlight reflects between the leaves

the falling light playing on the meadows
the growing day in to the fog's shadows

the new moody breeze growing a little
the cowboys wandering with the cattle
the boy is very crazy with his flying kite,
the birds are too busy within the day's light

I am wondering through the shadows
and finding my hopes within the meadows
when thousands of kites flying in the sky
there love growing on her gloomy eyes

where there a few of dreams coming
as the light falling between the leaves
where there thousands of whirling
hopes uttering in to the breeze  
@Musfiq us shaleheen

hopes of leaves
#love   #dream   #hope   #light   #leaves   #moving  
1 hour ago      12 minutes ago

Women are like fruit
Each one with a distinct attribute
Every women has her own taste & colors
Inviting different types of bachelors
But the real problem are the men
as they are like everchanging ballad
And moreover, they seem to love fruit salad!

I think men are like this sometimes!
Comments are welcome
#love   #relationship   #men   #women   #humour   #salad  
1 day ago      28 minutes ago

You flooded my thoughts
Twenty-four seven

And I didn't know how to swim,
I did try to escape
I did try to swim to the surface
But, the more I tried
The more I drowned

You pulled my feet to the deepest sea
Prevented me from escaping
Not minding my cries that screamed agony, pain, and most of all love

You chained my feet
Then you threw away the key
Not minding where it went
Leaving me no chance to escape

Just, why, do you have to be so sweet yet deathly at the same time?

#love   #heartbreak   #sad   #life   #heart   #pain   #sadness   #tears   #thoughts   #you  
Jude Allen
Jude Allen
2 hours ago      32 minutes ago

"Let me share just a bit of my Hell with you,"
she beckoned me
close with her finger;

"Let me give just a piece of my
Heaven to you," she sighed-
and the memory lingers...

Inspired by Her...
#love   #heart   #always   #soul   #forever   #owned  
Nena Twedell
Nena Twedell
10 hours ago      36 minutes ago

Every year we sit around the table filled with tasty traditions
Every year we ask the same question
"What are you thankful for?"

I'm thankful for the searing pain that has coursed through my veins
like a fire that couldn't be stopped
because I'd never be this strong without it

I'm thankful for the hot tears that have run down my cheeks
like the warm spring streams running through parks
because I wouldn't know what grief was like with out it

I'm thankful for the people who caught me when I was falling so fast that I couldn't cry out for help
For the people who held me up when I couldn't stand on my own two feet for more than a mere few seconds
because without them I wouldn't know what true friendship was

I'm thankful for the people who made me laugh
Who made me forget there was ever pain
because without them I would have never seen the light in life

I'm thankful for the people who cared for me when I couldn't care for myself
Who through the years have held my hand when times were scary
Who wiped tears away when life hurt
And helped me through the growing pains of life
Because with out them I wouldn't know who I am today

I'm thankful for the opportunities
The opportunity to explore the world
The opportunity to find the most knowledge I can fit into my head
Without these I wouldn't know how blessed I truly am.

I am thankful for the happiness that I have in my life
the smiles and the sunshine that is found in everyday
without these I wouldn't know what was joy

I am thankful for the scars that are invisible and visible
the visible ones hold stories and power and remind me that I can conquer anything
the invisible ones hold logic yet understanding reminding me to proceed with caution
With out these I would not understand healing

I am thankful for the human kindness I have received
The hugs of healing
The words of encouragement and wisdom
The shoulder squeezes of reassurance
The shared strength and perseverance
Without these I would not know hope

I am thankful for the patience of others
The times others held me close when nothing was outwardly wrong
The times when I didn't live up to my word yet they still trusted me
With out this I wouldn't have faith in myself

So as you sit around your thanksgiving feast
And you ask each one what they are thankful for
remember it's not about the food
It's not about the pilgrims and the Native Americans
It's remembering to say thank you to all the people in your life that matter.

So Thank you for being there

John Kerplunk
John Kerplunk
9 hours ago      40 minutes ago

Coming down and over
With a narcissistic tide
Daddy's little nightmare
but to momma she's alright

Punched with independence
to hide her own stigma
Breaking hearts left and right
Out for lust, not love

Regurgitating phrases
as if anything was new
Somehow I was dumb enough
to ever be with you

I'm never turning back again
You're only burning time
You have taken happiness
But you'll never take my pride.

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