Danielle Shorr
Danielle Shorr
51 minutes ago      15 seconds ago

Palm of hand touching hair touching cheek touching
you for the first time
Lend me your hips like
a sweet favor
I will teach this body rhythm and
the music of us will echo into
the bricked walls, syncing together melodies of
contact, electrical wire sparking in this blood, your
heart beating its way out of chest,
the softness, a catalyst for fire, I almost
swear I can hear the air particles kissing,
speaking, they are singing,
closer, closer

"gravity, is working against me"

the dark means nothing without
a glow under covers and
wrinkled sheets holding us eager, silent learning,
don't let go just yet,
we are falling,
further into each other,

"just keep me where the light is."

mark john junor
mark john junor
1 hour ago      12 minutes ago

there were lights blazing to the east
but her eyes were fixed to the west
someplace out in that darkness he rode into the night
with his gun in hand to regulate the doubters
she lay in the aftermath of the gunfight
with her cards and flowers
wondering where she had gone so wrong
wondering if she would ever get that white picket fence
with the two kids and all the fixins of her dreams
dawn begins to do its silent dance
as she worried the edge of her dress
and looked so like a lost angel
fallen from grace but holding her own
she will make breakfast for the townsmen
and serve up the hard liquors
just a matter of time she thinks to herself
before he will come back this way
take her up to the bedroom with promises on his grin
and for a moment she will believe once again
that itll all change
he will take her far away from this place
someday she will have the dreams
but for now she slips the ring into her pocket
and gets back to work

Kendra Dawn Slusher
4 hours ago      28 minutes ago

Love is so harsh its not fair why does it have to be so mean all i can do is rip my heart out its not even fair how does everyone get love but me i should just take my blade an use it on my heart instead of my wrist but my heart is so damaged that not even my blade will hurt it more love

Ian Canavan
Ian Canavan
1 hour ago      36 minutes ago

the stars and moon
do shine upon
our sleepless souls
dream as one
sunshine soothes
and darkness hides
behind your eyes
lie deep desires

David Adam Johnson
5 hours ago      42 minutes ago

I hate the way an "Unfriend" can bring you to tears....
The non "Like" of a photo is equal to death.....
The way a "Tweet" is not meant for birds...
How taking pictures of yourself is now a thing....
The words typed by phone...
Is now a way to make you feel alone...
Now i'm not even old i grew up with this...
But for a world now at our fingers....
I think we forgot how to use our feet...
To walk to our loves...
To simply say words....
I am not a hypocrite i know its what i do....
The world has changed to make things easy and simple....
But a thing like love hasn't changed For a while....
Everyone is always on line saying "Anonymous" things....
"Liking" memories they never took part in.....
"Poking" at someone to get an Emoticon response...
I guess a technological advance.....
Means a human feeling recession...
I guess if love was a valued currency...
We would both be broke somewhere...
Between Happiness and Forever.....

#technology #love
The Emerald Outcast
The Emerald Outcast
2 hours ago      1 hour ago

The moon smiled secretly with her milky craters
On the night I was given the Gift
Her wings fluttered in the crystal prison
Like a heartbeat made of delicate love
She was bright against the moonlight
Emitting a faint aura, making me smile

Happiness, she was named
Although the Giver and I have not uttered
Not a single whisper in the frozen air
And turning his back, the Giver left me
With the moon's silver-cratored grin,
The fragile heartbeat against a glass jar,
And the remnants of a long-forgotten evil

What shall I do with this irreplaceable treasure?
Who has shattered the very Thing feeding on my misery?
Shall I keep Happiness in its castle,
Tucked away on a shelf in the darkness?
Or shall I free her to a garden,
Eventually doomed to stray from its flowers?
Might I pin this beautiful butterfly
On a wall, as a deceased trophy?

It was then that the heart beat more insistently
Oh, how I was reminded of that moon
In every twitch of Happiness
And never-ceasing brightness
But its urgent flapping seemed to whisper
Whisper the answer to my crisis
In a language I had yet to understand

I could not decide how to treat this marvel of a creature
--Like faced with advanced mathematics,
I didn't know how to have Happiness--
How to keep her with me
So that one day her wings might become
My very own heartbeat, echoing

Instead, I shared Happiness
Arming myself with a delicate glass structure,
I walked again under the brilliant moon
Her smile unwavering amongst the stars
Her pulsating moonlight in sync
With the fluttering wings of the butterfly
Eyeing my target, I handed Happiness over
And felt what my Giver must have felt
When the cupped hands took her away
When the fluttering ceased
And drowned me in a darkness not even the moon's smile could have enlightened

Trudging back towards a corner,
The dismantled pieces of the Thing
Stitched themselves back together
And I braced myself for impending doom

The moon smiled her crater-toothed grin,
My heartbeat resembled a delicate flutter of familiar wings, that of a butterfly,

And her name was Happiness.

I had gained a black hole in my heart that sucked up all the love I once had, but now my heart beats like the wings of a butterfly named Happiness.

I'm back :) Please do me a favor, from poet to poet. I know this is a long poem. And I know most of you will just scroll down and away. Please don't. I've put together everything I have into this, and I don't want my efforts to be forgotten simply because someone is too attached to their scrolling-thingy.
4 hours ago      1 hour ago

There are constellations between your teeth and you have starlight wrapped around your tongue, there is moonlight in your eyes but sunlight in your smile
Every time you breath you inhale glitter and oxygen and powdered sugar, the scent of grass and strawberries and hope
Flowers bloom between your ribs and wind through the joints in your hips, your knees, your wrists
There is a whole menagerie in your stomach, butterflies and pelicans and Bengal tigers
Your skin is crushed velvet, silk and lace, encasing a skeleton of steel and iron, silver filigree
Your hands are soft as cotton, rose petals, strong as the will of all your ancestors.
When you die you will melt back into the earth, disintegrate and fall back to where you came from
You will be absorbed back into the atmosphere and the universe will swallow you up.
It will rearrange your atoms and produce something completely you but completely different.
Your are one of a kind, you are the entire universe.
You will never be again, but you will never stop being.

title adapted from Woman by Joy Williams
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