Jonathan Keeley
Jonathan Keeley
1 day ago      1 second ago

walking down the street it's getting dark
wishing i hadn't forgot where i parked
i'd never really been to to your neighborhood anyway

you're still sitting on your roof
smokin' a cigarette
already forgotten that i'd left
I never really was your hero anyway

and never have you ever really needed savin'
i just wanted to be someone you could hide in
you always thought there was something beautiful bout being alone
so i'll never know

walking to my door, get a buzz on my phone
you say never have you ever felt so alone
and he never really felt as good as you anyway
come save the day

but she never really ever needed savin'
and i just wanted to be someone she could hide in
she always thought there was something beautiful bout being alone
so she'll never know

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Craig Harrison
Craig Harrison
29 minutes ago      4 minutes ago

You call me Lesbian
I say, yes I am
You call me Gay
I say, yes I am
You call me Bi-sexual
I say, yes I am
You call me Transgender
I say, yes I am
It doesn't matter what you call me
It doesn't matter what you think
you will not change who I am

I am who I am

Gary Gibbens
Gary Gibbens
4 hours ago      12 minutes ago

Clothed in its blanket of birds
Great arms reaching impossibly high
Her leaves filtering the light between shadows
And flashing diamonds of sky
For thousands of travels round the sun
She worshipped the turning earth
Through raging fires, the shaking ground, frozen winters
Droughts for decades burned the soils,
The rivers disappeared and still she held herself
High and strong
Even the humans recognized her power
Leaving offerings around her roots
Fruits of the earth, fish and painted stones

And then George came
The natives told him it was the largest tree in the world
The Mother Tree
He needed to monetize it
No one was going to come out to see it
And he needed capital for investments (mostly booze)
So he cut her bark off
Just the first 20 feet or so
Carried it off and put it on a train
For paying customers to see (two feet thick and 20’ high, oh my!)
They say she lived for another year or two before she died
They drove iron spikes into the trunk so visitors could climb up her skeleton
And over a century later, over a hundred feet of her trunk
Still rises over the valley of the giant trees

I like to think that the Mother,
That burned spar on the hill
Is still trying to protect us
From ourselves.

Ciara L
1 day ago      20 minutes ago

Patience is a virtue not owned by many
Only when you pause do you see things for how they truly are,
Only when you wait can you allow the universe to guide you to where you need to be,
Only with time can you heal and grow,
Be patient for it is a virtue worth owning.

#time   #patience   #healing   #growth  
Christopher Black
Christopher Black
11 hours ago      32 minutes ago

So many words to you
I have left to say
So many nights to god
I lay awake and pray
I just want to tell you
How broken down Inside
The pieces of me struggle
fitting together in my mind
The shadow I cast grows
consuming all and me
I try to run but can't escape
This apathy..anger and agony
I toss and turn at night
Reaching for you in my bed
Which has grown so large lately
I am simply entombed in dread
They say time is the cure
be patient you will see
But I fear there is no time
this pain will never leave
The moon illuminates
the pictures on the wall
Inside my conscience speaks
and answers to your call..
Have I lost my mind?
Please god let me forget
She's somewhere laughing loving..
and I am burried in regret
There are so many questions
Seeking refuge in my head..
Look at the clock.. 4am..
Guess I'll sleep when I'm dead.


Through what transports of Patience
I reached the stolid Bliss
To breathe my Blank without thee
Attest me this and this—
By that bleak exultation
I won as near as this
Thy privilege of dying
Abbreviate me this—

Janine Jacobs
Janine Jacobs
4 hours ago      40 minutes ago

Narrow minds plague our streets
Ignorant views and empty arguments
Hearts filled with hatred for no reason

Are we not a country that fought for equality
Has the long walk of freedom not been walked for us
Did I misunderstand the meaning of Ubuntu

What happened to love, peace and empathy
The simplicity of an act of kindness
Has fear swept all your morals away?

They bleed when they are cut
They cry when they are sad
We breath the same air
Laugh at the same jokes
and even dream the same dreams

We are the same
It's not even about colour
How is their black different to yours?
brother hating brother
They too are Africa

Soften your blows
Try on their shoes
Its hurting them
and it will hurt you too

Recent Xenophobic attacks in South Africa
#love   #peace   #hate   #race   #africa   #xenophobia  
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