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When I hear a guy say "I love you" it's become a habit to yell at them and say "Don't you ever utter those words to me again!!" then get up and leave....

When a guy comes up to me and says "Damn, you look good today"
it's become a habit to look at them and say "Oh, so I look like shit every other day?" then get up and leave...

When a guy comes up to me and puts his arm around my waist it's become a habit to remove his arm and say "Don't touch me" then walk away....

When a guy tries to make the move and kiss me it's become a habit to put my hand in front of his lips and say "Don't even go there" then walk away....

Ever since you left it's become my new habits to get up and leave....kinda like you did....just not giving them the chance to actually hurt me like you did...

Actual habits that have become consistent with me now.....

O lonely heart so timid of approach,
Like the shy tropic flower that shuts its lips
To the faint touch of tender finger tips:
What is your word? What question would you broach?

Your lustrous-warm eyes are too sadly kind
To mask the meaning of your dreamy tale,
Your guarded life too exquisitely frail
Against the daggers of my warring mind.

There is no part of the unyielding earth,
Even bare rocks where the eagles build their nest,
Will give us undisturbed and friendly rest.
No dewfall softens this vast belt of dearth.

But in the socket-chiseled teeth of strife,
That gleam in serried files in all the lands,
We may join hungry, understanding hands,
And drink our share of ardent love and life.

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It is strange how you were drowning and he was the one who needed space

It is strange how he cut you open and you apologised for having bled

It is strange how he broke you and held a grudge against you for falling apart

It is strange how you took 99 steps and he stumbled on one

It is strange how he never had the time to read the poems you left in his mail

It is strange how you could have had the world but you kept settling for less.

Yes, it is strange.

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Albert DeGuerre Perdu
Albert DeGuerre Perdu
8 hours ago      16 minutes ago

Once it was unknown
Only through the boredom of days
Did a mind conceive of a framework
For the patterns of light and darkness
That came and went in the sky above
And how the abstraction of seconds
Growing into hours and days
Could be gathered into numerical traps
To give a glimpse into the lives that have passed
Into death, the only relief from
The oppression of this history -
The oppression of time.

11 hours ago      26 minutes ago

Blue is the boulder overlooking the bay
Loosely pocked by weather-worn stains
Unwavering guardian of all that lay
Enigmatic yet silently screaming its pains

Blue is the reflection dancing playfully
Laid generously by the twilight moon
Upon the vast canvas of the darkened sea
Elated ripples readily accepting such a boon

Blue is the halo encircling the moon
Lavish circlet gifted by the sun
Unnoticed by eyes that slumbered too soon
Evading the sands of time that run

Blue is the silhouette of a lone sailboat
Lurching and bobbing by will of the waves
Unknowingly catching the zephyrs that float
Eluding the fingers from watery graves

Blue is the man; perched upon the boulder
Lapping up the stars mirrored upon the sea
Usurped heart of his had never sung drearier
Ensnared by woeful wonderment...

                                           that man is me...

Jacob Resendez
Jacob Resendez
23 hours ago      29 minutes ago

We cross paths and I want to scream
At the thought of not saying hello
It isn't just a simple kind of romance
When society has their opinions equipped
Why does wanting you feel so wrong,
But loving you feel so right?

I can see us together in my dreams,
With my arm around you as we sleep
And we embrace our warmth beneath the sheets
That will be when I know that
I've felt your warm beating heart.

Maybe one day I can call you mine
Or say that you got away
But I know better than anyone
That you either stay forever
Or break off, only to wonder,
Were they truly the one?

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Third Mate Third
Third Mate Third
1 day ago      50 minutes ago

she makes my coffee
she makes me think
she makes me
that two words become
one exclamation,
that is precisely

7:52 am

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