Taylor Kendra
Taylor Kendra
12 hours ago      3 seconds ago

My hands died slowly,
with blood vessels surrendering
to the chill.  They turned grey, yellow, lavender,
dusky. Dusky, like the sun had been setting
for hours and I only just realized it.
Pills made them pink again,
but I can’t help but notice
you flex your fingers after we shake.
A cold grip doesn’t suit you

yet. Gloves on, or else I’ll hold the
palm over a light bulb in the bathroom
before running it along his spine.
Blood thinned out to
water, bouquets of nerve

endings wilted.  I lost a piece
of each pinky promise, the weight
of a wedding-band.  Flipping the bird
at the catcallers carries one joint less
meaning, and I have trouble
getting to the point. As I
brush my thumb along my lover’s
wrist, back and forth and back
and forth, I only feel the holes.

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Geetha Jayakumar
1 day ago      22 minutes ago

A beautiful flower of peace shone bright
Along with the morning  sun rise full of light
But a naughty bee came to sting the flower
As jealousy crept in its eyes
couldn't withstand the sight of glowing flower
And a heavy wind blew away all the petals of peace.

Next morning again sun rose to its peak
Spreading the rays of warmth and delight
The flower of Peace once again woke up
On seeing the rays of powerful light.

How can a flower of peace die,
When every sun rays cheers it from all the sides.
Flower of peace is the reflecting diamond,
It will pass on the reflection of light everywhere,
which it receives from the sun.

Flower of peace cannot wither away,
As there is always someone to water and nurture it well.
Please keep on passing this flower of peace one to one
Keep on passing as long as humanity sustains.
Let it spread the message of peace and love.

Let not the Flower Of Peace wither away!

Geetha Jayakumar

© 2014 Geetha Jayakumar

misfit wanders
misfit wanders
22 hours ago      48 minutes ago

i know now that you're long gone
from the tight grasp we once held each other in

we were kids. i get that.
young and naive, gullible as to what our friends say.
with a distorted image of love
because of the movies we see on the screen

the first time we whispered our i  love  yous
it was awkward until our giggles filled up the air
and that's when i knew i spoke the truth

when you left me alone, you never said good bye
you were literally just gone
you left my heart in a distinct contortion
and that's when i felt such desperation

To the first boy I've ever loved,
When you come across this poem,
Don't hesitate, you know damn well that it's about you.
Cause the only thing you've taught me is
Forever isn't true.

Hey, I hope you guys liked this poem. I have no idea if it's good or not cause I literally just typed the words down without giving it much thought. I hope you guys were able to relate to the poem even a little bc all of us had probably experienced love or what we thought was love.

Leave a comment and like this poem. Follow me too.  It'd be really cool if you guys got this poem to trend. That's literally one of the best things ever, when I log in the next day and see that my poem has trended. Thanks a lot guys, love you. :)
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1 day ago      56 minutes ago

My heart,
My biggest vulnerability.
But for you,
I’m exposed.

#love   #trust   #heart   #10w   #bestfriends  
aesha nisar
aesha nisar
1 day ago      1 hour ago

i don't have money darling, but my love for you will transcend all riches you can dream of possessing.

i don't have the most perfect face darling, but my eyes will look upon you with sheer adoration and undying longing and my lips will endulge in your passionate kisses.

i don't have the smartest mind darling, but my thoughts will be consumed by you and my mind will ravish the mere idea of you next to me.

i don't have the biggest heart darling, but the heart i do have will forever be a home to you and will always welcome you with open arms.

i don't have everything darling, but i promise you that i will give you all that i do have and every crevice and nook of my being will love you and want you for all eternity.

i'm a hopeless sap with a penchant for saying the word darling

Awakened at midnight
by the sound of the water jar
cracking from the ice

Princess Xia
Princess Xia
1 day ago      2 hours ago

It never felt good,
getting beaten by daddy
Never felt right,
And could never put up a fight

Wasn't fun getting beaten at age five
I never liked the yelling
But moreover the beat,
Had to stand strong, couldn't be kicked to the street

Fell into depression at an early age
Hating myself, starting to scold myself
"You are nothing, just worthless," the words would repeat
I hollowed myself -feeling incomplete

Daddy had me wishing on birthday candles
To die
Because at age six,
Life wasn't confetti cake mix

Because of daddy,
I tortured myself
I tore myself raw
And cried about every flaw

Afraid to call family services
Because daddy would move us away
Living in fear
Wishing a miracle was near

Years later, present day,
Things aren't as bad
Still get those threats
And getting close to cigarettes

Now daddy is tired
Pain in his hands
Complains to me all about it
About the hands that beat me, hit by hit

This poem... is all true. Took a lot of effort to get all the emotions together and not cry (too much). Some of this is stuff I haven't told a lot of people in my life. And.. I just wanted to get this out of my system. It can't be out forever, but I try at least
#broken   #sad   #depression   #hurt   #daddy   #beaten   #abused  
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