Winter Raven
17 hours ago

Please come back
I loved you
Your never ending energy
Your lack of fear
The optimistic way you looked at the world

But you died
He killed you
And I was all that remained

I tried to hold on
Protect you
Find a way for you to stay
But everything I did only added to your pain

You left the day we met him
Both of us tried to hold on
But he gave up on you
And before I knew it you were gone
Everyone​ said I changed
But couldn't they see?
It was never me, it was you.

Now I'm here in your skin
Trying my best
We may be the same
But we're not
I failed

morning glory
morning glory
9 hours ago

“I wonder what it’s like to love you.” You say as we’re lying in my bed.
“I wouldn’t know,” I say, “I don’t think anybody ever has.”
And you give me a pitiful smile, the kind you always give when I
say something so negative about myself.
I guess I’m glad I’ve come to think of it as ‘commitment’ rather than ‘pity’.
I’ve let myself drown in you. I let myself become lost in your lifeless eyes
and I’m filled with regrets but I don’t regret a thing. Maybe I Regret Breathing.
You’ll let my ghost linger, just for awhile longer. You’ll let me be real to you.
And as I feel the smoothness of you silk black hair in my hands, I wonder
if I’ve ever really loved you or if I just loved how in love we could have been.

i miss you always, daffodil.
#love   #heartbreak   #sad   #regret   #death   #winter   #flower   #pity   #spring   #despair  
3 hours ago

Two silhouettes
Dancing beneath that sunset
Whispers of sweet nothings
Ceases as their tongues pres...

Nah... fuck that!
My writing...
It's as elegant as a car crash
So if you're looking for a poet,
This is the wrong page to start at
A foul mouthed, awkward,  bipeddler with a pen
I love my words when they're liked
But I hate them when they trend
For a flower doesn't bloom in darkness of an attic
My words shouldn't too just 'cause its posted in italics
I'm no artist nor poet
Just a lover of words
With a heart too shy to speak up
But still wants to be heard

Fuck.. the irony hahaha. Though I may sound pompous in this, I really do appreciate you guys for even taking the time to read it. :)
Savannah Charlish

Sometimes we have to go through the brutal process of letting go
And saying goodbye

Even if the other goodbye
Was said long before you were able to form the words

McDonald tsiie

I've always wanted to:

Write in a sedated state of mind
Make stars and clouds intertwine
Plant seeds in dictionaries as intuition is set to grow
A volcano erupt in words
Sweet lullaby's sang and whistled serenades in birds

Red in blue
A beautiful poem in you

life's jump
life's jump
11 hours ago

always walk
as waterfalls
gravity talking  
with yesterday pulls  
instantly swallowing
breaking through
falling water
flowing pools
drifting escape
this mind
to soothe
dreaming of falling
back into you

5 hours ago

where does hierarchy begin?
    Is it where the strong is on top,
and the weak step upon?

Where does your dignity be placed?
   Is it where your always be the winner,
no matter what, even it has bitter taste.

Is SURVIVAL really that cruel?
That some of us are just a tool,
a fool for the strong to be cool.

No, it can't be that bad
yet reality is quite sad.

Despite our hard beginnings
Life still is beautiful
that losing isn't everything.
To where dignity is placed -
when you respect yourself the most.
That hierarchy isn't important
to where your love is...

© Pax

yeH! a new poem, a longer one and it's been long i haven't rhyme like this. a bit hard when you have limited vocab, my apologies for its simplicity and many thanks for reading.
#love   #life   #beautiful   #reality   #survival   #strong   #losing   #dignity   #hierarchy   #pax  
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