Another Raisin in the Sun
Another Raisin in the Sun
1 day ago      3 seconds ago

i will always be a cup of coffee
a little strong
a bit too sweet
and I can never change
her love
of a watered down alternative
that she prefers
instead of me

#desire   #coffee   #tea   #boring  
Carly Jo Maiuro
Carly Jo Maiuro
1 day ago      22 minutes ago

You looked at me and told me you couldn't read me,
I wasn't sure how much material to give you

You said you'd write my name in the clouds
If i took a bite of your crazy life
now your crazy is my crazy

We wrote a love story without an ending
because we didn't want our love to end.

Our love sailing through the blue sky's
Forever engraved in the clouds

THE noon was as a crystal bowl
The red wine mantled through;
Around it like a Viking's beard
The red-gold hazes blew,
As tho' he quaffed the ruddy draught
While swift his galley flew.

This mighty Viking was the Night;
He sailed about the earth,
And called the merry harvest-time
To sing him songs of mirth;
And all on earth or in the sea
To melody gave birth.

The valleys of the earth were full
To rocky lip and brim
With golden grain that shone and sang
When woods were still and dim,
A little song from sheaf to sheaf-
Sweet Plenty's cradle-hymn.

O gallant were the high tree-tops,
And gay the strain they sang!
And cheerfully the moon-lit hills
Their echo-music rang!
And what so proud and what so loud
As was the ocean's clang!

But O the little humming song
That sang among the sheaves!
'Twas grander than the airy march
That rattled thro' the leaves,
And prouder, louder, than the deep,
Bold clanging of the waves:

'The lives of men, the lives of men
With every sheaf are bound!
We are the blessing which annuls
The curse upon the ground!
And he who reaps the Golden Grain
The Golden Love hath found.'

Janny Laurean
Janny Laurean
1 day ago      26 minutes ago

Debería estar estudiando cardiología
No estar haciendo un intento de poesía.
Debería estar haciendo tareas
y sólo llevo algunos poemas.
A ver si no me truena cardio
con tanto eje eléctrico y frecuencia.
A ver si no me truena el miocardio
tú me ocasionas lesión e isquemia.

Some Person
Some Person
1 day ago      45 minutes ago

I could stay up like I always do
Browse the web
Read or write a poem or two
Continue with the cycle:
Long for meaning,
Get eaten by pain,
Fail to sleep,
Barely get through work,
But tonight, instead,
I'll just go to bed

#depression   #pain   #sleep   #bed   #insomnia   #longing   #tired   #drudgery  

"Then we will have tonight!" we said.
  "Tomorrow--may we not be dead?"
The morrow touched our eyes, and found
  Us walking firm above the ground,
Our pulses quick, our blood alight.
  Tomorrow's gone--we'll have tonight!

Lydia Pinder
Lydia Pinder
9 hours ago      1 hour ago

Books are reliable folk,
They'll remain in your hand as you have a toke.

The pages don't mind markings,
The bindings are okay with carvings,

The letters will always remain,
Even if, your holy grail is left out in the rain.

Their secret meaning can be read
in the solitary of your head.

Or your favourite piece, shout aloud!
Yell it to a crowd.

Weep as your character's love departs,
Flick through it with a careless heart.

Keep it in your back pack,
Or glare at it on your iPad.

Your trusty friend 'book'
Is always willing for you to prise it open,
and take a long, hard look.

#passion   #friend   #writing   #books  
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