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Your lips brought me
to the gates of heaven,

your lips dragged me
all the way to hell

(and  they still
taste the sweetest).

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Adiac D'nalla
2 hours ago      21 minutes ago

She went to the police.
Told them she was being abused.
They didn't believe her.
They thought she was another teenage fiend.
She went back.
Told them that she was raped.
They didn't believe her.
They thought she was another lying child.
She came again.
Told them she got beat up.
They didn't believe her.
They said if she comes again they will arrest her.
Her bestfriend came.
Told them that she was killed.
They didn't believe him.
He came back.
Told them that they aren't worth their lives.
They just laughed.
He left.
They got a call.
The person told them.
That they saw two bodies in the river.
The police went to check it out.
The bodies belonged to the girl and the boy.
The girl was killed.
The boy committed suicide.
Just to be with her.
The police were wrong.
They didn't believe their eyes.
They should start believing more.
Fuck April and it's fools.
The police were the fools in this story.
They started to believe more.
They saved lives of many after that.
But what I'm wondering is.
How come they didn't save those two kids.
That would've had lives to live.
If only they had believed.
In this retched April Fools story.

~Rainbow Dash Loves Flutter Shy~
jeffrey robin
3 hours ago      38 minutes ago

all wisdom is gone                                                                        
                                          ... and the very meaning of what you do or  say


& we are driven into pettiness

saying nothing of importance.

Never revealing

True Human-ness


In the manner of a rag doll clown

In orgasmic convulsions

Till we are thrown down



To be a human

But to live like a slave


Come be the master

Love is simple

Truth is easy

Don't let your love be altered

Don't let them steal your grace

Cecil Miller
Cecil Miller
1 day ago      39 minutes ago

Raven Angel.
I do not expect
you to undestand.

I am he.
He is me.
She are we.
We are thee,
And there are more.
I do not think
This is something
Ordinary men concieve.

All the paintings of darkness
Are not to impress upon the critics
The level of my shallow depth,
Nor are my phrasings for the sake of vanity.

It is the darkness that gives lessons to the light, of things that I am not afraid to learn.

Like a papillon in a  season of change,
I am transformed into a dark lamp,
For I  have stood in many shadows.

I have soaked up the knowledge.

In my shadow,
Illumination awaits.

I have a love for all things Teutonic.
The evocation at the beginning of this piece is of the psuedonyms  I have used. This work is new
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David W
David W
3 hours ago      44 minutes ago

Summer (The Vanity):
Thoughtless revelry,
As grass and forests flourish,
Ignorant of worth

Fall (The Condemnation):
Stripped of majesty,
Naked as these humbled trees,
Brought to shattered knee

Winter (The Judgement):
Thin as biting wind,
Bereft of joy and glory,
Less hope than colour.

Spring (The Restoration):
Nearly robbed of hope,
A glimmer in the darkness,
leaves newly whisper.

A reflection on changing seasons, both in nature and in life.
josh lal
josh lal
3 hours ago      48 minutes ago

all my life
i have been chasing
that moment.
trying to find the right word
to say.
i have failed thousands of times.
just to die and then
start again in that one moment.
it had the power to merge them all.
like a re-birth of my soul  
that moment of moments.
a moment in-between my physical birth and death.
that place in the middle,
a fulcrum
in all directions
that place where all things
smiled or at least grinned.
that dimension I had
to fall into
finally be.

Gia Primerano
Gia Primerano
4 hours ago      58 minutes ago

I’m greater than my greatest flaws
and more graceful than my gawky gait.
Taller than my tallest mountains
and more loving than my hate.

More beautiful than my ugliest moments
and stronger than my frailty.
More courageous than my deepest fears
and confident despite uncertainty.

So if you try to break me down,
you’ll find I’m built to last.
You cannot use my faults against me;
they’re nothing I cannot surpass.

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