Rockie DeC
Rockie DeC
5 hours ago      3 seconds ago

Don' be scared
Of using those words
In your head
You're the only one in there

#words   #scared   #head   #using  
3 hours ago      2 minutes ago

Everything that humans have accomplished
Physically in this Universe,
Compared to the size of this Universe
Shares a similar ratio
In our understanding of this Universe.

You can't get there with words, emotions, or thoughts.
Or Religion
Or Science
Or Mathematics

Garet Hawley
Garet Hawley
57 minutes ago      8 minutes ago

If my heart is a home
Then I have you a key
You thought it was a hotel
And left after one week

David Hall
David Hall
49 minutes ago      19 minutes ago

life doesn't come with second chances
there are no doors that open back
we miss the paths that lead us forward
when we focus on the past

let old bridges keep on burning
you can't keep the world from turning
just keep your eyes toward tomorrow
today goes by too fast

#life   #past   #thoughts   #tomorrow  
The Girl Who Loved You
The Girl Who Loved You
2 hours ago      24 minutes ago

If you wanna be with me,
Then don't be with anyone else.
If you wanna lay with me,
Then don't lay with anyone else.
If you wanna love me,
Then don't love anyone else.
But if you wanna play me,
Then go play somewhere else.

#love   #life   #be   #you   #me   #together   #apart   #play   #lay   #hellopoetry107  
1 hour ago      34 minutes ago

this new beginning is really beautiful
but the temptations aren’t easy
my heart is here
but my mind is out there
reminiscing about the old
times with another goddess
help me escape this trip of thoughts

2am, we’d crawl to the stars
we’d let the galaxies illuminate our scars
you’d undress your temple
and feed mine with the art of passion
my thoughts finally feel vibrant,
my words finally nurture
the walking astrology thou are.

— Elijah & Ofentse Tsie.
#art #feelings #heart #life #love #passion #poetry #temple #thoughts #words
L N Paul
L N Paul
1 day ago      40 minutes ago

She said yes,
Such a shame
The ring is formed from soot.

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