The Messiah Complex
The Messiah Complex
1 day ago      12 seconds ago

I will die alone, and
that's something I've always known
it was no epiphany when you told me so
though, I thought maybe, you'd 
be there at the end

Sweet Serendipity
Sweet Serendipity
19 hours ago      10 minutes ago

I wonder how many seconds of insane courage it would take me to get up and walk away from everything I've ever loved. To never look back and willingly end up lost. I want to get caught up in the moment of being lonely and let it take me away. Away from here.At one point in your life, you'll feel like your back is against the wall and there's no point in looking for a way out. Today I caught hold of that feeling, a black restlessness settled in my bones and urged me get lost and run away. Sometimes I think it would solve all of my problems and that all of the people who ever used me would wake up with saddened hearts and guilty minds. It would be nice to leave behind a world of hurt for a beautiful, bright light.

#dark   #thoughts   #away   #deep  
Cathy Nguyen
Cathy Nguyen
20 hours ago      20 minutes ago

Tell me was it perfect, your date..
Or were you nervous on that day,
It's just that you don't seem so nervous anymore these days..

And i just wrote a new poem saying
'I don't need you to grow'
But those words came out from another's mouth
How can a flower stand tall
When her roots have been ripped out?

Oh please could you give me everything or just maybe one thing
Just a piece of your heart that might
Not fit in his

Cause you and i will fall in love
With other people who think that
They're for us,
But deep down inside,
I just can't deny,
What is true..
That no one here compares to you

Cause you're my anchor of hope,
i'm your sinking boat
And you're my moral compass
Pointing me back home
So please don't deny
That our silent goodbyes
Meant any truth..
No not even my metaphors
Can truly capture you
Because you're so beautiful
That no one else could compare to you

.. Well summer flings
Happen here and there
And i've been caught up in a love affair
But all these guys they don't buy me coffee or compliment my hair

But with you,
I bet things are going greater than fine
I hope you're always on the greener side
&I; just wish my eyes would be less greener eyes

And tell me in a year or two,
You'll still think of me
Cause you know that,
I'd never stop thinking of you

And now i'm pushing away all these scary thoughts,
Though it's hard to just smile when i see you knowing i can't be yours
But i will fall in love,
Yeah at least one more time, if not two
But no one will compare to you

And i'm coming across as desperate
Though i'm tryna keep us separate
It's been 7 days and 42 minutes
Since i deleted you and its made no difference
And my best friends are cheering me on and calling my phone
And i would rush to it to see if it's you but it's not
Cause you're now someone else's drug
And when i'm out and all alone
I'll wander how i should get home
Cause no one else is a better compass
On those nights i came home from church, your voice gave me comfort
And on your first date i hope you weren't nervous,
I said that under the church roof is where you're most perfect
But everywhere you go, you make life worth it so i want you to always know
That i'll hug you back when it hurts less.. Cause i'm hurting.. Still hurting..

But i swear you are worth this.

Well that last poem was a BUMP but this one was more real and emotional to write :'(
5 hours ago      34 minutes ago

When you fall asleep I will still kiss your upper back.  This does not take place in hope that you will wake up, I want my kiss to seep into your nerve endings and find myself in your dreams. Dripping my kiss into every ounce of your future.

A poem I want to work more on in the future.
#love   #dreams   #happiness   #elation  
10 hours ago      38 minutes ago

i am the flower
i go blossom
they call me beautiful
i go die
they cut me off
they throw me away
so worthless
and useless

i am the flower
that's what i am

#love   #feelings   #sad   #heart   #depressed   #pathetic   #hurt   #flower   #feeling   #stressed  
Poppy fox
1 day ago      1 hour ago

I've gone under
swirling around
subject to their order.

I'm not in control anymore.

They've got me dancing around the rocks
in a firm embrace,
somehow so comforting.

Silky smooth, caressing, smothering
taking over.

I'm not struggling anymore.

Overwhelming feeling of calm,
they drag me further down-
I move freely.

So nice to be wanted.
So so nice.

The waves take me,
drowning my sorrows
quite literally.

#peace   #freedom   #sad   #depression   #anxiety  
Afrodita Nestor
Afrodita Nestor
7 hours ago      1 hour ago

A saw a butterfly on the concrete floor
I saw her for a moment, but wanted much more
The moment I touched her she flew away
I followed her lead throughout the day
It’s nothing more thrilling, and mark my word
as to follow this beauty across the world

Though I feel often as lost as she is
As confused and lonely and without a peace
I am asking myself day and night
If this is just wrong or if this is alright

To live in a world with no place for such beauty
To feel like a stranger that has no duty
That has no purpose in this jungle of ours
Like a magic potion with no powers

Like the butterfly on the concrete floor
Like a house without a front door
Like a man with no shadow behind
Is this just me or are we all blind?

Copyright Afrodita Nestor
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