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1-2: I have turned away to other things in times of thirst for my God.
3: I have cried because I have been lost,
I have been lacking direction,
standing in a forest wandering aimlessly.
4: I have remembered the praise, comfort, and fellowship of my God's house and presence, yet I wander away from a place of security,
and I mourn for the loss of such a temple.
5: Why have I turned away?
Why have I been trying to find peace without reaching Him?
7: Your paths and trials have proven for me,
that I need to seek comfort and direction in you -
there is no other substitute.
9: I cry out to God,
with every move,
yet am unconscious of my aching,
my feelings of aloneness, loss, anger, sadness
were all a cry for help
I just didn't realize it.
God asks,
"Why do you doubt me?"
I respond with tears.
I am sorry.

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Through the laurel branches
I saw two doves of darkness.
The one it was the sun,
the other one was lunar.
I said: 'Little neighbours
where is my tombstone?'
'In my tail-feathers,' the sun said.
'In my throat,' said the lunar.
And I who was out walking
with the earth wrapped round me,
saw two eagles made of white snow,
and a girl who was naked.
And the one was the other,
and the girl, she was neither.
I said: 'Little eagles,
where is my tombstone?'
'In my tail-feathers,' the sun said.
'In my throat,' said the lunar.
Through the branches of laurel,
I saw two doves, both naked.
And the one was the other,
and the two of them were neither.

kyle Shirley
kyle Shirley
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Do not fall in love with a woman who lives the same music you do, because when she leaves, music is all you have left, then even your passion for music, begins to betray you.

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Noon—is the Hinge of Day—
Evening—the Tissue Door—
Morning—the East compelling the sill
Till all the World is ajar—

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people always blame shit on someone else changing if u are human u changed too and maybe they changed in part because of you

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Once we were young
And ruled the the world
We saw things
We did did things

The photographs
proved we were there

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Last month,
He wanted change
Both rustic and refined,

More spacious,

Friendly, and precious.
Each chosen effect,
Dressed and palpable.
Still, the wonders of the more pedestrian standard
Blister and accentuate:
This is good enough.

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