4 hours ago      1 second ago

Your strong leathery hands could mold my soul into what ever shape you desired and I would melt into contentness.

He has such nice hands and a lovely heart. Send good thoughts his dog is very sick.
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Joshua Loner
Joshua Loner
5 hours ago      6 minutes ago

Transfixing fissures
Futures diverge
Clairvoyant visions
Empires birthed

Spectral eroticists whisper
Secrets divined
Sleep till despotic
Which dream was I?

Grains are draining
Fate awaits
You must claim it
All my wills are
Numb and vacant
Prime escaped
I hesitated

I been waiting
Waiting and waiting
Waiting and waiting
Waiting and waiting
Waiting and waiting
Waiting and waiting
What am i waiting for?

Forbidden visage
My past just won't learn
Sacred decisions
Fates to discern

Defile my body politic
Tempestuous gaze
Bomb every monolith
Mental emperors raise

Why dont you

Acquiesece and
Quit complaining
Get complacent
Make your payments
Spare your praises
Let's get wasted
Find a lover
Learn to hate them

I hate this I hate this
Fatal existence
I made this I made it
Framework of cynicism
I need it I need it
I can't defeat this
My strengths are my weaknesses

What am I fighting for?
What am I writing for?

7 hours ago      14 minutes ago

You will find me where the stars cluster
in familiar constellations,
for the courage I could not muster
left me basking in your subtle revelations

Seeking answers and asking questions:

Why is it that we want the ones that don’t see us
instead of the ones that do
Why is it so hard to see
the someone that sees you

“The lover’s ailment is separate from all other ailments:
    love is the astrolabe of the mysteries of God.”
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Caytlin Rae
Caytlin Rae
5 hours ago      20 minutes ago

A sky of stars and galaxies
Reflects itself in my mind,
And for a moment,
I wish that I could capture
That view through a man made lens
So I could share it with you.
That's what missing you feels like--
Like there is so much in my head
But no way to show it.
No way to send you a virtual kiss,
Or take a picture to tell you
What I am thinking.
My surroundings are vast and I am small,
But let me tell you this:
You are somewhere between
A mortal and a miracle,
And I find you in the stars
Because you don't belong
Among the humans.
That's the way I look at you--
My own personal Galaxy
That wraps me up
In a warm blanket of stars.
We may be apart,
But my heart lies wherever you are.

Melissa McGlothlin
Melissa McGlothlin
1 day ago      26 minutes ago

Wishing on stars,
At the moon lit night,
Never giving up
The Desire to dream,
Even the biggest Infinity,
Regardless the people who try to stop you,
The Lusting admiration to fly,
Up high and down low.
Stays with you forever,
My friend, The only way down is up.

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Robert Ueda
Robert Ueda
17 hours ago      42 minutes ago

Foot hits the pavement
Alleviating impatience
Lighter than a feather
To better cushion the jaded

Stomping through the cemetery
The behemoth breaks his back
Stumbling over tombstones
Seemingly jagged in every crack

A man, half a monster,
Half a mouse, mostly bleeding
Drowning in the oxygen bank
Indian given breathing

When the rabbits loose their roots
Aside trees what speak and breathe
The kings are parted out
While the beasts break even clean

Copyright © by Robert Ueda 2014
1 day ago      48 minutes ago

I miss you but I don't know who you are
Want to touch you but you're just so very far

You visit my dreams but we've never even met
It's where I always tell you how much we could have meant

Imagining your scent I close my eyes and slowly inhale
Fantasising of the sunset into which we could sail

The taste of your lips is a memory I'm waiting to have
Yet all the time wishing it's one I'd already had

Will your embrace, I wonder, ever be mine to steal?
Feeling your warmth, mending this heart that needs to heal

I'll hold this dream in my mind so tight and so very close
One day maybe you'll come true! I'll pray, and who knows?


Something is missing from deep inside but will I ever know?
Tell me where you are and to this place I will surely go

Within my dreams there's a place that feels so very real
A gentle voice in the beautiful distance mirrors the way I feel

The scent of Jasmine reminds me of a face I've never met
My heart remains loyal and my mind is already set

Full lips, I imagine, leaving 'lust' as a subtle taste
I reach out to caress you but lose the memory of your face

It's like you've already held me but left the imprint on my heart
I would readily begin searching if I knew just where to start

This fantasy, visiting only at night, will stay with me 'til death
and when I leave this earth, your name will fall upon my fragile breath

This is about 2 people dreaming of their soul mate. They haven't met but are waiting and dreaming about each other.
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