Mr Mojo Risin
Mr Mojo Risin
1 hour ago      8 seconds ago

To love and be loved,  is equal to holding the keys to Heaven on Earth

#love   #heaven   #earth  

It was the silver, heart-enveloping view
Of the mysterious sea-line far away,
Seen only on a gleaming gold-white day,
That made it dear and beautiful to you.

And Laura loved it for the little hill,
Where the quartz sparkled fire, barren and dun,
Whence in the shadow of the dying sun,
She contemplated Hallow's wooden mill.

While Danny liked the sheltering high grass,
In which he lay upon a clear dry night,
To hear and see, screened skilfully from sight,
The happy lovers of the valley pass.

But oh! I loved it for the big round moon
That swung out of the clouds and swooned aloft,
Burning with passion, gloriously soft,
Lighting the purple flowers of fragrant June.

3 hours ago      18 minutes ago

In between space and time
You hold me tight
and say you're mine.

We met where all eyes can see
Then in chaos
Found our sanctuary

Heart shouting so loud
That the sound echoes
In the crowd.

This is my testimony
Screams from the rooftops
About what you do to me.

What better place to say.
Than the place we met
At the beginning of days.

That I am in love with Regis Keuren.

I love you dearest.
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1 hour ago      22 minutes ago

The world is ending
You said “close your eyes“
I shut them
I saw the reflection of the burning sun in your pupils
It was the end
The fire crashed over us and we melted into each other’s hearts
...I woke up a little girl again
And my small hands touched the grass that we laid on in our Indian summer days
You said I had the most prettiest eyes
Frankly that just wasn't enough for you
I plucked the grass from the dirt
and you helped me make flower bracelets for the both of us
That was then
blown to bits by the multiplying thoughts of breaking us apart
but little one there are many steps you'll have to take
before you step on the shoes of another traveler
so I keep walking against the fire
and you walk back into the field of flames

Julia Keats
Julia Keats
1 day ago      24 minutes ago

The ravaging winds
tell of approaching storm.
It is a tale of itself
of its many forms and faces
a typhoon, cyclone,
a hurricane.
It tells of a torn city,
a dwelling upturned
and flesh turned to bits.
Its prowess turns
the able bodies,
the enigmatic faces
and the wide-lipped smiles
into the evening's hues.
And I slowly fall
into its ebbing waves

#storm   #ocean   #waves   #devastation  
Breanna Stockham
Breanna Stockham
17 hours ago      30 minutes ago

I’ve mastered independence strength and might
I’ve mastered pushing everyone away
With standards high, I’ve mastered loneliness
No tears are shed when someone goes astray

I’ll admit, it’s working out quite nicely
Heartbreak in my future, I don’t see
Heartbreak comes from closeness turned to distance
But distance comes so naturally to me

Flooded with feelings when they are close by
Flooded with feelings when they’re far away
They drown in feelings, I’m completely dry
Won’t dip my toe, scared I’ll get swept away

I’ve mastered this dry land, my own safety
Mastered feeling content walking on land
But one thing I cannot seem to master
Is my strange desire to go and swim

Flooded with feelings or choking on air
I simply can’t decide which one is worse
At least the water makes you feel something
My dry land leaves me numb with quite a thirst

Staying on the surface can’t satisfy
My deep desire for something much more
Better to feel too much than not at all
Goodbye safety, it’s time to leave the shore

#heartbreak   #feelings   #scared   #water   #dry   #safety   #drown   #flood   #land   #choke  
Molly Daniels
1 day ago      56 minutes ago

seeds of doubt are sown in the dark patches
of soil beneath my eyes,
the winter frost seeps color
from my once rosy cheeks,
bruises bloom on my knees from greeting
the bathroom floor too many times,
lines of red poppy flowers grace
my rib cage.

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