Jakob Walker
Jakob Walker
1 day ago      7 seconds ago

Atlas is missing

The sky is falling

The world is crumbling

My heart is breaking

Rivers form from my eyes

Sniffles emanate from my nose

It won’t get better

Not much can help

A feeling unlike any previously experienced

How does one handle it?

When someone who you love dearly

Will soon be up above?

Someday I’ll be okay

But it is not this day

For now I lie in bed

And hate the waiting.

#hate   #depressed  
Camille Isadora
Camille Isadora
7 hours ago      12 minutes ago

he doesn’t hold my hand in public
it’s strange
because he says he doesn’t like PDA
which i can respect
but is that a public display of affection?
it is to some, i suppose
but i see it as an affirmation
i know you
i like you
i want to feel the way your fingers grazes across my own
the love lines and health lines a girl who read my palm once told me were strong
intermingling together
the public part is incidental
if we were alone i’d still want to touch your fingertips
and when we are, i do
but not out in the open
i tell myself my confidence is average
but we both know that’s a lie
i take it personally
when you hesitate to kiss me twice
because once is enough

i asked you what the first thing that came to mind was
when i said the word beautiful
you said you didn’t know
i asked you for something
that is beautiful
you still didn’t have an answer
but on the other hand
you did tell me i was beautiful
the first time you saw me without my top on
in my limited experience that’s not very romantic
i asked my friend about his wife
he said he didn’t know how to be an adult without her
and i don’t know how to be myself without you
but i have come to the realization
that i am in love with the idea of you
an idea i have created out of spectacle frames
and shoelaces

when we started it was beautiful
but over time the iron oxidized
turning to rust
climbing up my legs and over my hips
rooting me to the spot
so i can only watch
as everything erodes
and i’m left alone

during moments in the dark i tell you i love you
and my ears wince at the phrase
“well it’s mutual”
i am no less deserving of love than anyone else
if anything i deserve more
because i give
and give
and give
and ask for nothing in return
but the grip of your hand around mine
an affirmation
i know you
i like you
i love you
don’t forget that
but i have not fallen for you
i am standing
waiting for you to knock me off my feet
for something that isn’t going to come

when i take your hand in the city i feel you tense
wait for you to find the first excuse to let go
and i want to
let go

#love   #heartbreak   #poem   #poetry   #sad   #depressed  
Kiana Lynn
Kiana Lynn
1 day ago      16 minutes ago

I can still feel you,
how our bodies stuck together like glue
and the sun came up, but we hadn’t slept
we were laughing, looking so very unkempt.
We’d been lost in each other,
sparked a fire that neither of us could smother.
Our minds connected too,
reminiscing on all we had commonly gone through.
But it’s starting to feel like an illusion
your memories feeling more like an intrusion.
You were gone before I could blink,
now I’m asking the bartender for a strong drink.
A whirlwind romance?
No, that means you had to of given us a chance.
But that’s not possible because you left
taking my heart with, but I’m not calling it theft.
I gave it willingly, I’m not sure when
maybe when you fixed my hair with that old bobby pin,
or when I woke up next to you, and the sleep was still in your eyes,
possibly maybe when you held me through my cries.
At some point I tucked my heart away in your hand,
under the impression that staying was what you planned.
I can’t find it in myself to hate you, but I am nostalgic
because baby our love was magic.
Or maybe it’s because I can’t erase the feel of you,
and as I stare at a picture of us, I’m not even quite sure I want to.

#love   #truth   #life   #fall   #in   #you   #feeling   #memory   #feel  
3rd Legacy of Oliver
3rd Legacy of Oliver
2 hours ago      40 minutes ago

as days have past
and so have mine
the climate, changed
and the weather, gone
nevermore will i expect
greatness from my own
as the sea had lost its saltiness
and as the skies have faded stars
as an old print fades away
and as a tree
that shed its leaves
nevermore will i expect
for you to come,
as for me to wait
the scum has gone,
and the judge has come
to wreak havoc upon my life
but to bring
to my restless soul

to the famewhore me
#life   #world   #thoughts   #me   #understanding   #scum   #fame  
cody dale
cody dale
1 day ago      42 minutes ago

if you don't say it we can be together always

#don't say it                 #love me forever
4 hours ago      52 minutes ago

We write with broken letters
some I've broken myself
disenfranchised smiles
and love put on the shelf

Yet somehow this distaste
I've stumbled hereupon
is a lot more comforting
than seeing you anon

This brings me neither peace
nor incoherent joy
treating this little piece
of your heart like a toy

But secretly it is you
who has a piece of mine
though it may be reluctant
it's been there all this time

Anna Mosca
Anna Mosca
1 day ago      1 hour ago

the stillness
of some nights
has few equals

owls sounds
out of nowhere
under this canopy

honeyed darkness
wrapped around
my lonely steps

All these poems are from The California Notebook collection from www.annamosca.com

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