Landon Miller
Landon Miller
18 hours ago

Living in the darkness within the light
This world is filled with so much pollution, the kids don't stand a chance
So for now just continue to get high, pass the time, and just clear your mind

2 hours ago

Deep down, we all know what we need and what we want in life. We all know what we should and shouldn't do. What to expect and what to accept. We have somehow lived long enough to embrace what we have learned, and to never commit the same mistakes of trusting and hoping that things will ever change, for you or for anyone, to become anyone. But, I really dont know when to start claiming all of it. We all should believe that we are meant for life, to live and to receive. To continue evolving... yet, for some reason, I keep coming back, moving back and forth, climbing up and down.. never still on where I know i belong. Never still on where I know I have found home.

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Brent Kincaid
Brent Kincaid
1 hour ago

Someday I’m going to learn to speak up!
I swear I’m going to proudly reach up
And take back what is truly mine
And that day will be fine.

Someday I’m going to tell all the people
What I think that the bad people
Should not  be allowed to do
Like commit crimes on you.

I’m going to let people know exactly how I feel
And not silently pretend things aren’t real
That are hurting, denying, robbing
My fellow human beings.

Today I am going to change things
And appreciate what life brings.
Listen when the birds sing.
And what poets are writing.

Someday I am going  to raise my voice and sing out
Whenever there’s something to sing about
Even when there just seems to be
Something important to me.

Sk Abdul Aziz
Sk Abdul Aziz
3 hours ago

With every passing day, my life was getting complicated...
...so i decided to make it a little simpler
...i forgave some
..and asked for forgiveness from some
And i must say things have been much better ever since

Makayla Shea
1 day ago

It makes me feel so alive
As i watch it bleed
It makes me feel so alive
Its such a sudden need

The pain is like a rush
If you saw me
You would definitely blush
Because this is not who im supposed to be

But im afraid
Its who i am
The price must be paid
So that i can stand

Stand myself
Without this knife
I would crumble
And i would end my life

So i continue to cut my skin
I dont care if its a sin
Its what must be done
If im to continue to see the sun

Everyone needs something
To cope with pain
This is what i need
For there to be any gain

I love the blood
I love feeling it flood
Down my leg
Im not going to beg

For help
So inwardly i yelp
In pain
And i watch the rain
Of red
That will scare me skin
And i want it to end
But i cant stop
Its out of my control
I have no soul
Im just a robot
Who must bleed
I have to feed
On this bright red sin
So i cut again and again

But there has to be more
Christ has settled my score
I wont give up
I wont stay stuck
I will keep moving
I will let go of this knife
I wont let it rule my life

An old poem about self harm, but there is hope to get this past you dont have to continue down this dark path, there is a God who loves you very much, and he is there for you, he is a father to the fatherless.

He pens pretty poetry on a paper pad
hoping the mistakes he made would fade,
He counts each and every syllable to be safe
but the metaphors don't speak the fact.
He pens pretty poetry on a paper pad
to display the heartbeats and darker shades
of living the days of replayed heartbreak
just so that he could bury hurt in sand.

His right hand writes away the tears
the years have made him grown bitter;
he shrivels as the roses start to wither
and poems become scribbled cries no one hears.
He ends tear-stained poems before it gets torn
with last words that read loving you was war.

5 hours ago

And with that,
I'm reminded of all the reasons
why I fell in love with you,
and being in love with you, still.

for m.b | 10:32 pm 170223
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