48 minutes ago

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I really do.

Your words
sometimes heal me
only yours can be the cure
But sometimes kill me
because it's like a sword

And when it does
you said I never listen
but I always did
The same line you'll repeat

                                that I am,

Who should I blame
for I am being such fragile kid

I need your love
I see there's love
but sometimes you love to hurt
and I am so sick of being hurt by the world
the last thing I'm asking is for your protection
so I have a safe space at least; home

It's not your fault
that I am so weak
Not your fault
that I am hurting

Never be yours
cuz I love you so

Never be yours
that I chose to not speak

Never be yours
that you don't get me

I'm sorry.


I still love you and I always will.
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Oceans, forests, nature, & mountains are all gifts Mother Earth gave us to share freely.
She provided us with clean air, nourishing food, & a lovely, welcoming home.
However, humanity screams "that's not enough."

Our mouths water with greedy lust.  
Our eyes gleam when we see an opportunity to get ahead.
Mankind often forgets that prosperity does not need to not come at the expense of our planet.
Selfishness overtakes our souls as we plot the death of Mother Earth.

#love   #green   #earth   #environment   #planet  
Ola Radka
Ola Radka
1 hour ago

Good night, my Baby
Visit me in my dreams maybe.
We will dance
Until the end of time.
In my dreams.
Every night.
As if we see each other
for the first time.

Always in love
Always in my mind.

#love   #dreams   #missing  
chasing vapors
chasing vapors
1 hour ago

healing takes time.
it could take several weeks,
or months or even years.
we are uncertain.
but the only certainty is that,
we will heal.
we will grow again.
we will be whole again.
we just have to be patient, love.
yes, there would still be nights
that you'd cry over what had happened,
there would still be times
that they'd pop up in your mind,
but, love, you will get through it.
the road is rough
and everything seems tough,
because heartbreak is not a joke.
yes, it is never a joke.
but let me tell you that
He, who created you---
fearfully and wonderfully---
has a purpose.
and sometimes,
His grace comes not in what He gives,
but what He takes away.
everything will get better.
keep fighting, love.
keep fighting.

Jon Po Dom
Jon Po Dom
2 hours ago

The room goes dark
Its time to play
Bewildered look on
Her face
Glowing by the sheen
From candles lit
Let the games begin
A dark voice says

Sweat builds on her brow
Like a tear drop
No sadness here
She awaits in anticipation

Her body is tense
Ropes, whips and chains
Hanging on the walls
Will we be used today
Takes hold of the ropes
Ties her to four posts
Attached to a bed
Dressed in silk clothes
So soft where she lies

He covers her eyes
Field of view obstructed
Heightened senses
Like a cave underwater
No life expected

Her ears come to life
Tingling from slow breathes
Blowing from his
cold mouth
Frozen lips
Icy tongue
She gasps for air
Her body bare

Mouth to Mouth
She licks her lips
In slow motions
Like a fan
He tastes so good
So much emotion
The smell of leather
In the air

Takes a deep breathe as
He rubs the ice
Down the Hills
Is it too hot?
Is it too cold?
Her brain can't function
What is this?
is it Pleasure?
Is it pain?

She wants to learn
His tender touch
Is it love?
Is it hate?
Is it passion?
Confused reaction

Please stop!
No, keep going
What to do?
What to say?
She says nothing
She has escaped
Into the confines of
Her mind distressed
She is fully obliged
To Him

First time playing
He isn't easy
On her
A big smile forms
No serenity
Pleasure is torture

She wants more
Craves deep within
No whips
No chains
Nothing more than
Hot and Cold hands
His Toy

Moving across her body
Up and Down
Exploring her map
Over the hills
Through the valleys
From chest to navel

Mouth to lips
Passion fruit
Cant move
She comes undone
Her body contorts
Hair stands
Like trees in the forest

What has happened?
She'll never tell
Forever changed
Her body fell
Into his arms
Her Dark Tormentor

JM 10/4/16

#love   #tears   #lust   #dark   #sex   #torment   #rough   #pleasure   #sub   #dom  
Jon Po Dom
Jon Po Dom
2 hours ago

Winter lips cool to the touch
Crystal eyes frosty much
Enduring gaze, beauty and such
A touch of class for my crush

Silhouette of diamond blush
Sweet temptation a constant rush
Tender body sweet and flush
Escaping breathe makes me hush

Hair is gathered looking plush
Forbidden fruit delectable and lush
An aphrodisiac in the cultch
Beast and Beauty dance to singing thrush

Taking hold of the clutch
Through the gears until she's ablush
Night of passion leaves her slush
Until the night time ends in shush

JM 10/12/16

#love   #senses   #eyes   #passion   #breath   #sex   #skin   #touch   #fruit   #pleasure  

And the distance between,
Kept their bodies apart
But not their hearts
In dreams of a fantasy
That befell upon each,
Every night,
As they both stared,
Throughout the midnight hour

#love   #sad   #beauty   #soul   #distance   #mates  
Alli Ashiq
Alli Ashiq
2 hours ago

I'm consumed in the thought of my dear
As i stare at the vast ocean and lay here
The cool breeze that softly brushes my cheek
Reminds me of your touch that makes me weak

This glimmering star is like your smile at day
Such beautiful sight that removes all my dismay
How I long to have you in my arms again
To be with you till the very end

Won't you come and be with me my dear
Remove this pain and all I fear
For it is only your presence that suffices above all
In this love for you I'll always fall

Please embrace me as i close my eyes tonight
You're the only one i need my shining light
Bless me with a kiss from your soul
I'm always yours my darling I call

#love   #dear   #madlyinlove  
Clementine Eleos
Clementine Eleos
3 hours ago

I must sound
Like a chocolate wrapper
Crumbled up with cliche intentions
But oh, the sun is so healing on Saturdays
The weekend's bounty fueled by her light
My glacierlungs start to melt
I feel alright
On the train
To see my best friend
Soaking it all in
Finally unbroken
75 degrees in February
Never felt so incredible
I don't feel terrible
I must sound so redundant
But you would play the same song 100
Times a day if it made you feel alive,
Wouldn't you?

#love   #sun   #happy   #friend   #spring  
Bryan Lauw
3 hours ago

“A memoir; for you were set apart.”

As I would wait at eleven,
At that moon ere the twelfth,
Would you be there? By the cleft?
Would I still see you, in even;

By the lights across?

Even so; and not,
Flusters in vain,
but firn; it blots not
unsieved trails by the rain.

Beseeched to cease upon this fixation,
“’Twas but a distant temperament.”

But I’d do it all over again.

I waited and still am.
#love   #poetry   #sad   #life   #sadness   #patience  
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