I was a flower who was too afraid to bloom. Fearing my petals weren't beautiful or colorful enough for the garden.

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Zan Balmore
Zan Balmore
8 hours ago

You've made your suffer very clear
In anguish's cutting headlights
You are a fragile deer
Glass organs pop under foot
Your psyche crumbles into dirt
Glass murks reading worse
Than it ever has
It ever has
In this one bedroom den, I'm the wolf
Once I was a scrapyard mongrel
Once you were my wide world
Presently avatar of indifference
You've become a cyclone fence
Every dawn sweet music cedes
Every dusk, must evade sleep
Evade sleep

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Tiger Lily,
Glowing bright
Soft velvety petals
Swaying violently
Against the storm

Swirling winds
Entangle her soul
Struggles to be free

Its wrath subsides
And the flower stands tall
Tiger Lily
Brightest of them all

Wearing the yellowest of bonnets
The greenest of gowns
She curtsies up and down
And turns to the sun

Petals tainted wild gold
Amongst murky swamps
She shines bright
Tiger Lily

Thought I'd start out with one of my oldest poems.
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Sienna Luna
Sienna Luna
1 day ago

You make me so giddy inside
nervous like
a warm runny egg.
You are so respectful
of boundaries
which has left me
wanting so much more.
You are a conundrum
always looking, looking, looking
at me causing blood to
flush my round cheeks.
I want to bone your firm ass
and make you cum
till kingdom come.
Cream your pants
and come undone.
You make me so churlish
all writhing inside with
a heavy licentious
attitude equating to
the silent space
between us where
nothing is said
and our eyes meet
but words seem to
stick in my
tarnished throat
choking up
on all those internal
sultry soliloquies
trapped tight
in my esophagus
wanting desperately
to venture forth
through tantalizing
whispers of the heart.
And somehow
I break through
that anxiety
and pour my soul
into your open arms
and you release me
making my fears dribble
out all over my pants and
all over my cheeks
in tears of joy.
You make me anxious
when I'm butt naked
and antsy like string beans
peeling their skins off
to reveal tiny round
little green seeds
not unlike peas.
You make my plant stems
and flowers engorge.
You make the sunlight
within me adored.
You are so kind and careful
by the way you carry
yourself full of warmth
and confidence and balance
and I feel an inability to express these physical desires seeming
endless in their tidings.
I always seem to keep my
sexual secrets to myself
because they are bottomless
and embarrassing beyond belief.
But your words seem to
release me and so finally
I can speak.
You are so open and sensual
by the way you observe me
and I find myself burning
alive inside
my guts all squirming
in loose knots  
trying to unravel
these trivial thoughts.
Still wanting to leap
the distance and smother
you with wet kisses
my body is burdened
by natural urges.
These animal instincts
that venture on purges.
You make me so lascivious
by nothing of your
own accord
by the way you look and gaze
deeply into my eyes
for moments at a time
never ending
this joy is never ending
but secretly
I wish I could open you up
enough to hear your
orgasmic screaming.
I wish I could satisfy
your insatiable need
and be able to pleasure you
instead of you pleasuring me.
This relief is somehow firm
and I've done a lot of freeing.
I ache to see your face
aroused and flushed
by something I'm not seeing.

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1 day ago

I had always thought
That out of all the
In the world
Yellow was the worst
The embodiment of
The bright color burned at my eyes
My darling
As we stand in the dark
And you tuck a
Yellow rose
Behind my ear
I think
Isn't so bad
After all
My dear

I used to believe
Was the most
The embodiment of
The sun
Your soul
And the golden roses
That sat upon our table
Waiting for me after a long day
From you
The bright color kissed at my eyes
My darling
As we stand in the light
Those roses darken
And wilt
As our love grows old
And brown
Instead of the yellow
I think
Isn't good
After all
My dear

Now I sit here
Knowing the truth
Yellow isn't
It's a color
And the memories
Behind it
Make it what it is
My darling
I cannot decide
Whether I
The color
For it was the color of
Forgotten love
The color of
Fights and dark days
The color of
But yet
I cannot bring myself to hate it
For it is still
The color
Of the roses
That you lay
Upon my gravestone
Every year
My dearest
My darling
My love

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morning glory
morning glory
2 days ago

“I wonder what it’s like to love you.” You say as we’re lying in my bed.
“I wouldn’t know,” I say, “I don’t think anybody ever has.”
And you give me a pitiful smile, the kind you always give when I
say something so negative about myself.
I guess I’m glad I’ve come to think of it as ‘commitment’ rather than ‘pity’.
I’ve let myself drown in you. I let myself become lost in your lifeless eyes
and I’m filled with regrets but I don’t regret a thing. Maybe I Regret Breathing.
You’ll let my ghost linger, just for awhile longer. You’ll let me be real to you.
And as I feel the smoothness of you silk black hair in my hands, I wonder
if I’ve ever really loved you or if I just loved how in love we could have been.

i miss you always, daffodil.
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Jim Davis
Jim Davis
3 days ago

Have you helped a butterfly ever
Fragile, delicate, creatures are they
Fluttering bravely, through tempest
Hoping life, til morrow's winds

Entrance to life as tiny things
Growth to most ugly well defined
(During those caterpillar days)
Morphed to beautiful in wonders

Sometimes, passing by, our lives
With barely, hardly, any notice
Although, if we stop, to closely look
Discover, they are the coolest

Searching woods, field, prairie
For life's, delicate, bright, flowers
Giving sustenance, as sweet nectar
For life's wing, and heart beats

Mostly, their life is some shorter
Than the average span of time
Although, some, like some of us
Live only no more, of a moment

Knocked out of the world's air
Often, by hard blows unseen
Without care, we remark
They're just lying there, still

Whilst some soar, as eagles
Or buzz, like bees and wasps
Some of us, are blissfully happy
Simply butterflies, floating through

Pause,,, your hectic busy days
Take a moment, be a flower today
Give out a bit of life's sweet nectar
To butterflies, aloft in the winds

©  2017 Jim Davis

“What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when you bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.” – Henry David Thoreau
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Hailey Allen
Hailey Allen
3 days ago

I walked outside to smell some flowers,
Their anthers blowing in the breeze
But while my plan was to sniff them for hours,
What sprung up?
It wasn't weeds.

As I bent down to smell the roses,
And the brilliant, white daisies
Suddenly I felt a tickle in my nose
What really sprung up?
My allergies!

I hate allergies. But now that spring is here, it'll be even worse!
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4 days ago

I am a flower.
Hard to handle
At times
Because of my thorns.
However, I am strong,
I can grow, and
I’m beautiful

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RL Glassman
RL Glassman
6 days ago

A Lily hurt me deeply
How could something so soft be so hard
It poked and it shamed me
With it's lilac petals and green bone
When I touched it,  felt softness
When I looked away, sensed stone
This is what the Spring gave me!
A soft looking Lily
With a penchant for scorn

wrote this today. entirely random.

march 21 2017
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