3 hours ago

I want to learn your secrets;
hear the things you've never told;
reach inside and prod your mind,
burn the things that make you cold.

I wish to know your dreams,
those that keep you awake;
peak inside and try to find
a way to give your worrisome mind a break.

I need to know your sins,
the ones you're ashamed to speak;
hold your hand, comfort them away,
reassure you that they don't make you weak.

I hope to know what haunts you
in the silence of your days,
do you think of me, do you think of her?
What words do you wish you could unsay?

I yearn to know your desires,
fetishes that make you tick;
grasp your heart, feel your skin,
discover the way our bodies click.

I crave to love your soul
in all the ways a person could;
hold your fears, kiss your tears,
adore you the way a lover should.

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Danielle Suzanne
Danielle Suzanne
13 hours ago

When I'd wake alone in bed at 4am
To find you passed out on the couch
Too wasted to notice the heart breaking in front of you.
I tried every day
But you preferred synthetic hugs
and to hide in a place
where the expectations were low  
Escapes and excuses
more alluring than I could ever be.
Through tears I would plead
'Why don't you want to sleep with me!?'
I shouldn't have taken it so personally

But nobody saw me cry. Especially not you.
Large doses of denial dished out
Perhaps the most powerful drug of them all
My soul mate disappeared
each day a little more

Maybe today will be different
Hope, the beautiful motivator
Maybe today it'll be me that you choose
Naively believing that you had control
But then I woke alone in bed at 4am
Manipulated and used.

March 26th 2017
#love   #sad   #addiction   #tears   #hope   #tragedy   #soulmate  
Ami Shae
Ami Shae
14 hours ago

Dropping to my knees in prayer to a god
who might or might not be listening--
hoping somehow the ache in my heart
will reverberate far enough along
as my tears are streaming, glistening
and find their way through
the silent waves of grief and worry
that envelop and grip my heart
to find god's undivided attention
for just a moment or two--
"dear god, I beg of you--
stop all the pain that has its clutches
upon many of our throats in this land
and swipe away all tears
with your mighty hand
and please, please if you can see through
to the core of me now
do the magic that they say you can do
and heal not just myself
but the many many others too
who are in pain, bereft and alone,
who are in dire need of your love, in need of You."

My heart just feels so heavy for so many who are suffering/worried/hurt/living in pain. If god is real, then why doesn't he heal? (No offense meant to anyone, I just wish things were better for those in our world, for ALL those here on HP).
#love   #prayer   #need   #pain   #god   #tears   #core   #amen  

Perfection glided down the aisle: Tears streamed my beaming face.

This is basically how my brother described the moment he saw his fiance (now wife) walking towards him in her wedding gown. I want this for me and my wife one day... when I meet her that is.
#love   #tears   #happy   #wedding   #joy   #marriage   #moment   #perfection   #groom   #10ws  
Seth Milliman
Seth Milliman
1 day ago

Provided no more tears,
Fall down on ones head.
The rain may continue,
Yet not from dread.
Is there only horrors of life hiding in the wait?
Are there no more avenues for one to create?
This beast of burden I've carried,
So long kept concealed.
Always remaining calm,
Storms brewing infield.
A moment of silence necessary,
For those still living.
Let your mistakes be many,
And always forgiving.

#self   #fear   #life   #tears   #stress   #land  
George Krokos
3 days ago

I am moved to tears when I see the spontaneous goodness of a person’s heart
that at times is surely lacking in many people of the world which we’re a part.

Sounds more like a confession or admission. From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
#heart   #world   #tears   #people   #lacking   #goodness   #part   #moved   #spontaneous  
Annie Cynthia
Annie Cynthia
3 days ago

Oh, how many times I cried
How many moments I wanted still...
Too much pain to bleed
But much more love to tell...

#tears   #happy   #beauty   #fantasy   #beast   #fiction   #film  
3 days ago

Tears are only secretions from a troubled eye
A hordeolum, bespectacled, lack of lye
In the lachrymal lakes of a punctum stye

This is what she said to me, a scientific lie
She explained to me, o'er again, the reasoning why
Tears are only secretions from a troubled eye

Mine had wandered into logs and knives
And they pulse the tears of  meandered cries
In the lachrymal lakes of a punctum stye

Forgiveness is a forgotten try
Boy cried wolf and science vied
Tears are only secretions from a troubled eye

Pleas and knees swallow pride
Tears fall deep and losses die
In the lachrymal lakes of a punctum stye

Two of hearts, must say their goodbyes
As love was lost for science to find
Tears are only secretions from a troubled eye
In the lachrymal lakes of a punctum stye

Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn
3 days ago

How can you look at me and say that we are best friends,
when you know that you never have time for me anymore.
We were the best of friends, the ones that would pink promise and say,
"I promise that we will be besties until the very end."
everything has changed,
we're not the same.
You're not there like you were before.
You chased me out of the house and you locked the door;
but it wasn't just that.
It was raining outside when you decided to lock me out.
I was stranded for what seemed like years,
standing soaked and wet in my tears.

Yet, it wasn't just that...

You stopped talking to me months ago.
Now you're saying that I am losing hope.
Oh no, darling, you let go of the rope.
The rope that held our friendship from sinking.
Yet, you cut the rope that held us together.

But it wasn't just that...

You ignored me for months and months.
You never wanted to hangout anymore.
I guess this is where our friendships sinks.
Lost in the middle of the ocean, stranded.

I wrote this one about someone that I shared all my secrets with. Now she doesn't seem to care about me anymore.
#tears   #crying   #lost   #friend   #best   #ocean   #sink   #ignore   #stand   #stranded  

Oh, how we practiced our rehearsals and rehearsed
Our every line. We studied every night,
Your skin molding into mine, so painful, so bright
All things leading to this final fight.

I kept you, a petal, too long in these letters
Stain touch every poem and my words act as the fetters
And I begged and I cried
But the show must go on.

Cut to our scene. Hear my breath low and heavy.
Your hands on my neck, your voice low and steady.
Now, the audience are waiting, held high in suspense
And my tears are forming from your sticky breath

And the curtains are falling, try remember your lines
But when the curtains fall open
I'm the only one left behind.


#love   #poetry   #pain   #tears   #art   #change   #ink   #emotion   #learning   #stength  
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