3 hours ago


all of you.

your hands and heartbeat,
your wildfire and blizzard.

your bed;
in which i smelled every thought that went through your head.

your sweater;
the one that consumes me and reaches my knees.

i think of you late at night,

early in the morning,

you never leave my thoughts.

you're there and you're plaguing my intellect;

you stupid, stupid thing with the lightest dark eyes.

you put out cigarettes butts on my heart but i never winced.
you burnt each eyelash of mine but i never yelled.
you drew out all the blood from my system,
pulled out all my teeth,
tore out my lungs,
and left me rotting on the sidewalk waiting, again, for you.

you broke the glass ceiling over my head,
tore the rug out from under my feet,
fed me cyanide and spoiled fish,
washed the blood off your tongue,
and i loved you with every bit of my tired heart.

and here i am now,
rotten, bleeding, and loving
asking you to give me back
just a piece of the innocence i gave you.

love writing about people i know in real life when i know they'll never see this. i hate him so much
#poem   #sad   #hate   #hurt  
5 hours ago

We all
Feel too much


Pretend we
Feel too little

Loose, amused by all views
Flowing, never controlling
A smooth confusion

Tangled, feeling strangled
Tight, impossible to fight
The chaos of realisation

14 hours ago

For give me mothers if I take another son away
The nigga shouldn't a tested if my niggaz wouldn't spray the K
2 the face
2 the point
Hollows in yo temple nigga
Leave 2 dents in yo face like some dimples nigga
The devil told me that I'm coldblooded
Semi stoic look on my face n these hoes love it
Ain't got it on me when they shoot imma road run it
Never put trust n no bitch cuz these hoes covet
Im like the black mclovin
Wit a wrap sheet 4 days
Tell yo mans cuz he shovin
N if low keep pushing imma have 2 start bussin
'Nother dumb nigga dead in the streets over nothing
My mama say that idk about the struggle but she don't know half if the shit a nigga toggle wit
She only know about a 5th of the shit I did
N if she knew me she would call me the apocalypse
Cuz I done did mo dirt then a Lil bit
N if this rapping don't crack imma cop a brick
These niggaz say they were its at but the fulla shit
Cuz we the only mfs really taking risk
When I was 17 I fucked a bitch n she was 30
They call it statutory rape but I was hella flirty
I know some niggaz out south that'll do u dirty
Razor blade 2 yo face like that nigga birdie
I gotcho sis on my lap
N yo fix in a sack
Text books on my back
Imma lowlife pirate I ain't even gotta act
N my niggaz on attack
Lowlife just relax

N I mean that shit
I was blind 2 it all now I c that shit
Imma show u mufuckaz that u can get rich
If yo friends turn 2 opps n yo main chick flip

I think Im in love wit this girl I just  met really outta nowhere  but Im crazy so idk. I want her so fuckin bad but I gotta wait. .....
#life   #hate   #pain   #future   #death   #past   #present   #chicago   #misery   #crime  
Allan Mzyece
Allan Mzyece
22 hours ago

This Is Poetic Physics, Transversing My own Lyrics
In a world little compared to my heart,
It beats just to keep me alive
just to stir up good emotions both in my neighbour's heart and ears

Fuck The Laws Of Physics!
Lets defy them all!

Down at the mall, I saw my love... She never waved me a goodbye, she didn't do shit!
my heart is bleeding! she is fucking up my demons
If only she waved
If only i was dead
If only i never held a pen

#love   #poem   #hate   #pain   #dark   #hurt   #i   #reason   #poety  
1 day ago

Rage, a blaze building in my gullet.
Reality placing things akin to gasoline upon the pyre.
Only serving to increase the raging fire.
Reaching higher, to the ceiling of my sanity,
The flames lick the threshold,
The human throws the match upon the gasoline.
Igniting it fully in a boastful manner,
The flames of anger now raging,
consuming all surrounding them.
Turning love to ashes, and structures to dust.
Rendering relations defunct,
And times now wasted.

#love   #anger   #hate   #fire   #please   #her   #she   #rage   #pyre   #blaze  
Maddie Berry
Maddie Berry
1 day ago

He would never get to see the stars in her eyes,
or know what kept her heart beating.

And for that,
he hated himself.

#love   #sad   #heart   #hate   #romance   #stars   #night  
Timothy hill
1 day ago

Shower of hell pours down into your being.

You cast others as dust to your kind of soul.

Shallow stains with only pity.

Ye hold no hate raft only take its place.

You do know you are of strange depitions.

So be kind, and not too overly stern for you shall seek love of beauty.

Death is a font in style with harsh structure.

Huge door, like sentences knock down your barriers let the pure light Pierce threw.

And you will become of some thang new.

Until this day, you are meaner, than a stage full of people with a mild cast of rage.

Sad tears flood, your place you need a life saver yet you shrug at that too.

I met you last summer and you where kind and polite.

Now you are meaner, and denser than effects can construct.

So I'll ask what made you this way?

Was it the death, of your friend that took his life by the "knife blood driping" down as a mother pulls it out.

The fog of that very moment hazed your light.

Now you persit to overwhelm your life with your own made strees.

Yes it was that I miss his friend ship.

Of a old lost friend.
#sad   #life   #hate   #tears   #friend   #sorrow   #rage   #raft  
1 day ago

I want to burry my face into a book
until i live the life it tells.
the faded ink of my story
only consisting of a souls mess splattered to words
can be rewritten a million times
it would never be a easy read
for I can't even put my crummy story into words
that would slip of the tongue easy
a book littered with unwanted words
a book with its pages remained shut
i shall not let people inside
for thats a dreadful sight
who knew sheets of paper filled with words about a life
could be attacked with a darkened madness
all filled with the thoughts that are driven by the devil

i havent slept in 58 hours im tired and yeah
#words   #depression   #hate   #sadness   #devil   #book   #madness   #mad   #pages   #dreadful  
1 day ago

Life may really be just a dream
But these feelings are more than real
My aches and pains are screaming out words I would never say
We pushed away love for hate
Baby lets drop our egos and become one
When I wake in another life, I want to see you there
Two strangers in a whole new world
Our love impeccable; true to the soul
Remember me?
Feel my energy & let my eyes lure you in
Take my mine again

Pushed away love just to write about it
#love   #sad   #hate   #happy   #thoughts   #feels  
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