Ola Radka
Ola Radka
9 hours ago

Risk is everywhere.

To cry is to risk being sentimental.

To dream is to risk being disappointed.

To laugh is to risk being a fool.

To love is to risk not being loved in return.

But when we are not willing to risk,
We don’t grow in life.
Life loses its power.
We may be safe
We are lifeless.

The greatest risk of all
To risk nothing.

Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee
10 hours ago

The gifts we reap
are directly linked
to all of the promises
we choose to keep
sustaining and growing
not always a chore
the basics of allowing
seeds to soar

5 days ago

Years of my tears dry to stale grit
Rusting my skin with crusting corrosions
of Yesterday's emotions frustrations devotions
With time, composting into a dirt coating
Renourishing layers of decomposition
Green seeds in germination with anticipation
Sprouting fresh roots of deeper perception

A Glowing. Growing. Living. New Me.

#new   #me   #personal   #growth  

message, at day's close--
the woodpecker
knocks again

#love   #pain   #acceptance   #growth  
6 days ago

try not to become so distracted
or maybe
become a bit more

get lost in something, whatever it may be. it is healthy to be challenged intellectually every once in a while. push your limits. find something you've never thought twice about and pull all of the emptiness and boredom and anxiety and twist it into something beautiful. dissect it, examine it, create from it. always give yourself permission to feel. we know this already, that logic and thought sometimes refuse to mix, so separate the two and create something impossible. challenge yourself. everything in this life can find ways to shove you down, but how will you overcome by laying stagnant?

holding your ground is not bad, but remember the things that bring you joy. loosen up. hold onto other things. look ahead a bit more often. immerse yourself in life.

something i learned from my therapist yesterday

As soon as you make something seem terrible,
it becomes
slightly terrible.

Someone could be using that very something in a good way,
but as soon as someone comes up with a bad way it could be used,
that thing becomes tainted by thought.

Those people ignore the good in that thing,
and imagine a bad future with it,
creating a taboo that is almost inescapable.

Our thoughts create our future.
Give things a chance.
Think positive.

The future is in our hands.
It is also in the hands of bad people.
We must coexist and cease blame on things.

I have been all of them...

how could they shock me?
how could I not understand them?

They are me
from the past -
this is for certain,

but am I them
from the future?
This is unknown,

and most likely, unlikely.

7 days ago

There is nothing more love can teach me.
So how can I skip class discreetly?...
She'll say that I think love is beneath me,
But if only it was that easy.
Unfortunately, because it's just something I see,
I will not receive a grade of empathy.
Love is becoming too pushy for me
And it's holding my consciousness in captivity.
When in my heart, I know it should be free.

#love   #life   #growth   #codependency  
FJ Thomas
FJ Thomas
7 days ago

As smooth as the pebble
that skips across the water
As hard as the stone that
forms a mighty mountain
So too is her spirit

As deep as the volcano that
has formed continents
As vast as the oceans that span
the face of the earth
So too does her soul reach

Through the force of hurricanes
she remains standing
With the rage of an uncontrolled
fire she protects her own
Thus is the perfection of the woman
who has suffered and grown.
~FJ Thomas

...to every woman who has suffered but still stands!
FJ Thomas
FJ Thomas
7 days ago

Mahogany strength fills all tantric dreams
Relieving cosmic weight with hidden might
The mental coups he culls; unsealing streams
Causing dams to burst he controls the night
Expanding space, bending dark, granting sight
Enriching the soft garden of my soul
Solidifying my foundation whole

An aura so bright I cannot ignore
Yet her call so sad it pleads for release
Her song distinct; making my senses soar
Her essence I will taste; bringing her peace
With lingual strokes I’ll revive barren creeks
Tilling fertile soil; buried flowers freed
Returning strength once lost; planting new seed



~FJ Thomas

Form: Rhyme Royal
#new   #sensual   #growth   #figurative  
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