Sometimes the balance is best served by removing the most insignificant weights from the scales of your life! In trying to put your life back together you may break your world into a thousand pieces, if you have that power, resist using it. It will not matter who or what tries to undo what you have done, only you can fix your life, if not in this would then in the next. The balance will be swift and served in your life!

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Jon Po Dom
Jon Po Dom
2 hours ago

The air is heavy
None can breathe.
In this place
No smiles, just grief.

A barren wasteland.
Fallout from the Phantoms.
Menaces whose pleasures lie
In the pain and misery
Of those beneath them.

Their feet press
Down upon the chests.
Anxiety builds like
Pressure from a fire hose
Capable of tearing
Flesh from bone,
Crushing rib and spine
Leaving one in
Dread and despair,
Like lost souls
Over a scorched earth
From burning hell fire.

There is no joy.
No satisfaction.
No sense of community.
Only desolation and desert
With dead camels,
And vultures
Circling their rotting corpses;
Life sucked right out.

In here,
The fools leading fools
Leading the Intellect,
And no end in sight
From this eternal misery

JM 10/26/16

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Bryan Lauw
3 hours ago

“A memoir; for you were set apart.”

As I would wait at eleven,
At that moon ere the twelfth,
Would you be there? By the cleft?
Would I still see you, in even;

By the lights across?

Even so; and not,
Flusters in vain,
but firn; it blots not
unsieved trails by the rain.

Beseeched to cease upon this fixation,
“’Twas but a distant temperament.”

But I’d do it all over again.

I waited and still am.
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5 hours ago

the hollow between her neck and shoulders,
deep like holy water stoup,
has always been sacred to me.

i was sixteen then, foolish and in love.

i wrote her name on every piece of paper
i could find and kept her in my pocket,
showed her what the world looked like in my eyes.

she had something in her, that girl.
perhaps a cross between a crazed butcher and a catholic school kid.
with her you can never tell.

for a brief moment she let me know what heaven tastes like--
she kissed me by the pool and i lost my head.

        time flew like manic Icarus.
     suddenly, as abrupt as somebody braking hard, it was all over.

four years later and i'm still looking for my sanity.

after her
every mouth i kiss
just tastes like chlorine.

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Should one follow a strict pattern
Live ,
Introspect reflect introspect.

Like a butterfly under the free sky.
Flicker ,flutter
Be mesmerised by the scent of the delicate blooms
taste  the nectar
Like or not
Do not bicker.

The butterfly has to follow a pattern too
Flicker ,flutter
But ....
Watch out many a chameleon or
The Charmer 'the pitcher plant'
A Parasite 'in -sight '.

Live like the tortoise
Slow and steady , wins the race .
Does it really win..
Or is it just a phrase ...

Live , as it may come .
No rules no clues .
I choose....I lose
I choose ...I win
A few lessons learned
A little more wise
The Final Sun Down .

The Butterfly has little to live and so much to inspire .
The tortoise has a tough shell a long life to live .

Outlast all my troubles
my demons close behind ;
To get to the end where the light of heaven shines

Apparently im losing
apparently im lost
So viciously unfocused
i fall and pay the cost

Uncanny how they breach in
My pride was like a boat
its dawning several holes
to water im exposed
then drown..

My issues give me pounds on rearrival
lately hits to ego have me feeling small as Fievel..
I feel as though im lacking
or unfit for this girl ;
They tell me play the game
while cheaters run the world..

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6 hours ago

I'll be nineteen soon,
then twenty...
I wonder how far
I'll have come by then.

That age isn't so far away,
what's so special about it?
It's a number that signifies how far I've come.

That's about it.

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9 hours ago

      In contrary of the distance we take.
          Goodbyes are just as hard to make.
          I wish the cold will stay away from our hearts.
          It’s our toughest decision we’ve made - being apart.

          I give to you a piece of my soul for you to hold.
          You give yours, I cherish like gold.
          Three years is a short time away from each other,
          Yet as long as our hearts are entwine together
          Our love is as sweet as forever.

© 2014

"does long distance relationship really last? I think it does for some people, but it is not for everyone. I guess it really depends how stretchable your love is..." ~ pax

it was a prompt for my little book jiffy's love.
11 hours ago

stuck in a rut,
the far left corner of my gut
nausea, inevitable
the tv hums low voices

cold sweats
evelope me into
gentle swaying solitude

thin, dainty line
of comfortable seperation
between exhaustion and being too tired to sleep
my mind drifts farther
and farther away

can you catch it?

bring it back to me
tie it to my finger
so that my thoughts will not stray tonight

nerves of flight,
on a lonely night
the world eclipses around me

Even when I'm not alone sometimes there's something missing
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Neon Robinson
Neon Robinson
Apr 20, 2016

Vertebrate beginnings,
I collate each chordates morphological traits
Striving to understand their profuse, evolutionary attributes.
Memorize the fusion of Latin and Greek roots
Interwoven just enough to complicate
Instead of differentiate inarticulate invertebrates.
Inhibitions confine to an educational institution
Discombobulated and ready to fucking

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