Apollo Hayden
Apollo Hayden
58 minutes ago

I was right behind that mountain,
now I'm just above its peak,
able to see things for what they truly are and not how I wanted them to be.
In hindsight the sun has shined its light on life's mysteries.
Out of the darkness we must rise; with resilience we will shine.

Always use your mind
It is an essential tool
Be willing to grab education
Your mother did not raise a fool
It is all up to you
Go forward and do great things
Just empower yourself
Be the best at it and do your thing

P e o p l e  suck , pretend to care but never gave a f u c k

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Martin Bailes
Martin Bailes
2 hours ago

In an atmosphere hushed & charged
expectant as that before a storm
I sense change,

coming swift like wild horses
surging over the horizon
hoof-beats thunderous
as I run alongside
& leaping only once
I will mount one
to ride bareback
as Apache youth,

& with trembling thighs
gripping so warm hide
hands all a-twisted around
dark, dark hair,

I shall lay my face to his forehead,
seeing with his eyes,
whilst whispering deliciously
in his turned-back
intimate ears,

& we shall be invincible
as we ride for hours
across baking sand & stone,
a pebble in my mouth
for moisture.

Arrow ... for that shall be
his name, will gather to us
wilder ponies & when we stop
to rest they will mill around
snorting & stamping
energy at momentary

Tony Pellagra
2 hours ago

So I've been told,
I'm nothing but an ape
Waiting to get old.
So I lie and I kill and I rape
And the world keeps turning.
Strangers 'round me do not see
That Paris is burning.

When I was told this, I wish I chose to care--
"It's not 'life is meaningless' that men come to fear."
No--but rather,
Every single, single decision matters.
And knowing that will save us from extinction, or let the world unravel.

"Life is meaningless," I was once told.
So I ripped the wing off a butterfly,
And watched as it twirled.
Now this old ape waits alone in the cold,
For I ripped the wing off a butterfly,
And have destroyed the world.

Every choice you make can either destroy the world (chaos) or save the world (virtue).
Satsih Verma
3 hours ago

After the sunset,
the moon comes out whitewashed.
An extremist flies a hawk.

The bird's meet was
disbanded. There was no
mandate to decide the fate
of eggs.

I cannot think. After the
arrest of an anarchist the cauldron
was left to boil.
The bones start melting.

Step out from the dark.
The blind men were protesting
in the street against the sun.

It is a small world.
You meet me again and again.

Satsih Verma
3 hours ago

No final goodbye. No poetic
apology. No introduction
to a frightening joke of
a blue Buddha.

The neonates were blind.
There was no alternative, except
to wish them luck. I wanted
to leave my pangs with razor points.

Morality and hunted crimes.
It was a shadow boxing
in cryptobiosis. A bleak day
invites no more clouds.

You talk to the solitary moon.
The silence enters the reeds.
A whistling wakes up the night.
Death goes for a walk.

3 hours ago

I gazed at the mountains
standing tall and proud.
I couldn't believe my eyes.
They stood triumphantly,
with their peaks grazing the sky.
They were glorious
in all their wonder.
They were magnificent,
with their reddish streaks of color.
I gazed for so long,
I almost fell to my knees
to worship their beauty,
to worship our mother Gaia,
to thank her,
for her wondrous creations
she bestowed upon us
to give our world meaning.

~ thank you ~
#love   #life   #earth   #mountains   #gaia  

So i said to myself
"Yeah, lets pretend like we don't each other
It's probably for the best anyway
Because when you talk to me
And grab at my shoulders the way
You use to, it all comes flooding back to me
Everything i pushed to the back of my mind
Hits me again like a tsunami
So i'll just turn my head
And walk away
Even though i can feel your eyes
On me.
Watching me.
Like you always used to."

#love   #sad   #depression   #life   #anxiety   #relationships   #happy   #her   #him  

I laugh.
I sigh.
I will stumble
Through these days gone by

© Derek Devereaux Smith 2015 - 2017

#depression   #life   #hope   #happy   #me   #human   #12w  
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