4 hours ago

i cut myself today
once, twice, thrice,

and i wonder why
it felt so good

i wonder why
it felt

Dark Delusion
10 hours ago

Breathing in one last breath of air.
Laying with a smile painted on my lips.
Humming the melody of my favorite song,
and finally closing my eyes for the last time.

The dark is devouring the light,
keeping the shadows away.
Rain pouring down,
taking away my last flame of life.
The wind with it’s cold touch,
making my whole body shiver.

Looking at the stars
before moving my eyes to the moon.
Reaching after the light I couldn’t have.
The beautiful scenery that lasts a lifetime,
And the last glance I got before leaving.

Never looked at the night sky again.
The final hours before drifting away.
Too dark to see, too pretty to ignore.
Black was my colourful colour.

#life   #death   #moon   #dark   #beautiful   #stars   #black   #night   #sky   #light  
Amanda S
Amanda S
12 hours ago

we all know them now as warriors;
they were brave and strong and instead of
weeping in the shadows, they
rose higher with the wings that heaven itself gave them.
it was one of the darkest periods in human history
and yet they still held themselves together
and never gave up no matter what
obstacle got stuck in their path
and although most may not be here today,
we are to bless them like the moon
blesses the sun when it sets into
the newly lit night sky
for they are the reason why the war
ended in the first place.
they are the ones who wouldn't allow
bullets to be thrown at them without a fight,
and for those reasons,
we shall forever be thankful.

this is for all of those who are lost and forgotten. for those who fought their damnedest to help others. for those who have to live the rest of their lives knowing ancestors of their own family were murdered by a beast.
                                                i love you.
Jim Davis
Jim Davis
14 hours ago

Dark, well I know
Still, a spring tide's shining moon
Guides my way to you

From web
Spring tide
"a tide just after a new or full moon, when there is the greatest difference between high and low water."
#love   #moon   #dark   #tide   #guide  
16 hours ago

what is more deadly:
a gun or a thought?
a gun gives you the opportunity,
but the thought gives you the ability to pull the trigger.

#sad   #depression   #dark   #thoughts   #guns  
Amanda S
Amanda S
17 hours ago

kisses turn into monsters my
mind can't conjure up
they leave an ocean of pinks, purples, and blues,
yet I say nothing

this sharp - teethed demon
comes after me as fast as
a bullet can go

in my head,
i run rapidly, to the edge of the world,
but physically,
i stay as still as the sea

if I move,
he will come after me at supersonic speed
and i'll drown deeper
under these pink sheets

*for all of those whos consent has been violated*
#abuse   #dark   #ocean   #sea   #pink   #sheets   #assault   #foreboding   #consent  
18 hours ago

a sickened sorrow echoes in my head
creating a distraction over my happiness
with every echo my happiness gets pushed down further
this sickened sorrow is pressing its weight
pushing all this happiness I've built up
only to rebuild it time over time
i have to fight through this constant chaos

#love   #sad   #depression   #hate   #dark   #happiness   #fight   #sorrow   #unhappy   #distraction  
Pagan Paul
Pagan Paul
21 hours ago

Your name burns acid on my tongue,
a visceral hydrochloric distaste,
drool, despised, forms on my lips,
grey, venomous from your serpents kiss.

Your fingernails, biting knives in my skin,
slicing open old scars to bleed anew.
The crimson trickle, like dripping honey,
drying rotten about hairs, to scab.

Your body consumes my passion,
regurgitating it thrice seven-fold.
Vomiting lust over the dining table
designed by Nature to make you gorge.

Your intentions, elusive, wild and fey,
twist-fuck my mind like knotted stars.
Secrets on the tail of a comet, lightness,
darkness, spitting from a moon girls lips.

© Pagan Paul (23/03/17)

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#poetry   #lust   #dark   #freeform  
1 day ago

Damned is the life,
The burns and blemishes.
Heart aflame,
Quivers and fame,
The chilling beasts wavering,
Kills and screams.
Hallucinations and some tints,
The shades are not grey.
The ghettos I'm breaking.

An abstract. Slam.
#broken   #peace   #hell   #life   #dark   #black   #abstract   #damn   #darn   #err1585  
Vincent JFA
Vincent JFA
1 day ago

I call the men who have ran off
with my affections
and rightfully so;
for they often say my name
as though it was another
way to sigh and let
a little breeze come into the room,
and they press their hands
against me so gently,
that I couldn't tell the difference
if they had never
touched me at all.

yet I still find myself
whispering their names
against my pillow
in angelic tongue,
waiting to feel their flesh once more
beneath my sheets
when I am hoping for one night
where it isn't just me
lying in the dark.

#love   #life   #hope   #dark   #romance   #night   #personal   #ghosts  
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