Liza Ann Marie
Liza Ann Marie
5 hours ago

She loves others too much because
She loves herself too little
She cares way too much because
She thinks they couldn't care less
She cries over their joy because
She has none of her own
She sees beauty in everything because
She sees none in herself
She gives everyone her heart because
No person has given her their's
She gives away her love because
She keeps none for herself
She tells them they're needed because
She feels that she's not
She mends other's souls because
Her's is already in a knot
She's supports everyone because
She can't support herself
She saves the dying ones because
She's already dead inside
She helps people up because
She's already down
She helps others understand because
She does not know herself
She helps the tired find rest because
She cannot sleep at night
She says "have sweet dreams" because
She has none of her own
She pulls them out of the dark

Because that is her home.

February 22, 2017.
#love   #hate   #dark   #darkness   #joy   #sweet   #path   #she   #cries   #herself  
Mysidian Bard
Mysidian Bard
7 hours ago

You are my moonlight,
the darker that my life gets,
the brighter you shine.

#love   #haiku   #moon   #dark   #light   #reliance  
Budhaditya Bose
Budhaditya Bose
11 hours ago

To the graves, follow the roses
for the deceased, for the soul
to smile. yet it rots beneath
the mud, under the footsteps
of lives, or for lilies to
sprout sometime. Maybe for
a bug to sleep and dream
the dreams, once the dead,
wept blood and left behind.

She followed me to my grave,
to my dreams, calligraphed
on the gravestones, or
to the buried memories where,
innocent smiles unsmiled,
the head bowed to hide the
dripping tears, yet the lips,
shamed and exercised to smile.

The bug flew to her hair knot,
and pollinated her with
the shades of the dreams.
She is the painting to my
last alive grayscale dream.
Might she be the rose, that
will follow me to my verge.
Might she resurrect me and
lend me a hand. I wish
to smile and not sham. huh!
Dreams are mortal. love is not.
Might her love someday,
give my lips a reason,
to again painlessly smile...
Can I be happy please?

Can I be happy please
#love   #sad   #pain   #death   #hope   #dark  
mercy party
mercy party
16 hours ago

sometimes i wonder
if what all happened here
was just a boredom of a lifetime
and understand the way that you aren't
but i don't need degrading pep talks now

it happened so fast
look straight up through glass
and all i see is your dirt
we're still good bad friends
i thought i should, i thought i should ask
i got amnesia with a flip of your skirt

on the clock, i walk down your lonely street at night
you dark and alone
ever since the incident

#alone   #dark   #friend   #bad   #boredom   #degrading   #amnesia  
22 hours ago

angry man wearing a denim blouse,
such a beautiful way to shut down your mouth.

nothing much to say, there's no one left to shout,
I'd like for you to stay unless you want to kill the mouse.

the bodies are kept warm sleeping in the oven,
everybody was left weeping empty pages for a question.

cats have nine lives, must be so cruel when they want erosion,
can they still sue sides if they need any emotions ?

bla bla, bla bla- don't you answer me as if you're my child,
i've learned so many things but not any worth-while.

ha-ha, ha-ha..keep bringing me more organs to pile,
it won't stop killing itself until the forest is old and wild.

stop making sense I don't love you enough to agree,
I revel in non-sense, so get far away from me as you can be.

you'll find the scars hanging by a noose in the closet,
take this axe and match it with whoever's standing the closest.

so don't ask me why I broke in today to put you in doubt,
there's sweet music in the background which keeps getting loud.

such a beautiful day to burn down the house.

#love   #freedom   #pain   #dark   #cryptic   #society   #author   #rebel  
Dougie Simps
Dougie Simps
1 day ago

Told myself I'd keep this quite a never speak on it again
But it's way past the point of enemies to friends
I feel the heat of the bullets they shoot at me and forgot to wear my vest
Learned you gotta endure the hate regardless!
Even if you showcase everything that is ya best
Let me start with every woman - I remain distant
Apparently my masculine formula is the receipt of loves strong resistances
And it come with locked bars with 3 shots of pain
1 is my undefined emotions
2 is I'd rather not say their names
3 is everything wrong with my mind
So I guess 4 would be shame
Shame of what it is that i demonstrate as I embrace hate of myself for letting go of the hand of faith
Cause you wanted me to gamble on a hand I didn't wanna play
You grew colder over time and started running away
Dont get to flattered cause with beauty comes disaster
It's how you come out of it that's all that really matters
Tryna survive in a white world while my other half doesn't matter
I've beat down myself for months and months
If I don't come out clean with this I'd f$&kin; erupt
I'm beyond past the point of trying to please my family and friends
I wonder how y'all feel if you seen my mortality abruptly come to an end
Y'all need to think a lil more about when you approach me for discussion
Because a smile could be broken and my brain insanely corrupted
But that's nor here nor that and don't dare ask me questions
Cause unless ya name is god I refuse to give you any confessions
This just a pen of the top and a writing to ease my soul
Feel the condensation from my breath as I  naturally speak real cold
I embrace being a killer and more so undefined
Just after 27 years I finally enjoy my unfinished design
The build up will kill you if you think holding it in is the answer
And the truth will set you free but lies kill ya slow like cancer
Thinking "so many questions"
Never enough answers
Maybe I need clarity from one of my past dancers
Maybe the angels are singing and the melody soothes my heart
Maybe I get off in ripping everyone apart
Maybe I'm a lair and my bad guy act will soon expire
Maybe I'm open minded but misery I just hired
Maybe this is all a front and I command some attention
Maybe I left out her name cause pathetic doesn't deserve a mention
Maybe I'm smarter than you know and I'm 2 steps ahead of ya
Maybe I'm real dumb and can't understand any of ya
Maybe it's a diversion and I'm waiting on my conversion to turn into the moment that no one thought was certain
Well close the curtains
Cause I'm done with this and my pens dried up
I'm tired of pretending to care and give anymore f$&ks;
This isn't a threat nor a warning
That style kinda gets boring
This a piece letting the world know your bullish!t I'll be ignoring
Cause I worked on myself and will continue to do so forever - for me
I just need y'all to stop and let simply do me
Cause I ain't causing any harm and enjoying being alone and keeping to myself
I don't need anyone's concerns nor anyone's help
Hellopoetry hush ya mouth and no need to pay recognition
Most of you write the same thing and can't even pay recognition
To an east who's off the leash and your sorrow
Is what he feast
If you have a problem with me come and test out my teeth
I'll roam and I'll roar I'll swim and I'll soar
I'll listen to the voices in my head who say "you suck and do more!"
And remain to get better
Push on and get stronger
This my last piece for you all
I don't care to write anymore
The pen can't take it any longer

And I'm gone

Good luck - I'm gone
Joe burden - Eminem inspired piece - just showcasing my strong words and punchlines here. Last one.
#truth   #dark   #eminem   #music   #writing   #piece   #last   #angry   #facts  

Your arrival has been long awaited.
I am here,
                          F L O A T I N G
~~~~~   ~~~    ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ ~   ~~~~~ ~ ~~  
atop my own delusions.
I daydream of my world colliding;
merging into a sky not so blue,
a sky pitch black,
with a moon illuminating red,
a wind that screams bloody murder,
and chokes my lungs in terror.

I want my skin to crawl along
abandoning my body.

Please. Will you take me now?

                                                        Wi­th Love,
                                                        Renée Brookes

Inspiration: Jack Jenkins
#sad   #death   #dark   #letter  
1 day ago

how do you say sorry
when you're so out of breath ?

I'm talking insane again
am I not ?

can you make it stop
before it leaves me dead ?

these words those
don't mean anything

and I've kept them so close
as if they mean everything

there's nothing here for me
I keep scribbling in my dreams

I see the mirror shivering
but I don't hear no screams

they say I need magic
or there'll be nothing left

isn't it tragic
how slowly the world forgets

how we become
someone else

pretending we're the same
and we'll never be strange

fearful of change
and mindful of things plain

we need the beautiful
or we'll be stuck sane

with nothing to blame
and nothing to gain

there'll be nothing to lose
a sight always on mute

who would crave a world
so placid ?

where there'll be no science
to explain the silence of acid

that vile thought that keeps
repeating itself

there'll be nothing to sell
for there'll be no one interested
to buy

the lies
or the blue sky

roses painted red
a thought stuck inside a head

I'm speaking ill again
am I not ?

can you make it stop
before it leaves me dead ?

but I have my reason
nobody reads me

and I'm stuck in this season
wasting my autumn

for something more pleasant
that i have now forgotten

What can I convey ?

I'm just a peasant
but this hearts serves a king

a madness that is decent
as I descent deep within

tearing my own skin
making smoke rings
out of thin air

I'm aware
as much i think one can be

when they're about
to disappear

so disappointed that
man in the sky wasn't here

I think I'll rather
cry myself to sleep again

than say a prayer

it's not fair
how one thought leads
to so many

in a head that is empty
they echo like anything

I'd rather have the silence
if I could have any

than being just star dust
dancing in violence

I'll sell you the bank
for a penny

just take away these keys
please, I beg

I'm not making sense
am I not ?

can you make it stop
before it leaves me dead ?

#love   #pain   #dark  
Gabriel Burns
Gabriel Burns
1 day ago

kill all artificial lights
no natural causes but
natural darkness
fake lights for true dark
blackest of blacks
like charred tree bark
leave but one imposter
glowing in the gloom
just pale enough
to write onto
and that's my door to you

a piece of text from several months ago
#dark   #screen   #night   #writing   #light   #gloom   #room   #conversation   #communication   #dim  
Allan Mzyece
Allan Mzyece
2 days ago

I never knew i had a brain till a neighbour told me, i had lost it
All i knew was that the drum in my chest needed to be silenced,
"Sweet Forsaken Angels in my presence; lead me to Oblivion; a road of loneliness"
I once seeked attention, but now i've learnt my lesson, THE CLOUDS ABOVE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WATERS THAT RUN FROM MY EYES
drops were meant to fall, Vapourised; i lost my sight of it all

#love   #poem   #poetry   #metaphor   #sad   #dark   #hurt   #cries  
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