6 hours ago

You often cross my mind,
not in a hateful way,
trust me,
but more of...
I'm just really wondering
how you are doing...

#friends   #friendship   #mind   #old   #cross   #wondering  
Danielle L Cook
Danielle L Cook
7 hours ago

I got it
I finally understand
it was never you that I wanted
but instead
the drama that you presented
some would even call it a plot conflict
You see, I'm a writer
I see the world through different eyes
eyes that sometimes aren't mine
so sometimes
my mind is taken over
and my thoughts, they stray

I'm a hopeless romantic
but that doesn't equate
I've never before been so afraid
of my own self
of the words that could come out
because I understand,
and now I have to learn to separate
the who I am from the who I create
it's exhausting being me every single day
the fantasies pop up and leave me dismayed
always in a sour mood, unsure of who I am
of the choices I've made

a line has been drawn and I'm sticking too it
I know that these thoughts aren't me, but lighter fluid
and it's me that holds the power
the lighter only a tool
passion is fire
my inspiration is crude

been toying with this idea for a while
#poetry   #passion   #afraid   #mind   #line   #inspiration   #understand   #writer   #drawn   #spilt  
Jamadhi Verse
Jamadhi Verse
11 hours ago

I’ve been tossing people
into my inner kaleidoscope.
Spinning them around and watching
them all flow together.
Witnessing the sheer beauty of them
when they are no longer
tethered to any form --
mixing and combining into
a colorful storm of vibrant fluidity.

I watch as these people are reborn
into endless possibilities
in this miscellany of humanness.
Blooming then shattering
into jagged points of luminous light,
gloriously evolving and then dissolving
in prismatic tides that vibrate
as the mandala of life
continuously spins, funnels
onward and within.
I watch every jewel collapsing,
shapeshifting, transmitting
as a ringing delirium
of ecstatic, chromatic

Transformation circles eternal
with each transitional slide.
Turning, turning, turning.
I turn the world on its sides
within my dizzying, spiral of a mind.
I shatter every last darkened divide
into a billion dazzling pieces --
shards of perpetual exalted sequences
projecting an absolute awe.

J.M. 2017

Raegan Meyer
Raegan Meyer
1 day ago


you're making things worse.
you act like you know what's happening in me.
you will never, ever be inside my mind.
nobody knows what's best for me.
i don't even know what's best for me.
so stop acting like you are what's best for me.

from me
#sad   #dark   #mind   #best   #stop   #me   #know   #acting   #making   #worse  
1 day ago

The pillow's edge
Ornamented with an ant
Its siblings crawling on the pipe underneath
This one's rebellious
Debating whether or not
to cross the border from my sock to my skin
Come on, Little Ant
What are you - Afraid?
The smells and the texture
as my leg hair sways
Come on, Little Ant
I'm doing nothing all day
Except to face my few fears
The wind wants to play
You know when a horse drags his front foot
And hangs his head a little, nudging into you
His horseshoe catching the dirt
as it drifts towards your face
Just like that
The wind wants to play
Come on, Little Ant
What are you - Afraid?
Of the taunting
And haunting
that lives in your brain
Come on, Little Ant
I'm doing nothing all day
But to burn in the relentless sun
And blow you away

#fear   #mind   #mental   #perception   #taunting   #ants  
Ola Radka
Ola Radka
1 day ago

When the window
of your mind
is clean,
you can see
the beauty of the Unseen.

If my psychi were a body of its own
My melancholy would be the eyes
running like a broken faucet
a stream of confused
My anger would be the heart
beating deep in my chest
harder and harder as if trying to
My lonliness would be the belly
deep with hunger that seems
My ambitions would be the bowels
a canal of waste moving downward
a perpetual flow of filth
I sift through my own feces in hopes of finding something
worth keeping
Something worth doing until
The Inevitable punchline
to a bad, fucking, joke.

In a similar vein to my previous poem, "Steve Austin" which isn't about the wrestler by the way.  Naming conventions are fun to play around with haha
#anger   #bad   #mind   #escape   #emotion   #body   #loneliness   #inevitable   #mentality   #ambiton  

It's not there untill it is proven
            I create the unrest inside

Yes... Me... I'll own to it... Always, be it in time
#poem   #poetry   #woods   #mind   #thought   #cabin   #verse   #unrest   #scribbles   #sean  
2 days ago

Maybe wanted maybe unplanned
But thru my mother's blessing
I was born in this land

Creation and destruction
At the palm of my hands
But when emotions arise
I am a slave to what it demands

I am sick
Care for me
Care for me
Care for me

#mind   #sick  
2 days ago

The Artist paints circles,
Life sometimes,
Revolves around circles,
Yet he paints circles of many colours,
Reds, yellows blues, and greens,
Many shades he paints,
It is truly a spectacle of colour,
So distinct is the scene,
Could this be circles of life?
Colourful, to say the least!

#poem   #life   #mind   #thought   #picture   #colours  
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