Flower Child
Flower Child
1 day ago

‪I wrote you name on the walls of my heart, hoping one day you'll find a way in again to see how cold it's been here, how lonely and dark.‬
I scream your name off the rooftops at 3am hoping you'll come back to me
Hoping this was all a nightmare and a mishap from reality.
I dream of you and wake up crying, i want the old you back. Where can I find him laying?
Waiting for me in a grass field with a picnic blanket and lunch laid out, wiping the tears from my cheeks and telling me hush now
It wasn't real darling, you're all mine and forever you'll stay, lay with me and let's stare at each other.  For the rest of our Infiniti I want you and your mind, that's such a beautiful maze.
There's nothing to be afraid of love, now just lay in my arms and know forever here you'll lay.

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1 day ago

Never stay too long,
never truly at peace,
there's always something to discover,
there's never enough time

Almost too late to catch my flight,
but I can't miss this,
the excitement is overwhelming,
a new place to explore

The flight takes far too long,
but here we are, a place never
touched by my hands,
a sight never beheld by my eyes,
exploration calling my name

Different elements that harbor inside
this speckled line follows my shadow,
twisted bubbles will tell,
Why, unknown level?

Memory vague,
blood drips in muddy puddles,
my body bruised
and fabric sheared

extraordinary vision,
enhanced hearing,
Identity? These elements are alive

#life   #teen   #reality   #mind   #changes  

Have you heard of Edward de Bono?
Lateral thinking, don't you know?
Taught us to think outside the box,
Good for kids, gives oldies a shock,
Wouldn't that make resolution?
De Bono's lateral solutions!

Feedback welcome.
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Rebel Heart
Rebel Heart
2 days ago

My pencil scribbles
on this empty sheet
defining the story of my life.
Incoherent lines for
incoherent thoughts,
unable to describe this strife.

These useless words dance
on the empty edges of lined pain.
These ruthless monsters rejoice
on  the empty corners of my brain.

My mind is a battlefield
of meaningless words
and demons of the past.
The only hero left
is a sole broken soul
that'll never even last.

But one look at you
and the lost soul is no more.
Something new flickers in its eyes,
a new flame of hope for the war.

But the flicker of hope vanishes
as the last straying colors fade grey.
The hero knows it is a zero,
and doesn't want you to stay.

Because I'd let hope in to help,
but it's too late to try.
I have to fight this battle myself
Can't let you in to drown and die.

I'm bad news and a lost cause
all rolled into one
I may smile but I'm shattered,
incurable when the day is done.

Like these words I pour out.

Chained up by demons, too broken to shout

#words   #life   #empty   #battle   #brain   #strife   #story   #mind   #shattered   #stuck  
Dhaara T
Dhaara T
2 days ago

I fell, hapless, when our souls first met
Just how it happened, oh I will never forget

That wicked one, he worked his charm
Barging into my life, without an alarm

Returned to my senses, when broke, that spell
Trapped as guinea pig, I was, I could tell

His everlasting embrace, it chained my soul
Battered, shattered, half from whole

He left me all alone, but he left me strong
Oh wait, I left him; to say he did, would be wrong

He was but a voice, a frail one, in my head
But I was so affected by all that he said

"You try, you fail, you'll never be good enough
You love, you're hurt, life will always be this rough"

But then I heard my soul so meek
"May I?", he hesitated; I enthused, "sure, speak!"

"You feel like you're dead inside, but look how alive
you sound as you respond with zeal, like you're only about five"

And there released a giggle, a tear
'I found her again, but will I lose her?' I feared

"No, woman, no! The little girl will always be alive"
He said with such credence, "I know she will survive!"

I was falling again, this time, to rise
I turned around to say goodbye, to the one I despise

That voice in my head, refuses to leave
But now, his balderdash, I refuse to believe

He talks, he jabbers, often on mute
I'm lost in sweet spiels, of this new beaut

Now listen, carefully, my stranger friend
If that spiteful voice finds you, shift the trend

Rush out, reach out, to YOU, your soul
protect it from him, maintain your whole

Arduous, it may be, but that voice, do seek to find
For that's true love, not the demeaning voice in your mind

#love   #depression   #heart   #faith   #strength   #mind   #soul   #courage   #strong   #voice  

I touched the air today as it gushed past my outstretched fingertips. So fluffy and innocent and yet so crisp in its distinction. I brought her into my lings greedily and then exhaled at her touch.
When she began to caress my senses, I dug into her neck with my lips and brought the mutual satisfaction a notch higher and higher as a sigh of pleasure was whispered into my ears.
It was here that I knew I'd never be alone, this altered reality that changed my paradigm so effortlessly. I never wanted to leave.

I Kissed the rain today while she dripped down from heaven and landed solely in front of me. The swish generated by her hips changed the direction of the water's trickle. And once in front of me, I pressed her form close to mine until every drop in her body echoed my temperature. Each significant drop was one of her fingers holding onto my face, or sneaking close to my lips where I would steal it momentarily before she took it back. I clasped her wet fingers in mine and absorbed part of her.

I played with fire today as her seduction set my body ablaze. Her words heated, I silenced her by placing my lips over hers and sucking the smoke away. As her temperature rose, I became weaker and weaker for her orange flames. She began to devour me. And as I lie there, fire roaring on top of me, I began to burn my soul away like dry leaves. Her warmth captured me like a camera as she grinded slowly and seductively on my embers. A new flame had been kindled.

I created new life with earth today as I felt the heart beating of her heart through the palms of her hands. Scorched soil as the fire of my love slowly dissipated into her shaking grounds. She gave me in return a gift that I can never repay, the irrepressible joy of the birth of my first child. I placed my faith and love and seed into her grasses and she birthed me a tree of my own. A tree that I can groom and nourish and raise as best I see fit. A life untainted by the toxins of the world. And it was here that I knew I could be safe; I knew I would never leave.

#love   #fire   #lust   #mind   #water   #earth   #air   #wind   #child   #flame  
Wilson Knapp
Wilson Knapp
4 days ago

You are not the pen; you are the ink.
You are not your thoughts; you do not think.
The mind might be perpetual violence,
But you are the tranquil silence.

You are the watcher, you are not the mind.
You are the stillness; you await behind.
The possessing entity has you mistaken,
But become aware and you’ll awaken.

#mind   #you   #aware  
Scarlet Keiller
Scarlet Keiller
4 days ago

Wellbeing is an illness that plagues my mind
regardless of what others believe it to be.

~~ The echoing sound of shattering which you heard so softly in the distance was the sound of me trying to break myself. ~~
#illness   #happy   #shatter   #break   #society   #mind   #ill   #belief   #wellbeing   #plague  
4 days ago

It is allowing your heart,
mind and skin to be somebody's

each time they asked
what affection is

#love   #heart   #mind   #affection   #somebody  

We can't control the cards we're dealt but we can control how to play them.

Finding the diamond in the rough is difficult but worth the hidden gem .

Something that looks weak can be so strong just look at stems.

You're the best you know that's true.

Even when you're supposed to lose remember underdog was a superhero too.

#poetry   #life   #hope   #happy   #thoughts   #mind   #positive   #optimism   #advice  
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