Ink Syndicate
Ink Syndicate
17 minutes ago

We were boys, once.
Our mother liked to dress us in tailored suits and leather shoes.
Every Sunday morning. Ready bright and early for mass at 11.

We'd sit in the classroom at the back of the old church hall.
After mass. After the chatter of voices hushed down to whispers; virtuous gossip.

Our teacher fed us images of hellfire and brimstone.

Sex and sin.

Satan in a red cape and Halloween horns.

He didn't always look like that.
Oh, no. Mother said that he'd come out all dressed in a suit like mine.

He'd be handsome! His voice would be a choir of one billion damned souls and once you'd hear it, you'd never want it to stop.

In my eight-year-old mind, I wondered what he did and what he felt when his own father cursed his name.

Did he stare at his dad with his thousand-eyes? Did he protest?

Did he laugh as he fell? In a cascade of feathers and blood.

Maybe he was better off without him.
He'd spend the rest of eternity trying to prove his father wrong. That he was worthy of his love:

That he would be the only son to grieve for the mistake of humanity.

The holy adversary.

The one who would shout his love for The Lord until his throat cracked dry and his chest ached. He, who could see the suffering of his father's own creations.

He, who tempted Eve and proved God wrong and we were flawed from the very beginning. Did he watch Eve eat the apple and savor every bite?

He loved his father.

Did he deserve it?

I stopped going to church on my eighteenth birthday.

What kind of parent would damn one son and praise the other?

Who would let one son be nailed to a board and the other to rot in flames?

Even as a child, I knew.

Through every slap, scold and bruise.

I would never bow.

Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
1 hour ago

A union of bodies parted from conscience
locked in a pulsating passionate embrace
rhythmically writhing in new heights of ecstasy
a climactic release after the thrill of the chase

Gazing into the windows of their soul
lustful acts morphing into potential love
symbolic raging of a thunderous tempest
hypnotic sounds of the storm above

No sleep but still reality's wake up call
returning to a world of blood, sweat and tears
hurriedly dressing, checking out and checking in
mindful of maelstroms of hopes and fears

It wasn't meant to be like this
energy sapped from the mess they're in
trapped without light in this tunnel of lust
clinging to courage in whiskey and gin

In this imperfect world of human frailty
troubled relationships bring a price to pay
ruinous infidelity too expensive for most
but love conquers all, or so they say

Not autobiographical but the aim to provoke thought

So still she lies,
A cold room
Cold thoughts.  
Under cover of cotton and linen.        

A cold lonely wind
Cries outside
Longing to find solace
In the warmth of our home
But finding only that it devourers
By its own devices
What it so desperately desires.

Pain in my brow
Forged with hers.
Sharing breaks
Up the pain--
Comfort of depression's transitory end.

Why do you hurt the ones you love
When you want only peace?
A lover of the land
Must plough the earth for yield
Break the ground in fury
To prepare it for seed.

This pain awaits our company
Like a bottle to the drunkard          
Or a needle to the junkie.

Comfort is pain
Pain is comfort

In this violent serenity
As the calm peaceful sea
Can in one moment  
Turn into a tumultuous gale.

Is love for the using?
Can a person justify
Putting lines of age on the face
And gray hairs on the head
Of the one they love?

So many carry this burden.
Love shares common ground--
Seasons for ploughing and planting
And harvest,
The season of closure.

So still she lies beside me.
A cold room
Warmer thoughts.
Under cover of cotton and linen.

Under cover of compassion
And understanding.

Copyright 2016 Daniel Irwin Tucker
All Rights Reserved.

You gotta keep working at it through the years.
Alexander Leino
Alexander Leino
12 hours ago

There is always two sides to any story
One story can be happy and the same story can be sad
Its all about how one reads into it

Its easy pretending to be happy in public
To the point where everyone sees you as the brightest light
Your energy attracts people that need something to believe in
Your energy becomes their ecstasy
The feeling of them befriending you makes you feel valuable


You get home and have no energy left for yourself
You feel like you are trapped in a room with no walls
Completely alone with your mind consuming itself
With thoughts of loneliness and hopelessness
Because you realize you gave away everything you had
While the overshadowing feeling of worthless
Consumes You.

12 hours ago

You spoke me into raindrops, daisies, and fear.
You whispered the universe into my bloodstream,
Marked my body with stardust.
And when storm clouds could not
pull the tides,
created waves of indecision,
And an earthquake in my chest,
You called a tsunami a shower
when I couldn’t swim.

When the world goes dark,
As night turns to day,
I remember that even the moon forgets its purpose,
without the sun to light its way.
You loved my flowers,
But didn’t expect the weeds.
As though the stars shine bright only for your whim and need.

If only
God was so kind.

Branches with apples
Falling further
Than you could reach;
You planted apples
Expected oranges.
You plucked me from my own
home and left only weeds.
You loved roses but didn’t want the thorns.
And when a tree falls
but no one cares enough to listen,
I remember
that I am not a tree
planted by your disposition
and watered by your compliments.

You cannot rush a bud
to bloom
and you cannot make
a baby bird spread its wings.
You cannot will
the universe to do your bidding
and I cannot force you
to look into my eyes
and see the galaxies.

If only
God was so kind.

This was for my english course lol
12 hours ago

the first boy i ever loved had a freckle under his eye
and i swore
i'd never forget how that looked
and now, i have forgotten which eye it was under
and what color they were

but this, this is not a sad realization
this is not justification
this is an explanation of a simple thing:
i was not in love
but for the life of me, i could've been

and for reasons that i can't quite explain
we drifted apart
and truthfully, this may have been because he called me names i cannot repeat
and he broke me in ways that i'll never be able to fix
as fucked as it is, i stayed for a while longer
even though i knew i shouldn't
god, i thought i was in love
i swore i'd never forget that

but i did and i have
and sometimes these "goods" and "bads" come to pass
and all that's left is a fading memory
a fleeting feeling
not of love, but of longing
to be in love again

and this freckle under his eye, well i haven't seen it in seven months
and i don't really care to
because i've seen other beautiful things
things that would make that freckle seem
things that would make that freckle seem
things that i swear
i will never forget

and this, i know
is not forever
i am not in love with the world yet
but for the life of me,
i could be

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13 hours ago

I'm sorry you fell in love with fiction

13 hours ago

two years ago my body was anything but. i built bridges
into my heart and burnt them down
just so all the memories couldn’t pass

this is an apology for all the good things i left stranded,
for the massacre inside me,
for the worst parts that survived the war

i never intended to grow outward instead of up –
just wanted to be a part of the needed,
of the appreciated and loved

i stopped playing the piano when i was nine years old
because i hated the emptiness that filled the air
in between each note

one night my dad slammed the door so hard my mother
shook for days, i made her coffee in the mornings
because she couldn't bear to sleep in a half empty bed

those were the first nights i spent writing
rather than sleeping. this an acknowledgement for the words
that never made their way onto paper

to all the bridged dreams and deserted soldiers -
i am coming back for you, all of you,
and i will tell your story

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Neville Johnson
18 hours ago

Well la de dah
You had me at hello
Make my day
Give me the say so

You’ve got legs all the way to the ceiling and back
I’ll make you and offer you can’t refuse, as we stood eye to eye
Why don't you come up and see me some time?
“This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship,” said I

We're not in Kansas anymore and there’s no place like home
But we'll always have Paris, which we won’t bemoan
After all, the problems of two little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy mixed up world

Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings
Tomorrow is another day
I'll be back
I’m just a boy, standing in front of a girl, asking her to love him

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody  you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible
May the force be with you
You just put your lips together and blow

22 hours ago

Forever didn't last that long

#sad   #life   #relationships   #5w  
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