So i said to myself
"Yeah, lets pretend like we don't know eachother,
It's probably for the best anyway
Because when you talk to me
And grab at my shoulders the way
You use to, it all comes flooding back to me
Everything i pushed to the back of my mind
Hits me again like a tsunami
So i'll just turn my head
And walk away
Even though i can feel your eyes
On me.
Watching me.
Like you always used to."

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Alexander Leino
Alexander Leino
20 hours ago

I want a relationship built on trust
I want to celebrate our accomplishments
I want to listen to you rant about how good or bad your day was
I want to take care of you when your sick
I want to surprise you with breakfast in bed
I want to try weird foods with you
I want to go on spontaneous adventures
I want to have days where we just stay in bed
I want to laugh until I can't breathe with you
I want to fall asleep with you in my arms
I want cheesy dates to the movies
I want to go on long walks on the beach
I want to go shopping and spoil you
I want to share straws in a cup
Because I've never had that.

Just more random thoughts.
Indiah M
1 day ago

Sing me songs
and I'll dance along...
You and I never miss a beat

1 day ago

all we have to separate the mind from the body
is light and dark: the reaching of god’s hands

over the world. i imagine that even the sun
asks be tucked in at night. & how could god refuse

another bed time story. a chance to be heard,
a chance to say “I know exactly why you exist,

why you need to be touched just to make sure
that you are still here.” we are not all light.

i know a boy so empty his father’s fists
       pass right through him as if punching the dust

from his ribcage. his broken breath a reminder
       that he still has something to lose in this world.

& i know a father broken and praying to a god
       he cannot recognize as his own,

holding the darkness in his church-shaped hands
        which soften in daylight

he kisses the blood off his stained glass knuckles
        & prays for morning. his god is heavy with

the weight of history, with the burden we know
as genesis. but how could the body, light and vulnerable

refuse to touch darkness. how could the body refuse
        to know that it is still here.

Born in this world as a innocent cub
Born into a world of temptations and desires
I use to be so scared of rejection and chased perfection
I lost my vision of perfection when I was introduced to temptations
I have had countless dances with these temptations
They just made me feel so free from this pursuit of perfection
This chase has led me astray and introduced me to a world of gray

A world of gray filled with nothing but space and me
I have used every fiber in me to paint my world of gray
By drinking just to sleep when I didn't even believe in me
Running miles for people that wouldn't even get out of bed for me
Doing everything to fit in instead of trying to stand out
Pretending that everything is okay while I was internally bleeding
Giving people chances that didn't even deserve a second one
Having sex just to feel something

Now my world is no longer gray
Its turned into a beautiful shade of white
Ready for me to paint a masterpiece
Time to let this little light of mine shine
And get what is mine....

My homework. You are welcome Lilly.
1 day ago

nude and on my back,
hair sprawled out against the pillow.
you make me float
and you stroke me in the middle.
we drift deeper as you hold me close.
we change positions, a new position,
and you work it for me.
you get me where i'm going and
you take me to a new realm.
lets coast and slow down,
but now put yourself in overdrive.
my hands are between my thighs
and you kiss down and around my navel
and the lights from the outside world
highlight you
and you're beautiful in the dark.
use yourself like you've never used yourself before.
and until we reach shore,
explore my body and i will
explore yours like a sailor
exploring the seven seas.

inspired by rock the boat by aaliyah
Ariel Hill
Ariel Hill
2 days ago

I found you/ a musical note
in a pond full of static
we made a soundtrack
that no one ever heard
drowned out by sirens
a gap that just widens
you were my unique find
I'd do anything for you
but stay

2 days ago

i stare at myself, naked, exposed
reflecting my unwashed and worn skin
tracing my curves and crests with my
am i beautiful? you say so.
yet after moments of pauses and tilts
i see the scars and bruises beneath;
a broken girl naked, exposed
so hidden in your thoughts of me.
is it history or revisited truths?
that keeps the ember burning
was it the gentle brush of your hand?
that kept me wanting;
i lay here simple, alone
the world doesn't seem to notice
when my lashes hold my soul
and you're not here to kiss me
am i not beautiful?

Nicole Bataclan
Nicole Bataclan
3 days ago

Half a life
Half a love
Undivided submission;

I am utterly devoted
To lesser moments.

Between the sheets
The mind drifts
In search of atonement;

Part-time wrong
Entirely yours
An inevitable outcome.

It is living half a life
Accepting half love

My light,
Take me out of the dark

The courage within to say goodbye.

Anne Santos
Anne Santos
3 days ago

things fall apart
and like a nudged glass chandelier
we came crashing down
on cold, hard marble

wouldn't it have been nice
to be made out of plastic as well?

maybe then,
we wouldn't be in pieces.

what we had isn't recyclable. i don't know what to do.
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