Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
10 hours ago

Intact, they don't even mumble,
Once broken they will grumble.

My HP Poem #1391
©Atul Kaushal
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13 hours ago

Much like vanilla
Too much is bitter, not sweet
So take just one drop

12: number of addictions.
Whats your number?
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Even a million bricks
can never build a home
it takes Hearts and love
to turn a house
into a Home

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2 days ago

the circle
that fences unevenly around
this vicinity seems synthetically
who are we all kidding?
everyone's passing looks with such
disguised apologies
I can't lie to myself, not with my heart
it speaks of pure honesty
even if it scares those hearts away,
I'm casting down my chains first
there's nothing
to teach us how to avoid such fate


Ana S
Ana S
5 days ago

Roses are red...
Violets are blue...
I'm just gonna stop this crap...
And come out and say I love you.
I know sometimes I'm not poetic.
Sometimes really quite pathetic.
But you'll never find a girl who loves you more.
It's like one day I opened a door.
Let you in.
Gosh, I don't know where to begin,
How do I explain the day when it all changed,
How to I explain the way my mind became rearanged?
You were always there.
I'd see you everywhere.
Smile as I walked the halls.
My thoughts bouncing off the walls.
Never had I met a girl so beautiful.
Never had I picture a new story to be told...
Willingly I decided this was all part of a bigger plan.
Gladly, I took your hand.
Slowly day after day,
Growing closer to you.
Until we were the inseparable two.
Your hand in mine.
Always by my side.
Eating lunch.
Following routines.
Everything simply meant to be.
Day by day I began to fall,
Harder and harder,
There was no going back.
My heart was under attack.
Quickly you won the war.
Taking over my heart.
Making it beat off the charts.
Every time I saw you my stomach spun.
I could definatly tell you were the one.
Never had I met a girl like you.
Never again do I want to.
(Didn't mean that in a bad way)
Your the only girl I ever want to be with.
Still asking my self on the daily how did I get so lucky.
Deep minded,
Breath taking,
And everything in between.
So the story of us.
You've lived it once before.
Well only a chapter.
We have many yet to go.
This book won't write its self,
So let me begin again,
Never going to reach the end...
I'll start this page.
Simply by saying...
I am madly in love with you.
And absolutely everything you do.

Valentine's Day poem for my love
#love   #relationships   #her   #hearts  
Kewayne Wadley
Kewayne Wadley
7 days ago

I waited in line,
Standing behind those in need.
Women, children.
Full carts, the other cashiers closed.
I stood in line,
Barely making it to the store.
Hurrying, grabbing what I sought.
Making it over to the line before it got longer.
I waited in line.
A deep thought, It never use to be so complicated.
Coming, grabbing what you needed.
Bypassing everything that compensates essential need.
I stood in line.
Barely making it to the store.
A different brand to replace something or another.
The P.A system announced the store now closed before I could buy a new heart

Jan 13

And from the tree I fell letting the wind take me where it pleased
so lifeless I'd float through the sky
where did all life go that use to flow so peacefully within my soul  
the beauty faded and the pain grew
the tears fell and it all ceased
every person I loved seemed to take a part of me as they left leaving with pieces that I don't know how to fit together , I would say I'm broken but that'd imply I could be fixed. People like me can't be Mended, our hearts have stopped far too many times and cried far too many songs of desperation, wore out due to a lack of love needed to keep pumping. People like me are not broken we are simply the dead disguised among the living

#love   #suicide   #broken   #pain   #tears   #hearts   #broke   #mended  

treacherous and emotional
Hearts beat as one, break into two, but built stronger back
but true love never ends
True love holds deep affection

Jan 11

this is an open letter
and i pray you never find it
because sometimes you just fail to see how deeply i feel things

i don't think i give you enough credit for being there for me and putting up with my shit,
so here's an official thank you

i ask myself very often, why was i drawn to you?
why can't i tolerate others for minutes but can talk for hours with you

i secretly wish things would've worked out between the two of us
i secretly wish we give it another try
but i guess it is what it is and spilled ink over my pages can't explain that

my friends think i deserve better,sometimes i think i do too
they think you act like a jerk and don't value me
maybe they are right

sometimes i curse myself for thinking so much about you,
antagonize myself because i care too much about you
i like my choices and i hope you like yours


#love   #heartbreak   #trust   #feelings   #hope   #friend   #hearts   #letter   #bond   #care  
Ana S
Ana S
Jan 11

Sitting in the dark.
November nights.
Your phone screen was bright.
You ended it with her.
Turned a new page.
A new book ready to be written.
Our once upon a time fairy tale ready to be told.
I waited as our story began to unfold.
You a broken angel struggling to grip reality.
Me a energetic person with an interesting bipolar personality.
A never ending cycle of I love you never leave,
Babe, you are absolutely all I need.
I don't need diamonds, I don't need gold.
All I ask is for you beside me as we grow old.
I don't need fancy cars or a big house.
All I need is you my love.
You are enough.
We could be homeless and as long as I'm with you I'd be satisfied.
You are the happiness in my world.
I am in love with your whole existence.
I know this isn't too poetic,
But it's something.
A piece dedicated to you because you are my everything.
After all I don't write poems about random girls.
You are my fucking world.
So here we sit in the dark...
A pen in your hand.
Slowly you etch across the line... all began with once upon a time...
I love you.

To a girl
#love   #happiness   #romance   #hearts   #bae  
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