13 hours ago

Let's play a game!
Let's play with your heart,
And see how much it can take to finally break!
Let's see how many times I can tease it to finally make it cry!
Let's see how many times it can fall in love until it turns to dust!
Almost there! See how it becomes more and more dull!
Look! Look! It's fading away!
Look! Look at it weep!
Awww, It disappeared... You have one more?


Don't worry!  gamer's have 10 hearts.....
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I L U like my dirty clothes
Love being forgotten
On my bedroom floor

I L U like chores love the
music that helps them
forget they're chores

I L U like dirty dishes
Love hot showers and
the other side of the sink

I L U like I love spilling
Salt, and warding off the evil
By tossing over my shoulder

I L U like I love
Breaking rules about
my own Superstition

I L U like black cats love
Bad luck, cause to them,
It's just Friday

I L U like the hot dog bun
Loves staring at the beef patty,
Wishing "if only, if only"

I L U like bread loves
Being forgotten till we're really hungry
And then we're all ungrateful, like
"Hey bread, you remember us?"
And bread is high above us, like
Not even a hint of scorn

I L U like the first time I saw
Jurassic Park, The dinosaurs
Were real enough for me,
Even sans chicken feathers

I L U like the weather loves
Surprise parties.
I L U like painful
surprise party memories love
being forgotten on my bedroom floor

I love you like Mayflies love living,
oh so briefly, once a day, every single day,
Chapter one to chapter none

I love you like mayflies love themselves,
brevity of life and all, stirred by nothing but
than the glow of Dawn's light,
Dead by dusk, the Mayfly never fully
completes metamorphosis, so it dies
in complete incompletion,
but that's okay.

It drank the salt ocean,
it breathed the living air,
And that's how I want to L U

Mayflies are cool little buggers.
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Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie
1 day ago

Your heart is but a frozen berg,
of ice to never thaw,
the tip of it your poison pen,
though I can see a tiny flaw,

Shrouded in mysterious mist,
and cracking on the surface,
I approach you now to have a look,
though feeling kind of nervous,

A mountain made by falling tears,
eternally but cold inside,
you've been frozen far too long,
where only now does ice reside,
you see your fate it must be sealed,
bound eternal by your pride,
you see no other way I know,
no other way for you to hide,

An so my magic I must wield,
to call for you a power rare,
to dance in flowers of the field,
to dance again without a care,

I petition to my sky above,
for cracks again yet to be healed,

I call a deity of ice and snow,
you need a little light,
so again-
a flower grow,
even in the dark of night,
so it will melt before you know.

Even at the sweet request,
of ticking time.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Idk what I'm scribbling about sometimes...ugh. ❤
#time   #ice   #hearts   #frozen   #poetrychange  

Where is this road taking me ?
Is the end of my journey..

your home ?

#home #love #marriage
#love   #home   #marriage   #hearts  
Hannah Newman
Hannah Newman
4 days ago

no one wants to get in but once you’re a member, you’re a member for life.

a 16 word story
#love   #heartbreak   #broken   #sad   #heart   #girl   #break   #boy   #hearts  
7 days ago

People say you are no good for me
That you'll only drag me down
It's hard for people to see why I do the things I do
But let me try
to explain why I wouldn't leave to you...
I can't get a grip on reality without you
That's the honest truth.
Without you I wouldn't have made it past fourteen
My anger, my anxiety, and my alter egos would have pinned me down.
You are my biggest mystery and contradiction in life
To solve it all I only have to look deeper
You drive me up a wall; but that's the only way you break down those walls
You push me when I tell you to stop; but that's the only way you fight my doubts
You kiss me when it seems like we're breaking; but that's the fastest way to my heart
I don't know who I'd be without those icy blues
Those rough hands that caress me so gently
Let's just agree I'm lucky
and say I explained it thoroughly.
(c) 2017

I just want to say how blessed I am to have my fiancee and how much I love him...I can't think of what life was like without him.  This poem was written a couple of minutes after he left my house and I was amazed at how fast I wrote this.

I would reach into my chest
And wrestle my heart back into rhythm
Because only beating hearts can take a beating,
And maybe you don’t know it
But if making me bleed, leaves you wanting more
Then each time you disappoint me
I’ll keep a little life in my veins
So I can be resuscitated.

#love   #heart   #pain   #bleeding   #hearts   #beating  
Amber C
Amber C
Feb 18

a boy with seven hearts

they gave him seven hearts
the first for dreaming
the second for running
the third for crawling
the fourth for laughing
the fifth for crying
the sixth for loving
the seventh for fighting

in each heart waged a war
the sound of blowing horns not very far
in each heart grew a tree
taller than the depth of the sea

in one boy sang seven hearts
they sang a song that lasted til night
a song that took away all the fright
the fear that spun around like a kite

in two hands he grasped one heart and asked
“what do you do?”
it said “i fight for one important thing
and, boy, that thing is you.”

in one palm he held a small heart and whispered
“what can you do?”
the heart replied, “i may be small but my dreams are big
and that’s what makes me you.”

each heart was crafted differently
each one had a unique design
but together they were stronger
and together they could shine

#strength   #power   #hearts   #unity   #bts   #bangtan   #sonyeondan  

there once was a little bird

who wanted to fly

and be free

and love

but it was trapped in a rib cage

this cage was broken and hurt

and only held together with hate

so the poor little bird

never got to fly

or be free

or love

#love   #broken   #hearts   #bird   #ribcage   #cages  

Hearts and Stars and Love,
a sky full of happiness,
Hugs and Kisses, too

Happy Valentine's Day :)

#love   #kisses   #stars   #day   #hearts   #valentines   #hugs  
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