Julie Grenness
19 hours ago

This is a day in the life,
No need to accept strife,
A day at Dullton villa,
Resting my head on a pillow,
It's a summer holiday,
The slow suburban way,
Let's hope it's a slow news day,
The Dullton villa holiday......

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What can't we see in the dark?
Is a stranger lurking, for a lark?
Is someone under my bed?
What is that noise? Pure dread,
Oh, it's only a wind rising,
in the dark, it's all a bit surprising,
What can't we see in the dark night?
I think I'll switch on the bedside light!

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She wants to kiss my lips and to caress my cheeks
I want to take her graces I want to take her streaks
Our love is down the hills our love is on the peaks
This is how we intend to spend our days and weeks

Love is at its peak beauty is to bloom in spring
Let my love be engaged just from me this ring
Please take me along with you and try to bring
Let us be hand in hand and let us ready to sing

You and me in chain let dangle and dance in rain
To be free from all rut let us be lunatic and insane
Let us fly like birds to be away from intellect brain
Let us be companions and be together in the chain

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#dance   #in   #rain  
Julie Grenness
4 days ago

Here's a little joke in a verse,
When two walls do converse,
"I'll meet you at the corner," says one,
"Absolutely." See, this joke was fun!

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Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
4 days ago

In my stomach is what I get
When I think of being loved
By someone exclusively.

My HP Poem #1385
©Atul Kaushal
#love   #in   #think   #my   #when   #butterflies   #stomach   #excusively  
David P Carroll
David P Carroll
4 days ago

As we are in
Love we love
Each other
In love we are
Truly in love
Our perfect love
We will
Always be
In true love.

David P Carroll
In True Love
#love   #in   #true  
David P Carroll
David P Carroll
4 days ago

Together In Love.
Together our lives
Grow we are deeply
In love together forever
Inside each other's
Beating hearts
Together we
Shall always
Be truly and
Deeply in

David P Carroll
Together In Love.
#love   #in   #together  
5 days ago

as the gloomy afternoons come,
and your song is still on,
perhaps my thoughts are so far,
to where all the illusions are,
I still sing along those words,
because you've lodged a bullet,
of pensive woe near my spine
because your charming moves,
made my tongue twist once more.

Is it the smoking sorrow within your lungs,
Is it the ache that never left your tears,

because you're twisting a profound riddle,
and every quarter of me wants to know.

You knew I liked your eyes,
those minutes of ours never left my mind.

nor have your words, that made me dreadful,
knowing that I do fall now.

#love   #fall   #in   #now  
Julie Grenness
6 days ago

Let's hear it for vaccines, my dears,
The 'anti' movement's  in full sway here,
Now there's measles in Melbourne, no cheers,
Summer epidemics, the parents' fears,
Let's hear it for vaccines, my dears!

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Julie Grenness
7 days ago

But she was so pretty in pink,
Does it mean she's ready to pimp?
Don't such stereotypes stink?
Maybe she's not so pretty in pink......

Feedback welcome.
#in   #pink   #pretty  
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