7 hours ago

Breathe in,
Rise up.
Down dog,
And twist.
Serenity washes over you.
You are strong, you are complete, you are able.
Breathe out.

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1 day ago

People are very keen to tell you who you are.
You are kind, caring, charming.
You are a superb athlete.
You are a wonderful student.
A compassionate son, who never once raised his voice.
A loyal friend, who never once ditched me for Dan Wallis-Evans.
You are eleven.
You are spotless.
You, though, are one of those people who is happy to stand up and say "No, that is not who I am. This is who I am."

You are kind, caring, charming.
You are a superb athlete.
You are a procrastinating student.
A compassionate son, who stayed on my bedroom floor for three weeks over the course of three months because of falling outs.
A loyal friend, even if you ditched me for Dan Wallis-Evans.
You are eleven.
You will always be eleven.
Your existence isn't proving people wrong, anymore.

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Oh I'm In Love
I'm in love
My happiness
Comes true
My heart smiles
Of pure love
I'm truly in love
Oh sweetheart
I'm in love with
You forever
I shall always
Be deeply in
Love with you

David P Carroll
Oh I'm In Love
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Elissa Deauvall
Elissa Deauvall
3 days ago

Far too soon
He was taken
From you
Her Heart must be achin'

In the blink of an eye
He took his last breath
Now she will cry
At the news of his death

I hope she got to say
"I love you"
Before he was taken away
And her life turned a different hue

May he rest in paradise
Where he can be her sunrise

this poem is a tribute to a boy who attended my school and passed away in a fatal car crash
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4 days ago

I cannot move for elephants
They follow me night and day
I sometimes think I should say something
But an elephant gets in the way.

I'm finding it hard not to open my mouth
But I do not like to offend
It's taboo to mention whats on everyones lips
so I carry on and pretend.

It really is starting to bug me
These elephants will need some more space
I can't be the only one who can see them
As they're staring us all in the face

So I bottle it up
And I'm biting my lip
And I'm finding it hard to breath
The room has become over crowded
So I make my excuses and leave

But the elephants have left the building
they aren't just confined to a room
I'm plagued by these elephants wherever I go
I will say something, yes, maybe soon

#in   #the   #room   #elephant  
David P Carroll
David P Carroll
4 days ago

As I kiss you slowly I touch your gentle face and run my fingers through your hair I passionately romantically kiss you we embrace in a perfect moment of pure love together forever our beating hearts and will always be truly in love.

David P Carroll
Embrace In Love
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Tony Luxton
6 days ago

We say it's work, but hardly
in progress. Nothing changes
except ourselves, filing regrets
that we must watch wait and record.

We write as best we can,
not knowing why our words
come out portraying
misery, mystery and hope.

It is said that poets are born,
not made, but we are made
when someone reads our work.

Tony Luxton
6 days ago

I shouldn't have bothered.
I thought this was a posh area.
Now I see it's not.
'Tommy Rot!'

Look at the gardens.
The lawns are covered in weeds.
'Rubbish! We grow herbs a lot.'

Even you're car's a mess.
Not been cleaned in ages.
'I wash it often,
every guilt trip day.'

And those dogs, do they howl all night?
'Oh no. Nothing like that.
It's just the neighbours in a fight.'

Jack Jenkins
Jack Jenkins
7 days ago

I believed I was immune, invincible;
  to the scorching heat of your surface.
  That I wouldn't be burned up or
  consumed by the fires you stoke.

I was not strong enough to endure
  and turned to crystallized glass
  and fell into your atmosphere,
  shattering into sparkles of dust.

I fell apart in your atmosphere,
  shattered like a comet across
  the scorched plains of your
  heart and soul.

& in the darkness of your being
  I look up to your skies and I
  see your Aurora Borealis &
  I know everything is okay...

To be wounded by love is the sweetest pain I have ever known...
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Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
7 days ago

I'm waiting in a dark room
When it would be brighter just outside
I speak and sing, but sound nothing like a tune
And I hope that my ears, and especially my eyes
Never fully adjust to this life of mine

Because I am waiting on the receiving end
Of an empty and uncertain line
Like a phone cord wrapped around my wrist
I tell myself that it’s no crime
To wait for what I hope would be mine

#waiting #probwontgetit
#poem   #in   #dark   #shadow   #night   #a   #waiting   #room   #scribbles   #sean  
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