Brent Kincaid
Brent Kincaid
1 day ago

Miss Agnes Columbus
What are you doing?
What is your calling?
What path are you pursuing?
Your mother wants a teacher
Your father wants you married.
Poor miss Agnes Columbus
Now wonder you are harried.

Miss Agnes Columbus
What are you doing?
What is your calling?
What path are you pursuing?

Unlike famous Christopher
You don’t travel in the world.
You stay home all the time
And set your hair to curl.
You read all the magazines
And know all the styles.
What makes you happy Agnes?
What makes you smile?

Your mother wants a teacher
Your father wants you married.
Poor miss Agnes Columbus
Now wonder you are harried.

You write inside your diary
That nobody ever reads.
Your mother and your father
Doubt where it will lead.
Whoever will hire a poet,
A creator of hidden rhymes?
You are not Emily Dickenson
And this is not olden times.

Miss Agnes Columbus
What are you doing?
What is your calling?
What path are you pursuing?
Your mother wants a teacher
Your father wants you married.
Poor miss Agnes Columbus
Now wonder you you are harried.

cage the wild creature within my ribs: my heart.
         wild, furious and unpredictable.
                         (it's generous enough to pump blood around my structure like a mechanical machine, churning away at a daily struggle to not go for a lunch break.
            yet it's deadly enough to invest itself in someone else's l o v e.
             four letters which are so vast even the god's cannot tame them.)

untameable heart, caged by my ribcage. ¤|¤ <♡> ¤|¤

d.d. #31
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nina babic
nina babic
3 days ago

woman waltzes into the metro station
shiny grey hair pursed lips &
book pressed under her armpit

i pause and think—
looks greek no turkish no greek

the woman

no the book

how do you know

ugly bust of stesichorus on the outer flap


ancient lyric poet one of the first i think

but why
would someone read stesichorus in this day and age

what kind of woman

the kind of woman who downs
martini martini then
ichor blood of the gods
in one big gulp

all three sifting down her throat
crushed ice at the bottom of each glass

the kind of woman

with hands like a harpy
with eyes like a siren

twenty greek scholars
parceled into  her cranium
under shiny grey hair

yes that kind of woman

based on anne carson's life + style + red doc> in general // school poem
#poet   #tribute   #poets   #author   #mythology   #greek   #study   #anne   #carson   #authour  
Arjun Raj
Arjun Raj
4 days ago

A tad difficult they say,
Them, they only know

So what is greatness,
is it a mere number?
A bank balance,
or a career too good to be true?
Them, they only know

Then there are people,
who say happiness is of prime importance,
so greatness can wait,
While they secretly crave for the absolute
which is nothing but,
Greatness again,
But they think,
Them, they only know

So where do we lie,
the dreamers, the trespassers,
the poets;
The truth is
we live in that margin, where
art collides with existence,
And I shall meet them there and only there,
for greatness, don't fascinate me and my kind
Them, they only know,
or do they?

#poem   #artists   #only   #poets   #know   #they   #them   #crisis  
Ami Shae
Ami Shae
5 days ago

Missing in Action--
that would be me--
I hide out in my dark room
sometimes afraid
to leave the gloom
but when I finally
find my way back here
I always find writes
that seem so perfect and dear
and I wonder why
it takes me so long
to come back here to read
when so oftentimes
that I do--
it sparks the hidden need
I feel for connection
for all you amazing poets here
thank you, dear poets
for helping me to clear
a path to a new and improved me
I hope I'll be here more often
and that you all
will be happy, safe, healthy and free...

I hesitate to confess that sometimes I am afraid to write. What if the huge pain and fear that lives inside me comes pouring out? But when I read the writes here, I see such beauty and talent and just wanted to let you all know I truly appreciate each of you.
#poems   #doom   #poets   #missing   #gloom   #connection   #write   #read  
Rachna Beegun
Rachna Beegun
7 days ago

Feelings makes poets out of people

#feelings   #people   #poets   #intense  

I actually haven't written raps in quite some time. Just poetry, but I got my start in 2008 on a website called my16bars (it has since gone down sadly) but I retained a lot of what I learned there.

There was a cool group of us young men who were daily users and we always shared our rhymes with each other and gave the best most honest critiques we could. as a group we wanted to elevate ourselves.

Life circumstances has changed me a lot, I have a son and am days away from having my daughter with my wife. Our life is great except for all the hardship,superficial and immediate. That's why I'm back at it now. And I take it a bit more serious. I'm shooting for poetry, wether traditional or slam but still I take a lot from rap lyricists and r n b artists.

I guess my idea is this tho, hello poetry is great but "likes" are kind of dated and hard to get. This will quickly become a popularity contest if we focus on the little heart. Instead I'm thinking of starting a chain, or forwarding group that we can share and critique, as well as repost and share/add to collections. This seems really redundant considering poetry groups are around and prevalent. But nobody, and you can look into this, nobody critiques poetry here. So people who rhyme are never tried and tested to do better.

The reason why a cypher works in rap is because if you suck people call you out right? Well that's not how it happens here in hello poetry, instead everyone likes and doesn't comment, or comments but no like, or likes and reposts but no comment. But I don't see anyone telling people that they could have done better, no one says "that's cool but maybe if you tried it this way" and honestly I myself am afraid to try this as well out of fear that my trying to be helpful will be misconstrued as an insult.

Poets can be the most sensitive people and for good cause. I liken myself to sensitivity but I hope one day we won't have to worry about hurting each others feelings and we can start really motivating each other to elevate our status. To do better. I'm not just searching for people to make me a better poet I'm looking for poets who want to get better with me.

If you're interested in working with me please get in touch as all opportunities have a shelf life.
#poets   #critique   #groups  

Are by far
The strangest ones
The ones who see rhyme
Where others just see pain
The ones who find darkness where
Others ignore it for the light
The ones who write unabashedly
And yet are still afraid to be themselves
The ones who are childlike in our intentions
But by far more mature in our thoughts and our means
We have to be this way, because being a poet
Is being strange and paradoxical, like life and death

#poets   #paradox  

you don't cross my mind!
                you have made yourself a nice little home, with proffesionally apulstrophered furniture in a eclectic mash, with the state of the art coffee machine plonked next to the thrift shop vinyl player;

{you don't even drink coffee, we don't even sit on furniture to watch TV (it's on our phones with youtube you see), and darling we have iTunes to listen to the beatles instead of that vinyl machine.
so do me a favour?
                           *move out of my mind and look up from that screen. then maybe you will see. the horizon will need bringing to you before i am closer than 20 feet. for right now, i am further than water to the sun. sacrifice your screen.
                     like god to his son.
then maybe you will see.              
i want you out of my mind, and nestled in my arms.
                    no more of this devotee to make belief.

#love   #social   #media   #society   #new   #poets   #political  

in your (hip)kiss; i taste the revolution!
     in your (lip)smile; i observe the aesthetic moon and it's romance with the sun!
          in your (tip)eyes; i am immersed in the universe -and it's spectacular streetlamps!
              in your (hip)kiss, in your arms; i am homesick without a home! but darling, never alone!

#d.d. 20
#love   #lust   #society   #new   #poets   #experimental   #quotes  
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