Taking medication may be fastening together the seams that could split. Between SSRI, HRT, and caffeine the moments speed, fleeting before I secure my grip. What's the point of living as a zombie losing opportunity through barely there fingers? I can be sexy for you, I'm fond of pleading on my knees, tongue over my teeth, waiting patiently for my mouthful -- but what's point? What would it solve to introduce a controlled study meltdown? Well, I see the seasons coming at first light. Spring and Fall pull balance apart. So pull apart, because these meds don't help when my mind conspires without me, but with the world. Leave me alone. I'm caught gazing at the canvas in the white on walls. If it appears I'm choking, I am. I choke myself to gasping near to death as a means to depart from my leaden regret. Do I grow wings? No. Do I ascend? No. Do I myself then deify? No. It takes endlessly repeated little deaths to prevent permanent disintegration in passion's cruel flame.

Son and daughter both will self destruct
2 days ago

All that I think is mine,
All that I think is me,
is a summation of what I've been told,
of what I've been instructed to see.

'Who am I' is not the question.
The crisis is not one of identity.
Don't be misled, my friends.
The real illusion is this 'me'.

There is nothing new inside there.
Just scribbled notes and summaries.
A bunch of borrowed opinions
And some stolen memories.

I know I can talk and share today.
I can scream to make some noise.
But I hope by the day I die,
I'll have somehow, found my voice.

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Nic Sutcliffe
Nic Sutcliffe
6 days ago

We reach for Nirvana
As we Rage Against The Machine
While Smashing Pumpkins
at A Funeral For A Friend

We Supertramps & Pixies
We Kings of Convenience & Queens of The Stone Age
All you Radioheads & Motorheads
my Chemical Brothers & Shakespeare Sisters
All my kin in this Tribe Called Quest
that's you, Yes! you

The Prodigy of the Priestess
The Offspring of the one true Queen
our mother Earth, Wind & Fire

We must unite against The Darkness
Be the Joy Division in this System of A
Down-ward Spiral into Madness
Be the Primal Scream that fuels the Corrosion of conformity

and Them Crooked Vultures?
The Simple Minds... the ones who Sleep
They gather At The Drive In to see
Sir Lord Baltimore and his Eagles Of Death Metal battle
King Crimson's Foo Fighters & The Sisters Of Mercy
in the Velvet Underground of the House of Pain

... While Tom Waits ...
For no one

Music gives meaning to life
it is of the Soul and for the Soul
I wanted to honour some of the bands that have influenced
me over the course of my life

In every life
there comes a time
when even anguish
isn't sad.
In every soul
there's a part
where even tears
make you laugh.
And despite all these
seemingly biological errors,
we thrive on the
Terrific vs Terror.
Perhaps we must learn to live above it all
Happy; Sad
Angry and Mad.
or Bad.
The frightening truth may be
there really is no such thing
and that what we see
is no more than imaginary.
And what do you think might happen,
if we let it all go.
Stopped making sense
and simply lived life,
How It Was Meant.


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h rivers
h rivers
3 days ago

A warmth overcame the chill
     in the softly lit room
It was as if, in a subtle and yet
breathless moment's pause ,
thoughts of love triumphed
        over loneliness

The midnight oil flickered ;
shadows dancing teasingly
The playful flame drew life
near the drafty window sill ,
within the invisible current
its awakening ether sphere

The rocking chair breaks the silence
creaking to the unconformity
of the unsteady flash of light
bequeathed by the burning log's cinders

In the silence of the peaceful presence ,
one chunk of green heartwood sizzled
like a beckoning voice from another realm ,
sputtering out into the timbre's pace ;
into a wordless respite of hushed solace

Embers smoldering  …  
as if they were trapped
in an arresting instant
of purposeful awakening ;
  striving to morph into
some unrealized reason for being

Just the serendipity of fate
    in a human sense ...
    In the right place
    at the wrong time
seeking some benevolence of purpose ―

The glow of the fire’s luminosity,
tantalized the back-lit profile ,
painting it’s shadow a simple pendulum's
undulation on the opposite wall

A dark silhouette exhaled a deep sigh
with the throb of the dark night’s nuance
The chair’s bent oak runners groaned
while dove tailed oak joints squeaked
with an impatient restless tempo

An aura emanating a soothing ,
  peaceful depth of reflection ;
expressions seldom understood
by those unwilling to look beyond
the seemingly nebulous colour
            of dark light

Thoughts flash with the pulse a beating heart
Day dreams manifesting like cinema
on the four walls imprisoning loneliness

Life's reveries,  a magnificent puzzle
even well into the long journey's epitaph ,
a reason to believe a moment's relevance
                                                       ­                 is more than randomness
dreaming good things can always happen ―

When you've looked for what seems missing ,
             and never found it ,
              ardently avowing ...
it does not mean it does not or can not exist

      Still striving to foment faith
in the eternal dream of forever beginnings ...

       Instead of finding your bliss
        ... let your bliss find you …

                                                              ­                         Harlon Rivers…

"So you save all your heartaches and your misery
Time ain’t got no worries rolling out to sea
I could have kept my heart on hold forever
until there was nothing left of me"  from: Its only water ― Gary Ogan


( Appeared In the Sr. Perspective Lindberg Edition March 2017)
                      Written by Ann M Johnson

Carpe Diem
Let us treasure today
We are not promised tomorrow
Let us seize the day: Carpe Diem

Let us dance like there is no tomorrow
Let us do things today instead of
putting it off until tomorrow
Let us cherish the moment
before it rushes away
Let us seize the day: Carpe Diem

Let us tell our family we love them
Let us call our friends and tell them too
Let us create some memories
and write them down
Let us not take things for granted
Let us not waste today
Let us seize the day: Carpe Diem
My friends, Carpe Diem

Hi to all my Hello Poetry family and friends. I wanted to share this moment with all of you. I feel blessed by knowing you all and I am a fan of you and your poetry accomplishments too. I sincerely believe that you all encouraged me to get up the courage to submit this poem of mine ( as well as other ones in past years) To the Poet's Corner section of Sr. Perspective.  You remain my favorite poetry community and comrades in the poetic arts. I want to Seize the day and express how much I care for all of you <3 You touch my heart and put a smile on my face. I am so blessed to call you fellow poets and friends too!!!!
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A realization
while walking along
on a sidewalk,
a sheet of ice,
with friends
at my side.
All I saw was
a path covered by love.
I realized
how much of a difference
a friend can make.
How even the iciest
most daunting
and dangerous path
can be transformed into
a walk
in the park,
just by having a friend
to walk along with.

Written in 2017.
Bethany G. Blicq

Thank you for walking with me!
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When do wishes become weeds?
When the roots are rotten.

The clouds adrift
        so near
        o’er top
the ponding pathway

Stumbling, tumbling
   fallen, face down
amongst the sounds
Thunder on a mountain
far beneath the ground

The splashing rhythm
  dancing raindrops
    devoid of shape
        and dolour

Overcome by reality;
       the gravity,
    "oh how small
           i am !"

        it's as if
           i am

a single drop of rain
       just being
    what it will be
        so small
    on your own
  in the crowded
down-pour falling

hear the whispers
the other raindrops
  scattered sighs

beheld far beyond
  a beautiful day,
    sanctifying ,
     as  i watch
     the ripple
a vast ocean’s tide

                 run away

                 cryin’ out in vain
                       from this
             smallest broken silence
                         drownin' in the rain

                                                          ­      h rivers ... March 2017

― it's good to be small
"everything will be all right if you just let it go"

The reins wet and slippery
the road long and hard
holding on so dearly
a changing of the guard

Never giving up
and not ever giving in
holding all the keys
to the places that we've been

Fights that we fought
battles and wars gone awry
best we can hope for
is to live and not to die

Hope is full of futures and dreams
not small, but larger parts
the young, have this in spades
the old, have it, in hearts

Perspectives may be different, but hope is still the same :D
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