2 days ago

When you talk remember that it is me
And I am listening
Do not guard hearts or hide words
Do not harbor false hope or fake rage
Do not be consumed by the illusions
Lost to the confusions
Be honest, I need your truths
I feed on your inspiration
The human race a light at waste
You glow so bright
But dim that light
To fade against imagined slights
You are a sparkle in a sea that glitters
Shining brighter than the moon
Blazing hotter than the sun at noon
Remember when you speak
I have questions, I am curious
I want to know you
You know I love you
You were born to be cherished
Live and will perish
So of course I love you
I wear your scars and bare your burdens
I’ll heal the your heart if you are hurting
Just speak say something, anything
Eyes averted, love denied, love shamed
Silence hurts more than violence
Losing truths to a social shell game
For we cannot see each other
If we do not speak to one another
Speak to me and I will listen
Listen and we will learn together
Learn and we will grow together
Grow and there is no limit to where we can go

6 days ago

The sun has been kind to her and she rides shotgun.
The wind comes and blows her hair
and her hair twirls and curls and dances.
And I love it when her hair blows.
She makes it bright when it’s gray and
there is no clouds in the sky when I see your smile
and the sky is never gray and she’s like a bucket of bleach
and a stain on my shirt. Then the music becomes distorted
as she continues to dance over my lap where there's golden rubbers in my denim pockets.
And her chocolate eyes begins to melt as the sun becomes
bigger in the sky and the clouds begin to roll, and there’s no stopping them from rolling.
Exotic and I want to violate that soul, violate that mind.
I want to go backward with you and the sun has been kind to her;
she’s no one night stand. The sky is never gray and
she’s like a bouquet of roses and
a smiley face sticker that brightens a kid’s whole day.

This poem is taken from the perspective of Noah (a character of mine). He's speaking about the love of his life, Rosaline. The "golden rubbers in my denim pockets" is a line from Tyler, the Creator's song She. This was inspired by Golden Girl by Frank Ocean feat. Tyler, the Creator.
7 days ago

one person's terrorist is another's freedom fighter,

one person's king is another's oppressor,

one person's hero is another's vigilante,

one person's saviour is another's blasphemy,

i can't say who's right


neither can you.

Bella M
Feb 10

Like stars the lights arrange themselves
visible through the small airplane window
I watch as they pass by

Hundreds and hundreds of glows
speeding from underneath me
mere whisks across the earth's dark canvas at night

Each light a home or building
belonging to tens of different lives and stories
imaginable from my place in the sky

Just like the turn of a page
a fleeting flash of thousands of experiences
racing across my glass every moment

Behind every light could be a family or business
someone trying to make their way
all with different fears and worries and aspirations

It is easy to concur when you are not soaring over cities
your issues are the only one's recognizable in the pitch black
all others a mere dim fading away behind your blinding light

An unlikely expectation to look beyond your own illumination
with both feet planted on the ground
bounded to a small view of the world

But when you are pressed up against a cold airplane window
the glass almost as small as the width of your hand
yet you feel as if you can grasp entire city blocks in your clutches

When in just instances you can witness thousands of lives and stories
sparkle through just a single gleam of building lights
rushing by you by the hundreds

You come to a profound realization

Maybe my existence is not as daunting as I thought
perhaps my life encompassing all of my heartbreaks and devastation
isn't the only one in the world

Bella M
Feb 10

Snowbanks of former opinions
crashing down, struck by some notion
with great meaning and magnitude

this tower of powder crumbles
carrying away everything
you figured to be true with it

like a thunderclap it rumbles
plastering itself over slopes
through vast terrains of past beliefs

your outlook suddenly clouded
as the aftermath comes to show
and colorless gusts veil the ground

the mountain’s growl comes to an end
and how you used to perceive things
lies at the foot of the hilltop

what is left are sheets of ice
a glimmering realization
completely new understanding

not yet melted or snowed upon
utterly bare and unscathed thoughts
woven in the frozen water

views now eternally altered
From the strike of specific words
filtering interpretations

Curling up in the corner
Where the sun seemed to dwell
I left my thoughts basking
In the warmth of the day

Soft vibrations sent shivers
Shooting through my body like currents
Eyes closed seeming to be lost
In some peaceful oblivion

She didn't let me in
So I left scratches on her door
And yelled for her to let me in
So I can protect my best friend

I watched my cat curl his body
On the end of my bed next to my feet
He seemed to be drinking the sunlight
That poured from my window
He seems to be more peaceful than me

I sit by the ocean,
The swaying, endless water.
It used to be so nice here,
But it don't know why I even bother.

I think to jump into it,
People telling me not to give in.
But to me, my perspective,
This is where it all begins.

I'm not at all ready.

It must be nice to sit on that thrown.
Looking down, striking innocent civilians like a missile happy drone.

Armed with hurtful statements, blindly firing accusations, based on evidence that you claim to be common sense, seemingly Heaven sent.

Reliance on misconceptions derived from your own blind biased cognizance is pure bliss.... ignorance.

It must be nice to not miss, all that you have missed in life, such as avoiding relationships, mistakes and hardships that life forces you to take, regardless of whether or not you have the confidence in yourself to know you can actually make ... it.

Shit ... it must be nice to finally sit up off of that throne and fly so goddamn high like the most expensive drone your precious money can buy, to look down at everyone with a big ass frown that you have won from spending the last 22 years of your life having "fun" pretending to understand the meaning of strife by watching computer screens and playing games with virtual reality teams.

"Fuck boys and whore girls"... coming from a mouth that hasn't yet lived in the real world. No wonder you make everyone secretly hurl.
You're wrong, they are just people so stop looking at life through a fucking self righteous peep hole.

It must be nice to shoot accusations with minimal to no contemplation, while avoiding any due diligence by never seeking out deeper intuitive evidence that could contribute to smarter conceptualization before sentencing your victims to passive damnation.

You! are what is wrong with this damn nation. Lack of perspective is what plagues the evolution of our creation.

It is time that this was mentioned.
The ability to empathize has been under deconstruction and detention of the proper correction is the root cause for all of this fucking tension.

Lack of perspective, my friends, will be our greatest downfall.
So please, I implore you all, not to be like the Indian prince who merely thinks he knows how to judge other people's innocence.

You inspired me to write...

But I only wrote quietly.

I have no need to anymore...
And I love it.

I really hope one day that you find yourself again, because you are so lost. And I guess...
You'll never have just one moment of clearance and wake up to truth.
As I was showing you...

Jealously will tease and torture you the precise amount to keep you clueless to your lack of... focus, stability, and peace.

You must learn without me.
A fire that burns isn't love.
And an ex-lover that curses...
Never was.

Goals become achievements.
Achievements define perspective.

Where do you, independently, stand.
Grace Kay
Jan 28

I live for me

Not for him, not for her, not for them.
But for me.

You think I wear this dress to amuse you
Damn right I do -
out of lack of self respect and self dignity

You think I say those things to impress you
Damn right I do -
out of the love that is buried deep within my broken heart

You think I buy those gifts to please you
Damn right I do -
out of the fear that I feel when I think of losing you to someone else

So I lied.

I told myself I lived for me,
the truth is that,
I live for you.

From the heart ❤️
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