Kewayne Wadley
Kewayne Wadley
59 minutes ago

My heart was like a mail box.
Waiting for one piece of mail in particular.
A special letter hand delivered.
The promise of sealed flap, carefully stamped addressed perfectly.
Scented in heavy anticipation.
There I stood in different variation of weather.
Going from hot to cold, the thought alone keeping me warm, closed in.
Suppressing everything that I held in.
The flutter of ads, bills, and different envelopes addressed to other P.O boxes helped build this anticipation.
Waiting for the moment I could open my mouth and accept you for everything you are.
Pouring your heart out in full stationary fashion.
Without hands to satisfy such anticipation.
To open such a flap and grant myself the gift of you kind of puts us in awkward disposition.
But the urgency of it all is as clear as day

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Nabarun Roy
Nabarun Roy
1 hour ago

I wish a world of followers
Following freely unlike the borrowers
With a free soul and nothing to lend
Hence, following no trend,
Then no one will fight
For a few choices of light
As everyone and everything
Has millions of light sources to cling
If they open their eyes
And close it at wrong time,
Trends are just created by people alike
To bring things away from life like,
You won't find everything alike your mind
Then why you choose a crap of such kind
Don't follow the trend
Don't make it the end
Follow the light
Which is bright in your mind.

Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie
3 hours ago

White and blue now move to orange,
in flames that lick the tempting air,
dancing round a burning fire,
lost in thought- without a care,

Gypsy hearts they move in rhythms,
as fire builds with stomping feet,
the wafting smell of soft patchouli,
hints of savory with the sweet,

Tousled locks they flow on shoulders,
as arms and hands are lifted high,
clapping, moving to the pulses,
hearts are upward to the sky,

Many nights with many dances,
to dance before Aurora's throne,
as magic colors still transforming,
in sky of midnight - moon of bone,

To dance with many or to dance alone,

It doesn't matter -
just dance.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Idk lol I'm not a "real" gypsy- but still! ❤
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9 hours ago

My heart dangles inside
And has the dreams ,that fly .
Thoughts, that lick my brain and never dries .
Oh,my dangling heart, cries !
One day it'll say goodbye,
By the hands ,that want to die

#sad   #depression   #life   #heart   #dreams   #thoughts   #fly  
10 hours ago

You were an experiment straight from the start
You told me I was beautiful and littered my days with flattering remarks
If I could look past you it wouldn't have been worth my time
Those artic blue eyes pulled me in from daytime to nighttime
Soon my head was filled with thoughts about you looking my way
But really it already was that way
I could have dismissed the call
But I was already too far in love's fall
I could have told you not to talk to me again
But my heart would never let me bargain
Bargain with losing you
The one my heart belonged to.
(c) 2017

I was reminiscing about the past 3 years of my life and can't remember what it was like without my sweet muse.
15 hours ago

Jumped into lava
Still not as warm
As your touch

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M Harris
M Harris
17 hours ago

There was a time,
A time so fair,
A zero despair,
Cuz She was fair,
Life as I knew it was drizzling daisies,
Bleeding me the feel like the crazies.

Perfect absolutes,
Chimerical dilutes.

Enchanting moments with ephemeral bliss,
Rapt me into blissful abyss.

Ambient lightnings,
Forming supernova sightings.

My soul trapped in her seductive high,
Unknowing of her destructive lies.

Little was I was aware of her two-tone design,
My Bloody Valentine
An alter ego so divine.

Demon with deceitful frames,
Unravelling her intimacy games.

Her bloodless lips whispering in the corridors of time,
Deporting me into her hate grimes.

Mutating into odium of torrential far cry,
Lies sarcastrophic podium of her mislaid demise.

Gagged and bound as me you broke down
And I believed everything,
As my love for you was logic drowned
Round and round I emanated all the way down.

Still submerged in the swamp of dummy beliefs,
Hoping to heal with concealed appeals,
Squeals of her feels reveal choking ordeals,

Cuz it was a different belief in a veiled inception,
Infinitely drowning with these unconcealed dogmas,
Remembrance feels like a past from yesterday,
All I am choked with are these Interstellar beliefs,

Detonating memories,
At the haste of light,
Giving me an anguish fright from the down right,
Corroding my heart with those Sulphur memories we once called a lifetime.
Like those 4 years with 4 million considerations.

Still lost in her maze of psychopathic daze,
Downward spirals decayed & set ablaze.
Reveries of her infinite sentiment once called transcendences.

All that’s left now are your radioactive reminiscences,
Of a place once called Tomorrowland.

"Over there
Witness all the rooms you rent,
Moments, Memories,
all the pieces of heart
gifted by lovers or strangers"
said The Cherub.
"My arrows choose which you will cherrish."

"While we lay entangled here,
Having consumed one another.
Do you wonder if we will cherrish this?"
said The Archer.

"Would you like to come even closer
And discover the answer? "
replied The Cherub.

"Every memory I've choosen to cherrish,
Has Shattered"
says The Archer.

"Well of course it did,
You tried to choose.
We cannot choose
which memories we will cherrish.
We may only pull
faith From quiver.
Give in to potential
without intention.
Close your eyes.
Empty all your senses
Until the only sense you have is Trust
I'll fill those empty spaces,
can you feel me?"

"Yes, you are close."

"You have my quiver now.
We still have no control over whether
We will cherrish this moment.
Put your faith in this bow.
Draw back our arrow
Trust it's natural path.
Close our eyes.
Forget this room.
Volley the whole tower"

Originally Written as The Title/Description of My Paper sculpture of the same name:

#love   #heart   #lust   #angel   #art   #sex   #paper   #sculpture   #rooms   #cherub  
21 hours ago

My darling tell me,
would you fear me,
if I told you
that I am the Black Sea?
Would you hold me,
and sing me to sleep,
rocking me gently,
as you slip beneath?
I promise to be swift,
as I ease you beneath,
these blackened waters
of this salty sea.
I won't stop you
from fleeing,
if you'd like to be free,
but my darling,
hear my softened plea?
I love you more
than the trees,
or the bees,
and you are the key
to my heart in the sea.
I hope you agree
that we'll both pay the fee,
to surrender
to our love beneath me;
The Black Sea .

#love   #life   #heart   #sadness   #dark   #him  
h rivers
h rivers
23 hours ago

There must have been a million raindrops falling down hard
Loud drops plummeting from the place where the sky overflows
The seemingly infinite pitter patter painfully counted one by one
Noir moments impinged beyond a rainy night:

Splashes splatter, showers flood torrentially,
Shards of water blind the befogged windowpanes,
Catching the candle light’s dull flicker
Upon the sway to the heartwood of the rain sodden trees
But underneath it all, there's this heart
Nobody really knows ― unborn and alone

Waves of silent reverie seize firmly a fragile heart,
Only learning to grasp the soul’s most poignant sensibilities
Wrought fifty shades of melancholy blue

Dreaming with eyes wide open
to see you tiptoeing around me
Bereft of touching as we reach for love
As if it were a moment we could hold
But I'll reach to you from where time just can't go
In that beloved moment leading the way back
into my dreams

Broken silence roused the moment's ache
With a boisterous sigh, the daunting fading murmurs
Of unspoken breath cogently exhaled
Hallmarks  of a secret place no one else can go,..

One drop at a time…

Post Script:                                                                                       .
There are memories reawakened in the rain
I've been there, and here in a moment
that let me back in ... leading the way back to let it be
― this poem is like a way back, a process...
it took along time to get back here ―

even though a moment by its true nature, cannot last
like a million raindrops on a lonely winter night,
serially comes to pass
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