22 minutes ago

In between the thoughts of you
I'm trying to discover my lost self...

In between the smiles of you
I'm trying to detect my lost piece of heart...

In between the words of you
I'm trying to find my lost silence...

And now,

In between our discrete and factual worlds
I'm trying to build our own figmental kingdom
that is invincible !!!

© Kishamore

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T      A
1 hour ago

Off coloured heart inside
pastel and violet breastbone.
With your fists and head confide,
A need to be alone.

#heart   #pain   #hurt  
Mar Somera
Mar Somera
3 hours ago

Do not fall in love with me
For I have a crooked soul in which
No flowers could ever bloom;
For I have nothing but dust and shadows
Between these wicked bones, from which
The sun could never ease the cold.
I am
Not a phoenix at all,
But the Big Bad Wolf who enthralls
The lady in red,
And devours her heart.

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The wonders I have
About everything.
An illusion? of a daydream.
But was it really?

I was human.
I was real.
I felt it,
All the wonders of the world.

The specific demands my brain gave off to the body of what to have and what not to have.
The expansion of my lungs, causing my stomach to rise and then fall.
And my sorrow-filled heart, pumping fresh, red blood, into my veins.
And my eyes, my blue eyes, watching life and its miracles.

The energy, that my spirit, now so desperately craves, rushing into my damned soul when, you sang.
And your voice, so full of love, it paralyzed me.
To lie, to have been so blind and miss the chance to be grateful for everything you gave me.
Now stuck, forever, behind the gates of hell, imprisoned, with a haunting of you.

For: Yohan
#love   #dream   #hell   #heart   #blood   #wonder   #body  

Blue eyes
Glancing over at him,
Admiring his beauty.
So deeply in love with him
But, a word hasn't yet been shared.
He longs for another.
Breaking, shattered.
Such a strong grasp,
around my heart.
Just to love him
To cherish,
every atom that sculpts him.
Gives me a reason
to keep my broken heart,

#love   #broken   #heart   #deep  
7 hours ago

I am,
So alone,
It keeps me up at night,
The deafening silence,
Won't let me turn off the light,
And I see them on a screen,
For a while at least,
People who I call my friends,
Though they don't really know me,
Old friends,
Distancing me,
And I feel I can't sleep,
I'm losing,
All control,
Cuz no ones here to catch me when I fall.

#friends   #broken   #sad   #heart   #depressed   #alone   #sleep   #night   #insomnia   #losing  
Nicholas Slater
Nicholas Slater
7 hours ago

If I were next to you
this dawn awakening
I would kiss you
hold you
cuddle you
gently lay my hand on your tummy
your beautiful body held tight
and whisper gently
that I love you
with all my heart

#love   #heart   #dawn   #awakening  
C F Tinney
C F Tinney
10 hours ago

Why do you worry so?
For what of this shall come?
What results of all the sweat,
you bleed from pours undone.

Whether concerned for every breath,
or careless as the sea,
do you really think a single thought you have,
will have effect on me?

I apologize – how patronizing,
how thoughtless I have been.
You just make it so easy dear,
it’s actually quite obscene.

Sleep now, not unconscious,
but rather blind to hear,
that you could escape
my control of you by fear.
If only you walked away.

#love   #fear   #heart   #abuse   #escape   #believe   #health  
16 hours ago

My heart is pockmarked
Like the face of the moon
Oh, from loving you
And you and you

The craters on my heart
Left, from the massive destruction
Of giving so much
In return, receiving nothing

From a distance
My love appears whole
But those pieces have been lost
Oh, to you
And you and you

Are hearts really pink?
Mine feels black and blue
Oh, from you
And you and you

My heart's fire
Burns passionately around the blackened craters
Oh, not for you
And you and you.

#love   #life   #heart   #moon   #thoughts   #you  
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