5 hours ago

I love you,
But I hope with
every force
of my lonely being,
I hope with every force
of my muscles and heart
who still crave their home
and i hope with every inch
of my fragile skin
which used to linger
beneath the tip of
your thirsty lips
not too long ago...

I hope that when you hear my name,
your insides burn
With the thought of me,
With the unbearable feeling
of missing me...
I hope it burns you
tracing with pain and repentance
the void that you created
in yourself
the day you left me.

Not my best, but extremely sincere
#love   #broken   #sad   #pain   #sadness   #hope   #lips   #soul   #skin  
12 hours ago

consumes her heart.
She longs for lands
she has never walked,
and for people
she has never met.
Her gypsy soul is free,
and so it follows,
the colors of the wind.

#love   #freedom   #life   #happiness   #soul   #wanderlust   #gypsy  
M Harris
M Harris
1 day ago

Newfangled biosphere pyramid scheme in dwelling to sidetrack,
Sanities seduced so you never will retort.
Threaten the sanctity of the delusion,
Unlearn. Start altering the definitions.

Force fed more dread so you relinquish control,
Cravings we must return.
Unfetter the soul,
In a system where acceptances esteemed more than the veracity,
Flawed perception of tour progression through that which we consume.
Exposed through The Earliest Of Eons.

Resistance-Resistance is demarcated
Subversion-Subvert the paradigm
Stirring Within A Ecosphere
Numb And Incarcerated

Stirred On My Own
In Prehistoric Of Existences

Slumbering. Visualizing. Bleeding. Conscious.

Appreciations bolted in a collective delusion
Lulled by ease and consumption
An entire realm of souls visualizing their existences.
Mankind is not superior, we’re just folklores in our own consciences.

#flaws   #soul   #numb   #system   #exposed   #progression   #veracity   #altering   #eons   #sanities  

Countless days, they had love me as a shadow.
Seeking pleasure ignored my skin and bones.
But truly they never found the seed that grows.

For years, I've been living in men's juvenile illusions.
Fabricated by floral dresses they had always fancy,
sunshine and contagious laughs.
But they haven't tried to read between the lines.

They kept me as their own good luck charm,
but never as a frantic soul.
Stitches by scars and ghosts,
hadn't seen me drowning from old anchors.

When the time had come,
they chose to let it by gone.

So love,
Before you try to confess,
be sure of something.
It is but a shadow and a thought that you love.

In a rainy afternoon inside a coffeeshop with Farina who just slap the hell outta reality, 20-02-2017
#shadow   #ghost   #soul   #illusion   #scar  

Oh, the darkness overwhelms
Every minute I'm sinking deeper
It's hard to see the light
When your thoughts are black as night

But then I see your face
An' the shadows dissipate
An' I'm not so alone
You're the one I've been waiting for

Now you've opened up the door
To my sad and scarred soul
An' I'm so thankful
You're the one I've been waiting for

February 21, 2017.
Thinking about turning this into a song. What do you think?
#love   #heart   #happy   #black   #night   #soul   #light   #saved   #shadows   #scarred  
Britney Lyn
Britney Lyn
1 day ago

I am a tainted heart with a replenished soul.
I wonder when the shadows will take a hold and pay the toll.
I hear screaming in my head with the silence of the night.
I see the future in my way without a guiding light.
I want to hide from the reflecting emotional troll.
I am a tainted heart with a replenished soul.

I pretend to be the hero but I’m really in distress.
I feel like fitting in with every girl but I’d like myself even less.
I touch the darkness where it meets the light, when the sun becomes the moon.
I worry about the vicious fight, the princess verses the goon.
I cry when my heart becomes a weak unreachable hole.
I am a tainted heart with a replenished soul.

I understand the melody that’s rising with these flames.
I say I love who I am but I’m tired of the games.
I dream about a man but I can never see his face.
I try to find the puzzle piece, one that fits in place.
I hope to be the diamond, not the unfavorable coal.
I am a tainted heart with a replenished soul.

Wrote this in high school, thought I'd share.
Lunar Love
Lunar Love
1 day ago

his eyes are one of my favorite things about him.
but i can never draw him, much more his eyes.
not even when i try.
i can never capture the way his eyes glow
as soft as a little star when he smiles softly,
or as bright as the sun when he beams.

i can never copy the intensity of his gaze
without my pencil lead breaking or my hand tensely shaking,
in fear of giving injustice to such opened and clear windows
to his beautiful soul.

i can never shade enough to give it the depth similar to reality.
i can never bring out the emotion of his eyes
with my pencils
like the way he does with his heart.
i can never draw the flutter of his eyelids,
the curls of his lashes,
the color of his irises,
or the void of his pupils,
all of which i get entranced and sucked into the blackhole of his soul.

i can never draw him in the simplest way:
his eyes staring at me.
because i can never look into his eyes
or lock gazes with him--
not even with a still portrait.

but guess what i did: i tried to draw wjh's eyes again
#love   #eyes   #portrait   #soul   #draw  
Jahëna S
Jahëna S
2 days ago

2 bodies, 1 soul
you're the ying. I'm the yang..
let me connect my soul to yours
make 2 become 1..

#love   #soul   #connection  
Bridgid Blalock
Bridgid Blalock
2 days ago

From under the brumal sea
Rises the being with black eyes
Singing songs no man has ever heard
Stay and listen
Her song is sweet
Stare into the blackness
Her soul is deep.

#eyes   #darkness   #black   #soul   #sweet   #song   #sea   #sing   #deep   #blackness  
Leal Knowone
Leal Knowone
2 days ago

It only takes 12 seconds to forget your place, to count how many men broke them selves off between your legs. Now you are so distant and cold.

You may have only been 13 then, broken by this man and his friend. it scarred your naive soul.

Close you eyes and count to 10 the nightmare creep back again. this game of hide and seek

In 2016 many people weep for those famous,we can no longer see. 1000 ways feeling can be

#10   #soul   #nightmare   #cold   #distant   #12   #13   #1   #seek   #1000  
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