Mio Seanachaidh
Mio Seanachaidh
7 hours ago

A soul mate; the missing half of your heart
A person to make them complete

We are each like lost souls on Earth searching for something
be it may love, family, or a home
Truth of the matter is that no one wants to be alone.

The one who is searching for

#lover   #soul   #journey   #seeking  
Mio Seanachaidh
Mio Seanachaidh
7 hours ago

Tattoo my lover's name on your chest using my kisses and tongue
My fingers circle sweet satin soft skin as the heart draws me in

Expressing in silent language how much is wanted to explore new worlds only discovered in dreams

Forbidden thoughts overload the mind as fleeting senses obscure all rationality

I slowly travel to parts unknown while you venture right behind me
We reach our final destination as I seal my promise with a kiss in a secret place

It shocks us into a hedonistic space; a paradise which surpasses all ancient descriptions

As mankind has fought and a hot debate whether such a place can ever exist

We ascend to heights unknown

This electric passionate bliss has our souls linked and hearts synced

At climax, reality plunges us back to Earth and we experience melancholy and strange bittersweet

#love   #soul   #sex   #spiritual   #erotic  
Ola Radka
Ola Radka
17 hours ago

Discovering new realms of reality,
I expand myself

Dhaara T
Dhaara T
20 hours ago

I fell, hapless, when our souls first met
Just how it happened, oh I will never forget

That wicked one, he worked his charm
Barging into my life, without an alarm

Returned to my senses, when broke, that spell
Trapped as guinea pig, I was, I could tell

His everlasting embrace, it chained my soul
Battered, shattered, half from whole

He left me all alone, but he left me strong
Oh wait, I left him; to say he did, would be wrong

He was but a voice, a frail one, in my head
But I was so affected by all that he said

"You try, you fail, you'll never be good enough
You love, you're hurt, life will always be this rough"

But then I heard my soul so meek
"May I?", he hesitated; I enthused, "sure, speak!"

"You feel like you're dead inside, but look how alive
you sound as you respond with zeal, like you're only about five"

And there released a giggle, a tear
'I found her again, but will I lose her?' I feared

"No, woman, no! The little girl will always be alive"
He said with such credence, "I know she will survive!"

I was falling again, this time, to rise
I turned around to say goodbye, to the one I despise

That voice in my head, refuses to leave
But now, his balderdash, I refuse to believe

He talks, he jabbers, often on mute
I'm lost in sweet spiels, of this new beaut

Now listen, carefully, my stranger friend
If that spiteful voice finds you, shift the trend

Rush out, reach out, to YOU, your soul
protect it from him, maintain your whole

Arduous, it may be, but that voice, do seek to find
For that's true love, not the demeaning voice in your mind

#love   #depression   #heart   #faith   #strength   #mind   #soul   #courage   #strong   #voice  
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
1 day ago

Peering into the depths
of your smile
is a soul searing, life changing
and most momentous privilege
that will live on in my heart
for all the rest of my days.
You see--
your smile has lifted this foggy veil
that has left me feeling
so immeasurably dazed--
The immense pleasure
of seeing your gracious
and endearing smile
that exudes from
the deepest regions
of your heart and soul
send shivers of delight
through me
and makes me know
that no matter what happens
throughout my day--
your smile will help
to guide my heart
all along the way.
And if only, only
somehow I knew
that you could feel
this immensely huge gratitude
I hold for you!
©Pamela Rae 01.19.2017

You just never know when a smile can change the outlook for someone. I was having such a tough and sad day, yet this lovely soul
stopped me in my tracks with a genuinely beautiful and heartfelt smile.
Suddenly my day felt lighter and free and happy again!
I am so incredibly blessed to have folks who care!
The Smile I received?
it was the sweet and brief poem by Elsa Angelica
#heart   #smile   #soul   #gratitude   #dazed  
harlon rivers
harlon rivers
20 hours ago

Gathered pieces of a great puzzle ;
refreshed perspective like ocean riptides
foment at the confluence collecting dark rivers’ flow
Repurposing back-eddies ,
rejuvenation of stagnant brackish waters ,
inherent buried soul-shine purging
from the ancient core of earth mother

Light arising from the hidden depths
of inner stillness as if a refilling wellspring
burst forth , reawakening muted sighs unspoken
Forming poetic constellations of black and bright
to lighten afar the nebulous darkness ,
a sea of swirling ink transformed into poetry

A sage opus renewed
by the muse of a migrating flock ,
striving to discover new sacred grounds ;
yet there is an undeniable song sung
in the howling winds of change
An incitement from a higher dialect
that empowers a restoration of spirit
Oeuvre uplifted by rogue waves
of summoning winds ,
arousing that which time erases

A manifest renaissance
among the rousing nuances
of poetic continuum ,
judicious to rediscover
the enthralling vastitude
of every breaking wave
in a boundless sea of poesy

Where prevailing currents
stir oceans of verse eternal ;
provoking a verve revival ,
the magnitude of an unbroken circle ,
ocean swells merging singularity
with the omnipresent colour
of uncharted depths

As if thoughts are assuaged
by a union of intimately touching souls
with words of intangible spheres ,
sparking subtle shades of meaning
spanning poetic immortality
Transcending barriers of unexplored lexicon
to manifest the immensity,
enkindling rhapsody of hearts and minds
Deeply rooted soul replenishment
harvested from the tree of humankind ,
willingly sharing without regret nor intention ,
with deference to the soul of one-blood,
one-love enabling an enlightening
metamorphosis of the human journey ...

harlon rivers

Joe Black
Joe Black
1 day ago

We live, we die.

Human - temporary.

Death brings to end to aging and miseries,

Relieving from a burden of life existence.

For loving souls - reward.

At the end of a day, we do not change just because we die…

#love   #life   #death   #soul   #human   #existence   #burden  
André Morrison
André Morrison
2 days ago

Dropping bombs on your homes, make them catacombs
But maybe to some, that would make them feel right at home
But baby you ache, for a dose of that catamol
So I know you're awake, but I know you haven't got a soul
Craving that shake to your system
You say you don't miss him, but the world saw you kiss him
Got a ghastly way of thinking, a broken ism
The look in your eyes is eternally dim

#kiss   #broken   #home   #soul   #ache   #system   #awake   #baby   #crave   #bombs  
Trevor Blevins
Trevor Blevins
2 days ago

And in my delirium,
I realized it was probably an old expression from a census,
And that I too have an unborn sibling with consciousness surely floating in the ether of what comes after death.

Maybe I will come to collide with what would have been companionship and instinct,
Or maybe I'll meet with oblivion like the dread on the end of a needle,
Quick and not at all as bad as anticipated.

If sin is what bars me from enchantment,
I challenge the legitimacy of our creation by perfect being...

Have we ever considered that God too has made mistakes
In giving us the capabilities of genocide...

They say we are flawed experiments of an immaculate design, in the shape of a flawless creator,

Ruling every instance of murder as an act of iconoclasm.

Where do the sins ends?

What voice should I let entertain my thoughts tonight?

I've settled on that of unborn souls never guilty of hatred, preconceived bias, elitism.

Tonight, I lend my ears to the innocent
Who will judge me by my merit alone.

2 days ago

                ||        ship
upon the sea • fractured
light to port and lee • the  
wind it howls and makes    
its pass • thru the rigging    
made of glass • rainbow      
colors splash the waves    
who'd know this boat put
men in graves • though
they were both brave
~~~~~~~~ and bold • they ~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~ disembarked ~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~  ~~~~~~~~ on the ~~~~~~~~  ~~~

~~~~~ ISLE of SOULS ~~~~~

(C) 1/18/2016

I know that this isn't the best
concrete I've done. I did it to
take my mind off things. I'm
going to read a little, then go
to sleep. Very tired.


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