Mazen Edlibi
Mazen Edlibi
2 hours ago

"I'm not committed"!!!
Easy in saying... Deep in impact it leaves!
As a "Tribe" we raise... As a "Tribe" we Heal and Grow!
I don't belong anymore to "Tribe"!
Where do I belong then!
Where my soul will be straying around!
Where will be my home!
That is the quest!
Peace be upon you all!

#home   #fall   #soul   #belong   #grow   #heal   #commitment   #raise   #tribe  
Raven Dev
Raven Dev
2 days ago

An unimaginable power
Bursting through my meek frame
The untamed electricity.
Zipping through my veins.
But why me?

A rush of electricity
Surging with warmth, love
Exploding sadness and shattered dreams
But why me?

Our world needs stability
I am the balance
The equilibrium
Of love and hurt
But why me?

For you, my dear
Are the chosen one
A pure heart
An untainted soul

At last, now I know.
I am me

15 hours ago

Splat, goes the teardrops down her freckled face
I hate to know that I'm the one who caused her all this pain
I might as well have held the gun and shot it in her chest
The pain might've been lessened if I'd cared much less

Recall the day
My smoke eyes laid
Onto her violet orbs
Recall the way
I begged her stay
Despite my side of war

Enemy camp is where she lived but I payed that no mind
Instead I snuck into her heart, promised that she'd be fine
I grasped onto her soul with a gentle loving hand
Soon we shared our bodies as a woman and a man

She disappeared without a trace not leaving me a clue
I found her again but to my shock, her stomach clearly grew

She found out my past and knew which side I took upon the war
My darling cried and with dark eyes said, I wasn't good for her

All because of the difference in sides, a daughter I would never see
I, a soldier of Lustful Broken: She, the Queen of Loved Purity

She's right, I'm just a soldier boy
Who's bought by women as a play toy
But her, despite my solider boy ways
Gave me a dream for a future someday

#love   #heartbreak   #war   #man   #lust   #soul   #imagery   #purity   #baby   #gentle  
Timothy hill
18 hours ago

Transduction, she was of power towers above a world with unlimited

Eltric mood either or kind of style.

You and me forward no back wards.

Center of a pulse are nozzle pours freely.

Warriors of time always on her side.

Molding reason, and never waves of good bye.

Failures only occurs when guilt gets its way.

Minds think minds blink so how or why do we age.

Age is not meant into death.

Think of death as a whole with bits missing.

Drinks are funny-ly spelled to mandela effect possibly.

Diet sodas for instances die t.

Die is nighters or resume of false death.

"Die is actually, dimensions is every thing.

When you think of a flower in full brilliance and color.

It glows green, and pink in certain growth stages.

Female the word is made in the same purpose.

Fe is iron on the periodic table.

Hence the word female strong male.

The metrics of life.
#love   #life   #mystery   #soul   #kind   #grit  
1 day ago

wake me up when i die
and yell at me for wasting time
i'd sell my soul for all it's worth
but it still wouldn't make it right
i'd say i'd sort it out
i'd write a thousand words
but i'd waste my time
i'd waste my time
because of my mind
it traps me in a room

3 - 22 - 2017
#words   #death   #mind   #soul   #room   #diary  
Raven Dev
Raven Dev
1 day ago

I feel it coursing through my blood
The untamed electricity.
Zipping through my veins.
Drops containing shattered dreams,
Missed opportunities.
Others with love,
Warmth, beautiful feelings.

Energy prickled its way up my arms,
Bursting throughout my weak frame
I needed it now
A time of despair and loneliness
It felt good
Giving a spring to feet,
Having not been used in ages

I’m restless, now in a frenzy
Unable to control the happiness I haven't felt in so long
Somehow it comes
A smile
Its spreads across a face of stiff muscles
And forever sustained frowns

My energy is like shreds of a new life
Torn, ready to take off for a new soul, young or old
I will become energetic, like a bolt lightning
I crack my bones,
Twisting my neck.
I am the Zombie.
Rising from the dead.

#dead   #dreams   #soul   #energy   #zombies  
Ocean Trimboli
Ocean Trimboli
2 days ago

my heart jumps at the
cosmic grandeur of celestial bodies
sprinkled across the night sky,
twinkling above tents and tired souls,
it wasn’t until i left the city that
spirited, silvery stars
were sewn to my heart

I've been camping out in the country for the last couple of nights and despite the wind, rain and mosquitos, it's amazing. I am so humbled to witness a night sky that exudes so much beauty.
#feelings   #heart   #night   #soul   #sky   #star   #celestial   #cosmic   #twinkle  
Pernille Augustson
Pernille Augustson
Nov 11, 2016

I'm mad I bothered,
and I'm sorry I tried,
today I might leave you,
fallen behind.

I'm tired of smiling,
when you don't give a fuck,
I'm sorry for caring,
when you never did at all

I'm done with being stamped on,
harder each time,
Your nest isn't safe...
It never was

Every second of the day,
my heart is still breaking
I'm leaving to save myself,
the small remains of my soul.

#feelings   #leave   #hurt   #soul   #done  
2 days ago

The flowing of words
Unknowing of how they'll weave

Poetry pleases the soul
With words that illuminate the cold
Expressing bold thoughts

Messing with your mind
While seeking a sign
These are things poetry lends its shine to

Whether you are blue
Reciting to your boo

Poetry will always be there for you
Sharing bits of you
Being vulnerable


#poem   #poetry   #words   #poet   #life   #thoughts   #people   #soul   #poems   #writing  
3 days ago

I'd give anything
For you
To tell me I'm not crazy.
For you
place your hand
On my thigh,
While looking me in the eye,
And sweetly utter the words
"I NEED you too"
To feel the passionate confirmation
Passing from your lips to mine,
As that last color of my soul
Is shaded in by your
Bravery and truth.
Together we can shine.
Together we can conquer.
Together we belong.

#truth   #crazy   #lips   #soul   #color   #shine   #eye   #passionate   #thigh  
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