always found
always found
1 day ago

There were so many nights
I tried to paint the
Summer stars
On my ceiling
But it never worked
And instead i would lay
I finally understood what
"Beating a dead horse"
When i begged you
To care
And over
But you never did.

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1 day ago

the streets are quieter in the rain.
the way the silver streaks fall, making the city blur  together into a mess of colors is silent.
the way she walks through the streets, feet soaked, skipping through puddles full of gasoline rainbows is so quiet, quiet, quiet.
the way she cries with the rain is too soft.
oh but the way she dances with the clouds and screams with the thunder is loud, loud, loud.

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2 days ago

I write this poem to my love
who inspired me to aim higher
who taught me how to think better
who taught me what real love is
who told me never to give up
who told me I was a smart guy

who taught me what it really
feels like when I am away from
you and your warm hugs
I will miss you
forever and ever

she taught me what true love is
and what a broken love tastes like

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2 days ago

she's been running through my mind
with her heels on
smashing all she can find
like a Hadron proton

a thousand miles an hour
she screams through the rooms
and she doesn't even know her power
like a flower in full bloom

Does a flower know it's beautiful
when it's basking in the sun?
-or does it wait (til hidden by the dark)
when the day is done?
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Ana S
Ana S
2 days ago

Roses are red...
Violets are blue...
I'm just gonna stop this crap...
And come out and say I love you.
I know sometimes I'm not poetic.
Sometimes really quite pathetic.
But you'll never find a girl who loves you more.
It's like one day I opened a door.
Let you in.
Gosh, I don't know where to begin,
How do I explain the day when it all changed,
How to I explain the way my mind became rearanged?
You were always there.
I'd see you everywhere.
Smile as I walked the halls.
My thoughts bouncing off the walls.
Never had I met a girl so beautiful.
Never had I picture a new story to be told...
Willingly I decided this was all part of a bigger plan.
Gladly, I took your hand.
Slowly day after day,
Growing closer to you.
Until we were the inseparable two.
Your hand in mine.
Always by my side.
Eating lunch.
Following routines.
Everything simply meant to be.
Day by day I began to fall,
Harder and harder,
There was no going back.
My heart was under attack.
Quickly you won the war.
Taking over my heart.
Making it beat off the charts.
Every time I saw you my stomach spun.
I could definatly tell you were the one.
Never had I met a girl like you.
Never again do I want to.
(Didn't mean that in a bad way)
Your the only girl I ever want to be with.
Still asking my self on the daily how did I get so lucky.
Deep minded,
Breath taking,
And everything in between.
So the story of us.
You've lived it once before.
Well only a chapter.
We have many yet to go.
This book won't write its self,
So let me begin again,
Never going to reach the end...
I'll start this page.
Simply by saying...
I am madly in love with you.
And absolutely everything you do.

Valentine's Day poem for my love
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Joseph JR Kelly
Joseph JR Kelly
2 days ago

Dearest love,
Tell me in my ear,
In the tone of voice,
That only I am privy to hear
How does it feel,
With me inside,
Your heart and mind,
And your body tight
Could it be more real,
When together we lie,
Sweaty skin and fiery eyes,
In embrace til morning rise
My passion unconcealed
My desires brought into the light
And sated with you, each passing night,
In the bliss of your piquant delight
Tell me love,
In your pleasured outcries,
And soft moans,
In your sweet sighs,
And your hushed tones
With every breath,
Every touch of soul and skin
And every spark between our minds,
Tell me dearest one,
How it feels to be mine.

Accidentally deleted a few times. Enjoy!
#love   #her   #sensual   #sexual   #intimate  
Katrid Cornell
Katrid Cornell
2 days ago

The New Year.
Some say it's a fresh start, others pat themselves on the back for
another year down, even though they probably don't deserve the acknowledgement. Some use it as an excuse, to get high, drunk, and all the things that follow so.

I see another year closer.

Another year I've waited to leave this town with its overly feigned cookie cuter houses and plastic people, if you can even call them people at all.
Another year closer to the year I can stop pretending, another year closer to tracing her nose with my thumb and kissing her forehead. Another year closer.

Another year so much nearer to showing what black and white can really do, to all the little lights and yellow flowers and raindrops and white canvas.

So much closer. But I'll start here.

Hello, Poetry.
It's nice to see you again.

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3 days ago

I have poems for your twinkle toes
and similes for your wrinkled nose
how it twitches
like the Bewitched witch's

I have poems for your starry eyes
reflecting all the star filled skies
each and every glistening datum
just as if your pupils ate them

not like a black hole swallowing solar systems
sucking light and all existence
but like an 8 ball of spotted shining wisdom
also like what I have written

written in the stars. checkitycheck out my other 'Her's
#poem   #thoughts   #her  
Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
3 days ago

I close my eyes above my salad
Nobody here can see
Praying that God would keep her well
And take care of her
Be it well away from me

Ceasar... Treacherous.
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4 days ago

I hate men
Who give up easily.
Be it
A goal
A girl !

They are restless until they tell her how they feel, and give up on her right after a small rejection...
I think they should not...
#words   #her   #men   #giveup  
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