1 day ago

I remember the nights
when I used to climb
into your window
To jump into your bed

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Vinny Chav
Vinny Chav
3 hours ago

You'll never be her

She was my first. She was my first date, my first love, the first one I wanted to build a home and have a family with.

Her face was the first to meet my family. Heck, she became part of our family. She was the first girl my mother loved for me.

She too was my first heartbreak; the first one to build me up and break me down. Her knowledge of me was the same as my knowledge of myself.

But she too will never be you.

She'll never be the one who picked me up when I thought I was never going to get back up.

No matter what she does, she'll never be able to love me as much as you do. She'll never know me more than I know myself like you do. She could never make me realize that I'm worth more than I think I am. She could never make me feel any happier and more contented like you could.

My love, know that you should never compare yourself to my past. There's a reason why she's there and you're here with me right now. The reason is because you are the one I love.

You are a gift from above. You are my present. Everyday I pray that you remain my present when tomorrow comes, and God knows I would do anything to keep you.

So do not bother yourself about it. Shed your worries away, for as much as you'll never be her, she will never be you.

She won't ever be you and you'll never be her.
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Kevin Cote
Kevin Cote
1 day ago

the halo sits firmly
above the crown
atop the curls
and scents of jasmine drip
off and from your presence
citrus and coconut
florida with palms
sundays and coffee

my nights and days
belong to these

#love   #coffee   #her   #jasmine   #coconut  
Cameron Scholes
Cameron Scholes
15 hours ago

Come lay with me,
You are a necessity,
I want to feel you,
While it is just us two.

I wish I could put into words,
The love I feel,
You don't give me butterflies,
You give me hummingbirds.

#love   #feelings   #her  

Remember her in silence
Those were rare occasions
Remember her lips as they changed colors
Remember her touch
So natural and sweet
When she wanted to be
Remember her tears of happiness
As well as tears of stress
Remember her as creative and weird
Confident and sweet
Sexy when she wanted to be
Remember when she wanted to save the world
Remember how she'd fall for everyone but no one at all
Remember how she loved
So abnormal to others but not to thee
Remember how she'd freeze in attraction
Remember how she'd feel a connection
To gay men that sometimes she didn't understand
Remember how she'd hit on a guy as easy as water
Remember her nicklace hitting her chest so perfectly centered
Remember her as a man in a passe life
Remember her in the sheets so vicious and free
When she wanted to be
Remember how she wanted to be more
Someone to the ones she loved
As well as to the known
Remember that titles are just titles
Remember that she wanted the title
But gave up on the game
Remember how she wronged people
But learned and never repeated them
Remember how she wanted to be free
But safe at the same time
Remember how she loved men
But was attracted to free spirited women
Remember how this list went on and on
Just like how she talked
Remember how she saw her future
As an unfolding map to the known...

#her   #remember  
2 days ago

Her mind and body is living on two separate planets

#living   #mind   #two   #and   #her   #on   #body   #is   #planets   #separate  
1 day ago

Her heart is like a pocket
stitched deep within her chest
Inside she stores her most valuable treasures

#heart   #her   #a   #like   #is   #deep   #within   #stitched   #pocket  
3 days ago

She has stairways in her eyes
You're still climbing them
But will never reach the top
That's why you won't stop

#love   #broken   #sad   #why   #her   #stairs  
kyle Shirley
kyle Shirley
3 days ago

Flew to close to the sky.
Yet again her rejection will never die.

Like the clash, should I stay or should I go?
Her guessing may not be worth it, ya know?

Two weeks and your gone like that,
Two weeks your feeling went splat.

One day is not enough to make a decision,
Nothing left now but division..

Separate ways from here on out.
Feelings rage, makes me shout.

This is where I end things.

#love   #boyfriend   #loss   #bad   #her   #she   #leftbehind   #another   #twofaced  
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