Poetic T
Poetic T
3 hours ago

Uttered whisperings
colliding within my thoughts
                                Shadowing my soul..
                       The raven uttered silently......

You walk the path of the dead..

#death   #path   #raven  
3 hours ago

Your voice rises up like worms from the earth.

No matter how deep I bury it, it claws back out,
To think of its tenor brings me nothing but hurt.

Your voice rises up like worms from the earth;

To see its gaunt face, a fresh mound of doubt,
The day you left me you had no room for air.

Now it's me, who can't breathe, lungs filled with despair.

Marte Lindholm
4 hours ago

Have you ever
loved someone so much
but lost them
way too soon?

You were supposed
to grow old together
but you ended up
growing old alone.

On your deathbed
you were given one last wish
"The moon" you said
Why did you say so?

If you could only
go back in time
and find out why,
why the moon.

It was her, it was always her
Your beloved wife
If you ever were apart
You'd go to the moon

That's why, you see, no cliché
"I love you to the moon and back"
no, let's go there together
to the moon, you and I.

Inspired by the most amazing game ever, To the Moon.
#love   #death   #moon   #i   #you   #together  
6 hours ago

The party has begun
It’s your special day
You’ll only have one of these days
Only one

Everyone is here for one thing only
All eyes are on you
All conversation is about you
It’s just you
You and only you

You look lovely, by the way
Your clothes are brand new
Made only for one occasion
This occasion
Same with the decorations
They’ll be used only once
For today
And only today

Today is special for you
It’s one of your biggest ceremonies
Your last ceremony
Your funeral

#sad   #life   #death   #one   #party   #funeral   #special   #ceremony  

Mother had a ship,
With a white canvas falling,
Stretched by the winds of life

We enjoyed her deck,
Watching the apparent horizon,
With it's colours of the sunset,

Darkness faded in dearly,
With the gentle waves rocking us,
Listening to her lullabies of the sea

Of gods and monsters
Kings and queens
Under the lamp of the moon

Some nights were cold,
But her woven cloaks,
Always wrapped our little souls

And when we were hungry,
It was the grains,
Rice from a lost island,

The southern sea,
Merry faces,
Drunk on fish soup

What would a boy need?
Else jumping over the board,
To bath in the salty waters

Of course she wouldn't,
Keeping her dear ones so close,
In her arms of love

Until, one night,
Violent skies
Raging clouds

Howling thunder
Within flashes of lightening
And soaring waves

Slapping the ship's floors,
Breaking her mast,
Within squeaking wood

To finally split,
Choking on gushing waters,
Within our muted screams

Below, it was gloomy
The walls of death,
Closing in fast

Not a good bye,
A last kiss
Or hug

But a freeing soul,
Rising to the heavens,
Before a yank

Gasping for air,
my head peering,

Above the water,
And diving again,

To feel my lungs shrink,
As I sunk deeper,
To the gates of hell

But, a plank
That my hand took hold of
Pulling it to my chest,

In one tight embrace
Dancing to a turbulent rhythm
The hymn of the brave

To finally watch the sunrise
From below,
Up the endless fabric of a blue sky

Swimming, lone,
Following a lost map
In the vast sea of the living

#life   #lonely   #death   #nature   #family   #sea  

Another attempt but this one will be my last.
As I look up, I see no light yet dawn has past,
the cloud from the night before had left me a mess -
ending my heart beat is my life's only success.

Enclosed in stained clothes, my hair lay there all but neat
not grazed by a comb in weeks; I play with a blade.
Burnt matches crawl on skin like dirty hands. Discrete
insomnia, I tell death not to be delayed.

Tears could now not touch my eyes as I wonder would
this come as a surprise? reality above
my pointless apologies, I felt the key of
death hit only when on the horizon I stood.

Before I fall to willing death, the most gentle
murder is my suicide. Only one rule to abide:
explicative note. Tell them that I have no hope.
Coincidental stop, your arms put plans aside.

Now my actions are obsolete, life not finite.
Postponed is my last breath, I am now the elite
living with their ashes in foreign eyes. Each blink
tells you alone read my bones before I could sink.

Karina B
Karina B
7 hours ago

The beauty of nature is bittersweet
not because it may not last,
Nature will endure.

It is bittersweet because we know
that while nature will endure
the same will not apply
to you and me

7 hours ago

1:30 am
22 degrees
as i stop my 6 page intro
of my 5 chapter thesis
to drink my 3rd cup of coffee
i grab my 1 cup
filled with 2/3 coffee
which i prepared 2 hours ago

as i drink 1 gulp
i remember the 1 sun pendant
the last 1 you bought
6 months ago
the 1 thing i cherished most
i lost 2 months ago

as i down the last 12 cold sips
i remember the last 12 words
you said in the last 12 months

sorry things didn't turn out the way we wanted it to be

i should get back to my thesis
#love   #heartbreak   #sad   #life   #pain   #death   #numbers   #number   #thesis  
George Krokos
8 hours ago

At times I happen to wonder what it would be like to wake up dead
and if in fact anyone could really wake up at all from such a dread.
Although there have been cases related by people of coming back
after being diagnosed physically or medically of losing life's track.
In particular those who recall going through a kind of light tunnel
or seeing certain things that resemble looking into a bright funnel.

It seems quite reasonable now therefore to assume an afterlife may exist
and that some people have been given a rare opportunity to say or insist
about what they have experienced on the other side of their earthly life
regardless of who they might be and what strange conditions were rife,
when they had that encounter with their own personal angel of death
and were for a while seen lying motionless somewhere without breath.

Out of our dream life we may also have similar experiences to relate
though it's often difficult to recall them or find the right words to state
about what one has been through or even seen after any such time
let alone have the desire or ambition to write it all down in a rhyme.
For some people it may turn out to be a shame or some kind of regret
if they just brush it aside, don't reflect on it and then try hard to forget.

Written in 2016.
Shannon Perry
Shannon Perry
8 hours ago

and now I'm suffocating - not from lack of oxygen but from lack of hope,
a lack of feeling alive and ability to cope;
instead I'm drowning in pain with my chest exploding and my heart aching,
waiting for my demise because I'm so tired and inside I'm breaking.

#suicide   #sad   #depression   #sadness   #death   #depressed   #anxiety   #suicidal   #ptsd   #bpd  
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