Ellie Sora
Ellie Sora
1 hour ago

Do you remember that night?
The night you died?
You ran to the sea
Almost unconscious.

Your body craved to be exposed
To the cold winter air.
You could almost hear
As your bones were trembling
Underneath your dry frosty skin.
The waves were calling you,
Beckoning you towards your future.
They stole your future.

As you were embraced by the water,
Your head was already filled
With nothing
But dread.
You almost fought for survival.

Submerged underneath,
The water was singing your name.
And you were dancing to the melody
That had you drowning.
And you were willing
To give it your last drop of air.

Your body
Was not yours to control.
It was already consumed
By the Sirens of the sea.
And your purple lips
Were singing
In sync with the Water Nymphs’ song.

And you were enjoying every second of it
For you have had enough
Of everything going wrong.

Your attempts
To go above water
Were more than plain hopeless,
For you had already soled your rightful place
In the world of the living.

Your skin was not yours anymore.
It was hardly even human flesh,
For it was blue like the sea.
You almost looked like a Nymph yourself.

Your teeth cracked
To the exposure of the winter air.
You were not welcomed above anymore,
You were to be endlessly in water.

Your whole naked body
Was chained
With invisible shackles,
Pulling you down,
Showing you mercilessly
Where you were now belonging.

Last attempt.
And the bottom cried your name,
Melting your fragile
Naked young body
In the icy depths.

Do you remember that night?
The night you died?
You ran to the sea
Almost alive.

And you seem to be pleased
With how the waves play
With your unsteady corps.

You seem fine
With the way they spin you around
Until you can’t understand anymore
Where is up
And where is down.

You don’t seem bothered
By the way the water
Mashes your head in the rocks.

You seem okay
With the sea draining your blood.

And you don’t seem to care
How the cold winter water
Takes your empty life.

You reached to Heaven.
And it reached to you.

You were endlessly searching
For something
More Than This.
And that consumed you.

This was inspired my a book  (Patrick Ness - More Than This) I read few months ago. It was a very emotional for me, since I found myself related to the protagonist...
#suicide   #death   #boy   #winter   #this   #more   #than   #sea   #patrick   #ness  
2 hours ago

Toes are sheets of
the cold
creeps under

Hands have rolled
the dice
the night creeps onward

No dirt along this path
no rising

no skin in red light
over this
frozen hearth

Every way to pick apart
the skin atop
my head

I've bled within the dark
to sleep
on feather beds

come away with me

come closer

come away with me

come closer

#fear   #death   #sleep   #sweat   #bed   #ice   #blood   #cold   #warmth   #dirt  
2 hours ago

This is the place where he lay his head,
When he went to bed at night,
And this is the place our demons  were derived
Candles lit the room at night.
this is the place where he cut his wrists
That odd and fateful night.

This is the place where we used to live,
I paid for it with love and blood,
And these are the boxes that he kept on the shelf,
Filled with his poetry and stuff.

this is the room where he took the razor,
And cut his  wrists that strange and fateful night.

I never would have started if I'd known
That it'd end this way.

His body didn't last forever,
It decomposed with time.
But the memories I'll always treasure,
Will last me until the day that I die.

#love   #suicide   #sad   #pain   #death   #memories   #happiness   #hurt  
Erin Nicole
Erin Nicole
4 hours ago

When I die, Fuck it
I wanna go to hell
'Cause I'm a piece of shit
It ain't hard to fucking tell.

#hell   #depression   #sadness   #death   #die   #fuck   #killme  
harlon rivers
harlon rivers
5 hours ago

... a diary of the falling dominoes chapter

invisibly dying from the inside out
no one is looking into unseen eyes
no one can hear a muted voice fading
no one is close enough to be near

the deafening thrums echo
anxieties’ racing heartbeat
within morphing flesh shell ,
gasping for new breath
in a hovering stale silence

from a distance
the broken mirror ricochets a subdued light ;
much closer the reflection reveals
someone I once knew by heart

now an unrecognizable mask
enshrouds a terminal emptiness
inconspicuous at a fleeting glance ,
impossible to  discern what storms rage
from the inside out ,... unnoticed  

an uncontained wildfire smoldering within
lies in wait for the imminent winds of change
to fan the flames into the final
eternal silent ashes

a poet reaches out demurely
offering a candid look
into the window
of the imperfect human soul

there is no poetry
met by indifference
just gathered unread words scribbled,

squandered time
dripped slowly on an empty page ;
moments turn into days
days turned into years

invisibly dying from the inside out
an unfinished life trickles out
like seeping blood evanescing
from a bottomless puncture wounding
penetrating the heart,
leaching out the slow death of a poet

for poetry is only words unless they touch someone ...

befallen to indifference is poetic death
by salted paper cuts ...

a muting suffocation that hiddenly erodes away,
silencing the passion of a musing soul
one unread word at a time ...

© ... harlon rivers

it is an enigma how poetry evolves in meaning over time ―
like a self-fulfilled prophecy, some become transformational,
some become new beginnings or some become a finality
of a metamorphosis of peaceful endings

... all to be determined and allowed to let be

As I tread this path with prickles & thorns,
With fluttering butterflies in my gut,
With blurry visions of vague horizons,
Failed to notice, I was stuck in a rut.

I reached a small pond that mirrored my face,
I see roses, patches of red petals.
I was enamored with it as I trace,
The roses that formed a maze to my pulse.

It was blood, I was dying painlessly.
These thorns were shrapnel from a hand grenade,
The feeling of butterflies was numbness,
My blurred vision was from a ruptured vein,
I fell flat, dying, laying on the grass,
Please, my love, end me with a coup de grâce.

A sonnet of the final moments of dying painlessly, or slowly realizing reality.
#love   #war   #death   #painless  
7 hours ago

Today I died
My mind committed suicide
To vanquish
All feelings
In order
To save

#feelings   #depression   #life   #death   #mind  
Dawn Treader
Dawn Treader
8 hours ago

Where she stops
Someone dies
Grandma keep a watchful eye

For on your deathbed as you lay
The Dullahan will come to play

Gifted with supernatural sight
You, she sees, in the dark of night
A whip of a human spine she does wield
From her, your soul I cannot shield

Head in hand, grey with decay
I pray to the gods—come what may
On her pitch-black steed she rides
Dressed in a gown stitched of human hides

Her decapitated head wears a Glasgow grin
Prepare for death when the Dullahan comes riding in

Member of the Unseelie Court
She’s the collector of souls; bodies amort
Although the protective curtain’s drawn
Grandma, you’ll be dead before the dawn

Waiting for death to take her, please come soon
#helpless   #dying   #life   #sadness   #death   #legend   #macabre   #dullahan  
Eric Lewis
14 hours ago

Life Death Hope Loss
A canvas of happiness and sorrow
The Aesthetic of existing
Beauty in the painting
Admiring the painter
Every stroke from birth to final light
We wake the morning
We die to the night
Wherever we go
The static plays a melody
The sound of increasing pretense
As the serpents die of their own poison
Drink from their own goblets
The play is over and the curtains close
Thank you for coming
We hope you enjoyed the show
The Aesthetic

#broken   #life   #pain   #death   #happiness   #friend   #sorrow   #play   #game   #aesthetic  
Mysidian Bard
Mysidian Bard
18 hours ago

Why are we all just living to die
when we all should be dying to live?

#life   #death   #time   #philosophy  
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