14 minutes ago

Won't you go to someone else's dreams?
Why keep me awake every night
Do you like hearing my screams ?
Do my cries gives you a delight ?
Aren't you bored yet ?
Why not find a different victim?
Just spare me tonight.,
Let me sleep this time.

#dream   #sleep   #nightmare  
Shawmar Lynch
Shawmar Lynch
18 hours ago

Caught up in my sleep
Thinking what to dream
Sometimes it's the sky's themes
And when the sunlight beams,
Into our eyes...

Sitting here to take the voice to follow
Listening to the words echo
To it's mind of a sleep dream
And the angel shines for us below...

Walking to the sunset
Staring at the angel
I have been so heartfelt
Since the scene came,
To us... Silence....

Caught up in my sleep
thinking what to dream
It's enticing than it seems
And from now on... Dream fades.

#dream   #peace   #angel   #soul   #sky   #fades   #themes  
M Harris
M Harris
1 day ago

Stranded in a Spectrum entirely green,
I dream; in colors clustered around blue;
We meet; in swirls of turquoise.

Subliminal codes in her lullabies,
Allow her to control my dreams;
And when she makes green tea to calm me,
She uses mouse skulls instead of leaves;
It tastes like half-remembered dreams.

Eyelid transplants
Allow me to experience her dreams,
And when my dream-self leaves messages
On the inside of my eyelids;
They are blue notes
That shimmer in the morning,
Rescued from her memory-hole.

And outside, right before that morning,
The injured moon leaves smears
Of blue-green blood across the sky;
And soon, the earth is ringed with gore striations,

Celestial entrails halos;
It will be a day to remember;
A day of turquoise.

#dream   #feelings   #eyes   #green   #blue   #blood   #color   #leaves   #celestial   #halos  
George Krokos
1 day ago

At times I happen to wonder what it would be like to wake up dead
and if in fact anyone could really wake up at all from such a dread.
Although there have been cases related by people of coming back
after being diagnosed physically or medically of losing life's track.
In particular those who recall going through a kind of light tunnel
or seeing certain things that resemble looking into a bright funnel.

It seems quite reasonable now therefore to assume an afterlife may exist
and that some people have been given a rare opportunity to say or insist
about what they have experienced on the other side of their earthly life
regardless of who they might be and what strange conditions were rife,
when they had that encounter with their own personal angel of death
and were for a while seen lying motionless somewhere without breath.

Out of our dream life we may also have similar experiences to relate
though it's often difficult to recall them or find the right words to state
about what one has been through or even seen after any such time
let alone have the desire or ambition to write it all down in a rhyme.
For some people it may turn out to be a shame or some kind of regret
if they just brush it aside, don't reflect on it and then try hard to forget.

Written in 2016.
Ryan Hoysan
Ryan Hoysan
1 day ago

This morning I thought
I had found the girl of my dreams.
And then I woke up.

Turns out, she was just that.
#dream   #girl   #sleep   #her   #she  
Timmy Shanti
Timmy Shanti
1 day ago

We all fight our demons… At times, they prevail.
And once we give in, we are fatefully jailed –
By hatred and envy, by lust and ill will,
By malice and greed… Can we bear such a levy?

What happens to us should we rid ourselves
Of the duties, the vows, the commitments we’ve taken?
How long will it take for us to succumb
To the pleasures of flesh and be ever forsaken?
How long till we cry out for help, our tongues
Tied firmly in place by our own repletion?
How long till we see the daylight and admit
There is no going back to relieve our division.

Yet we dream and we hope, and some pray for redemption.
We fight back… And the demons return to the void.
And no fairies exist – not in our dimension.
Yet the demons are real. Hardly can we avoid
The temptations of power, the concoctions of plenty,
And the fight carries on to this day, far and wide.
Every crevice and nook, every palace and shanty
Hold the ones craving nothing but to bask in the light.

19 II 2017

To those fighting their demons, I salute you all!
Know that you are not alone.
#donthatecreate #takeyourbrokenheartandmakeitintoart
#love   #dream   #peace   #hope   #fight   #demons   #soul   #unity   #inner   #temptations  
Psycho RY
Psycho RY
2 days ago

We're made to starve and to miss a lover
In our eyes trends of love lays
And thoughts of how to break distance
Can we just escape and forget this world
Maybe just one night would fix it all and
Maybe just tonight, only in my head again
I'll meet you where the moon meets the stars
And kiss you underneath rays of light
And ask you would you please stay with me.
In a dream land for tonight and just promise me
That you won't leave me for a second out of my

#love   #dream   #pain   #distance   #we  
Adam Mott
Adam Mott
2 days ago

Art can touch
That which I do not allow
Anyone to see
Moving images
Give weight and value
To a life
Lived isolatedly

#love   #dream   #poem   #depression   #life   #hurt   #art  

Can I keep on dreaming
Up a new life
One without strife
Where I’m alright
If I have to live here
I will block the world out
Living in my dream world

In this world
I’m a free deer
I tend to spend more
Of my time here
Living here in peace
There is so much space here
I am made of stars

Can I keep on dreaming
Up a new life
One without strife
Where I’m alright
If I have to live here
I will block the world out
Living in my dream world

In here
I don’t have to deal with
My depression
No acceptance
To the world around

Can I keep on dreaming
Up a new life
One without strife
Where I’m alright
If I have to live here
I will block the world out
Living in my dream world

i like to daydream about being a deer. no troubles no worries. when im not at school i spend my time in this world. it helps calm me down and make me happy
#dream   #world   #stars   #space   #deer  
3 days ago

A dream can slip away,
And ooze into the floor.
There it will remain,
Becoming nothing more.

Time will pass overhead,
Each step a sudden crack.
He’ll leave the fallen dream behind,
Unlikely to turn back.

The dream will lay in darkness,
A cold void to it's center.
Stretching blind towards the light,
Begging help to enter.

It's hope will turn to poison,
Seething with regret.
An affliction with no cure:
It's potential never met.

The dream will late return,
And blast up from below.
An inner rage will advance,
A vengeful plot will grow.

Your dream will come to strike you,
Like nothing has before.
You will come to fear it,
And it's never ending gore.

So hold fast to your dreams,
Don't let them drift away.
Else one day you may regret,
And fear where your dreams lay.

Forgive the dark turn. The loss of something so sacred should never be looked upon lightly.
#dream   #life   #regret   #future   #hope   #goals  
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