Psycho RY
Psycho RY
14 hours ago

And she.
Who was she
To ever understand
The real falling in love
For far she was to feel
That stars seemed nearer
Than she had ever been
And for that time
That flew by
Thick like poisoned blood
Drop by drop
She came closer
Not bodily but with mind
Her inner beauty
Left the earthly beauty
In an ocean of shame
And yet she still had a fear
A fear of another to steal
Such a lover. Her lover.
A victimised fear of her
Own mind

#love   #broken   #fear   #heart   #beauty   #mind   #shame   #she  
2 days ago

I remember the nights
when I used to climb
into your window
To jump into your bed

#love   #relationship   #weak   #window   #her   #him   #sex   #she   #he   #climb  

She loves others too much because
She loves herself too little
She cares way too much because
She thinks they couldn't care less
She cries over their joy because
She has none of her own
She sees beauty in everything because
She sees none in herself
She gives everyone her heart because
No person has given her their's
She gives away her love because
She keeps none for herself
She tells them they're needed because
She feels that she's not
She mends other's souls because
Her's is already torn apart
She supports everyone because
She can't support herself
She saves the dying ones because
She's already dead inside
She helps people up because
She's already down
She helps others understand because
She does not know herself
She helps the tired find rest because
She cannot sleep at night
She says "have sweet dreams" because
She has none of her own
She pulls them out of the dark

Because that is her home.

February 22, 2017.
#love   #hate   #dark   #darkness   #joy   #sweet   #path   #she   #cries   #herself  
2 days ago

She is only poetry i can read with my fingers

#poetry   #i   #fingers   #my   #she   #only   #is   #read   #with   #can  
kyle Shirley
kyle Shirley
4 days ago

Flew to close to the sky.
Yet again her rejection will never die.

Like the clash, should I stay or should I go?
Her guessing may not be worth it, ya know?

Two weeks and your gone like that,
Two weeks your feeling went splat.

One day is not enough to make a decision,
Nothing left now but division..

Separate ways from here on out.
Feelings rage, makes me shout.

This is where I end things.

#love   #boyfriend   #loss   #bad   #her   #she   #leftbehind   #another   #twofaced  
Marcos Sisneros
Marcos Sisneros
4 days ago

I spent all night burning my eyes
Into my phone.
Wishing I was with you,
But realizing I'm just...

#love   #poem   #lonely   #pain   #sadness   #alone   #her   #she   #tired  
Ryan Hoysan
Ryan Hoysan
4 days ago

This morning I thought
I had found the girl of my dreams.
And then I woke up.

Turns out, she was just that.
#dream   #girl   #sleep   #her   #she  
Andrea Kelley
Andrea Kelley
6 days ago

She took the beatings, the
Blood smearing her skin
Took the lashings, and the slaps,
And hid her grin
The first time a man gripped her thighs,
Ripped them apart, and forced his way
Past her heart, numbing her to love,
Then threw her away
Numbed down deep to her soul,
She almost broke, almost cried,
Almost tied the knot tight, and
almost died
She gave birth to generations
Told them her stories and
Unto them she bequeathed
All her spirit and her worries
She reached past the pain,
Pushed past the slaked lust
Turned herself inside out
Despite the bruises and distrust
She built her walls high,
Enough to endure the storms life
Somehow thought she could survive
And relished a calm from the strife
A destiny couldn’t be resisted
Nevertheless, she persisted

dedicated to any one who identifies as woman and has been told to shut up
Arjun Raj
Arjun Raj
6 days ago

The bed again, stiff and warm
The ceiling fan,
Dusty and locked to a single speed,
Just enough to keep me cool,
As the blankets warm me up, my spine,
And a few discs that prolapsed,
As I tried my best to relax,
Only to chase down my thoughts
Bringing me down,
I’ll rise
Only to wreck these games
That my mind is playing with
my body and soul,
Only to win this battle of chasing
time with money
fame with persistence
luck with courage,
by looking beyond all that,
and just looking at you,
the love of my life,
my constant, my everything,
you never give up, you never say no,
and here we are, in this crammed up apartment by the sea,
powering through these days like adults,
paying bills, paying rent, saving money,
buying furniture, paying emi’s ,
living, surviving, fighting, counting every single penny,
and yet I can smile, when I look at you,
for all that might not be there in my life at the moment,
ain’t worth thinking about, for I have you,
and that’s all I need, for the world is mine when I see the world through your eyes.

#pain   #world   #the   #her   #she   #is   #relief   #mine   #wife  
Feb 14

she is chaos
she is calm
beyond those
angelic eyes
there is wildness
there is warmth


#love   #desire   #romance   #she   #lovewins  
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