2 days ago

Rage, a blaze building in my gullet.
Reality placing things akin to gasoline upon the pyre.
Only serving to increase the raging fire.
Reaching higher, to the ceiling of my sanity,
The flames lick the threshold,
The human throws the match upon the gasoline.
Igniting it fully in a boastful manner,
The flames of anger now raging,
consuming all surrounding them.
Turning love to ashes, and structures to dust.
Rendering relations defunct,
And times now wasted.

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2 days ago

when she says she is empty,
she is not asking to be filled.
stretch her thin and you will see
peeking through her worn body.
stretch her thin and you feel her
burning what you hold.
do not hold her.
when she says she is numb,
she is not asking to feel something.
do not wait out her novocaine
drooling down her chin.
do not wait out her novocaine
she is elated.
do not bring her down.
she is a bookmark holding someone else's place:
do not move her.
someone left her,
she does not know the other side:
that does not mean you show her.
someday she will be fire.
she will dry all that she has soaked with her
ravine heart.
you will follow her black markings to something
she will be followed.
do not be surprised when she does not moan,
she will not moan,
she does not feel.
she is still ice.
when she says she is ice
do not try to melt her.
she will be fire.

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4 days ago

She lives life in service to love.
Look deep into her eyes and you’ll see a reflection of yourself,
of all that’s good in humanity; her sweet angel eyes reflect the skies, the oceans.
Her eyes are as deep as the brown roots of the ancient trees that dig deep
and deep down underneath the Earth’s core.
What you see is a woman with a heart of gold, hair made of silk from a web and hair in the shape of tendrils form a leafy green stem, with a laugh like God.
She is pure yin -- one of the two forces that together with yang forms everything that exists and will. Yet, one eye is the moon and the other eye is the sun -- one of spirit and one of flesh.
Her physical body is in sin, in harsh imperfect reality.
Her soul is in purity, in deep-sea fantasies.
So selfless, so passionate, so pensive. All she wants is to serve everyone
for her inner joy and peace comes from the selfless love and acts she perform.
The ultimate lady, the ultra-feminine creation.
So ethereal, so otherworldly, so alien.
Every time she speaks, I believe in God a little bit more. She is a Goddess,
the ultimate creatrix. Tiamat.
I should’ve worshiped her sooner.

ok im done for today
7 days ago

In the silent corners of her heart
inscribed her fight song
wrestling with the demons within to break free
she within her self
mastered the courage to scream

within herself accepted this black
this  brown shade of mistakes
this nappy fro
this  wide curves
this "exotic"
this "pretty for a black girl"

She in the darkness of her own gloomy reality
found light, tattooed in every fiber of her existence
She within herself shined, radiating the cornerstone of her mind
to finally realizing that she to is important,and without her there will be no light.

#she   #browngirl  

She's what they all write about,
The girl that fights a war no one knows about .
She's who they all honor,
The girl that secretly dreams up such horror .
There's only so far they can venture behind the mask,
Before they uncover something that was best left latched .
She's not unique or grey or green,
She's lost and alone and wants to be seen .
The girl that doesn't own a bad day, .
She's the one hiding in your letters,
Peeking around your thoughts .
The one you think has it better,
The one you think could never be forgot .
She's the one that was murdered by social media,
The one that continues to smile even though she's past done .
The one that talks to the moon,
And cheats on the sun .
She's the one that takes off her clothes,
But leaves her insecurities on .
The one that cries herself to sleep,
But wakes up smiling .
She's the girl they all want to be,
They have no idea she's dying .

#depression   #pain   #mask   #her   #she   #secrets  
Mar 20

She's called something, some people say...
She'd tell you lies no one else but you would believe
But her voice is as soft as sweet as enchanting as you'd never heard of
You'd drift in her ways before you know it
and before you know it, you'd believe her,
and before you know it, you're lower than ever before...

Down here everything is dark,
you'd forget everything you've ever believed in...
Down here there's no sense of mind...
you've lost yours somehow too...
She stole yours...
You'd believe so... maybe you plate it and handed it to her freely...
who knows...

But down here you'd want to crawl back up,
yes, crawl cause she stole the ladder too...
and there'd be no energy to shoot and jump...
or shout...

Then you come out...
Try to forget...
Until she comes again...
Call me deluded...

Ben Jr
Ben Jr
Mar 16

This is to the man of her dreams,
I know you've never had a chance to know me,
She is a beacon of happiness in my life,
A reason behind my smile,
So before you take her hand..
I need a moment of your time,

She is a little rough around the edges,
Its just how she's always been through out her age,
Be patient when she is hype and off her ground,
With a kind word touch her hand and calm her down,
She is fragile, you see,
Sometimes when she needs attention not only when sick,
Try to understand and be there,
'Cause you are the only one in trust with her care,

She isn't built for this hush world,
And I'm sure she'd want me to take back these words,
So when you see she's down with sadness around her eyes,
Be the one to step in and make her smile,

She is sweet and loving,
I've known for all the time she's been with me,
I know not much of her heart and the turmoil of her soul,
But let you my boy,
Be the heart she'd call home,

I've taught her pride,
Am the one to blame for that,
I've taught her to talk,
And say what she wants,
I hope you understand her power of free speech,
And don't mistake it for an attitude or habit from peers,
Its just her heart trying to speak,
So please my boy, lend her your kind and loving ear,

My boy, she is my most treasured gift,
From the day she opened her eyes,
I have a reason to tell you this,
So you can be a man to her,

This is to a man of her dreams,
Be part of what she believes,
Never see any less of what she hopes,
This is to a man,
She wants the most

#love   #man   #dreams   #hopes   #woman   #she   #age   #married  

Her eyes are the ever-changing, iridescent windows to her soul.
Such a precious object she trusts with so few people,
Maybe that's why she always look down when she speaks.

#trust   #depression   #girl   #eyes   #anxiety   #precious   #soul   #she   #shy   #mistrust  
Mar 8

There are things she hide ,
Even  from  herself .
She will not ask for help ,
She has too much pride .

She will work harder ,
she will do things more ,
She'll not let other see ,
Her problem is much bigger .

She will not say ,
That she is tired ,
She'll pretend normal
and join others anyway .

She want to not be dependent ,
She want to make her own road ,
She wants not others advice,
Just appreciation of her achievements .

She has many dreams to complete ,
and many more left to see .
She wakes with the fire  ,
And she is ready to compete .

She has power , she has will
She has love , she has ambition
She is special , she is unique
She is the one who makes your life meaningful .

#woman   #she   #unique   #special  
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