Every time my love decides to leave
But then begs to be in my company
She sends a message which I receive
She has very many waves like sea

Her heart is like an anxious little bird
Which takes its wings to fly to sky
And sings its love song word by word
With mixed emotions says goodbye

She comes she goes considers love play
Her beauty is a weapon being just used
Everyday she is a lady of just that day
Being immature she is hereby excused  

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow

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2 days ago

I write this poem to my love
who inspired me to aim higher
who taught me how to think better
who taught me what real love is
who told me never to give up
who told me I was a smart guy

who taught me what it really
feels like when I am away from
you and your warm hugs
I will miss you
forever and ever

she taught me what true love is
and what a broken love tastes like

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3 days ago

I hate you

I hate you for making me catch feelings

I hate you for telling me nice things

I hate you for making me think I was healing

I hate you for playing with my heart strings

I hate you for leaving so soon

I hate you for finding someone else so fast

I hate you for telling me I was your moon

I hate you for telling me to forget my past

I hate you for making pinky promises

I hate you for showing me your favorite songs

I hate you for telling me to give more people chances

I hate you mostly for just stringing me along

You didn't even really matter that much to me
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I guess you never realized there was a person under your best friends sister. You never realized that she didn't shut you out; you just never gave her the time of day. Until years later you realize that she's no longer your best friend's awkward little sister. You realize that her face has matured. She's lost a lot of her weight. She's got a nice figure. You realize that she's deeper than the awkward person she displays. She has unique thoughts. You realize she's normal underneath her skin. But what you don't realize is that she's fragile. One wrong move and the flint will spark, destroying everything. You don't realize that there are embers from a previous wild fire. And, you also don't realize how much she cares about you.

Idk what this is. I'm sorry.
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You're perfect,
        She said.

And I felt myself crumble
        Because I knew I was not so

You are perfect,
        She repeated.

Perfect for me,
        You are everything I could ever want.

And I felt myself
        Become whole again.

This was written at 1 am, while I was missing your 2 o'clock snores and your 3 am sleepy smile floating across your face.
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Beauty in red is a rose in bloom
Fragrance cherish when she is in room
Beauty surpasses every color in life
Love has to travel on a double edged knife
What I see and what is forsaken
Her beautiful smile is always well taken
Her graceful gait is the charm of the day
Sun takes from her its golden ray
Her style is full of sensual pleasure
She is precious like a golden treasure
Many a time I touch her hand
Intoxication lifts me up from the land
When I kiss her its like tasting wine
Her craving for love makes her mine

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2014 Golden Glow

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m i a
m i a
Jan 9

she has learned to breathe,
and learned to survive ,
but her good days
are yet to arrive.

she is me.
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Jan 8

"she's not like other girls"

she'll probably give you shit when you say that to her
she's not an exception
she believes in every girl's beauty

she believes in the splendor of the world
her eyes sparkle with wonder
her feet itch to wander
her heart soars for all that is beautiful

but she also believes in all the ugliness of the world
her eyes shut with horror
her feet refuse to stand up
her heart breaks for the sake of humanity

she will not comply to your standards
because she'll sometimes be inadequate
or because defiance will appeal to her more

she does things in her own quirk and pace

she'll heat water and make coffee
then put in the fridge to let it cool
she'll wait for the weekend just to
waste her time in bed
she'll throw a party when she reach
a certain age just because
she thinks it's a good number
she'll be distant for a couple of days
she'll come back eventually
she'll just wander through her solitude

she's pretty
but not that pretty

or so she thinks

she wears a crop top but then gets
bothered whenever a bit of skin is exposed
she swears to only wear neutral clothes
but lets her mother buy her some color
she admires other people's body but
is still in the process of loving her own

she pours water to make the glass full
she sips just enough to make it half full
maybe that's why her lips are chapped

she's different just like everyone else
she's no chosen one
she is not destined to save the world or anyone
except maybe herself
she's not a special snowflake
though sometimes
she think she is

she is not an exception
she is not an
she is not
she is


she was not born to love
or validate
or understand
or protect
or be there
for you

though sometimes
she feels obligated to

irdk why i wrote this / 0107-0817 3:30 pm
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Like water and an oil slick,
There's things that don't mix.

They were different,
She and her sick sisters.

She sits away from these sisters
While they conspire and whisper.

She sits rigid with a stiff smile
While all the while
The twisted sisters whisper.

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