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In memories.

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Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
5 days ago

It had been a moonlit night then,
Watching the towed flaccid raft,
I thought that I had seen her resting,
Exhausted there on the wooden craft.

I called her out unbeknownst her name,
"Hey young lady," to which she responded not,
She had looked up once in anguish & collapsed,
I had thought that I had seen despair in her amber eyes & must help her.

The crewmen had then been doing the padles after resting,
I had called my captain and asked him if he could see a girl in the raft,
The captain had just smiled and said, "You should get married commodore,"
I must have looked apprehensive so he had said, "There's no girl."

True he had been as she had just disappeared,
I had then started thinking of my sleep needs that day,
I had again looked around hoping to find the girl,
I had surely compromised my routine as the commodore.

Then I had immediately realized it to be my wild phantasm,
Surely that had just been a tired sailor's mind's illusion,
For no mermaids ever existed in the real world and were fake,
I had then turned back towards the deck to go back to my bunk for sleeping.

As I had climbed down the stairs to enter my room amazed and confused,
I had seen her standing as she had been waiting for me by the side of my bunk,
I had accepted the my mind's delusion & started to lie down,
She had said, "I'm as real as your thoughts, don't fear me."

She & I-me & her, had the best time that night,
In the morning she had been gone & simply gone,
Disappeared into thin air while I was asleep,
Each day I so dearly longed for her to return.

My HP Poem #1442
©Atul Kaushal
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7 days ago

I know if I don't sleep soon
I won't wake up until late in the afternoon
but I can't stop thinking about you
and how you smiled at me
as the distance between us disappeared.
I know it won't be much longer,
but I miss you.
I miss watching you sing
and hugging you until a song was over.
I remember your heartbeat
and feeling nervous as you found mine.
I want to be close to you again.

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Do not weep for the events that will come.
Treasure past memories, but do not fret.
All that matters is the moment.
All that matters is now.
What are you currently doing?
Sitting on a bus?
Reading a book?
Watching television?
Whatever it is, just stop and think for a minute.
When did you last thank someone?
When did you last tell her you loved her?
These are the things you should be thinking about.
It doesn't matter what you look like,
It doesn't matter what grades you're getting.
It doesn't matter whether you get that job or not.
All that matters is now.
Your friends, your family, your love.
They are all that will ever matter.
Are you making enough time for them?
Just forget about everything else.
Forget about it all apart from love.
The extent of your love is the extent of you.
Love everyone.
And be kind.
Because that is all that matters.
Love is all that matters.

please just love everyone, okay? we must overcome the hate that is ripping through our world.
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The first time we said hello, it was 3am on a Saturday and we were both at home working on our respective arts. Some malign god of internet romance decided to connect our two phones together from across the ether.

          Three weeks later, you gripped me tight as I stepped off a bus and in that moment I felt like thin ice. Not standing on thin ice, Like I was made of it. Like if every shard of my being was leaning inwards, cracked yet holding itself together. I was afraid, yet the most alive I've ever been.

People say I'm not the best hugger. Those people would be right. But when our two solar systems pulled themselves apart you whispered to yourself. "I want to do that again."
People talk about the one that got away. Those people don't know the first thing about love; Love, love is a train that twists and turns and honestly by the time you get where you're going you don't know who is going to be standing on that station when you get off. Love is hoping that even though she leaves there is some forgotten deity that will pull her back into your arms when the time is right. Love is accepting that she, won't be pulled back. That maybe when the day is right; you'll see her painting in a gallery. Love is hoping that on that day, She'll still have your poems on her shelf.

You cannot break the broken, you can't live in the past, throw that memory away, you cannot let it stay, oh I wish I had the power to change every wasted hour, to knock down this growing tower under which I fearfully cower, in my ball of self regret.

                    I can remember:

                Tears that I have shed.

                 Lies that I have said.

                 Pain I have inflicted.

              Oh how I feel conflicted.

But know now this, for it is true, for all the things I can't undo, I'd never regret loving you.

No sleep = creativity, how does that work?
Oml this made the daily poem, thank you so much everyone!!
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Beyond the blurred and blank images
Or a thousand faces like yours
In my dreams I never lose myself
Finding my way to your door

I don't use a map or a compass
I don't need manmade directions
Because of your soul I follow a guide--
A light of constellations

Even if I can't see you
Even if I lose my sight
The heart can only truly see what the eyes don't:
That it's better to love you in the night

Written for those who feel the same towards another:
face or no face, i love you for who you are.

And for wjh--it has been, and always will be, you
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I remember clearly the bright blue sky
as we played games of "Mother May I?"
And I always managed to forget to ask;
I was too excited to complete the task!

I remember clearly your smile and laugh
as we made our way through the path
to pick blueberries to turn into a treat
something sweet that we all liked to eat.

I remember clearly your warm embrace
on days I felt like life was a lot to take
you always listened with endless patience
to any ramble or rant of silly frustration

I remember clearly the proudest mother
three lovely kids, one after another.
I know I am strong, because you were, too.
I'll remember forever because I love you.

RIP Shelly Robinson.
January 8, 1965 to January 30, 2016.

I love you mom and I will miss you so very much
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Lou Pratt
Lou Pratt
Jan 31

Do you recognize me?
I remember YOU.
No, we will not SEE each other after death;
we will BE each other after death,
as we also were before life.
You will realize that I am you and you are me;
we are everyone and everything, even now.
We are synchronous...simultaneous...endless...
We are LOVE...ALL of us.

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