Beatriz Magalhães
Beatriz Magalhães
14 hours ago

I still remember
Your bright eyes
Your innocent smile
As you walked through the flowers
How you made everything better
And the whole world looked at you
Like you were the brightest star
I remember your sweet smell
How you aspired freedom
Despite of everything.
And I'm sure you always knew
The place you keep in my heart
And that you will remain there
Even after you're gone.
Little star,
Please remember me
Wherever you are.

I will always love you, honey.
6 days ago

i reckon that moment
when i watched the stars again

i reckon that moment
when i was in awe at fireworks again

i reckon that moment
when i smelled fresh grass again

i reckon that moment
when i blushed...again!


a lovely evening blossoming … worth reckoning!
#love   #first   #remember   #blush  
Jim Baker
Jim Baker
Jan 12

Love potions before their time
Twelve gold teeth soaked in lime
Eye of newt, and toe of frog
Devils dance at every chime

Candle wax on cheap moquette
Thirteen chicken feet for regret
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog
Ink on skin to make me forget

Ill mind, brimstone and hate
Eleven broken hearts on slate
Adder's fork, blind-worm's sting
Cursed by this cruel, cruel fate

Love like ghosts, forked tongue tie
Thirty hexes to say my goodbye
Lizard's leg, and howlet's wing
Don't leave, I'll never know why

Sometimes I think it would be better to forget you, forget what love feels like. But I can never do that. You've stolen a piece of me I can never get back.. and I wouldn't want anyone else to have it. I love you so fucking much, and I don't want to ever say goodbye to you.
Also.. this is probably a spell, so would not recommend reading it 3 times out loud in a mirror, and the numbers add up to 66 because I want to see you naked again.
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Remember waking up to the smell of mothers' breakfast on the table waiting to be eaten,  while she sang her childhood songs in the kitchen?

remember being super excited to meet your friends at school but rued the moment of your eyes locking with your class teacher?

remember the love letters we would send to the people we were infatuated with because we thought they were perfect , and the gossiping we used to do about other relationships?

Remember after school afternoons were we would stall the time to go home and extend procrastination hours from school work ?

Remember when thinking that everything in the future is just a dream that would never come,  but everyday was a step closer?  
I smile...because I remember
because I counted every minute I lived,  but never took time to count how many minutes I'm dying.

#love   #dying   #time   #remember   #you   #me   #us   #we   #reminisce  

First love tastes just like it

It was something my sisters liked to make
During the cooler months of the year
Sweet and smooth and oh-so delectable

I can't help but to remember
The incessant nagging
"Girls, you can't make snow-cream during the
first snow, the air has pollutants that can make you sick."
But Momma, it sounds so good
And we only get snow every other year, sometimes only once

So, we made some anyways
and it was so good, for a little while
But Momma gently chided us and rubbed our backs
As we complained about the nausea
"Time is what it takes to make this better."
she would say

And it always seemed to take an awfully long time

Jan 4

Running through your mind
I'm not just one of them
Not that I mind
But we are more than that

Forever you will be etched into my mind
I'll remember the mistake we made
And how many more mistakes I wanted to make with you

But there's things in the way, my pride, your pride, our pride
In a perfect world I would explore you
You would be the world I would spend my entire life experiencing

But we are too different
The timing is wrong
It always is
I know you understand
No matter what we will always love each other

And your mom will always ask about me

And I'll always end up thinking about you

I'll even wonder how you're doing
When I'm pregnant and marrying my love

You'll always be special
You were always kind
I will always love you
You will always be mine
I will always be yours

Soul mates in a different sense
A sense of completion
Not always romantic
But two birds of a feather

A beautiful feather
A beautiful bird
A beautiful love, soaring above them all

#love   #past   #remember   #requiem   #bird  

i remember.
the secret togetherness, the days i spent thinking of ways to make you laugh, trying to imagine what new colors you might be inventing in any given moment.
i do recall the bottle of flowers and the way you took a hundred photos of them. i recall the snow in the beginning that melted into a summer of us. i recall the way everything was a mysterious adventure to you.
i remember the cherry blossoms and the history we replaced with our own.
i could never forget, though i've tucked it away on the shelf full of memories, the shelf full of yesterdays.
i remember you.

to what used to be
#ex   #summer   #goodbye   #remember  

Gazing into the darkness of a night sky,
Wandering through time and memories of you,
Overwhelming love reflecting from infinite space.

There is nothing more beautiful,
Not even the vastness of space can compare,
To seeing the bright stars in your eyes.

Your Soul is with me always,
Hugging me with warm memories,
Filling the void of emptiness,

Greater than the Universe,
My memories of you,
Fill my life with happiness.

Even though I can't hold you in my arms,
When I look to Heaven,
I know your Spirit, is with me always.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Beautiful memories - Kaoru Wada
#love   #always   #heaven   #remember   #spirit  
Ash Levi Von Stein
Ash Levi Von Stein
Dec 30, 2016

Do you remember when you loved me?
Do you remember when you were my everything?
Do you remember that you had me around your little finger?
Well remember this.
I am free from your grasp.

This is about my first girlfriend
#love   #ex   #freedom   #remember  
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