Ali Qureshi
Ali Qureshi
2 hours ago

It feels like I'm high,
Don't try to comprehend.

It's a vast sea, a deep ocean
It pulls you in; thoughts
They drown you!
You gasp for breath.
Wide awake,
I plead:

Oh sleep! please come
I'm waiting
for you
My sweet, sweet love,
Let me rest.

Let me catch my breath, and
Please, Oh! Please;
Let it be. Let it be.

Written by Ali Qureshi
Next in the series "Insomnia - The 3rd" (part 3/4)

The second poem, in the Insomnia series, from a total of 4 poems based on the topic of Insomnia, of course.
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Jack Jenkins
Jack Jenkins
3 hours ago

I don't want you to know that I'm going down/
All the words getting stuck in the back of my throat/
My blood turning still and lifeless within my veins/
I chased you without knowing the price to pay/
Oh baby I'm a tormented soul in this world/
It's so hard for me to let go of the stars/
Oh I'm going down in flames today/
Someone give me a reason to stay/

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4 hours ago

this almost heart gets a little unfair
they try to speak and only half-hears
what the other senses tell them
these pair of eyes could tell such
familiar longing
when we dreamily waltz through the rain
got lost in your sheets
somehow, indeed
you made love happen to me


Maria Etre
Maria Etre
7 hours ago

I have fallen
for the mess
of things
for surprises
have always
been my

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Ali Qureshi
Ali Qureshi
12 hours ago

The more I write about your beauty,
the more the words fail to describe it.

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13 hours ago

Lips of deceit
  Bleed lies
Behind each word
She speaks

#love   #poem   #lies   #dark   #10w  
14 hours ago

A circle is never-ending.
And I want to think
That is what we are.

#love   #poem   #forever   #circle  
Kavya Casshyap
Kavya Casshyap
14 hours ago

6th grade.
Gorgeous blonde hair,
perfect pronunciations,
chubby face,
first crush.
"Should I talk to him?"
You were the first to break my heart,
first to make me question if I wasn't pretty enough.
The first to my seven hearts.

7th and 8th grade.  
Next door neighbor,
skinny and shabby,
absolute football player,
plump lips,
made my emotions soar high in the air.
We could've been something,
you just didn't give me any chance.  
You were the first boy I dedicated my poetry to,
and the second to my seven hearts.

10th grade,
8799 miles away,
you managed to simply text and make my day.
12 hours of time difference didn't matter,
as long as you replied to make things better.
My goodnights were your goodmornings,
you were the first boy I loved,
the only person I think about till today,
though it has already been 2 years of us being away.
"I love you."
That's how you became
the third to my seven hearts.

11th grade,
new school,
Sport's Captain,
with a sly grool.
Surprising old family friend,
you chose another new girl over me,
the one to again make me question,
what was wrong in me?
You're the only one I dislike out of the seven,
I still don't hate you,
but that's how you became
the fourth to my seven hearts.

11th grade,
The tall, dark and handsome boy,
with big black eyes,
you were the first person to look at me,
like I hold some beauty in me.
Shy and innocent,
I wanted you to like me back,
but you liked her,
and I was already used to something like that.
Currently my closest friend,
I wish you with all the good things.
Sorry, but you still became
the fifth to my seven hearts.

11th grade end,
good at dancing,
hot senior,
with looks so intimidating,
and a clenched jaw,
I had no idea,
of what you held.
You made me come across my deepest emotions,
and that is the only reason,
my poetry still has you in every relation.
You were taken,
but I didn't mind,
you already know a lot about me,
but for you,
there are things,
I still need to find.
the one to occupy all my thoughts,
but I had already put you as,
the sixth to my seven hearts.

12th grade,
tall and fit,
tough basketball player,
you made me look at you twice,
wondering how could somebody be such a slay-er.
Jet black hair in a quiff,
a cigarette between your lips,
ultimate bad boy deeds,
I had no idea who you were,
until you smiled at me on some of the worst days that could lead.
The first boy I entwined my fingers with,
you will always be special,
I hope you achieve the best of success on the cards,
but that doesn't stop me from listing you as the
seventh to my seven hearts.

Hoping to reach ten,
and maybe make a record,
none of these boys liked or loved me back,
but that is what life is all about.
Gaining experinces,
only in my case,
it were in seven forms.


To all the boys that I loved/liked.
Thank you for making me stronger, my walls even higher :)
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15 hours ago

i was always one to believe in things at first sight
whether that thing be a friendship or something more
of course with less, you always get this sense of joy
it's something that keeps you going and wanting more
when i first saw you, i was in no position to love
in no capacity was i capable of giving something so grand, and to receive nothing in return?
that was so unlike me.
despite all of that, i was willing to give and give as much as i could to you.
even now, i still have so much to put out there
and it's all for you

for the boy who showed me that one-sided love isn't always as bad as it sounds .
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rachel redwine
rachel redwine
16 hours ago

I stole all that we need
I ran far and wide
To bring you all of me.

You sold it like your soul
Years torn apart
Breaking the heart of gold.

I blinked but could not budge
A fear froze my start
To stand up on my own.

Is the truth that hurts?
Is this how I die?
In my own hell I burn.

#love   #poem   #poetry   #regret   #alone   #dark  
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