Leeann Tong
Leeann Tong
4 hours ago

Those things look exactly the same
as everything else
Yet they seem to shine with an internal luster and a
glow that exceeds apathy

Those lips don't speak words of following
they speak words from the heart
This envy does rise up like the tide
I wish I don't play the part

Skipping stones skip and shout
Across the surface of a water that I'd rather not see
I turn my head away from the rest
In order to fit my second best
Into the gaping cracks left over in empty cartons and clanging bottles

Hear me call, dear oak
Mahogany heart
Let the light linger, yes please,
In the fading evergreen spirit and the glows of the birches
Humble me through the susurration of dusk

#short   #soft   #reverence  
8 hours ago

I recently heard that people have different capacities for love.

Maybe for emotion in general.

I try to think
this is all you are capable of giving

but still,
what a disappointment it is
to discover your Northern star
was just a satellite
all along.

13 hours ago

A sad painter
Paints a sad face
With sad colours
Onto a sad canvas

His sad eyes
Grace his sad painting
Sitting sadly opposite
And he smiles sadly

Any ideas for a title would be welcome.

#short   #sad   #depression   #colour   #painter  
9 hours ago

you said hello and every word after that
sounded like goodbye

#love   #heartbreak   #short   #sad   #break-up  
Kendra Mack
Kendra Mack
1 day ago

Forgo worry,
Welcome change.
C’est la vie
And la vie is strange.

#short   #life   #strange  
1 day ago

Where wishes are made
Dreams are remembered
Truths are told
And we believe there is hope

23:11, 02.10.16
#short   #hope   #dreams   #night   #wish  
2 days ago

A sense of failure
From a lot of hard work
With no gain
And nothing achieved.

16:46, 01.10.16
#poetry   #short   #sad   #life   #poems   #school   #working   #study   #goals   #fail  
2 days ago

I'm a squid in octopus clothing
I drop my ink on all hearts loathing

Black is not all you sea
When the ink is released

2 days ago

never trade relationship for friendship
friendship gets broken but gets stronger than before
relationship gets broken and continues to get broken even more

Jessica Lima
Jessica Lima
3 days ago

I turn my face and look away,
I hold my tears till they are gone
The pain helps me realize that
Falling in love makes me a pawn.

#love   #poem   #short   #pain   #cute   #sweet  
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