Vinnie Brown
Vinnie Brown
2 days ago

She had high voltage in her lips
Shot me in my chest
lost my breath
Going into cardiac arrest

My thoughts are a hurricane
At the maelstrom lies my heart
Although I know no one is listening
I nervously rehearse for when you're around

On the way down screaming
If I could just get more time we'll be alright
There's tonight, and I know it's not much
But it's better than nothing

We're running on fumes and we'll make it through the night
It's not a perfect love, but it's better than dreaming
As Shakespeare said "Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs."

Sometimes love is stronger than a man's convictions.
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In this cruel,savage world every one hurts
But we have to find the worth suffering far
Every beautiful chick just desires and flirts
Hence portray themselves like northern star

Pain surpasses pleasure in a way so strange
All want to play with love in Satanic mood
Credence is to play part out of its given range
Facade seems innocent but mean and shrewd

Barter is the game and portray it as a charter
Just extend your love in exchange to hatred
Man is the real victim man is the silly starter
All is scattered and nothing is aligned to grid

Col Muhammad Khalid khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#and   #flirts  
Julie Grenness
3 days ago

It's all smoke, fog and haze,
Vague thoughts of distant days,
Better to always look forward, say,
"Make the most of this day!"

Feedback welcome.
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Nature in its own right is wild and free
Religion and morality put certain bars
Man has a stance to agree or disagree
Imbalance created is a reason for wars

Injustice is there to mar the equilibrium
Balance of power is needed to celebrate
Prudence differentiate between dictum
Conscience is there just fully deliberate

To uncover all hidden follies and faults
This is how we can counter all assaults
Cleanliness of heart brings and so exalts
My friend it is set of strange somersaults

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow

#and   #free   #wild  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
3 days ago

Your presence is benign,
On this planet,
Unto Mars your scent reaches.

Finish the pending job,
Articulation is the work,
Reaching far is your scent,
Tackling this humourously,
Ending this ode I will be,
Doomsday seems to descend.

A rainbow of blood,
Not visible to humans,
Deathly is the scent.

I mean it for real,
Totally serious.

Wasps from hell seem to sting,
As needles of repugnancy prick,
Sadness descends for forever.

Himalayas seem to be an escape,
On the change of atmosphere,
Rows of roses are required,
Right now and right here,
In an attempt to save us,
Breathing became hard,
Lost was the will to live,
Early was fresh air needed.

You farted and it was horrible.
A dark & seriously funny poem.
Another secondary acrostic poem.

My HP Poem #1381
©Atul Kaushal
#poetry   #funny   #and   #you   #was   #it   #horrible   #farted  

Hoarse words with their form.
Callous spirit in his drawn.
Macabre dreams are in seeming.
Flowers when I am a dreaming.

Love for the sweet and true.
Scintillating morning dew.
Bring his heart back unto me.
Candid with our misery.

A well spoken boy, but true enough.
Not without the ruff and tough.
Manic trees kiss the breeze.
Love infects these stupid trees.

Oh, but am I kidding?
Well that you'll never know.
That boy with his streaky hair.
And eyes a flaming glow.

Beautiful and sublime.
Miserably frozen.
Hoping without deserving hope.
To be the one he's chosen.

Oh, but I wouldn't beg on that.
No, not without a written contract.
To say unto us forever more.
That he would never walk out that door.

fucked if i know
#if   #and   #you   #do   #dont   #how   #damned  

My sweetheart this is none of your fault
It is me who took the unwanted assault
I never knew on her part it was somersault
I was sadly mistaken that it was just exalt

You played a game and game was useless
Time and again I took it was not but bless
But I failed miserably in my wrong guess
I took you neat and clean like your dress

You are not of my need I knew from start
The reason we could not tell heart to heart
In this drama of life what could be our part
I never knew you were so clever and smart

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#and   #smart   #clever  
Julie Grenness
4 days ago

Yes, what tales of non romance,
In some stranger's dance,
Some women get love's short  shrift,
Not so lucky, get my drift,
It's called love and catastrophes,
Spare me the drama mamas, please!
(And they're supposed to be men, prithee!!)

Feedback welcome.
#love   #and   #catastrophes  
Julie Grenness
5 days ago

Mattel gave us Barbie and Ken,
They never grew old, according to them,
But, can you handle reality?
Barbie and Ken are now over fifty!
Barbie is fat with varicose veins,
With hairy legs, not so vain,
And Ken shall never see his toes again,
His six pack has turned into a beer belly,
Walking makes Ken quiver like jelly,
But, hey, they're forever Mattel,
Barbie's too old to say, "Ken, go to hell!"
Sad, but true, our childhood friends,
Yet they did grow old, Barbie and Ken........

Feedback welcome.
#and   #barbie   #ken  
Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn
6 days ago

I could wonder and wander anywhere.
I could think about you and think, “Hey, I should be there.”
Wondering and wandering is what I do best.
Wandering and wondering,
writing ideas after ideas, I could leave a paper mess.

I can sit in a room on my own,
wonder about anything I know,
wander to every corner in the room.
I could be outside with my dog by my side,
wondering about the clouds in the sky,
wandering to the meadows and back home by night.
I can be sitting in a Café,
wondering about the people there today,
wandering everywhere to stay out of everybody’s way.

I could be anywhere and wonder about anything.
I could sing some lyrics that do not exists,
and say, “Hey, umm, did I write this?”

I could wonder and wander anywhere.
I could wonder about you, and wonder if I wandered there.
Wondering and wandering is what I do best.
Wandering and wondering,
writing ideas I could leave a paper mess.

I could get up and wander and you would wonder,
“What in the world is she doing?”
I wonder if you wander on your own like that.
Not thinking about anything,
but wandering forwards and back.

I wonder about everything and anything.
I wonder about little things like that.
I might some day wander off into the woods.
I won’t be lost because I’ll wander back home.

I could wonder and wander,
but I can also wander and wonder.

When I wander it doesn’t always mean that I am lost,
it just means that I like to explore.

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