Sasha Ranganath
Sasha Ranganath
11 hours ago

drifting in and out of wakefulness
feeling everything and nothing all at once
that lump in my throat
but i can’t cry

i shut my eyes and press against them my palms.
i see swivels and vanishing spirals,
i see everything and nothing all at once
and i’m begging for it not to stop.

i scream into a pillow leaving traces of saliva
i still can’t cry, i still just can’t cry.

my head hurts like a hundred fingers flicking at it
it tingles like ants crawling underneath.
it feels sunken like the titanic with all its people
and i’m jack in the freezing water.

my eyes heave and try fluttering shut
i say no, not now.

it’s strange how my brain is a different entity,
almost like a guest that is always “going to leave”
but ends up staying the whole time.

maybe if i slit my forehead open
the ants under my skin will stop
maybe my head will finally feel light
even though my hair has been gone for days.

dear disheveled mind,
fuck you.

#eyes   #anxiety   #cry   #sleep   #hurt   #mind   #nothing   #everything   #headache   #spirals  
A A Shaikh
A A Shaikh
18 hours ago

I'll call you "Euphoria"
I'll make your name that

I'll cry out your praises
And brand you on my heart

So scream, love
Scream and let me hear

For the greatest joy is
When I have you near

Euphoria is you
When your voice rings

I'll paint you all blue
So your eyes bling

Like a sky full of stars
You ensnare me

Your humble servant
Down on one knee

The sound of pleasure
You ring out of me

I shall always treasure
And for more, plead

Come now, O' love
Do you not see?

The galaxies above
Sing your glee

Euphoria is what I feel
When possessed by you

Head over heels
And all the lies are true

I come alive and more
When molded by you

Euphoric is your charm
Angelic is your hue

I do not love you
There is no truth in this

I'd gladly sacrifice
My heart's happiness

For you I truly do
Little less than worship

I'll slit my veins
My blood will drip

Euphoria is you
In every meaning

It all is true
There is no weaning

#love   #lust   #hurt   #angel   #space   #sky   #angels   #euphoria   #euphoric  
Kakashi sensei
Kakashi sensei
21 hours ago

I just woke up,
From deep sleep,
Had a dream,
It was a crazy dream as usual,
But I saw someone in it,
And my stomach felt unusual,
Someone I haven't thought about in in a bit,
Long time,
Someone I tried to forget,
A friend I met,
A friend I tried,
To help,
Or that's what I thought,
From a distance she said hi!,
The easy she always would,
Towards her I look,
And felt scared,
Scared when old deep memories come back,
Or was swimming in a void,
Of emotions,
Those 2 seconds,
Opened old wounds,
Triggered old memories,
And old feelings.

There might be a 40% chance that that personight read this
#feelings   #hate   #hurt   #joy   #memory  

Knowledge wakes up my dome with bombs thrown down my street.
I wake up, lost in dust & gun shells  
" Shhhh. Be quite. "
As the sound of 1000 soldiers stomp across my heart.
Time stood still.
As my mom gets snatched right in front of me
" MOM, MOM, PLEASE don't take her away!"
I try to get one final word
"I love you. "
But it's heard on the bullet that went threw her brain.
Because of that,
I will never be the same.
America took away the one I adore.
For what. ?
All because of this war. ?
Just because my mom dressed in a long robe that hides her face?
Means she's hiding a terrorist in this place?
My scars
Is ready to enbattle vengeance on the American race.
These open wounds won't stop these open minded bombs
These lies
Won't reverse time
These  open eyes
Won't stop the flashbacks
Of that
And these soilders,
Won't stop this WAR.

I was talking to an lovely kid who was dealing with post traumatic stress disorder was telling me about the condition he was in and that's when I picked up my pen.
#love   #war   #depression   #hurt   #ptsd   #iraq   #soldiers  
1 day ago

Let's play a game!
Let's play with your heart,
And see how much it can take to finally break!
Let's see how many times I can tease it to finally make it cry!
Let's see how many times it can fall in love until it turns to dust!
Almost there! See how it becomes more and more dull!
Look! Look! It's fading away!
Look! Look at it weep!
Awww, It disappeared... You have one more?


Don't worry!  gamer's have 10 hearts.....
#love   #feelings   #sad   #hurt   #play   #hearts   #games  
Julia Mae
Julia Mae
1 day ago

you wonder why your fist bleeds
as i stand across from you with bloody teeth
and your only concern
is why your knuckles feel so raw
as my teeth fall at your feet, shattering
i am the one who was hurt
left to the pain, fed to the wolves
and yet you are the one crying
for your damaged skin
wondering, wondering, oh -
how dare you hurt me like this!

#pain   #hurt   #bleed   #bleeding   #you   #hurting   #sociopath  
1 day ago

You can ignore me,
but remember that you once loved me.
Yes, it hurts me sometimes,
but then I remember what you've done.
Taking screenshots of my loyal love,
and making fun of me for my feelings.
Thinking my heart was just a pawn,
a pawn in a board game that you'll forget about.
This bitterness against you isn't me being a crazy ex girlfriend,
it's me being human and having feelings.
I just don't understand how you could tell me that you loved me,
but leave me for the girl whom you told me you couldn't stand,
and do this all in one day.

#heartbreak   #ex   #feelings   #sad   #depressed   #hurt   #suicidal   #ignored   #upset   #fuckyou  
Blosomi Blue
Blosomi Blue
1 day ago

you said you love me
but i only smiled

you held my hand
i just let you but i didn't feel giddy

you looked at me with love in your eyes
mine held guilt

you told me you want to be with me forever
i only laughed it off

you told me why
i just smiled at you

you spat at how cold i was being
i didn't care i was laughing in my head

you asked how i can break a man's heart so easily
i said nothing

did you ever love me? you asked
i shook my head and you cried

you asked again why
my reply was simple

I'm sorry

#love   #broken   #sad   #hurt  
1 day ago

a dream that you're walking through the graveyard where i am buried, and you keep walking right past my gravestone without hesitation

In love purely with a fancy
a delusion
provoking emotion and confusion

aching goodbyes
a struggle to face freedom
accepting to abandon a bond
between us two

dreading you will glide over your memory of me
within a blink of my drowning eyes
lead by desire, desperation and fear of dependance

dreading your actions will be parallel to mine
a route i am ashamed to admit to
a journey of freedom

leaving behind a bitter ending
losing the chance for another beginning

facing the near future of ending a relationship
#broken   #sad   #future   #end   #hurt   #relationship   #bitter   #illusion   #fancy  
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