Georgia Schubert
Georgia Schubert
2 hours ago

My heart now bleeds out  
As you walk away with her
Silently I cry

My heart was just hurt didn't know your had the power to do so
#love   #broken   #heart   #cry   #hurt   #you   #miss  
3 hours ago

Each of your words a cliff
With quips
Causing laughter to rain
While my true thoughts
Are shackled & chained
Wanting to exclaim
At the prospects of shame

Feeling like I've known you
Truly I care for you
With desires to be near you
Yet, I fear you
Due to the pain
You could put me through
Even though my own actions
Would be the cause

The effect is
A lost friendship
Letting it slip
That I wish to sip
From your chalice
Be each other's balance
I'll drown in silence


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6 hours ago

i watched her suffer when the first one was going to a medical school,
knew she would spent years ahead in hell trying to defend her,

i watched her suffer when the second was going to college
and she couldn't afford a proper addition course to make her feel more confident,

i watched her suffer when the third was going to follow the others,
and she was slamming herself bones by bones to make sure she had all the sources,

i watched her suffer and suffer and suffer
for everyone but herself,
and if that doesn't enough to break me in every way possible,
i don't know what else will do.

11 hours ago

isnt it sad to realize
you can never honestly tell someone,
"i wont hurt you"

#heartbreak   #sad   #lonely   #pain   #alone   #relationships   #hurt   #people  
20 hours ago


all of you.

your hands and heartbeat,
your wildfire and blizzard.

your bed;
in which i smelled every thought that went through your head.

your sweater;
the one that consumes me and reaches my knees.

i think of you late at night,

early in the morning,

you never leave my thoughts.

you're there and you're plaguing my intellect;

you stupid, stupid thing with the lightest dark eyes.

you put out cigarettes butts on my heart but i never winced.
you burnt each eyelash of mine but i never yelled.
you drew out all the blood from my system,
pulled out all my teeth,
tore out my lungs,
and left me rotting on the sidewalk waiting, again, for you.

you broke the glass ceiling over my head,
tore the rug out from under my feet,
fed me cyanide and spoiled fish,
washed the blood off your tongue,
and i loved you with every bit of my tired heart.

and here i am now,
rotten, bleeding, and loving
asking you to give me back
just a piece of the innocence i gave you.

love writing about people i know in real life when i know they'll never see this. i hate him so much
#poem   #sad   #hate   #hurt  
Dark Delusion
Dark Delusion
1 day ago

Laying in my bed of roses.
With a bottle of whiskey in my hand.
Staring at a picture of you,
I’m missing you like crazy.

Empty bottle dropped on the floor.
The picture I held so dear,
Now engulfed in flames.
Turning our memories together into meaningless ashes.

Staring out of the window,
Watching the rain pouring down.
At least the rain’s not coming from my eyes anymore.
I’ve stopped treasuring you and started to remember myself.

Smiling from ear to ear,
Trying not to laugh at myself.
I hope I’ve moved on,
Even if it meant living with half a heart.

Years passed before I could say goodbye.
Laying in my bed,
With whiskey once again ending up in my hand.
A smile landed on my lips.

I’m still thinking of you on a lonely night...

#love   #life   #lonely   #sadness   #hope   #memories   #hurt   #goodbye   #you   #gone  
Allan Mzyece
Allan Mzyece
1 day ago

This Is Poetic Physics, Transversing My own Lyrics
In a world little compared to my heart,
It beats just to keep me alive
just to stir up good emotions both in my neighbour's heart and ears

Fuck The Laws Of Physics!
Lets defy them all!

Down at the mall, I saw my love... She never waved me a goodbye, she didn't do shit!
my heart is bleeding! she is fucking up my demons
If only she waved
If only i was dead
If only i never held a pen

#love   #poem   #hate   #pain   #dark   #hurt   #i   #reason   #poety  
Wyatt R
Wyatt R
2 days ago

Lower than dirt,
relapses come closer.
I'll make myself hurt
in hopes the methods get worse.
Highly suicidal
but not motivated enough.
Isn't it funny?

#suicide   #hurt  

Bodies burnt
brittle black.
On with attack
after attack.
Scores of scores
line the floors,
yet onward marches war.
So, please what is this
suffering for?

#war   #pain   #loss   #hurt   #suffering  
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