Druzzayne Rika
Druzzayne Rika
2 hours ago

How to hide ,
that I cried ,
when I am red-eyed?

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3 days ago

I want to sleep.
But my eyes are burning,
From too many un-cried tears.

I can feel my headache,
Rolling in,

I was already,

But now I'll wake up,
With a depressed hangover.

It's 3AM someone save me
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And she was all I had ever wanted.
Those green eyes turned to glisten,
Her button nose succumbed cold,
Breath left her body to melt.
She allowed tears walk along
Every pore on her forgiving face.
She let the sobs be heard by
Every soul in that forgiving place.
And she was all I had ever wanted.
Crying for the words I should,
Taking on the pain I could.
And she was all I had ever wanted,
To feel love, to surrender.

Simulan natin sa umpisa
Noong di pa tayo magkakilala
Akala nyo iba ang aking nagugustuhan
Dahilan ng pagkagalit sakin ng iyong kaibigan

Ng ikay sakin ay magparamdam
Laking tuwa ko dahil matagal ko na tong inaasam
ang pansinin mo at kausapin
kahit sa babae moy ito nililihim

oo, may kasintahan ka ng mapansin moko
pero hindi ito lingid sa kaalaman ko
dahil aamin kong nagging makasarili ako
nang hayaan kong para sakin ay syang iwan mo

sabihin ko mang hindi ko kasalanan ang paghihiwalay nyo
aaminin ko na ito’y ginusto ko
ginusto ko dahil may gusto ako sayo
hindi ko maitatanggi ang dahilan kong ito

pilit kong pinigilan ang nararamdaman
at nang ako ay iyong chinat minsan,
hindi ko na mapigilan ang aking sarili
ang replyan ka at saktan sya ang aking pinili

Na agad ko ring pinagsisihan
Dahil chinat ako ng iyong kasintahan
Na kung pwede na ikaw ay aking layuan
Na sinubukan ko, maniwala kayo sakin, itoy saking sinubukan

Pero anong magagawa ko
Kung ikaw mismo ang gumagawa ng paraan para magkalapit tayo
At sa bawat paglapit mo
Mas lalo akong nahuhulog sayo

Hinayaan kong masaktan sya
Para saaking ikasasaya
Hindi ko sinasandya
Hindi ko sinasadyang mahalin ka

wrote this poem months ago pa lol
#love   #heartbreak   #tears   #cry   #movingon   #tagalog  
Mar 19

She is an angel…
With dark wings,
been through bullets, arrows, and tyrannical things.
She is an angel…
With crooked halo
and beside her was danger
with an eyes like a narrow hallow
her soul is shallow.
A lifetime lies
was all you can see in her eyes
every time she closes it
she sees dark paradise.
She is an angel…
replacing her sun with a moon
the night is her day
and crying was her tune
because the pain in her heart always stay.
She is an angel…
thought that life is the sweetest delight
but transmogrify into endless night.  
She is an angel…
her lips are fatal
her eyes was lethal
She is an angel…
fallen from heaven
but experience more than hell.

#hell   #depression   #pain   #anxiety   #cry   #dark   #angel   #fallen   #danger   #fatal  
Mar 19

Why don’t you notice?

Why can’t you hear my screams for help?
Why do you ignore my midnight sobs
Echoing off my cold and empty walls,
Bouncing into the dark abyss of loneliness

Why can’t you see my calls for help?
Why don’t you notice my sliced wrists,
Dyeing every long sleeve in my closet
Staining more than just my clothes
Why don’t you notice the red seeping from my socks?
The makeshift bandages overflowing my trashcan,
The seven pairs of now red high-tops overflowing my closet

Why don’t you hear my silent sobs?
Pulling me deeper and deeper into an ocean of tears,
Consuming what’s left of my broken, shattered heart

Why don’t you hear my midnight thoughts,
Pinning my eyes open until the sun rises again,
Pulling me deeper into the cold pit you call exhaustion

Why don’t you see me?
Do you think I bandage my ankles because I cut them while shaving?
Do you think I wear high-tops because they’re fashionable?
Do you think I wear long sleeves and pants because I’m cold?
Do you think that I can’t sleep because of high-school stress?
Do you think that I am fine?

Why don’t you hear my screams for help?
Why can’t you my screams of silence?

#cutting   #sad   #depression   #cry  

The astronaut wonders why
His heart still beats in time,
When there's no one left to love.

He grips his chest and cries,
Tears dripping from his sorry eyes,
Mourning the ones he lost.

He glances off into the galaxy,
Hoping anyone could see
Him trapped;

Stuck in space.

#love   #poem   #depression   #life   #tears   #cry   #space   #galaxy   #rhyme   #astronaut  
Mar 14

If i showed you my teardrops,
Would you follow their track
From me eyes down my cheeks.
Would you hold my face gently,
As you dry both my eyes,
And whisper the words,
" You are to precious to cry"

#sad   #cry   #teardrops  

My bed used to be an escape
Where I could go to dream
And think pretty thoughts

Now my bed is just a trap
Filled with nightmares
And the absence of you

I hate my bed
#cry   #nightmare   #missyou  
Mar 10

My blood is pulsing
her blood.
it's pulsing, hot and hard.
she's screaming and only i know why.
i wanted to make her stop, but i can't.
she's hurt, i know that.
i feel her hurt, i feel her hear shattering.
i am her.
but it doesn't feel like it.
it doesn't feel like me.
no matter how hard i close my eyes
im still me.
im still her.
im still here.

#heart   #hide   #cry   #scream   #blood   #her   #me   #feel   #shattering  
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