1 day ago

I remember the nights
when I used to climb
into your window
To jump into your bed

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you took everything from me
i can't even enjoy writing anymore
it's as if the ink in my pen is filled with poison

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Danielle L Cook
Danielle L Cook
2 days ago

Who else could make love like you?
The answer -- me.

I made a funny talking to the lover ^-^
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Danielle L Cook
Danielle L Cook
2 days ago

love isn't sentient and knows not the time
love is pure emotion, raw and divine
so take your clockwork else where
as love has no time to spare --
who would watch hands go round
when an entire world is out there?
love isn't something you count down from
no, love is a long hug and a smile
so take your clockwork else where
and fall in love for a while.

you're always looking at the time --

how long we've been together,
how long we've been apart,
when you have to leave..
it's no duh love is symbolized by a heart,

because a heart tells its own time.
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2 days ago

He says "babe I just speak the truth"
And I wonder
Doesn't he see how the  "truth" is affecting me?
he fails to see the pain in my eyes when he "keeps it real".

2 days ago

how 1000 miles can make a difference
in the tone of your voice
the frequency of your calls
the intensity in which
you love me

even though you swear up and down
backwards, forwards, left, and right
that you are faithful
I can see it

business and pleasure

why can’t you look me in the eyes
when you tell me how
you are


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Ysa Pa
Ysa Pa
3 days ago

During the brief moment
Of utmost vulnerability
The end of fairy tale kisses
Marking the era of a cruel reality

With the intention of shattering
You came, caressing the scars
With glimpses of desperation
And envying the collision of stars

With my inability to hinder
Your plans to have mine stolen
During my reconstruction of walls
You planned out the forbidden

You acted, without a shred of doubt
I responded, through utter loss
Now that its ended, I still can't believe
That what I warned others of, happened to us

Nts... Feb 17
#lies   #him   #deceit   #weakness   #unforgiven  
3 days ago


It wouldn't take
a simple overnight
to have enough of him, now;
You miss him,
isn't that right,
as you tie your shoe laces
and clench your jaw tight.
How long is soon?
The waiting party's over,
your resistance, a deflated balloon.
You're running out of air, silly girl,
too attached with your care.
You're a switch and he flips you
from nothing to everything,
and you're weaponless.
So, do yourself a favour,
and stop counting all the seconds
you've waited for him,
stop wasting your 11:11,
or else when the clock
finally breaks down,
the time might just kill you.

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3 days ago

i am reading poems—
all of it reminds me of you.
so i thought,
why not write one about you?

let me write the sorrow i feel during your absence;
the pain i feel is an absolute madness.
let me write about the butterflies;
those eyes will always leave me hypnotised.
let me write about the comfort;
your way with words will always be a sunburst.

#love   #poem   #feelings   #poetry   #sadness   #her   #him   #you   #comfort  
4 days ago

there’s not much to say;
i wish i could hold you close and dear
but at arm’s length, you are far beyond reach
i cannot feel your breath against my neck
i cannot feel your hands around my waist
yet we crave every inch of touch
we crave for each other’s taste

it’s such a tragedy to fall into
a love so fragile and secure
but is it love, lust or loneliness?
or are we merely avoiding the question?
are we drowning,
just for the sake of making one another feel whole?
do these hands and smiles revolve around misguided truths?
are your words cloaked in lies or are mine disputed moves?

i guess we will never know


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