Melody Martin
Melody Martin
49 minutes ago

Put on your armor,
Slip into your high heeled shoes.
Wear them with everything.
Wear them as long as you need them.
Wear them to feel safe.
Wear them to feel powerful.
Wear them to feel important.
And go about the business of living.
Figure out who you are.
Figure out what's important.
Figure out how you're going to put your "weird" to use.
Don't build any walls to high.
Don't try to get out with your heart intact.
When something hurts you, let it hurt.
And after all of that is done.
I hope you no longer need that armor.
I hope you can look yourself in the eye.
I hope you find a way to help the next "weird" girl in line.

#love   #life   #girl   #alone   #people   #young   #youth  
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
12 hours ago

Yochana stopped
on the school sports field
at midday recess.

She waited for Benny
to come out after lunch.

You don't look happy
he said.

I'm not
she said.

Did your mother
find out about us?
he said.

No she didn't find out
thank God but she makes it
obvious that she doesn't
want you around again
although I don't think
Dad would mind
Yochana said
looking past Benny
at a group of girls passing.

Why does
she object to me?
Benny said.

You interfere
she thinks
with me and my piano practise
that I don't focus enough
on the music but on you
Yochana said
looking at Benny
her eyes tearful.

But I am not with you
when you practise
he said.

I know but she assumes
that I am thinking of you
and not the Mozart
or Schubert I am suppose
to be focusing on.

And are you focusing
on Mozart and this
Schubert fellow?

She shook her head
no all I can think about
is you and us in the bed
and being close to you.

Benny looked at her features
at her beauty:
I think of you too
he said
but I don't have music
to focus on.

Does she suspect anything
about that night?
maybe she heard us
in the bed whispering?

No she would have come in
and God knows what
would have happened
she wouldn't have
let it slide
Yochana said.

They looked at each other
then she looked about them
and taking his hand
led him onto the field up
to the fence at the top end.

They kissed
just the once
then parted
both wounded
and pierce hearted .

#girl   #boy   #1962  
Larissa Crockett
14 hours ago

Her body is short and plum
Yet she hates it when old men say "yum"
Always taught to say nothing unless spoken
But what happens when a man took her token.
No one ever tells her to tell her emotions.
So she sits there and silences the voices commotions.

#sad   #girl   #invisible   #rape   #selfhate  
Marte Lindholm
22 hours ago

I am not the girl
Who the boys
Buy flowers to
Or love endlessly

I am not the girl
Who the girls
Want to be
Or be with

I am the girl
Who writes sad
Poems and listens
To music late a.m.

#love   #poem   #girl   #boy   #flower   #music  

Leopard heels tap on the floor board.
Black lace stockings designed to thrill.
Those thighs send chills up mine,
curving inside.
Divine is her dress;
short to impress.
It flows up with each stride.

My eyes deny what is underneath;
moving past her hips, up to cleavage-
Two full cups of sugar I want to borrow.

Delightful is her bra;
a matching black peeks through red.
She looks so warm;
Lip gloss worn, gleaming in the light.
Quite luscious on her lips-

Her fingertips caress them,
feeling for a tongue.
Her eyes, an invitation for fun.
Caramel pupils dare me,
I am ready.

#girl   #lust   #sexual   #explicit  
1 day ago


It wouldn't take
a simple overnight
to have enough of him, now;
You miss him,
isn't that right,
as you tie your shoe laces
and clench your jaw tight.
How long is soon?
The waiting party's over,
your resistance, a deflated balloon.
You're running out of air, silly girl,
too attached with your care.
You're a switch and he flips you
from nothing to everything,
and you're weaponless.
So, do yourself a favour,
and stop counting all the seconds
you've waited for him,
stop wasting your 11:11,
or else when the clock
finally breaks down,
the time might just kill you.

#love   #girl   #time   #boy   #clock   #her   #new   #him   #you   #miss  
Ryan Hoysan
Ryan Hoysan
1 day ago

This morning I thought
I had found the girl of my dreams.
And then I woke up.

Turns out, she was just that.
#dream   #girl   #sleep   #her   #she  

We were stormy, at arms,
So brave on the heather bluffs,
Starry eyes would nae surrender,
Nor great batteried seas, to us above.

You took me with a shy shrug,
My flesh broke about violet skies,
I rushed to greet your body greedy
On dizzy bluffs, so dangerously high.

I could not move away from you,
So tangled were we becoming near,
Your touch was rapier, on fire, lethal,
My heart was stricken, punctured there.

In one just moment we destroyed
Each other, blood laden within bliss,
Both of us conquered on the sea bluffs,
Rivals imploded to smithereens, by first kiss.

#love   #kiss   #girl   #boy  

Do I know myself?
Because I’d like to.

See this girl
With her doe eyes
And blonde hair;
She might have a lot going on.
Otherwise she might be a liar,
After all this time,
Still convinced
She’s never committed
A crime against another person’s
Who really knows
What deeds a girl has done?
She doesn’t even remember.
She takes everyone’s word for it,
And the world says
There’s nothing wrong.

Part one of a poem about self-love.
#love   #heart   #girl   #confidence   #self-love  
Kavya Casshyap
Kavya Casshyap
2 days ago

All those people,
          I used to run after,
                  are now running after me.

Oh, look how the tables have turned,
         I don't even recognise the faces
             of these people,
                 who are today admiring me


Boo you, first crush.
#love   #life   #girl   #power   #confidence   #positivity   #karma   #appreciate  
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