Jordan Danielle
Jordan Danielle
4 hours ago

Fate climbs trees while everyone sleeps at night but you;
She slips through the branches towards the star dusted sky;
Not a hair out of place or a scratch on her skin,
a nocturnal creature made to the likeness of the moon—
There'll always be a yesterday, but you remind me of tomorrow.

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5 hours ago

I could chew my way
through all the armless hugs,
through all the silences,
but an infestation of truth
tore away the mask
which allowed me to pursue
such a mindless task,
and now I can no longer
act so automatic,
no longer just a passenger
in my own mind,
I'm either indifferent or dramatic.
And now the entrace is closed
for what I detest,
you're a part of me and
I hope you don't mind,
but darling, your knives
were always the hardest to digest.

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Pagan Paul
Pagan Paul
23 hours ago

Changing her disguise,
lover in liquid lapis,
tart wearing turquoise,
blending serene, frozen,
collecting flirtations,
in green emeralds,
feeding on innocence,
emotion camouflaged,
sacrificed phrases melting,
virgin hot tears, crimson,
return to the silence,
and decriminalise sentiment.

© Pagan Paul (2016)

old poem
#poetry   #girl   #change   #emotion   #mood   #chameleon  
1 day ago

i don't believe you know you're destined for great things
mishappen collection of supposedly broken parts
souls of shards and borrowed hearts
do not fly away so easily

junk angel
don't you know
you are not damaged nor irreparably dismantled
underneath your suit of armour
there you are
beautiful and breathing
you are alive

junk angel
remember your origins
and look at how far you've come

#girl   #angel   #junk  

Little girl:
Your lilac halo boasts wild days,
Yet your eyes, earthy and bold,
Whisper soft melodies of sweet innocence.
Little girl:
The bird on your shoulder shouts confidence,
Yet fidit... figi... fidgeting hands
Scramble days of rotten terror.
Little girl:
Be true to yourself;
We know who you are
We know you better.
You're not who you claim to be,
Despite all your changes.
Little girl:
Shut up.
Be still.
Be innocent.
Be what we want you to be,
Because all you are
Is what we make you to be.

#girl   #anxiety   #society   #innocence   #little   #toy  
Timothy hill
1 day ago

Is a experience the same in other views or same in ours and yours mine any ones.

You are eight teen, you love music and dance you have many friends yet you feel bitter towards some.

Why is your soul damp and pinched with salt.

Flew from common cloudys of gray with the hope to change your ways.

For family and friends pray for the day.

Hope friends love
#love   #friends   #hate   #girl   #dance   #pain   #hope   #music   #frief  

Lolita grew up
she got herself a man
and a disability card
Lolita grew up
and she's not yours anymore

Lolita grew up
her life has changed
did you take advantage
not of her age
but of her winter?
Did you want her locked in your cell
was it convenient for you?
Well, the winter's gone
She's not the girl of your dreams
She's the woman of your desires

Lolita grew up
but always in your heart
always in my heart
the girl she was

but you can't take it anymore
the fact she grew up
it was going to happen
as soon as she left winter
and you were summer
but now the summer's burning
and you are not the flame

the beautiful, deadly winter
the place where she lived
the comfy, White walled, mind crowded Winter
where she still lives
but now put a handful of pepper
and a handful of flames!
would you take it better
if summer had a girls' face?

It was nice, keeping me in a jar
It was nice, helping me out
what were you?
a wolf? a friend? a ghost?
true love? My Humbert Humbert?
all of this? and even more?

Did you really know me
(because you do)
did we build something more
on Spanish lessons and kisses by wire
did I lead you on
well, I'm partly guilty
and not guilty at all!
we were friends! not lovers anymore!

Lolita grew up
but always in your heart
always in my heart
the girl she was

What light do you throw to yourself?
You are not guilty of your feelings
but you must abide...
I cannot, either, forget our past
But I must move on...

Lolita never grew up
but she's not yours anymore


Self explanatory.
#man   #girl   #up   #relationship   #woman   #growing   #older   #lolita   #younger   #nymphet  
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
2 days ago

Lydia tried to spin
Benny's six shooter
around her finger
as he had done
but it slipped off
her thin finger
and fell on the grass.

How do you do it
and I can't?
she said.

Practice and practice
he said
picking up the gun
and showed her how
it was done.

Can I try again?
she said.

He handed her the gun
she put on her finger
and tried again
but it fell off onto
the grass once more.

He picked up the gun
and said
here let me put it
on your finger
and so he did
and held it there
now turn your finger
slightly upward
and spin it.

He released her finger
and she raised her finger
spun it around
and it stayed on.

She said
done it done it
and looped the gun
into her hand
now I'm a proper cowgirl.

Sure are
Benny said
do it again.

She spun the gun
on her finger again
and it spun around.

Good see you
can do it
he said.

He took the gun
from her finger
and spun it around
his finger quick
and slipped it
into his holster
at his side.

She was pleased
she'd done it.

They walked off
the grass and back up
the slope into the Square
as it was lunchtime
and her mother said
not to be late.

So he left her
at her door
and went up
to his flat to see
if his mother
had his lunch also.

He liked that he'd
showed her how
to spin the gun
and it had been good
and fun.

#gun   #girl   #boy   #1958  
3 days ago

Running around on the beach
and wading into the blue sea
trying to wash away the coarse
sand clinging to her body.
My strawberry girl looks like
she is queen of the ocean.
When she is in the water,
the fish follow her every step
and when she is on the shore,
the crabs scurry between her feet.
She says it feels like she's floating
in space when she is in the water.
She says the sand feels like
velvet on her skin.
I never liked the sand,
but in the water I feel at home.
To her, they are one and the same.
I throw water in the air
and she grabs at it trying to
harvest the rainbows that form.
I make castles in the sand
and she decorates the walls
with pink and yellow shells.
I've never seen someone look
at me the way she does when I smile.
I look right back at her and
make a funny face.
Then she giggles and I smile harder.

#love   #poem   #girl   #water   #ocean   #beach   #sand   #queen   #rainbows  
4 days ago

A girl who does or says something stupid just to be able to laugh and eventually wheeze/die.

#love   #dying   #girl   #stupid   #smile   #sunshine   #laugh   #laughter  
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