Alexander Leino
Alexander Leino
5 hours ago

There is always two sides to any story
One story can be happy and the same story can be sad
Its all about how one reads into it

Its easy pretending to be happy in public
To the point where everyone sees you as the brightest light
Your energy attracts people that need something to believe in
Your energy becomes their ecstasy
The feeling of them befriending you makes you feel valuable


You get home and have no energy left for yourself
You feel like you are trapped in a room with no walls
Completely alone with your mind consuming itself
With thoughts of loneliness and hopelessness
Because you realize you gave away everything you had
While the overshadowing feeling of worthless
Consumes You.

Rubi Sandoval
Rubi Sandoval
7 hours ago

I saw my reflection in the glass that I lifted to my face. It was the

reflection of a drunken disappointment,  and this red wine tasted like  loneliness and sad  poetry. I don't know what you did to me, but

hemingway,neruda and fitzgerald all went down in history,

and I'm starting to understand why.(Unrequited love.) One  more sip and the next drunkenpoet is me.


7 hours ago

i am surrounded by warm bodies,
but i crave a loving touch.
the world is fast pacing
but i feel like i am stuck.

my stomach isn't doing well, and neither is my brain
                my heart just got up from a  grave, and oh look- it's falling again.

what do i call this state of being?
#love   #sad   #life   #lonely   #lost   #touch   #college   #bored   #homesick   #notfittingin  
Sharae C
11 hours ago

So incredibly bored
So incredibly lonely
No one cares
No one listens
No one wants to
No one wants you
So incredibly empty
So incredibly tired
When will I find it
This doesn't seem worth it
This seems to end in pain
Maybe all this searching is in vain
Want to cry
Want to die
Want to live
Want to find you..
Maybe you don't exist
Maybe my everything in my heart
is a myth...

Maybe it doesn't matter anyway...
#lonely   #pain   #boredom   #misery  
Alexander Leino
Alexander Leino
12 hours ago

Everyday with you was a present
Everyday felt like the morning of Christmas
Everyday we talked felt like a gift from god

Until you left me for a guy you fear

Nowadays I still have you present
Nowadays I look at it with tears
Nowadays I fear you will return to me
Nowadays I fear my heart will mislead me
Nowadays I fear you do it all over again
Nowadays I still miss you

#love   #fear   #lonely   #sadness   #depressed   #scared  
Alize Michelet
16 hours ago

I am Okay - A Slam Poem

I am okay.
Three simple words, such hypocrite words.
How are you?
You ask me, not even caring
not even knowing about who I am
what I am, how I feel.
How could you know?
I don’t blame you.
I don’t blame my eyes that can’t meet yours,
staring at the floor because I can’t lie to others
as much as I can lie to myself.

I am okay.
I answer, forcing a shaking little smile on a white crumbling face,
pinching my cheeks to make them look red
because red means life and life means joy.
I am okay.
I could be, but I’m not.

How could you know? Inside I’m
collapsing aching bending
withering, a flower in the winter
too tired to try to keep alive, fading
slowly falling onto the dry cold land.
But that you can’t see.
I am a knight, with a shining silver
fake smile on a pale perfect face and
my lies as a sword protecting me from words.

I am okay. But how could you know?
How could you not see?
My body is a facade that looks perfect to the eyes
but when you put a little pressure
with your trembling tempting hand,
cracks open, wounds show, black
dark blood runs cold out of the rifts
But you don’t even notice it because
who would pay attention to black blood
on a black floor, uniforming and blending,
it’s invisible unnoticeable
I don’t blame you.

Because after all I answered you,
with timid voice
and quiet eyes:
I am okay.

#love   #suicide   #sad   #depression   #lonely   #sadness   #not   #okay   #unrequited   #loneliness  
Pam Dayao
Pam Dayao
19 hours ago

sleep isn't for the weak.

sleep is for those who hear "I love you" on a regular basis. sleep is for those who can intertwine their fingers with their significant ones. sleep is for those who can feel the warmth of a hug. sleep is for those who have someone to stay up with them at night to talk about aliens, indie music and politics. sleep is for those who have someone to admire them, even at their bedhead. sleep is for those who feel content, comfort and worth.

sleep isn't for those who stay up at night waiting for a good night call. sleep isn't for those who wait for a reply to the message they sent 3 days ago. sleep isn't for those who write long-ass poetry to someone who won't even read them. sleep isn't for those who cry at night, wishing they were enough. sleep isn't for those who think they don't deserve it. sleep isn't for those who have loved and will never be loved.

go to bed, self.

22 hours ago

As I reminisce over you
I lick my dry and cracked lips
Your poison, so sweet
Sharp and pointed fingertips

Mixed and lonely
I'm caged by my own thoughts
Your scars, so perfect
Struggling I've fought

Love is just a masquerade for pain
My beauty hides a beast that has yet to be tamed
But I want you, need you, I'm so lonely
And my desires remain unnamed

My scars are raised in purple
Because I loved the pain
Ever since I met you
It hasn't been the same

Kiss the desolation,
Remove the isolation
Cleanse me of my sins
To yours, let me in

From prison to prison
Though yours seems like heaven
Take me, all of me
Better trapped then dead
Better trapped then dead
Better trapped then dead

"You can't destroy what you did not create"- inspired by Slipknot
#love   #kiss   #lonely   #pain   #lust   #emotions   #isolated   #conflict   #mixed   #desolate  

/  / He

He sees -
all -
their fucking pain...
that's the first problem:
Their pains
disrupt his nervous system,
his brain chemicals.
{Stress hormones.} \ \


I just can't fucking help them all!
can't I
fucking help them all?


Close your eyes,
they're not there -
close your eyes...
so you don't see the pain
hiding behind their disguise.
Close your eyes -
and sleep.
run away -
before you can't anymore
and you end up like before
staring with dead eyes
at your bedroom's ceiling.

let me run away:
don't you see your own fucking tears?
Can't you see it's hurting
to see all of them hurting
and having your happiness shorten -
because you've lost your lucky button.


Inhale...yeah, hold your breath -
but science from grade 9
says you'll just pass out.

/  /Problem number 2:

They don't
\ \

/  /omniscient narrator\ \
Bold and italics - me#1
Bold - me#2

I quite like this :3
#poet   #lonely   #pain   #he   #problems   #empath   #disguise   #sees  
2 days ago

It's when,
My eyes sting,
Because the air,
So cold,
Because I am outside,
And I'm walking the same trail,
I always go,
By myself,
And it's always fine,
But this time,
It was something else,
I have walked this road alone,
And never felt lonely,
For my heart was comforted,
By the knowledge,
That i have you to lean on,
And then,
I didn't.
So now,
I'm walking alone,
And the difference is,
I feel it.

#friends   #broken   #sad   #depression   #lonely   #heart   #depressed   #over   #walk   #road  
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