Faded stains of spilled bourbon
dot the weathered nightstand’s surface
like stars speckle a clear midnight sky
Each commemorates a prop of courage
swigged to help forge another day

Bras, slips, heels and flats
pepper the soiled carpet
reflections of the many
nightly transgressions now
impediments which fleck her soul

Her frontal lobe
harbors distortions
from her past
forgiven by those who know her
forgotten by others

Rain pelts her window
rat-tat, rat-tats against the panes
compulsively splatters the door
flings open her mind
to let today’s downpour
splash away
any trace of her anguish

Blocked in inspiration I am editing previous posts here.  This work was originally called Drops of Compulsion and listed here in 2015.

My insides burn, turn and broil. I feel as if I could burst. I want to do everything. And yet nothing excites me. Im worn from a long day but try as I might sleep doesn't come. Worries of the world stir through my head. I ache, I hurt, I yearn to sleep yet she still doesnt come.
Hunger twists my stomach yet no food fits my mood or apatite. Colors are bright yet bring me no delight or interest. The night wears on and yet I am still not gone. Sleep is the cool water on a burn, the mute on a loud static. The pause, the peace. Sleep is the calm in a life of chaos. Why does she now evade me.
A yawn escapes my lips. Please come. End the pain and suffering of the day. Take it away so in the new day I can wake calm and prepared ( and a little grouchy). I've lost all ability to think and yet I still can't sleep. Another yawn, one step close to the rest, the goodbye to the colors and hello to the hollow darkness where thought carries its own weight and no longer weighs down my head.

#end   #sleep   #renewal   #waiting   #rest   #weary  
William A Poppen
William A Poppen
Dec 29, 2016

No confusion wrinkles her forehead, eyes affixed first on his lips
until magnetically drawn to eyes blue as a mountain lake.
Comfort rests across her chest. Hips burn together and
her cheek brushes the ironclad hardness of his bicep.
They walk enmeshed. Traces of trepidation, 
scars embedded in her mind from tragic romance, fade. 
Residual fears fall to the trail among twigs and stones.
Rebirth of trust creeps into her heart. 
Together their feet trample her qualms.

Stella Stardust
Stella Stardust
Dec 4, 2016

Insanity, breaks like the waves
Anger flashes like lightning
Hurt stings sharp like sleet
Saddness, hangs in a heavy cloud

Loneliness an empty sky
Silence rests a placid lake
Confusion weighs in a thick fog
Death a fallen leaf

Vitality a summer's rain
Forgiveness in a gentle breeze
Hope forms in a bud
Love blooms in a flower

Freedom in a new horizon
Beauty in a sunset
Peace with the dawn
Renewal with the morning dew

With a cape of darkness, the Moon
Extinguishes the Sun
Who rests before another day- now
Wonder to the starry night

Hold the planets in your arms
Dream of rolling hills and listen
To the wind that whistles...
She says, everything will be alright
Another day you've spent alive
Goodnight, Goodnight, Goodnight
Tomorrow you'll rise again

Nov 18, 2016

L is for the way He looks at me

O is for overdoing it by myself you see

V is very, very changed maybe

E is trusting Him with everything and God's Got This

LOVE for you and me

CRHP 41/42 song to the tune of Nat King Cole's LOVE
Lora Lee
Lora Lee
Nov 13, 2016

The sludge
of mud
       that creeps up
to my eyes
squelches me
down like quicksand
sucks a large
breathing object
its grainy film
an antithesis
       of sea
lungs sputtering
out brain reeling
in remnants of
panic –driven
and I am ready to
burst out
legs trapped
yet voice high
heart squealing
in the fire
bring me to
it’s a situation
this madness
cupping me through
and I must find it
that liquid that
wet flow of writhing
of those heavy bands
of slimy kelp
holding me
squirm me out
I don’t care
if I get the
muck of centuries
in my hair
for in my veins
my blood does see
I crave the sunlight's

#freedom   #need   #longing   #renewal  
Avi S
Avi S
Nov 6, 2016

She walked away from him;
tears streaming down the curvatures
of her face with its blushed cheeks.
You'll be back he screamed out to her
as she hurried away from him.
You're nothing without me!
You hear that? Nothing!

Nothing? Really, nothing?

She stopped in her tracks,
in her leopardess tracks.
She turned on her heels
a new spark burning
away at the irises of her eyes.
She flew past years of slaps
and verbal jaunts, past the misuse
and utter annihilation of her soul.

Nothing! Is that what you think?

She stood her ground and looked
him in his face, in his monstrous face.
Words were boiling in her caverns
and she knew exactly what it was
that was fighting for so many years
to find its way back into her soul.
You think you made me into something?
Think you were some sort of a god?

Silence... As the universe halted...

Before you, I was something...
Her hands shook in her fury.
Before you, I meant something to someone...
He was beginning to shrink.
And after you, I will continue to mean something.
She began to encompass the entire
span of his purview, of his tiny mind.
Nothing? She chuckles as she says this.
No. You are nothing.
Worse than nothing.
You are a parasite.

He began to withdraw
into his tiny shell as the hypostome,
he attached to her so long ago,
started to wither and break.
Years of financial dependence,
of sucking her dry reversed on itself.
He felt as his soul collapsed,
as it began to feed on the fear within himself.

Little man with little hopes and little future.
And I do mean little...

She said to him with a smirk.
Maybe that was the reason for his hate,
for his absolute misery towards his world.
I will not allow you to rule me,
to make my universe your own.
You shall have no new land to plant a flag
nor heavens to investigate with pride!

She now had control, though
it was never really his to begin with.

But I forgive you...

She looked down at him
with solace in her eyes,
for she knew that his poison
would surely infect her if she didn't.
I forgive... But I will never forget.
To forgive is powerful,
she had read somewhere when
she was looking for some hope.
But she knew that to forget
would be akin to another slap
or another put down in front of friends.

I take back my life and my voice

#hope   #strength   #power   #renewal  
Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson
Oct 31, 2016

Walking on the earth in autumn, chill in the shade of the trees.
The earthy smell of rot in the undergrowth as nature renews itself.
Moving through another step in the endless cycle of life.
Sudden warmth on our skin as we emerge into the sunlight.  
Sky so blue eyes are dazzled and our hearts ache.
Grieving for the loss of Summer.
Wisps of cloud streaming high above.
Migrating south as we feel the need ourselves.  
The silence disturbed only by the swaying of the trees.
Their branches rubbing together as if for warmth.
We continue along the shore of a tiny lake amid the woods.
Breathing in air so sharp it cuts the cobwebs from our minds.  
Crystallizing our thoughts and recalling old memories.
Spring is for renewal Autumn for regret.

                                                      ­                                     r thompson

Autumn is a melancholy time for me.  Contemplating the passing year and preparing for the coming storms.
Oct 29, 2016

there’s been an occurrence
a robust inferno
fumes of confusion
soulful soot scattered
crayola carnage

its dark now
twisty as the infinite branches
of a willow tree
serenity seeps slowly
like the tea in my cup

rugged, jagged
cracked terrain
from which I anticipate
blooming colours
of chrysanthemums

myriad specks
settling, scattering

now recent
but soon to be archeological remnants,
my mind as matter

Carson Elliott
Carson Elliott
Oct 1, 2016

One man standing in a world left to ruin, darkness is as abundant as the wind whisping and blowing trying to clear the sent of deceit...

Barely standing, still fighting the pull of the earth and the weight of the pain, he slides the sword out of his heart, each inch just as painful as the latter thrust in.

Images of love being torn apart deep rooted, but cut in half by the blade in his heart.

Knees start to shake under the weight of the pain, the earth opens wide in birth of more black, ready, awaiting this new brother, the darkness is winning the weight forever increasing...

The body cannot go on, it wields nor strength for the struggle and starts to submit the darkness....

But the soul cannot give, it is a stone rooted in freedom that is unbreakable,
it swells,
fights pushing back as the earth crumbles beneath.

Alas the soul, so rooted in freedom unwilling to accept the dark pushes out, and up and around overwhelming the dark, the hurt, the pain and the earth until there is nothing, only freedom, pure and blinding.

The soul,
unwilling to give in, unwilling to hurt, unwilling to die, was reborn......

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