5 hours ago

The feel,  the touch on my skin
Brings ecstasy to last forever
I feel your love all over me
Kisses so sweet and tender

The dreams,  the promises we made
Carry me to a wonderland
I see myself walking with you
On a beach walking hand in hand

This fairytale inside my heart
A prayer I always sing
Your words of love bring me to tears
As I look in this silver ring

Love always...
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1 day ago

Walls fall down
and heart doors open,
love surrounds,
what once was broken.

My heart reaches out,
it screams, it smiles
knowing that one thing
will stay constant.

4 days ago

I'm built from every mistake I have ever made

#love   #poet   #sad   #mistake   #us  

Eros and Aphrodite, Is dancing
Eros and Aphrodite, Is spending time
Eros and Aphrodite, Is noble and clean
Eros and Aphrodite, Is romancing
Eros and Aphrodite, Is hearing bells chime
But Eros and Aphrodite, Are in their Dreams

#love   #soul   #one   #never   #us  

Remember waking up to the smell of mothers' breakfast on the table waiting to be eaten,  while she sang her childhood songs in the kitchen?

remember being super excited to meet your friends at school but rued the moment of your eyes locking with your class teacher?

remember the love letters we would send to the people we were infatuated with because we thought they were perfect , and the gossiping we used to do about other relationships?

Remember after school afternoons were we would stall the time to go home and extend procrastination hours from school work ?

Remember when thinking that everything in the future is just a dream that would never come,  but everyday was a step closer?  
I smile...because I remember
because I counted every minute I lived,  but never took time to count how many minutes I'm dying.

#love   #dying   #time   #remember   #you   #me   #us   #we   #reminisce  

Alone we say we come to life

Alone we say we come to death

Why so stupid we can be?

Blind and deaf to real truth?

From Us we came you and I

To Us we will come back

You and I

#love   #life   #death   #stupid   #real   #i   #you   #us  


To gaze in your direction
Should your eyes divert to provoke me.
Or, in the distance,
The horizon you seek of
Would have me waiting there for you
And none other.

To listen your notes;
The pitch, the melody,
The songs you pen for me.
Whether it be in tune with mine,
Compared to other men;
The wolves that hunt you for your flesh.

To take in your breath;
Every ounce of air from your lungs,
A self-destructive fallacy,
Your troubles folding in on you.
As if the perspiration compels me
To make you feel whole again.

Until I'm sure, until my obsession
Vanishes from the thoughts
Of your attention towards me,
The gears will turn for aeons,
The tears will flow forever,
The sadness will overwhelm me.

Until then, I'll be sure to be
Your other half as destined.

It's coming back to haunt me again.
#relationship   #you   #me   #obsession   #jealousy   #us   #we  

I remember you clearly
You were always there
Even when I wasn't

#you   #me   #us   #memory   #nohaiku  

I waited for you to come outside,
Like I had waited for you in bed.
My hand went numb from reaching,
As you sat and got drunk, instead.

#drunk   #lonely   #alcohol   #alone   #always   #him   #you   #us   #waiting   #drinking  

I never knew,
I was funny,
It's you who made me,

#love   #words   #you   #me   #us  
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