Jewel M C
Jewel M C
6 hours ago

Who are we? we ask, always asking ourselves the same questions...

We are the world.
We are brothers and sisters. Sons and daughters.
We are friends, cousins, acquaintances...
We are lovers and enemies, and also, strangers.
We are anyone and everyone, all at once.
We are, despite all else, connected.

That must mean something to us. Shouldn't it?

We are 7.5 billion bodies, each alike in enough ways that might make our differences invisible. (But are they?)

We are the same, in so many ways. Enough that our similarities should outweigh our inevitable differences. Our similarities should be enough to prove that our differences are not worth fighting about. Yet, somehow, they aren't. Because we do fight. We fight without any known rhyme or reason, and without genuine purpose. Without empathy. We fight over our differences with enough audacity to claim that they should be ranked. With the belief that each of our differences should be sorted, allowing some of us to be valued as less than others, and also, some of us valued so much more. So, we fight. Like siblings or old lovers. Every single day. Probably have since the beginning of time, or, rather, when we created the concept of time. Perhaps the fighting began when we became a we. And since, the fighting has been constant. It's the only thing that really brings us together. And the one thing tearing us apart.

We find any excuse we can that will bring us closer to division rather than unity. Somehow, we are still far too concerned with the qualities that make us different rather than with those that which we share. And for so many of us, it seems easier to choose not to share. We are selfish and we rarely share. We are all in this together however we behave as though we are unaware the other exists. Mindlessly we share similar DNA but we act like we don't care. It must be easier to behave as though we are unaware. We do whatever it takes to ignore the facts that lie right before our eyes and we build walls around them. We look the other way, in any direction that might lead us into misdirection. We pretend we don't see, that we don't know, that we don't care.

We the people, of the world. We the hopeless, the reckless, the desperate... We the lost.

We are time-wasters, dream-chasers and we are all fucking fakers. We are figments of our own imaginations. We are alternate versions of ourselves living in realities of our own creation. Realities that aren't real at all, just like us. We hide beneath our fake faces and our fake words. Our fabricated worlds are all we have to show for. We live in pretty, little bubbles as an escape from our invisible reality, in an effort to shield ourselves from the dangers of the world. We're supposed to be in this together, though somehow we'd all rather be alone. We've forgotten the meaning of we, and we've doomed ourselves to eternal loneliness. We are, if nothing else at all, inherently lonely.

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Dwarde Ozadal
21 hours ago

I love you
that in itself
is poetry

#love   #life   #hate   #you   #me   #lol   #us   #everyone  
Cup Noodles
Cup Noodles
1 day ago

Only at the brink of summer heat
can one change ever so quickly
and not know why autumn
did not fall this season

#winter   #thoughts   #change   #you   #me   #us   #seasons   #cold   #year   #heat  
Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie
3 days ago

Beautiful sunrise beautiful day,
I long to see your eye,
beautiful sunset and beautiful night,
I wish to stop the cry,

Beautiful moment- beautiful memory,
stay within the now,
beautiful sun- beautiful life,
a gift to show us how,

Beautiful birth- beautiful pain,
and all time in between,
beautiful death and beautiful truth,
our spirit new and clean,

Every day a lovely chance,
for beautiful you - beautiful me,
tell in words of a hearts dance,
make for the beautiful we,

Beautiful time- beautiful gift,
days are always numbered,
beautiful rays - beautiful lift,
we live on unencumbered,

A beautiful mind, a beautiful home
make for domestic bliss,
beautiful woman - beautiful man,
locked in eternal kiss -

I'm yours and you are mine,
As our lives,
are always,

Ma Cherie © 2017

Nice thought anyway..
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Alex Harper
Alex Harper
4 days ago

you and i and darkness,
in a room made for two.
darkness smiles- you laugh-

and i still seek the truth.

#love   #loss   #lost   #you   #me   #us   #we  
4 days ago

I love him
I really do
          He loves me
    I know that's true
And hopefully
                Through all the fuss
  We'll tough it out
                                        And it'll just be us.

#love   #life   #future   #us   #tough  
Alex Harper
Alex Harper
4 days ago

i would come to your arms, a child-
i have never before, especially not
so recently, felt that in one's
embrace i could again be innocent;
i am all cut flowers and dried
grass and open highway-
she is warm places and book nooks
and sunshine

and i cannot remember what color
her eyes
but i remember that when she smiled
her crooked front teeth winked at me
from behind chewed lips and i thought
i know you, dear-
haven't we met before?

..oh, it has been so long

#love   #self   #loss   #soul   #her   #me   #us  
Wyatt R
Wyatt R
6 days ago

Am I supposed to thank you for your presence?
Rain coming down and making me cold and wet.
You bought tickets to see the main event
and all you got was an emotional wreck.
I give out no refunds, only a promise to pack it all up
and show off the show somewhere else 'til someone calls it art.

Dark clouds compose my inner-thoughts
and now lately I've been thinking about it.
I guess I found out the hard way
that we are what we brought with us.

Am I supposed to praise you for your example?
You may have gotten your hopes up
for something you saw before me.
Get ready, say goodbye to what you thought I was
because I don't build anything here.
I just bring in the props to tear 'em down
so put away your therapist face, I am what you're not.

Dark clouds compose my inner-thoughts
and now lately I've been thinking about it.
I guess I found out the hard way
that we are what we brought with us.

My soul sticks out of my shield-like skin,
my logic comes with a cost of feeling dead.
I've been attracting all the things
that I put in the back of my head,
hoping they would rot away sometime soon.
I've been attracting all the things
that I put in the back of my head
wishing they'd never crash my party again.

I guess I found out the hard way
that we are what we brought with us.
We are what we brought with us.

Hoping they would go away.
#what   #us   #we   #with   #brought  
Anna Skinner
6 days ago

I have a passion for graveyards,
          for ghosts and secrets lurking below overturned soil,
cracked headstones screaming haunted pledges,
          ripe grass fertilized by those we love.
The perfect place for a sunlit picnic.  

Jupiter hangs low in the pregnancy of midnight,
          lord of my eternity.
A sustenance to fuel my blood and feed my soul,
        we spend our nights swapping juniper berries and allegories.
You’re my albatross, my cemetery stone,
          a Cheshire catalyst embedded in my soul.

Alex Negri
Alex Negri
7 days ago

I went to the docks today.
To get there I had to walk along that lonely prism we all pretend to nurture.
That is where I met that girl,
I did not know her,
until I asked her to marry me.
She said "yes, but first follow me."
We went to the run down wooden side of the dock.
A baby laid there,
and innocent baby child, with its own personality and humanity.
she sat it up....
And kicked it,
so hard in the chest that I think I felt it,
and of all times for her to tell me,
THIS is the moment she reveals that she has been cheating on me.
With four phantoms that she stole from the forest, and mended with her tears.
I felt her words stab me in the the chest,
I had no other thought but to run,
I guess I must have said something in my rage.
I ran through the woods,
yelling curse words I had not learned yet,
I ran with my eyes closed,
I ran on my hands,
and on my knees.
Until I ran into the hills,
I couldn't run up them so I crafted a shovel to dig through them.
It was hard work.
But then, I realized.
Why run?
Washington did not run.
Napoleon Bonaparte did not run.
Mussolini Did. Not. Run.
So I turned around and went to the store.
I bought a Knife.
I found the woman,
and stabbed her till she was dead and back again.
and then once we hugged away our sorrow and differences.
I went home and laid in bed.
It was then that I remembered the baby,
and my soul broke.
I suppose we could all forget that baby.... would you?

We have all forgotten the baby.
#love   #sad   #hate   #selfish   #run   #us   #save   #baby  
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