on this blank white page,
my emotions flow,
shine and glow
'till the emptiness imbibes my thoughts  
like raindrops after a drought
I  remember, tears are pockets of sorrow and pain
After 6 years, Your teached me to let them rain
I believe in something now; once they dry, the healing begins

Distance is a slow asphyxiation,
A chaos that requires all of my attention
But If you were here, i would read your eyes
I would look beyond your flesh and see beneath your bones to finally fall in love with the beauty mess that i find inside
Then i would go back to your eyes, swim and drown into them
i would find all the words that were
never really said,
and i assure you, if you were here,  we would be more than alive

To my bestfriend ✉️
#eyes   #tears   #beauty   #bones   #emotions   #believe   #distance   #chaos   #raindrops   #flesh  
M Harris
M Harris
4 hours ago

Raging tides, Silent waters,  
Squalling back to reminiscent eons
Ethereal beauty to a much grander design
Under a radiant sun an azure skies
She died under my lusty blue eyes

An ocean within me pulsating
Through my veins
From the cradle to the grave
A mesmerizing force
A fragile balance,
Her silent breath
Fuels this vivid ever shining red….

#life   #eyes   #beauty   #thoughts   #silent   #balance   #fragile   #untitled   #graves   #eons  
Caitlyn Ann Yost
Caitlyn Ann Yost
22 hours ago

Your eyes hold mountains in them.
I could easily trek through every trail, count every stone, and memorize the amount of steps it takes to hike to the tops and back down each hill.

It's safe to say, I would not mind.
I would not mind adventuring you
for the rest of my life.

inspired by those brown eyes
#love   #eyes   #adventure   #mountains   #brown  
M Harris
M Harris
1 day ago

Stranded in a Spectrum entirely green,
I dream; in colors clustered around blue;
We meet; in swirls of turquoise.

Subliminal codes in her lullabies,
Allow her to control my dreams;
And when she makes green tea to calm me,
She uses mouse skulls instead of leaves;
It tastes like half-remembered dreams.

Eyelid transplants
Allow me to experience her dreams,
And when my dream-self leaves messages
On the inside of my eyelids;
They are blue notes
That shimmer in the morning,
Rescued from her memory-hole.

And outside, right before that morning,
The injured moon leaves smears
Of blue-green blood across the sky;
And soon, the earth is ringed with gore striations,

Celestial entrails halos;
It will be a day to remember;
A day of turquoise.

#dream   #feelings   #eyes   #green   #blue   #blood   #color   #leaves   #celestial   #halos  

There's something about the way he holds the
door open, something about his strange, straying
eyes, which scare me. Maybe it's the charm within
them, the blonde boy acknowledging my existence
without ever hearing the heartbeat which
goes with my name. Maybe it's the lost boy
who left her behind and is now paying
me the same regard, looking at me with
a kindness all too familiar and
an eagerness so unwillingly accepted.

~~ For the anonymous boy who looks my way. ~~
#fear   #heart   #eyes   #happy   #boy   #smile   #kind   #charm   #look   #chivalry  
Crystal June
Crystal June
1 day ago

Can't you taste my fear, my darling dear?
Isn't that the reason you're even here?
In your eyes, I disappear.
I'm sorry, who am I again?

#love   #fear   #eyes   #alone   #scared   #together   #gone   #identity   #identify  

I call her Jane Doe
Because doesn’t know
And the pretty blondes
Are always called Jane,
And because her doe eyes
Are the only thing about her
That isn’t like a blank canvas.
Sometimes when she looks at me
I can see myself in their reflection,
Painting her body
With my conversation.
Sometimes I can feel my voice
Draw lines across her skin.
There was a time when I would
Press too hard
And the lines scabbed over.
But they didn’t become scars,
So I am forgiven--

Because wrongness is relative.
When I envision myself,
This is what I see--
A mix of positive and negative,
Both sides of the magnet--
Never repelling each other,
Attracting one another--
A field of anger, of blues
And greens
And grays
And gray-blue eyes,
Of lashes and bats’ wings
Of one-on-one battles
Of scabs, of laughter
Of crime against the heart
Of no more time left to restart
Of irregular rhyme-schemes
And unfamiliarity

I don’t know myself,
This girl with her doe eyes--
This girl with her green eyes--
Or are they blue?
Or gray?
Or black?
Or brown?

I close my eyes
And I drown.

Part four of a poem about self-love
#love   #sad   #eyes   #beauty   #blue   #confidence   #self-love   #blonde  
emme m
emme m
1 day ago

in your broken eyes
counting stars
on a clear sky

bad guys
waiting on the
other side
love advice
after these long

wanna hear you sing
quiet why’s
just say

me singing the song badly lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7d75qDcGIM

one of my favorites yet. the melody is beautiful.
#broken   #life   #eyes   #stars   #bad   #lyrics   #melody   #heartbroken   #song   #guy  
3 days ago

A secret of humanity heard by me That's normally mumbled but today clearly spoken twas eye opening as I was a sponge.

Tis true my friends and foes and life and love: I am a better person today.
#eyes   #secret   #humanity   #secrets   #humans   #morals   #open   #mankind   #mumble   #sponge  
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