Eleanor Rigby
Eleanor Rigby
2 hours ago

Billions and billions
Of possibilities
In a restless, uncertain world.
Your eyes meet mine
And I couldn't think
Of another pair
That could make me
As certain.

-- Eleanor

Georgia Schubert
Georgia Schubert
13 hours ago

'Does the pain not blind your eyes?'

Does the love not blind your soul?

#love   #life   #eyes   #pain   #blind  
1 day ago

roses peek through the cracks in your soul, your heart is overflowing with peace but your eyes remain dark brown in the sunset, is it because your flight to italy was cancelled in the middle of your worst year or because the constellations that you kept shining in your right palm; the hand with the zigzag scar from your last rollerblading accident, were given to someone who didn't even know that thorns came with soft petals too

#peace   #eyes   #roses   #soul   #constellations   #italy   #sunset   #thorns   #softness  
Samantha Lank
Samantha Lank
2 days ago

Your eyes are the sea at a boardwalk on a sunny day,
with the sea foam splashing small children holding onto their drippy ice cream cones,
begging their mothers for "one last ride".

Your eyes are the sparkle in a sapphire stone,
Precious, something to be coveted and treasured.

And when you smile...your eyes, they glitter and dance,
like sparks flying off of a sparkler on the Fourth of July.

#love   #eyes   #romance   #ice   #your   #cream   #sapphire   #sparks   #sparkler   #boardwalk  
Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
2 days ago

My memories are not special
They are not unique
But they are mine

And though alone
They are all that I have
To reference these more confusing times

And after I’ve lived them once or twice
I store them away within my mind

Not just for me
But also for you

So that one day you can look back and see
All that it once meant to be
Alive within the eyes of Me

Generally speaking. Please know that if you're reading this. Liking this. Sharing this. Or just generally following me here on HP. I'm thankful for your kindness. For your input. For your thumbs up and considerate comments. It does mean a lot to me. Even though I don't say it nearly enough.


Thank you!
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Scarlet Keiller
Scarlet Keiller
3 days ago

I was silly to think that maybe there was something
here and I was enough for you.
My poor, numb heart needed someone
and I thought you could be the firefly
to thaw me, but now I only feel
the stupidity of my actions,
of how unapologetically I pursued you
with so much blind hope.
I waited. I waited and waited
and boy, did you have me fooled,
because I thought you were going
to wait for me too.

~~ You have humiliated me. ~~
#love   #lies   #sad   #heart   #eyes   #stupid   #loss   #relationship   #breakup   #feel  
4 days ago

hydrangeas there are antiquated
crescent golden tongues with cynic vile that our
momentary air is on the verge
of amphetamine protem freesia like
"scarlet  decaying virgin eyes savor rouge dahlias"
because callous taunt placid slender
recent crime delusions &
"I am the artist in honor sincere to velvety
reminiscent  windowsills"dulcet
in artificial concave

- G

cinder windowsill i want summer rain
#poetry   #metaphor   #eyes   #emotion   #scarlet   #virgin   #rouge   #freesia  
4 days ago

Even though
my eyes are wide open
there's so much I can't see.
My view doesn't go beyond
peripherals or the horizon-
But I know
there's so much more out there
And I want to see it all.

Ollie, will you explore with me?
Wyatt R
Wyatt R
5 days ago

Maybe the next time
our eyes meet
like joining hands
you can come on in
and not disappear
like all my other
beautiful daydreams.
Maybe the next time
you lay the bait
I will take it and
let you take me away,
make the night
feel like a dream.

I don't dream at night and that's not right.
#dream   #eyes   #beautiful   #hands   #longing   #take   #meet  
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