Ryan Hoysan
Ryan Hoysan
9 hours ago

I love you, she said
I know, he replied sleepily
Lost in each other's eyes

Another (attempt) at a haiku. I usually have difficulty creating these because of the structure, but sometimes I manage to pull something together. Sometimes words only scratch the surface of the history between people. A smile can tell more of a story than a million words.
#love   #eyes   #lost   #i   #you  
Ben Buckley
9 hours ago

she has a nose piercing
and those green eyes.
i'll never forget how they shake uncontrollably
the sound of her voice has
my stomach lifted by the tornado in my head
and all i can do is
stutter and blush.
like those green eyes

i'm really in love with a girl who has green eyes that shake and imthey fascinate me to no end.
#love   #feelings   #eyes   #romance  
Negative Creep
Negative Creep
12 hours ago

My eyes look down
as we walk
glued to the ground
while you talk

#eyes   #talk   #walk   #downcast  
Kewayne Wadley
Kewayne Wadley
16 hours ago

Her eyes were like a color by number.
Everywhere she stood they'd turn a different shade of brown.
Naturally they shone a different color soon as the sun would find them.
But this color was hard to describe.
Watching the sun paint them with a splash of yellow.
I'd just stand and stare. Often time it was hard to speak after seeing such a thing.
The effect it took on me, often inviting me in to have a drink.
Nestled in a chair to hear a story or two.
How they just seemed to come alive, her eyes.
Inebriated by the conversations we'd have.
She'd put a hand to her brow to block the sun from shining too bright.
I'd forget how sad they were at times, her eyes.
Taken by the stories they tell about her dreams. The excitement that filled them, Talking about the places she'd love to go.
Big and bright. Full of curiosity, her eyes.
If I could let her inside of me and give her the same box of crayons that she's given me.
I wonder if she'd color me in different colors.
Or just the same variation of different colors just as her eyes have colored me.

1 day ago

Sunken eyes, minds and hearts
of even the strongest souls
have drowned in the Sea of Calamity
Their last rational thoughts being
Where did it go wrong?
What will make it right?

#poem   #words   #heart   #eyes   #thoughts   #mind   #soul   #sea   #freeverse   #questioning  
Jamil Hussain
Jamil Hussain
1 day ago

Came with her
Sweet and honeyed lips
She then gazed, winked and her
Charming eyes began to pull
My heart into tiny

— Jamil Hussain

#love   #feelings   #heart   #eyes   #romance   #lips   #soul   #joy   #bliss   #loving  
Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn
2 days ago

In God's eyes being a kid
is how he knows when
you're ready to come home

but in your eyes being myself
ain't gonna win the first place trophy on the shelf
you think I'm not ready you think it's gonna take too long

By the time you ever come around
you'll be looking for me in an empty town
you said I'd stay, but you were wrong

In God's eyes I am who I am
I am the best that I've ever been
so when you do come back around, I'd be long gone

#poem   #poetry   #home   #eyes   #god   #writing   #myself   #kid   #trophy   #iam  
2 days ago

the soft whisperings in between  
the shy little stares I'd seized before
you look the other way
clingy as it seems
but I hope
I didn't make you feel any less awkward
when we fueled our tummies at diners
and I asked you to sit by my side
I just liked it better that way
when our thighs kept playing tag under table wraps

it might
kinda seem a little pathetically cheerless now
when I come by and asked the same middle-aged waiter,
"table for one, please?"
while he rummaged through my eyes, seeking
like something's missing


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3 days ago

drops of honeydew melon,
and soft summer kisses
powdered lemon pastries,
and late evening embraces

autumn breezes,
and gingerbread spices
midnight whispers,
and stories exchanged

frostbitten winter,
and silent nights
cider that burns,  
and the eyes of a stranger

did feelings fade,
are you letting go
tell me my love,
for only you know.


#love   #eyes   #kisses   #fall   #summer   #winter   #goodbye   #autumn   #stranger   #fade  
Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty
3 days ago

At first sight, everyone just sees darkness.
They see emptiness, black and an unsettled mystery of abyss.
But when I look, all I see is you.
I can’t see it for what it is.

Out there, there is starlight, the moon, and gases that pierce the black.
There's the sun, lending them all its light, keeping them there for our view.
And though these many things are only small fragments of the space they fill,
They all remind me of you.

Piece by piece, they build up a world, a wonderment, an image not purely seen by many.
And though it is everlasting, many simply do not care.
Oblivious, they just take everything for face value.
But I know it's there.

As a child I often wondered what was out there.
I always imagined a never-ending, bottomless chasm that stretched out too far to see.
I thought of a stillness, and lifeless world.
Right above me.

But now I know it's darker than the nature I once thought.
There are black holes that swallow the light.
There are unknown entities hiding in the shadows.
And you just linger in the twilight.

And the distance between that darkness, and myself,
Is filled up with realities and dreams.
But when I look up at you, you break me from that endless loop.
And, inside, my heart beams.

Because within that darkness,
I don’t see the same dark, empty mystery that others do.
I see a world full of hopes and dreams, my Heaven, my heart.
I see you.


Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
#love   #eyes   #beauty   #space   #darkness   #you  
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