Mysidian Bard
Mysidian Bard
11 hours ago

If I were the rain,
I'd be dying to touch the earth,
cascading from nimbus clouds,
desperate to quench your thirst.

Yearning to bring new life
and glistening morning dew,
to a cold and arid place
where a garden never grew.

Today the sun may shine,
tomorrow may be the same,
but somewhere on the horizon
are skies that I'll reclaim.

I'd shower you with tenderness
and promises never untrue.
If I were the rain,
I'd be falling for you.

#love   #life   #yearning   #sun   #rain   #nature   #falling   #clouds   #sky   #thirst  

So you did, listen.
And winds - blew me over.
And waves sucked me in.
And you did, hear me.

And you did, see me.
And all the stars collided - once and for all.

The ands, and ands.
Coming in unison - coming together.
The moment is the vase, the bowl, the pool of collections of moments
All rushing, together.

And I see how you cared, over and over and over.
Now, over and over and over,
one moment is the collection of how you - saw, believed, hear, watch, care.... how you want me,

How I want you

And a moment is not what is one moment

The moment is, now, how everything before and everything in the future is making this moment seem greater and
More, you look beautiful.

#love   #heart   #want   #desire   #in   #beautiful   #falling   #dreaming   #open  
Madison Greene
Madison Greene
3 days ago

I used to trace words against your skin
invisible ink pouring from my fingertips
drunk on the idea of you
as if you were ever more than a troubled boy
making messes of all your past lovers
I’m five months sober and your eyes aren’t my weakness anymore

Tiara Moss
Tiara Moss
2 days ago

Why do we say I’m falling in love
Are we actually falling–
Tripping and breaking for the connection of a soul
Or are we flying–
High off the nervous energy they give you
Getting lost in their eyes

I’ve fallen hard for you is nothing more than words
Did you break your legs trying to get to them
Or did you just stand there aimlessly
Waiting for love to flood into your heart

Stella Matutina
Stella Matutina
3 days ago

I’m in the back seat of our car.
My parents are angry with me,
They’re upset.

I didn’t do as I was told.
I messed up,
Failed them in some way.
I don’t remember how
I guess it doesn’t matter.

I clamp my mouth shut
It feels good to do so.
A satisfying spread of pain,
It shoots through my teeth and gums.

But then
My teeth giveaway.
They’re wobbling,
A crack and split of pain
Spreading through my mouth.

A tooth on the bottom row,
My tongue pushes it out,
And now I can see it on the floor.

I try and stop,
But my teeth
They’re all on a derailing train,
And I don’t know how to stop it.

I try and cry for help,
Let my parents know that something is wrong,
Two more fall to my feet,
A tiny pile of bones starting to gather.

My parents look back at me,
Disdain on their face.
What kind of daughter can’t control her own teeth?

Tears are spilling down my face,
Blood crawling down my chin,
I’m ruined.
Absolutely done.
Who would want a girl with no teeth?

Please let this be a dream.
Please let this be a dream.
Please let this be a dream.

I’m holding my mouth now,
Trying to keep my teeth in.
My tongue searches for full rows of teeth,
And instead finds holes.

This has to be a dream.
This has to be a dream.
If this is a dream,
Why can’t I wake up?

I am trapped in this car,
My teeth trickling out,
One by one,
Out of my mouth and on to the floor,
And finally,
The train runs straight off the cliff.

My jaw slams shut,
It was an accident,
I didn’t mean to,
Bits and pieces of broken teeth fill my mouth,
I can feel blood,
Rushing to fill the space left unfilled by teeth.

I try to cry out,
My parents,
They’ll be angry,
I’ll embarrass them if I don’t have teeth,
I have to fix this,
But my cry is a gargle.
Tooth and blood spill from my mouth when I try to speak,
Sputtering on to the back of the passenger seat in front of me.

This has to be a dream.
I’ve had this dream before,
This has to be a dream.
I can’t wake up,
I’m trapped in this car,
My own mouth betraying me.
Please let this be a dream.
Please let this be a dream.

Often times nightmares aren't inherently scary, but the feelings associated by the person dreaming them are scary, which is what I was trying to express in this poem.
#abuse   #bad   #falling   #nightmare   #out   #teeth   #parents   #parental  
JR Falk
JR Falk
5 days ago

You held my hand as I showed you my deepest of scars,
and I held yours as you did the same.
We each held the moment as though it were to die should we release it.
And because of your grasp, I knew it was a moment worth keeping.

I love you.
#love   #self   #moon   #falling   #hold   #moment   #fell   #scars   #baby   #holding  
7 days ago

I'll take my share of gravity
And nothing else
Heaven knows I need some space
But see, there's no gravity there, is there?

7 days ago

I want to yell across the entire universe, about
how close my heart is at exploding from the
constant pressure, caused by indestructible demons.
Demons that dance to the symphony of my broken dreams.

But if I really got the chance to speak up
my mind, I'd rather sew up my lips
so no pitiful words of hope can interfere with
the reality that kicked me down in the first place.

Having someone to care seems more scary than the
endless hole I'm falling through; My last cry for help
is now dying in my throat, mingled with the other
unspoken opportunities of a better life.

I finally got some time to write and get some feelings off my chest. It feels good.

Today, I am the feeling of falling, the
jolt of the unrealised last step
on the staircase.

Feel myself sliding
down a sheer cliff
face,   and turning
my face away from
all   of the       hand
holds and foot hold
s that could      save
me the fall.

Below me is the river, the one
you see in films, where the
crocodiles snap and scream and
the waves are shrieking too,
where the jagged, toothed rocks are reaching
up with their barbed fingers,
they pierce the air with vows to catch the fallen
and the hero can't hold on
for much longer.

But even though i try to shape these words into the silhouette of my descent, they only seem a shallow, shadow-shape i cannot make cement; and shadows cannot beat a heart with violent fear and fierce torment as my heart beats.

experimenting with shapes
#fire   #fall   #shadow   #falling   #cliff   #torment   #silhouette   #river   #shapes  

the first time i fell in love
i fell for the sake of falling
knowing full well that you wouldn't catch me

we practised trust falls in gym at the age of 12
and you told me your weak wrists
couldn't handle a hand stand so you didn't try
and i caught you just fine
even though my arms couldn't support my own weight and
six months ago i stopped wondering why you never tried

the second time i fell in love
i didn't.
but it was cold and he was there to hold me through winter
and i didn't want to buy a coat
i should've bought a fucking coat
i learned that wanting to tell someone you love them
isn't the same as actually loving them
but friends can still break your heart.

and now i'm half in love
with a boy that isn't worthy of me, with a boy that i don't like
but i love him
i love him because he makes my fingertips light up with
static charge and when he looks at me
each of my fingernails turn to razor blades
and when he kisses me i hover two inches above the ground
but i don't fall

i hope that i never see this boy again
so that i can die falling in love with him

#love   #falling  
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