2 days ago

i am a butterfly
you wanted nothing more
than to watch me fly
but you loved my wings
so much
that you clipped them

Luna Marie
Luna Marie
2 days ago

I've been singing songs about you,
Though you'll never hear them.
I've been writing poetry about you,
Though you'll never read them.
I've been painting pictures of you,
Though you'll never see them...
Just like you never saw me falling,
So you weren't able to catch me.

I'm the only one falling.
#love   #alone   #lost   #falling   #forgotten   #ignored  
2 days ago

I wanted to text you
to see how you are
because being who I am,
I always care,
but I know if I do so
I'll fall back down that
hole of trying to be in
your life again.

#love   #life   #heart   #fall   #friendship   #falling   #heartbroken   #old   #caring   #care  
Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
3 days ago

As the rain falls down
So my feet sound out
And pad the coated asphalt ground
And the truth is there for me to find
That running warm and in that storm
Those were the best few miles of my life

Truth. (:
#poem   #poetry   #rain   #running   #water   #falling   #storm   #scribbles   #sean   #dripping  
Dust Song
Dust Song
Feb 10

I feel like the world is vibrating way to fast today and if I stop to think for even a bit to long little slivers of my sanity will begin to shake off and float away in the wind.
I feel like everything is so far away from me and no matter how much I run in any direction it just keeps getting farther and farther away and maybe it will all simply vanish.
I feel like today that if no one was to touch me even just my hand I might dissappear and that maybe just maybe im remembering a memory or maybe I am a memory and none of this is real.
I feel like if I dont cry right this very moment I will forget how to control my feelings and all of my emotions may just seep out all at once and I will cease the ability to be understood by anyone ever again.
I feel like im breaking in to peices and no matter how tightly I shut them my eyes dont want to stay in my head and no matter how many times I rub them together my hands cant find a spot to rest and no matter how much I hum and shush  at it my heart will not stop beating so loudly
I feel that ,and maybe Im just thinking out loud here, but I maybe might just a little bit but im pretty sure im going insane.

#broken   #fear   #afraid   #anxiety   #crazy   #falling   #help   #sickness   #fixme   #imstuck  

when i first saw you
i knew
what your smile
would do
to a mind
like mine

i waited
for you
to ask my name
to hear
your voice
for the first time

#love   #short   #life   #rhyme   #falling   #cfirstsight  

It falls heavily, it falls softly, it falls...
Each carving of nature, formed by divine hands,
Made to its own unique shape,
A pebble, a stone, a monument.
Attacks free of arms, escapes free of guilt.
Leaving its mark on history without a trace.
A simple charm of luck, a complex sign of love.
Holding up the world, until the moment it must fall.
Expanding the limits to block out what once was.
A brave mountain, a gentle church,
Offering open sanctuary like a warm embrace;
Delivering gelid confinement like an icy prison.
It is abundant.
It is forever.
And always.

#always   #falling   #rock   #abundance  

He owned the dragon's eyes
So beautiful like the skies
The colors shifts so fast
So beautiful, calm, and vast
I stare right through
While he did too

The man standing in front of me
The one who seems to see

oh please god
what a beautiful sight

#love   #heart   #eyes   #hope   #beauty   #falling  

all I ever seem to do
                        is fall deep for someone like you
                round and round the carousel    
is it ever to stop, only time will tell


sad poetry is the only poetry I know
#love   #falling   #carousel  
Mar 16

Falling … all it takes is one crack
Falling … as it grows and it spreads
We collapse
We collapse
All it takes
Is one crack

Falling … all it takes is one step
Falling … take a very last breath
Cross the edge
Cross the edge
All it takes
Is one step

Falling … into the cold empty depth
Falling … you are all that I have
We crash
We crash
Into the cold
Empty depth

#depressed   #dark   #falling   #abyss   #crack  
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