There is a disconnect.

Dancing to no music,
you did not speak in my dream last night
but you were there, parallel.

Your eyes screamed to me in the silence
and, turning away,
I was deaf to your dance.

Blind to your voice,
we have fallen out of rhythm,
nothing more than an old

cacophonous tune.

I have no idea where this even goes but it's late. It can't be nostalgia, because I dont't miss you.
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Jan 14

Traum ist des Besuchers Schaum

love, imposition, matryoshka dolls
sore cage-ribs
stories are replayed, everywhere crossroads with no signs

we cross each other
heads are heavy like pumpkins in the sun
hearts weary of keeping hope alive
I recompose myself within the confinement of the sunrise
falling falling further further down
to the anarchy of living
the seduced seducer, the ripped ripper
the air collapses on collars, lapels

we all visit the fountain of thirst

they still want to learn what love is
the visitors with hurricane hearts and hungry hands
the trainers of dyeing darkness

dog days are over
healing hands are genuine and humble
he finally feel the lightness of the heartbeat

(I no longer look like a fool to you...
yes, you!)

how can i possibly be standing
when everything
around me
is falling?

how can i possibly be falling
when everything
around me
is standing?

i've lost the ability
to determine
whether i'm standing
on solid ground

or falling straight down

when the ground is failing you, look to the stars.
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Illya Oz
Illya Oz
Jan 13


Falling forever downwards
Into a hole that just grows
Deeper and deeper
And darker and darker


Digging my hole deeper
With every mistake I make
Every time I mess up
Every time I hurt someone


Crying tears fall from my eyes
The shame and embarrassment
Saying sorry is not enough
For me to be forgiven


Remembering every mistake I made
No matter how small they are
Or how bad my memories is
They will never stop replaying in my mind


Begging for forgiveness
For things they probably don't remember
And that probably don't care about
But they need to know that I do


Hoping that one day they will forgive me
And that I will forgive myself
For the things that create my hole
And then mabey I will stop...


I always seem to get hung up on every little thing I do wrong or was yelled at about. I will spent hours lying awake in bed remembering and feeling bad about something I did two years ago.
Jan 10

Isn't it crazy how one thing happens, and it feels like
                               your world is falling apart

I've been feeling like this a lot lately..
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If I am an angel then where are my wings
If I am of grace why do I feel so far from heaven
If I am beautiful why don't I see it
If I am God's favourite then why do I resent him
If I am the one you worship, stop
Because I fell for a reason and that reason is sin

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There I was standing above her top lip,
I waited for the first sign of when they'd open again.
I never parachuted before and figured that it'll be fun.
Parachuting into each word that came from her mouth.
Then came my chance.
Soon as she spoke I leaped off her top lip face first.
I couldn't begin to explain how I felt,
Closing my eyes.
Feeling her breath caress the sides of my face.
Never having done this before I didnt know exactly when to pull the shoot.
Instead I fell.
I fell perhaps farther than I ever could have imagined.
Clinging on to every word that came from the lips I've grown to love.
From every book I've read it was understood that love was kind, patient.
Never at all was it suppose to hurt.
And here I am.
Plummeting to my death with a parachute that I had no idea how to open

I was walking down the steps and before I knew it I fell.
I closed my eyes bracing myself to feel the clang of my face against steel steps.
The thing about anticipation, it seems that it takes longer to happen before it actually does.
Freeing myself in thought I anticipated a hard fall only to open my eyes and
see that I fell right into the palm of your hand

Hear the sound of my voice as it
In the rain hear the words as they
Mere reminders of who we once
And how…
There is no time left waiting for
So as the voices of rain ever fall
Would you honor me with your
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Chá Destiny White
Chá Destiny White
Dec 31, 2016


that’s what i feel.
that’s what i’ve always felt.
like i was

of a plane.
free falling , hoping the ground would be my knight in shining armor
and catch me.
i feel like i’ve been knocked off

my guard. i’m confused.
who are you?
who is “me”?
what are we?
are we in

and if so, why does it feel
like this?
like i can’t catch my breath?
like i’m drowning?
like i’m dying?
what is this “love”?
and why does it hurt?

I've fallen out of of love with the love of my life. Read "Slowly" for more detail.
#love   #of   #falling   #out  
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