Search of day break far gone
The muted lilac sheet
Tucks the rays away
As i feel the time slip with every sip of my afternoon coffee
Keeping me sane

Time to mend the broken clay
Of the beutiful sculpture, once
Now cracking under pressure and heat the rushing time keeps giving in

Layer by layer damp earth clay splattered on the cracks of distress
Will i mend once this comes to an end?

Recovering from the routine of days full of self disappointment
#time   #nature   #day   #night   #sky   #angry   #dissapointment   #waste   #quick   #mending  
Zan Balmore
Zan Balmore
1 day ago

Rejected. Cast down.
Whose boots to lick
for readmittance?
Wing clipped. Horns ground.
Whose feet to kiss
for readmittance?
Coffers emptied.
Nothing to sell
for recompense
Aim high. Take down.
Plummet from sky
face searing aflame.
Kids are just kids.
Kids will be kids.
Let them learn on their own
Sick fucking joke

Nothing to sell
#fall   #space   #day   #white   #blank   #nine   #sick   #fucking   #joke  
Devin Ortiz
Devin Ortiz
1 day ago

One Thousand burning suns rain down from the heavens
To bring my worthlessness to light.
On a dying world with setting skies
This mere fragment of existence
Prepares for its demise

Stars break dusk
Swooning, empty tears
Shed in remembrance of time

Hands wither into the broken hour glass
Stolen from Death, with her sinister kiss

The bellows are ringing, the ancient apparatus sings
The bellows are ringing, and it is time to go home.

#death   #sun   #time   #space   #day   #night   #transcendence  



From *

Mothers day is to commercialised  a gimmick for making you spend your cash..
#day   #idea   #false   #money   #making   #mothers   #racket  
Alice R-P
Alice R-P
2 days ago

There is only one rule
In the game-
What you think,
You will gain.
Want to live in fear-
Be afraid.
Want Your dreams to become true-
Dream every day.

#dream   #fear   #afraid   #true   #day   #think   #live   #game   #gain   #rule  
Kewayne Wadley
Kewayne Wadley
2 days ago

It never seems the right time.
Watching night pursue the day.
That one light spread across a blanket.
That one rebellious soul that sees all but never says a word.
You shy away, but still I chase.
Wandering about until it gets dark enough to truly see you.
There I wait, knowing only persistence

Light House
Light House
2 days ago

Hm.. perhaps, it is 'not so much about'
....acting on perceived will or willpower,
but by being conscious of your standard of character:
in the time of the moment, in the present, right now...
No matter horrors or grotesqueness crawling about - See yourself.
Start from there.  Only by being conscious of ...something, he vaguely concluded...  Only by doing so can you begin; only then...
can you figure it all out.
You must first, alas:
Defeat Yourself...

Nothing, as of right now.
#day   #a   #have   #everyone   #fantastic  
Jeanette Hersey
Jeanette Hersey
3 days ago

Even though we are no longer joined
No longer sharing the same oxygen
the same blood
the same body.
Still you are a part of me
and no matter how far
how much time passess by
you will always, always, always be

From newborn baby in my arms
to toddler with a smile that steals my heart
to child who has a zest for life
to teen that causes so much strife
as young adult I had to let you go
just a little, I'm still here you know

I watch you striding forth with pride
My love I can't contain or hide
You are my gifts, my life, my heart
We will never truly be apart
My child this love is like no other
the boundless, endless love of a Mother

For My Children, Jessica, Maisie, Charlie and Eric xxx
#love   #life   #mother   #day   #family   #children   #mothers   #parenting  
Wyatt R
Wyatt R
3 days ago

Why does time fly by
in the middle of the night
when the words just work
better than the best of the best?
Why does time mock me
in the middle of the day
when I hate myself
in the worst ways?

I never have much time in these moments, because I have to fear and fret when the sun comes up.
#day   #night   #duality  
Jun 22, 2015

I was seduced by your tongue.
From the menu in it's ripe pink
bequeathed with syllables
of toxic waste pronounced;
production rivaling the healthiest liver
in this materialistic marketplace.

Still it is a delicate decadence
not for the faint-heart by recommendation
can only be served in it's virgin state
never preserved with age nor maturity
for it's zest for life can never be tainted
even when cooked
it still wags on and on....
churning more poison.

I placed my order
may the best man win,
I was not a coward.
Bon appetite.

#the   #day   #a   #paper   #test   #written   #before  
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