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Friendship is to trust
Friendship is having the kindness to help
Friendship is giving to others without thinking
Friendship is being there when someone need you
Friendship can be just a smile that brightens your day
Friendship is giving more than you expect to receive
Friendship is listening
Friendship is offering your opinion when you think you need to
Friendship can be many things
Friendship is different for everyone
Friendship could be holding a hand for support
Friendship is lending your shoulder to cry on
Friendship is mellow
Friendship is giving back
Friendship is only taking that what you need
Friendship can be that voice of reason you give
Friendship could also be a boost of encouragement when it’s needed
Friendship stands the test of time
Friendship is show in many different ways
Friendship can be everlasting
Friendship is not always an easy thing
Friendship is hard to break apart
Friendship is strong
Friendship should never be taken for granted
Friendship is meant to be shared with all
Friendship is free and rewarding to share
Friendship can be unforgettable
Friendship is priceless to many
Friendship is a secret never to be told
Friendship is not having to say sorry but do
Friendship is not judging no matter what
Friendship is to share, the joy and the fear
Friendship is someone to run too when things are tough
Friendship is a hand to hold when things are so rough
Friendship is someone to laugh with not at you
Friendship is just knowing they are there
Friendship is very personal
Friendship is all of these things and many more
This is are how I see friendship
To have a true Friend is the best thing to achieve
We all have one but it may take a very long time to find them.

For You Kiwi, Thank You So Much X
Joy Nteh Nov 2017
After getting so close to you and also getting to close to loosing you forever, I decided to redefine importance. While I was redefining importance, I got to understand how far friendship can stretch. After that, I came to a conclusion that friendship is a lot more greater than love.
Below I'm going to give some emphasis which I hope will make you understand.

Greedy: You get so absorbed in the moments you share with this person, you never want anyone else to share them, cause you're afraid his or her attention would be taken away from you.

Sharing: You understand that one of the basic principle in life is sharing, so even if you have breath taking moments, you allow others experience it as well cause you're sure friendship is enough to go round.

Has a limit: When people are in "In Love", if it's not meant to be, it eventually ends and this people turn from lovers to strangers. Then start referring to each other with past tense.

Knows no limit: When you are friends with a person, in all honesty there's no such thing as the end. Even if circumstances takes you far away, you see no point in becoming strangers. You just kick start where you left off, and in no time catching up is done. No heart breaks. No past tense.

Heartbreak: Because we only want our partners to ourself, or cause we feel like we've attained a certain point in love, then we have the right to be in the know of every situation going on in the other persons mind. Hence the heart break when a mistake is made.

Forgiveness: Because we don't wanna lose what we have, and we understand that we are human who have strengths and weaknesses, when a friend offends, we forgive, we don't see it as the end of the road cause in friendship, we understand forgiveness is a basic principle.

No boundaries: Love makes us think we are on soul, you are me, I am you, there should be nothing between us and these prompts us to be all up in each other's faces, never having  alone times, never doing what we enjoy even if our partners don't like it.
Love doesn't give room for secret hide outs. There's always crossing the boundary.

Boundaries: Friendship understands that we have our individual differences. Friendship knows when you to give you time to sulk, cause you need to heal. Friendship knows how to allow you enjoy your stupid snack even if the other friend doesn't like it. Friendship doesn't make you feel bad for having an opinion, instead it makes fun of it and you all laugh. Friendship understands signs and friendship will always come back for you even if you have a big head.

Jealous: Love gets jealous and causes heart break.

Doesn't give a ****: Friendship enjoys the moment with you and no one sees the point to be jealous.

Friendship is not common, but love is everywhere. When you find a friend, keep him or her cause if it slips off your hands, you might never get it back.
Love can be amazing if you have the attributes of a good friend.

You hardly find a two in one package. If you do, ****! You're lucky. If you don't, always remember
Friendship last forever
Friendship is better than love
We can loose our loved one's
But friendship stays with us forever
Friendship never ask who you are
Friendship only says you are my friend
Friendship never ask where you are from
Friendship only says you are always there for me
Friendship make us who we are
It tells us the good and bad side of us
Friendship always care
Friendship listen to our voice
Friendship listen to our heart
Friendship never let u down
Friendship draw you closer
Even when u part ways
Friendship never let go
MinionX Feb 2015
Friendship is male,
Friendship is female,
Friendship is love,
Friendship is support.

Make friendship a reality,
And you shall understand.
It is a dream that cannot be shaken,
It is dream that can never be awakened.

Practice power in friendship,
But do not practice power over friendship,
Win a true friendship, but do not fake the friendship.

Friendship ends with broken promises,
Friendship ends where trust melts,
Where time becomes unimportant,
But hold your hands together.

Make the dark, light,
Make the cry, laugh,
Make the heart, love,
Make the friendship spring, like roses.
Rylie Lucas May 2019
True friendship is laughing when your friend falls before helping them up
True friendship is being allowed to criticize your friend for how they dress, but
        as soon as someone else does, you love their outfit
True friendship is knowing everything about each other (even the ***** details)
True friendship is missing them even before they're gone
True friendship is always being there, no matter what
True friendship is keeping each other in check
True friendship is understanding where you're boundaries are but pushing
        them just slightly with the goal of ******* them off
True friendship is knowing each other's emotions so well
True friendship is being able to guess what the other is going to say
True friendship is:
                    and eXtraordinary
Love you Max, and I hope this made you smile.
Reina J Morris Sep 2013
Friendship is built upon the foundations of
Unique and quirky first impressions.
It is not brought together by what others
May say or recommend,
It is not brought together by a Rubik’s cube
Or the use of super glue—
Friendship is just what it states!

Two or more ships brought together
To become one friend—thus the
Creation of Friendship!

It involves a raging sea of betrayals;
Of innocent white lies; of going astray;
Of being in the wrong place at the wrong time;
Of hatred and envy.
But Friendship is strong
And it prevails over anything above all else;
And when the bonds of
Friendship is that strong, nothing between
Friendship should ever; could ever be wrong!

However, you do get one or two that goes overboard
The bow of Friendship and are forever lost at sea
Hoping to be picked up by Cecrops, the Lost Mariner to
Remain forever a prisoner on the ship of Friends that
Corrupts the minds of truthfulness; of the One True bond
That which is called Friendship.

My ship is true and has never
Strayed from its course.
It is homeward bound towards
The foundation that which
Made it true; towards quirky
First impressions that’s unique and precious;
Back to the fleet yards and of harbors
of its creation--
The Fleet of Friendship.
I lost the friendship of someone very great to me and I don't even know why.  The messed up bit of it is that we're co-workers and now we have to work like strangers... geeeezzzz.. :-(
Marian Jun 2013
Friendship is love and care,
Friendship is knowing you are there,
Friendship is a flower;
That blooms sweetly every hour.
Friendship is a gift from above,
Filling this world with happiness and love,
Friendship is like the sky;
Friendship is knowing that you're nearby.
Friendship is from the Lord,
And He commands love in His Word,
I think this world would be a better one;
If everyone knew the Key to Friendship's Sun!

I know, this isn't my best! :( I'll try to do better next time!!! ~<3
rolanda Jan 2014
the idylie of two beloved
who are not discriminated
neither by each other
not by others
because of their gender
isnt it utopy?
Ask by some gay paars,
whether they ever forget
how they anounnced about their love
to their  orthodox parents...
what a hidden pain..
which always will remain
ask by the woman in suburb
how many *******
devastated her heart
before she met this handsome practical guy
who she may not really love
but cherish just the appereance of love
in form of elementar peace at home
without daily scandal
How oft we play satisfied when
in reality cats in the soul scratch
sometime there is no sight
how to difference lovely clotherness
from the chain of compomise
which people care
with clothed eyes.
happy love relation is rare
but luckely they are, they do exist.
but what about this phenomen like friendship?
Almost everybody would say
she/he have good friends
the paradox consist only in a fact
that modern life in the west
never  put this
kinship on exam
since people are financelly independent
other else too, when they clients of the dole
and live from welfare
they are secured
there is no situation happens
that friend must to sell their car, or
put a ring from a finger
to salvate their friend from some calamity..
those friendship mostly base on
pleasant time spent together
out of any mutual bonds...
but friendship to its limit
is yet more dangerous
than a love to its limit.
Therefore such claim hardly exist
„friends“ mostly knows very well
where the limit of their mutual aid
this awareness is tragic,
especially utopic is true friendship
between male and female
to certain point it works
but when someone of both
step on thin ice
for example of unanswered love
to somebody else
here patience of friend ends
who want support dream of
who is desperated lover
when reality shows here is dead end
but true friend would help by any „utopical“ situation
she/he will find any remedy and make magic thing happen.
And friendship between artists
isnt it where should be especial tight bond?
„I love you when you show“
it is what observation say of such very bonds..
today artists think they were gods themself
they curate the life of mortal in their work
and give no **** when their good deed
will not being mirrored in the art
the time of unique like Simone Weil expired
and when such altrusit with a keen sense for human justice
somewhere still live
they will die young like she did
or will be driven insane.
And we will never know about their dream
their fight, their resistance
because they were not writer or philosopher
like Simone Weil ocasionally was.
you will say this piece is written by
sheer frustrated one.
You exactly didnt guess.
Yes of cause I am frustrated one
but i find satisfaction balance
not to dream about true friendship
because such adjectiv is too relative
anyway what is true friendship to my graspe
Is possible meet only in myths
but though to thousandth time dare in:

imagine friendship
imagine mutual creation
imagine peace
Jayantee Khare Aug 2017
"Friendship day"
A growing trend
To recognize, appreciate
and celebrate a friend,
Had many friends,
co-traveled the journey
Many left when paths bend!
A question bothers today,
On this friendship day,
Can all be named as *"friend"?

"Friendship for companionship"
"Friends for benefit"
These terms mostly fit!

But the picture is not always grim
Some stars hidden mostly,
light the life,
Whenever it's dim!

Friendship cycle too is
"Friendship in hardship"
"Friends for life"
Proved the best!
These types are rare,
but in need, such friends
are always there!

True friends don't need
an earmarked day,
They are together
Irrespective of distance
in the night and day!

True friendship doesn't
really need an occasion,
Whenever they meet or talk,
life becomes "A celebration!!"

Since friendship is reassured
in this way,
To all my friends from HP
Unedited poem....
Anna Martha Nov 2017
The poet writes words of what a friendship so dear
Have you ever seen a blue sky that is more clear
Words growing much like the flowers in spring
The poet writes words even more beautiful to sing

This friendship a seed that’s been planted in the ground
The poet’s words make it grow, oh how it abounds
Now a bud growing strong petals opening in the light
The poet compares our friendship to a gem in the night

The flowers grow more beautiful as the rain pours down
A friendship now shinning just like a golden crown
The poet keeps writing on as the flowers nourish
Telling of the friendship how it has begun to flourish

Fall being near the soft petals of flowers now falling
The poet writes of a long time friendship calling
Even though the flower petals may wither away
Our friendship still grows even more each day

Much like the winding of a road begins to bend
The poet’s words sadly now coming to an end
Much like the sunshine rises every dawn
May our loving friendship continue to grow on
Arija E Nov 2011
Friendship isn’t about being liked
It isn’t about being invited to that party
It isn’t about being picked first in gym class
It isn’t about being popular
Friendship is about having that shoulder to cry on when you’re not invited
When you’re picked last
When you’re sitting alone at lunch
It’s about having that person who lets you be you
Who makes you feel good
            ­                                       proud
Therefore friendship isn’t about just anyone to me
It’s about one
It’s about one girl who makes me feel all these things
Who makes me feel good
It’s about one girl who is always there for me
Who makes me smile every morning
Who makes me want to be better but still makes me happy to be me
It’s about my best friend
But it’s not about how we’re best friends, anyone could be
It’s about the million little things, that no one could be but her
It’s about the way she’s always happy to see me
It’s about the way she laughs with me when everyone else stares
It’s about how when she smiles, she glows and it’s contagious
It’s about the way she just is, and how it makes me
Everything about her, the million little things that make her up
That is what our friendship is to me
That’s what friendship is
It’s love.
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
In some sense is our identity at stake?
Is friendship a relationship of knowledge, self knowledge, or has it to do with the imaginary, meaning in some sense who we are is imaginary, and we just construct ourselves through other people..? are we knowing the other, or producing ourselves in that relation through our continuous phases of knowing ? 'Most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly.' Maybe friendship is an imaginative task that has to then meet reality in some way- as a child hallucinates first what they might be, we have to own who we are first, own ourselves, and then meet reality so we can land somewhere- so that it becomes real, in order to own it, so that we can take part in life.
    FRIENDSHIP – fragility of friendship
    Is any friendship real?
What is real friendship?
    Sincerity, genuine concern, legit interest

Friendship is
everything and fleeting at the same time
Stephen E Yocum Sep 2013
Just how does one define friendship?
Oh, I already know what the Dictionary says.
It's far more than merely one word, or two.
You could apply many verbs to describe it.
Few, on their own will justice due.
It is more about one's emotional perception,
than a mere sentence of words, though descriptive.

For sure it's a feeling, a strong visceral response
evoked by respect, even love of a thing above all other's.
Friends come in many shapes, sizes and colors.
They can be inanimate or living breathing.

All inspire in us a near electrical resonance of reassurance,
a sense of peace, surely comfort. Maybe it starts with
the rhythmic beating of our own mothers heart,
the sound and vibration of our first true friendship.
A little later her breast and the nourishment it gave,
became our first outer world dearest best companion.
Mother's milk, served warm, sweet and tenderly,
Love's personification.

Yes of course Friendship can be an extension of a
strong lasting bond with other people, yet even more.
Our family's are our closest best friends, if we are lucky.
But what of the others?

I have been  befriended by books, movies, dogs and
many other non human living friends, I even have
a old film camera I packed completely around the world,
that I count among my closest companions.
A soft warm favorite wool blanket acquired down in
New Zealand, also fits nicely that same description.
An old bamboo fly rod that belonged to my Father,
Is a friend I would not part with for any amount of dollars.

And less I forget (No pun intended) our memories too are
right there, with the best and oldest of our dearest, lasting friends,
Conjured up at a minutes notice.

And perhaps last of all, (you may have more on your list),
I can not leave out the most important friendship of all,
It's the friendship we have with our selves, to which I'm referring.
For if that very personal friendship is not strong and on going,
It's truly doubtful that we will have, or sustain for long, any others.
To all who believe themselves "All Alone" and perhaps
Friendship  is  a  Flower.      Sweet  and  Fragrant

                                     Friendship  is  a  Diamond
      Precious  and  Glittering

     ­                                    Friendship  is  a  Tree
    Thick  and  Sheltering

            F­riendship  is  a  Mountain           Steadfast  and  Lofty

      Friendship  is  a  Star
     Shining  and  Bright
         Friendship  is  a  Way.              Don't leave or Forget
   Keep  going  on  it
       Keep  going  on  it...
Tayla Dec 2013
There once was a friendship

A friendship that grew strong

One that was durable and could survive all that went wrong

The people in this friendship loved each other

through blood, tears, and depression

They stood by each others sides through

Spite, anger,and loss of affection

They fought for each others beliefs

Held each other when one felt weak

Trusted one another with everything

But eventually the day came

When their friendship wasn't the same

And they ran

Having each other to blame

For the once proud friendships decay

There once was a girl who yearned for what was lost

She wanted her friendship no matter the cost

So she gave up her pride

With a plead and a cry

She waited patiently for old friend to oblige

But to her surprise her friend still insisted she had lied

On the outside she shrugged and said at least I tried

But on the inside she knew the pain would not subside

That the friendship would be broken even after the day she died
Ellis Reyes Apr 2021

Friendship is not a jewel or a coin or a gift
Jewels and coins and gifts don’t die
Friendship is not a flower or blown glass;
Friendship is not fragile
Friendship is not a poem or a melody
Because friendship cannot be forgotten

Friendship is a symphony
With grand overtures
Melodic harmonies
and unforgettable phrases
Attacking staccatos
                 Vibrant arpeggios
then peaceful interludes

And sometimes

Followed by thoughtful segues

All held together by a coherent structure
It's been some time since I've posted here. I'm happy to be back
Jill Anderson Mar 2012
Friendship is not always having the words to say
But always being there to listen.
Friendship is a shared silence
Because we are comfortable in it.
Friendship is having each others back
When times are rough or easy.
Friendship is knowing that you will be there
No matter where I am.
Friendship is the only thing that can bridge
Miles and time.
Friendship is
J H Webb Nov 2017
(from my hospital bed – Nov. 14 2017)

Over the bridge of friendship
How many time I've gone
Sometimes I'm met in the middle
Sometimes there is no one

Sometimes I am too weak to cross
Sometimes I am too strong
But crossing the bridge of friendship
That never can be wrong

Over the bridge of friendship
I've learned to heal two hearts
I've been the one most giving
And I've played the other part

I've been rude and selfish
And I've been loving and kind
But the bridge always reminds me
That I'm not alone this time

Over the bridge of friendship
I've travelled many times
Sometimes I am accepted
Sometimes I am declined

I'm not saying that I am perfect
I've had my share of pride
But I never would refuse you
On this bridge of yours and mine

So when you feel too sad or lonely
Just stop and turn around
And cross the bridge of friendship
Where you know I can be found

And I know the bridge of friendship
Will outlast me in the end
But when you take that last walk
I'll be waiting for you my friend

James H. Webb
Ria Nagpal Jun 2013
One friendship for the times we love,
One friendship gotta stay alive...I will survive
One friendship for the city streets,
One friendship for the hip hop beats,
One friendship...O, I do believe!
One friendship is all I need..
Just felt like writing this, nothing great, I know :P
“I cannot but remember such things were,
  And were most dear to me.”

  [”That were most precious to me.”
  ‘Macbeth’, act iv, sc. 3.]

When slow Disease, with all her host of Pains,
Chills the warm tide, which flows along the veins;
When Health, affrighted, spreads her rosy wing,
And flies with every changing gale of spring;
Not to the aching frame alone confin’d,
Unyielding pangs assail the drooping mind:
What grisly forms, the spectre-train of woe,
Bid shuddering Nature shrink beneath the blow,
With Resignation wage relentless strife,
While Hope retires appall’d, and clings to life.
Yet less the pang when, through the tedious hour,
Remembrance sheds around her genial power,
Calls back the vanish’d days to rapture given,
When Love was bliss, and Beauty form’d our heaven;
Or, dear to youth, pourtrays each childish scene,
Those fairy bowers, where all in turn have been.
As when, through clouds that pour the summer storm,
The orb of day unveils his distant form,
Gilds with faint beams the crystal dews of rain
And dimly twinkles o’er the watery plain;
Thus, while the future dark and cheerless gleams,
The Sun of Memory, glowing through my dreams,
Though sunk the radiance of his former blaze,
To scenes far distant points his paler rays,
Still rules my senses with unbounded sway,
The past confounding with the present day.

Oft does my heart indulge the rising thought,
Which still recurs, unlook’d for and unsought;
My soul to Fancy’s fond suggestion yields,
And roams romantic o’er her airy fields.
Scenes of my youth, develop’d, crowd to view,
To which I long have bade a last adieu!
Seats of delight, inspiring youthful themes;
Friends lost to me, for aye, except in dreams;
Some, who in marble prematurely sleep,
Whose forms I now remember, but to weep;
Some, who yet urge the same scholastic course
Of early science, future fame the source;
Who, still contending in the studious race,
In quick rotation, fill the senior place!
These, with a thousand visions, now unite,
To dazzle, though they please, my aching sight.

IDA! blest spot, where Science holds her reign,
How joyous, once, I join’d thy youthful train!
Bright, in idea, gleams thy lofty spire,
Again, I mingle with thy playful quire;
Our tricks of mischief, every childish game,
Unchang’d by time or distance, seem the same;
Through winding paths, along the glade I trace
The social smile of every welcome face;
My wonted haunts, my scenes of joy or woe,
Each early boyish friend, or youthful foe,
Our feuds dissolv’d, but not my friendship past,—
I bless the former, and forgive the last.
Hours of my youth! when, nurtur’d in my breast,
To Love a stranger, Friendship made me blest,—
Friendship, the dear peculiar bond of youth,
When every artless ***** throbs with truth;
Untaught by worldly wisdom how to feign,
And check each impulse with prudential rein;
When, all we feel, our honest souls disclose,
In love to friends, in open hate to foes;
No varnish’d tales the lips of youth repeat,
No dear-bought knowledge purchased by deceit;
Hypocrisy, the gift of lengthen’d years,
Matured by age, the garb of Prudence wears:
When, now, the Boy is ripen’d into Man,
His careful Sire chalks forth some wary plan;
Instructs his Son from Candour’s path to shrink,
Smoothly to speak, and cautiously to think;
Still to assent, and never to deny—
A patron’s praise can well reward the lie:
And who, when Fortune’s warning voice is heard,
Would lose his opening prospects for a word?
Although, against that word, his heart rebel,
And Truth, indignant, all his ***** swell.

  Away with themes like this! not mine the task,
From flattering friends to tear the hateful mask;
Let keener bards delight in Satire’s sting,
My Fancy soars not on Detraction’s wing:
Once, and but once, she aim’d a deadly blow,
To hurl Defiance on a secret Foe;
But when that foe, from feeling or from shame,
The cause unknown, yet still to me the same,
Warn’d by some friendly hint, perchance, retir’d,
With this submission all her rage expired.
From dreaded pangs that feeble Foe to save,
She hush’d her young resentment, and forgave.
Or, if my Muse a Pedant’s portrait drew,
POMPOSUS’ virtues are but known to few:
I never fear’d the young usurper’s nod,
And he who wields must, sometimes, feel the rod.
If since on Granta’s failings, known to all
Who share the converse of a college hall,
She sometimes trifled in a lighter strain,
’Tis past, and thus she will not sin again:
Soon must her early song for ever cease,
And, all may rail, when I shall rest in peace.

  Here, first remember’d be the joyous band,
Who hail’d me chief, obedient to command;
Who join’d with me, in every boyish sport,
Their first adviser, and their last resort;
Nor shrunk beneath the upstart pedant’s frown,
Or all the sable glories of his gown;
Who, thus, transplanted from his father’s school,
Unfit to govern, ignorant of rule—
Succeeded him, whom all unite to praise,
The dear preceptor of my early days,
PROBUS, the pride of science, and the boast—
To IDA now, alas! for ever lost!
With him, for years, we search’d the classic page,
And fear’d the Master, though we lov’d the Sage:
Retir’d at last, his small yet peaceful seat
From learning’s labour is the blest retreat.
POMPOSUS fills his magisterial chair;
POMPOSUS governs,—but, my Muse, forbear:
Contempt, in silence, be the pedant’s lot,
His name and precepts be alike forgot;
No more his mention shall my verse degrade,—
To him my tribute is already paid.

  High, through those elms with hoary branches crown’d
Fair IDA’S bower adorns the landscape round;
There Science, from her favour’d seat, surveys
The vale where rural Nature claims her praise;
To her awhile resigns her youthful train,
Who move in joy, and dance along the plain;
In scatter’d groups, each favour’d haunt pursue,
Repeat old pastimes, and discover new;
Flush’d with his rays, beneath the noontide Sun,
In rival bands, between the wickets run,
Drive o’er the sward the ball with active force,
Or chase with nimble feet its rapid course.
But these with slower steps direct their way,
Where Brent’s cool waves in limpid currents stray,
While yonder few search out some green retreat,
And arbours shade them from the summer heat:
Others, again, a pert and lively crew,
Some rough and thoughtless stranger plac’d in view,
With frolic quaint their antic jests expose,
And tease the grumbling rustic as he goes;
Nor rest with this, but many a passing fray
Tradition treasures for a future day:
“’Twas here the gather’d swains for vengeance fought,
And here we earn’d the conquest dearly bought:
Here have we fled before superior might,
And here renew’d the wild tumultuous fight.”
While thus our souls with early passions swell,
In lingering tones resounds the distant bell;
Th’ allotted hour of daily sport is o’er,
And Learning beckons from her temple’s door.
No splendid tablets grace her simple hall,
But ruder records fill the dusky wall:
There, deeply carv’d, behold! each Tyro’s name
Secures its owner’s academic fame;
Here mingling view the names of Sire and Son,
The one long grav’d, the other just begun:
These shall survive alike when Son and Sire,
Beneath one common stroke of fate expire;
Perhaps, their last memorial these alone,
Denied, in death, a monumental stone,
Whilst to the gale in mournful cadence wave
The sighing weeds, that hide their nameless grave.
And, here, my name, and many an early friend’s,
Along the wall in lengthen’d line extends.
Though, still, our deeds amuse the youthful race,
Who tread our steps, and fill our former place,
Who young obeyed their lords in silent awe,
Whose nod commanded, and whose voice was law;
And now, in turn, possess the reins of power,
To rule, the little Tyrants of an hour;
Though sometimes, with the Tales of ancient day,
They pass the dreary Winter’s eve away;
“And, thus, our former rulers stemm’d the tide,
And, thus, they dealt the combat, side by side;
Just in this place, the mouldering walls they scaled,
Nor bolts, nor bars, against their strength avail’d;
Here PROBUS came, the rising fray to quell,
And, here, he falter’d forth his last farewell;
And, here, one night abroad they dared to roam,
While bold POMPOSUS bravely staid at home;”
While thus they speak, the hour must soon arrive,
When names of these, like ours, alone survive:
Yet a few years, one general wreck will whelm
The faint remembrance of our fairy realm.

  Dear honest race! though now we meet no more,
One last long look on what we were before—
Our first kind greetings, and our last adieu—
Drew tears from eyes unus’d to weep with you.
Through splendid circles, Fashion’s gaudy world,
Where Folly’s glaring standard waves unfurl’d,
I plung’d to drown in noise my fond regret,
And all I sought or hop’d was to forget:
Vain wish! if, chance, some well-remember’d face,
Some old companion of my early race,
Advanc’d to claim his friend with honest joy,
My eyes, my heart, proclaim’d me still a boy;
The glittering scene, the fluttering groups around,
Were quite forgotten when my friend was found;
The smiles of Beauty, (for, alas! I’ve known
What ’tis to bend before Love’s mighty throne;)
The smiles of Beauty, though those smiles were dear,
Could hardly charm me, when that friend was near:
My thoughts bewilder’d in the fond surprise,
The woods of IDA danc’d before my eyes;
I saw the sprightly wand’rers pour along,
I saw, and join’d again the joyous throng;
Panting, again I trac’d her lofty grove,
And Friendship’s feelings triumph’d over Love.

  Yet, why should I alone with such delight
Retrace the circuit of my former flight?
Is there no cause beyond the common claim,
Endear’d to all in childhood’s very name?
Ah! sure some stronger impulse vibrates here,
Which whispers friendship will be doubly dear
To one, who thus for kindred hearts must roam,
And seek abroad, the love denied at home.
Those hearts, dear IDA, have I found in thee,
A home, a world, a paradise to me.
Stern Death forbade my orphan youth to share
The tender guidance of a Father’s care;
Can Rank, or e’en a Guardian’s name supply
The love, which glistens in a Father’s eye?
For this, can Wealth, or Title’s sound atone,
Made, by a Parent’s early loss, my own?
What Brother springs a Brother’s love to seek?
What Sister’s gentle kiss has prest my cheek?
For me, how dull the vacant moments rise,
To no fond ***** link’d by kindred ties!
Oft, in the progress of some fleeting dream,
Fraternal smiles, collected round me seem;
While still the visions to my heart are prest,
The voice of Love will murmur in my rest:
I hear—I wake—and in the sound rejoice!
I hear again,—but, ah! no Brother’s voice.
A Hermit, ’midst of crowds, I fain must stray
Alone, though thousand pilgrims fill the way;
While these a thousand kindred wreaths entwine,
I cannot call one single blossom mine:
What then remains? in solitude to groan,
To mix in friendship, or to sigh alone?
Thus, must I cling to some endearing hand,
And none more dear, than IDA’S social band.

  Alonzo! best and dearest of my friends,
Thy name ennobles him, who thus commends:
From this fond tribute thou canst gain no praise;
The praise is his, who now that tribute pays.
Oh! in the promise of thy early youth,
If Hope anticipate the words of Truth!
Some loftier bard shall sing thy glorious name,
To build his own, upon thy deathless fame:
Friend of my heart, and foremost of the list
Of those with whom I lived supremely blest;
Oft have we drain’d the font of ancient lore,
Though drinking deeply, thirsting still the more;
Yet, when Confinement’s lingering hour was done,
Our sports, our studies, and our souls were one:
Together we impell’d the flying ball,
Together waited in our tutor’s hall;
Together join’d in cricket’s manly toil,
Or shar’d the produce of the river’s spoil;
Or plunging from the green declining shore,
Our pliant limbs the buoyant billows bore:
In every element, unchang’d, the same,
All, all that brothers should be, but the name.

  Nor, yet, are you forgot, my jocund Boy!
DAVUS, the harbinger of childish joy;
For ever foremost in the ranks of fun,
The laughing herald of the harmless pun;
Yet, with a breast of such materials made,
Anxious to please, of pleasing half afraid;
Candid and liberal, with a heart of steel
In Danger’s path, though not untaught to feel.
Still, I remember, in the factious strife,
The rustic’s musket aim’d against my life:
High pois’d in air the massy weapon hung,
A cry of horror burst from every tongue:
Whilst I, in combat with another foe,
Fought on, unconscious of th’ impending blow;
Your arm, brave Boy, arrested his career—
Forward you sprung, insensible to fear;
Disarm’d, and baffled by your conquering hand,
The grovelling Savage roll’d upon the sand:
An act like this, can simple thanks repay?
Or all the labours of a grateful lay?
Oh no! whene’er my breast forgets the deed,
That instant, DAVUS, it deserves to bleed.

  LYCUS! on me thy claims are justly great:
Thy milder virtues could my Muse relate,
To thee, alone, unrivall’d, would belong
The feeble efforts of my lengthen’d song.
Well canst thou boast, to lead in senates fit,
A Spartan firmness, with Athenian wit:
Though yet, in embryo, these perfections shine,
LYCUS! thy father’s fame will soon be thine.
Where Learning nurtures the superior mind,
What may we hope, from genius thus refin’d;
When Time, at length, matures thy growing years,
How wilt thou tower, above thy fellow peers!
Prudence and sense, a spirit bold and free,
With Honour’s soul, united beam in thee.

Shall fair EURYALUS, pass by unsung?
From ancient lineage, not unworthy, sprung:
What, though one sad dissension bade us part,
That name is yet embalm’d within my heart,
Yet, at the mention, does that heart rebound,
And palpitate, responsive to the sound;
Envy dissolved our ties, and not our will:
We once were friends,—I’ll think, we are so still.
A form unmatch’d in Nature’s partial mould,
A heart untainted, we, in thee, behold:
Yet, not the Senate’s thunder thou shall wield,
Nor seek for glory, in the tented field:
To minds of ruder texture, these be given—
Thy soul shall nearer soar its native heaven.
Haply, in polish’d courts might be thy seat,
But, that thy tongue could never forge deceit:
The courtier’s supple bow, and sneering smile,
The flow of compliment, the slippery wile,
Would make that breast, with indignation, burn,
And, all the glittering snares, to tempt thee, spurn.
Domestic happiness will stamp thy fate;
Sacred to love, unclouded e’er by hate;
The world admire thee, and thy friends adore;—
Ambition’s slave, alone, would toil for more.

  Now last, but nearest, of the social band,
See honest, open, generous CLEON stand;
With scarce one speck, to cloud the pleasing scene,
No vice degrades that purest soul serene.
On the same day, our studious race begun,
On the same day, our studious race was run;
Thus, side by side, we pass’d our first career,
Thus, side by side, we strove for many a year:
At last, concluded our scholastic life,
We neither conquer’d in the classic strife:
As Speakers, each supports an equal name,
And crowds allow to both a partial fame:
To soothe a youthful Rival’s early pride,
Though Cleon’s candour would the palm divide,
Yet Candour’s self compels me now to own,
Justice awards it to my Friend alone.

  Oh! Friends regretted, Scenes for ever dear,
Remembrance hails you with her warmest tear!
Drooping, she bends o’er pensive Fancy’s urn,
To trace the hours, which never can return;
Yet, with the retrospection loves to dwell,
And soothe the sorrows of her last farewell!
Yet greets the triumph of my boyish mind,
As infant laurels round my head were twin’d;
When PROBUS’ praise repaid my lyric song,
Or plac’d me higher in the studious throng;
Or when my first harangue receiv’d applause,
His sage instruction the primeval cause,
What gratitude, to him, my soul possest,
While hope of dawning honours fill’d my breast!
For all my humble fame, to him alone,
The praise is due, who made that fame my own.
Oh! could I soar above these feeble lays,
These young effusions of my early days,
To him my Muse her noblest strain would give,
The song might perish, but the theme might live.
Yet, why for him the needless verse essay?
His honour’d name requires no vain display:
By every son of grateful IDA blest,
It finds an ech
Yogeshwar Sharma Sep 2010
I asked you for friendship, you said no
What was the reason do let me know.

Please don't hold any grudge against me
I am not just another person in the crowd for free

Inside I felt my heart was made of gold
But you made me feel its only cold.

I thought friendship was meant to give shelter
But in real life its only a heart melting smelter

I felt I could  talk to you withour any fear
But when you said no I couldn't see anything clear.

Will my fresh wounds heal?
Cause I don't have left anything to feel!!!!

I wanted to feel friendship in real life
But today I realized its a thing of disguise.

I have accepted your no as your final answer
I don't know how to cope up with this disaster
I know I am only left with LAUGHTER!!!!
The poem basically deals with the hurt of a denied friendship!!!!!!!

Please its a self composed poem DO NOT COPY THIS!!!!!

I spent many sleepless nights 2 complete this
Keith Wilson Dec 2015
friendship  buds  and  blossoms.
just  like  a  summer  rose.
friendship  brings  an  abundance.
of  happiness  and  joy.
friendship  cant  be  stored  away.
with  being  shared  it  grows.
friendship  is  sustaining  .
as  autumne  leaves  do  fall.
nurse  that  friendship  gently.
its  worth  its  weight  in  gold.
keith Wilson 2015
Harriet Shea Oct 2018
A lasting friendship
between you and me
a friendship I never
take for granted.

A lasting friendship
to the end, a friendship
always want, to make
me smile each day.

If sorrow comes, and tears
must fall, I'll always be
with you my friend to
the end.

If happiness we shall find
may we share it among
the ones we love, we are
never alone being friends
the way we are to this
very day.

Like each flower that blooms
and noticed, for it's beauty
so is our friendship that
will never die.

(Dedicated to my best friend I have known
since I been three years old) Were 78

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Adam Childs Mar 2014
Bruised and battered a friendship
Sometimes hangs by a tiny thread
As we came to the edge
Urged on , by all , but our own souls
We stop for friendship sake
Staring at the rocks of death below
We walked the cliff edge black
Hearts pounding like stampeding rhino
Charging our very path
Dragons of fear circle over head
Breathing fire over all
Pride clamors for higher ground
Standing tall and righteous
We fly high in the sky
Preying like vultures
Search for every fault

Feeling lost and alone
We seek the lower land
With pastures lush and green
And soil deep and rich
Where horses softly munch
Teaching us their gentle ways
For the loss of a friend
Can be to much to bear
In this already harsh world
Weighing like lead on our back

Like the captain of our own ship
We cling to the end
As our world sinks from under us
Breaking boards and smashing masts
Many splinter blind our eyes
As we float together in darkness
Waiting , for the storm to pass
Then the great sewer grabs our very souls
And throws us to the earth
Braking our ego shells
With troubles of our time
And sew new friendship
To be born anew

As only the friendship
Which has great strength
The power to endure many deaths
That see through much lashing pain
Can ever earn its name
For friendship forged in great heat
Will find itself sealed to the eternal time
I wrote this about a year ago after falling out and then gradually making up with a friend it was largely about boundary issues.
Aysha Ahmed Jun 2014
I considered you
As my sister.
I knew love
Through our friendship

I laughed with you
Cried with you
Stayed awake all night with you.

Your addictions died hard
I was there when you needed me
I made sure you got help
And we got through it together.

You called yourself my twin
But can you tell me,
Does one twin,
Betray the other?

I told you everything
Let you climb the solid wall
I'd built so high.

I thought you could never hurt me
I thought you'd never betray me.
I thought I could trust you
Coz of every sweet word you said to me.

Now I know,
Where your loyalties lie.
You pushed me aside,
A huge part of me died.

But that's just fine,
You carry on saying things
Saying I'm a ****
Behind my back.

You can carry on calling me
All the names under the sun.
To hell with your friendship.
I'm done!
Rebuilding my bulletproof wall again n nobody will be able to climb it again, I'm barbed wiring that ****...
Dev A Jan 2012
if you're my friend
then why do you never listen?
if you're my friend,
then shouldn't you care that i'm hurting?

i thought we were friends
because i have always been there for you.
i thought we were friends
because i stood up for you.

if you're my friend
then why do you always talk over me then laugh when somebody else says the same thing
if you're my friend
then shouldn't you at least pretend to care that this is the way i am?

i thought we were friends
because we did almost everything together.
i thought we were friends
because i showed up to your dance recitals.

this is not a real friendship!
this is only one-sided.
can a friendship even be one-sided?
can i ever just walk away?

the day that you realize
how much of my hurting comes from you
is the day
that it will be much too late.

friendship is both people caring
both people listening.
friendship is both people being there
both people taking away the pain, not causing it.

what we are
is not friends.
it's time to say good-bye
so good-bye, it was nice to know you
preservationman Mar 2016
An Airline we want you to boost
We travel coast to coast
We are not an Airlines being most
It’s friendship in the skies
Our Flight Attendants are the ones who advise
We extend our serious welcome even at the flight’s end
Friendship Airlines is about bringing passengers together
We are not like our other airlines competitors being the other
From the minute you sit in your seat
Your seat also elevates your feet
It’s that take off from the runway
Knowing that you are on vacation and you need our getaway
Our packages will add to your stay
Then it is within flight hours of your arrival
We care about the passengers we serve
It’s quality service that all our passengers deserve
Fly Friendship Airlines with the logo handshake way
It will be pure satisfaction in what you will say
Friendship Airlines being your friendly tip
There will be times when the plane might dip
Just remember our Pilots will be in control
Our friendly skies with a look of behold.
Suzy Hazelwood Nov 2014
I don’t need a Romeo or Casanova.  If I need anyone, then I need someone who I can talk to.  Someone to share real life.   Someone who’s present, here, and not over there.  Someone who can be honest with me, and I with them.  Someone who’s got words worth listening to.  Someone, who’s interested in what I have to say.

Is it too much to ask for friendship first?  Does that sound unrealistic or old fashioned?  And why does the expectation of new relationships have to start out like a **** movie?  Why can’t men be friends with women instead of wanting pieces of their body first?  I’m a person, with feelings, hopes and plans, not an item of lust.

Why do women fall in the trap of wanting to find a man who'll provide everything, make them happier than they've ever been before?   A man like that can't be found.  A man is human, not a mystic angel.  He doesn’t exist to make a woman find happiness.

On the day she finds he contains no magic to elevate her emotions into happy ever after, and he discovers she not got much to lust for, the only thing left will be - friendship.  So what is left if friendship can't be found?  

If love can grow from a friend, and lust grow from love - then I might be interested.  Friendship is what matters, anything less, can go to hell...
Tea Feb 2012
superhero holding friendship

I admire, I spectate , I watch and learn and notes I take
On a thunderous beauty, on this breath taking sight
Quivering breath at a mountains height
Those close around I fear they might drown
Terrified of what’s making change
Terror stricken, I flip through pages
that would never be re-written, never changed

I’m waiting for struggle, for flailing arm
for loneliness , peoples pulling up guards
Fences that we build and view as our shields
Just a horrible thing ,that wont let me in
Misunderstanding transforming
Now it’s a black mask of confusion, dooming

I panic at thought spinning around
Head is to full ,I feel for the ground
Darkness threatening my light life
I gasp for friendship and understanding
Then you flew in with a quiet landing
Tiptoeing around you lift me off the damp dirt
Wiping the darkness of my clean world

A new view of refuge, I need and needed you
Just a boy with good intention
Transformed into a superhero holding friendship.
Together walking side by side
we sort through what’s wrong and right
We plan a way to save the drowning
Climb fences and break through walls
Tear down others guards
I walk a walk , no longer alone in the dark.
I have you.thank all that is good
We stand were I stood
I love you
Are you a friend?
A wolf
A ****** sucker?
Your aim my money,
Your happiness,
When you get me well off
You kiss me tight
When everything is right
You say honey
When in my wallet is money
You say hi
When you think I'm high
Just get to know
That my heart is No
More a joke!
My mind You choke
You always leave it bleeding
I now go weeding,
All the suckers
All the parasites
All the untrue friends
The cheats
The liars
Are up rooted
I am now new
I am genuine
Faithful to myself
In need
Of a true
Self coexisting
And a mutual benefiting friendship!
Defined by true love,
Love unconditional
Who,who can still lead a tiresome life?
For my case,enough is enough
Let the flow of wealth surround me
Fill my heart with love and peace
Let the energy more freely
Flow through me and never cease

Flow with vibrant love and wisdom
Flow with all I ever need
Flow with harmony and friendship
Flow til I feel ever free

Let the sounds of wealth keep ringing
Let my words run clean and strong
Let my cells rejoice in singing
With this happy wealthy song

Flow with vibrant love and wisdom
Flow with all I ever need
Flow with harmony and friendship
Flow til I feel ever free

Let the streams of wealth flow to me
Let me share this flow with you
Let my mind see ever clearly
All the tasks which I can do

Flow with vibrant love and wisdom
Flow with all I ever need
Flow with harmony and friendship
Flow til I feel ever free

Let the feel of wealth stay near me
Give me confidence to dream
Let me resonate so dearly
With God's never ending stream

Flow with vibrant love and wisdom
Flow with all I ever need
Flow with harmony and friendship
Flow til I feel ever free

Let the truth of wealth fulfill me
As I seek the higher way
Sharing love with friends and family
Counting blessings every day

Flow with vibrant love and wisdom
Flow with all I ever need
Flow with harmony and friendship
Flow til I feel ever free
This is Prosperity Poem 25 at and you can see it displayed on a background here
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I sing this one every day, and knew I wanted to improve some lines.  So I made some changes and added a new stanza.

So it's one of my longest poems, and dear to my heart. The part in the middle about my cells singing - always gives me a boost.  I really believe it's contributed to my health as well as my wealth.

— The End —