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Ain't writing for money yet jobless !
Writing for free then people eat from the thought,
Listening to musing rooted to the writing that paid no cent!
they said,
like they have said...
and the word shall stay ,
time and tide wait for no man!
should I die of hunger?
as I age ,
and the poverty strikes;as not to me the lone walker
,the stalled thinker,
should I?
should I for real?!
no I should do something ,
soothing like a mama's lullaby,
not as to sleep but to awake my dead emotions,
to castrate the vast and angry disease should die!
it should die!
When your guts hold no more ,
When it holds no more,
When tired of the change,
Accept the situation and stop the agitation!
A drunk man who is sane,
Like insane talks,
Truth as bitter herbs...
More when the concerned cries,
In all futile efforts,
Can't stop him ,but in appreciation,
Better bitter truth!
Saw it happen....
All that live shall die.
I am not absent,
But I am silent.
I say this because silence is not absence.
This that day I needed.
Lazy but must win
Big money I need!
Just to fill the loopholes ,
That kinda debt
Which has for days
Aggitated my living !
I need money for real.
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