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The dreams i just dream
Are enough to change everybody in the world.
Just now i had a funny one,
I luckily won 1000000 dollars in a casino,
And i am busy buying and selling,
No wonder i havent wrote today.
Day dreaming has become my habbit of late.
I should buy your idea,
All of my own have failed me.
Kindly accept my plea.
Save me,think for me!
This is true....not just a writing!
The wise use their wits to solve their issues,
For this reason they excell.
They never mistake!
Please try to be wise!
Hope has power.
It revives dying goals!
That is why I rose to write again!
If it's love you need,
Have it.
If it's my life,
You won't!
If it's money,
I haven't got.
Heed my advice girl,
Take it all,
But never giggle at me for a joke!!
True is true,
Never false!
I'm always true
A thousand words may mean a single thing,
Or it's otherwise!
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