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a jobless lad sited waiting for a meal,
loud he thinks
''what a living is this;
sort of a disgrace i am,
my grades and past life expectations were these?''
seriously he studied ,hoping a future,
he  struggled and went without meals at times,
but to his disbelief in the future he saw as bright,
there was no meal!
he is still seated waiting for his dream to come pass,
perhaps his dish,
and something for the child!
life is a lie
Heavens know who I was to be!
And I am
Money is important.
        But is like nothing
               To happiness. ...
I love you poets
You loved me...
Your love was the shortest,
Though my longest this far!
4 years 1 kiss,
One se3
I haven't belived to today.
Yvne my most loved queen!
I valued your love!
I cannot denied but I loved you!
Come to this once before you die!
I won't die till you read!
Real story!
Hate it or like it I know you hate my lines,
So beautifully penned but your hatred can't allow you to read 'em
Meaningful and worthy but you can't stop to read 'em,
I know you secretly admire them,but your bragging can't allow you express yourself,
So wise ,you think?
You already read this.
Thank you
Ain't writing for money yet jobless !
Writing for free then people eat from the thought,
Listening to musing rooted to the writing that paid no cent!
they said,
like they have said...
and the word shall stay ,
time and tide wait for no man!
should I die of hunger?
as I age ,
and the poverty strikes;as not to me the lone walker
,the stalled thinker,
should I?
should I for real?!
no I should do something ,
soothing like a mama's lullaby,
not as to sleep but to awake my dead emotions,
to castrate the vast and angry disease should die!
it should die!
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