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Keith Wilson Mar 30
British Summer Time

British summer time has begun
Clock’s gone forward forward one hour
It’s supposed to create more daylight
They won’t have to go to school in the dark
I remember during the second world war
putting them forward two hours
I keep one clock on the old time
and one on the new
and go by the sun
Keith Wilson Mar 9
The birds are flocking together
looking for a mate wherever
looking to build nests
then they can sit and rest
Soon they will have new chicks
then they’ll be chuffed to bits
Soon the chicks will fly away
and will be saying a goodbye to go to stay
It’s the same for us humans, you see
our families grow up and flee
Keith Wilson Feb 11
Is it a jumble of words
or a Haiku?
It could be a villanelle
or just plain verse
Perhaps it’s a ten-word poem
or a short short
It could be a short story
or the start of a novel
Does it have to rhyme?
poetry seems very popular
for reader and writer

Keith Wilson Dec 2020
The storm was raging
Unsubtle changes!
The circumference of the area
was lit up by lightning
flashing down
in the blink of an eye.
All the birds were clustered together
It was quite scary
Keith Wilson Dec 2020
The neighbours were organizing a street party
right in the middle
of Covid 19
Their closeness took my breath away
and my skin crawled
I had a word with one of them
but they were acting strange
forming a triangle across the street
I finally left
and went back indoors
Keith Wilson Nov 2020
After going to the store for some greens
I took a walk up Farlton Knot
I needed a guide
The sky was was  a bright red flame colour
Probably some rain on the way
I didn’t stay long
I came down
and made my way home
Keith Wilson Nov 2020
Dark days, it’s never light
I have the lights on all day
Night is starting to close in at four pm
At least it’s a quiet time of year
Nothing is stirring
Typical November
No sun, no moon, no stars
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