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I read in the paper
about this animal
into purple flames
in a movie
Wet ground yesterday
Heavy downpour late last night
Dryer this morning
Keith Wilson Oct 4
The tree was eroding
a full length of wood
I had a cup of tea
and listened
to some lyrics
Keith Wilson Oct 4
The sky is very dark
It's going to rain today
Blustery sharp wind
Keith Wilson Oct 4
It's a wettish day
The flowers are dashed to pieces
A cold wind also
Keith Wilson Sep 27
It's absurd!

They isolated me
at the coffee morning

I had a vision
of everything going wrong

I didn't say a word
Keith Wilson Sep 27
John the postman
is a cheerful chap
he once hurt his back

He brings the mail
dead on time
whether it's wet
or whether it's fine

He trundles along
in his little red van
and he's always there
to help if he can
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