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Spring is on its way
Be blessed for another day
Keith Wilson Feb 8
But why are we here on this earth
so full of greed
and money mad
Constant rumours of war
seem to keep things quiet
but I suppose
we'll put up with it
because there's never no solution
Keith Wilson Feb 8
Everyone sat quiet
around the table
about death
or whatever
Keith Wilson Feb 1
Surgery soon they say
Will I have to pay?
Been paying for a lifetime
to live another day
Could be next month or later
Eighteen weeks or less
they say
Keith Wilson Feb 1
Quite a lot of snow this week
dressing the trees
in lovely fashion
like an old Christmas card
Birds seem to be struggling a bit
in the harsh weather
The winter life of a bird
is hard
Keith Wilson Jan 25
Solid leather ball
heavy when wet
muddy pitches
unlke today's perfect grass
I played goalkeeper
got knocked out a few times
when charged
Not allowed now
Considered barbaric
Keith Wilson Jan 25
One thing about snow
It makes everyone's garden
clean and tidy
it's been cultivated or not
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