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Ashtyn Lucas May 7
True friendship is laughing when your friend falls before helping them up
True friendship is being allowed to criticize your friend for how they dress, but
        as soon as someone else does, you love their outfit
True friendship is knowing everything about each other (even the ***** details)
True friendship is missing them even before they're gone
True friendship is always being there, no matter what
True friendship is keeping each other in check
True friendship is understanding where you're boundaries are but pushing
        them just slightly with the goal of ******* them off
True friendship is knowing each other's emotions so well
True friendship is being able to guess what the other is going to say
True friendship is:
                    and eXtraordinary
Love you Max, and I hope this made you smile.
Alvira Perdita Mar 2016
all those promises of forever,
and the words whispered.
the shared secrets, the glances,
the looks when we knew what
the other was thinking.

the days spent pretending
that the rest of the world didn't
exist and the nights of talking.
the mornings of tired silence,
the random texts that were only
half a thought, and the brokenness
that we share but refuse to acknowledge
childhood bestie.
In Loving Memory
Joseph Wulf

Tonight my friend could not
breathe. Lungs ravaged from
long ago. Served our country as a
young man. Shoulders, hip n' leg
bones broke by the jungles below.

A Harley Man through
and through.
JFD's became his Corps.
Never wavered in his allegiance
to his country or his force.

One of the smartest men
I have ever known.
Could recite passages from
long ago. Abreast of topics
from far and wide
a history buff so knowlegable.

A brother to many, a father to one.
Devoted to all he loved.
A truer friend could not be had
So very popular he was!!

Joe was my protector,
as I was a wild young thing.
Was my confidant and
chaperone starting at just 17.

Accompanied first date with
my husband 30 years ago.
Gave his blessings that first night~
To my children he was Uncle Joe.

The older brother I never had.
Blessed to love him 40 years.
My whole being trembles at the
thought of losing him.
I weave Love between these tears.

~Christi Michaels~April 2015~
Copyright © 2015 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved.

☆●♡●☆  Ode to Joe  ☆●♡●☆
This poem was written upon Joe
entering Hospice in April 2015.
His sisters provided
Constant Vigil and Loving Care.
Joe passed on 8-15-2015
This was read at Joes Military Burial
Fort Snelling National Cemetery
Fort Snelling, Minnesota
Poem for My Joe

— The End —