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Joy Nteh Nov 2017
I have fallen in love with more than two people "Yeah I'm a fuvk girl like that" ****** FACE. Lol back to the main topic. I've had past lovers yeah, which includes you, I had happy times with them too. I reminisce about them too.
But when I'm alone, I only want to think about you. Cause no other Love was measureable to what we shared.
Something must have worked.
I need that too.


-**** I'm so high.
Joy Nteh Nov 2017
After getting so close to you and also getting to close to loosing you forever, I decided to redefine importance. While I was redefining importance, I got to understand how far friendship can stretch. After that, I came to a conclusion that friendship is a lot more greater than love.
Below I'm going to give some emphasis which I hope will make you understand.

Greedy: You get so absorbed in the moments you share with this person, you never want anyone else to share them, cause you're afraid his or her attention would be taken away from you.

Sharing: You understand that one of the basic principle in life is sharing, so even if you have breath taking moments, you allow others experience it as well cause you're sure friendship is enough to go round.

Has a limit: When people are in "In Love", if it's not meant to be, it eventually ends and this people turn from lovers to strangers. Then start referring to each other with past tense.

Knows no limit: When you are friends with a person, in all honesty there's no such thing as the end. Even if circumstances takes you far away, you see no point in becoming strangers. You just kick start where you left off, and in no time catching up is done. No heart breaks. No past tense.

Heartbreak: Because we only want our partners to ourself, or cause we feel like we've attained a certain point in love, then we have the right to be in the know of every situation going on in the other persons mind. Hence the heart break when a mistake is made.

Forgiveness: Because we don't wanna lose what we have, and we understand that we are human who have strengths and weaknesses, when a friend offends, we forgive, we don't see it as the end of the road cause in friendship, we understand forgiveness is a basic principle.

No boundaries: Love makes us think we are on soul, you are me, I am you, there should be nothing between us and these prompts us to be all up in each other's faces, never having  alone times, never doing what we enjoy even if our partners don't like it.
Love doesn't give room for secret hide outs. There's always crossing the boundary.

Boundaries: Friendship understands that we have our individual differences. Friendship knows when you to give you time to sulk, cause you need to heal. Friendship knows how to allow you enjoy your stupid snack even if the other friend doesn't like it. Friendship doesn't make you feel bad for having an opinion, instead it makes fun of it and you all laugh. Friendship understands signs and friendship will always come back for you even if you have a big head.

Jealous: Love gets jealous and causes heart break.

Doesn't give a ****: Friendship enjoys the moment with you and no one sees the point to be jealous.

Friendship is not common, but love is everywhere. When you find a friend, keep him or her cause if it slips off your hands, you might never get it back.
Love can be amazing if you have the attributes of a good friend.

You hardly find a two in one package. If you do, ****! You're lucky. If you don't, always remember
  Apr 2016 Joy Nteh
I want you to know that I wasn’t in love with you, hell I didn’t even really like you. And I say this because when you truly like someone it’s because you know their favourite song and their favourite food and you know what they think about at 3am when they can’t sleep.

When you truly like someone your conversations go past “how was your weekend?” When you truly like someone, you like them because you know them. But I didn’t know you and after all this time I finally realized that I wasn’t in love with you. I was in love with the idea of being in love with you. I was in love with the idea of being yours. Why? I don’t know? Maybe it’s because you payed attention to me.

Maybe it’s because you complimented me and called me babe. Maybe it’s because you scared the living hell out of me and maybe it’s because when I was in your arms I felt safe. I don’t know why I was so obsessed with loving you.

But I do know that even though I didn’t love you, it still feels like you ripped out my heart when you told me you didn’t love me.
  Apr 2016 Joy Nteh
You were in my dreams again last night, your lips were sweet and your eyes were bright.

You looked at me, my eyes were sad, you were whispering that life without me had driven you mad.

Our lips were touching, but it was barely a kiss. My voice was trembling, spilling all the things about you I’d missed.

Your touch was warm, your hold was strong, the smell of your skin reminded me of what’s been gone for so long.

You could see the pain you left inside of me, but last night, in my dream, you retaught me how to breathe.

We danced for hours, our laughter growing loud, and when you pulled me back in, you twirled me around.

We created a world, only we could see. Full of memories, and forgiveness, and “let’s start again”s.

Your words were spinning illusions in my head, letting me believe things that were never said.

Like the countless times those words “I love you” stuck on my tongue.

But it was all just a dream
  Apr 2016 Joy Nteh
Back then you were the only thing that made me happy,
We hung out,
Snuck around,
It was some sorta sixties love kinda thing,
Then one day. ****. It was gone.
It ceased to ever exist again.
I still miss you.
But you're happy with someone else now.
I have a new guy in my life.
Just know I will always see you.
In Him.
Joy Nteh Mar 2015
Oh, liberation,
comes in whatever form to save me
I am burdened,
and then the whisper comes
You whisper in the breeze

Whispers that I'm needing
Quiet words,
soothe the hurt,whisperer
soothing words
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