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Ria Nagpal Dec 2014
a tiny fire engulfs my brain
my innate superpowers
lost across the synapses
away from the lethal electricity

"embrace me, embrace my beat"
my heart dawdles forth to my rescue
not my physical self
but my tiny wishes
it can't see my veins sob
bright red blood
bright red cheeks
                                                          Is that what it wants
its esoteric enigma is a heartfelt fantasy
"be practical, are you in your right mind?"
what's right, what's wrong
I'm aloof

brain is my roof
and my heart is my window
through which i will escape
stealing my mind and soul

mock me lampoon me
my footsteps will answer you
santa awaits my wishlist
                                              merry christmas.
Ria Nagpal Dec 2013
Why did the world have to evolve...
So much that I fail to hear the echoes of the past.
It feels as if someone has pulled me through a time vortex
And that those blissful days are not very far

Why did the world have to be so curious
About gravity and magnetism
That now success is lost
As the population increases
It's harder for my dreams to come true
For anyone's dreams to come true.

Why did I have to grow up
Why did I have to be born in this era
Why not in those times...
When the morning began with family and ended with family
And not with work and with work

Why has everyone lost their innocence
As popular culture takes a terrifying turn
Do I have to change?
Do you really think a "Be Yourself" exists anymore?
How long have you been in this illusion?
How long have I been in this illusion?

I can't say "It's never too late"
Because it already is.
Do you think we have to trap ourselves in this false realm
And believe that everything would be alright?

We cannot turn back...
Ria Nagpal Oct 2013
As stunning as the star-studded skies,
Her smile beaming across the velvety nights........
powerful sixth sense
allures me
and warns me
my protector.

her forte
her art
as sly as a detective
walks the grid to success

a companion, a comrade
hears me out
very unlike
those                                                     ­                                                                 ­                      whom have me last on their priority list.

enrapturing me since the day she entitled my friendship
I was an untitled document, an unknown result in an ultramodern institution
a two-way street
now a one-way road.
for making this untitled document titled
and typing some happy into her first page of a new edition.
Ria Nagpal Jul 2013
All through happy moments and affection,
You brought this little girl up,
Capturing video clips of me using that video camera,
Crawling around the room,
Messing just about dozens of tissues,
As well as laughing at me every time I cried.
Whenever you lead me to the playground,
Mama suggested that you show me how one can ascend those nets,
But yet I fumbled and ignored,
And you helped bring me down,
Exactly where I was at ease.
Simply because you believed I would certainly learn sooner or later.
Once I were on the verge of spoiling the home phone,
By tossing and smashing it on the flooring,
You merely stared and bore the nuisance,
And didn't hinder me,
Simply because you believed I would certainly learn from the repercussions.
You showed me to embrace my faults as well as my strengths.
You drilled in me me how to be a strong girl,
To not moan when in pain,
Although you do so too...
But heal every wound and proceed to the next round of life,
You will always stand by my side,
Dream what I dream,
Watch what I watch,
Listen to what I listen,
You were, and still are, the best father any little girl could ever wish for.
Thank you for all the gifts you've given me, the best of which is you.
Happy Birthday to the perfect Papa I know!
Ria Nagpal Jul 2013
All day long...*
We await the trickles of drizzle to chuck out the sizzle
So we can relax to the max!
With chips we sip
Hot coffee and save a toffee
For Daddy and Teddy
Drip! Drip! Drip!
Be careful not to trip!
It's all slippery and trickery!
O! Rain! Rain! Rain!
Wash away all our pain!
Ria Nagpal Jun 2013
Zeus was the king of gods,
The god of sky and weather,
Law, order and fate.
A regal man,
Sturdy figure,
                      Dark beard..
Royal sceptre,
O, how can I ever forget his passion for his Lightning Bolt,
No one dare touch?
Then again,
                                                                ­                                              I seek..
the power of lightning.
the cackle of thunder.
the massive electrostatic discharge.
                                                      ­    AWAKENS MY SENSES
For years I have longed..
For your beloved bolt
But when I accepted that it could not be mine
And shall stand faithfully by your side..
M Y W A N D E R I N G S ended..fullstop
Another bolt greeted me...
No intention had I of embracing a new love...
For your bolt has been sown to my heart..
Sealed forever..
The keys are lost in my crimson pool of despair..
No one shall ever find it.
You have ruined the recesses of my heart.
                                                          ­                                                       But, let me tell you something.
the key was unearthed.
found by true love.
brought a sparkle in my eyes
a glimmer in my sunshine
a power arose that beat                                                   *the daylight out of..

dark and daunting thoughts.
I beamed that 1000-watt smile once again.
Thank you Mr. Lighting Bolt of Hello Poetry
For when you turn yellow, the electrons in me sizzle..Feel the spark, Zeus?
Ria Nagpal Jun 2013
"Attention! Attention!"
"This is the final call for Space World Airlines flight SW406 direct to Earth. Could all passengers for this flight proceed immediately to Martian Lounge 3. Thank you for your kind attention and we hope you have a safe flight. You will be missed!"

Seven months later...

So I inhabit the quaint hamlet of Earth,
Whose streets I have wandered,
Breathed their oxygen,
Felt their dirt and grime in my skin.

**** sapiens are pitiful organisms
Which are plagued by deficiencies in bottle green pigment.
They are just plain nonsensical and silly
With a passion for rather outlandish hairstyles.
All of us have zero wild hair from where I originate from..
Possessing formidable odours,
Mysterious in their temperaments,
Endless bickering and ticked-off outbursts,
Endeavours to implement their godly theories,
404 Not Found Error.

The females bear a gadget
Identified as a handbag
It ought to be alive
Since it is secured around their necks
And is clutched solidly.
In the event that others investigate
I presume these others desire to set it free.

They must absolutely have deplorable eyesight
As when a number of them are
Stepping down and up a street,
They have a tendency to head straight for each other.
Some of these humans occasionally bump
Into one another and they surprisingly
Accuse themselves and each of them apologises.
Mind-boggling, isn't it?

The majority of them seem to have one hand
Attached to the right or left side of their skull
And chatter to it..
How bizarrely ridiculous!

It really is crazy just how this planet is indeed so gigantic,
And features such an abundance of land,
But yet most of these pathetic creatures,
Will never grant you any without money.
Of course, this is obviously a bit of paper!
You will discover an awful lot food everywhere,
But nevertheless countless **** sapiens go hungry;
Thanks to the worship of this outrageous paper..
They don't permit these flying feathered beings
To ascend the heavens,
Shooting them down nutty humans,
To make shoes and boots and mittens!
They cut down all the big trees,
To construct infinitely more dwellings.

Tick tock, Tick tock..
Where is that mystical melody emanating from?
I felt so faint and dizzy..
That sound..
Then, I spotted a crystal face
With a pair of hands and eye ***** moving right and left
It seemed similar to a bomb and gazed ominously at me,
Did the inexplicable humans plan to eradicate the entire alien population?
Have you no mercy?
O, when shall my spaceship arrive,
And take me away from this perilous planet?

I'm merely a martian exploring this space,
So absurd, so preposterous
Do visit us one day, we will greet you hopeless humans,
And reveal to you the splendid planet we reside in.
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