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MinionX Mar 2015
There is a treasure, you may go scrapping,
You may go digging for perfection and crying,
Take whatever you have and make it reality,
You may sweat blood for a better future,
You are right, I won't discriminate nor rebel.

Stand up, stretch higher, you will get it,
It is there the whole time, just a little effort
Make your voice be heard, be a leader,
Don't procrastinate, shatter the silence
And you shall create your heaven on beautiful Earth.

It is your effort that will count,
It is your life that will sparkle,
They were and will always be wrong about you,
Life is like a dream so they will realize it,
It is your failure that will be success.
MinionX Feb 2015
Friendship is male,
Friendship is female,
Friendship is love,
Friendship is support.

Make friendship a reality,
And you shall understand.
It is a dream that cannot be shaken,
It is dream that can never be awakened.

Practice power in friendship,
But do not practice power over friendship,
Win a true friendship, but do not fake the friendship.

Friendship ends with broken promises,
Friendship ends where trust melts,
Where time becomes unimportant,
But hold your hands together.

Make the dark, light,
Make the cry, laugh,
Make the heart, love,
Make the friendship spring, like roses.
MinionX Jan 2015
I am confident,
I hold self- respect,
I don't judge the life others live,
Being me is the most amazing thing ever,
I am the reason for my smile,
I am the reason for where I stand today,
Some cry to be me,
Some even die to be me.

Look, I'm straight- forward,
Life is like a bicycle,
To keep balanced you need to keep going,
I don't live to impress,
I don't live to be in distress,
I know I am not perfect,
And I don't live to be,
Watch at the life you are living,
Then judge mine.

By: Chameli Dhaniram
MinionX Jan 2015
This is me, my determined self,
For my tongue is my poison,
For my words are my arrows,
My eyes are my vision,
And my life is my mission.
To complete, I must fulfill,
Nothing is difficult once you are strong.

I can't see my fate,
But I can make it the best because it's never too late,
I have no unlocked mystery of my destiny,
I shall fear no death, for death should fear me,
My present is the key to my future,
For I am the survivor of the night,
I am the pilot of my life.

By: Chameli Dhaniram
MinionX Jan 2015
Here I am,
The inside burning,
The heart drumming,
The blood running,
My eyes glowing.
Meet my thunder laughter,
But do not hear me cry after.

Startling, my hands are cold as ice,
Sitting here, hear me breathe,
Meet my smile, hear my cry,
Being my brave self,
Not even worst the fire can melt,
This is the courageous human,
That you can be!

By: Chameli Dhaniram
MinionX Jan 2015
Walk through the rain if there is no sun,
Be careful of your steps, rocks are everywhere,
Life is a challenge, but do not cry
Do what you can today but do not lie,
Be awaken and try!

Success is there, you can all get it,
You can be the leader of today,
A little effort in your actions,
Smile and walk through sorrows,
Be awaken and try!

By: Chameli Dhaniram

— The End —