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Michelle Mar 2015
All around me, I see endless fear.
Fear of heights, sure, fear of scuttling things
Fear of darkness, fear of bites
Fear of brightness, fear of fights.
This is the fear we can display
Because it’s little, simple, understandable.
But the fear I really fear
That we all let consume us
Is deeper,
It’s the fear of friendship, fear of love,
Fear of what’s ahead of us
But even more of what’s behind us
Fear to see what’s really beyond
The faces we all fake.
Fear of the unknowable
Fear of what we know
Fear of speaking out or up or for
Fear of conforming to something more
Fear to test the limits
Fear to taste the truth
Fear of what’s uncomfortable
Rather than the deception of comfort
Fear of what to do
Fear of striving for perfection
When perfection’s so unattainable.
Fear of to leave what has been known
Fear of what has been done
Fear to see past fabrication,
Fear to show the truth.
I’m talking fear of emotion
Or fear of not feeling enough
Fear of silence, but worse,
The fear of candid words.
Fear to look someone in the eye
And say, “I know you,
And I care for you.”
Fear to let someone see the darkness that comes with your light
Fear of rebelling though it’s time someone did
Fear of doing what you want and know
Because of what someone told you you should
Fear of being who you are
Because every day everyone is telling you
What to do and who to be
And what is acceptable
And what is not.
I’m talking fear of having an opinion
Because someone will shoot it down
Fear of defense or service or selflessness
Because someone won’t approve.
Fear to accept because of fear of acceptance
Fear to truly love someone
Because it’s risky,
And you never know
What someone else really feels.
I cry for the fear of
Every person who can’t be
Who they are and who can’t
Let people see them in their entirety
Because after all everyone urges
And persuades and demands and values
And idolizes and expects,
You don’t even know yourself,
Because you've been too busy
With trying to be so many different
“Someone Else"s.

I ache for this relentless fear.
I mourn the stagnancy of the condition
Of the human soul who is so afraid
To let go of fear
And BE somebody,
To do something or say something, or simply believe,
That the only thing they truly trust
Is the familiarity
Of fear itself.
That’s why fear is frightening
That’s why we should be afraid of fear
Because it stops us, cages us,
Bars us behind the façade we display
And muffles the words of our heart.

I see these things and wonder
Why can’t they change?
Why can’t this need to fear be erased
From the human condition?
And I realize it’s because everyone
Is afraid.

And I’m so afraid too.
Hello. I'm back again! This was a poem I did for a poetry slam contest at my school. It's intentionally rough and raw. It does little justice to the art of slam poetry, but spoken the way I did, it was sure relieving to get it off my chest. :)
  Jun 2014 Michelle
Daniel K
So I thought I would write a poem to tell you how much I miss you
It's a letter from my heart to yours
And I can sense the feeling
Rush from my head to my heart
Through my arm to the pen
To the page
You have not been gone too long
And you won't be gone much longer
But I can't stand a second without you

It's a funny thing you know
To feel the way I do
After all that we have been through
You still mean the world to me
I guess you always did
And you burst inside me
Like a thousand fireworks in my heart
Even after all this time
I reckon you mean more to me now than you did at the start
I still get that bubbling feeling
And your still always on my mind

I may have made a mistake or two
One bigger than them all
And guys really only get one chance with girls like you
And I have been blessed to get a second
But if you never let me go
I swear I will never let you down

Seeing is believing
And you are all I see
And when you begin to see your dreams
You must hold it with all your might
Michelle Jun 2014
The only perspective you let yourself see
From those mesmerizing eyes,
Is that you are utterly inadequate
And may as well not be
And a flurry of other black lies.

You think in the dark of the things you are not
And let them consume you whole,
You believe in your heart you're stupid
Guess what? You forgot
That I love every part of your soul.

You're stuck on depression and melancholy
And I try to help you out,
But there are those times of darkness
When my well-worn key
Is tossed aside as you take another route.

Look inward, love, at the things that are best
The things deep inside that make you
Who you are
Each of your special qualities scream to be noticed
And you need to find them
For yourself
Don't you dare change them
Because they are wonderful
Don't give up faith in yourself
Because I never will
Don't you dare think you are nothing
Because you are my everything

.... You've shrouded yourself in darkness
And you believe that's all you are.
But I see your light.
Sometimes I just want to tell you words that will pierce you to the very core so you would never forget them. But then, I realize that you may take them differently than I meant them. Forgive me.
Michelle Jun 2014
Today I planted to heart's satisfaction
The flowers that will soon illuminate
The beauty of our garden
And I couldn't help but wonder
If you would be able to see that glory
Because you can*t see the wonder
And special pulchritude
In yourself.
  May 2014 Michelle
Sam WG
You were my Electric Enigma
                                                 Before I even had a clue
                                       I tried to rig the riddle
                                                 But it led me right to you
Oh, what am I to do?

                                       The ivy vine of your intelligence
                                                 So intertwined in relevance
                                       Latched to the walls I'm leaping
                                                 Spreading further each time I'm sleeping

                                       Fictitious thoughts fermenting for a fortnight
                                                Avoidin­g a gaze on in foresight
                                       Steady steps approaching the haze
                                                Around a camp-fire light and a wild night daze
                                       Righteous rituals will lead the way
Hope ya like!
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