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Nobody Nov 2021
I felt the wind on my cheeks
It felt like a warm hug
It felt like your hug
Nobody Jan 2019
I want to be free
Free from an anger built inside me
Free from being sad for no reason
Free from being lonely when I shouldn't be
Free from caring what people may think or say
Free from feeling I don't belong anywhere
Free from the anchor that keeps pulling me down
I just want to be free
I want to live in peace
Nobody May 2018
Do you know that feeling when you start hating someone?
Not because they did something terrible to you
It's just their entire existence bothers you

Do you know that feeling when you see a cockroach?
That strong hatred and urge to **** them without a reason?

Now imagine you are that someone or that cockroach
The someone you cannot run away from
The someone you have to put up with
The cockroach you need take care of

Now tell me
How do you even begin to deal with that in every second of your entire existence and not wanting to end it all?
Nobody May 2018
People who want to stay
have to leave too soon

Yet people who want to leave
Are forced to stay for too long
Nobody Apr 2018
I don't know what it is
But I can feel it
I know it's flowing through my veins

It's been there
Who knows when

But I can feel it
I can feel it becoming part of me
A part I want to get rid of
But I don't how without draining
Every single drop of my blood
To make sure it's gone forever
Nobody Mar 2018
Do you know what scares me the most?
Falling deeply in love for the wrong person.
People say you'll never know until you try,
but the truth is,
you're not going to find out until it's too late.
You'll just end up having to deal with that unspeakable feeling he caused that you may never recover from in your entire existence.
Nobody Feb 2017
No matter how close your destination is,
You'll never get there if you are just standing still.
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