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Francie Lynch Mar 2018
"Hawking's dead?
That makes me the smartest guy alive!"
RIP Stephen Hawking
kha Nov 2018
kasalanan bang umibig,
nang walang hangganan?
hindi nagpipigil,
laging handang lumaban?

kasalanan bang umibig,
kahit batid na masasaktan?
paulit-ulit mang matalo,
lalaban hanggang sukdulan?

kasalanan bang umibig
at bigyan ka ng mga tula,
tingin mo'y nakakakilig -
kahit ang mga mata mo'y 'di ko pa nakikita?

kasalanan bang umibig,
kapag ikaw ang nagpapangiti sa bibig,
nakulayan ang bawat pintig
ng pusong naghahanap ng hilig?

kasalanan bang ang hilig
ay ikaw na tamang-tama?
boses mo'y nakakanginig,
kahit hindi ko pa naririnig.

kasalanan bang ang hilig
ay ikaw na perpekto.
tila ginawa ka ng Diyos
na hindi maaabot.

kasalanan bang ang hilig
ay makita ka nang harapan?
upang hindi lang sa panaginip
na ako'y nasasaktan.

kasalanan bang ang hilig
ang isipin na ikaw ay tama?
hanap-hanap ang iyong titig
na pananakit lang naman ang tema?
Nicola-Isobel H Sep 2016
Black Chrysler.

White Ferrari.

Loaded barrel.

Dark corner.

Back seat.

Trigger, trigger.


Unmade bed.

Bathroom floor.

Bang, bang.
©Nicola-Isobel H.         04.09.2016
Keshant Samaroo Oct 2018
With a bang
I felt the light
The stars you made
Sprouted life

Now we’re ice
Cold inside
Drifting apart
Like galaxies alike
Carter Ginter Aug 2015
This stress is a tide, sweeping over my body, consuming my lungs
Until I dream of cold metal and silver bullets, through and against my temples
Such a beautiful melody in the sound of escape, one shot is all it takes
A shot of ***** and a shot of metal
One used to numb my mind, the other will do so forever
The blood burns my throat, my reflection presses to let it all go
I down the bottle and its against the counter and broken in half with a slap
The soaking glass threatens my veins by slowly taunting my tearing skin
Enough, take the last shot, my demons scream
Muttered whispers ricochet against the tiled walls
As I apologize to my family and my friends while the ice dances beside my eye once more
I am not glorifying suicide nor am I threatening to take my life, poetry just allows my escape to occur without the consequences of reality
-Kaitlyn A. Warnken

'I try hard to block myself from sadness but it breaks free and gets to me.
The Bad things are shot at me like bullets and
With Me being the target, the hits make me sink so deep.
Sometimes as to were i don't think i could live to see another day.
While the world keeps revolving, i wish to keep myself from evolving this way.
So No matter what or how hard you say it, we both know things are never going to be okay.'
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2018
Dancing the billow in the sea
the cool one will show up
deep down from the deep
with the flute on the lips.

Listen to the flute!
The chorus clouds bang out
floating by the river blue,
they sing down the sky as they move.

The sun draws in
from the secret valley
ambling with the wonder light
as if it, the punter sun, in the sky
knew it, knows the flutist
rose from down the sea!

There is no stop in the solar disc.
Twirling around the inner music
every orb, every planet is a bee.

The waning and waxing Moon
in silhouette and at half-light
swings over the sea.

It all starts from the ground;
it was from our sea waterfront
Him the creative sweetheart in the midst
floated the leading light the bumblebee.
All the stars bubble in the galaxy
they know this ancient story!

Since then the brightest bulb
the sun in the solar ring  
leads the bunch’s mindful
butterfly dance on the way home.
Following the enduring haunting melody
of the pre-design command ‘qun’ be!
A poem from my upcoming book Qun: Love is Unconditional
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2018
On the very edge the living earth
dared to replicate Queen Fathima
The Queen of Heaven’s footstep.
That way is the destination de jour
graced by thousands of prophets of God!

In the name of Allah she descended
on the Night of the Ascending.
From the Night of Measures unlike the rest
none can enumerate it yet an unnumbered zone
in the perfect geometrised transcended location.  

The earth steps in the gap making way for her:
The only asymmetric golden ratio.
Slips out to the symmetric prophet flock!
Sequenced in symmetric phi she moves on
in the veil, reveals her unique divine relation,
the front burner for sure is ever closer to God!

So pretty she is the paragon work of art
the sunrise amidst the eternal night.
Her beauty in her shadow is burning fire.
She is 'Zahra' pure light the luminary dynamo
the only one woman had no shadow!

The great women flocked and mirrored the earth.
Treading across every atom on that angle
perfectly aligned down the Moon.
Until those beneath the skin atoms
bang, explode, on approaching the behemoth,
the vibration beneath Fathima’s foot!

The ocean billows up
floating on the clouds.
Choreographed like a little dew
hanging low on the rose.
Just to drop down on that hot spot
like a cool honey drop.

Even the Moon on the horizon
fancies to sip from this drop.
Ah, the lunar punter is rowing down.
The sleeping beauty wakes up
eyes are on the silver dance.
Eying on every star in the night
the Moon is floating down.
The seven seas sing out in the dark
bubbling with exuberant fireflies
that would gleefully rock the moonlight boat
over to the cup of this pretty little drop.  

Poetry in motion is a sea on the ground
the same is known as the Moon in the sky!
The storylines jump ever more
on that way over the shady grove.
Painting the colour of the winds
the sky rains down on that spot
singing the sweetest title song.  

Never was a woman prophet of God
to the one primitive woman, the leading lady
'Sayeedatun Nessa' Queen Fathima
heaven is no secret, it is an open mirror!
For her heaven is made an open book
the first batch of houris came to be
tuning into the sounds of her toes.
The earth in its primitive water first moved on
bang, Big Bang, soon she drops in it her hair lock.
She's the hidden gem in the secret end of God!

For the planetary ebb and flow on the way heaven
the planet earth is the only stepping stone.
No matter how many times more it tries on
there will still be an unturned stone.
Until the very one woman, the original
the Queen Fathima steps on.

Her presence connects the dots
the nadir and zenith perfectly line up
intersect into one grand perfect circle.
She will close it with the pi once for all
without a gap spilling new decimal.
Putting it all on the map ‘as above, so below’,
all in all, like it's in pure scientia scenario.

Heaven will open its grand door
where the queen will stand on.
No more reverse engineering physically
the original, Fathima will step on,
on the last turned stone.
From the one great woman
paradise starts from here on
from beneath the mother’s foot!
PoserPersona Nov 2018
1 A halo of everything from the nothing.
2 Both seeds and grows space and cosmos.
3 Supernovas are but whimpers to the maker.
It was the 7th day when evil invaded our skins, God resting as they wrestle to pull a trigger of genesis, the big bang felt like a genocide,
on this day the altar was on fire.
Purcy Flaherty Mar 2018
I heard the footsteps as they came across the road;
The snap of hurried feet outside the house.
Shapes in the moonlight, a voice in the darkness,
A knock at the door, I heard the dogs barking.    
The bleating of the flock,
The chatter of the birds omongst the trees,
I recall the whisper of the morning breeze;
Hyphening the broken silence as two boys stole about the house;
It was midnight in August 99.
Two sparks set out to chase the bang!
Bang!~ set them running.
I cut them down!
I cut them down!
I heard the sirens as the cops sped up the road;
The squeal of hurried wheels outside the house.
More shapes in the moonlight, a voice in the darkness,
A knock at the door, I heard the dogs barking.
The bleating of the flock,
The chatter of the birds amongst the trees,
I recall the whisper of the morning breeze;
Hyphening the broken silence as two cops stole about the house;
It was midnight in August 99.
Two cops set out to chase the bang!  
Bang! ~I put my hands up!
~and the cops took me down!
It's true ~
Judge I’m guilty, for everything they said I did; I did!
But there were reasons, don’t you see:
These boys; they were bullying me!
I called the cops on monday,  Tuesday,, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday again; till i was insain;
Two sparks set out to chase the bang!
Bang ~I cut them down ~ I cut them down!
Two cops set out to chase the bang!
Bang! ~ I put my hands up !
~ and the cops  took me down!

But the wolf just gave me twenty
untill the circus came to town,
As a victim I was lonely
but as a killer I was crowned.
King of the castle!
Top of the heap!
The talk of the town!
Here is the song link
J Dec 2016
Puno nanaman ang aking isipan,
Hindi ko alam paano at saan ito sisimulan,
Mga panahong kailangan ko ng kakapitan,
Ikaw sana ang takbuhan ngunit para bang ang layo mo na para akin pang lapitan.

Mga panahong sinabi natin na walang iwanan,
Subalit unti-unti nang napunta sa kawalan,
Marami tanong; maraming kwento,
Sa mga oras na ilalahad mukhang hindi intiresado,

Alam kong pag may umalis sa buhay mo,
Tuluyan mo ng kakalimutan at ika'y lalayo,
Ngunit pag ako'y kailangan,
Wag kang mag-atubiling ako'y tawagan.

Mali bang mapagod? At magpahinga?
Dahil kung mali iyon patawad ngunit kailan ko lang huminga,
Sa mga tingin palang alam kong maraming nagbago.
Kasalanan ko ba 'to? O sadyang hinayaan nalang maging ganito.

Patawad, ilang beses ko ba kailangan sabihin?
Patawad, patawad, patawad. Ilang beses ko ba kailangan ulitin? **Patawad.
Isang salita lang, patawad.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2018
The world is small
even heaven isn't big.
But an uncreated Word is,
an expression of love and promise!

The tale of the beginning
the tale of the end without the ending.
Soon God said it 'Qun' be
Bang it couldn't be bigger indeed.

Everything small and big the complete
creations panache came to be so big!
Body is small the soul came in the front.
Every soul banged explored at once.
All heard the same Word it was only one
that sets the tone for the first to the last.
So sweet it took everyone’s heart!

The death wouldn’t touch the soul
that already died but couldn’t die.
Revived there and then instantly,
hearing the 'Qun' the uncreated melody!
Crooned up even through the dead-end
surged up to the other side of the black hole.
Like a waxing Moon passed over, crossing
the asleep body in the shadow, yet in the making!

Adam was yet to be in the body.
It wasn’t in the physical element
that by no means could hear it!
Unlike the abyss soul there
the sea can take a dip.
The cloud spills and rains
but only to revert back to the sea
showering the shallow body.

Unable to resist it, the first big bang
didn’t take place in a physical body!
Not in the star, milky way or in the galaxy
nor an orb is as scientific as the human body!

He said ‘Qun’ again and the first big bang
on the matter takes place in Fathima’s joint
interlacing her live soul and pre-design body!
It cut through the irrational pi in between
the soul and body now gel in melody!
So that the grand manifestation in bloom
shall continue to resonate perpetuating the body.
With pure love without a condition without a boundary.

Nature that was yet to be, gets a mirror in its entirety.
and bang big upon hearing ‘Qun’ be, says the Almighty.
It comes to be and shall perish only to be an eternal body!
Falling down is scarier when you can see the floor
No floor, no bottom,
No bottom, no promise,
No promise, no risk,
No risk, no danger

                  No danger

No danger

w y n n e Nov 2016
Duwag ka pero salamat
Salamat dahil hindi mo ako hinayaang mahulog sa isang panandaliang saya
Hindi mo ko hinayaang mahulog sa isang panaginip lang
Sa mga matatamis na salita na hanggang salita lamang
Sa mga makahulugang tingin na hanggang tingin lang
Sa mga masasayang kwentuhan na hanggang ala-ala na lang
Mga salita, tingin at kwentuhan na hindi kayang ipadama ng mga yakap at haplos
Dahil duwag ka
Dahil andyan ka at andito ako
Pinagdugtong lang ng isang pisong tumatawid sa libo-libong distansyang mahirap sundan
Dahil hindi natin kayang tawirin dahil duwag duwag ako
Oo, duwag din ako
Duwag ako katulad mo
Nakakahilo ang pagitan nating di natin kayang bitawan ng pangakong baka balang-araw ay magdikit din ang daliri at mabatid kung may kuryente bang dadantay sa umaasam na puso...dahil duwag ka at duwag ako
Duwag tayong dalawang pumaroon sa espayong walang kasiguraduhan
Pero napakatapang nating hinarap ang katotohanang nakakabit sa dalawa nating mga paa
Na andyan ka at nandito ako
Itong paang nagpipigil sa ating lumutang sa ligayang hatid ng mapangahas na damdamin;
Hatid ng masarap na pantasyang hawak ko ang mga pisngi mo o na malaya kong natititigan ang mga mata mo
Lagi tayong nakamulat at hindi kayang pumikit ng matagalan
Dahil duwag ka at duwag ako
At ito ay isang pekeng pangarap
AUGUST Sep 2018
Ikaw lang, (Pangako)

Sa iyong mga mata nasisilip ko ang langit
Pagkat ikaw ang anghel na sa aki’y pinakamalapit
Sa mapulang labi mo’y nakakatuksong humalik
Lapit ka ng lapit, Ang titig sa pisngi, ayaw mapapikit,

Andito na ang iyong sandalang balikat
Sa iyong luha, ako ang sasalo ng lahat
Napakaganda mo para saktan, hindi  kita matitiis
Parang mababasagin kagamitan, porselana, tulad ng ‘yong kutis

Kapag nasisilayan kong Labi, may taglay na ngiti
Kalungkotan ko ay napawi, Limot ko na ang pighati
Wala akong minamadali, pagkat atin ang sandali
Kaylangan ko pa bang bumawi? Kung Pakiramdam koy di na lugi

Dahil ang bawat oras ko sayo aking pinagyayaman,
Ikaw ang nagbigay ng karanasang di ko makakalimutan
Ang bawat alaala’y binabalik paminsan minsan,
Pwede bang **** ka nang lumayo, dito ka nalang

Hawak ang malambot **** mga kamay
may ibinubulong ang boses **** malumanay
“Andito ka na, di na ko nalulumbay,
di ako sanay na ikaw ay mawalay”

"Ngunit mahal, kelan ba kita iniwan?
Pinabayaan, at kinalimutan,
Kelan ba ang panahong di kita isinaalang alang?
Tapat ang pangako kong di kita pababayaan, magpakailan man."
Congratulation to Aljhon and Marilyn,
Daisy Marrow Apr 2014
We were once kids.
We were once wild.
We were once soldiers.
In the dead of winter, you greeted death.
You fell from my grip and into the darkness,
and now a hundred years have rotted away and I have never felt so alone.
I ran from the winter because war was to attached to it.
I close my eyes and I see you there on the front line.
Young and drained, you were just a body rotting away.
Full of life so you hung on with everything you had.
It was such an awful sound.
Only if I had taken your place.
If only you would have run the other way.
Just how unfair is our luck.

Someday I'll teach myself to learn and live alone.
I'll teach myself that death was not the enemy.
But the winter storm rages on and I'm still having trouble breathing.
Don't be alarmed.
I march on.
Like the soldier I once was.
Don't be alarmed.
I've seen many winter storms
and I have miraculously survived them all.

Can't you see that I don't want to move on?
Don't bring tomorrow because I can't take another.
My eyes are too fogged to see the light.
My minds too cluttered to think right.
I've tasted my own tears
and faced all my fears.
So here I am.
Laying on the floor.
So here we are.
Together once more.
Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
AUGUST Sep 2018

Langit ang nagbigay biyaya nang ambon ay dinilig
Ang aking hiling sa panginoon ay biglang nadinig
Pinadala ang anghel na sa mundo ko’y yayanig
Tinawag ng ng kanyang tinig, at Napatulala sa mga Titig

Maari bang malaman ang yong pakay sa akin
Kung ikaw ba ay pasakit at tuluyan na akong wawasakin?
Laging kong tanong kung ano ba ang dapat kong gawin
Kung ang kahulugan mo ay kabiguan patuloy pa ba kitang iibigin?

Nagtatanong kay Bathala, Paano ko ba mapapaliwanag ang  hiwaga
Nitong pagmamahal na kung bakit sa puso kumapit ka ng kusa
Ako’y nagtataka’t di maka paniwala Bakit ito ang yong ginawa
Sa bigay **** biyaya, Ano ba ang kasalanan ko  para isinumpa

Gaano ba kita pinapahalagahan? Alam mo ba ang dahilan?
Hiling ko lang ay sanay iyong maunawaan itong nararamdaman
Kaya ang paliwanag ko ay simple nalang
Masikip dito sa loob ko, kaya ang kasya ay ikaw lang

Alaalang bitbit pano ko makakalimutan
Kung Sa puso koy nakaukit  ang yong pangalan
Ibinalot ng tatag ng loob para ika’y ipaglalaban
Di kita hahayaang lumuha lagi kang aalagaan.

Nagaabang ng sasakyan para dalhin sa langit, iwan ang mundo
Nakikiusap Pagbigyan sana Hiling makamit, Anghel na sundo
Saan nga ba tayo patungo? Byaheng langit sa impyerno,
Sa isipan kong magulo, Kasinungalingan ka ba o Totoo?

Linalaro sa panaginip ang dakilang pagsuyo
Tuluyang Hinamon Ang matapang na puso
Sayo napalapit at ayaw nang lumayo
Ang silakbo ay di na kaya, kayang isuko

kahit ano dito sa lupain ay handa kong ialay
Pagkat ang langit sa akin ay una mo nang binigay
Ang halaga mo sa akin ay Walang katumbas na materyal
Dahil Di kayang sukatin kung gano kita kamahal
Para sa taong minahal ko ng minsan, ito ang tulang di ko naiparating sa kanya.

Ngayon alam ko na kung gaano siya kahalaga, kung kailan wala na.
Breaking news

Back to our existence a Big bang theory was a comic story,
the only big bang that happens every day brings distruction
it was the sound of a bullet escaping a gun to find home in a spinal cord

in other news
cracks were discovered in a happly married man.
we are all broken after all.
till death bring us together, for another funeral called revaluation.
It's crazy how we still argue about the formation of the Universe just to deflect the big issue which is"After life". But we die everyday.
Sam Hammond Sep 2018
Well, that's it, my brain is now rotten.
Lost in its fungus are feelings, forgotten.
A spur may occur, on a scarce blue moon,
Of energy telling me I'm back in tune,
But really it's vacant and harsh little lies.
Synapses shooting a brain as it dies.
Misery fruiting on mould colonised
From grey matter, shattered behind fading eyes.
Now just a hollow man, left with no bang,
Merely a whimper with such little whim.
Watching as slowly the old me is lost
While filling the blanks with a bad pseudonym
And sealing them over with mushrooms and liquor,
Though quicker and quicker the struggle gets bigger.
Sick and then sicker, from fluid to rigour.
Stuck in the mould, now forever disfigured.
kha Nov 2018
na ikaw ang inuna kahit ako ang iyong huli.
sinta, maaari bang masimulan nating muli?
parang tangang ikaw ang pinili
hinayaang makulong sa iyong tali

lahat ng aking alinlangan ay isinantabi
pinagkatiwala ang buong sarili
akala ko'y hindi ako nagkamali
ngunit nagsabi ka ng "sandali,"

"sandali, hindi ako lilisan
ngunit sandali, ako pala'y nalilito minsan
sandali. makinig ka muna. sandali lang.
hindi yata kita napupusuan."

hindi mo naman kasalanan
na ang sakit ay hindi man lang maibsan
hindi mo naman kasalanan
na madali akong palitan

hindi mo naman kasalanan
na hindi ako ang nakatuluyan
hinding-hindi mo rin kasalanan
na hindi ako kawalan

hindi mo kasalanan, mahal
na ang boses ko'y garalgal
at kapag ako'y hinihingal
kapag sinisigaw ang aking pagmamahal

at paghihintayin pa kita ng matagal
pahihintulutan kang maging pagal
ang usad sa akin ay laging mabagal
kaya hinding-hindi ka susugal

hindi mo kasalanan
ang aking mga kasalanan.
kaya't ako'y iyo nang iwan
sa sarili **** tahanan.
L B Aug 2018

No, not the wild-spirited, color-splotched mare
with mane streaming like flames-thrown
behind in the wind
Taking desert inclines
with scuffing hooves on rock
catching her balance in mesquite
The sage, dust
that nature throws in its pathway to knowledge
toward treachery of crosswalks?

“P-l-e-a-s-e  don't slow down!
Stop signs--?
Just keep going!
Don't slow down now!”

“They'll hear us coming
3 blocks away!”

Clogged carburetor--?
No one much-mentioned
rear-end inferno reputation??
A mere twinge in my signature

“Hey, it runs, right?
Gets where we're goin'?”

Kids duck in back seat
so as not to be seen
In the cloud of smoke
We make our approach

Hiss Spitter, Belch, Pop


--Like a gunshot

Kids take cover
on street, in backseat
duck down
so not to be noticed...

“Oh Ma!  
Not right here!
Farther down!” not to be seen friends that matter...
in this ride
from hell!
Backfiring Beast--

skitter away
from what will emerge from the smoke and fumes
of high-risk-situation

Kids spill out through jammed door
to unexpected accolades
onto equality's curb
of laughter  
Public school's
wake of exhaust and relief

I drive mercifully away

Start of another school day
True. I swear!  Had this car for a short while in the early 80s when I went back to college.  It met its demise in a front-end collision.  Woman with no license ran a stop sign, plowing me into a utility pole.  The Pinto's reputation for fiery explosions burst across my mind.  I couldn't help but note the clicking hissing sound.  No time to think of my banged-up head.  Door was jammed, but window still rolled down, so I climbed through it in a skirt, no less, and ran.  Car was totaled.  If the collision had been just a little farther back, I might not be writing about it.
HYA Aug 2017
Pinagalitan kasi tumatawa
Pinakita sa amin ang galit na mukha
Meron bang masama sa aming ginawa?
Masama bang itawa kaysa sa magsawa?

Nakakapagod na kasi
Ang pagsabihan ng walang silbi
Nakakapagod na ang umiyak
Ang puso'y mas lalo pang nawawasak

Pinipilit naming ngumiti
Pangako, pinipilit namin ang mga labi
At ngayon, kami'y pinapagalitan
Kahit 'di alam kung bakit iyon naging kasalanan
I'm so dead. Hindi ko nga alam kung bakit parati nalang ganito. Minsan kase nakakapagod nang umintindi sa kanila e hindi naman nila kayang intindihin kami. But nah, that's life.
J Mar 2017
Wala na bang pag-asa?
Ang dating magandang pagsasama,
Nagsimula sa mga matatamis na ngiti,
Onti-onti ng nawala at hindi na nakabawi.

Minsan ako'y napapaisip at nagtataka,
Nangungulila na ika'y muling makasama,
Mga matang puno ng luha,
Na dati'y kumikislap sa tuwa.

Gusto magtanong bakit ganito?
Bakit kailangan **** lumayo?*
Mahirap bang ayusin ang lahat?
Ang pagsasama ba natin hindi sapat?

Hindi ba't sabi mo,
Walang magbabago?
Sa mga tulang isinulat mo,
Nasaan na tayo?

"Ikaw ang laging nandyan sa ano mang kaganapan,
Kaya asahan mo, hinding hindi ka iiwan magpakailanman—"
Narasanan mo na bang mabasa ng ulan?
Makipag laban sa ulan?
Yung lahat ginawa mo na wag ka lang mabasa?
Sumilong ka na, nagpayong ka na, may kapote ka pa.
Pero basa ka paren.
Pero pano pag ganto?
Itapon mo ang hawak **** payong
Lumabas sa sinisilungan
Tanggalin ang kapote
At magsimula
Damhin ang ang bawat patak ng ulan
Ipikit ang mga mata
Habang nakatingala
Hayaan ang tubig na galing sa langit
na basain ang yong mukha
At damhin ang bawat patak
sabay pikit, tapos
bumalik sa nakaraan
Isipin mo kung gaano ka kasaya.
Noong bata ka.
Habang nakapikit ka
nakikita mo sana
ang sarili mo na,
masayang naglalaro sa basang kalsada.
Nagpapaanod ng tsinelas na ani moy barko,
Habang nakapikit ka.
maalala mo sana,
na ang ulang itoy minsang pinasaya ka.
ngayon nagbabalik sya.
Bakit galit na galit ka?
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