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Yamini Mar 2021
Giving up is easy
excuses are easier
hard is to stay
and make them work is harder

Our archives were
who invested as
and results weren't flying along colours
and so discarded

Appreciation lies in their patience
Compassionate was their love
Beautiful was their compatibility
Love was theirs
and lovers were they

Options were lame
they wanted long answer type questions
luck wasn't in their list
but she was his destiny

All that never goes
that is preserved prestigious
in our small boxes of memories
that we would never allow to flee
these boxes are ours
and our heart soul all inherited
from him......
Yamini Mar 2021
Hot dripping air
What I was doing
Was not that much rare
But something was meant to be special
Me clueless of what's happening
We all playing some stuff
But there was a guy examining
The hot driping air

He wasn't the charming one
But he got the ocean eyes
That grib my heart for seconds
And then it ached due to interests
Unaffected by my ache
Not familiar with my crush
He was still examining the air

Me being puzzled in the group
That is known for fun
I wanted to just escape some
Seconds from the crowd
The stuff that they were playing
Was truth and dare
I chose the exception this time
And got the desirable

Task was to company that guy
Who wasn't interested in stuff
Who was so rough
And acts more tough
He being considered the danger zone
Cool dudes thought it would
Be disaster
But that was all I wanted
I wanted that task and
Company the air examination

It wasn't that hard
Nor that easy
I had my guard
But I was also scared
He wasn't taht disinteresting
Yes he was exceptional
I wanted to sit a while longer
I like my friends
And he then became my friend

This is how a dumb *****
Met an exceptional boy
And he passed that smile
Which could carry me to miles
Thus meeting was cosy
And thus was how I know him
Yamini Oct 2020
When uh aren't feeling
what you ought to
and stuff that you are taught to
there stands a mess
swirling, twirling, in your head
an  outbreak as stress
that made you bled

When I tried self love
all I got was centeredness
when I tried respect
all I got was harassment
all I got was
all it brought was
the felling that I don't wanna feel
the healing that I never gonna deal

We pretend to show better
we lie to hide bitter
we smile to hide pain
we cry to drain
what that soul needs
what that heart beg for
is not human breed
to untangle

I wanna gift myself
a face with smiles
I want a bookshelf
which gives me my time
but this world
is full of intruder
earth is curled
and so the people are

So the stress is
who jump into intellect
and ****** his
gifts and memoir
and blew it far

When uh aren't feeling
what you ought to  
and stuff uhh ae dealing
isn't the part that you are taught to '
don't let the mess stand
against you
just drop the things planned
by you
and flow with the memoirs
that had been blown far

When uhh aren't feeling
stop dealing with the ought and the taught
else you will be caught....
Yamini Sep 2020
The promise to stay
is just a lie
that uh wanna delay
the promise to love
is something above

Reality is not just not him
and him not being real
all I fear
is being him with her
and her doesn't exsists
what exsists in him is me
that would soon flee

That separation would be easy
my heart wouldn't ache
and these illusions are all
my heart make

Our love can't be viewed
as there aren't any hands craving
but heart pounding is amazing
that could be felt dude

But these feelings can't overcome
the ****** and ***
that he is responsible for
and he got no score
Yamini Aug 2020
In the pandemic of trust
what I found was him
he made sense of my mess
all that he cared of was my stress
all I must say to him
was a brother

He uplifted the standards
of brother for me
where I could be a commander
and he being a tree
to provide all that I need
or what I deprive of

Where there is no way
out there
he would not betray
what I choose are devils
And what he pray is

In the pandemic of love
he taught me something beyond
beyond feelings
beyond security
he gave the safest place
to reside in
he booked it for my entire life
and the irony is
I am not known for its rent

What I am familiar with is
he is a goldsmith
and I being his jewelry
would be in his locker
one more familiar thing
is there
this ornament is nothing
without her goldsmith.....
Yamini Aug 2020
Sometimes I just can't let you go
cuz my efforts lie in you
my love is with you
my trust is dumped on you
my feelings attached along yours
I just can't let go that nostalgia
which is because of uh
and still uhh left
now all I am left with
a desire of upholding uh
close to me and never let you go........
Yamini Aug 2020
There exsists people
who live on the bread of
Dear those people
I must say
you are really poor

A girl is borned
tangled in so many boundations
and these restrictions
are right from where
their lifecycle begins
to their deaths

Belive me these chains
which grab them
weigh them more than
Some die
Some struggle
Some protest

These activities
are all variant
but why only girls
need to do all of that
why they have to beg for their
why they are so desperate
for education

There is only one life
to live in this
beautiful world
let us not waste that
lets unleash those chains
lets break those cages
lets remove that handcuffs
and make this world more beautiful
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