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Rama Krsna Aug 21
‘tis almost a full moon
yet again,
the sands of time slip-slide away
leaving her to contend
with a plethora of gray.

as the sunset glow lingers
drifting across a blue sapphire sky,
loneliness yearns company.

this wine has softened
during these intervening years,
laced with a maturity
that now speaks the language of wisdom.

© 2021
dedicated to  the ones who truly reflect
Rama Krsna Aug 19
what’s the point of history
if we keep flying
paper kites into a level five hurricane?

© 2021
Rama Krsna Aug 15
i’m flattered......
but i suspect
you will be the one doing the ‘killing’......
singing my life with your words
killing me softly with your poems
“after all there is no point in living
if you don’t feel alive”......

© 2021
dedicated to the queen of the metaphor, a talented writer waiting to crawl out of her shell.
Rama Krsna Aug 14
besotted by a gazelle’s gaze
beguiled by her effusive smile
bewildered he stands,
bereft of any shame
begging with a bowl for her lips and more....

© 2021
this one is for the daring ones that risk to lust
Rama Krsna Aug 13
picking fall couture ~~
when did she start putting
herself in his shoes?

© 2021
dedicated to those who see other people’s pain.
Rama Krsna Aug 8
sharing this tiramisu ~~
the one more in love
gets a little less

© 2021

inspired by the japanese haiku poet keisanjin
dedicated to all those who are willing to share their desserts unconditionally
Rama Krsna Aug 7
strewn atop
her neatly made bed
decorated with satin sheets and silk pillows,
some dainty rose petals.....
a green bottle of bubbly by the bed side
the highlight of the night....
that slinky ‘coco de mer’ lingerie
her secret weapon.....
as she tucks away her pleasure toy
a smile of relief descends.....

her lover is back in town!

© 2021
dedicated to all those who are separated from their lovers
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