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Rama Krsna Jul 31
you’ve turned me
a nomad
running helter-skelter
in all cardinal directions....
cos when it’s all said and done,
it’s your smile
that i keep looking for on every street

© 2021
Rama Krsna Jul 29
tis a perfect summer evening. a blood shot moon inches across the night sky in the city of sin. the sage and the enchantress sit at an outdoor cafe under a lantern lit tent exchanging life stories, as a vintage bottle of ‘82 margaux loses its virginity.  

she could’ve been off the cover of Vogue. clad in haute couture, her slit eyes sparkle like the diamond butterfly ring, she elegantly sports. her complexion near flawless. he on the other hand, a hippie, a yogi and ancient as Rome. living proof that the hour glass can indeed be brutal on a city dweller.

her doe eyes dart from the past to the future while his steady gaze stays in the present. quite like the burning candle on their table. the mercury dips into the night as saintly time simply goes rogue.

written in the stars
this unusual kinship ~~
beauty and the beast

© 2021
Rama Krsna Jul 25
i’ll be waiting, the usual place
no rhyme, no reason
just a glimpse of that face,
seething anger takes a lil toll
a bit of dancing to soothe that soul

at this karaoke bar
loneliness longs company

conversations with an empty martini glass
brings bittersweet memories of good times past,
i wish you best in that search for green
here, things will be the same
just a lil less sheen

© 2021
dedicated to all those who.are lonely
Rama Krsna Jul 24
on this sensual night
of the clementine moon...
to write or not to write
her dilemma

this tender heart
carrying burgeoning weight
and heavy pangs from burdens past,
needs to be set a-free
into the flying world of poetry....

where that golden key resides,
deep within
that inverted pink lotus,
not gray matter
as often intellectualized

let go
that need to be in control
and take a deep dive
into the ocean of uncertainty,
only then will this white dove
to the heavens of ecstasy

thus the sage has spoken....

© 2021
dedicated To the melancholy ones
Rama Krsna Jul 24
those kohl rimmed eyes
soak a tristesse beyond words,
bitter sweet memories
which now lie buried
in the sands of time....
underneath that ram-tough exterior
lies a delicate lily
clad in chanel
vulnerable enough to wither
under the auspices of a full moon

© 2021
inspired by a beautiful pink moon today
Rama Krsna Jul 19
this oriental rose
textured with occidental precision
desperately seeks perfection
in all things worldly

nature’s true signature
wreaks havoc instead:
in the rocks of the grand canyon
in a mole on a cheek
in the dried but fallen leaves of autumn
even in the scribbling of our children

embrace wabi-sabi
where wafting moments of melancholy
transform to sheer joy
in the subtle realization
that coexistence with incompleteness
the proven path to release one
from the chaining bonds of perfection

© 2021
dedicated to all the perfectionists out there
Rama Krsna Jul 17
the inexplicable lightness
of pure being
comes from subtly discerning
that the moony mind
is your nemesis....

silencing it
the stairway to heaven

© 2021
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