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Maddie M Jul 2018
He was the weeds
                                            standing next to a Rose.
                                                           ­                           @)--'--,---
                     ­                                                                @)--'---,----
The black-haired beauty and  the Strange Boy. <3
Maddie M Apr 25
your silence is my favorite sound
Maddie M Sep 2018
Tired to so hard to get down your guard.
made you see things that weren't real.
fogged up your thoughts
forced you to be my company  of the hour.
made you obsessed
you fell in love with me even though I told you not to.
I'd warned you.
but still your mind lingers on,
your heart and soul are gone.
you thought you were alone,
but I stole away with you.
when we went to the beach,
we were swallowed by the waves.
on that day the weather was perfect for what I had in mind.
I whisk you away
sweet talked to your ear
you were afraid to paralyze
but I took a token
and sympathize.
my invisible love to you my dear,
I am an illusion
I may be real or not.
Im put together beautifully,
like a song, like a masterpiece.
I am water to your fire,
the coldness to your hot.
the desire to your flesh and bones,
I am what you desire.
you whispered frantically to me
"your my drug, my necessity, my plead,
do you agree?"
I smiled as our faces where in an angle of 180 degrees
nose to nose
as I breathe you into me.

Fatigué de tant de mal à rester sur vos gardes.
vous a fait voir des choses qui n'étaient pas réelles.
embué vos pensées
vous a forcé à être ma compagnie de l'heure.
vous a fait obséder
tu es tombé amoureux de moi même si je t'ai dit de ne pas le faire.
Je t'avais prévenu
mais votre esprit persiste,
votre coeur et votre âme sont partis.
vous pensiez que vous étiez seul,
mais j'ai volé avec toi.
quand on est allé à la plage,
nous avons été avalés par les vagues.
Ce jour-là, le temps était parfait pour ce que j'avais en tête.
Je vous emmène ****
sweet a parlé à votre oreille
tu as eu peur de paralyser
mais j'ai pris un jeton
et sympathiser.
mon amour invisible pour toi ma chérie,
Je suis une illusion
Je peux être réel ou pas.
Je mets bien ensemble,
comme une chanson, comme un chef-d'œuvre.
Je suis de l'eau à ton feu,
la froideur à votre chaud.
le désir de ta chair et de tes os,
Je suis ce que vous désirez
tu me chuchote frénétiquement
"ta drogue, ma nécessité, mon plaidoyer,
êtes-vous d'accord?"
J'ai souri comme nos visages où dans un angle de 180 degrés
nez à nez
comme je te respire en moi.
this guy is whipped.
Maddie M Dec 2018
when I first saw you
3 words popped inside my head.
"here comes trouble"
and stupidly I fell into you.
Maddie M May 8
I wish you knew how much space you occupy my mind
Maddie M Mar 8
She hides secrets in her eyes;
a glance that sets stone, cold expression
with a somber attire appearance
Black coal eyes
'nothings wrong'
vacant expression
but on the inside
she is riveting

The dark speaks only but the truth
Scorpio Sun Ascending
Capriocorn by birth
moon in fire energy
bold moves
one mistake,
and she'll cut you out

she wears it
a lovely devil mask...
her only piece of protection
only her own kind understands her,
sees her past beyond it.
Maddie M Jan 11
Beautiful women on the outside
But twisted on the inside.
Maddie M Jan 4
i never said thank you for that
even when i felt betrayed
out of all people
you always had my back
thank u
Maddie M Feb 2018
Pain feels my mind
lithium is what I take to numb and to swallow all the voices , noises coming from inside my head.
I feel like i don't belong
society gives me anxiety
bringing fear to every night mare coming true
so I take my lithium
when I'm feeling blue
giving it a few minutes to work its magic effect on me
I feel my world on helium.
for about a good 4 hours delirium enters my system
when I run out
I'll have to endure all of the pain again
while it was lasting..... i was gaining everything but except the  beginning.
Maddie M May 3
What is an important life lesson for someone to learn?
*You can (and will) heal from a broken heart.
Maddie M Aug 2018
i never view it the same.
it's just quiet.
i simply closed my eyes.
and wait to feel what he makes me feel.
forbidden lust.
an act of sin.
a betrayal of a old friend,
a good ******.
he penetrates,
then sends me ascending to hell.
without any stops.
but i can't get enough.
at my brain.
and i'm
During dinner, his hand restfully lays on my thigh, caressing me back & forth.
my body itches and warms up to his touch against my skin.
At the slightest touch of his hand toying with me,
i disintegrated.
my mind is fixated at his contact.
he plays with me underneath the family table.
as the evening progresses, they continue their conversation.
my r                                          his                                  r
             i                          &                                      i
                    n                                                 n
                               g                              g
weights down on our respectfully spoken matrimonial status.
leaving us with the wrath of guilt.

Each time, we swear
it'll be the last time.
but we're both liars of the conscious mind.
we come back to it, giving in
falling in deep
trapping ourselves more into the  further.
we are consumed by each other.

i want more then what is given....
this is the affair of a forbidden couple.....

to be continued.....
love has no absolute control. the heart wants what it wants, and the brain is a guilty partner in crime.....
the affair series
Maddie M Aug 2018
These Saturn stones
          filled up your bones.
                     the quiet moon, gently cries.
                                the sun's many liabilities.
                                        your lies soar like spirit wings
                                                how you've fed your lies onto this ring.
                                                  the seeds burst into the earth's ground
                                                          ­       let me hear your inner sounds.
                                                         ­             i want to see the sprouts
                                                                ­            for i...
                                                            ­                   will in doubt.
                                                          ­                        can't wait until
                                                                ­                        you start.
a poem from "the affair series".
Maddie M Jan 7
Cuando te fuiste me sentía que me moría...
amor mio
Maddie M Jul 2018
I forget how good i am at being silent.
giving out silent treatments, I'm too good at them.
i could make it seem  an eternity for you.
while it only seems like hours to me.
I've grew accustomed to being lonely.
a typical normal thing for me.
i love it too much.
Alone is what I've grown to known ever since i was a young girl.
while the word alone may induce labor breathing, causing anxiety to people who fear this word.
i welcome it,
embrace it, and have grown to love it.
maybe its just me.
i hate crowds, it makes me claustrophobic
don't get me wrong, I get along with people just fine.
but, i love having my space.
lonely and I
we are a special couple.
I've known myself for years, and so has lonely. its who i am.
Maddie M May 3
What are you most enchanted by?
*The way the sun shines through the leaves at sunset....
Maddie M Aug 2018
Autumn. brown.
the smell of the musky trees
the pink/orange clouds.
the sounds of rustling leafs
footsteps, joggers.
the cold.
the lonely, my lonely.
my tea, i grip it firmly
it all approaches.
as i take my exist.
i return to my cave.
where, all the Ambre,
the beauty soon will all start to decay.
and be replaced with the frosty, white snow.
the sweetness will be gone, slowly, as my spirit glows.
as winter grows bitterly lonely.
where is my angel who is all so holy....
Maddie M Jul 2018
The planes in the sky look dwarf size, compare to the large skies.
Swallowing the blue atheist clouds
all spotless
as the ocean sparkles, flirting with the blazing sun, flirting with sailing ships as they smoothly take their leave.
Hypnotizing the captains onto their long journey on this massive 70% part of water they are on.
they are seen somewhere along the lines of the horizon
in the Atlantic ocean leaving with the sun at 7:52 PM  with 17 seconds.
The black haired beauty is seen, with a beige round hat wearing a long black dress, fleeing into the black hole sun.

­Les avions dans le ciel ressemblent à la taille des nains, comparés aux grands cieux.
Avaler les nuages ​​athées bleus
tout impeccable
alors que l'océan scintille, flirtant avec le soleil flamboyant, flirtant avec des voiliers alors qu'ils partent tranquillement.
Hypnotiser les capitaines sur leur long voyage sur cette énorme partie de soixante dix pour cent d'eau qu'ils sont.
ils sont vus quelque part le long des lignes de l'horizon
dans l'océan Atlantique laissant au soleil à 19h52 avec 17 secondes.
On voit la beauté aux cheveux noirs, avec un chapeau rond beige portant une longue robe noire, fuyant dans le soleil du trou noir.
Maddie M May 8
Don't you wonder who I am
Don't you ponder what I look like?
hasn't anyone figure it out yet?
the person who writes all these poems
some good
some bad
some hurtful
some sad.....

well behind it to it all!
not to toot my own horn
it's a very, very, very beautiful girl
My name is Maddie, Please to  meet you :)
Maddie M Apr 2018
I'll never see fire the same.
you told me stories by the bonfire.
warmed me up that way.
you cremated my everything, leaving me in flames.
your element is the water
your the creature that is so stubborn.
the crab and goat.
what a pair! (sarcastically)
I never thought i'll be viewing it  watching the wood being ashed to ashes. how it resembles  like our relationship.  we fizzled out.
the match burned out.
the highs and lows of the flames.
just like the bonfire at it's own play.
Maddie M Dec 2018
In the darker days
The synergy came to stay
I wrap my limbs around you
Begging you to stay
But when you push me away
You left me with cinder.
  so now all the memories burn and they linger.
Maddie M Feb 2018
Somewhere in the my head, as you lie next to me in bed
I feel the pulsing beat of your heart. your sound asleep as you wrapped your arms behind me.  but i can't fathom why? my masochistic mind thinks of him,  instead of you. its gray and wrong, how selfishly of me
what a sinful situation.
as you invaded me the other night, all I thought was on the other guy
he makes me feel complete, I take as much as I can from him, and he doesn't greed. he won't complain...
I can take his world to  other places, like heaven and hell
it wont make any difference because all he sees,  all he knows is how he still dwells. for our new born love
thanks to the man from high above.
it was black before you
now there's color and vividness coming from everywhere.
i feel you
i see you
i came for you
stars shine
time kindly stops
begin again is what i did with you
you could blind him from me, with a sheer cloth of fabric of any kind, and still..... he'll still see me.
there's glitter in the air
piece by piece I don't care
I miss you and I need you
from now on to the last piece to my spare.
Maddie M Jul 2018

Under the cancer star
i wish you well.
under the cancer moon,
i bid you adieu.
under the cancer sun,
you better run.

*Debajo de la estrella del cáncer
te deseo lo mejor.
debajo de la luna del cáncer,
Te digo adiós.
debajo de la estrella del cáncer,
ama a dios.
Maddie M Jan 28
But I provoked the devil in him.... and I got burned.
Burned real good.
Maddie M Feb 25
They watched eachother like no one else was in the room with them
Maddie M Mar 8
who knew the stars told jokes
that made the moon glow and laugh
and not feel so blue..
Maddie M Dec 2018
I’m scared to let Love In.
Maddie M Dec 2018
I’m scared to lose someone I love.
That’s why nowadays I try not to get too attached.
Maddie M Feb 6
trying not to feel. but hopefully i'm not alone in this constant side.
Maddie M Dec 2018
I love scare me
Maddie M Jan 24
There should be a map to get out of your beautiful eyes...
Maddie M Feb 2018
Mushrooms, the smell of musk, the aroma of the animals living in the forest.
light rain drizzling around me, with the sound of the eastern  wind blowing the light cold rain upon my face.  that same rain that falls in the rain forest in the amazon river basin.
white, cold ice, dreary day with the spirit of the Christmas past
dry lips, frozen eyelashes, the red nose shade you get during this time of year, all gone within the seasons.  I thank you mother nature.
Your birthday.
your getting old, 28 this July, I like it. maybe we should role play
insert here wink wink.
A Friday
you held my hand, giving me a that smirk with your indigo pale blue eyes darkening, watching me, As my insides were liquefying at the thought of you doing naughty things to me.... because I know that smirk.
The beach.
At night, the sound of your heart in my ear, thumping steadily, watching the endless dark skies with your arms around me, finding that connotation of the word love. I snuggle up to you closer, never wanting to let go, because I need you. the night begins to set more darker and the time setting later. you watch the skies, with it's sweet company of the moon & stars, as I watch the waves and the line of horizon of the flat surface over onto where the ships, boats and fancy yachts disappear into it's voyage. this is how it is, we view different things but we are in the same page, just a few words away from each other.  we are a pair, always and now.
Dates with you.
I don't know how I find myself to say goodbye to you every time we meet, greet, and ect
I hate it, I want to see more of you, it feels like were friends over the phone but in person we are lovers. I don't know? I love spending time with you. when it comes to you I'm so vain. I think of you a lot, more then you know, & I wonder if you think o f me the same way.
short separate poems i wrote.
Maddie M Apr 2018
I walked stumbling around in this city, that's still awake.
mumbling my poetry out to the moon.
with the star lights mocking me, laughing at me, while i drool.
mixed faces.
twisted minds.
the sun is gone.
I found a pond.
dizzy and unstable.
believe it or not.
evil world.
it's hard to sleep.
the fog.
the quiet.
it all repeats.
the strange boy's breath on my neck, hot and heavy
can't think straight.
a long sad epilogue to my virginity.
faith has a way, been keeping score.
track your games and i'll track mines.
don't show your face, cause i don't wanna see it.
makes me sick, makes me wanna die.
like they say, I don't **** with you anymore.
so don't come back for more.
got fuckening hammered and i wrote this. lol
Maddie M Jan 14
She’s a wild beauty
A wild women.
A bookworm.
She sits and signs in her solitude...
From mourning the attired sorrows that fills up her mind,
To the exhausted eyes that watch the sunrise, the sunset the night falling...
At peace
By the silver waters
The early encounter by the glacial bay.
The green atmospheric halos
That capture winters frost.
A wild beauty
No she doesn’t hide
She stands out
Greeting the pain
Bidding adieu to the tomorrow
Reflecting on the yesterday
Wishing it would’ve stayed.
Maddie M Feb 2018
My lament is only for tonight
my love song took minutes to live
then I broke down behind my dark walls
as you watched me hang in by a moment
hello hello hello I spoke but no answered
where is that someplace where you brought me the feels of gold
that soft red delicate touch, the euphoric feeling of lust and passion
now gone, because you were weak, you always were
out of all the devils I've met, you were the weakest one of all.
with this I say goodbye to you,
I take the beautiful memories that we shared
all those restless nights were your hands played scavenger hunt on my body, i say good bye to them.
only the memory will linger on my skin like feather strokes of caresses you once gave to me.
Yet you were weak but still loved a complicated she devil like me.
you took a wild chance on me taking a glimpse behind my dark walls; you proved me wrong, I thought you were going to run far away, however you stayed and went inside further into the unknown crevices of my world.
bidding adieu to an old flame.
Maddie M Dec 2018
I'll do anything for a way out of my head.
Maddie M Dec 2018
it was a bittersweetly tragic tapestry
Maddie M Jan 3
Who knew evil girls have the prettiest face
And that goes the opposite way too
Maddie M Dec 2018
Even after everything

I thought you were going to be the one

to save me

I was wrong...
Maddie M Aug 20
Stay quiet girl
In the midst of all your riots
Because you know you love him
A love you can’t deny it.
In its purifying form
At this point your heart was warned.
Love like a sweater
A ******-sweater.
It strapped you up
With knots and bows
Hurt like hell, when it blowed.
Chapter ended
Left her kinda bended
She scream to the shadows where she vented.
Travel to paradise, got stranded In The desert
She had to censored —-
Anyway, Shes good and Im free
our roots were sprouting, thank god for those seeds.
I hate to say, I wish we could’ve made it.
**** happens, and that’s okay because
There are rainbows after the every other  rain
I know your mouth is still full with my name.
Thank god, I’m the one whose sane.
I wish you luck in everything you do,because
After all, you were my boo.
Maddie M Jan 14
Death is a beautiful experience.
Yet, it goes further past the meaning of life itself.
Maddie M Feb 8
Yellow walls,
slurring my speech
i digged the walls,
oh! they run so deep.

slowly we reached
what my wings
couldn't teach
i bend my spine
life is a *****

pull, tug, push.
i hid the drugs near the lovebirds bush.
made some chaos in the nubuela room,
i touched saturn and Jupiter too.
when i saw him, made my heart go boom.
my pills is what makes them illegal.
i got high beaneath a flock of seagulls.

i climb to be shaken,
because each night i lie in a pile of a mist
that leaves my mind on wispy nicks

soft and fragile
hallows screams
whisper in my nightly sorrows,

i poured out my entire voice into a well.
and it echoed, echoed,echoed,
i think it reached the devils hell.
Maddie M Mar 2018
you were the one i could run to
you were the one whose arms I called home.
you had a way that made me feel special
now that your gone... who do I turn to?
#heartbroken  # confused
Maddie M Mar 2018
Little by little my heart began to love you more
With each giving day
My heart sored
Maddie M May 26
is there a such person who is beautiful, inside and out?

Because I’m not...
Would you say you are?...
Maddie M May 26
Even though a handful of time has passed on by
Maybe you have forgetten me or not,
But is it valid that I have loved you contiounsly in silence...
At such a far distance...
Don’t you ever wonder about me
Like I wonder about you...
I’ve waited for these feelings to go away but they still linger...
Maddie M Feb 25
We all lie for something,
To hide away anything.
However it can either save,
Or shatter and break.
Lies tell a story of another side,
A another self that always hides.
To be found from the sin,
We must reveal our darkness within.
Learn from the mistakes we do,
To prevent another lie from you...

she still speaks of false leads,
but hides behind the shadow who layered out all the lies.
Maddie M Jan 22
I left a trail of h e a r t s hoping you’ll find them soon ...

Gimmie a miracule
Maddie M Dec 2018
don't hold on
don't linger on
we have ghosts who do that already
love yourself 1st.
Maddie M May 7
i'm in love without you
but you still find a way inside my head
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